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1940's it stars Captain America and Wonder Woman - I hope you enjoy it.

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FINAL NOTE: Okay you may find that there are some irregularities concerning
Wonder Woman and Captain America's origins, job and things they've done in
World War II. This is simply because bringing the Marvel & DC Universes
creates an Amalgam Universe of the two, so things become slightly warped
(yes, that's it - it's not because I am basically ignorant when it comes to
comics set during WWII - no that's not it at all...)

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Captain America/Wonder Woman: Alpha Child 1 (no sex)
by Dimitri

Berlin, Office of Public Enlightenment and Propoganda - 1943

Josef Paul Goebbels stared down at the two photos with a blank face, hiding
the anger and rage the image of the two subjects always brought to him.

"Wonder Woman," he said at last with a low whisper, "And Captain America,"
he tried not to spit out the last word, "How I hate them."

"And how the Allies love them," said the woman across from him, her cultured
voice filled with an unconscious superiority.

He lifted his eyes, which crawled lecherously over every inch of her
beautiful body. She was a tall woman, with a coldly beautiful face, her long
dark hair was worn straight down, and had hardly seemed to move at all when
she entered the room; her fantastic figure would stop men in the street, she
had long legs encased in skin tight black leather, her tight white shirt
merely accentuated her huge breasts, that should have pulled her to the
ground considering her impossibly skinny waist, she was the finest example of
a woman he had seen since...since...well since Wonder Woman herself!

"Countess Schatenger, I agreed to this interview when you told me you had a
brilliant propaganda idea, instead you throw photo's in my face of the two
biggest thorns in the side of the Third Reich. Just what is your proposal?"

"Herr Goebbels," she said with a slight grin, her air of superiority was
beginning to annoy him, "When it was just Wonder Woman supporting the Allied
Cause it was bad enough, but ever since the oh so high and mighty Captain
America appeared our troubles have doubled!"

"Him and his verdamt Invaders have bombed trains, sabotaged rocket factories,
turned the tide of battle after battle and made us look like fools!" growled
Goebbels, losing control for a second.

"And who do we have?" asked The Countess, "Who is our 'Captain America'?"

Goebbel's did not hesitate, instantly saying the answer she wanted, not even
the masterful Countess knew he was lying - the Red Skull was Germany's best
kept secret.

"Master Man," he said, "A fine example of the Aryan race!"

The Countess pulled another photo out of the satchel resting on her hips, he
knew what it was even before it hit the table.

The picture was the greatest embarrassment that Germany had suffered so far,
it showed Wonder Woman lifting Master Man up in the air by the collar with
only one hand.

"Two weeks ago this happened, right in front of troops fighting in Italy,
needless to say after she defeated him most of the cowards surrendered, but
a few escaped and brought the humiliating story back to the rest of us," she
said again, and crazily enough the way she said it made him feel like he was
personally to blame.

"I ask again," said Goebbels, barely covering the irritation in his voice,
"What is your proposal?"

"Wonder Woman is the perfect female, Captain America is the perfect male,
think of the Genetic potential!"

Goebbel's raised one eyebrow, curiosity piqued.

"I know that if I can just get hold of them, I can not only get you
propaganda photo's for the troops, but a new spearhead for our armies - the
perfect Aryan, the Alpha Child!"

Goebbel's did not bother to hide the smile that spread over his lips - the
child of Wonderwoman and Captain America, brought up to think the German way,
why it would would be...

"Wunderbar," he said with a grin.

* * *

He grabbed her by the shoulders, she tried to pull away but he held her

"You know you want this," he said.

"No," she started, but his head darted in and her eyes widened in surprise
as his tongue slid down her throat.

Slowly, Wonder Woman's body relaxed and she melted into the kiss, letting the
man take control, his arms sliding around her thin waist and gripping her
ass cheeks.

Finally the kiss broke and she re-opened her eyes, he was smiling down at

"Take off that mask," she breathed heavily, "Let me see you!"

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," he said with a grin, she smiled
back at him and gripped her small red costume, pulling it down her body
easily, allowing her huge breasts to spring free, no longer contained by
the ridiculous golden W. Her eyes sparkled at his reaction, his eyes grew
wide and his mouth fell open.

She continued to pull her clothes down, revealing her waist, then the dark
black pubic hair that rested in a lightly shaven rectangle over her pussy.
As she pulled the costume from first one long leg, then the other she looked
up with a grin at the masked man in front of her.

He shook his head, breaking his eyes away from her beautiful, naked body. He
reached up and grabbed the blue face mask, ready to pull it off and revealing
the face of Captain America.

She felt a rush of warmth around her groin and...

...came awake with a start, looking around in shock she realized she was
still in the Office.

"Oh Hera!" she gasped, looking down she saw her hand was inside her sensible
brown skirt, pressed in between her long thighs. She pulled it out and looked
around in real fear, but no one was about, the Office was dark and deserted.

"What in Hera's name is going on?" she whispered to herself, then looked up
at the clock on the wall.

12:35! It was past Midnight!

She made to sit up and realized that her body was cramped, how had she fallen

She stared in dejection at the large amount of paperwork on her desk - of
course! - she had been working on these documents, and each had been so
monotonous that she must have dosed of while working.

She yawned and stretched her arms up over her head, her huge breasts
stretched against the constrictive clothing she always wore to work to hide
her figure, it was important no one could make the connection between Diana
Prince and Wonderwoman, which was why she worked here in the U.N Building and
then used her Invisible Plane to wing her way to the fighting in Europe.

Standing up her eyes winced at a loud creak in the floor, it was too quiet
here, she hating moving around at night when noises seems to quadruple in
loudness. Sighing slightly, she closed her eyes and her body lifted two
inches into the air, levitating her off the floor.

This was a new use of her powers, she had been experimenting with controlling
her own abilities of flight, as the Invisible Plane was beginning to get a
little old. Gliding along the ground, she moved down the corridor towards the
woman's toilets.

After relieving herself she floated back out into the corridor, as she made
her way towards her desk to clear up and head home, she heard faint voices.
Turning around she floated back towards the Offices of her new Boss here at
the Building, an overweight pervert called Clarence Lacey.

- What's Mr Lacey doing here at this time of night? - she thought to herself,
he certainly wouldn't be working overtime, he showed up to work late and left
early, and basically all he did while he was at work was to look down the
tops of the Secretarial Pool and make clumsy advances towards female staff
members. She silently thanked Hera that her disguise had fooled him and he
left her alone.

As she settled herself next to his door and pressed her ear against the door
she felt a flash of guilt - by what right could she just listen in on a
private conversation between Mr Lacey and whoever he was talking too.

All reservations slipped away - however - when she heard the other voice
reply - with a German accent!

"...So the good Captain will be there then?" asked the voice.

"Yeah," replied Mr Lacey,"You can count on it, when do I get the rest of my

"When this information and the kill is confirmed," replied the voice, "Only
when Captain America is dead will you relieve the final half."

Diana gasped in shock, somehow Mr Lacey had come across information detailing
Captain America's movements, and was selling it to the Germans! She was all
prepared to smash through the door and attack the two men when she realized
she would blow her cover.

- But I can't just sit here! - she thought to herself, - Maybe I can... -

She was cut off in mid-thought as the door she rested against was pulled open
and she fell forward into the hands of a large man - most likely the German.

"I told you," he growled,"I knew I heard someone against the door!"

"It's Diana Prince," growled Lacey,"I assumed she went home at nine with
everyone else."

"You didn't bother to check?" growled the German, grabbing her by the bun on
the back of her head and pulling her up, "Amatuers!"

Her glasses had fallen of her face, and as the man pushed her forward her bun
came apart, letting her dark hair spill forward around her neck and face.
Lacey bent down and grabbed her by the chin, lifting her face up and staring
in surprise at her.

She longed to break the pudgy, clammy hand and toss him through the window,
but still feared revealing her secret identity, so she pretended fear, hoping
to learn more info and escape later.

"I never realized how good looking she was," muttered Lacey, "She's

"So what?" growled the German, "When you get the rest of your money you'll be
rich, you can buy any woman you want."

Lacey frowned, "I guess you're right."

He reached into his pocket and pulled something out, before she could react
he had handcuffed her hands together. For the first time since being pulled
through the door she felt real fear at her predicament, her one real weakness
was that if a man was able to manacle her she would lose her strength - she
had never worried about it because no one had ever been able to subdue her
long enough to do that, but now she had walked right into the trap!

"I'll take her with me," said the German, "We'll..."

He was cut off as the wall behind them suddenly exploded and they were all
thrown forward to the ground.

Diana swung around and looked in shock at the hole in the wall, through it
strode a figure from her dreams - Captain America.

"NO!" screamed the German, he pulled a gun from his coat and fired off six
quick shots, but the merely ricochetted off the gleaming shield Captain
America held in front of him.

The gun clicked several times before he realized it was empty, then he threw
it at the Living Legend, who reached out and snagged it from the air with
uncanny grace.

The German lept to his feet and moved towards the door, but several heavily
armed men were waiting for him.

* * *

Half an hour later Diana stood face to face with a man whom she had been
having sexual fantasies about no more than forty minutes ago.

- Nothing strange about that - she thought to herself - It's just me and
every other woman in America -

"Are you all right?" he asked her, real concern in his voice.

- Nothing you me and a bed wouldn't fix - she thought, - By Hera, why have I
been so sex crazed lately -

"Fine," she replied, "But I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't
shown up," well actually she could have taken both of them with one arm tied
behind her back, but she couldn't say that to him.

"We've got plenty of evidence, but it might be good to have you on the
witness stand for Lacey's trial if he pleads not guilty," he grinned at her
and she couldn't help but grin back.

"Cap," yelled one of the Army Men from Lacey's desk, "You should take a look
at this!"

Diana could have happily throttled the man for taking Captain America's
attention away from her, but she just grinned as he excused himself and
walked over to the desk.

- What's wrong with me? - she growled at herself - I've gotten along fine
without sex since leaving Paradise Island to fight the Nazi's, yet a couple
of pictures in the newspaper of this guy in action and now meeting him for
real and I'm ready to fall onto my back and spread my legs for him -

Cap was looking down at a piece of paper held by one of the army men, he
frowned as he read it, then whispered something to the man, Diana knew how
to read lips, so she picked up on what he said.

"No one else is to see this, understand?"

The army man saluted and Cap tucked the paper into a folder, then he and
several of the men left.

Diana smiled warmly as another guard brought her a hot cup of coffee, but her
mind was already elsewhere.

- Maybe I should look into this, or should I say Wonder Woman! -

* * *

The Countess rested her arms on one long leg, her knee length, black leather
booths gleamed brightly, reflecting the floodlights.

"Come on Countess, he isn't going to show," complained one of the soldiers
in German, she cursed below her breath.

"Shut up dumpkopf," she hissed between clenched teeth, "He'll hear you!"

The soldier looked around with a bemused expression, he stood in the middle
of a huge field, large floodlights beamed down on him and the twenty other

"I don't know Countess, I think he may notice us..."

As he spoke, an arrogant grin on his face, the Countess was in motion,
leaping down from the pedestal and landing on her feet with an easy, catlike
grace. Her fist lashed out and smashed into the mans face, her other arm had
swung back as the first came forward, and now it rocketed back and smashed
into his chin, knocking him off his feet.

The other soldiers stared at her in shock, the entire motion had taken no
more than five seconds, and now one of their peers lay unconscious at her

"I will not stand for insubordination," she growled at them, "We are..."

She never got to finish her sentence as a loud crashing noise signaled the
shattering of one of the floodlights. As the guards began to react, reaching
for weapons and looking in the direction of the broken floodlight, a red,
white and blue blur smashed into them with the force of a freight train.

"NO!" screamed the Countess, "Not like this! It's all wrong!"

There were nineteen guards, they surrounded Captain America, who was only
one man.

They didn't stand a chance.

They weren't trained to fight as a team, they got in each others way, they
fired shots at him as he moved, wounding their own men. Captain America
ducked and rolled easily, his Shield smashing into the faces of the confused

"STOP HIM!" screamed the Countess, her hands balled into fists.

As Cap rolled once more he slid nearby the Nazi the Countess had knocked out,
as he did the 'unconscious' man reached out and grabbed him by the ankle,
pulling him down to the ground.

As he hit, the until now unruly Nazi's suddenly moved as one, surrounding
Cap, reversing their rifles and ramming the butts against his body, striking
at whatever vulnerable body part they could. The chainmail in Captain
America's costume protected him from the worst, but the hands around his
ankles held him down, and now two more gripped his wrists. For all his
amazing strength, he was unable to break the grip, and now the gun stocks
were being smashed into his head, attempting to knock him out.

"YES!" cried the Countess as her plan came to fruition, she had leaked the
information to Special Forces that Lacey was selling information to the
Germans about Captain America so that the Living Legend himself would
spearhead the raid and find the document that the German Spy had planted,
revealing that a small contingent of Nazi's had made their way into America
to assassinate the President. As she had suspected Captain America had come
in alone, if he got into trouble he would call in backup from the Special
Forces Unit he sometimes worked with, who - if everything had gone according
to plan - were lying in pools of their own blood right now.

Her eyes widened as suddenly the hands released him as he pulled himself to
his feet, sweat dripping from his face, he swung the ever present shield
wildly, knocking some of the nazi's back, but others pushed forward and
gripped his arms once more, pulling him back down to the ground. Two of the
soldiers grabbed him by the head and one of them lowered his own face to
just above Cap's, then he opened his mouth and a green gas shot out in
Captain America's face.

Cap's eyes widened in surprise at this unexpected development, he struggled
to hold his breath but some of the gas had already gotten into his mouth and
he felt his eyes growing heavy as the gas took effect.

"YES!" screamed the Countess as Cap jerked a couple more times, then finally
lay still, "Hold him," she warned the men, "Wait at least two minutes to make
sure the gas has taken full effect."

The men nodded and held Cap's inert body down with their surprising strength.

Of course, the Countess had taken nearly everything into account, there
should have been no surprises, she had planned for every contingency.

Things often look better on paper than in real life.

As the soldiers finally released Captain America and one of them lifted him
up and put him over his shoulder, a red, yellow and blue blur smashed into
the assembled men, knocking them over like bowling pins.

The Countess' mouth gaped open in shock as she recognized Wonder Woman.

"Damn!" she growled, her formidable mind already replanning, changing
strategy to deal with this new threat, "Overpower her!"

The men moved easily, surrounding her as she stood over the collapsed forms
of the soldier and Captain America, preparing to attack her from all sides.

"Okay, you guys are professional's," growled Wonder Woman, "But you're
dealing with an Amazon here, give it up!"

The men leaped as one, she ducked and rolled underneath them, they reacted
as one again, all of them leaping after her.

She grabbed the wrist of the first to come near her and spun him away easily,
throwing him nearly fifteen feet with an effortless grace. The next two men
received crushing sucker punches to the guts, but neither seemed to show any

- What the hell? - Wonder Woman thought to herself as she grabbed them by the
tunic and threw them over her head - I'm pulling my punches so as not to kill
them, but they seem to be able to shrug it off? -

She was ready to confront the other 17, who seemed reluctant to attack after
her show of strength. She crouched down, reached for her golden lariat when
she felt a hand slide around her waist and lift her into the air, she kicked
wildly behind her and connected hard with a knee, but the man gripping her
did not react. With a huge effort she gripped the arm and pried it away, then
swung him into his companions, who caught him effortlessly.

"Who are you guys?!" cried Wonder Woman, "What does it take to stop you?"

She grabbed her Golden Lariat and swung it forward, wrapping it around the
waist of one of the Nazi's and pulling hard, meaning to flip him over her
head and into the ground...except he didn't move.

"Impossible!" she cried, pulling harder, but the man stood still, arms
resting on his hips he stared blankfaced at her, the only sign of exertion
a slight flexing of muscles in his legs - exposed by torn pants from when
she had thrown him earlier.

"ENOUGH!" she roared and pulled with all her might, and at last something

The soldier's upper body flew towards her, his lower body stayed where it
was. Hands gripped her throat and closed with inhuman strength, her eyes
widened as she realized the secret of this squad.

"Androids!" she gasped, staring in shock at the coils of wire that hung from
the robot's upper torso, each one spitting sparks that would burn anyone
without her Amazonian skin.

"Ya," said the Countess, leaping down now that is looked like she had the
upper hand, "We planned this obvious trap knowing that Captain America would
come in first to protect the others in the Special Force's Unit, you, my
dear, are an added bonus - for you cannot hope to defeat my Androids!"

Wonder Woman responded in an unexpected fashion, grinning almost evilly at
the German Noble.

Suddenly the upper torso of the android gripping her throat was torn in two
by the Amazonian Adventurer, she growled almost ferally.

"Finally, I don't have to pull my punches, I can really let loose!"

The Countess stared in shock as Wonder Woman leaped into the group of
androids, her fists flying with full force into them, smashing through the
tough metallic skin and ripping the insides out of them, she smashed androids
with other androids still flailing limbs. Then she made a mistake, grabbing
a rock sized green capsule that had fallen out of one of the Androids
twitching torsos and smashing it into the face of one of the Androids,
immediately the green sleeping gas inside was released, right into her face.
She was breathing heavily, and before she could react the gas was already in
her lungs, spreading throughout her bloodstream.

She suddenly went berserk, smashing through the ring of remaining androids
and gripping the comatose Captain America with one hand, scooping him up she
threw him over one shoulder and made a break for the stage that the Countess
had been standing on minutes ago.

"THE TRUCK AND THE BIKES!!!!" roared the Countess, remembering belatedly that
the truck she had planned to transport Captain America on rested behind the
stage near the woods, along with two motorcycles.

The eleven remaining androids charged after her, one of them missing an arm.
As one drew close, she pulled the shield of Cap's arm and swung it with all
her strength, decapitating the pursuing android with the unbreakable shield.

She leaped the seven feet to the stage with one huge push of her powerful
legs, running over the stage she leaped down to the grass and sped along
the ground to the three vehicles parked by the beginning of the woodlands.
Looking behind she could see only dark silhouettes, the remaining floodlights
casting a menacing aspect on the pursuing figures. Leaping onto the
motorcycles she kicked the bike into action and shot forward, driving into
the woods themselves.

"After her!" roared the Countess, "She has to balance the patriot on her
shoulder and negotiate the trees, you can catch her!"

The androids quickly rushed after, leaving her alone with the wreckage of her

She cursed under her breath, she had planned everything perfectly, making the
trap obvious so that Cap would come alone, she had pretended to be bickering
with her men to create a distraction to bring Cap into the thick of things,
using the sleeping gas, and then Wonderwoman had shown up before she was
ready for her.

"Will that sleeping gas work on her?" she murmured to herself, "If it doesn't
and I lose them both, Goebbels will have my tits on the table for breakfast!"

She unconsciously grabbed both large mounds of mam-meat in her hands, then
jogged into the woods.

* * *

"Where is Captain America?" asked the Countess, but Wonder Woman was too far
gone from the sleeping gas and crash to even keep her eyes open, she slumped
over and when the Countess released her hair she fell face forward onto the

Behind the Countess the wreckage of the bike lay against the tree, there was
no sign of Captain America.

"You and you," she said, pointing at two of the ten remaining androids,
"Spread out and look for him, if you don't find him by 5am, return to the

They nodded, turned and disappeared into the darkness.

"Everyone but you two," she said, pointing to two others,"Go back to the
fight scene and take down the floodlights and gather up all signs of the
fight, load them into the truck and wait for us."

The six androids moved away.

"You two pick her up and take her to the truck."

They moved to comply but she held up her hand to stop them, crouching down
she slid her hand down the unconscious heroine's back, cupping one asscheek
in her hand, it was plump but still firm and she gripped it roughly.

"Breaking her is going to be fun," laughed the Countess, tearing a small
piece of the costume of her ass and laying it one the ground, held by a
rock, then she motioned the androids to continue.

To Be Continued...


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