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favorable response to previous work I have decided to write this story
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It is a crossover between the Marvel Universe and D.C Universe, set in the
1940's it stars Captain America and Wonder Woman - I hope you enjoy it.

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FINAL NOTE: Okay you may find that there are some irregularities concerning
Wonder Woman and Captain America's origins, job and things they've done in
World War II. This is simply because bringing the Marvel & DC Universes
creates an Amalgam Universe of the two, so things become slightly warped
(yes, that's it - it's not because I am basically ignorant when it comes to
comics set during WWII - no that's not it at all...)

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Captain America/Wonder Woman: Alpha Child Part 9
by Dimitri

"Leave us," said Gruda to the androids, "Go find your three companions and
help them find Wonder Woman, then return her to the lab and inform the

Captain America was chained by gigantic chains on his wrists and ankles to
the wall. The room he was in was decorated in the opulent decadence that was
the mark of every residence of Countess Schatenger. His shield was still in
the lab, being examined by Maria to discover the secret of the unique
Adamantium/Vibranium alloy that made it indestructible.

"You are the perfect man, aren't you," she said with a small grin, raising
the tip of her index finger to her perfectly formed mouth, "Your super
soldier serum has risen you to the ultimate peak of humanity."

"If you release me now," replied Captain America with a steely look in his
eye, "I may be able to make an argument for clemency on your behalf."

"You Americans!" she laughed, throwing up her arms in mock despair, "So
confident in your own superiority, your own righteousness."

"We never claimed to be the master race," replied Cap straight back at her.

"Touche, Captain, touche," laughed Gruda, "However, at this moment I am in
the superior position, the advantage is mine!"

She strode forward and pushed her face forward until it rested only inches
from Cap's face,"You are powerless within my grasp."

"Unchain me and you'll find out how helpless I am."

"Oh Captain, would you hit a woman?"

"No," he replied,"I'd chain you up here and then bring this castle down
around your head."

"Like I said Captain," she laughed,"The advantage is mine. You see, my job
is to soften you up for when you and Wonder Woman create the Countess' Alpha

"I hardly think that you can..."

"But I can," she said, reaching down she grabbed his belt buckle and began
to undo it.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he yelled.

She didn't answer, she simply pulled the belt away and threw it to the bed
several feet away, then she slid one of her pale white hands down his pants
and gripped his cock in her fist.

"My oh my!" she laughed, "You certainly are at the peak of human limits
aren't you. What is it when it's hard, 10... 11 inches?"

"You're sick," growled Cap,"Stop that!"

"You don't really want me to, do you?" she laughed once more, squeezing his
member, which despite his minds protests was growing harder.

"I do," he yelled, "You think that turns me on, you're insane!"

"You say no, your dick says yes!"

"That's just a natural response to physical stimuli," growled Cap, "Now cut
it out."

"Or what," chuckled Gruda, running her hand up and down the length of his
dick, "And what's this crap about physical stimuli, that's just your excuse
for the fact that you're going to get your rocks off."

Captain America gulped, he shook the manacles on his wrists in a vain effort
to break free, but they were huge and close to unbreakable.

"Just relax and enjoy it," she whispered, "You can't do anything about it so
you might as well enjoy this."

His cock was fully erect now and stretching his blue costume pants (no easy
feat as it was laced through with chainmail) as she ran her hand up and down
his member.

"Forget it," he growled, "Just because I'm chained up doesn't mean I'm going
to hang my head and give it up."

"You certainly are hung," laughed Gruda, sliding her other hand down his
pants and cupping his balls.

Cap's eyes shut and he stifled a moan, his body was feeling thrills of
pleasure race through his body, his mind battled to fight off the feelings
of erotic sensation going through him

"Still won't admit it?" she laughed, seeing the grim expression he held on
his face, "Perhaps this will help."

She pulled her hands away and gripped his pants around the hips, then pulled
them down around his ankles.

"HEY!" he yelled.

She just grinned, gripped the end of his 10 inch cock and held it steady as
she guided her mouth forward.

A sudden warm wetness surrounded his member, he couldn't believe it, this
German woman was on her knees sucking on his cock. He couldn't comprehend
this turn of events, her hand had dropped to the base of his cock and was
pumping it up and down as she took the first six inches into her mouth. Her
lips acted like a loose cunt, warm and wet around his thick dick. He could
feel his cum charging up from his balls, ready to burst into her mouth. It
was an incredibly erotic sight seeing this German woman - his enemy -
sucking on his cock like she was the prisoner and him the guard. Her tongue
flicked around the inside of her mouth, running around the rim of his
cockhead, caressing his thick meat.

Then she suddenly gripped down hard around the base of his cock, preventing
him from cumming. He groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure, he had come so
close it had hurt, but now he felt like she could suck on him for an hour
before he felt any pleasure.

She removed her mouth from his member.

"Not just yet Captain," she said with that same smug expression on her face,
"I want to enjoy you for a little bit first."

She stood up and turned around, bending over slightly and gripping her
trousers, then slowly pulling them down - revealing an incredibly firm ass -
she wagged it about while staring over her shoulder to gauge his reaction.

"You like, I have nice ass, don't I?"

"Why not ask the Countess, my bet is she's seen it enough times to know,"
replied Cap angrily.

"Oh, poor little Captain," then she giggled and looked down at his cock,
"Well, not so little, but you are certainly in dire straits. You want so
badly to fuck me don't you?"

He didn't respond, doing his best not to look at her.

She just giggled again, and pulled her pants all the way down to her ankles,
then stepped out of them. Next she unbuttoned her white shirt and revealed
her large breasts, standing firm and proud, her nipples erect with erotic

"This will be a fantasy come true," she laughed, "The nights I've spent
frigging myself while thinking about having you at my mercy, powerless to do
anything while I control the situation."

"You might find the reality doesn't quite live up to the fantasy," muttered
Cap,"You realize this isn't a fantasy I share, don't you?"

"Then what's with old sparky?" she said with a grin, pointing at his erect
cock, "Has your flagpole risen just to hang an American Falg from it? I wager
it may be big enough!"

She walked towards him slowly, her legs together and a slight swagger in her
hips. Under ordinary circumstances he would have been incredibly aroused, but
now all he could think of was how to get away.

She stood in front of him and laughed, then wrapped her arms around his neck
and pressed her breasts against his muscular chest.

"You like?"


She rubbed her large breasts up and down against his chest, her erect nipples
pressing hard against his own. Next she wrapped one long, toned leg over one
of his hips, wrapping it around. Then she lifted her other leg, wrapping that
too about his hips so she was hanging off of him.

"Here we go, lover," she giggled, "I guarantee you'll enjoy this."

She raised her ass up as far as she could and then slowly lowered it down
until his cock was pressing against her cuntlips. She had to rub up and down
until the tip of his cock slid slightly in, and then with a squeal of delight
she lowered her cunt down over his member. Her wet pussy easily spread for
his thick member, and soon he was all the way inside of her.

"Ooooh! that's nice," she groaned,"You're all the way inside me, deep in
me... and because I wanted you there, and I put you there!"

"Wow," said Cap, hiding his intense reaction of pleasure behind a dull,
monotonous tone of disinterest, "I'm impressed."

"Who do you think you're kidding," laughed Gruda, then slowly rose her hips
up as far as she could without having his dick slip free. Then she dropped
down just as suddenly, his cock quickly refilling her vaginal passage.

"That's the stuff," she laughed, then repeated the motion, again and again,
faster and faster.

Cap held back a groan of pleasure as her tight cunt rode up and down his
member, her juices dripping down his shaft. With incredible energy and vigor
she slapped her cunt down against the base of his cock, making his balls slap
up and down.

"YES!" she screamed, "YES... YES... FU..uh..FUCK ME!!!" she raised her lips
to his and attempted to kiss him. At first he let her, but as she pushed her
tongue deep into his mouth he pulled his neck back.

"I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum!" she squealed, "CAN YOU FEEL IT!"

He could, her cunt was clasping down tightly around his cockshaft, milking at
his cock in an attempt to make him cum.

"YES!" she cried as she felt him tensing up, his body going rockhard, "YOU'RE

But suddenly Captain America pushed forward, leaning as far forward as
possibly could. This resulted in his cock pushing up her cunt at a steeper
angle, making the pleasure as she bounced up and down on his member even
greater for her.

"YES! THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!" and then she was cumming,
her cunt clamping like a vice around his dick, her arms locking around his
neck. Then cum exploded from her cunt and ran down his legs, running into
his pants around his ankles. After several minutes of squeezing and
unsqueezing her cunt, she went limp and slowly hopped off his cock.

"Sorry, lover," she gasped,"You haven't cum yet, I'll suck you off and..."
she stopped as she noticed he was still pushing forward, straining his
muscles against the chains, his face red with exertion.

"Oh Cap," she grinned, sliding her finger in and out of her sopping pussy,
"Give it up, those chains are two thick for you to snap."

"IT'S...," he growled,"NOT... THE CHAINS... I'M... TRYING TO... BREAK!"

"I don't get it?" she said, and then her eyes widened in shock as the plaster
on the walls around the chains cracked and tore, "NO!" she cried.

But it was too late, as she struggled to her feet the chain was ripped from
the wall and he grabbed her by the ankle.


"So now it's yankee swine, what happened to lover?" he asked, "Where's the

"Go to hell?"

"I'm afraid it's all booked up by the Nazi's," replied Cap, "Now where's the

"There isn't one!" she yelled.

He shook his head in dismay, "That was a test, your last chance to make
good," he said, "You think I didn't notice you slide the key under the
mattress as I was chained up?"

She cursed and spat.

"Okay," he said, "grab it for me, any funny stuff and I'll hang you out the
window by one of these chains."

She reached up as he held onto her ankle and slid her hand under the
mattress, she hesitated a second, weighing the risks of swallowing the key,
finally she decided just to throw it to him.

He released her ankle and she made to move towards the door, but she felt his
hand grip her again.

"You're not going anywhere, these chains are heavy but I can still grab you
faster than you can move."

She sat down against the bed, folded her arms like a sulking child, and
pouted at him.

He unlocked the manacles around his other wrist and his ankles, watching her
closely as he freed himself. Pulling his pants up he grabbed her by the arm,
she tried to pull free but he was far stronger than she was. Soon her ankles
were chained up as well as one of her wrists, the other ripped out piece of
chain lay on the ground out of reach.

She watched in anger as he did up his belt, he grinned at her.

"What's the matter, fraulein? Uncomfortable?"

"Dumkopf! Do you think you will foil the Countess' plan, she'll use you like
the tool you are and then throw you away."

"Just like you held me in your power and was powerless to stop you?"


He raised his hand to his mouth as if to stifle a laugh, then walked forward
and took her chin in one hand, her eyes widened in shock as his lips came to
hers, she inadvertently opened her mouth to accept his tongue, and felt
something cold and hard slip into her mouth.


He pulled away and grinned, she lifted her free hand to her throat and stared
at him in dawning comprehension.

"Was that...?" she started.

"The key? Yes it was," laughed Captain America, "see you later."

He walked out the door, leaving her screaming and cursing at his back,
uselessly of course, as the room was soundproof.

* * *

"I always wanted to be an artist," Herman used to tell her, "But mother did
not approve, I was to be a scientist, a man of knowledge and respect."

Maria continued to stare in a mixture of awe, fear and hope at one of his
many sketches. This one was of a multi-limbed terror from the deepest depths
of the ocean, with long black tentacles and a bulbous head at the end of each
limb - in short, an exact image of the 'thing' that had come out of the

Coming to a blank piece of paper she scribbled her question as fast as she

Herman? Is that you in there?

then balled up the paper and threw it into the portal.
Minutes later another ball of paper flew out, landing at her feet,
she scooped down and opened it, it read :

Ya, mein darling Maria, Fear not, soon we will be together once
more, here is what you must do...."

And as she read the words of the man whom not even the Countess had
known was her lover, she could not help but to shiver in anticipation.

* * *

A2 - a medium built android with perfect aryan looks that could only be an
androids - moved behind her and grasped her by her buttocks.

"Is this the correct procedure?" inquired A2.

"Correct," replied A7,"Now spread them apart somewhat."

"NOOO!!!" cried Wonder Woman, "Please don't...."

"You will be quiet female," muttered A7, "You are interfering with this
unit's pleasure sensations."

"I thought they were secondary to your programming?" she cried as she felt
her plump asscheeks being pulled apart, revealing the still dripping lips of
her pussy and her puckered anus.

A7 ignored her, speaking instead to A2, "Now move forward," it said,
"Pressing the tip of your penis against her anus."

"NO!" she squealed,"Not my ass! Please not my ass!"

Again she was ignored, she felt the tip of A2's cock press against her
asshole, which was still slightly stretched from the tentacle rape from

"Now," said A7 seeing all was in place, "A3, grasp her by the shoulders as
A2 is grasping her by the buttocks, and direct your penis between her lips
and into her mouth."

Wonder Woman shook her head violently, but A7 reached down and with his
incredible strength held her in place while A3's cock pressed against her
firmly closed mouth.

"Error," complained A3, "Her mouth is not accepting this unit's penis."

"Grip the female by the chin and apply slight pressure, this will cause her
mouth to open."

A3 complied as again Wonder Woman's legendary strength failed her, her mouth
opening and the androids short, stubby cock pushed into her mouth.

"Now this unit will position it's self," said A7 and got onto his back,
sliding underneath Wonder Woman (who was on her hands and knees) until her
full breasts pressed against it's hard chest and it's long, thick cock was
pressing against her cunt - she couldn't help but notice it was shorter and
thinner than it used to be, perhaps they had replaced the part? - "Are you
ready?" asked A7.

"Affirmative," replied A2.

"Affirmative," replied A3.

"Mxylptylk!" replied Wonder Woman angrily.

"On my mark," answered A7,"Push in as one, then we shall set up a pattern to
optimize our pleasurable sensations," he paused, "3... 2... 1...Mark!"

The sensation was overwhelming, Wonder Woman didn't know whether to
concentrate on the gagging in her throat as her mouth was filled with cock,
the pleasurable feeling of A7's dick sliding up her cunt or the pain of A2's
penis pushing up into her asshole.

When the three androids had entered her fully, they stopped as one and waited
for orders.

"Now," said A7,"This unit shall push in first, halfway through my thrust, A3
you will also push forward. As this unit pulls back, A3 it is your turn to
push forward, understood?"



"KALEL JOREL ZAURIEL!!!!" screamed Wonder Woman, her words incomprehensible
jibberish when muffled by five or six inches of android simulated cock.

- This can't be happening, - her mind screamed, - After everything I went
through to break the Countess' hold over me, I can't just let this happen!! -

And yet it seemed the heroic Amazon was indeed powerless, the three androids
were already pumping in and out of her body, one cock pushing in and out of
her asshole, another deep inside her soaking pussy and yet a third pounding
away at her mouth. Then the worst happened, A7 reached up and began stroking
her clit with it's sensitive, trained fingers in an attempt to arouse her.

The worst thing was her body had already been in a state of heightened
awareness due to the threesome she had had with Gruda and Kurt, then she had
been raped by the tentacles and humiliatingly cum. Now she could feel sexual
pleasure building up in her body as she was gangbanged by three simulated

"This unit finds these sensations pleasurable," A3 commented, "The tightness
of her anal passage appears to intensify these pleasures."

"The female's mouth is also excellent for stimulating pleasure," observed A2,
"Her mouth is warm and wet, it almost feels like a looser, wetter vagina."

They continued to mercilessly fuck her, using her body like a piece of meat -
she was created solely for their enjoyment, their pleasure.

- Or perhaps not just theirs! - gasped her mind as she felt the power of the
will-sapping orgasm coming, - A7's fingers, they feel... feel so... so...
UUHHHHH!!!!! -

Her orgasm smashed her body, every muscle tensed and clenched, her cunt and
asshole clamping down around their respective invaders while her mouth
tightened on A2's dick.

"Inconcievable!" cried A2, "This unit is going to...ejaculate!!!!" suddenly
warm android cum was spilling down her throat, filling her mouth and running
down her chin. Her mouth naturally attempted to suck down all the fluid
coming into it and so emptied out a great deal of A2's supply. The android
pulled it's now limp cock out of her mouth and collapsed onto it's behind.

"This unit... cannot... keep this... up!" cried out A3, ramming it's hips
against her ass, pumping into her asshole faster and faster, her anus like
a vice around it's cock,"This... unit... will... ejacuLATE! in... 3.7....

A3 collapsed onto her back, not breathing or sweating yet still conveying a
sense of breathlessness. Then slowly it rolled off, it's deflating cock
pulling loose from her cum filled asshole.

"Only this unit remains," cried A7, pumping in and out of her cunt in a blur,
his fingers running all over her sensitive clit as her juices ran down over
his thick pole,"This unit is enjoying the sensations, is the female enjoying

Wonder Woman wasn't listening, as her body was being fucked she could feel
something in her body. A sensation not unlike an oncoming orgasm, but
different in some fundamental way. Almost unconsciously her body was jerking
as yet another orgasm approached, and then she realized what it was.


She could feel it in every pore of her body, her old Amazon strength, leeched
away by the Countess' drugs, returning for some reason. The return coincided
with her orgasm and she let out a heartfelt animalistic cry of passion and
joy as her juices broke free and ran down A7's cock, balls and came to rest
in a pool at the bottom of his asscheeks.

"NO!" cried A7, "Error!... ... damage to unit... intense... pain
receptors overloaded!"

End Chapter Nine.


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