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It is a crossover between the Marvel Universe and D.C Universe, set in the
1940's it stars Captain America and Wonder Woman - I hope you enjoy it.

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FINAL NOTE: Okay you may find that there are some irregularities concerning
Wonder Woman and Captain America's origins, job and things they've done in
World War II. This is simply because bringing the Marvel & DC Universes
creates an Amalgam Universe of the two, so things become slightly warped
(yes, that's it - it's not because I am basically ignorant when it comes to
comics set during WWII - no that's not it at all......)

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Captain America/Wonder Woman: Alpha Child Part 10
by Dimitri

Wonder Woman leaped to her feet, as she did she pulled the crushed remains
of A7's member with her, which then fell to the ground.

- HA! I must have crushed it when I came, now that's an orgasm!!!! -

A2 and A3 had both jumped to their feet, she charged forward and gripped each
by the side of the head, then brought them together, crushing and destroying
their Central Processing Units.

The bodies collapsed to the ground and she stood over them, laughing at
last - letting out the pent up emotions of the last few days as she finally
felt like she was in control again. She grabbed the lariat they had tied all
the way up one arm and unwrapped it, holding it as it was supposed to be

"I have several missions now," she growled to herself, "I must discover how
that creature knew the secrets of my people, I must destroy that portal and
I must beat the shit out of the Countess!"

* * *

Maria, read the note, I have supplied the Countess with a drug and the
special cream to alter Wonder Woman's genetic makeup. However only the cream
was needed, the pill destroys the side effects of the drug that unstretches
the flesh. Wonder Woman will be back to full strength within half an hour of
taking the pill, perhaps sooner. You must be ready by then.

Maria nodded and then folded the note and put it back in the small folder,
then she walked to the door of the lab.

"Hans," she called his name through the door, "Come in here a moment."

Hans stepped through and looked inquiringly at her, "Ya, liebchen?"

"I've noticed you Hans," she said with a grin, unbuttoning the top button of
her tight white shirt beneath the lab coat, "I know all about your little
'word association' problem - you won't have that problem with me!"

Hans looked around nervously, he was supposed to guard the lab... ah well...
you couldn't guard her much better than this.

As she grabbed him by the collar and pulled him forward, grinning like a
loon, he didn't notice she was directing him so his back would be against
the focusing lens on the gamma machine.

* * *

Captain America had expected booby traps, more androids or robotic minions.
What he wasn't expecting was to find Wilhelm lying dead in a pool of his own
blood inside the ventilation duct.

"Hardly the way for a soldier to die," thought Cap with something close to
remorse. Wilhelm looked terrified, as if he had been fleeing something so
horrifying it could turn a dangerous man like Wilhelm into a scared child.

"There's something else going on here," said Cap thoughtfully, "Something
that smells worse than the rest of this operation."

* * *

"I have you whore!" exclaimed Masterman joyfully, "You are mine at last!"

Wonder Woman stared at the excited Aryan with something akin to pity - then
she realized just how ridiculous she herself looked, wearing nothing but a
lariat - and she hung her head to hide her laughter.

"So at last you accept your fate," growled Masterman, "You are to be my sex

- Oh he's so pathetic, - thought Wonder Woman to herself, then she looked up
with sad eyes.

"Oh Ubermensch, take me! I'm yours!"

She lay back on the floor and spread her legs, revealing her beautiful
pussy - as he had always dreamed it would be when he finally fucked her.

"YA! You are mine!" he cried, walking towards her, unbuckling his belt as he
went. He only had eyes for the Amazon's naked body, not for the shattered
androids lying on the ground. The only thing he saw were her massive breasts,
her rounded hips, shaven pussy and pink cuntlips.

He lowered himself down, wanting to taste her breasts in his mouth first,
when she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Ya! That's it, that's the way!" he laughed.

"You are so pathetic," she replied and his eyes grew wide as her Amazonian
strength suddenly came to bear on his back.

"Urrk...!" he gasped, his powerful hands attempting in vain to break her iron
grip. She lifted her legs up, raising his entire body... then flung him to
the side like a rag doll. He hit the wall and collapsed, unconscious.

"He put up a better fight the first time," she said with a laugh, then
whirled about as three new figures entered the room.

"The last androids!" she laughed as they took in the scene and got into
defensive postures,"Soon to be extinct!"

The first one leaped forward, she threw out one balled fist and smashed right
into it's chest cavity, destroying it's gas pack and spewing the green gas
right into her face.

- HERA, NO! - she cried in her mind, pulling back from the cloud of gas and
throwing the jerking android onto the other two, which caught it easily.

Already she was getting giddy and finding it hard to keep her balance, she
tried to break past the two surviving androids, but her shoulder smashed into
the doorframe. Although she wasn't injured it slowed her down and the LMD's
grabbed her by the shoulders. She pulled away but now her feet felt like they
were dipped in concrete.

- Never make it this way, - she thought and turned sluggishly to face the

"Surrender..." started one, when a roundhouse punch took it's head off.

"... at once," finished the last, and then her boot smashed through it's
guts, then she grabbed it's flailing arms and pulled them towards her as she
pushed back on it's gut with her foot - tearing it in two.

"Gotcha!" she laughed, but her exertions had tired her and she collapsed to
the ground, soon falling unconscious.

* * *

Captain America moved forward on hands and knees, the ventilation shaft was
even large enough to walk through hunched over now.

As he moved forward his hands came to rest on some kind of pad - camouflaged
earlier as part of the bottom wall. Small holes opened all around him and gas
poured into the shaft as he struggled to move on, after a few seconds he
collapsed and a small alarm marking his position went off.

* * *

When they both awoke they were facing each other, except that Cap was
suspended several feet above Wonder Woman's naked body.

"Ahhh, he awakens at last!" laughed the voice of the Countess, he turned his
head to the side and saw the German noble standing a few await from them,
hands on hips with that smug look of confidence he so hated.

Wonder Woman lay on a table, spreadeagled so her body resembled an X, her
ankles and wrists were secured with large, futuristic looking manacles. Cap
realized that he too was spreadeagled and naked, except he was suspended
on a table several feet above Wonder Woman's - he did not recognize the room
he was in, it looked like another lab.

"Countess, forget these mad schemes, something else is going on in this
castle, I found..."

"Quiet!" she demanded,"I have had enough of listening to the two of you
protest, it would be so much simpler if you just did what I told you to."

"She's crazy," said Wonder Woman to Captain America, "A total loon, maybe
from all that exposure to gamma radiation?"

"She fails to see the big picture," agreed Cap, "Someone else is manipulating
her and she doesn't even know it."

"SHUT UP!!!" screamed the Countess,"I AM THE GRAND MANIPULATOR, I AM THE ONE

"Delusions of Granduer, a classic example," observed Cap to Wonder Woman.

The Countess began to chuckle, then she laughed outright.

"Oh very good, very good, you know your situation is helpless physically, but
you think perhaps you can psychoanalyze your way out of it? Won't work, I
have a mission to complete."

Cap strained against his manacles, but they seemed to lock down even harder.

"Don't bother, as I already explained to Wonder Woman, the manacles take any
force exerted upon them and send it straight back, your only locking yourself
in harder."

"Okay then, what's your scheme?" asked Cap, "This brilliant Alpha Child plan
of yours?"

"The Alpha Child," laughed the Countess, "I shall create the perfect human,
one that goes beyond the furtherest of human limits - the perfect man! The
perfect soldier!"

"And just how do you plan to do it?" asked Wonder Woman, "Me and Captain
America aren't just going to sit here and let you do it."

"Correct, you will lie there and let me do it!"

She stepped forward, her head was level with Cap's body now, and reaching out
she grabbed his hanging cock in her hand and began to stroke it.

Cap closed his eyes and shuddered, this had already happened once - the woman
was somewhere in this castle locked up in huge chains - and he couldn't
believe it was going to happen again.

"Fight it Cap!" she cried,"Don't let her do it!"

"But don't you see," laughed the Countess, continuing to wank Captain
America, "He is powerless to stop it - as A7 told you, it is a natural
response to physical stimuli."

Her hand began to stroke up and down faster and faster, his cock growing
harder despite his minds protestations. Soon his member was fully erect,
jutting out ten inches.

"Excellent," she laughed, "All is prepared."

Moving away she walked to a table with a device sitting on it, the device had
several levers and switches, which the Countess began to operate.

Cap's table rose a few feet more into the air, then the manacles he was
locked in slowly began to slide down chains coming from inside the table,
even as Wonder Woman's manacles lifted her on poles from her table. On both
of the captives tables two other poles emerged, at the end of each what
looked to be a sculpted hollows of an ass and a back. They pressed against
the captive's backs, fitting perfectly and locking in place. Now cap was
resting only about 10 inches from Wonder Woman, his cock - which was at a
slight angle - nearly pressing against her pussy just above the clitoris.

Countess Schatenger adjusted another lever and Cap's table moved back an
inch, so now his cock was over her pussy lips. Then the German noblewomen
hit a switch, pushed a button and then rushed back to the table, despite the
fact that nothing was happening.

"This is it," she laughed, and grabbed Captain America's cock in her hand
once more, giving it a couple of more strokes to maintain it's hardness.

Suddenly, the metal sculpted around Cap's ass pushed forward and his
hips were forced to go with it, with the Countess guiding his cock he was
soon pushing into Wonder Woman's still wet snatch.

- Oh Hera no! - cried Wonder Woman, only a week ago she had been fantasizing
about this man making love to her, but now they were being forced to by this
madwomen's machines.

"Wonder Woman... " gasped Cap,"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..."

"It's not your fault," cried Wonder Woman, gasping as she felt his cock slide
into her cunt, filling her completely.

Now the metal sculpted to their asses and shoulders began to push up, down,
forward and back in a complicated, prearranged cycle. Soon Cap and Wonder
Woman were fucking earnestly, despite the fact that neither of them were
willing participants.

- Oh by the Gods! - gasped Wonder Woman as his big cock plowed in and out of
her tight, clasping cunt, - Just don't let me cum, just don't let me cum! -

Already though her overly sensitive body was reacting to the physical
sensation of being fucked by the man of her fantasies, his long, thick cock
pumping in and out of her body, her hips being forced up to meet his. To
anyone watching it would look like they were lovers, the way their bodies
moved against each other, her huge breasts mashed against his hard chest, her
spread legs, his thrusting hips.


That the sound of their hips smacking against each other, each drive of his
cock into her pussy brought her closer and closer to orgasm, she was going to
cum and then he was going to cum and the Countess would win.

- I... I... can't hold out... much longer..." the captive Amazon thought
frantically, - There... must be... something I... can do -

Her orgasm was building, building and building as Captain America was forced
to fuck her, his sweaty body driving hard against hers as his cock slammed in
and out of her cunt.

- I can't hold out! - Captain America thought to himself, - It just feels so
good, she's so tight around me, and it's been so long since I've been with
someone I was attracted to -

Despite Gruda's great beauty she had been morally dead, almost soulless in
fact, and Cap had been repelled by her. But Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman was
beautiful, she was heroic, she was intelligent, caring and strong. And most
of all, she was untouchable, usually he never would have even had the guts
to ask her on a date (*), and now here he was having sex with the beautiful

"Uhhh... no! please... I can't..." gasped Wonder Woman, "I'm... gonna...
uuuhh!... gonna... ooh! it's coming...UUUUUHHHHH!!!!!"

She screamed in unwanted pleasure as her orgasm shattered her defenses and
her body gave in to ecstasy, her every nerve ending afire with pleasure. Her
cunt clamped down tight on Cap's cock as her juices flooded down around his
thick shaft.

"OOOOOHHH!!!!" cried Captain America, his own orgasm coming hard on the heels
of his Amazonian lover,"It's going to...HUFF!"

A single, sharp exclamation and his entire body seemed to thrust forward of
it's own volition as his cum shot into her womb, sperm seeking egg in the act
of procreation that had been happening since life began.

"YES!" screamed the Amazon as the machines slowed down, then finally stopped,
"The Alpha Child will be mine!"

"I'm... I'm sorry Wonder Woman," gasped Captain America, "I tried to hold
it... I just couldn't..."

"It's all right," she replied, "It was impossible, we..." she stopped
suddenly as she heard a low click. Looking down she saw with shock that the
manacles on her legs were slowly opening, another click sounded and she felt
the ones around her wrists release as well. She looked up into Captain
America's eyes, he had seen it too, and now two more low clicks sounded and
she knew that he too was free.

"Three," he mouthed silently to her, she nodded and they counted silently

"...then I will rule the world with an army of Alpha's at me side," the
Countess continued, unaware of this new development, "Next I will use my
portal technology to take over other dimensions, until I...."

"One, two, three!" they shouted the last word and then Cap was pulling out
of her and rolling off the table, Wonder Woman following only a few seconds

"Was?" cried the Countess, and then Wonder Woman knocked her to the ground,
where the noblewomen hit her head against the floor and passed out.

"FREE!" cried Captain America, and impulsively seized Wonder Woman around the
neck, drew her to him and kissed her passionately. She was startled for a few
seconds, then she returned the kiss. His arms traveled down her back and
gripped her plump buttcheeks, and she felt his member hardening against her

The Countess rolled an eye open, saw they were preoccupied and rolled
backwards, knocking open the spring-controlled doors, she lept to her feet
and rushed towards the main lab, where Hans would be standing guard.

Cap pulled away as he heard the noise, Wonder Woman yelled in fury as she saw
the Countess rolling through the doorway.

"AFTER HER!" screamed the Amazon and they took off - still naked - through
the door to chase down the Nazi Countess.

* * *

Hans' body writhed in agony as the full force of the gamma ray blasted his
body. Maria stood back several paces, watching with detached, scientific
curiosity as the unpredictable effects of the Gamma energy.

At first Hans' body had begun to grow larger, every muscle seeming to expand,
but then his head had become larger while his body shrunk. Now he seemed to
be growing a second head.

She turned to look at the portal, she had fired some gamma rays into it
before enticing Hans into the lab, now she saw the black tentacles of
Herman's creation pulling forward, ready to grip Hans once the gamma energy
was turned off.

Just as she was making her way to do this, the door to the lab burst open
and the Countess burst through, she immediately saw what was happening and
screamed out a warning.



The Countess stared at Maria in shock, Herman had loved the delicate
scientist? She had had no idea, in fact she had thought Herman was gay.

"It's a lie," she replied finally, striving to calm herself, "Denizen knows
things about us, because it has limited mental powers - you have to have a
closely guarded mind to protect against it - that's why it could never attack
me, and why the tentacles left me alone - my mind is blank to it! It can't
control me!"

"IT'S HERMAN!!" screamed Maria, tears running down her face.

"It's not!" replied the Countess, "It told me a bit about itself, it's from
a realm called Apokolips that's ruled over by an incredibly powerful being
named Darkseid - it's one of the weakest of it's race - if you open the
portal as wide as you plan to, you'll leave it open for the stronger members
to come through too!"

Maria hesitated for a second, then Wonder Woman and Captain America burst
through the door and she reacted instinctively, leaping forward and shutting
down the gamma ray.

Instantly the tentacles pulled forward and wrapped around Hans' arms and
legs, pulling the agonized Nazi kicking and screaming to his doom. He was
ripped through the portal, and instantly it began to expand.

"DUMPKOPF!!!!" screamed the Countess, "You've doomed us all!"

"What the hell is going on?" roared Cap, "What's this about a race of
superpowered beings?"

"It's over," gasped the Countess, her shoulders sagging in defeat. Wonder
Woman had longed to see that happen, but she felt that things had perhaps
gone wrong for everyone here,"Once that portal opens wide enough, the way
will be open for an Invasion that'll make Hitler's troops look like ants
beneath the boot of a human."

"How do we shut it down?" cried Cap.

"YOU WON'T!" screamed Maria.

"Shut up!" yelled Cap, Wonder Woman and the Countess all at the same time.

"If we shut down the stabilizers," said the Countess while Maria turned to
stare happily at the growing portal, "And then destroyed the whole castle,
then maybe, just maybe we could block it up and collapse it."

"Then we destroy the castle," snapped Cap, "You have explosives set up
throughout I'll wager, just in case anything went wrong."

"I'll not destroy my castle!" snapped the Countess, "Even if it means dying,

Wonder Woman stepped forward and smashed her with a crippling right hook,
sending the noblewomen flying across the room and smashing into the wall.

"We'll do it without her," said the Amazon, she looked down at her fist, "By
Hera but that felt good!"

"I have an idea," said Cap,"Follow me!"

They made to leave the lab when they noticed their costumes, lying on a lab
table along with Cap's shield and Wonder Woman's lariat.

"And those will come in handy," said Captain America with a smile.

* * *

Gruda looked up sullenly as Cap and Wonder Woman walked into the room - now
back in costume - she growled slightly then dropped her head.

"Listen up Gruda," said Captain America fiercely, she lifted her head and
glared at him.


"That offer I made you for clemency still stands, how'd you like to live?"

* * *

The man sat on the hill, waiting to see the sun come up.

"How..." gasped the man staggering up the hill and sighting him, "How long...
have you been here?"

"How long, Herr Lohmer?" asked the man, his german accent had a noble streak
though it - he sounded cultured and intelligent,"Long enough to know that my
plan has worked, the sunrise will be brilliant today."

"What are you..."

Masterman was cut off as a massive explosion sounded in his ears, twisting
around he glared in shock at the huge fireball where the castle had been. The
last of the night seemed to be swept away and it became as bright as day
before the fireball faded and all that was left was a pile of rubble.

While the light had lasted though, it had cast it's light across the features
of the man standing over the Ubermensch - making them look even more sinister
than usual.

And the Red Skull's grin seemed wider than usual.

Chapter Ten.

(*) The Captain America of today is extremely confident, a born leader and
practically fearless. But back in the fifties he was still a young man thrust
unexpectedly into a position where he would be a symbol for millions, and was
a little self-conscious.


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