Justice League Of America/Mighty Avengers:
The Ultimate Harem Part 2 - Expanding The Harem (FFF,MF,anal,spank,mc)
by Hamster ([email protected])



Wasp was not entirely sure what the hell was going on but she knew that there
was mind-control behind it. It had to be mind control. There was absolutely
no explanation for what was going on that made any sort of sense, other than
mind control. Had she known that she was correct it wouldn't have helped or
made her feel any better at all. The situation was that her friend and
teammate, Ms. Marvel, now had her trapped inside of a 'bug jar' that Wasp's
asshole husband had invented. It was designed as a portable mini-jail. Janet
never imagined that the thing would be turned against her.

"Carol let me out." Demanded Wasp as she banged on the inside of the jar.

"I'm sorry but I can't do the Janet. Now stop struggling, you are just going
to make yourself tired and you are going to need your energy." Ms. Marvel

Wasp looked out of the jar but she couldn't tell where she was being taken.

"Can you at least tell me where you are taking me?" Wasp asked.

"Sure, I think, it's sort of an inter-dimensional nexus point. It looks like
a mansion." Said Ms. Marvel.

"And why are you taking me there?" Asked Wasp.

"Trust me Janet. You don't want to know. Besides, it will be more fun if you
just find out when you get there." Ms. Marvel replied. "You know, you look
kinda cute in that jar."

"Fuck you." Was Wasp's honest and heartfelt replied.

"REALLY?" Ms. Marvel said. She took the jar shook it.

"EEEEK!!!" Wasp screamed.


They arrived at the mansion in fairly good time and Ms. Marvel let herself in
with the key that Rob had given her. Rob was already there, in the spacious
living room wearing 'Wile E. Coyote' boxers and a 'Wile E. Coyote' t-shirt.
Ms. Marvel stared quizzically at the unusual wardrobe combination.

"What?" Asked Rob.

Ms. Marvel shook her head. "Didn't get laid much before you got your powers
did you?"

"Ha ha smart ass. What did you bring me?" Asked Rob.

Ms. Marvel held up the jar that contained Wasp.

"Nice." Said Rob.

"What do you want from me?" Wasp demanded.

"That hot, yet very tiny body." Said Rob as he took the jar, held it up and
looked at Wasp inside.

"You sonofobitch, I'm an Avenger! I'm going to kill you." Cried the Wasp.

"No you are going to Chill out and relax." Rob said.

Wasp suddenly felt very calm and relaxed. She knew that it was the result of
mental manipulation but she just couldn't get mad about it.

"See isn't it much nicer when you cooperate?" Rob said as he opened the jar.
Well, he didn't actually open the jar. He tried to open the jar but couldn't
get it. "Uh, little help please?"

"Sure." Ms. Marvel took the Jar and popped the lid off and Wasp flew out.

"Go have a seat on the couch while I figure out what tonight's entertainment
should be." Said Rob.

It was at that point that Wonder Woman stepped through the door with the
Black Canary draped over her shoulder.

"Whoa!" Said Rob. "Nice."

"Thought you'd like it." Said Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman dropped Black Canary on the couch.

"So you just clubbed her and brought her here?" Ms. Marvel asked.

"Yep." Said Wonder Woman.

"I had to actually catch mine while she was buzzing around." Said Ms. Marvel.

"Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel you should go get involved in 69 action." Said Rob.

The two heroines shrugged and began to undress. Rob stepped past them over to
where Wasp, now enlarged, was helping herself to some bean dip.

"OK Wasp, go wake up Black Canary so that we can have some fun." Rob ordered.

"Alright." Wasp said.

She knew that she shouldn't be cooperating but she couldn't disobey. She
walked over and began trying to shake Black Canary awake.

"NO." Said Rob. "Not like that. Unzip her costume and finger her awake."

Wasp took off Black Canary's belt then unzipped the front of her costume and
then slid her hand down to Black Canary's pussy. Wasp used her fingers to
gently stroke the Black Canary's pussy. At first the busty blonde did not
react but soon she was moaning and whimpering. After a few short minutes of
getting fingered by the Wasp, the Black Canary's fluttered and she awoke.

"Mmm w-where am I?" Black Canary asked between moans.

"You are in my mansion which is actually an inter-dimensional Nexus point
and home to....THE. ULTIMATE. HAREM." The last three words echoed loudly and
reverberated through mansion, a trick rob had been practicing all week.

"So you are basically an average villain with a perverted streak. OHHHHHHH
YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!" Said Black Canary shortly before cumming.

"Not so loud...and for your information I am a slightly ABOVE average
villain. I want the two of you to go into the costume closet, go pick out
something and put on a nice show for me." Said Rob.

Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel, who had just finished eating each other out near
the entrance got up and escorted the other two women to the costume room.

Rob tried to think of what the two women might come up with. He hoped it
evolved spanking. Even if it didn't, he could make them spank each other. It
was better when the harem girls came up with that kind of thing on their own
initiative though. He had some chips and guacamole while listening to "White
and Nerdy" for umpteenth time. When the ladies returned Rob's jaw hit the
floor. Black Canary was wearing a low-cut black sequent dress that showed
off her fabulous tits and black high-heeled pumps. But Wasp was the one who
really caught his eyes. She was wearing a tiny pink shirt and a set of

"Holy fucking shit." Said Rob.

"Take it you like the costumes? The plot and such of this little play was my
idea." Said Ms. Marvel.

"Well then I must say, outstanding job. You can sit next to me on the couch,
Wonder Woman you can sit on her lap." Said Rob.

Ms. Marvel plopped down next to Rob and then Wonder Woman sat on her lap. Now
everyone was comfortable and ready to watch the show.

Black Canary sat on a chair facing Wasp who approached her sheepishly and
with her head bowed. Wasp was shrunken to about half of her natural height.
About the size of a young girl.

"Well?" Demanded Canary harshly.

"I'm sorry mommy." Said Wasp.

"Sorry for what?" Demanded Canary.

"Sorry that baby cried at the restaraunt and ruined mommy's dinner." Said

"And how are you going to make it up to mommy?" Demanded the Black Canary.

"I'm going to let mommy punish baby's bottom." Wasp said.

"Like you have a fucking choice, get your ass over here." Canary ordered.

Rob's cock swelled up and got painfully rock hard watching that particular
brand of role-play. Wasp was soon draped over the Black Canary's lap and was
soon on the receiving end of a loud smack.

"OUCH!" Cried Wasp.

"Too early for that baby, that was just a taste. I plan on really burning
that bottom." Canary said.



Black Canary finally stopped her assault on Wasp's ass. Wasp got up and
rubbed her but through her diapers. That did it!

"Canary go play with Marvel and Wonder Woman." Rob ordered. "Wasp uh stay
that size and go bend over the armrest."

Wonder Woman ripped off Black Canary's dress and Ms. Marvel did the same to
her underwear. Wasp did as she was instructed and bent over the armrest. Rob
approached her from behind and undid her diapers, which he flung behind him
and accidentally smacked Ms.Marvel in the face with it.

"Hey!" She cried.

"My bad." Said Rob.

Ms. Marvel went back to sucking on Canary's tit. Wonder Woman also did the
same working on the opposite tit. They were both fingering Black Canary's
pussy while the blonde made pleasure-filled noises. In the mean time, Rob
took a firm grip of Wasp's slender waist and drove his cock deep in her
small, tight, wet pussy. He started to fuck her enthusiastically. It was
the tightest pussy he'd ever fucked. Which made sense since it was only
the third he'd ever encountered AND she was shrunk down in size.

"EEEP!" Wasp cried.

In her current size it was a lot more cock than she was used to. It was a
wonder that her worthless idiot asshole ex-husband Henry Pym had never
thought of it. Rob felt the urge to cum approaching. He pulled completely
out and then drove his man-meat into her ass.

"EEEEYIKES!!!!" Wasp screamed.

It only took a few strokes in her deliriously tight bum. He blew his wad in
Wasp's tight ass. He picked her up and kissed her face.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm you are delicious. Go join the others will ya." He said.

Wasp shrank down further and flew over to where the others were on the couch.
Soon she was being shoved, waist deep, into Black Canary's pussy by Ms.

"Oooo yes." Gasped the Black Canary.

Wasp kicked her legs inside of Canary's juicy cunt soon enough she was making
Canary cream and scream. Ms. Marvel slid the miniature woman out of Canary's
pussy and licked Wasp's legs like a lollipop.

Ms. Marvel licked and sucked on Wasp's sexy little body until the tiny
heroine until she began to cum. To Ms. Marvel's surprize Wasp's sex juices
had the same zing her stun blasts did!

"Mmmmmmmm, you taste like Cinniburst gum!" Ms. Marvel said.

Rob watched everything while rubbing his cock back to life. He made a mental
list of other superheroines he wanted to add to his harem, starting with one
in particular.


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