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Rated NC-17 for F/F sex, cons bdsm

What if Madame Xanadu had been able to save her lesbian lover Marisol? Could they find shelter with some lesbian nuns heading for the New World?

Madame Xanadu: The Escape! Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

Spain, April 1493: In the capitol of Madrid, and indeed all of Spain, the people are buzzing about the recent triumphant return of Christopher Columbus. A bold new age seems to be dawning. But the Inquisition is still running wild, persecuting innocent people throughout the land. They were just another name for sadistic bastards who did not follow their own teachings. Woe to any pretty girl that these monsters wanted. No one could prove they weren't a witch or heretic and no one can hold out against torture.

They hid behind robes and faith, stealing land and property, raping women, torturing and murdering those who didn't follow the same. It was as much a time of terror as it was of wonder. Even small villages were not immune from the horror.

Into one such village had the woman, once known as the nymph Nimue, now known as Xanadu came to live. She had met the girl named Marisol nearly 7 year's ago during her wandering's. The two had fallen instantly in love with each other. Marisol was a lesbian and a virgin, and while she had been with a few men, most importantly the wizard Merlin, Madame Xanadu greatly preferred women.

Calling herself Nim Xanadu she and Marisol began a torrid lesbian love affair. Madame Xanadu was even sharing a potion so that Marisol would stay 18 years old. But two young beautiful women could not long escape the attention of the sadistic pervert's hiding as holy men. To them just being a pretty woman was an excuse to rape, torture, and murder.

And even more unfortunately for the pair, the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada himself had taken an interest in them. As a seamstress of considerable skill, Marisol's best paying customer was the Inquisitor and the girl was terrified of him as he made thinly veiled threats and sexual advances she barely escaped. No one ever refused him out of fear, and Marisol's fast-talking and excuses was inflaming him.

The fact that Xanadu wasn't going to church was giving him an excuse to have them both arrested. The thought of 2 such beauties completely at his mercy, of which he would have none, intrigued him. He wondered if he could make them torture each other with a promise to spare one or the other. A promise he would have no intention of keeping.

For almost 7 years Marisol and Xanadu managed to be happy with each other. But they could not escape Torquemada's long reach forever. Their betrayers were innocents, curious children playing outside whom accidentally peeked through a window and saw the 2 young women making love and spilled all in confession. They, like most of the other villagers were very fond of Marisol and Nim, as they knew her, and would not have betrayed them willingly.

This led to them being secretly followed where they were seen going at each other every chance they got. At the creek, in bed, taking baths, on picnics. Every time they thought they were safe from spying eyes Xanadu and Marisol got naked and went at each other with fingers, lips, and tongues, and sometimes paddles and whips. The latter seemed to be their favorite although they rarely felt safe enough to do it.

Torquemada was now able to make his case as Xanadu also helped the village with medical needs. Using herbs and potions, combined with young unmarried women engaging in 'unnatural' sexual congress, topped off by one not going to church equaled witchcraft! The village Inquisitor and 2 soldiers were dispatched to arrest them. In one world Madame Xanadu was far away in the woods and returned nearly 2 days too late to save her love from Torquemada and the Inquisition.

However, in this world she delayed her trip to the woods, first to collect some eggs, then she helped Marisol feed the chickens, which had led to stolen kisses. The two ran the bedroom for a quick round of lovemaking. As a result, on this world Madame Xanadu did not leave for the woods for hours. Indeed, here she had barely made it to the treeline, less than 200 yards away when the evil bastards rode up.

The sound of horses was unusual in this poor village and so she stopped. Marisol was sweeping the stoop when the men reigned up in front of her.

"Where is your bed bitch harlot?" the Inquisitor demanded, "You're both under arrest for witchcraft!"

"RUN!!" Marisol screamed knowing her love might still be in earshot, "Run, and don't look back!"

"Witch whore!" the sergeant said slapping Marisol hard enough to knock her down.

"The other one must be close or she wouldn't have yelled," the Inquisitor ordered," You! Bind this one, we'll get the other bitch!"

They didn't have to bother. When Marisol screamed Madame Xanadu started running back. She was VERY pissed off after seeing her love get smacked.

"NO! Flee my love," Marisol cried out, "Save yourself! Noooo!"

Marisol scrambled to her feet, fighting like a wildcat to save her lover. She tripped the sergeant who first started to turn to Xanadu, kicked the other soldier as hard as she could with her bare foot, slapped the Inquisitor, scratched at his face and tried to bite him, while pulling his hair. The one soldier prevented that, but she back headbutted him, stomped on his foot, which had little effect thanks to his thick boots, and elbowed him. But he held on pinning her arms. Marisol got one last good shot in as she managed to kick the sergeant in the balls as he got back up and was about to punch her.

"Run! Run!" Marisol continued to scream out, "Don't worry about me!"

"Slut! You'll burn for this," the Inquisitor snarled as he was slightly bleeding, "Ah, the other one, grab her!"

Merlin had stolen most of her magic long ago, but Madame Xanadu still had a little, plus her knowledge of potions and powders, and a few tricks she'd picked up in China. Right now, pissed off as she was, if they had been 20 the bastards wouldn't have stood a chance against her.

"Acanti!" Xanadu called out throwing a handful of a blinding powder.

The 3 men went down coughing, choking and blinded, while Marisol stood unaffected. Madame Xanadu quickly caught a horse.

"Latae," she whispered in its ear instantly calming it and making it completely loyal to her.

There was no time to grab another as she swung lithely into the saddle.

"Quickly," Xanadu cried out, extending her hand.

Marisol didn't hesitate as she was behind her in a flash. Xanadu urged the horse forward as fast as he would go. Neither counted of how fanatic the perverted Inquisitor was.

"No! cough, cough, You witch whores won't get away! cough," the Inquisitor spat and coughed, "Hellspawn! cough"

His grasping hands found the sergeant's rifle. While they had not expected trouble it was loaded. Though blinded the Inquisitor fired at the sound of the fleeing horse. It was a one in a million shot. For though he missed both women and horse, he had hit a wooden post right near the horse which sent a shard of wood into the unfortunate animal's chest. The hose was dead, he just didn't know it yet until 3 miles away he suddenly pitched forward spilling the 2 girls in the middle of a waist deep creek.

"Are you all right my darling?" Marisol called out, spitting up some water.

"A couple of scrapes my sweet," Xanadu answered, "Are you okay?"

"A couple of scratches and I think I'm going to have a black eye from that bastard hitting me," Marisol said checking herself, "We got lucky with a soft landing. That spill could have broken our necks."

"This poor beast gave his life for us," Xanadu hugged it's neck, "Sleep noble one. I pray we are worth it."

Marisol helped her up and they made it to shore. Madame Xanadu smiled at Marisol, proud of how she had fought for her. Marisol shyly returned the smile. Adrenaline was making them horny as hell.

"Come," Xanadu said, holding her hand, "We are far from safe. We are 2 women alone, without family, and all hands will be against us. We have no clothes save for what we are wearing, barefoot, and penniless. Torquemada has a long arm."

"East is France, but it is so far," Marisol said, "West is Portugal, but they are no safe haven."

"West is also the ocean," Xanadu said, "That must be where we must go. We can be lost for a time in a busy port, perhaps we can escape by ship."

"But how can we without money?" Marisol asked.

"Though the very thought sickens me and fills me with disgust, I would sleep with a *gag* man," Xanadu was barely able to say.

"Dying is almost a better fate," Marisol pouted, "I couldn't bear for one of those, things to touch you."

"Ah, my little hellcat," Xanadu lightly kissed her.

They wanted to make love, but knew there was no time. So they ran. They ran until Marisol could run no more. As a wood nymph Xanadu could run tirelessly for hours, but though she was very fit Marisol could not hope to match that. There was a nearby village, so Madame Xanadu allowed Marisol to rest while she summoned some birds to be her eyes and some dogs to be her ears.

It didn't look good. There were soldiers putting up wanted posters with crude but recognizable likenesses of them. She could catch lots of 'slut, whore, bitch, witch, and hellspawn' words. Some of he villagers were even volunteering to help hunt them. Some hoping to rape them themselves, other's hoping to avoid attention to their own deeds, some even just wanting to watch 2 pretty girls burn.

"There is no help for us there," Xanadu said, rubbing her loves sore feet, "As soon as you are able we must move on."

The warm spring day turned to chilly night. They had water, but neither had eaten that day. Things got worse as it started to rain. Mud slowed them down, thorns ripping their thin dresses. Even Xanadu was starting to tire as Marisol was now having to lean on her to keep going.

Up ahead they stumbled into a clearing. There was a building there, shabby, rundown, no lights. It wasn't safe, but they were out of options.

"Courage my love," Xanadu whispered, "I pray it is empty, and if not, that at least they wish us no harm, or, worse case, that I can overcome them."

There was only a narrow pathway leading to the building as they staggered to the door. Holding her love up with one arm, Madame Xanadu pounded on the door with the other. A light could now be seen meaning that someone was inside.

"Open! Please! In the name of mercy!" Xanadu desperately called out.

The door creaked open from the inside as more candles were lit.

"Please come in," came a young sounding woman's voice," Soldier's were here earlier. We know who you are, but you have nothing to fear from us."

Madame Xanadu and Marisol hesitated, but they were out of options. They couldn't run, they couldn't fight. Madame Xanadu mouthed a silent spell. She breathed a sigh of relief as there was no evil inside. Cautiously they stepped inside. They could make out 6 figures in long black robes in a semi circle, still lighting more candles.

The figure in the middle threw her hood back revealing a smiling attractive blonde haired woman of perhaps 25. The other's followed suit. On the right were 2 dark haired Spanish beauties and a very pretty mixed race black girl. To the left was another black haired beauty and another girl with red hair like Marisol's. Hers was even a little redder than Marisol's and she had some cute freckles. None of them looked older than 21.

"I am Mother Superior Teresa," Teresa smiled, "I bid you welcome sisters."

"Mother Superior?" Madame Xanadu was surprised, "You can't be more than 25."

"Actually I turned 26 last Monday, Teresa said with a cute wink, "We're a new order dedicated to women loving women."

"Oh my," Marisol gasped, "How, are you getting away with it?"

"Bullshit mostly," Teresa grinned, "Even Torquemada hasn't gotten around to murdering nuns yet. But it's only a matter of time. After the furor over this Columbus fellow dies down the Inquisition will be stronger than before. So we're getting the fuck out of Spain."

In 1493 that word was so unusual that Madame Xanadu and Marisol gasped, even though they both said it during tribe sex. The girls had built a fire by now along with a few lamps.

"Where are our manners?" Teresa asked, "Please sit. All we have is some bread and cheese until tomorrow, and we also have some light wine."

"You are so kind," Marisol gasped, near tears.

"You are sisters," Teresa said, "Ah, we should introduce ourselves."

"I'm Catalina from Madrid," Catalina smiled, "Most people call me Cat. I'm 18 and I joined Terea because my father wanted to sell me to a whorehouse and I hate men."

"Felicia, I'm a Basque so I'm no fan of Moor or the Spanish King," Felicia said pouring them some wine, "I'm also 18 and actually was going to join a convent rather than marry a 60 year old letch my parents wanted to sell me to. I ran into Teresa and Cat by pure chance on the way to one."

"I'm Lilah," Lilah smiled, "Pretty easy to tell I'm part Moor. I'm 20. I grew up in a harem and was surrounded by lesbian sex my whole life. I became a lesbian myself at 18. Since I had one of those masters who liked only white girls, a light skinned black girl like me was able to go unnoticed. He died during the final battle. During the confusion most of us escaped. I was on the run for stealing and was hiding in a hayloft. Teresa, Cat, and Felicia were going around and talked the farmer into letting them stay there. I saw them going at it so I joined in."

"Serena, I have a similar story to yours," Serena said, bringing them some food, "Tomboy, small village. But when I was 15 I was hired by a young rich widow, only 5 years my senior. She taught me when I was 18, but I always knew. I was out shopping when she was arrested for no reason other than the Inquisition wanted her money and land. But she had buried some of her wealth. I dug it up that night and fled. I met Teresa and the others at an underground lesbian bdsm club. I joined up because this is the only group smart enough to leave. Not to mention the hottest and sexiest. It's my loot we're using. I'm 21 now."

"I'm Ana," the red haired Ana shyly said, "I'm part Irish from northern Spain. Not much to tell about me. Like most of us it was pure, but lucky accident how we met. While I hated men and longed for the touch of a woman, I was resigned to a loveless marriage when Teresa and the rest came to town with a false begging scam. I saw through it right away, I mean really, 'the bullfighters fund'. I followed them, saw everything, and ran away. I'm 19."

Madame Xanadu and Marisol were feeling a little better. They were still cold and tired and dirty.

"Oh dear," Teresa said, "We've got to get you out of those wet clothes before you get any more chilled. I fact, we'll have to burn them. I'm afraid all we have are nun habits."

"Oh thank you, thank you, Xanadu was overcome with gratitude and seized Teresa's hand kissing it several times.

"We should also get you cleaned up," Lilah giggled.

"You can thank us by joining us," Teresa said, "Believe it or not 8 are less likely to be stopped than 6. Strength in numbers as the Inquisition are cowards as most bullys are. Molesting nuns is one thing that most of the people wouldn't stand for. At least not yet. Patrols only average 3. Hard to stop 8 going in different directions."

"And it won't take more than a couple of coins to add your passage to ours. And 8 make a better bdsm orgy than 6." Serena smiled.

"Why would you think we liked that?" Marisol asked.

"Whip," Cat said.

The nipples of Xanadu and Marisol instantly became hard and erect. In their wet clinging clothes it was impossible to hide it.

"Busted," Ana laughed.

"Just the word is enough," Teresa smiled, "Now come on, let's get you out of those wet things and clean you up a bit."

"If our guests are naked we should be too," Felicia said.

"You're right," Teresa smiled, "Girl's, strip."

Six habits fell to the ground, they were nude underneath. What really surprised Madame Xanadu was that they shaved bare like she and Marisol did. Madame Xanadu had picked that up when she was in China and having numerous affairs with the Khan's wives and concubines. She had taught it to Marisol. She didn't know how these girls had picked it up, but it was hotter and sexier so she was glad.

There wasn't much hot water, but any bath felt great to the 2 fugitives as their new friends helped them. Despite their weariness they were becoming aroused an it was evident that Teresa and the girls were as well. Still, there was something nagging at Madame Xanadu's thoughts.

"So just how do you plan to escape?" Xanadu asked.

"You will think me mad," Teresa said, "And chances are we're all going to die."

"Tell me anyway," Xanadu said, "Mad or not our best chance of escape lies together."

"A woman appeared to me," Teresa said, "She said that I would someday meet you. At first I thought her an angel, or perhaps a demoness in disguise. For they say that evil will take a pleasing form. But there was nothing foul about her. She wore white with gold trim in the style of the Roman women, Long blonde hair fiery blue eyes. I can tell by your face you were expecting someone else."

"A man dressed in black," Xanadu agreed, "A Stranger, an enemy."

"Her name she said could not be revealed yet, but that she was a daughter of Olympus, whatever that is supposed to mean," Teresa said.

"There are not really any good places to flee to," Xanadu said, "Portugal is just as bad as here, France is a little better if you are super rich, England depends on who's ruling, the Muslim lands, forget it. I wish China was an option again, but it won't be for awhile yet."

"There is another option," Teresa said, "One that, well, I didn't believe it until Columbus returned. The lady, she spoke of a 'New World'. She told me about all of this 6 years ago!"

"Please, you must tell me everything," Madame Xanadu was both worried and intrigued.

"She said a man from Italy would come, she gave me dates about when he would sail, and when he would return, she spoke of the Norse and how they had been there briefly centuries before," Teresa said, "I didn't really believe her of course. She said I would find fiends like me, you were the only one she actually named. She spoke of a man we can trust, a ship's captain, a line of heroes. She said that Columbus would not find a western way to the east, but rather find a 'New World'. She said that if you join us we will all be safe. If not, only you survive."

"We've all seen her," Serena said, "She's popped in from time to time, talking to us about various things."

"We never knew about some of the hygiene tips she's given us," Felicia said.

"Can any of you draw what she looks like?" Xanadu asked.

"We can do better than that," Ana said, "She gave us all one of these. She's Miss January. I've never seen portraits so realistic."

"My goodness, they all look real, "Marisol gasped flipping through the 12 pages.

"Superwomen 20xx," Xanadu read, "This date is over 500 years in the future! Golden Girl? That's what she's called?"

"She said that wasn't her real name, but that a couple of them are," Cat
said, "This Angelique Salem for one."

"I don't think these are paintings, "Xanadu said," They're something else."

"I don't know what," Teresa said, "There are no buildings that look like that, and all those metal things, and a couple of the women look like they are hanging in mid-air."

"Well, that's a mystery for another day," Madame Xanadu yawned.

"Poor baby," Felicia kissed the back of her neck.

Ana and Serena tickled Marisol causing her to squeal.

"Too tired for some fun?," Teresa asked.

"Depends," Xanadu licked her full red lips, "What kind of fun?"

"I've been naughty," Marisol giggled between tickles.

Ana kissed her, Marisol responded. Teresa and Lilah were tongue kissing as Xanadu rose from the tub and stepped into Felicia's arms kissing her deeply. Serena and Cat joined in with a 4-way tongue kissing with Ana and Marisol. Lilah moved behind Xanadu, kissing the back of her neck as she reached around to roughly knead Xanadu's tits.

Xanadu loved the rough treatment her tits were getting as Felicia continued to kiss her, Teresa, now on her knees in front of her started licking her pussy. Xanadu gasped as she came so quickly.

"I think you were really needing that," Lilah snickered.

Marisol had been led over to bed. Ana straddled her face and Marisol eagerly attacked Ana's pussy with her tongue. Cat joined in working on Marisol's sweet pussy. Felicia and Serena went into a 69 eating each other's wet hot pussies. Teresa, Xanadu, and Lilah lay on some blankets on the floor and positioned themselves into a triangle daisy chain.

The room was soon filled with the sound of female/female sex. The girls all came but continued to lap each other's tasty pussy juice. Xanadu and Marisol then found each other. They loved their new friends, but they were each other's hearts desire. The devoured each other's mouths, tongue's hungrily seeking and playing with each other.

"Oh my darling," Xanadu panted, "I was so afraid I would lose you today."

"And I you my love," Marisol panted as their eyes locked in true love.

"It's okay," Teresa joined them stroking their hair, "You are safe now and among friends."

"We are with you now," Lilah added rubbing Marisol's back.

"Sisters to the end," Felicia said, joining in.

Ana, Cat, and Serena then joined in for an 8-girl group hug. They fell asleep in each other's arms.


End of Chapter 1:



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