Madame Xanadu owned by DC comics. This is an AU parody version.

This chapter rated NC-17 for F/F sex, bdsm, cons., rom.

Madame Xanadu and Marisol have some 'fun' as their new friends try to get all of them away from the Inquisition.

Madame Xanadu: The Escape! Part 2
by Tyval ([email protected])

Somewhat refreshed the girls slowly woke up early in the morning. With lots of giggling and kissing the nuns shared the last of their food and wine with Xanadu and Marisol. They packed their few possessions, Madame Xanadu hadn't known they had a donkey and a small cart.

"Sister Teresa," Xanadu said, " We've made a decision. Marisol and I want to join your order. Not just to leave Spain, we should stay together all the way."

"Even if we all get killed in this 'New World' we can think of nothing that would be better," Marisol added.

"Oh sisters," Teresa said as an 8-girl group hug broke out.

Dressed in simple nun habits the 8 women were soon on the road. They walked until just after noon, stopping at a high-end restaurant. Madame Xanadu was surprised they got to eat for free.

"Even semi fake clergy like us eat free," Teresa informed them when they left, "Everyone is afraid of the Inquisition. I feel sorry for them and wish we could pay. But they're not the ones who are going to be burned at the stake just because we're attractive women."

"We do try to help where we can," Cat said, "We'll usually insist on doing chores or something. We try to help battered women, feed orphans, but there is just so much pain those bastards are causing."

"They have men, and horses, and guns," Lilah shook her head, "We have only love."

"Women are being burned just for being pretty and refusing to be molested all over Europe these days," Ana sighed.

"Someone says you're a witch, you can't prove you're not, you get tortured until you'll tell them anything they want to hear," Felicia said, "I saw half a village end up burning just from one rich man accusing a woman who wouldn't have sex with him of being a witch."

"Superstitious fools," Marisol said.

"You said you've been to China," Cat said, "What was it like?"

"China was so much better," Xanadu said, "Cleaner for one thing, and you could pretty much be anything you wanted to be. They didn't care if a woman wanted to be with women. It wasn't perfect, there were criminal's, bandits, Chinese against Mongol's, but in general it's not even close. I really do have some magic, real magic, not just tricks, and I was respected there. I had to flee because of that MAN I mentioned and his intrigues. But one good thing came from it, I met Marisol."

"Oh darling," Marisol hugged her.

"We have to be careful Marisol," Teresa cautioned her, "We mustn't draw attention to ourselves. Until we're onboard Captain Starr's ship and well out to sea we're not safe."

"In fact, we may never be safe," Serena said, "We have to survive the journey then a strange land with no resources. Do any of us know how to build a house? Do we have any wood, or nails, or tile, or brick? And what about the people that live there? They are said to be savages."

"I saw the ones Columbus brought back," Teresa said, "They're pretty scary looking, but after the Inquisition I'm not calling anyone a savage."

"Serena has a point though," Xanadu said, "We should all say what skills we have and later on figure out they might help us. I know a lot about plants and herbs for example."

"I'm a excellent seamstress," Marisol said "But I have a feeling we're going to end up naked. All we own are these habits and they won't last long."

"Nothing here," Lilah said, "I was raised in a harem, and 'dancer' doesn't qualify me for much."

"I've got farmer," Ana said, "If we had seeds and animals. Which we don't."

"Chambermaid, not much there," Serena said, "I did raise goats before that."

"I really am a nun," Teresa said, "I can read, write, and a few other things. Kind of a self taught con woman and thief, but only because I don't want to be raped, tortured, and burned at the stake. Not going to be much use for any of that either."

"Nothing," Felicia said, "Upper middle class, taught to be a housewife, I am a half decent cook, but Serena can do everything I can do, probably better."

"I can shoot," Cat said, "No gun. I also have a little farming, little fishing skill."

"We're doomed," Xanadu said with a laugh.

Despite how serious the situation was they all laughed. They knew that even if they escaped they were probably dead. Depression quickly set in. There was no hope, no safe haven, anywhere in these dark times. Did they really deserve to die just because they loved each other and didn't want to submit to rape by sadistic perverts?

"At least we'll die free," Marisol said.

"Naked in each other's arms is more pleasant than what's waiting for us if we get caught here," Ana shivered.

They were still pretty depressed when they got to the next village. It seemed hopeless. What was worse was that there was no other way out. They either ran to die on their own terms or stay and die in a horrible brutal manner. If they made it to this 'New World' there was at least the slightest chance that maybe, just maybe they could find a way to survive. Staying was suicide. It was all they were able to cling to.

There were plenty of empty houses to stay the night in. Houses that had belonged to Jews or Moors or just people seized by the Inquisitors.

"Now you see how we live," Teresa sighed, "We have been travelling from village to village trying to get to the sea and Captain Starr's ship. We find the empty houses choose the best one to stay at for the night."

"We go through them seeing if there's anything we can use, anything we need," Cat said, "If we find anything valuable we keep only what we need and try to help others with the rest."

Madame Xanadu smiled. She had been right. These were good women. Like Her and Marisol events forced them into the life they were all leading. If only there was a way to help them. But she couldn't. Even before so much of her magic was stolen there was little she could have done to make things better.

Nature called and she went to do her business. As she washed and cleaned herself the woman appeared to her. Madame Xanadu could sense no evil in her, well, she could tell the woman was a lesbian, but that was it. In fact, she sensed a lot of goodness as well as immense power.

"Madame Xanadu, once known as the wood nymph Nimue," the golden woman smiled warmly at her," No, I'm not an angel, or a devil."

"Who are you?" Xanadu asked, "Other than this Golden Girl person?"

"My real name is Apella," Apella said, "We are, or will be, friends in the future."

"In 500 years," Xanadu said.

"Yes, I'm from 500 years in the future, but I'm about a thousand years old already in this time," Apella said, "Right now my younger self is in Olympus. It's pretty confusing. No wonder the guys don't do it anymore."

"That's for sure, you've lost me," Xanadu said, "Maybe the better question is what are you if you're not devil or angel."

"Biospheric goddess created by our living planet," Apella said, "I'm of the Olympian pantheon that still has followers in Atlantis, Themyscira, and a few other places. I'm Apollo's daughter to be technical about it. I'm not much different than the faerie folk, unicorns, and lots of other things you've seen and been around. Just more powerful."

"And all this is allowed to happen?" Xanadu said, "You, or your younger self, can't do anything to stop this? To help people?"

"There are, rules," Apella shook her head, "In Greece and sometimes other places, there came beings and creatures that normal people couldn't fight. So there came heroes, my uncle Hercules, Jason, and others fought and defeated those evils. But when it's human on human we are not allowed to interfere."

"So where do I come in?" Xanadu asked, "Why am I so important? The Stranger, now you."

"I am here from the next great age of heroes," Apella said, "It starts in the late 1930's. Cosmic mystical forces reconverge on Earth again for the first time since the first age of heroes. That alone would be enough of a spark, but there is more. The science of man greatly advances, beyond what he's ready for. A war then erupts drawing in hidden lands and societies that have developed arts of science and the body. And there is still more. On distant worlds, even distant galaxies, ancient wars, and dreams of conquest are rekindled. And guess what planet just happens to be almost halfway between all of them. It is there that I am allowed to fight beside men and women I am proud to call friends. You will also be there, one of Earth's defenders."

"I?" Madame Xanadu asked incredulous, "I am nearly powerless."

"You will be restored long before I meet you in the future," Apella said, "You will see much more evil and outrage. It will shape you to be able to fight back."

"You're told me much," Xanadu said, her head spinning.

"I'm not the Stranger," Apella smiled, "Different rules. And by saving Marisol you have altered your fate. The other girls were also fated to die, I was hoping to change that because there was a slight chance you would. There's still a good possibility they'll all die, but if you're with them they have a chance."

"So, where do we meet?" Xanadu asked.

"A place called the 'Rumpus Room'," Apella answered, "I won't know you then. Like I said, this time travel stuff's tricky and can really get confusing as all hell."

"What's a 'Rumpus Room'?" Xanadu asked.

"You'll know," Apella grinned, then in a sparkling of light was gone.

Xanadu returned into the empty house they had chosen to stay at for the night. Ana had found some more of the wanted posters so they decided it was best for Marisol and Xanadu to stay inside while the others bought food, and tried their best to help the poor by giving away needed items. The former owners weren't going to need them and a simple iron cooking pot was often enough to help a poor widow. Madame Xanadu had much to think about.

It seemed so unfair that so much evil was allowed to happen, but it made sense that humanity had to find it's own path not one established by so called 'higher powers'. Marisol hugged her from behind, nuzzling her neck. They were so in love and had come so close to losing each other. Xanadu turned suddenly, seizing her love with a fierce passion, kissing her deeply.

Marisol willing yielded, running her fingers through Xanadu's soft dark hair. The kiss was deep and long, tongue swirling with each other. Their nun habits fell to the floor.

"Take me darling," Marisol panted, "I don't want gentle. Chain me, whip me, beat me, fuck me. Make me your slave. I am yours!"

"And I am yours as well my sweet," Xanadu gasped, "You must also put me in chains and punish me for my desires!"

Xanadu opened the chest containing the whips and restraints. She and Marisol both strapped padded leather cuffs to their wrists and ankles, Xanadu then attached Marisol's together while hers were free. Throwing a rope over a beam Xanadu then stretched her lover up until Marisol was on her tiptoes with arms stretched high.

"Oh, hurry darling, I can't wait," Marisol pleaded.

"What do you want slave?" Xanadu purred as this was their favorite.

"Please mistress, I want the whip," Marisol implored her with pleading eyes.

Xanadu dangled a multi-tailed flogger in front of Marisol who licked her lips in anticipation. Xanadu made a couple of light flicks on Marisol she barely felt. Marisol shivered in lust. Xanadu then cracked the whip hard into Marisol's large heaving tits, then started whipping her lover's tits. Marisol loved every lash.

"Oooooooo," Marisol moaned, "Sooo goooooddd! Moreeee!"

Xanadu smiled and started whipping her harder. She couldn't wait for her turn. Marisol was really getting into it as her moans became louder. There was no pain only pleasure.

"Ooooooo," Marisol moaned as she neared climax, "Whip me! Whip me! Oooooo! I'm cumming!"

Madame Xanadu kept whipping her lover as she shuddered in orgasm, switching her target to Marisol's beautiful round ass. The continued pleasure/pain quickly had Marisol close to orgasm again.

"Aaaaaaaaa," Marisol cried out, "Yes! Yes! Harder! Harder! Whip me! Aaaahhh! Whip me, whip me, whip me! Cummmm!"

The second orgasm swept through the fire haired sweetie. As she recovered Xanadu unhooked her ankles, attached ropes through the rings then threw them over the beam as well. Marisol's legs were spread wide as she was fully suspended into the star position, with ankles even in height to her wrists. Xanadu and Marisol kissed deeply, tongue's dueling hotly.

"Now darling," Xanadu whispered between hot kisses, "I'm going to whip your pussy!"

"Oh yes, yes," Marisol panted, "Whip my pussy! Whip my pussy!"

Madame Xanadu spun the whip onto her lovers pretty pussy. Again and again, then a slight pause to rub Marisol's wet excited pussy before resuming the whipping. Marisol was begging for more as a third orgasm built.

"Oh gawd, oh, oh," Marisol gasped, "Whip me! Whip me! Ooooooo! Aaaaaaaa! Whip me! I'm cummmmmmming!"

Marisol's body was rocked as orgasm after orgasm hit her. Madame Xanadu was undoing her bonds letting her down. Marisol was limp as a doll in her lover's arm as Xanadu laid her down on a bed and mounted her. Xanadu arranged herself in the tribalism dominant position. Xanadu kissed Marisol as their firm tits pressed together, nipples dueling, their moist mound meeting. The erotic pussy fucking began, Xanadu's downward thrusts were met by Marisol's upward.

"Fuck me darling," Marisol begged between hot kisses, "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Oh yes!" Xanadu cried out,' Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

With cries of joy they climaxed together. For several minutes they lay in each other's arms lightly stroking and kissing.

"That was wonderful," Marisol moaned. "I love whip sex."

"It's the best," Xanadu agreed smiling, "Now, It's my turn to get whipped!

"I'll spread you on the bed," Marisol said.

"Whip my ass first," Xanadu said laying on her stomach and spreading herself for Marisol to bind.

Marisol quickly tied the raven-haired nymph down then chose a cat style whip. Marisol started whipping Xanadu, giving her lover the pleasure/pain that both women craved, but rarely felt safe enough to do. They hoped that if they survived in the 'New Word' they could do whip sex all the time and with their new friends as well.

"Whip me!" Xanadu begged, "More! Yes! Aaaaaaaaaaa! Whip me! Whip me! Harder! Ooooooaaaa! Cummmmmm!"

Marisol massaged her lover's ass as Xanadu came, planting a kiss on each cheek. They changed position, as Xanadu was now face up and spread. Marisol kissed her deeply roughly kneading her lover's tits. Marisol than began to slap Xanadu's tits, pulling and twisting the rock hard nipples. As a nymph Xanadu could lactate at will and Marisol's fingers were soon covered in tasty tit milk.

Marisol scooped up some and brought it to her lover's mouth. Xanadu eagerly tasted her own milk. Marisol thirstily lapped up some from Xanadu's tits sucking the firm nipples. Xanadu shivered in pleasure.

"Please," Xanadu gasped, "Don't tease me. Whip my titties! Please whip my titties!"

Marisol started lashing Xanadu's excited tits. The whip was driving Xanadu wild.

"Take it my little witch," Marisol lustfully ordered.

"Yes! Yes!" Xanadu cried out, "Whip my titties! Ooooooooo! Whip me! Whip me! I'm cumming! Aaaaahhhh!"

Xanadu was still shuddering as Marisol untied her ankles and retied them to her wrists. Xanadu's bare pussy was fully exposed and vulnerable. Marisol slapped Xanadu's pussy, then smiled wickedly as her lover panted in lust. Marisol started whipping her beloved's excited cunt.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa," Xanadu cried out, "Oooo! More! More! Whip my pussy! Whip it! Whip it! I'm cumming! Aaaaaahhhh!"

Madame Xanadu was cumming as Marisol started licking her lover's pussy and asshole, then finger fucking the nymph's pussy with3 fingers as she licked all around her asshole.

"Oohhh, ohhh," Xanadu gasped, "please, untie me, I want to suck your pussy and asshole!"

Marisol complied, the 2 beauties got in a 69 and started to hungrily lick each other from clit to asshole. Both were so charged that they came in seconds. At this time the other women walked in.

"Starting the party without us?" Serena asked, her robe falling to the ground.

"Or are you guys too wore out," Felicia grinned as she also stepped out of hers.

"Not a chance," Xanadu smiled, "As long as it's whip sex."

"Whip sex is the best," Ana said as her robe also fell to the floor.

"How about some help getting the food in first," Teresa said as she, Cat, and Lilah were carrying baskets.

"Oops," Ana said.

All the girls laughed.


End of Chapter 2:



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