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Can the girls elude capture by the Inquisition? And even if they do how can they survive unarmed and alone in a savage 'New World'?

Madame Xanadu: The Escape! Part 3
by Tyval ([email protected]

The next day the nuns got a ride in a hay wagon. It wasn't much faster than they could walk, but it saved their bare feet. Their small donkey was tied behind it.

"How much further to the sea?" Marisol asked.

"Two more days by foot," Teresa answered, rubbing her sore feet.

"Are we sure Captain Starr's ship will be there?" Xanadu asked, "Golden Girl told me he was an honorable man, but what if he gets arrested for any number of reasons?"

"Then we die," Teresa said, "We all know our chances of escape are less than zero."

"Then there's the sea voyage," Lilah added, "Columbus started with 3 ships, only one came back."

"An then there's surviving by ourselves in a hostile land that may be filled by hostile people," Ana said, "Let's face it, it'll be a miracle if any of us last more than a couple of months."

"But staying here is a sure death sentence," Cat said.

"What did she say to you?" Marisol asked.

"She told me there was a slight chance we'll live, but that it's up to me," Xanadu said, tears in her eyes, "But I'm so lost, I don't know what to do. I must save you, I must! I love you all so much."

"Oh darling," Marisol hugged her.

This was followed by an 8-girl group hug. A slight chance was better than none. None was what staying was. It was only a matter of time before their nun habits wouldn't save them. The perverted Inquisitor's would love to get their hands on known virgins. Nuns wouldn't be safe much longer. And if the Inquisition caught Marisol and Xanadu their fate would be even worse.

That night was the same, finding an empty house, go through it, see if there was anything they could use, give away to those in need. They were very sexually charged, but the presence of a troop of soldiers who rode into town scared them. They ended up huddling in a corner too frightened to make a sound.

Fortune again smiled on them as early the next morning they were able to blend in with a group of pilgrims heading the same direction and again got a ride. It wasn't any faster, but it was less tiring.

"I don't know if I can stand any more nights like last night," Marisol teared up, head in Xanadu's lap.

"If we don't get out of Spain soon we'll be spending our nights in dungeons, being raped at night and tortured during the day," Felicia shivered.

"And they'll take their time with us," Ana was clinging to Teresa.

Ana then broke down crying, Teresa and Lilah tried to comfort her. More and more they realized just how helpless they really were. But even the Inquisition wouldn't touch them with so many witnesses today. That was the only thing keeping them from total despair at the moment.

"We should be close enough to just blend into the background tomorrow," Xanadu said, trying to encourage them, "Everyone's pretty much headed the same way we are. Perhaps we should camp with them tonight."

"That's a good idea," Serena said with a weak smile.

Despite her best efforts they spent most of the day jumping at every sound, praying, crying, holding each other. The terror was made even more real when they passed some 'crow's cages' with rotting corpses in them along the road. Bird's still pecking on them made it even more gruesome. Even after centuries Madame Xanadu was shocked by man's inhumanity to man.

"It will get better," Apella said appearing to them, "Don't worry, only the 8 of you can see me. Even in the 21st century things like this happen, but only in certain places, pockets of barbarism instead of almost worldwide like here."

"Please, can you not help us," Xanadu wailed, "Even telling me what I must do will help."

"I am truly sorry," Apella bowed her head, "I can do more, say more than the Stranger, but any attempt to aid you will make things worse. I can give you these though."

A box full of Rebecca art books appeared. Apella waved and blinked out.

"Fantastic art," Cat gasped.

"All this is going to do is make us horny when we don't dare do anything," Lilah said displeased.

"Oh yeah, as if the Inquisition didn't have enough evidence to arrest us, "Serena sarcastically said," We get caught with these and it's instant dungeon."

"Wait a minute," Xanadu interrupted, "Why would she give us these books? Especially since I don't think she wants to be caught?"

"You may have a point," Teresa said, "Evidence like this against us, when they need very little excuse to stop us anyway."

"Then again, you already have a chest full of whips and chains," Marisol nervously giggled.

"Those we say we need if we come across heretics," Teresa grinned, "I've already gotten away with that one."

"Well, I think they're a great gift," Lilah smiled kicking back and looking through one.

"Oh sorry," Apella' head appeared, "Forgot to tell you, Everyone else will see those as holy books. Advanced glamour spell. Bye!"

A very loud sigh of relief came over them. Poor Ana almost fainted. The driver looked back but all he saw was 8 nuns reading Latin. Despite the frustration horniness they caused, the books did take their minds off their situation. With hundreds of people around the girls still slept little that night. If all went right they would be on Captain Starr's ship tomorrow.

The next morning gave them a scare. The Inquisitor Xanadu and Marisol had escaped back in Marisol's village arrived with 20 soldiers and wanted posters. Fortunately they had time to hide. The asshole was pitchforking hay, but Xanadu's quick mind gave her a solution. Xanadu and Marisol had the girls strap them under a wagon after using a confusion spell to get the people nearby to momentarily look away.

The Inquisitor had the girls throw off their hoods, and while he admired their beauty and wanted to arrest them these weren't the women he was looking for and the Inquisition was not yet in a position to openly molest nuns with so many witnesses.

"That was close, too close," Teresa sighed after they finally left.

But as evening approached they finally walked through the walled gates of the seaport. They were so close as they had be able to smell the sea for most of the day. Only one hard job remained, find Captain Starr's ship without attracting attention. For once the girls ended up being thankful that men were such pigs.

One only needed to follow the trail of drunks and prostitutes to find the docks. There were dozens and dozens of ship, some lined up so thick sometimes three were hard to tell from one big one. Thanks to drunkenness, and a few even being sober and polite, aided by a couple of Xanadu's spells and Teresa's glib tongue they finally found Captain Starr's ship.

It was a newer vessel, cleaner than most. Captain Starr also seemed to be a rare Captain of that day, knowing about the menace of rats and putting shields around his lines. The ship was low in the water, the last of some supplies being loaded. A tall muscular man on deck saw the 8 women followed by donkey and small cart and ran down the plank to meet them.

All of them gasped at meeting Captain Starr. While they were all 100% extreme lesbians all of them were willing to set that aside for this exception. Tall for that age at 6' 4", long wavy black hair under an expensive feathered hat, handsome face, his shirt had a deep V revealing a chiseled chest, powerful arms barely restrained, bulged. Even Marisol gasped.

"Ah, welcome ladies," Captain Starr bowed with a hat doffing flourish," Now that you are here we can be gone from this place within minutes if needed."

"Uh, Captain," Teresa almost blushed as he kissed her hand, "We picked up 2 new sisters along the way. We can pay."

"That is fine my dear," Captain Starr smiled, "Keep your money. Just knowing I'm saving you is enough. I'm glad I didn't have to wait. I would have, as long as it took, but that would have put the others in danger."

"Others?" Xanadu asked.

"Jews, Moors, Protestants, people just wanting to flee like you," Captain Starr said," I'm trying to save as many people as I can. Some are working as crew for passage, other's had nothing, but I refuse no one. They want to try to start a colony in this 'New World'. They reason that even if they die, at least it will be as free people."

"I wonder if we'd be safer joining them," Lilah wondered aloud, "Safety in numbers."

"I've been putting on wood, nails, seeds, guns, farming equipment, even a few animals," Captain Starr said, "I suppose you will want to keep your donkey? It will be cramped, but I think I can squeeze him in with the goats."

"Thank you Captain," Serena hugged him, it was her donkey. She then realized she was hugging a man and stepped back, face beat red.

"Captain, really," Teresa said, "We're not going to need money even if we make it. We want you to take what we have."

"Surely you want to take a few hours to buy supplies," Captain Starr said.

"No, we need to leave now," Xanadu said instincts kicking in, "And we must leave the others when we arrive. Teresa, you are our leader, but you must trust me. This must be why I am here."

"I do," Teresa said," Captain, how soon can we be gone?"

"Why, just a matter of minutes, as soon as you board and we cast off the lines," Captain Starr said as the last bag went up the ramp, "Everyone else is onboard."

"Then we should go," Xanadu said.

Even though it was dark, the moon was nearly full. Plenty of light for an experienced seaman like Captain Starr. They were underway slipping silently through the water. There were few above deck. All the nuns save Serena were at the railing, hope rising as Spain started getting smaller. Serena of course was below taking care of her donkey.

"We're not free yet darling," Xanadu sighed, her arms holding Marisol from behind.

"As long as I am with you then I care not," Marisol sighed contented, taking her hand.

"Yeah, but all this celibacy is going to drive us crazy," Cat grinned.

"It's been days already," Felicia added, "Now maybe a couple of months before we'll be alone."

"And looking through the books is just going to make to worse," Lilah said.

"It's better than being burned alive after months of rape and torture," Ana shivered.

"When we get to this 'New World' I'm going to rape all of you," Teresa laughed.

Nervous laughter followed.

* * *

"Land hoooo!" came the cry of the lookout.

Dozen's of excited people crowded the railing including the robed nuns. It had been many, many days since they had sailed. The 8 nuns had grown even deeper in love with each other as they became more and more frustrated by not being able to have sex.

They had taken to pairing up and slipping into the lifeboats at night and rubbing each other off. But even that seemed to only inflame them more. A few fortunate light rains had kept their water supplies fresh. Captain Starr proved himself an excellent sailor as he was able to turn even the slightest breeze to his advantage. He had lost only 1 man. A Moor seaman named Kanye, who hated white people had fallen overboard, right into the open mouth of a 20' Great White shark.

They had made the voyage over a week faster than Columbus, then again they were further north and off the coast of the actual North American continent though they knew it not. They land they saw now would someday be called the state of Florida.

"Captain Starr," Xanadu asked as the and grew closer, "Will we be landing here?"

"Doubtful, our food and water supplies are in good shape," Captain Starr said, "I'd personally want a better harbor. But anyone who wants to get off anywhere I'll let them off."

"We'll follow you Nim," Marisol said, being careful not to use darling in front of everyone.

"All of us will," Teresa said, "You are our only chance."

"No, not here," Xanadu said.

It was two days later that Madame Xanadu felt it. Something she couldn't explain was drawing her. She called the girls together.

"Here, we must get off here or we die," Xanadu said.

They didn't hesitate. Gathering up their few possessions they assembled on deck and asked Captain Starr to be put off.

"So you're sure?" Captain Starr asked, "Just you ladies, no one else?"

"Yes Captain, we're sure," Teresa replied.

"Take these," Captain Starr said opening a box with 4 matching flintlock pistols he'd gotten in Wakanda, "They're better than Spanish matchlocks. I'll try to scounge up a couple rifes and I'll get you what supplies you want, as much as I can."

"You are most generous Captain," Xanadu smiled at him, "And you have kind to us, much more so than we even deserve. But my instincts say we must take only what we came with. Our donkey, the small cart, the trunks we had to start with. If we carry weapons and kill someone it will only give the native an excuse to kill us. We'd be no better off than we were in Spain. Eight women against an entire tribe. We wouldn't have a chance. It would be better not to take the chance."

"Are you all sure?" Captain Starr turned to the others.

While they all nodded assent they actually wanted to take whatever weapons, as many they could carry, Madame Xanadu was going on sheer instinct. Captain Starr had them rowed to shore. The small cart was loaded, Captain Starr gave them a bag of food and several flasks of a delicious light wine. The girls watched as they returned to the ship. Staring numbly as it disappeared from sight. They knew they would never see the gallant Captain again.

"He'll be fine," Apella said showing up, "He wisely goes to England instead of returning to Spain."

"Apella," Xanadu gasped, the realized she'd used her real name.

"It's okay, this is the last time I can get away with seeing you," Apella smiled.

"What, what of the other's?" Marisol asked.

"They will land, the Moor's will start trouble with the natives like they always do, most will be killed, a few will be absorbed into other tribes, they will disappear without any evidence they ever lived, other than an odd redhead or blonde child here, blue or green eyes there," Apella said, "You might find one way up north from Norsemen 500 years ago."

"That 500 number keeps popping up," Felicia said.

"It's important, but not in this instance," Apella said, "You're lucky you didn't take the guns."

"Wow," Cat exclaimed, "That was one I thought was a mistake!"

"Follow your heart, Madame Xanadu," Apella said, "Whatever other little voices you hear, they can lie. But not the heart."

Before Xanadu could ask anything else the goddess was gone.

"Well, we can't stay here," Xanadu said, "Vegetations pretty dense. Let's spread out, look for an animal trail."

It was Ana who found one. Better yet, it was wide enough for the small cart. The girls headed inland. Madame Xanadu took the lead. At one point Lilah screamed when a harmless garter snake slithered right in front of her. She was teased for an hour.

The foliage was thick and unfamiliar, but they managed to get through it. It was late afternoon when Xanadu heard it, running water! That meant fresh water and fish for food.

"This way," Xanadu said.

For the next hour it was very rough going, especially with the cart, but then the dense greenery thinned and they soon came to a small clear stream scaring a roe deer that had paused for a drink. Broad smiles finally started to break out.

"Let's get upstream a little," Xanadu ordered, "Look for fish."

"Clean up a little too," Serena sniffed, "I hate to admit it, but we're getting a little ripe."

"Everyone stay on guard," Teresa ordered, "We're a long way from safe. Remember what Apella said about the natives. Being unarmed and helpless, they might not kill us, at first, but they might beat and rape us and maybe kill us later."

They saw no people, the going was easy. The water got deeper. Wise to the ways of even this new forest Madame Xanadu saw no trace of humans. The girls were wearing out as the sun was going down. Fortune again smiled on them as they came upon a natural rock formation close to the creek that would do as a makeshift shelter. Xanadu got 4 fish to jump into her basket while Teresa and Ana gathered firewood, Marisol, Lilah, and Felicia added to the shelter, Serena took care of her donkey, Cat started the fire and made a small spit.

With this accomplished they took turns bathing. Long chaste they wanted to jump each other, but they were all so tired. Huddling together they slept. It was a warm night and Madame Xanadu had asked the animals to warn them of danger. Around dawn a 2' alligator walked by, too small to try anything he just continued on. A coral snake also came by, but he too was just passing through and went by.

The women woke up somewhat refreshed, ate some bread and cheese drank some water then moved on. Noon this second day, following her heart, Xanadu turned them south, away from the creek down a denser path. None of them would ever know that they had again avoided disaster as they would have ran right into a Seminal war party.

Turning west again in late afternoon they saw their first big alligator. He was 15' long, and yawning. But he had just fed and made no move for them.

"Eeeeeeee!," Ana screamed, "A dragon!"

"No," Xanadu said, she had seen crocodiles, this wasn't one, but looked similar enough, "But we don't want to mess with it."

They went west again until the sun again began to sink. Another running stream, or maybe the same one or a branch of it was in sight. A long abandoned sweat lodge was nearby. Scouting it out Xanadu surmised it hadn't been used in a long time. It was big enough for them, barely. A rabbit warned her to hide the donkey and not light a fire. They ate a cold dinner, miserable and tired. They drank some of the wine to keep up their spirits.

"How much food do we have left?" Xanadu asked.

"If we're careful a small breakfast and a small dinner," Lilah answered.

"We're not eating my donkey," Serena crossed her arms and pouted.

"Very last resort," Teresa laughed, "We've got Nim, she can get us fish, maybe a rabbit or even convince a deer."

"I wish they didn't taste so good," Xanadu smiled, "I really don't like killing them. If I get some time I'm sure I can find some good plants."

"When will we be safe darling?" Marisol asked.

"I don't know," Xanadu shook her head, "But I think we'll know soon. Tomorrow, the next day or the day after that will tell the tale I fear. For good or ill."

Depressed again they slept. They woke early. Inspecting the cart that had served them so well they could tell they were going to be lucky if it lasted another day.

"We need to lighten the load," Serena said.

"Okay, we keep only what's important," Xanadu said, "The whips, chains, candles, and the books."

"That's what I'd pick," Teresa grinned, "But is that really the stuff we need to keep?"

"Cooking gear, extra robes, everything else we can replace," Xanadu smiled, "And yeah, that's my heart talking not my pussy."

They found a spot to bury everything they weren't going to take.

"We should name him," Cat said.

"Right, we can't eat him if he has a name," Ana grinned.

"He's a boy," Felicia said, "There's not a lot male we like."

"Then he's Star," Lilah said.

They all agreed. He was Star. More and more walking followed It was 2 hours before sunset when Xanadu saw it. It was well hidden, only a wood nymph could have found it. A waterfall, maybe only 10 feet high obstructed it as well as creeping vegetation.

"Stop!" Xanadu shouted, "This is it! Quick, we must enter naked."

"Are you sure darling?" Marisol asked.

"Yes, don't ask me how I know, because I don't understand it," Xanadu said, "But I've never felt anything so strongly. We need to bury the clothes, we're never going to need them again. Ever! Then we shower in the falls, get nice and clean and go to wherever this cave leads us."

They all did so, and were happy to finally be as clean as they liked. They were also scared shitless. Whatever awaited them was life or the death they had been fleeing. Once clean they entered the cave, surprised that the walls glowed bright green. As soon as they, the donkey Star and the almost kaput cart were all inside it seemed like the creepers again blocked the entrance.

Holding each other's hands in terror they continued walking. They walked until their feet were sore. Then they saw it! A bright swirling barrier of many colors head high. Xanadu touched it, it felt funny, but she somehow knew they could go through it.

"We cuff our hands behind our backs now," Xanadu said, "We go in, naked and submissive. Then we kneel in total submission."

They all complied and were soon helpless. Last, with cuffs on her wrists Xanadu put her hands behind her as well. It took a couple of minutes for Marisol to hook them together. They cautiously walked trough heads down into what was a true tropical paradise. Tears fell as the frightened, helpless, naked girls knelt in total surrender.

Eight bows with ready arrows covered them. Eight pairs of beautiful brown female legs stood in front of them. All any of them wore was a tiny string right that ran right into their obvious hairless pussy lips as it hid nothing, moccasins, and feathers in their hair. Bare breasted, 8 beautiful American Indian women from 8 different tribes.

"Welcome to the 'Fountain of Youth'," the leader smiled, "Hope you like it, because you'll never leave. Or want to."

"We're free," Xanadu whispered, tears of happiness filling her eyes.

Had they came in wearing robes where the Indian girls wouldn't know they were women they would be dead. By being submissive, the Indian women knew they were lesbians, just like they were. She had made the right choices. They were safe, they were free. Invisible, Apella smiled. Madame Xanadu had saved them! She had saved them all. It was party time!

* * *
End of Part 3:
* * *


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