Disclaimer: The New Teen Titans belong to DC Comics, Bob Haney and Bruno
Premiani. This story is not-for-profit, but I own it.

Date: 06/09/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Graphic violence, voyurism, male/female sex, rape, strong language

Category: Het

Pairing: Starfire/m

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Archive: Yes

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for George Perez, who was born
on the Nineth day of June, 1954.

Summary: Starfire ditches the other Teen Titans in order to attempt to
capture an escaped test-subject from a sci-med lab by herself, only to have
her diiscover that it really is not such a good idea.

Dedication: Happy 53rd Birthday to George Perez! -- ATK 2007

New Teen Titans: Poor Little Princess Koriand'r
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

Once upon a time, there was a Princess from an alien world of Tamaran whose
name is Koriand'r who has recieved the power of flight and a spot to be next
to recieve the crown and the right to rule her homeworld as its new queen,
but she also has an older sister named Komand'r, who has grown jealous of her
young sibling and has possibly betrayed her own home planet to an evil alien
force known as the Citadel.

And after the sinister beings had demanded the royal family of Tamaran to
surrender the poor little Princess Koriand'r in order to save their homeworld
from total destruction, both the King and Queen had lowered their heads
and realized that they had no other choice but to do what the Citadel has

And so, after a tearful 'farewell' from her parents, the poor little Princess
Koriand'r has been taken away by the Citadel and placed inside the quarters
of her new mistress, who she has shockingly realized that it was her own
sister, Komand'r, who was looking at her sweet and helpless little sister
with such devilish glee.

And then, while she was still suffering such hellish torment at the hands of
her own older sister, another race of alien beings known as the Psions had
attacked the Citadel cruiser and abducted both Koriand'r and Komand'r in
order to subject their humanoid bodies to large doses of solar energy, only
to have Komand'r's personal hit-squad attack the Psion ship in order to
rescue her.

And of course, even though she has rescued her own sister, the ungrateful
Komand'r has fired a strong solar-energy beam at Koriand'r just before she
had taken her own little sister captive again and threatened to kill her as
soon as they were both out of the range of any other Pison vessels.

However, the poor little Princess Koriand'r was fortunate enough to use the
art of seduction to con the guard into releasing her just in time for her
to fire a blast of solar-energy at the guard, race herself over to the
shuttle-bay and steal one of the shuttles in order to escape her enslavement
and zoom herself to the one planet that has become her new homeworld, the
planet known as Earth, where she has met one of the founding members of the
Teen Titans known as Robin.

And after she had told him all about the hellish enslavement that she had
gone through at the hands on her own sister and her escape to Earth in order
to seek sanctuary, the understanding Teen Wonder has removed his mask and
revealed to the poor little Princess Koriand'r that he was actually Dick

And after she has discovered that she was able to find a whole new group of
friends on Earth, the planet's newfound refugee has allowed herself to take
a new name -- Kory Anders -- and accept Robin's offer to join a group of
young super-powered heroes known as The New Teen Titans as Starfire along
with Kid Flash (Wally West), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), Raven, Cyborg (Victor
Stone) and the Changeling (Garfield Logan), who had became one of the
greatest superhero teams within the history of the entire planet Earth.

But of course, that really doesn't mean that they were unable to have
problems of their own, like for instance: as soon as the Titans had recieved
an emergency message from the sci-med labs at Dayton Industries about a
possible break-out by one of the labs' own test-subjects, all of the team
members had left their headquarters known as the Titans Tower -- which was
on an island in the East River of New York City -- and headed towards the
scene of the distress-call.

However, after she had landed herself on one of the city's rooftops and
allowed her own teammates to go on to the scene of the distress-call without
her, the one Teen Titan known as Starfire has taken a deep breath and thought
to herself, *I really am sorry about this, you guys. But I do believe that I
might have a better way for finding the escaped test-subject. *

And then, after she had leaped herself off of the rooptop and landed herself
in the alley, the otherworldly female whose Earth name was Kory Anders has
used her own powers to change out of her uniform and into some street-clothes
just in time for her to step out of the alley, walk down into a nearby subway
station and place herself into the first train that had came before her.

Then, after she had sat herself down and the train has resumed moving, a
curious Kory was looking around the entire subway car and waited for
something disasterious to happen, which was exactly what has happened as
soon as the train has stopped itself at the next station just in time for
a young male to get tossed through a door window and down on the floor of
the car.

And after she had taken a look at the young human male and noticed that he
has been smashed by a pair of humanoid fists all over his own bloodied body,
Kory has lifted up her head and noticed that a large stranger in a trenchcoat
was racing out of the second car and into the station, which -- in turn --
has caused her to use her flying powers to zoom herself out of the first car
and towards the trenchcoat-wearing stranger.

And then, after she has discovered that her humanoid quarry has slammed his
way into the mens restroom, the otherworldly Teen Titan has kicked the door
open, stepped into the mens restroom, fired two warning shots of pure energy

But that was before one of the mens restroom stalls had been smashed right
off its henches and the trenchcoat-wearing stranger has stepped out of that
stall, looked at the otherworldly Teen Titan with savage-glee in his eyes

And after he had shredded the trenchcoat off and exposed his own hulkish
bare-ass naked body in front of a shocked Starfire, the nude male stranger
has moved himself closer and closer to the otherworldly Teen Titan and

And then, after he had grabbed hold of a shocked Kory and gave her a hard
smack across the face just before he has shredded all of her clothes off,
slammed her nude body against a wall and began thrusting his stiff cock in
and out of her exposed pussy.

And after he had pulled really hard on her hair and yelled, "TELL ME, BITCH!
little Princess Koriand'r has no choice but to let out a single tear and say,
"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! I do want you to fuck me! Fuck me hard! Aaaahhhh!"

But then, after he had started moving himself harder and faster and finally
came, the mens restroom door has been smashed open and the other Teen Titans
had arrived just in time to discover that poor and helpless Kory has already
been raped and her attacker was standing right in front of the other Titans
and ready for the next bout.

But surprisingly enough, it was an enraged Cyborg who has aimed his sonic
weapon at Starfire's attacker and fired a sonic-blast at the bare-ass naked
hulkish brute, causing him to place his hands on his ears and let out a
scream of bone-chilling pain.

And then, after the other three Titans were checking on Kory to see if she
was okay, an equally-enraged Robin has charged himself towards her attacker,
rammed his head straight into a wall and slammed a stall-door straight into
his face seven times just before he had turned himself around, lifted poor
Koriand'r up to him and gave her a gentle hug.

Just then, after the Dayton Industries employees had transported their
escaped test-subject back to their sci-med lab and poor little Princess
Koriand'r has been taken to a hospital for treatment, the other Teen
Titans had gone back to the Titans Tower in order to start with the
process of voting on this new subject: After what has recently happened
to her, should Starfire remain with the Teen Titans or not?



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