The following is a work of erotic fiction and includes scenes of sexual
activity. It includes characters that are copyrighted by DC Comics. This
story is intended for the non-commercial enjoyment of fans and should be
considered a parody . No copyright infringement is intended and no profit
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New Teen Titans: Transmogrification (MF,FF,F-mast,trans)
by Ann Douglas ([email protected])

Like similar Intergang strongholds across the country, the complex hidden
deep in New York's Adirondack Mountains had been designed to hold off a small
army if necessary. Or at the very least, hold the legal authorities at bay
long enough for the upper hierarchy to be able to make their getaway. After
all, ground troops could be easily replaced and were therefore quite

So it was with considerable dismay that the scientist in charge of the
project watched on the monitors as half the security force had been rendered
combat ineffective in less than a quarter-hour. Even more disconcerting was
the fact that the devastation had been caused not by the theoretical small
army, but by five lone individuals. Teenagers actually, members of the famed
Teen Titans. Turning the monitors off, the "man in charge" headed for the
safety of the main lab and the emergency escape pod hidden within.

If the monitors had still glowed with life, they would've shown a hail of
bullets filling the air as a half-dozen troopers turned their weapons on a
single target. A tall, pony tailed girl dressed in a loose fitting,
sleeveless red blouse emblazoned with a large golden eagle across her ample
chest. The rest of her outfit consisted of little more than a very brief pair
of blue shorts, decorated with white stars, and red sandals that laced upward
to just below the knees of her smooth, bare legs.

The roar of gunfire still echoed in the air as a perplexed look came over
each gunman. Despite their often proven marksmanship, not a single shot had
hit their target. Instead, faster than the eye could follow, the lethal
projectiles had all been deflected by the teenage girl using the matching
metal bracelets she wore on each wrist. Dubbed Wonder Girl by the media, her
real name was Donna Troy and she had been raised on the hidden island of
Themyscira, home of the legendary Amazons. And like her adopted older sister,
Diana, possessed all the strengths and talents of those warrior women.

A short distance away, another dark haired teen was sending far larger
opponents crashing into the reinforced walls. Born simply Garth in the
undersea Kingdom of Atlantis, a lifetime of living under the greater
pressures of the ocean depths had given him with strength far out of
proportion to his size. Each punch delivered by the blue and red garbed
water-breather arrived with greater impact than any heavyweight boxer.

The largest body count so far had been rung up by a gold and red blur that
moved too fast to be seen. Only when he briefly stopped to survey his
surroundings could Wally West, Kid Flash, be seen. One of the two or three
fastest human beings on Earth, the red haired youngster had been disarming
Intergang's deadliest with such swiftness that most didn't realized that
they'd been so until they tried to pull the trigger on weapons they no
longer held in their hands. Then, caught up in the vacuum of his passing,
their bodies came crashing together, only their body armor preventing more
serious injury as they passed out from either the impact or a momentary
lack of oxygen.

On the opposite side of the large entrance chamber, the fourth member of the
Titans used a weapon that looked deceptively primitive. Trained in the use
of the bow and arrow by Green Arrow himself, the red and gold archer, Speedy
to the world and Roy Harper to his friends, sent volley after volley of
specially designed arrows into the fray. Arrows whose tips ranged from
explosive warheads to ones filled with knockout gas.

The last, but never the least of the Titans, managed to avoid most of
the skirmish and instead made his way down the long hallway to the inner
chambers. His goal was the same scientist who had watched their progress on
the monitors. The junior member of the celebrated team of Batman and Robin,
Dick Grayson was the de facto leader of the Titans. Not possessing any super
powers of his own, he was nevertheless the glue that held the disparate group

For over a month, the Teen Wonder, trained by the World's Greatest Detective,
had been following the trail that had led them here. He'd put too much effort
into the search to let his quarry escape now.

Racing up the metal staircase that led to the main lab, Robin mentally
reviewed the facts of the case in order to anticipate what he might find
ahead. A large number of the most wanted underworld figures had simply
disappeared from sight over the last year, far too many to be a coincidence.
Soon after each disappearance, many of those same criminal organizations
had been taken over by previously unknown replacements that had appeared
seemingly out of thin air. The various law enforcement agencies had reached
a dead end, with one of them turning to the Titans for help.

Passing now abandoned work areas, Robin took in at a glance various equipment
he recognized as the sort used to create new identities. A confirmation of
what had happened to the hoods that had vanished. That still didn't answer,
however, the question of where those most wanted had gone, or who is was that
had replaced them in the underworld. Hopefully, he thought as he quickened
his pace, the white coated figure that had just disappeared into the room at
the end of the hall held the answers.

Batarang in hand as he stepped into the last chamber, Robin was surprised to
find that it was another small lab rather than the operating room that he'd
expected. He had been sure that the Intergang facility had been designed to
use plastic surgery to change the appearance of criminals and allow them to
take on the new identities created for them. It was hardly a new scheme, but
one he'd never encountered on this scale.

The lab was filled with enough unrecognizable devices to rival S.T.A.R. Labs,
and Robin quickly surveyed the room for the shadowy form he had seen seconds
before. Taking a few steps into the center of the room, the Teen Wonder
caught a motion to his left; a half second before the figure ran out into the
open and headed with all speed towards what at first appeared as no more than
an empty wall at the back of the chamber.

"You'll never get the chance to use it," Robin cried out, remembering from
his research that each Intergang base usually came equipped with a last ditch
escape pod.

The figure he'd been chasing stopped and turned, causing Robin to pause,
ready to take action against the weapon the scientist would undoubtedly be
brandishing. To his surprise, not only was there no weapon, the "man in
charge" was hardly what he'd expected either.

Beneath the long, white lab coat was a tall, incredibility beautiful young
woman. Long blonde hair was tied back in a bun, but she had a face and body
that looked to belong more on a fashion model than a mad scientist.

"I guess they all can't be bald, middle aged men," Robin thought as he again
ordered her to surrender.

In response, the woman turned without a word and began to run for the wall
once more. Taking off after her, the Titan closed the gap between them with
each step.

Reaching the still bare back wall, the scientist again turned to face Robin.
He paused a few feet from her, batarang still at the ready in his gloved
hand. A broad smile filled her face as if she knew something he didn't.

"It's over," Robin said, taking two steps closer, on the alert for a sudden

"Not quite," the woman said, in a voice that came not from in front of the
Teen Wonder, but behind him.

In that second, two things happened almost simultaneously. The woman he'd
been chasing simply vanished into thin air. Too late Robin realized she had
been a hologram. Less than a heartbeat later, a glass chamber, not much
bigger than a phone booth, appeared around the Teen Titan, its walls rising
from the floor so quickly that even Kid Flash might've been caught unaware.

Slamming his batarang against the plexiglas wall, it was obvious to Robin
that it would take Donna or Garth to shatter whatever this glass was made

"Feel free to try and break out." the woman, who was a real life version of
the hologram, said as she approached his prison. "But I have to tell you,
it's going to take a lot more than that little toy."

"Who are you?" Robin asked.

"Oh, is this the part where I realize that all is lost and confess my evil
plan?" she laughed. "Well I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you.
True, you and your meddlesome friends have put a serious crimp in our
operations here, but like they say, tomorrow is another day."

"You're not going to get away," Robin said, ignoring the nature of his

"You know, normally, you might be right about that," the nameless scientist
confessed. "Your friends are quite fast and powerful. So the thing is, I
would guess, to give them a reason not to come after me."

With that, the blonde stepped over to what was obviously a control panel and,
tripping a few switches, brought it to life. To Robin's dismay, the floor
beneath him began to glow.

"After all the hard work you must've put into finding this place, perhaps I
should answer some of your questions about what we're doing here after all,"
she said as she activated another part of the panel. "Or better yet, show

"I think I could wait for the book to come out," Robin said, trying to sound
flippant as he wondered what was keeping the rest of the Titans.

"Don't worry, it's quite safe," she assured him with a smile as she pressed
the last few buttons. "In fact, you might find it interesting. I do apologize
for not having the time to tailor the program for you personally like I
normally do for my clients, but I'll add a few non-standard add-ons, shall we
say, to make up for it."

Before Robin could ever try to sort out the meaning of her words, the last
button had been pushed and the glass chamber began to fill with a dense
orange cloud. It quickly filled the compartment and his lungs. His vision
blurred and he felt his entire body grow warm. Just before he blacked out,
he noted that the glow beneath him began to rise and engulf his entire body.

* * *

Less than a minute later, the other four members of the Titans finally caught
up with their leader. They'd been delayed by the necessity of disarming the
base's self-destruct device that one of the middle level commanders had
managed to engage.

"Robin?" Kid Flash yelled as he skidded to an abrupt stop, spotting the
glowing tube at the far end of the room.

Speedy was the first to the control panel, but was unable to decide just how
to shut the machine down. Unfortunately there wasn't anything as simple as a
button marked 'off.'

"We've got to get him out of there," Donna said as she stepped toward the now
almost blinding light. "Garth, give me a hand."

With Wonder Girl on one side, and Aqualad the other, they were about to crack
the box open when a cry from Kid Flash stopped them in mid-motion.

"Wait!" he cried out. "If you damaged the chamber, you'll kill Robin."

"And how do we know it's not killing him now?" Donna asked, her powerful
hands still against the tube.

"Because that's not what it was designed for," Kid Flash answered.

"Since when are you a scientist?" Speedy asked from behind the control panel.

"I'm not," Wally admitted, "but what I am is the world's fastest speed
reader. And our now absent quarry was kind enough to leave behind the
operating manuals on this gizmo."

With that, the other three looked down and saw the half dozen binders spread
open on the floor around the speedster's feet.

"So what is it? Garth asked, taking his own hands off the chamber.

"It's a DNA re-sequencer," Wally answered, "at least that's what they called
it in the manuals. That's how Intergang was giving criminals new identities.
They didn't bother with plastic surgery to just change their faces; they gave
them whole new bodies to go with their new identities. That orange cloud you
see is a transmetagenetic compound that breaks down the DNA enough so that it
can be altered to a new matrix.

"Is that what it's doing to Robin," Speedy asked, "giving him a new

"I don't know," Kid Flash admitted, "but I do know that if we interrupt the
process before it's complete, it's going to be like one of those transporter
accidents on Star Trek. If it doesn't kill him outright, it'll at the very
least cause irreparable cellular damage."

"So we just wait," the archer said.

"Nothing else we can do," Wally said as he and his other two teammates joined
the fourth at the control panel. "The process is totally automated, anything
we do is just going to screw it up."

"You're sure about this?" Donna asked.

"Look here," Wally answered as he drew their attention to one of the panels
on the console. "These are his life signs and, as best as I can read them,
he'd doing fine."

Donna looked at the panel for long moment, then agreed with his conclusion.

"Then we wait," she simply said.

The process, Wally further explained from his reading, was going to take a
few hours. More than enough time for the federal authorities to take their
prisoners off their hands. None of them, before being turned over, seemed
willing or able to explain any more about the device Robin had been trapped
in. This despite Wonder Girl's rather demonstrative incentive for them to
tell them what they needed to know. Evidently, the right to remain silent
wasn't high on the list of things she'd learned from the Amazons. Observing
the look on their faces as Donna shattered concrete columns in her anger,
the other Titans believed that the captives really didn't have the
information they were looking for. The only one who did had managed to use
their preoccupation to make use of the only escape pod.

"Something's happening," Speedy cried out three hours later as another
section of the console came to life.

The other three Titans jumped up from where they'd been resting, having
decided to watch the controls in shifts earlier, and raced to Speedy. Parts
of the panel were indeed shutting down as the glow of the chamber began to
dim and the whirl of an exhaust fan was heard as the last of the
transmetagenetic compound was drawn downward. Then, much slower than they
had raised, the walls of the chamber began to recede into the floor as soon
as the inside was clear.

Consciousness returned to Robin with the sudden rush of fresh air. Staggering
forward as he regained his bearings, it took a few long seconds for the Titan
Leader to notice his fellows. None of them had said a word up to that moment,
they were all too stunned at his appearance.

After a few more steps, Robin noticed the look on their faces and then took
his first look at himself. Unable to believe what he saw, he turned to the
large full length mirror he remembered seeing on the side wall earlier.

"Holy boobs!" he exclaimed in a voice that was his, but not his. "What the
hell happened?"

The reflection in the mirror was that of a young woman, roughly the
same height and weight as Dick Grayson, but with the latter somewhat
redistributed. Previously short black hair had been spurred to growth
and now hung just below his neck. The bare legs that had recently been
suggesting to him that it might be time for a change of costume, were
still athletic but decidedly female. Pressed tight against his red
tunic were the breasts that had prompted his initial outburst. They
weren't overly large, certainly not in the same class as Donna's, but
they were attractive enough that had they been someone else's, Dick
Grayson would've been attracted by them.

Quickly Kid Flash explained all that had happened, and what he'd learned
from the briefing books about the device.

"Can we reverse this?" Robin asked, the prospect of a negative answer not
one he wanted to entertain.

"Well there's good news and not so good news about that," Wally said as the
other Titans tried to look like they weren't staring at their changed leader.
"The good news is that the process is indeed reversible," he began, starting
with the good part. "I already checked and there's just enough
transmetagenetic compound left to run it one more time. And most importantly,
to use my Star Trek transporter analogy again, the re-sequencer stores the
original matrix of the user in its buffer and since the whole process is
computer controlled, all we have to do is press a few buttons and the rest
is automatic."

"That's great," Robin said, still set back by the softer, higher pitched
voice that was now his, "than let's do it."

"That's the not so good news," Kid Flash continued. "If we try and reverse
the process before his, err, her body is totally adjusted to the changes, it
could cause the same cellular damage we might've done if we'd interrupted the
original transformation."

"How long do we have to wait?" Donna asked, seeing that is was a question
that Dick was afraid to ask.

"Based on what I read in the notes, seven to ten days," Wally replied. "Call
it two weeks just to be sure.

"I have to stay this way for two weeks?" Robin asked.

"I'm afraid so."

"Fuck me!" the no longer Boy Wonder exclaimed.

"Well I guess we really can't call you Dick for a while," Speedy grinned,
trying to interject a little levity into the situation.

Dick didn't find it too funny, but it did raise a point. Luckily, his
alter-ego would do until he returned to his natural form - Robin being
gender neutral.

"Maybe we should contract my Uncle Barry and the other Justice Leaguers,"
Wally suggested. "Let them go over these notes and make sure I read them all

"No, the last thing I want is for Bruce or any of the others to know that,
for now at least, I'm the Girl Wonder," Robin replied before anyone else
could offer a comment. "Not all of the JLAer's were trilled with the idea
of the Teen Titans in the first place and I'm not going to let them use
this as an excuse to shut us down. No, we'll handle this ourselves."

"Okay, if you're sure," Wally replied, thinking it was the wrong decision.
After all, just because he could read a book a few dozen times, it didn't
mean he understood all of it. But again, it was Robin's decision.

"I don't see what the big deal is," Garth said, "Boy Wonder, Girl Wonder,
what's the difference. It's still you."

He was looking at Speedy when he'd said it, and the archer just responded
with a shrug. Robin and Wally just shook their heads slowly. They all knew
that Speedy was gay, he'd made no secret of that almost from their first
adventure. It was as accepted a fact as Donna being a lesbian. After all,
what else would you expect a girl who grew up on an island populated only
be women to be?

Garth, on the other hand, had never mentioned the fact until recently that
he was ambisexual. It wasn't that he was trying to hide it, it was simply
that the Atlantean language didn't have a word for it. To him, gender was
irrelevant and you just had sex with anyone that interested you. Sometimes,
he told them, these curious surface customs left him with a headache.

"Well, I guess all we can do is seal this place up and wait," the
transgendered Robin concluded, "the sooner the next two weeks go by the

* * *

Several hours later, after the team had returned to Titan's Lair, the former
WayneCo storage facility outside of Gotham City that Batman had donated to
them as a headquarters, Robin sat alone in her room. Her Robin costume now
hung in the closet, replaced with a pair of simple unisex pajamas.

No sooner had their helicopter landed when Donna and Wally ordered the now
Girl Wonder into the medilab and performed as many tests as they could. The
final result being that in just about every way, she was a healthy teenage
girl. So healthy in fact that Donna felt it necessary to explain certain
aspects of female physiology to Robin. It was all Kid Flash could do not to
snicker as Robin's face turned crimson as she hoped, no prayed, that they
would be able to turn her back before she had to deal with the worse of what
Wonder Girl described.

Clothing also proved to be a small problem as little other than her Robin
costume still fit. Donna again came to the rescue with a pair of loose
fitting pajamas and appropriate undergarments. Evidently, she'd amassed a
collection of different sizes of each to use as gifts for some of the women
she dated. That these gifts filled an entire closet wasn't something Robin
wanted to comment on. No one who valued their unbroken bones was about to
suggest that Donna might be promiscuous, but it was well known among those
who knew her and Diana that monogamy was hardly part of the Amazon value

Only now, sitting there all alone, was it really beginning to sink in what
had happened to the former Boy Wonder. That Wally could be wrong and the
process couldn't be reversed had to be considered. Could she live the rest
of her life as a woman?

And what of Robin? Would Batman let him go on as the Girl Wonder? Strangely
enough, that thought troubled her most of all. Until she realized how foolish
it was. Hadn't Batman teamed up enough times with Kathy Kane - Batwoman? Not
to mention that new Batgirl that they didn't know that much about yet? If the
two of them could be crime fighters, why couldn't a female Robin?

Dick Grayson of course would have to vanish, and a new identity created for a
non-existent cousin or something. But that would be easy enough for someone
of Bruce Wayne's influence. In fact, Bruce already had dozens of fake alter
egos that he used in his Batman persona, so adding a female one for Dick
would be the smallest of tasks. She would need a new name of course, it might
take some time to come up with a really good one.

"Wait a minute," Robin said as she abruptly jumped up from the edge of the
bed. "I'm acting like I've already lost the fight. Wally said we could
reverse this in a few weeks and right now I don't have a reason to doubt

What Robin didn't realize was that some of the secondary effects of the
transformation were already starting to take effect. Or that over the
next two weeks, the Girl Wonder would continue to undergo a series of
physiological and behavioral changes. Ones that had been designed to
allow a transmuted person to live in their new body more comfortably, to
make their new state seem more natural. In her case, to become a woman in
mind, as well as body. Also on the horizon, loomed the add-ons that the
chief scientist had mentioned. Ones that he had been too preoccupied at
the time to really hear promised or remember about now.

"I need a shower," Robin said to the empty air. "Maybe that will clear my

Grabbing a towel from the closet, she started to head for the large shower
room adjacent to the gym. The one that all the Titans, including Wonder Girl,
normally used. Suddenly, as she stepped out into the hallway, Robin felt very
self conscious about the idea of being naked around anyone else. The gym was
usually empty this time of the night, but you never knew when one of the guys
might be in the mood to work off some steam.

"Wait a second," she abruptly remembered, "I forgot all about the private
shower in the guest quarters."

The guest room, located at the far end of the common hall, was twice the size
of their individual quarters and had originally been designed to be Donna's
room. The Amazon, however, had strongly objected to being treated any
different than the boys and had taken one of the standard size dorms instead.
With no better idea what to do with it, the empty room had been designated as
guest quarters but had yet to be used as such.

It only took the Girl Wonder a few moments to reverse direction and reach the
private room, quickly keying in the access code to open the door. It was the
first time she'd been in the room for months and had forgotten that aside
from the small phone booth sized shower, the bathroom also had a full sized
tub. Why take a shower, she thought, when she could soak in a hot bath.

Turning on the hot water, and then the cold to create just the right mix,
Robin left the tub to fill up slowly. In the storage cabinet above, she knew,
was an assortment of bubble baths and body washes left for the convenience of
guests. Looking at the different colored bottles, she found herself drawn to
a vanilla scented bubble bath and poured a good measure into the water flow.

A large floor to ceiling mirror took up most of the opposite wall, and Robin
took a long look at herself as she took off the cream colored pajamas that
Donna had provided. Standing there in just a bra and panties, the former Boy
Wonder had to admit that the reflection looking back at her was enough to
give her former self a first class hard-on.

Donna had helper her dress earlier, after seeing that she was having problems
with the clasp that held the simple bra together. After all, Dick's earlier
experience with such garments was in getting them off, not putting one on. So
at that time, there hadn't been the chance to really admire the transformed

Running her hands across a smooth, flat stomach, Robin lifted them higher and
cupped the underside of her breasts. With a well practiced eye, Donna had
taken one look at them and produced a 34C brassiere from her collection.
Robin felt a curious tingle as his fingers ran across the thin material,
brushing against nipples that had surprisingly become quite erect. As a male,
Robin had sometimes stroked his own stubs, but they'd never felt this
sensitive before.

Slipping the fingers of her right hand under the soft cloth, she pressed
them against even softer flesh, finding it warm to the touch. A quiet sigh
escaped, quite unexpectedly, from her lips as her other hand slipped around
to her back. This time she didn't need any help as with one deft motion, she
undid the twin hooks.

The now loose material fell free, held up only by the thin straps around her
arms. It only took a moment more to work them also free as she turned her
attention to her now exposed bosom.

Her nipples were a much darker pink than she remembered, and stood firmer
than had been the norm. Placing two fingers against each dark circle, Robin
rubbed then in a rounded motion, producing a pleasant feeling that brought a
smile to her lips. Those motions expanded until they included the whole of
her breasts and she closed her hands tightly around the pliant, yet firm
flesh. A now hard touch that produced a different sort of but no less
pleasing sensations.

Finally releasing them with the reluctance a child shows when asked to give
up a new toy, Robin raised his hands to her shoulders and began to trace twin
paths down each side of her chest, stroking her skin with her fingertips and
marveling at the continuing delights that touch provided. No part of her
upper body was left unexplored, even though time and again her rounded mounds
cried out for her attention.

Dropping below her waist, the petite pair of panties slid downward at her
touch, dropping easily around her ankles to be tossed to the side with just
a brief motion of her foot. Robin was surprised to discover that her new sex
was practically hairless, having only a small patch of hair just above it.
As a male, his cock had been surrounded with a bush of dark hair. In was
another small detail that had resulted from the programming in the DNA

Her hands now glided up and down the sides of her legs, nails leaving a
temporary trace across her thighs. Gently, they moved across her legs, coming
to rest on the small mound between them. A warm wetness greeted her, followed
by a strange but pleasing tingle that spread out from between her legs.

"Hmm, that feels nice," Robin thought, the tingle growing even stronger as
her fingers pressed harder, parting the folds of her pussy to touch the even
more sensitive flesh within.

As a male, Robin had hardly been an innocent. An incident with the Catwoman
and a few others after had made sure of that. But if anything could be called
virgin territory, it was the area she now explored. Her fingers continued to
probe, slipping further inside herself until like tiny cocks, she had three
extended fingers filling her.

Her thumb located her clitoris and rubbed against it in gentle circles,
adding to the spreading sense of warmth and delight. It was an experience
only previously experienced from the outside, now come to life with all the
intimacy it was possible to bring.

Robin felt her wetness grow stronger as her fingers increased their pace.
The corresponding waves of passion they produced washed over her with rising
frequency. What started as soft gasps from her lips graduated to long, loud
moans, verbal depictions of the forces ripping through her.

She bucked her body up and down on her fingers, thrusting her hand inward at
an even faster rate. Her other free hand massaged her breasts, squeezing them
tightly and adding to the verbal cacophony. A rising tide unlike any she has
ever felt before.

A tide that crashed against the shoals of her sex with incredible force,
sweeping up her body in an unbelievable swirl of delights. One that once it
passed left her almost too weak to even stand.

Dropping down to sit on the edge of the tub, it took her a long minute to
catch her breath. The water had already reached the necessary level and
holding onto the edge, Robin slipped over the side and eased herself into
the soothing, sweet smelling water.

"Oh, that feels good," she thought as the warmth of the water enveloped her

Her eyes closed as she drifted in the mix of orgasmic aftermath and the
peaceful, temperate bath. Her thought were fixed on what she'd just
experienced, so unlike anything in her former gender. Even now, it was hard
to find words to really describe it. One question however, repeated itself.

"How could girls not spend their whole day doing nothing but that?"

* * *

Over the next five days, that turned out to be a question Robin didn't have
the answer for as she quickly discovered that she was unable not give into
temptation at least once a day, with sometimes twice being the norm. And by
the end of the week, she was discovering that, rather than leaving her
satisfied, each session was beginning to leave her wanting more.

Also during that time, she accompanied the Titans on two missions, but not
as Robin. Rather than try and explain the now Girl Wonder, she simply wore
a black jumpsuit and confined herself to piloting the helicopter and
providing logistical support. Luckily both missions were low key and simply
handled by the rest of the team with Donna serving as temporary field leader.

If was after that second mission that Donna had approached her and inquired
if their regular weekly sparing session was still on. As the two most gifted
Titans in hand to hand combat, Donna and Dick had taken to regularly
practicing their skills against reach other. For Donna, it gave her a chance
to keep sharp and for Dick it had been an opportunity to test his skills
against a more powerful opponent and develop countermoves.

"Sure, why not," Robin said as she dropped her jumpsuit into the dirty
laundry and replaced it with a lightweight pair of sweats. "I'll meet you
in the gym in a half hour."

Donna nodded her agreement with a smile, saying that she'd better make it an
hour because she had to first write out their mission report. Something that
Robin used to do when he led the team. It was a reminded that she no longer
did so. Surprisingly, it didn't seem to bother her as much as it might have
her male version.

Ten minutes before the hour was up, Wonder Girl stepped into the gym to find
Robin loosening up on the trapeze that hung from the high ceiling. That much
hadn't changed at least, as nothing helped the former member of the Flying
Graysons relax as much as going through the routines John and Mary Grayson
had originated a decade before.

Watching her drop to the heavily padded floor, Donna saw that Robin had
changed into a form fitting aerialist's garb of yellow and blue. Next to the
green, red and yellow Robin suit, it was the outfit that had always felt the
most comfortable.

Donna had traded the bright colors of her own costume for a pair of brief
black shorts and an equally small black sports top. Even these had been a
concession to her teammates because back on Themyscira, it was quite common
practice to exercise in the nude.

"Shall we start with staffs or would you rather go right to hand to hand?"
Donna asked, getting right down to the matter at hand.

"Staffs would be fine," Robin replied, walking over to the wall and taking
one of the heavy wooden poles from its case.

Taking a combat stance in the middle of the floor, Robin felt slightly off
balance. The weapon in his hands felt somewhat different, not quite right.
Watching Donna whirl hers around in one hand before taking a similar stance
suddenly reminded Robin what was wrong. It wasn't the weapon that was
different, it was her. Along with the different weight distribution in her
new body had come a reduction in upper body strength. That was why Donna had
suggested they continue their workouts, so that she could unlearn the lessons
of how to fight as a man.

"She's already making plans what to do if they can't change me back," Robin
thought, then realized that if the situation had been reversed, he as leader
of the Titans would be doing the same thing.

There was little time left to think about it any more because Donna chose
that moment to come at her full force. That was one thing that never changed
about Wonder Girl, she had a warrior's mentality. There was no such thing as
holding back for any reason. Be it combat or making love, she approached both
with a determination to give better than she got. The latter of course was
conjecture on Robin's part of course, but the soundproofing of the walls in
their quarters only went so far.

The sound of crashing wood filled the air as the two combatants fought their
way back and forth across the empty floor. Even in their other contests,
Donna had always had the advantage of strength so Robin found it not so
difficult to rely more on agility to offset that. Holding tight on her pole,
she did a barrel roll across the floor that brought her up inside Donna's
defenses. Before the Amazon could counterattack, Robin brought the center of
the pole up to impact against her chin. Then, rather than follow up the
assault and run the risk of being caught in a vise, she dropped down again
rolled once more out of the way.

Before she could get back on her feet, Donna was already back upon her,
swinging her staff so that it cleaved the empty air just above her head.
Unable to rise now, Robin instead braced her hands on the floor and swung
out with both legs, knocking Donna off hers. She landed with a crash, but
shook off the effects of the impact and got right back up. By that time,
Robin was again ready for her.

This went on for another ten minutes, with neither of them able to fully gain
an advantage over the other. Then, weapons were discarded and they went at it
hand to hand, with Donna taking two out of the first three falls. Still,
Robin refused to give up. When the timer finally went off a short time later,
the Girl Wonder was covered with sweat, as was Donna, but also aching in ways
she was sure the Amazon didn't share.

"That was a good workout," Donna said as she helped Robin back to her feet.

"Please tell me you're at least a little sore," Robin smiled as she rubbed
the back of her neck. "I can't remember the last time a little workout hurt
so much.

"You just have to get used to the changes your body's gone though," Donna
smiled back. "Come on, a hot shower will help you feel better."

Wally, Garth and Roy had taken off after the mission, having said they were
going into the city to catch a movie. This left the large shower room empty
for their use. Donna of course had no problem with even being naked around
the boys and had casually tossed off her exercise outfit and walked naked
into the adjacent room. Robin felt a little of what she felt that first night
after her transformation, but then thought it silly. After all, even when it
had been a male Robin in the shower with Donna, he rarely felt that
embarrassed about being in there with her any more. Of course he tried to
make it a point to look in the opposite direction when she walked in, and to
exit as fast as he could after that.

Waiting to disrobe until she was actually in the shower, Robin followed Donna
and was pleased to see she had already turned on one of the showerheads for
her. The water was already hot when she stepped under it and it did feel
better when it hit her sore muscles.

Falling into the past practice of trying hard not to stare at Donna in the
shower, Robin failed to notice that Wonder Girl was making no attempt not to
stare at her. Normally, when she shared the shower with the boys, Donna would
be out of there as soon as she was clean. Today, she found herself lingering

It wasn't until Robin reached out and turned off her own water than Donna
followed suit. Then, holding a towel for each of them in her hands, she
stepped over to Robin.

"Feeling better?" she asked as she handed her a towel.

"A little, but my neck is still pretty sore," Robin admitted as she ran the
towel across her breasts. "Hopefully I'll have my old body back before I have
to get use to this one."

Robin didn't notice a slight look of disappointment on Donna's face at that

"Maybe this will help," Donna said, moving behind her, dropping her own
towel in the process and bringing her hands up to the Girl Wonder's neck and

"Oh, that does feel good," Robin practically purred as powerful fingers
pressed into her overstretched muscles.

Pleased with the response, Donna continued to work her fingers deep into
Robin's back, sharing the techniques learned from her sister Amazons. As she
stepped closer and worked her way downward, Robin began to become even more
conscious of Donna's body brushing against hers.

"This would be a lot more effective if we had some of the herbal oils I
brought back from my last visit home," Donna suggested. "Why don't we go back
to my room and I'll give your body a better massage."

"Err?sure," Robin replied, a slight hesitation in her tone. She was sure she
was reading too much into it, but there was strangeness in Donna's voice that
had never been there before. Or was it just her imagination?

With the complex to themselves and their rooms only a few dozen feet down the
corridor, Donna didn't bother to cover herself as she walked out and headed
toward it. Not wanting to seem prudish herself, this time Robin followed her

What Robin had no way of knowing was that over the last few days, as she had
become more sexual active, if only with herself, another of those little
add-ons had kicked in. Her body was now producing abnormally potent
pheromones that had quite an effect on both men and women. While not at their
full potential yet, they were nevertheless strong enough to influence Wonder
Girl and lower what was already an admittedly low threshold when it came to
acting on a sexual attraction.

"Why don't you just stretch out on the bed," Donna said to Robin as they
closed the door to her room behind her. "I'll just take a minute to get those

Considering it funny that it took a sex-change to get into Donna's bed, Robin
dropped down on her stomach and stretched out across the large full sized
mattress. As she laid there waiting, it also occurred to her that she was
hardly the first girl to lay here, but probably the only one to do so with an
innocuous reason.

Standing next to the raised bed, Donna ran her hand down the small of Robin's
back. The soft touch sent a shiver across her spine but the Girl Wonder tried
hard not to react, especially after that shiver found its way to between her
legs. There was a time when having Donna this close was a good night's dream,
but now that it was a reality, it felt a little awkward.

Holding a clear bottle of golden oils in her other hand, Donna brought it
down low and carefully poured it down the length of Robin's back, reaching
from her neck and shoulders down to the cheeks of her ass. The oils were
warm to the touch, as if they'd been heated somehow. Placing the bottle on
a nearby table, Wonder Girl put both hands on the prone girl's shoulders
and began to work the warming oils into her flesh.

"That does feel a lot better," Robin said with closed eyes as she felt the
rising heat spread out across her muscles, comparing it to Donna's naked
touch back in he shower.

Smiling broadly, Donna widened her circles across Robin's back, sending the
healing warmth deep into her muscles. Her fingers moved to the center of her
spine, applying just the right pressure as she worked her way downward,
hitting all the right points to ease her aches.

Robin was enjoying it all immensely, her head resting on her interlocked
hands, her eyes still tightly closed as to enjoy every aspect of Donna's
touch without distraction.

But a sudden change on that touch proved the greatest distraction of all as
Donna suddenly leaned over Robin and brushed her breast across her oil coated
back. The unexpected press of the Amazon's flesh against hers suggested to
Robin that perhaps her invitation to Donna's bed wasn't as innocent as she
had originally thought.

Donna paused for a few seconds, giving Robin time to decide what she thought
of the new development. She had never had the need to force herself on any
woman, and she wasn't about to start now. As much as she found she wanted her
teammate at this moment, all it would take would be a simple 'no' to bring it
all to an end.

A 'no' that to Donna's relief and Robin's surprise didn't come. Given enough
time to rationally think this out, Robin could probably come up with a dozen
reasons what this was a very bad idea. But rationally was hardly her strong
point right now. Not when the tiny waves rippling across her body continued
to grow and felt so very good.

Waiting an additional few seconds to be totally sure, Donna leaned even
further across Robin and pressed both of her breasts against her skin,
massaging the flesh with her outstretched nipples. She let the full weight
of her body rest there for a while, her nimble hands running up and down
the length of Robin's side as her fingers brushed against her breasts.

Her fingers continued to tickle their way across Robin's mounds, spreading
inward until they closed around her nipples. Finding them quite excited
already, Donna captured the thick tips between her fingers and rubbed them

"Mmmmm," she heard Robin say as she continued on to the valley between.

Pulling her hands back, Donna lifted up onto the edge of the bed and
continued their journey downward, quickly reaching the cheeks of Robin's ass.
With a soft strength she massaged them vigorously, her fingers slipping down
between the rounded globes to brush against the treasure hidden between.

"Ooooo," Robin gasped loudly as the first hands other than her own found her
sex, triggering an even greater response than hers ever had.

With well practiced skill, Donna continued to skirt the edge of Robin's
pussy, just doing enough to wet her appetite. More would come later, but for
now it was just a sample of what was to be.

Leaning down so that her mouth was just behind Robin's ear, Donna whispered
for her to turn over. A request that she was quick to follow as soon as Donna
moved back enough to let her do so.

With the small bottle back in her hand, Donna poured the warm oils over
Robin's breasts and down to just above her mound. As they had done before,
strong hands spread the warmth across Robin's flesh, playing with her breasts
and again tweaking her nipples. Bringing her head down above them, Donna
kissed each nipple and ran her tongue across it before letting it slip
between her lips where she held it for another longer moment. Then her hands
were on Robin's lower stomach, working the oils deep into her skin and
hovering around the perimeter of her sex.

Donna climbed back onto the bed, laying her body across Robin's so that their
breasts pressed against each other, nipple to nipple. Lubricated by the oils
that covered the girl on bottom, they rocked back and forth for a few
moments, sharing the warmth of each other's body. Then, lifting herself just
a little higher, Donna sought out and met Robin's lips with her own.

Considering the level of intimacy they'd already shared, their first kiss
might seen anticlimactic, but it turned out to be the most intimate act of
all. Donna's tongue pressed out to meet Robin's, gliding into her mouth to
massage its fullness, before pulling back into her own with its counterpart
in tow.

With their breasts still pressed against each other, Robin reached up and
closed her hands against Donna's mounds. Her thumbs pressed against the dark,
hard nipples, giving back some of the same delights Donna had given her.
Their mouths continued to interlock, even as their hands sought each other's

After a while, Robin took a firm hold of Donna and rolling their bodies
across the wide bed, changed positions. After one last kiss, she worked her
way down across the Amazon's larger breasts, kissing the dark circles and
closing her mouth hard against them. This was at least a talent she had
carried over from her maleness and she made the most of it. A fact evident
from the sighs of appreciation Donna now gave her.

With her superior strength, and not to be denied a similar pleasure, Donna
lifted Robin so that she could partake of the same feast, her mouth no less
hungry. It soon became a carefully orchestrated ballet, with each of them
taking a turn pleasing the other, both mindful that even greater pleasures
still lay ahead.

And what pleasures they were as, allowing Robin to go first, Donna lifted
her legs high and wide to give him the most possible access to her sex.
Here again the skills learned in her other life came into play. Skills first
taught by Selena Kyle, the Catwoman and tempered by a few others along the

"Great Hera!" Donna gasped as she felt the first touch of Robin's tongue
against her clit.

Robin ran her tongue against Donna's clit again and again, striking it with
a wanton desire that made Donna shiver with lustful delight. Again taking the
hardened clit between her lips, sucking in deeply, she could feel the more
powerful young woman responding to her efforts with almost girlish glee.
Glancing upward, the Girl Wonder could see Donna playing with her own
breasts, her head tossed back as she kept time with both her moans and each
cascading wave of satisfaction that caused them.

A pleasing pattern quickly developed and the selfless desire to bring
pleasure that both versions of Robin shared quickly came into play. It was
quickly becoming obvious that it wouldn't be long before the fruits of her
labors would explode across Donna's body, delivering an orgasm that either
a Boy or Girl Wonder would've been more than proud to have brought forth.

An orgasm that came even sooner that she'd thought possible as, in a burst
of orgasmic fire, Donna climaxed in a resounding sonata of moans and screams,
rewarding Robin with sweet nectar that truly was like the ambrosia of the

"Merciful Minerva," Donna gasped as the last of the resounding shockwaves
that had buffeted her body finally ceased.

Robin lifted herself upward, her body coming to rest against Wonder Girl as
she bathed in the warmth of the Amazon's afterglow. A quiet pride filled
her heart as she listened to the still excited beat of Donna's own. A
satisfaction at the joy she had brought her.

The thought that it was now Donna's turn was enough to cause Robin to
actually tremble with anticipation. Long ago, Robin had read Batman's
computer files on the backgrounds of the various Justice Leaguers and had
been especially fascinated by Wonder Woman and the all female culture she
had grown up in. One line of that essay was quite memorable to the teenager.
How in the Amazon culture, making love came as naturally as breathing air.

Leaning over, Donna kissed her, softly at first, than much harder, her tongue
thrusting into her mouth like the tip of a spear. Soft, yet powerful hands
roamed down the length of Robin's body, blazing twin trails of both gentle
and hard caresses.

The whole of her body followed her hands, her mouth kissing its way along a
center path, the tips of her nipples brushing a broad stroke as her body
swayed back and forth. Her tongue moved down Robin's stomach and across her
belly button. Lower Donna went, nibbling her way to the girl's womanhood.
Reaching the dark patch, Donna took a moment to relish the aroma. She kissed
each thigh before moving on to her prize.

No sooner had the wet touch of her tongue brushed against Robin's clitoris,
when her body began to resound with the most magnificent delights. It began
as a flicker, and then became a touch, and finally a long loving caress.
Donna could feel Robin's body react to each stroke as she ran her tongue
across her clit over and over.

Robin began to buckle and spasm as Donna increased her intensity. The Amazon
slid her free hand down between her own legs and slid first one, then two and
finally three fingers within herself. Quickly matching the tempo of her
fingers to that of her tongue.

Sweat ran down Robin's body as she shook with each new ecstatic jolt. She
could feel the rising crest within her and knew that an orgasm was near.

Donna darted her tongue in and out of Robin's pussy, the waves of pleasure
cascading up and down her body first doubling and then tripling. The harder
Donna moved her tongue, the faster the waves repeated. Tears of joy ran down
Robin's face as she tried to control the fires within, to delay her impending

Up until this moment, Robin had considered herself a rather skilled
cunnilingist, but after only a few minutes under Donna's darting tongue,
she dropped her opinion of herself down to rank amateur. There wasn't a
move Donna made, with her tongue, her lips, or her hands that didn't bring
extraordinary joy. Robin now understood the steady procession of women that
made their way to Donna's bed.

The orgasms Robin had brought on by herself seemed such little things now,
as her body continued to shake with a steady series of tremors, the least of
which matched the best of her own. It was impossible to speak, at least
anything more than simple grunts of pleasure.

The trip to the precipice was quicker than Robin could have imaged, and for
the longest time, Donna kept her quivering on the edge. Then, thankfully and
blissfully, she carried her over the abyss and into ecstasy.

Such was the force of her climax, Robin found herself blacking out, wrapped
in waves of rapture that swallowed her whole. When she finally awakened,
Donna seemed not surprised. Evidently, that had been a common reaction to
her talents.

* * *

As it had been after her discovery of self-pleasuring, it took only a few
days after Robin's Sapphic encounter with Wonder Girl to find herself wanting
even more. She found herself masturbating up to three times a day now and
still it wasn't enough. Unfortunately, as much as they wished it otherwise,
the two women had only had a single occasion to be intimate since. And as
delightful as that had been, when it was over Robin felt it had been missing
something. It was as if once she'd sampled something new, it lost some of
it's flavor. The Girl Wonder found herself filled with a sense of yearning,
but not knowing what it was that she wanted.

To make matters worse, with only a few more days to go until they could try
to reverse her transformation, Robin was denied even the chance to again try
to satisfy her needs with Donna. Her sister, Wonder Woman, unexpectedly
arrived with a summons from their mother, Queen Hippolyta, commanding both
of them to return to Themyscira for a sacred ceremony. Robin was forced to
go into hiding, least Diana see the new her and mention her condition to
Batman or one of the other Justice Leaguers.

From her hiding place, Robin did, however, get the chance to see Diana again
and was beset by her beauty in a way that had never happened before. That
Donna was gorgeous was beyond question, but her older sister was the most
perfect example of womanhood ever imagined. Robin could feel a wetness
pooling between her legs as she pictured what the older Amazon looked like
naked and how much more skilled a lover she must be than Donna.

After the two sisters had left, Robin returned to her quarters where she
fruitlessly tried to satisfy her desires. But not even the state of the art
toys that Donna had lent her seemed enough. Oh she climaxed easy enough, in
fact it was all she could do not to do so. The simplest of touches seemed to
set her off. But in the end, after the glow had faded, she found herself
wanting more.

By the night before the two weeks were up, Robin found that no amount of
self-pleasuring could bring her relief. Donna wasn't expected back until the
morning, so there was no hope from that quarter. Thinking that maybe a
sleeping pill might help, she put a bathrobe over her pajamas and set off
for the medilab.

It was necessary to pass through the recreational area on the way to the
medilab and as she did, Robin heard the sound of voices coming from the pool.
Curious, she silently stepped to the door and opened it just far enough to
look inside. There, sitting on the edge of the pool not a dozen feet away
were Roy and Garth, both naked.

The thought that they were taking a midnight swim, always a possibility with
Garth being a water-breather, was quickly refuted as Garth, who had slipped
into the water, pulled Roy just far enough down to kiss him. The second give
away was the fact that both had full erections, something that could only
have interfered with said swim.

It was strange, Robin found herself thinking, how only two weeks had made the
sight of a hard cock an almost unfamiliar sight. She had to really think how
it felt to have one, finding that she could bring up the memory but not the
feel of it.

Even stranger, she found herself aroused by the sight of them, and when
Garth's head disappeared between Roy's legs, she felt a sense of envy as
well. Closing the door to give them back their privacy, she paused as a
tremendous desire to go back in and join them filled her.

"I couldn't," she told herself, "that would just be too strange."

So far, masturbating herself to orgasm and even the lesbian trysts with Donna
had been fine, but to have sex with another guy would be just too far out
there. After all, despite the body on the outside, she was still a guy
inside, wasn't she?

Yet try as she could, the image of those hard cocks just wouldn't go away.
She found herself coming up with justifications as to why she should go for
it, the one topping the list being that if they did succeed in changing her
back tomorrow, she would've passed up her only chance to truly see life from
the other side. And if they couldn't reverse the process, this might be all
she had to look forward to, unless of course she thought she could be content
to live life as a lesbian.

Once again, over active hormones overwhelmed reason and her actions seemed
decided. Only not to turn around and head back to the pool. Garth might be
interested, but it was a certainty that Roy would have no interest in her in
this body, despite his having made it clear once before that he was highly
attracted to a male Robin.

No, the two young men behind her wouldn't do, but luckily, they weren't the
only choice available.

* * *

"Wally, I need to talk to you," Robin said as, out of force of habit, she
stepped into his room without knocking first.

Wally West, wearing only a pair of boxer briefs looked up from the pile of
operations manuals on the DNA re-sequencer he had been studying. With only
one chance to get it right, he hadn't wanted to overlook anything important.

"Damn!" the speedster exclaimed as he took in the sight of his visitor.

Enough time had passed for none of the other Titans to be surprised by the
sight of a female Robin, at least not when she was either in her uniform or
some other nondescript outfit. Having the undeniably attractive young woman
barge in on him wearing nothing but a skimpy bra and panties was something
else altogether. Before coming to Wally's room, she had made a stop in
Donna's first and borrowed a few things.

"Robin, what's wrong? Are we under attack?" he asked, quickly concluding that
could be the only explanation for her attire, or lack of it.

"No attack, but I do need you," she replied as she moved close enough that he
could see that both her nipples and the prominent mound between her legs were
visible through her undergarments.

"I don't understand," Wally said, suddenly feeling rather warm.

Neither of them understood that with her lack of recent sexual relief,
Robin's overactive pheromones where now running on overdrive, hitting the
both of them full blast. Robin desperately needed to satisfy her hunger, the
necessity to do so increasing exponentially. Wally, on the other hand, was
finding the quite natural attraction that he'd first felt when he'd seen his
friend after her transformation suddenly blossom into an uncontrollable wave
of sexual desire. One speeding over him almost too fast for even Kid Flash
to handle.

Overwhelmed by Wally's closeness, his very maleness, Robin found herself
reaching down and grabbing his cock through his shorts. "I need this," she

Whatever self-reserve Wally had left was instantly turned to dust in the wind
as just her touch brought him to full hardness. The right or wrong of what
was happening never entered into the picture. Gone was the effort Wally had
made to try and look at his friend and think of him as he was, just trapped
in an unfamiliar form. It was impossible to think of the woman with his cock
in her hand as anything but a beautiful girl, one who wanted him badly.

They came together as Wally felt Robin's lips brush against his. He opened
his mouth to admit her as their tongues danced. She sighed loudly as her
hands ran across his body, feeling the strength in his arms. The speedster
reciprocated as his hands stroked her breasts, finding the softness there.
A softness mixed with a sweet hardness as her nipples came to life, begging
for his touch. A desire that Wally was quick to meet as his fingers stroked
her mounds, the warmth of her body evident through the thin material of her

She grabbed the back of his head and again guided his mouth to hers. The kiss
was deep, lustful and full of the promise. Freeing Wally's cock from his
shorts, Robin stroked it a few times, the memory of how nice that could feel
still evident, if distant. Then, she leaned over and took him into her mouth,
an act that fifteen days ago would've been beyond her imagination.

"Wow!" Wally exclaimed as he felt the wetness engulf him.

Her head bobbed up and down as her lips washed across his excited flesh,
alternating licks and a sucking motion as she felt Wally becoming more and
more aroused. His hands found the back of her head as he guided her, not that
she seemed to have much need of that guidance.

Despite having absolutely no experience to draw upon, Robin was nevertheless
doing quite a good job sucking Wally off. So good in fact that he was
beginning to worry about letting loose in her mouth. He let out a warning,
but one that Robin seemed either not to hear, or not to care about. Either
way, nature took its course and only a short time later, he did just that.

Robin never even paused as Wally exploded into her mouth, swallowing his
eruption a fast as she could. The genetic imprinting left by the re-sequencer
was now firmly established, in every way that mattered. She was now totally a
woman with a woman's experiences guiding her actions.

His climax had barely subsided as Robin quickly reached for the clasp between
the hemispheres of her bra. A touch of her fingers and the fragile material
gave way, causing the rounded mounds beneath them to pop free. Wally's hands
were on them instantly, his fingers playing with the thick nipples.

Fingers that were just as quickly replaced by his mouth as he teased her tips
with his tongue. A hushed moan filled the air as Robin pressed her breasts
deeper into his embrace, her hands stroking the small of his back. They
worked their way downward, slipping beneath the elastic of his shorts, giving
them just enough of a tug to pull them down. Wally followed her example and
just as easy, her panties found their way on the floor next to his briefs.

Now it was Wally's turn to return the pleasure Robin had brought him. With an
eagerness befitting the fastest teen alive, he quickly disappeared between
her legs, spreading them wide as he stroked her bare flesh. The Girl Wonder
gasped as she felt Wally's tongue slip between the folds of her sex.

The feel of his tongue against her clitoris was unlike anything she'd felt
before. It was even more wonderful than anything Donna had done. Arching her
back, Robin grabbed the back of Wally's head and pulled him deeper inside
her. A loud moan of ecstasy filled the air as resounding waves of delight
ripped through her.

Faster and faster Wally's tongue moved, becoming almost a blur as he used
his super-speed in a way he'd never been able to do before since all of his
lovers had only known him as Wally West and not Kid Flash. Cascades of
satisfaction rippled up and down her body as Wally increased his efforts,
quickly reaching a point that had her tethering on the edge of rapture.

An edge she hurled over as her orgasm overtook her, her body quivering and
quaking with an intensity eclipsing all that came before. It was all she
could do to stay conscious, but this time she managed to do so by sheer
force of will.

But Wally was far from finished. His use of his speed had given him another
inspiration. Quickly shifting position, he looked into her eyes and saw that
not even her orgasm had lessened her desire.

He kissed her again, thrusting the wetness of his tongue deep into her mouth.
Wally moved from her mouth to her neck, kissing his way down to her breasts,
his hands massaging her sides. It didn't take long for him to work his way
down below her waist.

"Oh Wally, baby, I need you so badly," Robin gasped as she spread her legs
wide, inviting his entry.

It suddenly occurred to Wally, and in retrospect, he didn't know why it
didn't before, that since her transformation, Robin was again a virgin. He
was truly going where no man had gone before.

Moving into position, he brought his cock to rest against the entrance to her
pussy, rubbing it against her opening. He paused for a moment to look up into
her face, finding a look of joyful anticipation. Ever so slowly, he pressed
forward, again pausing once he was fully inside of her.

"Yes!" Robin cried out, "Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Ever so slowly, Wally began to move in and out of her, picking up speed with
each thrust. Her tightness pressed against him as he moved further inside
her. Then, after a few minutes, he added his special surprise.

Robin felt her entire body began to quiver, every inch coming alive and
filling with excitement. Oscillating waves of delights, radiating outward
from between her legs, took hold. Carrying her to a place almost beyond her

With total control over the very atoms of his body, Wally had begun an inner
vibration that had, in effect, turned him into a human vibrator. Every thrust
of his cock carried those sensations deep into her core.

Her breasts, especially her nipples, cried out for attention. Soft, agile
hands took up the task, adding to the bliss that filled her. Tightly she
squeezed them, pressing her fingers hard against her flesh, vibrations
radiating out from them as well.

The pulsing cock deep inside her drove her even wilder as she cried out
Wally's name again and again. It didn't seem possible, but he felt even
tighter inside her. Sweat dripped down their naked bodies as together,
they traveled the fields of paradise.

Wrapping her arms around Wally's neck, she pulled him tight against her. A
final, powerful thrust sent the two of them over the periphery, rocking their
bodies with orgasm after orgasm as the two of them shared the indescribable.

By the time morning arrived, Robin had learned that one of the little know
aspects of Wally's unique metabolism was his ability to recover from any
exertion far quicker than a normal man. In other words, he truly could fuck
all night long. A fact further attested to by the sore muscles she had to
show for it.

* * *

The glow of the transmutation tube filled the chamber as the four Teen Titans
waited for the DNA re-sequencer to complete the reversal process. It had been
a few hours since Robin had entered the chamber and based on the original
transformation, and Wally's detailed reading of the operational manuals,
their best estimate was that they had only another fifteen minutes to go.

All during the flight back to the Adirondacks, Robin had kept to herself,
avoiding both Donna and Wally. With what lay ahead of her, both Titans
respected her privacy. Neither of them had any idea of the other's new
relationship with the Girl Wonder, or what would happen to that relationship
if the reverse transformation succeeded. Or more importantly, if it didn't.

"Five minutes," Speedy announced from the control panel were he'd been
monitoring the progress of the transformation.

Both Donna and Wally let out a collective sigh as they turned as one to look
at the orange cloud that still filled the transmutation tube. In a few
minutes, they would know if they had succeeded. If they could read each
other's thoughts, they would learn than part of them secretly hoped that
they hadn't.

"Something's happening," Garth pointed out as the glow of the tube began to
fade and the whirl of the exhaust fans began to fill the air.

As they had done two weeks before, the clear glass walls slowly receded into
the floor, leaving a blue jumpsuit clad form still partially obscured by the
mist. Robin had decided not to wear her costume in case the reverse process

"Robin?" both Donna and Wally said almost in unison.

The two Titans turned to look at each other, surprised at the depth of the
concern in each other's voice. Then they turned their gaze back to the murky

"What? What happened?" Robin said, his voice instantly recognizable as that
of the male version.

"It worked!" Speedy said excitedly as he came out from around the control
panel, "We changed you back."

"You changed me back?" the Teen Wonder repeated, an obvious confusion in his
voice. "Changed me back from what? What are you talking about? What happened
to my costume?"

"You don't remember?" Wally said in astonishment.

"Remember what?" Dick said as he stepped forward. "I must've blacked out for
a few minutes from that gas, but it couldn't have be more than ten or fifteen
at most."

"Ten minutes," Donna repeated, "Dick, it's been two weeks since we shut down
Intergang's base."

"Two weeks?" Dick repeated, a stunned look on his face. "That's not possible.
What's going on here?"

That was a question none of the Titans was in a hurry to answer. Finally,
Garth, who still found the whole thing a little humorous, stepped up and
explained what had happened.

"I can't believe it," Robin said after the Atlantean had finished. "You're
telling me I was a girl?"

'It's true," Speedy confirmed, "we even have pictures."

Wally turned to the archer and gave him a dirty look, not liking the
implication of what he was saying.

"On the monitor tape back at HQ," Roy quickly clarified, "what did you think
I meant?"

"And you don't remember any of it?" Donna interjected, putting the discussion
back on track.

"Absolutely nothing," came Robin's reply, shaking his head to emphasize his

"You're sure?" Wally asked.

"Of course I'm sure," Robin answered. "Why, what did I do these last two

"Nothing out of the ordinary," Wally quickly answered, thinking that perhaps
events had taken the best possible course. "I was just curious, that's all."

Donna looked as if she wanted to say something, but then thought the better
of it. What was done was done.

"Well if we're done here, can we head back to Titan's Lair?" Garth inquired.
"Some of us have things we need to do."

Since no one had any reason why not, they began to shut down all the
equipment so they could do just that. Ten minutes later, after notifying the
authorities that they were done, they exited the base.

One by one they climbed onboard their helicopter, with Robin the last to
board. Pausing at the door, he stopped to take one last look at the Intergang

An almost wicked smile filled his face as he remembered the events of the
last two weeks. Of the events, even if they had not been of his making, that
had opened his eyes in ways he could never have imagined. Even if he could
turn back time, he would've been quite reluctant to change what had happened.
Not that he was ever going to admit that to anyone, he had decided that much
on the copter ride up here. Better that both Wally and Donna think that he
didn't remember what he had shared with both of them. At least they would all
have the memory of what they'd done

"Still, it's a pity we used up the last of the transmetagenetic compound,"
Robin thought as he closed the door behind him. "It might've been fun to be
the Girl Wonder one more time."


This story was inspired by many different things, but none more so than the
image of Jill Saint John in a Robin suit in the very first TV episode of
Batman back in January 1966. Amazing the little things that stay with you
all your life.

(c) Ann Douglas 2007


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