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whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really
fucking stupid. I don't own Phantom Lady, but the Quality Comics' copyright
on the character lapsed decades ago and so anybody can legally write stories
about her, and not just DC Comics whose deep respect for the character was
demonstrated by sticking Deathstroke's sword between her tits. That said, I
make no profit from this story. Please read the story codes above to ensure
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Additional Credit: Story requested by reikorikku as part of the DSE (Story)
Victim Exchange Program

Description: An investigation at a drugs lab ends in mind control, rape and
murder for the world's least dressed heroine.

Content Codes: MMM+F, gangrape, snuff, mc, viol, inter, pwp, necro

Phantom Lady: Despero's Ho
by JD ([email protected])

Savate is a very fluid martial art. Dee Tyler aka Phantom Lady looked almost
like she was dancing as she kicked and punched the members of the street
gang. Although there were at least twenty of them, she wasn't remotly
concerned - she'd faced much bigger and more dangerous odds and triumphed.
They were all big black guys, and even the shortest had three or four inches
in height over the barely dressed heroine, but none of them seemed to be able
to land a blow.

Phanton Lady span and twisted, green crape fluttering around behind as she
knocked much bigger men to the ground with well planted green booted kicks
and sold punches to the head. Soon there were only fifteen on their feet,
then ten, then five. The last men looked around and down at their groaning
comrades and one held out his palms in surrender.

"Yo, bitch, we don't."

Dee ignored the surrender attempt and beat down the last five gangmembers
until only one of them was left - and he was on his knees. Nineteen big beefy
gang members lay around the filthy floor of the drugs lab in various levels
of consciousness and pain. The last was the biggest of them all, easily 6'10
and weighing around three hundred and fifty pounds of muscle. His name was
T-Dog, and he was the gang's leader. Despite his size he'd lost all his
arrogance and looked close to crying on his knees when Phantom Lady held one
hand on his throat and pulled her fist back.

"These new drugs are causing more deaths than any others on the market. I
bet you're proud, huh? I know your gang was the main source of supply, but
there's no way you invented it."

That rankled for T-Dog, and reminded him of one of his school teachers.

"You sayin black men can't be smart?"

Phantom Lady rolled her eyes behind her visor,

"No, dumbass. I'm saying that my scientist buddy ran some tests for me and
the raw stuff you're batching up here didn't originate on Earth. Unless you
boys are secretly Martians, you're not the source."

T-Dog looked pretty spooked,

"I can't tell you! I can't tell you! You crazy, but he's really fucking
crazy. When the East Side gang tried to muscle in, they all got their heads
pulled off!"

Another voice came from the direct of the warehouse entrance - behind Phantom
Lady and the huge gang member,

"Really, that's how rumours start. I only pulled the heads off the ones I
caught, not all of the gang. I'm a civilised man, after all."

The scantily clad heroine turned around and looked up. The huge
pinkish-purple skinned bulk of the alien dictator Despero filled the open
double doors of the warehouse. He was wearing a dark suit tailored to his
massive frame, though his feet were bare. Dee had seen the footage on the
news from when he and Johnny Sorrow took on the combined JLA and JSA outside
the White House and knew immediately that Despero was way out of her league.

Despero grinned and turned the third eye of his forehead on the Phantom Lady.
Quite suddenly she couldn't move. An illusion of the eye opened on her own
forehead, above her visor and below her hairline. She was fully aware inside
her mind, but the sensation was like being wrapped in ice. Dee could feel her
entire body while retaining no control over it at all.

The huge alien turned and closed the doors of the warehouse, while around the
statue-like heroine the gang was getting back to its collective feet. There
were a lot of bruises and a few cracked ribs, but every single one of the
gang members started to smile hugely as the situation sank in. Despero's mind
control powers were such that he didn't need to give any commands vocally, he
just had to think what he wanted, and anyone under his control obeyed.
However, for the sake of the understanding of the gang members, he said,
"Really, T-Dog, I don't want to have to do everything myself in this
operation. I'm very disappointed that the twenty of you couldn't beat down a
single caped woman. She doesn't even have any meta-human abilities, man."

"Sorry boss. She one hell of a fighter."

"Nonsense. She's a. what's that colourful word? Ho! She's a ho. Look at how
she's dressed, man! Bare legs, bare back. her breasts are virtually hanging

There were laughs from the gang. Phantom Lady heard it all, but couldn't so
much as work her mouth to protest. Despero made her turn slowly, showing her
body off to the black gang members who whistled appreciatively at the white
woman in their midst.

"Hi boys, I want to get fucked hard by all of you," the words came from Dee's
mouth in Dee's voice, but she hadn't wanted to speak them. Inside her head
she screamed No! over and over, but Despero had her bend over backwards until
she could rest her palms flat against the floor. Her backward arched body,
with cape hanging down to the floor and thick black hair likewise hanging
down was even more exciting to the gang.

Despero had her stand back up and dance slowly, moving her hands up and down
her body. She swayed sexily, wiggling her ass and jutting forward her tits
and throwing smoulderingly lustful glances at the increasingly aroused drug
gang. Despero smiled widely, showing his sharply pointed teeth, and Phantom
Lady crouched down. Inside her own head Dee tried to work out what he was
going to make her do next, when she hooked her finger into the crotch of her
costume and pulled it aside.

At the side of her shaven snatch a cheer went up from the gang, many of who
had tugged out their cocks and were openly masturbating at the forced show.
Dee felt her bladder loosen, and then piss sprayed out of her urethra. The
stream splashed her boots but mostly flowed down a channel to central
drainage hole in the floor. She felt intensely humiliated as she emptied her
bladder in front of so many men. Despero had her wipe her pussy off with her

Worse was to come for the helpless heroine, when she felt herself get down on
her knees and push her face into the piss soaked channel. Dee wanted to throw
up as she pushed out her tongue and licked her own hot acrid piss from the
filthy warehouse floor. She licked and slurped and hated the taste - but
Despero's control was so total she couldn't so much as cry about it.

When the villain finally had Phantom Lady sit back on her knees the huge
T-Dog stood before directly before her. She felt her gloved hands reach up
and grip his big shaft; feeling the heat of it even through her gloves. The
heavy scent of his unwashed cock overpowered even her own piss smell, and
he wasted no time into pushing the bulbous purple head into Phantom Lady's
mouth. Despero had her look up sultrily through her visor as T-Dog forced
his dick down into her throat.

The big black man raped her face quickly and brutally. He wrapped her thick
black hair around his hands and used it for leverage as his heavy black balls
bounced against her chin. Dee felt every inch of the thick shaft stretching
her gullet. She felt the pain of being choked on cock, the humiliation of
being helplessly orally raped in front of a crowd of men. The incredibly
embarrassment of being so instantly overpowered by an alien supervillain.

T-Dog pulled out suddenly, and Despero had her hold her mouth wide and stick
her tongue out as he jerked his shaft. The panting gang leader didn't give a
shit about a bitch's open mouth for once, and pushed his throbbing cock up
next to Phantom Lady's visor. His thick load splashed across the clear
plastic, spraying over the middle and both eyes equally. It dripped down her
face and onto the costume over her tits, staining the yellow fabric with wet

Dee could hardly see around the creamy smears on his visor, so she didn't
even see it coming when he slapped her face hard with his semi-stiff shaft.
He beat her cheeks with his thick meat for a few seconds, and then used her
hair to wipe his dark dick skin clean. Phantom Lady felt him tug on her hair
even as Despero had her hitch the crotch of her costume aside again, "Well?
What are the rest of you dumb niggers waiting for? A chance to fuck your
mothers too?"

Again, Phantom Lady's voice spoke Despero's words.

The gang was already looking for revenge for the earlier beating, but the
racial taunt from the cum smeared white bitch ensured they were even rougher.
As T-Dog stepped back another man stepped forward and swung a vicious punch
to the side of Phantom Lady's head. She never saw it coming, and went down

He was on top of her in an instant, forcing her legs apart with his bulky
frame and yanking the crotch of her costume further aside. He forced his dick
inside her; the dry rape hurt her immensely, but Despero had her moan like a
whore as she was speared. He pounded roughly into her, feeling her cunt
slowly open to his shaft.

"Roll that bitch over man!" came a suggestion, so the rapist grabbed Phantom
Lady's hips and rolled onto his back. Dee's legs dropped on either side of
him and Despero had her start humping her body, bouncing on his cock and
moaning for him to fuck her harder. She held her hands out to the sides and
felt herself beckoning other men nearer.

Her cape was rolled off her back to the side and she felt hands on her
ass, then her costume was being held to the side while a finger was forced
painfully into her anus. Another soon joined it and pumped her ass while the
gang member beneath her pounded her cunt. As she was being made to hump his
dick herself, he reached up and pulled aside the yellow costume strips over
her breasts. He groped Phantom Lady's big rack appreciatively, working her
nipples between his fingers. The additional stimulation was only adding to
Dee's helpless shame as she found herself physically enjoying the rough

She wanted to scream when a big cock replaced the fingers in her ass. She
was very tight back there, and the big rapist pulled back on her hair as her
forced his way in. The man pumping her cunt felt the big cock going into her
ass and groaned as he sprayed her cervix with thick globs of cum. As he
wiggled out from beneath her it dribbled down onto the floor. Another rapist
quickly took his place.

Phantom Lady felt her beckoning hands being pulled onto shafts, and Despero
made her jerk them eagerly. The alien hadn't moved, and was enjoying the show
as much as the gang. Another cock was pushed into her mouth and she sucked
and licked it with every show of eagerness. Her body was a puppet whore while
her mind wept tears of shame. Her cunt was slick with juice and the first
rapist's cum, and now very responsive to the vicious pounding.

There was no stopping it. Dee felt the climax building in her belly, felt
the heat in her breasts and cunt. She screamed around the cock stuffing her
throat as her first orgasm started. The oral vibrations were amazing, and
the guy in her mouth was coming straight down into her stomach before he
even realised it. Her spasming holes brought off the other two, while the
whole gang whooped and hollered to see the bitch cum.

"Look at that bitch, pop!"

"Wow, these superwhores love getting it in every hole!"

"I'm fucking the slut, next!"

All three men were quickly replaced, and so it went on through the night.
Phantom Lady was raped over and over by every member of the gang while
Despero watched and smiled. When her cunt started to feel too loose, they
double raped it, both cocks forced agonisingly up into her obscenely
stretched cunt and pistoning inside her while her gaping ass leaked a
steady flow of sperm.

Some of them beat her while they raped her, avenging earlier injuries. Her
visor was cracked and her costume ripped while her breasts were used like a
punching bag by one angry young man. He had her on her back with her legs
hooked over his shoulders and punched each breast hard as he raped her. She
felt the pain but still firmly under Despero's control could do nothing but
beg for more. They twisted her into a dozen different positions as they
slaked their lusts on her body, and Despero had her tell them what a slut,
a whore, a worthless piece of fuckmeat she was.

The night was over and the sun well up outside by the time the gang was too
exhausted to continue. T-Dog was following a first in, last out leadership
philosophy, and had Phantom Lady on her knees with her ass up but her face
down sideways in the pool of cum on the floor. He clenched his hand into a
fist and pushed it into her sloppy cunt.

"Shit, look at this!" he commented, as his muscular forearm disappeared to
the elbow. He felt hardly any resistance as he pumped his fist inside Phantom
Lady's hole, while cum and pussy juice squelched obscenely around it. Dee had
lost count of how many orgasms she had been forced through, but now her holes
were all so sore she was just suffering and exhausted. T-Dog shook his head
and stood up, pulling his arm loose as he did so.

"This bitch is so stretched out a fucking horse couldn't use her!"

The gang members left awake joined T-Dog and Despero in looking down at the
defeated heroine. She still wore most of her costume, but was drenched in cum
and smeared with filth from the floor. T-Dog kicked her hard in the ribs and
put her onto her back.

Despero let go his mind control over the heroine.

"You... you evil bastards!" the voice was faint because Dee was so tired and
sore she couldn't even lift her arms and speaking was painful through her
fucked-raw throat.

Despero had enjoyed the show for hours without so much as touching his own
cock. Now, he pulled down the pants of his suit and revealed his monstrous
inhuman organ. He pulled Dee up by her hair and dangled her from the ground.
Cum drained heavily from her into the thick puddle already on the floor. She
felt the painful pull on the scalp and managed to raise her arms to bat
weakly against Despero's grip. Her visor was totally drenched with semen,
and her ears were partially blocked but she heard the shocked gasps as
Despero's huge cock swelled up with blood.

Built on the same scale as him, it was soon thicker grown thicker than Dee's
neck and longer than her torso. He pushed it into her gaping hole, and felt
the slippery sides of her cunt grip his huge shaft. He released his grip on
Phantom Lady's cum sodden hair and held her hips instead. She felt the shaft
stretching her out and weakly begged him not to push further as she slid

Despero just laughed. T-Dog gasped as the huge alien used his strength to
impale Phantom Lady in one brutal thrust. His cock annihilated everything in
its path and burst out of her mouth, dragging barely identifiable organs with
it. Dee's jaw was shattered while her internal organs were mashed and broken
by the cock impalement.

She couldn't scream with her throat blocked, and the damage was so massive
she died even before Despero's second thrust. Despero raped her twitching
corpse as her limbs bounced like a doll's. He dragging the dead heroine up
and slamming her corpse back onto his massive meat, enjoying the squelching
of her hot tight body as his shaft pummelled it. Her breasts bounced on her
chest as he sped up his thrusts. He used her like a tubesock before suddenly
tugging her body off and tossing it in a battered pile to the floor.

The watching and awed gang members looked confused until he jerked his gory
shaft down over Phantom Lady's face and finished off with a final massive cum
blast over her visor. His ejaculation was so powerful it totally shattered
the plastic, but Dee was long past caring as he drowned her head with his
load. Despero had been building up to this moment all night, and emptied
pints of alien seed over the dead heroine's face and breasts before he was

"Right. I'm going to take this ho away with me, so you lot can clean up the
rest of this mess here. Those drugs aren't going to sell themselves."

Despero swung Phantom Lady's cooling and messy body up over his shoulder and
left the warehouse. The next morning Opal City citizens were treated to the
sight of Phantom Lady lashed to the statue of justice on top of the
courthouse, with her arms tied to the statue's outstretched limbs, and her
legs bound back and wide to display her gaping and bloody cunt.


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