WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comics, companies, writers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Power Girl (DC comics)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

Power Girl: The Mass Tarr's Harem Part 2
A comic book/super-heroine erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

In another dimension, on a planet far removed and isolated from any other inside of lavish place of shining stone atop a mountain with clouds rolling just feet below the peak... Inside of a central chamber with a lavish, gem-furnished golden throne as the centrepiece...

"MMMMPHH!! MMMM... MMMM MMMMPHH!!" The red-headed former super-spy known as Black Widow groaned around the cock of her master as he sat back in his throne, grinning as he watched her pretty face move smoothly and steadily on his long, thick cock to make the otherworldly stud called Mass Tarr moan with approval. A far cry from her former intimidating and feared life as an Avenger, the busty Russian clad in a tight black bodysuit that's almost identical to her clothing in her now long-gone line of work was now willingly and eagerly sucking the cock of the man who had all too easily cock-whipped her into this submissive state. "MMMM... MMMMMPHHH!! MMMM..." However with eyes brimming with desire to please and feel pleasure herself, she's bobbing away onto his vast size, leaving those inches nicely coated with her saliva as she works her mouth up and down him time and time again, even swaying her juicy backside seductively from side to side as she slurped away onto this dick.

"MMMM!! Ahhhh yes Black Widow... MMMM!! Suck my dick... MMMM... You beautiful woman you..." The handsome hunk encourages her, causing her to groan around his member as she takes him deeply in and out of her now experienced at servicing him oral hole, shameless slurping and slobbering all over his tool while he runs his hand through her long flaming red hair and moans with each upward or down motion she gives him. "AHHHHH... MMMMM YES... Just... AHHHH... Just a little more..." He groans, feeling his shaft throb between those nicely soft and full lips, more than enjoying the sight of the busty former heroine lifting and lowering her head along a more than generous amount of his cock with the added bonus of feeling her muffled moans vibrating against his member, showing that not even needing to be touched properly she's getting off on just dishing out pleasure to her Harem master.

Those hungry slurps soon get the reward she'd been craving when Mass Tarr lets out a deep groan, beginning to flood her mouth with his load and it only takes a few initial shots before the mouth of Black Widow starts to get filled up. Having been well trained and experienced now in the (has it been days? Weeks? Months? She'd lost track of all time since being transported to this far dimension) time she's been serving him, she knows now how to properly handle his load. Raising up to focus on the crown and couple inches below, she sucks and swallows down the cum offered to her with greedy, loud gulps, using both her hands to stroke the pulsating shaft to milk him dry off another massive load and making sure she doesn't miss a drop of that taste seed she's become addicted to along with the rest of him.

"Mmmmm... Excellent work Black Widow, as always..." Mass Tarr compliments as she lets go of his softening rod. "More than a fine warm-up there for me before I venture out and collect my next prize!" He says, motioning for her to shift back as he stands up from his throne.

"Thank you Mass Tarr!" Black Widow smiles with pride at the praise as she stands up, following him as heads down the steps to the ground. "Will you be gone for long, if... If I can be allowed to ask you that?"

"Of course you can my darling!" He smirks, glancing to her. "With the differences of dimensions, worlds, and time-zones I will barely be gone from here for dare I say more than a minute, but I will be spending a far longer time meeting and collecting my next prize for this Harem of mine. You will soon have a fellow friend to share duties with, and have plenty of... Fun with, as well."

"I would be honoured to meet her, Mass Tarr!" She says with a nod. "As I'm sure she'll be honoured and thankful to open her eyes to how... How wonderful life is, serving you!" She adds, showing how broken and cock-drunk his willing first "prize" now is.

"Oh believe me... She will... And it will be my pleasure to do so..." He says with a chuckle, stepping away from Black Widow so he can place his hands together, saying under his breath a long forgotten enchantment that soon creates a bright sphere of light that surrounds and engulfs him, before in the blink of her eyes he's gone, vanished from this world and dimension completely.

But true to his word, he was gone from there only for a moment. But in the world he'd transported himself to?

* * *

Power Girl soared high above the buildings of the city, her bright red cape flapping along with her short, blonde hair in the wind as she effortlessly used her natural Kryptonian powers to manipulate gravity in her favour to allow the powers of flight, just one of her many super-heroine powers that have made her infamous. Along with, of course, her fantastically curved figure, her tight white bodysuit form fitting and with the trademark "boob window" to show off deep cleavage made from her large, rounded tits to more than distract opponents, not forgetting how it shows off her long, smooth legs fully and hugs to cover her just as desirable ass.

It was just a normal patrol day, mostly to tick boxes of doing duties before being summoned as per usual to help save the world, and if nothing else seeing a super-heroine flying around would at least be reassuring to most that the "good guys and gals" were around and watching what was going on.

However Power Girl brought herself to an instant stop when she saw a sudden flash of light from the rooftop of the highest building in the nearby area, and focusing her sight with the aid of her powers on it, what she saw her made her eyes go wide with surprise. A completed naked, muscular man with... A really, really massive dick?? Raising an eyebrow, she knew that certainly required investigation... Especially as when she changed direction to head towards this person, he seemed to have sensed her instantly and was looking towards her.

"Power Girl! Glad to see that I arrived at the right place to meet you..." Mass Tarr greeted her as she landed on the rooftop.

"Meet me, huh?" She folded her arms under her large chest, looking him over. "This is a new one... And yeah, you look "excited" to see me..." He said, referring to his naked state. "You always greet people with no clothes on like this?"

"Of course! Makes things far more easier... I am Mass Tarr..." He introduces himself with a handsome, friendly smile. "And while this may be hard to believe but I have travelled from another world, and another dimension with only one purpose in mind. To meet you. Specifically though, to meet you, and have sex with you."

"You what now?" Power Girl laughed, looking him over. "Do you, know who I am?"

"Of course!" He says with a nod. "Power Girl - super-heroine, Kryptonian, with super-human strength, senses, abilities and the power to fly amongst others. Plus as you no doubt know yourself, you are extremely attractive with a body unlike any other. The reason why you deliberately show off that fantastic chest of yours." He notes with a smile and a not towards her.

"Well, at least you're honest..." She smirks, looking him over again with a hint of suspicion but her eyes widen as she sees that his cock is starting to harden, looking like it's getting even longer and thicker than it'd been just hanging between his legs. "You expect me to believe this? Got to be a trick or something, and believe me, if you think about doing anything..." She starts to warn.

"No trick Power Girl!" Mass Tarr still smiles with honesty in his voice. "And there's no need for any violence, but I am serious when I say I've come here to have sex with you. A woman as beautiful and stunning like yourself deserves only the finest pleasure and satisfaction, and I can give you that... That and a whole lot more. Look around you! I'm here alone and unarmed, and there's no one else around here at this height to even see us."

"That... That is true..." She moves a hand onto her hip. "And I could easily kick your ass if you tried anything... I eat up so called "hunks" and men who want to try and fuck me for breakfast... If you know me like you say you do, then you know I'm no ordinary woman." Power Girl says with a smirk. "And trust me on this one, out of the many people who have claimed they could handle me? Become even a one-night stand for me? Very, very few could even measure up to my needs..." She pauses, looking over his now looking rock hard cock pointing at her. "...I'll admit, this whole situation? You appearing out of the blue? I'm... Interested... But looking at that dick of yours? If it even is real? I wonder if you're just compensating for not being able to use it..." She says with a hint of a challenge in her voice.

"Well, you'll never know if you don't let me prove myself to you." He challenges back with a chuckle.

"Oh really? I bet you wouldn't be able to last a minute against me..." She fires back, starting to walk towards him and arriving at him, she boldly reaches forward and takes a hold of his dick, using her gloved hand to give his length a firm stroke. "Hmmm... Well, it's real at least... So I'll give that to you..." She pauses, looking him dead in the eye. "You serious about this? Just here to fuck me? Prove that you're... Some inter-dimensional lover?"

"All that, and a whole lot more." He says, giving her a nod.

"...You know what? As much as my friends, and especially my family would want to beat some sense into me for this... Let's see what you've got then..." She says, smirking as she starts to slip down to her knees in front of him, using both hands to pump his cock for a further test.

"I can promise you Power Girl, this is a decision you will not regret." He says as an answer to her doubts, smiling as he looks down and gets a fine view of her infamous cleavage on display from her signature attire.

"Cocky motherfucker, aren't you?" She raises an eyebrow for a moment before she leans in, guiding his cock into her mouth, gazing up at this mysterious man and letting out a humming sound as if she's impressed he hasn't blown yet as she wraps her lips around him, pushing down along his massive size to over the halfway mark. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh..." She surprises herself as she lets out a groan around this man-meat, raising up to his crown before she pushes back down, building up to a steady motion as she rocks her head along that pole, her gloved hand gripping the base as she uses the free one to brush strands of her hair rather casually out of her line of sight.

"Mmmmm... I am confident in my skills... As I'm sure... Ahhhh... You clearly are with yours..." The otherworldly hunk states, happily and openly moaning as he feels those soft, Kryptonian lips moving back and forth over his dick at this already steady pace, feeling how nicely damp and warm that oral hole is and not being subtle either about the fact that it seems she knows what she's doing from the smooth way she's blowing his member. "Ahhhh... With this sort of ability... Mmmmm! No doubt you've finished off many a lesser man than I before..." He adds, giving a smile down at the stunning woman sucking him off, getting another arched eyebrow with a hint of a smile as she keeps that mouth moving over him, letting out a low moan herself around that dick that she's keeping between her lips, never once lifting even over the crown and pushing down until she's easily handled half of his size inside herself.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmphhh..." She groans, before lifting away and off of him, adding to the light covering of saliva on him by spitting onto the head, using her hand to stroke it in as she smirks up at him. "Damn right I have! Guess this means... I just need to go all out on you to finish you off..." The super heroine says with a naughty tone before she looks to catch him off guard, diving back in and pushing her mouth even further down, letting out a louder but still muffled groan around that thickness as she begins bobbing her head with a firmer, more purposeful pace. "Mmmmphhh!! MMMM!!" She glares up, seeing his handsome, moaning expression as again despite her turning things up a notch he is indeed able to take this, her eyes a mix of being pleasantly surprised by this and a clear growing lust that for once, she's able to let loose some pent up sexual frustrations and not showing any fear of what might happen should any passing aircraft or helicopter see her giving head to a man she's only just met.

"Mmmm!! Oh yes Power Girl! Ahhhhh... Most magnificent..." He groans out his encouragement, watching that blonde haired head moving up and down on his pole, coating him now more than just generously with her saliva, which is also starting to seep out past her lips from the aggressive, repeated motion to trickle down her chin. "Ahhhhh... Don't hold back on me... Mmmm!! Let's see... Mmmmm... What you can do to me..." He's daring her, able to turn the tables from her attempts to surprise him as he continues to show he's more than built to take what oral tricks she can dish out. Narrowing her eyes at this, she takes the challenge with another deep push, making herself gag as she pushes that gorgeous face all the way down onto his rod, lips sealing around the base as she lets out another loud groan, her hands gripping his ass as she keeps herself held down and fights to keep those lips wrapped around his meat.

"GAHHHHHH!! MMMMMPHHH!! HHRRRLLLKKK!!" Her saliva splatters around that already coated tool, escaping from her mouth to stain not just the rod but his nuts and herself as her gags are making more of an erotic mess while she stares up, almost nodding her head to show she accepts the fact he can handle her deep throating all of his vast size. With that, she starts to bob her head once again on him, now just lifting up to that mid-point before racing down and gagging lewdly when her chin meets his heavy balls and his bell-end touches the back of her hungry mouth. "MMMPHHH... GAHHHHH!! HAAALLLKKKK... MMMMM..." As her slurps get louder and sloppy from this wild motion, she's barely caring about the strands of her swaying hair covering her face, let alone how her saliva dripping from both her own chin and off this very rod she's servicing is making her exposed tits glisten from the coating of spit they are getting, sinfully pooling and seeping down into her vast cleavage.

"Mmmmm... You're making quite... Ahhhhh!! A nice mess there Power Girl..." Mass Tarr says with a moan and a smile as he watches her head bob along him a couple more times.

"GAHHHHH... Mmmmmphh!!" She lets out another gag before she pulls her head all the way off from him, a brief moment to catch her air before she lets her eyes gaze over that drenching of her spit all over that dick. "Fuck... OK, you fucking impressed me... Not too many can even handle all of that..." Power Girl admits, smirking as she glances down at the similarly sexy glazing over the exposed tops of her tits. "And yeah, this is one damn mess right here... Guess you want a go fucking them, like most the planet does?" She assumes with a knowing eyebrow, teasing as she uses her hands to squeeze her tits and push them together invitingly.

He lets out a chuckle, shaking his head and still smiling. "A kind offer! But I would much rather fuck you properly, if I would be allowed to?"

"Turning down my tits to get to the real stuff? Damn... You might be a keeper..." She says, sounding and looking impressed as she stands up from the floor, using a hand to swing her cape over and around one shoulder so she can look back at him over the other. "If you can handle this, that is..." She says with a tone that laid out a challenge to him, far from caring that even at the high of the top of this building this is still an open area that any pacing flight craft could see, slowly bending over forwards and sticking out her more than just shapely backside out towards him.

Approaching her, the stud from another dimension looks with approval at that rounded booty, gripping her signature body suit and showing off his strength to rather easily pull the attire at her rear to the side, making her gasp at the exposure as her already a little wet looking pussy is revealed to him, and already he's lining up that cock with her entrance with the other hand. "Allow me to show you now what I can do..." He says, and in the next second doing just that as he pushes his shaft forward into that twat with one forceful thrust, making her eyes widen as they both moan out, his hands going onto her toned waist to hold her as just like her, seeing that the other can take it he's going right into establishing a proper motion, moving his sturdy hips towards and then smoothly away from her as he slips his rod in and out of her.

"Mmmmm!! Oh shit!! Mmmmm... Yeah, you'd better... Mmmmm!! Fucking show me..." The voluptuous beauty warned him, still questioning if this muscular hunk was able to survive against her and her high sexual ability despite what he's shown her, and the fact he's already making her moan as he pumps that big dick right into her folds before drawing back smoothly and repeating the action. "Ahhhhh... Mmmmm shit! Will say... MMMM... I like where this is going so far..." She admits, looking back with a smirk and a look of approval, feeling how that lengthy prick is ploughing in nicely deep into her, no doubt helped by her own saliva that's coating him, and making her groan with enjoyment as her tight hole is getting stuffed and made to stretch as his invading rod still looks to work in deeper into her.

"Mmmmm! With pleasure Power Girl! Mmmmm..." He says with a smile, more than happy to thrust his manhood straight into her slick folds, staring down at her rump as he watches that sizeable amount of his dick vanishing forward into her love tunnel before soon reappearing when he draws back, only to send it all back in with that little bit more extra of his inches. "Ahhhhh... So wonderfully tight! Mmmmm!! You indeed... Ahhhhhh... Must not have found satisfaction with previous lovers..." He notes, feeling how tight she is around his vast size, but clearly she's able to handle it as he continues to pump away into her snatch from behind, seeing how she's slightly rocking on her boots back towards him as she feels the stiff force of his thrusts each time he drives deep into that damp hole.

"MMMM... Well it's not like... Ahhhhh... I'm like any other woman on this... MMMM!! On this planet!" She says, smirking back at him with a moan as she lets her boastful side appear for a moment, her hands gripping her own legs just at the knees so she can stay in this bent over position, willingly presenting herself to this hunk she's barely met but has already sucked off, and is now getting fucked by from behind much to her far from subtle delight. "AHHHH... Mmmmm fuck!! I've... MMMM!! I've got needs... So how about you... Uhhhhh!! Show me if you can match them!" She again dares him, further showing not just how much she is enjoying being taken by him in this open setting of this rooftop, but the increasing lust building in her as her gaze is locked onto him as she looks back over her shoulder, rocking her curvy body back and forth to meet his thrusts and causing not just her cape and her blonde hair to sway, but her tits and bouncing within her tight bodysuit from her own steady movement.

"Ahhhhh... I'll gladly do so! MMMMM... That is why I am here..." He says between his groans, showing off that vastly experienced sexual ability as he stuffs his rod in deep into that snug snatch, not slacking off one bit with the steady and forceful pumps even as he feels her moving that pussy back to meet his pumps, allowing him to plunge in deeper so his crotch starts to smack off of her still clothed frame. "Mmmmm... It is a true crime... AHHHHH... If you and this... MMMM... Wonderful body did not get the treatment... Mmmm!! You both deserve..." He adds, his tone with an honest to show he's not just sucking up to the moaning stunner, and making the most and then some of this opportunity to fuck the beautiful super-heroine as he delivers pump after deep and solid pump right forward into her awaiting and tight pussy.

"MMMM... Smooth talk won't... Ahhhhh!! Work with me..." Power Girl moans, smirking back at him and licking her lips briefly. "But keep that up... MMMMM... And we'll see what happens..."
"Ahhhhh... Sounds like... MMMM... A most enjoyable plan..." Mass Tarr says, pulling out of her snatch and causing them both to moan. "Perhaps a new position is in order?"

"Sounds good to me!" She rather quickly answers, standing up straight so she can turn around, showing off her powers of flight as she lifts herself off the ground, grinning as she reaches down to keep her bodysuit to the side at her crotch so she can slowly lower her pussy down onto his cock to get them both moaning again. "Mmmm!! Fuck... If you can handle this, then you can fuck me any time..." She lustfully adds as she pushes down further onto his member.

"Ahhhhh! This is a challenge... Mmmmm! I simply must complete!" He grins back, more than happy with the sounds of that on top of the pleasurable feeling of being back in that hot snatch.

"You'd fucking better! Mmmm!! Because I'm... Uhhhh!! Not holding back here!" The busty blonde warns, using her natural Kryptonian abilities to manipulate gravity, allowing her to start lifting her shapely body upward until just the fat crown of his cock is still inside her snatch, and then firmly impaling herself all the way down onto him so the smack of their frames colliding sounds out. "MMMM!! Oh yeah!! Fuck! MMMM... You... You like that stud?? Huh?" She grins with a lusty glare at him, already her cape fluttering from the motion she's using as she bounces on this mighty, thick shaft that's stuffing her pussy full every time she bottoms out to take all those inches in, groaning from the pleasure that tight snatch is taking from him no matter if it's an up or a downward motion delivered onto his fuck stick.

"MMMM!! Wonderful Power Girl! AHHHHH... Your pussy grips me... MMMM... In quite a fantastic way!" His moans are shamelessly loud and proud, standing with just hands on his toned waist as he's more than happy to let her take the lead, watching her large tits jiggling in time with the motion she's using with her still bodysuit-clad frame as she uses those superhuman powers to aid her in riding his big cock with only that wet but still snug pussy touching his body as she keeps herself levitating off completely from the rooftop they are fucking on. "AHHHH... The feeling of having sex with you... MMMM!! Is just as incredible... MMMM... As I had imagined it to be..." He adds between his groans, that repeated ringing of her body slapping down against his each time she sharply drops down and her snatch meets his crotch sounding out to mix with both their sinful cries of delight, and as she bounces away onto his lengthy man-meat it's obvious that against this far from normal sexual position, let alone one-of-a-kind beauty delivering it, no normal red blooded man would have been able to last anywhere near as long with her as this otherworldly stud is.

"Oooooooooh FUCK!! MMMM!! Yeah, you fucking hunk!! MMMM!!" The super-heroine moans out, putting on a further sexy show as she runs her hands through her blonde hair while she uses those powers to lift and drop that body swiftly and smoothly onto that dick she's taking in all the way up into her now very wet but still erotically tight hole. "MMMMM... This! UHHHH!! This is... AHHHHH... What I've been fucking needing... MMMM!! For fucking years!!" Despite her superhuman stamina, the length of time she's been spending delivering the ride of her life onto the biggest cock she's ever taken combined with this otherworldly hunk's expert sexual ability has resulted in the rare sight of drops of sweat falling down her cheeks, one of the few parts of her body able to be seen as she's still clad in her signature bodysuit attire while she gives this wild and red hot fuck.

"MMMM!! Then embrace it Power Girl! AHHHHH... Feel it! Take it!" The mysterious and handsome man encourages, seeing the even heightened state of desire the blonde bombshell is in and pouncing, now sending his hips stiffly forward and up towards that curvaceous body when she's drop down onto his dick, causing not just a louder smack as skin meets his starting to sweat skin but both their moans are even louder and shameless than before. "AHHHHH... You deserve this! MMMMM YES!! To be fucked... AHHHHH... To feel pleasure unlike anything else before!" He says between his own grunts and groans, his thrusts firing up with perfect timing each time she lowers herself down to make sure her dripping tunnel gets filled up fully, driving in balls deep each time he sends that rod upward with a swift and hard pace that truly only a powerful beauty like her could handle.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM SHIT!! OH FUCK!! MMMMM..." She yells out in delight, head tossed back and her hair bouncing along with her cape and those huge, rounded tits that appear ready to burst out of that "boob window" at any moment as she aggressively raises and lowers her body with this needy riding rhythm on the pistoning cock of this hung hunk. "MMMMM YEAH!! FUCK... Fucking... FUCKING TAKE ME!! MMMMM!! Fuck me!! UHHHH!! AHHHH SHIT!!" She gasps out upon feeling another hard thrust plunging in deep into her already more than just well fucked twat, her folds sinfully moist from the pleasure she's gotten from already clearly the best sex she's ever had, that fact alone enough to make her keep using her powers to aid her not to fly, but ride a big, long and hard cock over and over again in a sight that makes her look more like a super-whore than a super-heroine.

"MMMM!! I gladly will Power Girl! UHHHH... Perhaps you would... MMMM!! Allow me to take the lead... AHHHH... So to speak..." Mass Tarr offers, but still keeps pumping up into the beauty riding away on his cock.

"AWWWWW FUCK... MMMM... I... I've got... MMMM... A good idea..." She grins lustfully, groaning as she uses those abilities to move her body all the way up and off from his dick, almost floating down so she's laying horizontally above the floor of the rooftop, her massive chest facing the sky above with her cape touching the ground, but most importantly her spread apart legs are lined up with that still rock hard dick of his.

"A very good idea indeed!" He agrees, eagerly stepping in and getting straight to work, holding her body by the waist for support for himself and thrusting his cock back into her with force as he resumes that powerful and quick motion.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! OH SHIT!! MMMMM!! OH YES!! MMMMM MMMM!!" Once again the usually strong and feared beauty has been turned into a moaning and sweating mess, head falling back and eyes closed as her mouth hangs open, the stream of dirty talk and loud moans spilling out as her dripping wet pussy takes hard and deep pumps from this hunk she still barely knows but has already given her pleasure far beyond anything anyone from this dimension has given her. "OH FUCK... AHHHHH... OH FUUUUUUCKKKK MMMMM!! AHHHH OOOOOOOOOOH!!" She gasps out, forcing her head back up to what his muscular frame ram forward and collide with hers, making her curvy body rock away from her as she uses those super-powers only to keep herself off completely from the ground, not held in place but is sturdy grip is more than enough to pull her back onto his shaft in order to take the next just as hard balls deep pump.

"AHHHHH... AHHHHH YES!! MMMMM... Power Girl!! AHHHHH... Yes!! MMMM!!" Despite some attempts to get words out between his grunts, this otherworldly stud is more than content to let his actions do the talking, driving his dick swiftly in and out of the levitating beauty as the slap of their bodies connecting rings out like the fire of a machine gun, just heard over their combined moans as he pounds away into the very willing stunner "laying" in front of him.

"MMMMM... Ahhhhhh FUCK!! MMMMM... AHHHHH YES!! Incredible!! MMMM!!" He grins, watching the Kryptonian he's burying his dick in up to the hilt over and over again bounce away back and forth away from him in response to his pounding motion, a sight even hotter considering she's still wearing that bodysuit with it just pulled to the side to allow this swift and smooth access into her slick to say the least snatch.

"OH FUCK!! DON'T... AHHHHH!! DON'T FUCKING STOP!! OH FUCK... OH FUCK!!" She screams out, her lust-filled eyes staring in a trace-like state down between her own spread apart legs, sweat coating them now to show the effects taking this incredible pace of pumps as his dick continues to ram all the way in, only drawing a few inches back so he can quickly repeat the motion time and time again. "AHHHHH... MMMMMM AHHHHH!! AHHHH FUUUUUUUCKKK..." Further letting her wild desire loose, her hands go up and in a sudden motion rip the rest of the front of her bodysuit wide open, those infamously large and rounded tits bouncing free for just a moment before her gloved hands clamp onto them, squeezing and rubbing them together as they jiggle from the way she's rocking back against his still stiff thrusts while staying suspended off the ground thanks to her gravity defying powers.

"MMMMM!! Fan... UHHHHH... Fantastic Power Girl!! MMMMM YES!!" While now showing noticeable effects of keeping up this impossible for the normal residents of this version of Earth pace with a layer of sweat making his naked, muscular body even more desirable than before, he's showing no signs of wanting to stop as he keeps on ploughing his manhood deeply into her soaking wet yet still pleasurably snug love tunnel. "AHHHHH... AHHHHH MMMM!! Give in! Let... AHHHHH!! Let the pleasure embrace you!!" He grunts the encouragement, seeing how close to the edge she is as she fondles and toys with her own huge tits while she gets fucked hard as his massive and thick to match rod slams home into that twat again and again, impressively still able to use her natural abilities to keep her body off from the ground while in this clearly lust-drunk state.

"OH FUCK!! FUCK!!! CUMMMING!! I'M... I'M GONNA!! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHH FUUUUUUUUCKKK!!!" She lets out another loud and long moan, her floating body shaking a little more profoundly than before as a suitably powerful orgasm starts to race through Power Girl, her pussy able to tighten around that cock still being pumped straight into her as she's pulled back onto that rod each time her frame jolts backward. "AHHHHHH... OOOOOOOHH SHIIIIIIITTTTT MMMMMM!! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOH..." Her head hangs backward, her blonde hair and cape still swaying in time with the motion of her body while her arms fall back to swing almost lifelessly, letting those big breasts jiggle freely as she feels the pleasure washing all over and through her, leaving the cock that's stuffing her snatch full to be completely soaked with her juices long before she's even starting to come down from a sexual high unlike anything she's ever felt before.

"MMMM... I could tell... UHHHH... Power Girl... AHHHHH!! That you needed this..." Mass Tarr smirks proudly at his work, pulling his dick from her well-fucked hole and seeing the juices still dripping out of her snatch as she stays suspended in the air before him.

"Ahhhhhh... Oh... Oh fuck!!" Power Girl gasps for air, as even with her super-human stamina cumming like that took more out of her than she would have thought possible. Bringing her head forward to look over at the hunk that's the first man to truly sexually satisfy her, soon a big, dirty smile comes across her sweat-covered face. "You... You've earned what every horny fucker... On this planet fantasises about doing to me..."

Before he can inquire what she means, she uses those flight powers to flip herself forward to stand up on her feet, just for a moment before she kneels down in front of him, using her gloved hands to cup those large breasts and bring them up, capturing his cock between them and no sooner does he let out the first moan of joy is she pumping that now familiar to her rod with her own massive chest. The blonde beauty grins up at him with a knowing, still lustful look as even at this point he can't turn down having some fun with her breasts, lightly groaning herself from the feeling of having his lengthy and fat shaft sliding up and down between her rounded mountains, the slickness of her own juices all over those inches aiding to make this sexual act quick and smooth.

"MMMM!! Oh yes Power Girl!! MMMM... That... AHHHH FUCK!!" Feels so... MMMM!!" He moans out with a big smile staring down to watch those jiggling breasts being worked swiftly up and down against and around his dick, the technique being used indicating that although from her statements about having rarely been fucked to her liking in the past, she must have practised using these voluptuous boobs to dish out pleasure before. "MMMMM!! AHHHHH... AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM!!" He grunts, the first warning of his own incoming peak appearing with the throb of his shaft as it lays sandwiched between those soft, rounded mounds of hers, her fingers easily digging into the more than ample flesh on offer as she delivers this brisk tit-fuck onto the same cock that had been fucking her to perfection just a few minutes ago.

"Mmmmm... Yeah! You gonna cum, huh? Gonna cum fucking hard all over me??" For a women who is supposed to be a respected and feared super-heroine she's talking with a tone and words ripped right of a filthy porno flick, flicking her lips and gazing up at the stud she's consensually given herself fully to despite having just met him an hour ago. Several thrusts and two well used holes later, and now this same stunning female is using her own large boobs to pleasure this otherworldly hunk, and even groaning shamelessly herself as she delivers this tit-wank. "Where you gonna cum huh? Over my big fucking tits?? Ahhhh... All over me fucking face?? Huh??" She's almost demanding to know the answer rather than just asking, still in the after-glow of her major orgasm, but wanting now to give back the pleasure she'd gotten from him and his mighty shaft, sliding her breasts smoothly and quickly up and down onto him so the head of his tool pops up between them when she moves those big tits down, before making it vanish completely when she raises them up.

"MMMMM!! You're... UHHHH!! About... AHHHHH... To find out!! AHHHHHH..." He's just able to issue the warning before he starts to let out a deep and primal groan, before the effect of this steamy tit-fuck takes a hold, the first blast of spunk shooting out a splattering up into her chin to make her gasp, the cum splashing to hit her neck and the top of her bodysuit there, soon joined by another blast to hit that top part of her just near to the top of the "boob window" of her attire. As he grunts as she keeps pumping her breasts on his dick, the shots keep erupting from him to her wide-eyed surprise, paying for looking right down at it as a sudden shot fires up and hits her in the face to make her groan, soon followed by a second to leave cum dripping off her nose as she's finding out it's not just his sexual ability that's not of this world, but the size and amount of his jizz.

"Oh fuck!! Mmmmm... Oh fuck yeah!!" Rather than being pissed at the unexpected facial, she just grins and keeps pumping her tits up and down that still throbbing, still firing out spunk rod captured between her vast mountains, the spunk now landing back down onto those same tits and back down into her pushed together cleavage, leaving his cock a further mess from his own cum as she's got no plans on stopping using those boobs on him until he's totally spent. To her delight as well as his moaning pleasure that doesn't happen for a while yet, the cum splashing down over her tits dripping downward to really glaze her orbs, some falling off to land onto her thighs from her kneeling position and trickling down through her cleavage onto her stomach both on the outside of, and even a little sneaking down into her bodysuit to further stain it.

"That... That was fucking incredible!" Power Girl marvels, letting go of that finally spent shaft of his and leaning back so she can look over the creamy mess left all over her big tits. "You... You're way too good to pass up!" She admits as she looks up to him with another lusty gaze. "Tell me you're going to be sticking around this planet for a while at least!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed this, as certainly did I!" Mass Tarr says with a smile. "I'm also very glad that you would be interested in some more of this, and myself... There is an... Arrangement shall we say, that we can come to that would allow sex like this to happen again... And again... And..."

"Arrangement? Some of my friends and family would kill me for saying this, but... Sign me up!!" She all too quickly agrees as she stands up, nodding her head. "A dick like this, able to properly fuck me? I can't say no to that!"

"Excellent..." He grins, bringing his hands together. "And with the way you can take that kind of sex? We'll both be saying yes many, many times to come..."

With the whisper of an ancient spell, a blinding light soon consumes both him and the latest claim to his growing Harem of the finest females that worlds and dimensions have to offer, and in the next second both had vanished without leaving a single trace on this rooftop that had been the seen of their erotic encounter.

And true to his word, she would most certainly be saying, and in fact screaming out in delight, "yes" more than just a few times...

* * *

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