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underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
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Description: Teenaged Heroine The Spoiler puts herself in Killer Croc's way
and becomes both date and dinner.

Content Codes: MMF, MF, inter, rape, nc, xeno, snuff, viol, incest, vore/cann

Robin: Spoiled Meat
by JD ([email protected])

The sound of flick knives opening in a Gotham slum was familiar to many
residents, but no less fear inducing for the weak, the poor, the helpless.
For everybody saved by a caped crusader, there were a dozen more who ended
up in hospital or the morgue. Shanique was on her way home from a late shift
at McDonalds when she heard the blades flick open, one in front and one
behind. Two thugs stepped into the light, blonde haired, blue eyed. Members
of a neo-nazi street gang with ties to the Blackgate Prison gangs.

"Please sirs, I have a child at home," Shanique began in her high-pitched
voice, before her pleas died in her throat.

The men didn't say anything; to their minds a crying `negress' didn't deserve
an explanation for what they were going to do. One grabbed Shanique's thick
curly hair, knocking loose the uniform cap she still wore. He brought his
blade to her throat. Together, they pulled the 21-year-old black girl into an
even darker alley. Tears started down Shanique's face as she felt their rough
hands tugging her jacket off, then ripping her blouse open. The knifepoint
drew blood on her neck as her bra was pushed up. Shanique felt cold night air
on her nipples, hardening the nubs. One of the neo-nazis pulled Shanique's
uniform pants and her panties down to the floor, tugging them off
one leg along with a shoe.

"Oh god, you bastards, you bastards." Shaique moaned.

One of the white men was tugging a condom onto his cock; the other kept his
knife to Shanique's throat and began prodding her cunt with his hand. He
penetrated her with two fingers until his buddy tugged her legs around his
hips and thrust into her. Shanique was almost desert dry down below, and even
with the condom's lubricant the penetration made her cry out in sudden pain.
Neither man looked Shanique in the eye, or even the face, as they raped the
black woman against the wall. Vengeance for all the white girls, they
thought, but it was also fun hurting the bitches.

They were so engrossed in Shanique's violation that neither heard movement
further down the alley. Killer Croc, a hulking individual who appeared like
a bipedal lizard, had once been an African-American by the name of Waylon
Jones. Perhaps it was that past heritage that drove him to be a good guy for
once, to rescue a helpless woman from rapist thugs. Certainly he recognised
their gang colours, and that they were racist. Killer Croc's large tongue
lashed around his mouth as he reached out one great clawed hand and pulled
the nearest neo-nazi too him.

The man screamed like a girl as he was faced with Killer Croc's inhuman eyes
and needle sharp teeth. He was so scared he even lost his grip on the knife
before he could try to use it. The thug caught in the middle of raping
Shanique pulled out quickly, almost dropping her in the dirt, and fumbled for
a gun in his jacket. Shanique ran; she ran and didn't look back. Head down,
arms pumping, breasts bouncing painfully even as her shoeless foot kicked
through garbage. She heard the man's scream take on a far more urgent and
higher pitch; Killer Croc had ripped away his crotch in one lump of flesh,
balls, cock and bloody meat.

The other Neo-Nazi's legs didn't seem to work. He wanted to run, but he was
so terrified he couldn't make himself. The condom on his cock ballooned with
piss as he lost control of his bladder. The first man's scream ended abruptly
as Killer Cross smashed his head like an egg against the wall. Muscles
rippled beneath his scaled skin as the giant lizard man stepped towards the
remaining neo-nazi. Although the gangmember was over six feet tall Killer
Croc had at least a foot on him, and a lot of weight.

"Your violent ways end here, Killer Croc! I'm taking you back to prison!"

Spoiler had followed the screams across the rooftops, and arrived after
Shanique had left. Stephanie Brown, barely 18, crouched on a fire escape out
of Killer Croc's reach in her purple costume. She wore blue gloves and boots,
and a full head mask with special goggles built in. The cowl on the back of
her costume hooded the mask and served to hide the mane of blonde hair that
emerged beneath the back of the mask and down her back. A recent growing
spurt had left the costume a little tight across Spoiler's chest, and her
nipples were prominent against the fabric.

Killer Croc lunged for the neo-nazi and pulled him from his feet. He held the
man up in the air before Spoiler, clawed fingers on either side of the man's
neck. Although the thug had to weigh almost three hundred pounds, Killer Croc
waved him about as if he was nothing. The lizard man snarled at the heroine,
finding her as annoying as Batman, or Nightwing or any of the other costumed
buffoons that roamed Gotham City. Spoiler lifted a stun capsule from her
belt, and threw it towards Killer Croc in a single motion.

He tossed the thug at the same time, breaking the man's neck, and the stun
capsule was knocked straight back at the Spoiler. The thug's body hit the
alley floor at the same time as a small concussive explosion threw Spoiler
back against the wall, and rocked the fire escape. Un-maintained and badly
rusted metal snapped and gave way, and Spoiler was dumped over the railing
and into the garbage below. The impact knocked the wind from her body and
she saw stars, far worse than from the stun capsule, from which her goggles
and noise-dampening plugs had partially protected her.

`No time to lie around,' she thought, and rolled away from where she thought
Killer Croc was.

The snarling lizard man was too angry to even try and explain that the
heroine had got the wrong end of the stick, and the smell of fresh blood in
the alley was speaking straight to Killer Croc's animal instincts. Spoiler
tried an emergency signal to summon help, but there was only static in her
earpiece. Either the stun capsule or the fall had knocked out her
communications equipment. Spoiler pushed up into a solid fighting stance
from the ground and almost immediately regretted it. Killer Croc was before
her, and the alley wall was to her back.

The sweaty scent of exertion permeated Spoiler's costume to Killer Croc's
sensitive nose. She'd had a busy night and smelled good enough to eat.
Stephanie span and kicked out hard at Killer Croc's left knee, expecting the
martial force of the blow to drop him down. Her boot bounced off the hard
scaly flesh with almost no appreciable effect. Stephanie tried to follow the
move by escaping past Killer Croc, but he caught her arm and tossed her back
against the wall. She grunted, but kept her footing.

Killer Croc had super strength, speed, agility, reactions and more. Stephanie
Brown was a second rate martial artist with a belt full of toys. A little
blonde girl suddenly way out of her depth. Spoiler went for a more powerful
stun grenade as he struck. Killer Croc's balled fist virtually powdered her
ribs as it cannoned into her. Petite Stephanie's hundred and five pounds of
gymnast's body was lifted into the air by the force of the lizard man's blow,
and she hit the wall a second time, but hard enough for the lights to go out
in her head.

Spoiler landed in a crumpled heat on the alley floor, unmoving save for the
shallow rise and fall of her curvaceous chest. Killer Croc intended to leave
her there, rather than antagonize Batman further. All he had to do was choose
one of the men for food, and leave. He found his gaze drawn to the feminine
shape of Stephanie's body beneath her spoiler costume, and realized his
lizard-mutated penis had emerged from his crotch sheath. Only six inches
poked up so far, but already thicker than Stephanie's gloved wrist. Killer
Croc hadn't had sex in a long time, not since the alien Mongal had chosen him
for a mate. For Spoiler, it would prove too long.

He swung the girl's limp body over his shoulder, and felt the damage to
Spoiler's ribs through her costume. Broken bone pressed out without breaking
through the layer of muscle and fat. Moments later he was descending into a
nearby sewer. Killer Croc paused a moment, considering drowning Spoiler in
shit while he raped her. He entertained an image of the girl coming round
with her head under the city's stream of crap while he pounded her ass into
hamburger meat. The lizard man shelved the idea though, deciding he needed
more privacy in a city like Gotham. Killer Croc didn't want any of Spoiler's
costumed friends turning up.

He ran with Spoiler to a storm drain run off tunnel he knew would be empty,
and should be deep enough to hide any noise. With his free hand he tore away
Stephanie's belt and any other tools he could find on her, and tossed them
into the sewage stream. Stephanie's weapons mixed with floating garbage and
then washed away. Killer Croc's growing erection made running increasingly
hard, bouncing before him like a muscle man's arm, eager to be gloved by a
teenaged girl.

Spoiler remained unconscious as Killer Croc dropped her on the cold stone
floor of the storm drain, and while shredded the crotch of her costume. He
left strips on the outsides of her legs, which seemed like stocking
suspenders. The lizard man drew blood from Stephanie's pale inner thighs
with un-careful claws, and lapped at the trickles. Killer Croc then moved
his long tongue against Stephanie's soft blonde bush, licking her snatch
in long strokes. He'd torn her costume up enough to see the dark purple
bruising on Stephanie's belly, but paid no attention to the damage as he
started to tongue fuck the unconscious girl.

Although the heroine was unconscious and pain signals from her ribs were
fighting for attention at her brain, Stephanie's body responded to Killer
Croc's tasting. He could almost reach her cervix with his animal tongue and
soon juices were running into his mouth. Stephanie's chest moved faster as
her body was driven towards an orgasm she wouldn't be awake to enjoy. Her
cunt grew even hotter around the lizard man's invading tongue, and her skin
flushed beneath the costume. Killer Croc lapped away, drinking his full
until Spoiler's body stiffened and she flooded his mouth with forced arousal.

The drenched blonde hair around Stephanie Brown's cunt had not gone
un-noticed. Killer Croc believed she had only interfered in him rescuing the
black woman from the thugs because she had racist sympathies. He viewed the
little bitch as deserving the raping he was going to give her. Killer Croc
pressed the giant head of his lizard cock against Spoiler's cunt, noting that
it seemed wider than her crotch but was about the size of a baby's head.
Spoiler's labia splayed hugely as Killer Croc pressed into her cunt. He moved
his grip to the girl's thighs and pushed harder. Her muscles were relaxed
post-orgasm and he managed to get the head of his cock into her.

The lizard man hissed dark pleasure at the vicelike grip of moist folded
tissue slid around the slick head of his cock. The wet heat of teenage pussy
felt as good as it had when he was still mostly human. He grunted, bucking
his hips down, and stretched Stephanie more. Her legs were splayed out wide
to each side, while her petite torso meant that Killer Croc's own head was
over concrete rather than above Spoiler's masked face. The girl was stirring
beneath him, the do-gooder heroine bitch who'd tried to save neo-Nazi scum.
Killer Croc sank further into her until her cervix became the only barrier
between his cock and her womb.

The pain in Spoiler's ribs told her straight away that she was in trouble,
even before she could focus enough to see Killer Croc's green-scaled chest
inches above her face. She felt raw bones pressing into her abdominals, and
flesh that screamed bruises as it shuddered. It took her another moment to
realise the strange not-quite-pain fullness below was Killer Croc between her
thighs. Inside her.

Stephanie screamed.

Killer Croc's hands moved to her upper arms, pinning them to concrete as she
lunged for his eyes. Spoiler found she could only scratch uselessly at Killer
Croc's tough scaled arm skin - her gloves prevented even minor damage - while
his weight pinned her down painfully. He pulled out of her cunt slowly,
letting her feel his scales rubbing inside her, and then thrust in until he
slammed against her Cervix. Spoiler screamed again, but Killer Croc kept it
up, raping her on the dirty storm drain floor.

"Oh god, no, take it out! Please take it out! It hurts! It hurts!"

"Hurts? This feels good caped bitch!"

"Batman will get you!"

"Maybe will, maybe won't. Too late for you! Juicy wet little whoresal of

The conversation was mixed with Stephanie's high-pitched screams and the
obscene rhythmic squelching of Killer Croc's huge cock as thrust hard and
fast inside her. He pushed in a little more each time, opening her cervix as
if his baby head sized cock was coming from the other direction. For the
heroine, it was like being forced to give birth in reverse. The pain of
Spoiler's smashed ribs and the throbbing pain of her battered cervix
outweighed the tantalising scraps of pleasure in the rape.

"No! Oh god!"

Spoiler cried behind her mask, but it hid the salty tears from Killer Croc's
sight and tongue. If he angled his neck, all he could see of her head was her
masked face shaking from side to side as she struggled uselessly against him.
He loved the feel of her booted feet and partially costumed legs kicking
around him. Both of Stephanie's thighs put together were smaller than one of
Killer Croc's calf muscle. Spoiler screamed at a far higher pitch as her
cervix opened fully, and Killer Croc's cock slammed hard against the roof of
her baby making organ.

"Oh yeah! Still got a foot to go!" Killer Croc snarled as he raped harder,
hammering Spoiler's womb like a drummer on speed.

The young heroine was crying and screaming hysterically, unable to form words
as her ribs ground into her stomach and exploded in almost continuous waves
of pain up her body. Killer Croc's lizard cock pressed her stomach out in a
large bumpy bulge on each brutal inward thrust. He felt the last barrier tear
inside Spoiler, and suddenly the last foot of his cock sank into the masked
heroine in one hard stroke.

She felt the agony of her womb being shredded, and the displacement of her
guts as Killer Croc gave her his entire length. Spoiler wished she could pass
out again, lose consciousness for merciful sleep. She was vaguely aware that
Killer Croc's fuckthrusts sounded wetter, but didn't realise it was because
of the blood seeping out of her splayed cunt, from around the lizard man's
cock. Killer Croc reacted to the increased lubrication by speeding up, until
each powerful impact bruised Stephanie's creamy thighs with his body and came
close to breaking her hips.

The cold-blooded nature Killer Croc had inherited with his mutation spread to
his lizard man sperm. Spoiler felt a seemingly icy explosion in her guts as
her rapist came. Killer Croc looked down and saw his heavy blasts shaking
Spoiler's bruised stomach from within. Stephanie was glad of the semi-pain
numbing coldness, but felt utterly sick as literally pints of the slimy goo
were sprayed straight into her abdomen. Her gloved hands gripped Killer
Croc's arms weakly, but she hoped the pain was nearly over and Killer Croc
would relent and take her to a hospital. Stephanie envisioned a future life
in a wheelchair, like Oracle.

While it was true that Killer Croc was feeling a little more relaxed, his
post coital appetite had flared considerably. He was hungry, and the scent of
blood and fear smelled like an all you can eat special to the animalistic
killer. He started to withdraw his cock, but was irritated to find some kind
of obstruction. Stephanie screeched again at the tugging sensation inside
her. Neither rapist nor victim realised that Killer Croc's cock had expanded
more than usual on orgasm. Flexing his buttocks, the lizard man yanked his
cock out hard.

Spoiler's previous agony was a happy memory compared to the brutal
cock-hysterectomy Killer Croc inadvertently forced upon her. Her womb was
wrapped around the head of his cock as it emerged, while most of her vagina
stretched like a condom around his scaly shaft. Spoiler could see her ovaries
flopping around on either side of the tear Killer Croc had made, and then
more semen spurted from his shaft. It splattered across Stephanie's costumed
breasts and bruised belly. Killer Croc sat back on his knees, and began
tugging the warm flesh from around his shaft. He pushed ragged scraps between
his teeth, savouring the meal.

Stephanie gripped her crotch, trying to stop the stream of blood and semen
from pouring out. The pink mixture flowed between her gloved fingers while
her body tried desperately to clot up the massive damage. The sheer quantity
of sperm Killer Croc had fired into her helped as it turned stickier inside
and worked a little like superglue over Spoiler's ravaged reproductive
system. Killer Croc ate Stephanie's womb, popping both ovaries between his
sharp teeth, while a stream of piss sprayed between the girl's fingers.

Spoiler felt his hands tearing away more of her costume, and then she felt
her bra roughly torn loose. She was still crying, but didn't have the
strength to really scream. Stephanie thought about trying to crawl away, but
every movement was agony. Spoiler wished she'd tried harder as she felt
Killer Croc's needle teeth pressing into her left breast from top and bottom.
His mouth was large enough to cover the entire mound of flesh, and his teeth
sharp enough to tear it bloodily from Spoiler's chest.

Killer Croc chewed and swallowed the sweet fatty morsel happily. Sometimes
you just had to say `screw the diet'. He licked blood from the rough wound,
and then tore away Stephanie's other succulent teen breast. Each new pain
seemed to merge with the existing agony for the girl, and she wasn't in a
rational enough frame of mind to consider the lost of her femininity. Under
her mask, Stephanie's face was as pale as death while her eyes were wide and
clouded. Blood dribbled from her mouth where she'd bit her tongue. She no
longer screamed, but wailed thinly between her teeth.

Killer Croc raised one hand high, and brought it down in a swift, hard arc.
He tore into Stephanie's bruised stomach on the left side, and exited on the
right. He took a handful of muscle, blood and broken ribs with him along with
tubes of intestine. Spoiler instinctively grabbed at the purple flesh,
fighting desperately as the monster disembowelled her. Killer Croc didn't
like the taste of shit, and so left alone anything that contained digested
waste matter. Instead, he feasted on the dying girls kidneys, liver, muscles
and other organic delights. His own semen added a delightful piquancy to the

Spoiler was still hanging onto life. Her chest rose and fell erratically,
while her heart pumped hard, sending the remaining blood to her brain.
Stephanie Brown managed a whimper as Killer Croc tore eagerly into a strong
thigh muscle, virtually detaching the leg from her torso. The pain was gone,
mostly, replaced with coldness. The heroine was in shock, and deep inside
wished she'd made peace with her villain father. Killer Croc worked up her
thigh, then tore out the remains of her crotch. Her clitoris was one tiny
nub in a juicy mouthful. He didn't even notice when the teenage heroine
ceased to be anything more than cooling meat.

Killer Croc ate until he was stuffed, slurping marrow from bones and gulping
mouthfuls of fat along with chewier bites of muscle and tendon. Stephanie's
lungs were an especial favourite, completely disease free, light and
delicious. There was little left by the time he was done except for a pile of
bloody broken bones, most of Spoiler's arm, and her still masked head. Scraps
of purple fabric hung to the lizard man's torso. Killer Croc burped loudly,
licking off his claws, and then set off away from the storm drain. After a
good fuck and a great meal, Killer Croc returned to his nest for a sleep.

As he left, a figure detached from the shadows. Blonde haired, blue eyed,
like Stephanie. Unbeknown to the heroine, her father, the Cluemaster, had
managed to have her injected with a nanobot bio-signal monitor. When it
began registering physical stress off the healthy scale, he set out with a
stolen New God weapon to protect his daughter. Cluemaster had arrived in
time to witness the powerfully erotic sight of the hugely muscular Killer
Croc raping his daughter. The villain had lowered the weapon, and waited.
Cluemaster had been masked by the smell of blood and sex and watched eagerly
as his daughter met her bloody fate, telling himself it was revenge for the
times she had `spoiled' his crimes, and that he had been a fool to think of
protecting her.

His cock was hard as a rock when he tugged it from his pants. Cluemaster
lifted Stephanie's head from the storm drain floor. Her cowl and costume had
been shredded, and the mask was splattered with drying blood. Cluemaster
could see Stephanie's chewed stump, the tunnel of her throat and the roughly
broken vertebrae behind it. Stephanie's blonde hair hung down the back,
matted with blood and dirt. Cluemaster savoured the moment as he pressed his
cock into her cold throat, and then pushed up into her cool, wet mouth.

Under the mask Stephanie's eyes had rolled up while her jaw hung slackly.
Outside, her hair bounced as Cluemaster raped his dead daughter's tight cold
throat. He thought she must have been as good a cocksucker as her mother with
a throat like that. Looking into the eyes of Spoiler's mask seemed to make
the evil perverted act even more enjoyable; Cluemaster wished he had
Huntress's head in his hands as well. In only a few strokes he sprayed
Stephanie's mouth from the rear. Cluemaster's sperm splashed against her
teeth and bloated tongue as he pleasured himself inside Spoiler's skull.

In the warm afterglow, Cluemaster's only regret was that he hadn't snuffed
the self-righteous little bitch himself years before.


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