When the adopted daughter of Santa Claus watches an old B movie she decides
she wants revenge on the Martians and finds only 2 real Martians, who are
living on Earth and have been invited to the Kent farmhouse for Christmas by

Some chapters rated NC-17 for f/f sex in numerous combinations, orgy, kink,

Supergirl: Santa Claus Daughter Conquers The Martians (And Others) Part 1
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

Shelly Claus was over 250 years old, but in all the ways that mattered she
was still so very innocent. It was so easy to love and be loved in the place
she called home. For where Shelly lived was the happiest place on Earth, no
matter what Disney claimed, because Shelly Claus was the adopted daughter of
Santa and Mrs. Claus.

She had been brought to the North Pole as a baby, the fact that it took 10 of
her kind to carry her made it obvious why she would be an outcast among her
own kind. Shelly was a Pixie, but while adult Pixies were only 3-4 inches
tall, and weighed only ounces, at one month old, Shelly was already 14 inches
tall and weighed 7 pounds.

This wasn't quite the first time that such a mutation had occurred, but it
was so rare that even the eldest barely remembered another one. Of the less
than 6 times only twice before had the child survived the unnatural growth
spurt. Those children were given to the elves to raise, since they resembled
the Pixie race so closely. But Shelly's people lived in the hidden base that
was home only to some dwarves and the the subgroup of toy-making elves. Ask
a regular elf to make a toy and you would probably eat an arrow or a sword.
Anyone remember Tolkien? Or the Wolfriders?

But everyone knew that, unable to have children of their own, Mr. and Mrs.
Claus, with their deep love of all children, longed to have a child they
could call their own. And so Shelly Claus, as they named her, grew up with
2 of the most loving parents anyone could imagine. Her parents, the dwarves,
the elves, the reindeer, everyone loved the girl. Not having wings of her
own Shelly loved to fly on the backs of reindeer. And of course she got to
play with all the latest toys.

And Shelly soon turned out to be a great asset. At age 10 it was discovered
that she had real Pixie magic. Indeed, her powers were many times stronger
than any dozen of her race. Santa taught her how to use her powers mostly in
the areas of toy-making and later on magically concealing his workshop as the
technology of men increased. Shelly's magic became just one of the reasons
that not even the most sophisticated systems can find Santa's workshop. Santa
himself secretly owns most of the toy-making companies on Earth, with the
ones made at the North Pole going to 'special children'.

Shelly Claus grew into a beautiful young Pixie. Outwardly she looked very
much like a 'real elf' except being on the petite side and her ears were
slightly longer. She stood barely 5' 2", with long blonde hair, and large
breasts for her size. Mrs. Claus especially worried about Shelly becoming
interested in sex. But Shelly was always so happy with everything she never
thought about sex herself. Until...


Mrs. Claus was baking cookies. Santa was secretly in New York designing the
new toy lines. And Shelly, well, for the first time in her life Shelly was

Exploring as she often did, Shelly ended up in the library. It was fully
stocked with books in every language and lots of older VHS and newer DVD's.
Over the years Shelly had read all the books and seen most of the movies. By
chance she was going through a section of DVD's that were about her father.
Shelly found them amusing, even though they were very inaccurate.

The naive girl often couldn't tell the difference between reality and
Hollywood. One fell from the shelf. Shelly bent down to pick it up, the
cover was unfamiliar.

"Santa Claus Conquers the Martians?" Shelly said aloud, "I don't think I've
ever seen this one."

Shelly popped it in the machine and watched the class B movie. It made her
angry. For the first time in her life Shelly Claus was pissed off! How dare
those Martian's kidnap her father!! Shelly raced to her father's 'observation
room'. This was where Santa had his magic telescope that could see anyone in
the world, through any wall, and even knew that person's thoughts.

In movies and tv everyone thought there were only the 2 massive books of
'Naughty and Nice'. Actually there was Angelic, Nice, Naughty, Evil, and
Wicked for people who were good, but perverted.

Shelly had often looked through them, but always with her father. and he
never let her watch adults. And while she had often looked in the 'Nice'
book, Santa had never let her look at the 'Wicked' book. Beside each
person's name was a current photo taken by the telescope, magically
updated every 24 hours.

"Show me Martians," Shelly commanded the books and telescope.

But the planet Mars was long dead. Maybe some microbes were all that remained
of a once proud civilization. She was surprised when the 'Angelic' book
opened. There were 3 Martians on Earth! One was actually off in space with
the Justice League at the moment. The one known as John Jones the Martian

The other 2 were teenage girls. Teenage by Martian standards. M'gann M'orzz,
a.k.a. Megan Morse, a.k.a. Miss Martian was a member of the Titans. S'ndy
S'horzz, a.k.a. Sandy Shores was a recent recruit to the Green Lanten Corps.
Both were beautiful, with green skin, Megan had red hair, Sandy was blonde,
they didn't look much like the ones in the movie.

Sandy had only recently learned of Megan and come to Earth with her teacher
Green Lantern Arisia. The 2 had quickly bonded with each other. The other
Titans girls also took to her.

"How can girls so beautiful be bad," Shelly said aloud, getting strange
feelings as she watched the Titans girls.

There was also the fact that they were in the 'Angelic' book. Shelly watched
them, they seemed so brave as they saved lives and stopped evil people from
hurting the innocent. Then it happened; Megan, Sandy, Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder
Girl, Arisia, Koriand'r a.k.a. Kory Anders a.k.a. Starfire, and Kara
Zor-El/Supergirl stripped their clothes off and skinny dipped in the Titans
pool. Playing and splashing turned into lesbian sex! With no knowledge of
sex Shelly stood there transfixed, fascinated by the bizarre scenes she

For the first time in her 250 years of life Shelly touched her full round
breasts. Shelly gasped again as her nipples sprang instantly erect, sending
jolts of pleasure through her. Shelly began to slide one hand down to her
oddly moist mound when she heard her mother call out from the kitchen.

Shelly was mostly silent the rest of the day. The telescope automatically
reset itself and the books closed when not in use so no one could ever know
what she had seen. But the images of women touching and licking each other,
as well as the more perverted things Shelly had seen filled Shelly's head.
She could not sleep that night.

'They are so beautiful,' Shelly thought, 'But I must make the Martians pay!
If those other aliens stick up for them I will have to punish them too!'

For the first time in her life Shelly snuck out of her room. Dressing in her
(sexy) red miniskirt, that showed ample cleavage as well (being innocent she
didn't think anything about that). Shelly armed herself with magical devices
then went outside. Spying Randolph, a nephew of Rudolph, who was a very good
flyer, she set off, towards Smallville.

* * *

Martha Kent had just finished decorating the tree, Jonathan Kent had just
finished the outside lights. They were trying to go all out this year because
it was Kara's first Christmas. Their son Clark was off in space with the
Justice League, Lois was visiting her father, General Sam Lane. The smell of
baking pies caused Martha to smile. Kara was such a sweet girl, she had been
so lonely at first, but had made friends with the Titan girls, especilly that
nice Sandsmark girl.

It was so nice to have a 'daughter', she thought. Clark was special, but he
had grown up on Earth and had many friends, although that 'Batman' seemed
cold. Poor Kara had had no one until recently. As if on cue Kara landed just
outside. She used a 'speed' technique Clark had taught her that prevented any
known or unknown detection from hostle eyes. Kara hugged both Kents, happy to
see them.

But Kara was visibly upset and barely ate any supper. Later on Martha found
her in Clark's old loft staring at the stars.

"What's wrong dear?" Martha asked.

"My friends," Kara said, a tear in her eye, "All of them but Cassie are
orphans too. They are all alone. Cassie is going to be alone this year too."

"Why don't you invite them over for Christmas too?" Martha asked.

"There's 6 of us, that's too many," Kara said, "You have been so good to me,
taking me in just like you did Kal-I mean Clark. I couldn't impose on you. I
can just see the chaos 6 teenage girls can cause. Two of them Martians,
bubble bod Kory, and elf Arisia. Anyone sees them, goodbye Clark's secret."

"M-Martians?" Martha asked, "Oh dear, are they like that Mr. Jones."

"Yep, but with personality and hair," Kara couldn't help but smile, "And
they all have an addiction to Oreos."

"Trust me, we are well stocked with Oreos," Martha smiled, "But you don't
have to worry, we usually have Pete, Lana, Chloe, and Lois over, so we have
tons of food. Since they all have plans this year I was actually afraid we
were going to have too much."

"That would be great Mrs. Kent, but where can we put them?" Kara asked, "The
loft is good enough for me, I don't get cold."

"Please Kara, call me Matha, or better yet Ma," Martha smiled, "You haven't
been with us long, but we already think of you as if you were our own
daughter. Just like we saw poor Conner as a second son before that evil
Superboy killed him. Anyway, Clark built a special space for guests, I don't
understand how it works but we use it when super folks come to visit. Conner
and the Titans used it a lot. There's 10 bedrooms, a couple of restrooms,
and a rec. room. You can get to it from Clarks closet with the proper code."

"Would-would it be okay if I called you Aunt Martha?" Kara's eyes teared up
from Martha's kindness.

"Why, that would be wonderful dear," Martha smiled, "And don't worry about
gifts, Mr. Wayne from Gotham, and Alexis Luthor set up a special Christmas
fund. Your friends don't have much, they'll be esay to buy for."

"Alexis Luthor?" Kara asked.

"Lex's daughter," Martha replied, "She's nothing like her father. Even that
nice Miss Gordon likes her."

"Well, shall we go shopping?" Kara grinned, "Teenage girls from Kyrpton like
to shop as much as Earth girls!"

Martha and Kara both laughed, then hugged.

* * *

Thousands of miles away, disguised as a C.E.O., Santa received a frantic
message from Mrs. Claus. Worried about the girl's strange behavior Mrs.
Claus had decided to check on her daughter and found her missing.

There was no time to lose. Santa mentally searched the world for her. There
she was! Smallville! What was she doing there? Well, Superman was raised
there, and the people of Smallville were 'salt of the Earth' good. Santa
contacted Zatanna, who was still on Earth, to keep an eye on her.

No one can say no to Santa Claus. Zatanna readily agreed

The End - Part 1


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