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underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
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Description: An evil clone of Superman is unleashed against the mystical
superheroine & stage illusionist Zatanna

Content Codes: MF, complete, snuff, NC, other, PWP, viol, mutil, acid-cum

Superman: Part 1 - The Ultimate DCU Assassin vs Zatanna
by JD ([email protected])

"Clark? Is that You?"

The sorceress shielded her eyes from the bright morning sun, which was making
a near silhouette of the muscular man in front of her.

"Zatanna. Can I come in?"

"Certainly, I was only practicing for my next stage act."

The big man followed Zatanna into her house, closing the door behind him. His
eyes lingered on her stocking clad legs as she led him into the front room of
the house. Caged birds cooed quietly, while the tools of the illusionists'
trade were laid out neatly - Zatanna hid her powerful magic behind the
persona of a simple stage illusionist.

"You can sit down anywhere. What can I do for you, Clark?"

"You are the most powerful woman ever to enter the Justice League, towering
above any other. With a few words you can do anything," he said reaching up
to cup Zatanna's face. She smiled, proud to receive such praise from the
greatest hero of them all.

"Well, I wouldn't mmmpphh!"

Zatanna was interrupted when he put his thumb and finger into her mouth and
gripped her tongue.

".with a few words," he repeated and then pulled hard. The flesh was torn
away too fast for Zatanna to feel the actual tear, but the pain hit straight
afterwards and she stumbled back, moaning as blood dripped down her chin.
Whoever this man was, he wasn't Clark Kent.

Zatanna watched with mounting horror as he lifted the wet and bloody organ up
and bit into it, chewing and swallowing her flesh. His face twisted, and he
threw it against the wall. Zatanna activated her emergency Justice League
alarm, hoping help arrived quickly.

"You just tried to activate your alarm, didn't you? I jammed it. I've never
tested that on a proper Justice League alarm before, just one of the
simulations. You're my first field test, Zatanna. Lucky you."

Zatanna backed away, tripping backwards and sprawling onto her sofa. She had
to spit a lot of blood out to avoid choking on it. The pain was intense.
Tears flowed down her face. She was trying to say `Why? Who are you? What do
you want?' but no words would form.

The man who wasn't Clark Kent unzipped his fly and reached in to pull out a
rapidly stiffening and very large cock. There was a blur, and then he was on
top of Zatanna, pinning her onto the sofa. She felt the heat of his organ
between her fishnet covered thighs, then squealed through the blood in her
mouth as he thrust forward, through the crotch of her magician's outfit, deep
into her dry cunt.

He brushed Zatanna's black hair away from her face and looked into her eyes,
enjoying the confusion, terror and pain he saw there. His cock seemed to
stiffen further, like a hot steel pole buried into the woman as he easily
forced more of it into her, opening her dry entrance up like a drill into

He could feel fabric from the crotch of her outfit pressed between the head
of his cock and her cervix, and paused for a moment. Zatanna felt it too, and
shook her head, wide eyes wild, pleading in incoherent tongue-less and bubbly
cries for him not to force all of his length into her.

He locked his mouth over hers, and sucked blood up with super-strong lungs.
Zatanna's throat was momentarily clear to let out a loud scream as he thrust
forward, tearing open her cervix and burying the full length of his cock into
her, sheathed like a sword into her agonised innards. He sprayed the blood
back into Zatanna's face, stinging her eyes immensely until her pale skin was
totally masked with her blood.

Her dry cunt gripped the shaft of his cock, while the crown poked into the
wall of her womb and the large, hair balls sat against the curve of her ass.
Zatanna's legs kicked uselessly against his, unable to dislodge the man from
between her thighs, as she tried to rub the stinging blood from her eyes.

He began to rape her in earnest then, long thrusts that smashed into the roof
of her womb and rubbed against the raw flesh of her cervix as he raped her.
Zatanna despaired of surviving the experience, trying to avoid the pain in
her groin, belly and throat through her meditation techniques.

He didn't care, speeding up his thrusts, knowing Zatanna had no idea of what
was about to happen to her. His creator did not want him to breed and so his
genes meant no woman could take his seed and live. He wrapped his big arms
around Zatanna and pulled her body against his. He could feel her nipples
through her white blouse, hee cunt growing slick from the unwanted

Zatanna was repulsed by the forced kiss, by this man who appeared the
spitting image of Clark Kent, Superman. Her eyes were blurred and stinging,
but she felt her rapist speed up, heard his grunts change in intensity and
then groaned through her bloody mouth into his as he sank his cock back
through her battered cervix into her womb and began to cum.

He felt his balls tight against his body, the peaking pleasure from the
friction on his pulsing hard cock and then as he came, he heard Zatanna's
muffled groan rise suddenly in pitch, because his semen had a composition
similar to Xenomorphic molecular acid.

The first splash soaked her womb and melted through into her stomach quickly.
Zatanna convulsed, her agonised spasms milking fresh acid-spunk into the core
of her being, melting her from within. He felt her belly dissolve beneath him
as he came, fucking into the melting puddle of the sorceress's organs.

Zatanna's eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out in a haze of
white hot agony as he finished his climax. Pulling out, he moved off the sofa
and stood over the witch's pale face, jerking the last drops across her lips
and melting through to the skull. Her arms twitched violently as the acid cut
into her brain.

Zatanna's corpse was partially dissolved in a pool of acid, blood and
liquefied flesh. The mixture was working into the sofa. He slipped his deadly
organ back into his trousers.

`Good job, Kent.'

His creator's voice sounded inside his head. It sounded slightly out of

`You know what to do next'

He nodded, though his creator could not see him - could see only through his
eyes - and used his heat vision to atomize Zatanna's body and start fires
around the house before speeding away. faster than a speeding bullet.

Back at the Lexcorp labs, Luthor slipped out of the bodysuit and nodded to Dr

"Very good work doctor. The artificial tumour on the clone's brain functions
adequately for telepathic communication, and perfectly transmits back all
sensations to the Vibesuit. I saw what he saw, felt what he felt, smelled
what he smelled. I'm going to have to have one of his targets strapped into
the mechanism so she can experience it from both angles." Luthor wasn't
averse to ripping off movies for ideas.

"And the anti-procreation measure? Was it adequate?"

"Zatanna melted into her own sofa when Kent ejaculated."

"Ha! I look forward to seeing him destroy Wonder Woman the same way. The
modified Kryptonian genetics of the clone make him the perfect assassin."

Luthor smiled, "Unfortunately, Dr Zuel, it would be an unnecessary risk to my
operation to allow any. loose ends."

The Doctor's eyes narrowed; a supervillain herself, she prepared to defend
from treachery. Unfortunately, the clone had known exactly what to do and
returned immediately to LexCorp.

The redheaded strongwoman had time to feel the increase in the wind before
her head was twisted round to face backwards. A wet patch began to form
immediately on the grey fabric of her lab skirt as she stared helplessly into
the exact facial replica of Superman.

Her brain was quickly starving of oxygen, but she was still conscious as the
clone dropped her to the floor like garbage. Luthor spoke the post-hypnotic
code word, and the clone dropped into a catatonic state, until he was needed

Code name Kent State had been a huge success.

End. (Further Adventures of the Ultimate DCU Assassin?)

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