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Description: Mary Marvel is raped and destroyed utterly by an evil clone of

Content Codes: MF, rape, int, necro, tort, vio, cum, snuff, scat, gs, +2FV,
asphyx, dis, alien-vore,

Superman: Part 2 - The Ultimate DCU Assassin Vs Mary Marvel
by JD [email protected]

The Gotham City prostitute, Holly, was tied tightly over Lex Luthor's desk.
As far as any witnesses would say, she'd been picked up by a group of black
men. The bald businessman had found his own desires enhanced when he
experienced the rape and murder of Zatanna by his clone of the Kryptonian,
Superman. Code name Kent State had a tumor in his brain that served to
transmit the experience to Luthor via a bodysuit.

Afterwards he had spent a restless night masturbating to fantasies of the
women he'd had killed - like the superheroine Black Orchid - and personally
killed, like Sasha Green. The next day Luthor had organized the acquisition
of the meaningless street filth. Her cunt gripped his cock tightly as he
pounded her, squeezing her throat with both hands. Blood trickled from a
dozen shallow slashes across her body and from where he'd removed her
clitoris and nipples. The knife was solidly pressed through the whore's
shoulder, over a pool of blood -

He stared lustfully down into her dark purple-blue face as piss splashed
across his stomach. He sped up, pounding hard, and was deliciously happy to
reach his climax before the last spark of light left Holly's eyes. As he
pulled out, spunk and blood washed from the dead girl's hole. Luthor was
panting lightly when he released his grip on Holly's discolored throat. As
soon as he had recovered, he pushed into her cooling ass.

A while later, with Holly's body disposed of by loyal lackeys, Luthor
showered in preparation for the day's work. Choices, Choices. so many
costumed heroines to target, so little time before his clone would
undoubtedly be uncovered and destroyed. Still, he could always make another
one - he wouldn't need the late and unlamented Dr Zuel. He wanted to set his
clone in a straight fight with Captain Marvel, but he did not have enough
data on the big red cheese's strengths to guarantee a victory.

Luthor considered that the best way to accurately gauge the strengths of
Captain Marvel, in comparison to his evil clone of Superman, was to send the
assassin against Mary Marvel. If he was honest, it was also the most fun way.
Mary's previous involvement with the JLA meant she could be called upon in an
emergency. He considered the best strategy, and then climbed into the clone
bodysuit. The superman clone, Kent State, had a new target.

The brown haired heroine was in mid flight when she received an urgent call
from `Superman' to come to his location. A young heroine was in grave danger
of being fucked and butchered, and the message said she had to come! Mary
Marvel was amongst the bravest of the world's heroines and turned in the air
without question. Bare forearms out in front, with white and gold cape
flapping out behind, she sped over forest wilderness until she saw

A broad smile split the heroine's face, and she waved at the man of steel,
before realizing that the situation called for seriousness. If the message
was correct, a superheroine was in grave danger. Mary was arrogantly happy
that superman would call upon her for help. He moved across the sky, and she
followed his passage until the fierce mid-afternoon sun was at his back. Mary
shielded her eyes with her hand, and looked away. There was a sudden rushing
of wind, and in the time it took her to realize the noise was Superman flying
at her, his mighty fist connected with her small jaw.

Mary Marvel's face crumpled under the inhuman blow, with her limited magic
invulnerability no match for Kryptonian might. Teeth, blood and drool all
splashed out of her flopping mouth as Mary tumbled crazily through the bright
blue sky. The agony made her eyes cross. She realized with mounting horror
that, unable to form words with a shattered jaw, she wouldn't be able to call
upon the power of Shazam to heal her excruciating injury.

The assassin licked blood from his fist as he watched her fall. His super
vision allowed him to catch arousing glimpses of the innocent girl's white
panties, the blood on her costume, the pain in her eyes. His huge cock
throbbed inside the tight costume favored by his clone twin, the Man of
Steel. He smiled, and followed her down towards the forest.

Mary's lack of fear allowed her to fight through the pain of her shattered
jaw and think clearly. She tried her emergency signal to no effect. The
heroine had no way to know that the assassin blocked it. Since her attacker
looked exactly like Superman, and had contacted her with the reservist JLA
equipment, it probably was the man of steel - he had been mind-controlled
before, after all. It could also be something or someone made to look like
him. So she had to.

He caught her just above the treetops, as she deftly stopped her tumble and
began to fly properly again. Mary grunted as he forced two fingers under her
skirt and through the crotch of her panties. His hand was so fast that her
panties didn't have time to stretch. Her hymen split like tissue a nanosecond
later. He gripped her crotch painfully tight, and simultaneously secured his
grip on her neck and shoulder with his other hand.

Mary's legs kicked strongly but uselessly as she blushed at the intimate
touch. Nobody had ever intimately stroked where the assassin's fingers now
bruised. She turned her head painfully in his grip, while the wind blew her
hair around her face. Her jaw ground together when she tried to speak, and
the pain sent stars before her eyes. Nobody had ever hurt Mary like that
before, but her magical invulnerability appeared worthless now.

The girl's broken jawed incoherence was pleasing to him. He admired the way
her costume moved against her body as she struggled, and the tight feel of
her virginal cunt on his fingers. Then he rammed his knee into her stomach.
The sickening crunch of breaking ribs drew a broken-jawed scream from the
heroine, and she writhed in his grip. The assassin didn't think much of
Mary's reputed invulnerability at all.

A new, softer, crunch sounded when he drove his knee up into Mary's stomach.
She almost blacked out as her bladder was crushed from outside, and a mixture
of piss and blood squirted heavily around the assassin's cunt gripping hand.
The wind whistled around them as he listened to her keening sobs. There was
no doubt that innocent Mary Marvel's adult body was in considerable pain.

He released his grip suddenly, and slurped her maiden blood and steaming piss
from his fingers. Mary Marvel tumbled like a rag doll, spraying piss behind
her. Thin branches beat her body like riding crops as she fell. Mary landed
belly first across a particularly thick branch, and it shunted her already
broken ribs into new configurations. The pain signals transmitted from the
raw ends of bone nearly knocked her out. Ever so slowly, she slid backwards
from the branch and dropped to the dirt at the base of the tree. Mary
clutched at her stomach and her jaw and wept into the mud. In the back of her
mind she knew she needed to find the control to fly as fast and far as she

The assassin dropped silently down behind her, and removed his own costume
faster than a human eye could follow. His sensitive nostrils picked up the
taint of piss and sweat, but still nothing that would equate to fear amongst
the pain. He wondered if it was even possible to make the little bitch afraid
as he walked over to her, and pulled her up onto her knees. Mary's hands were
pulled onto the assassin's thick shaft, and he ran them along his length.

Mary's head lolled to the side as tears ran down her cheeks. She shuddered as
she realised what she held in her hands. Mary Marvel had never seen more than
the diagram of a man's `thing' before, and now she held one thicker than her
wrists between her fingers. Bloody drool ran down her chin as the assassin's
inhuman grip moved her soft flesh against his. Her fingers were so dainty;
just begging to be destroyed.

As she was forced to masturbate her attacker, Mary formulated a desperate
plan. She started moving her hands as if willingly. The assassin moved his
hands to her thick brown hair and stroked it, pleased that the cunt knew her
place. Even the most innocent girl in the DC Universe was just a cock slut
who needed a little training, though with her crushed bladder she wouldn't
survive long even if he didn't kill her.

Mary moved one hand to fondle the assassin's hairy balls, and was surprised
at the heat within.It was time! She squeezed both hands with all her Shazam
and Gods' given strength. To her horror, Instead of pulping the Assassin's
genitalia with her magically enhanced muscles, she served only to provide
more pleasurable stimulation. He was angry at her deception, and angrier at
himself for falling for it. He repaid her with a mighty slap to the jaw.

Mary Marvel's lower face separated completely and bounced forcefully off a
tree. Her tongue poked out beneath the broken teeth of her upper jaw. Ragged
flesh pumped blood down the golden lightning bolt design over her breasts.
The fabric stuck against her curves. The girl's exposed raw flesh sizzled as
he cauterised her wound with his heat vision. She still gripped his shaft in
shaking hands. He felt the highly acidic cum boiling inside his testicles.

The assassin admired her new face. Mary Marvel's beauty was still obvious in
the top half, though sweat beaded above her wet eyes. He pressed his cock
against her tongue for a moment, feeling her revulsion despite all of the
agony she was in. Though he found the idea of spraying in her eyes, and
enjoying her spastic twitching as his cum ate through her brain, appealing,
he decided on another approach.

The assassin gripped Mary's wrists together in one might hand, and jerked his
cock over her grasping fingers. The thick load of sperm splashed across
Mary's creamy palms and immediately burnt into her flesh. She made noises
that barely qualified as human as her skin and fat melted across bone, which
dissolved in turn. Her fingers separated away and dropped into the dirt. He
came across them, too, until she was left only with bloody stumps for wrists.
The assassin pulled them to his mouth, tasting the flesh, and tasting his own
seed with her blood.

Rather than cauterise the stumps, the assassin moved his hands up Mary's arms
and gripped each one tightly. His thumbs into the armpits of her gold and
white costume. The fabric was damp with sweat as he lifted the handless
heroine from the forest floor, until her eyes were level with his. The
movement brought fresh agony to her stomach while acidic cum continued to eat
into her wrist stumps.

He pulled. Mary's eyes grew even wider with agony as her bones separated, and
tendons tore from muscles. Her tongue fluttered in the red mess that had been
her mouth. The loudest ripping as the assassin tore off her arm, was,
strangely, the fabric of Mary Marvel's costume. She dropped back down to the
floor, landing heavily on her ass. Twin streams of blood pumped in heavy
gouts from the new wounds.

The assassin regarded her for a moment, as he bit a great chunk of muscle
from her bicep. Blood smeared his face as he chewed and swallowed, relishing
the hot blood in his belly. Luthor did not feed him enough, he felt. Deciding
that it wasn't quite time for her to bleed out, he tossed the girl's arms
aside like trash, and trained his heat vision on each ragged shoulder stump.
Mary's legs kicked feebly. She knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that she was
going to die.

The Assassin tore off the top part of Mary Marvel's costume then, letting the
blood stained white and gold flutter to the forest floor with her cape. Mary
now wore only her white skirt, yellow and red (formerly white) torn panties,
and boots. He fancied that her pain-flushed face darkened a little more as
her perfect breasts and dark little nipples were exposed to a male. Mary
Marvel really was an Innocent.

The Assassin lent down and gripped each nipple between thumb and forefinger.
He crushed them to pulp between his fingers. Mary Marvel barely struggled,
and he knew that her pain was great indeed as blood trickled down her shaking
mounds, to pool slowly on her chest.

He broke her legs intentionally, spreading them obscenely wide as he knelt on
the forest floor. Her flesh offered no resistance to the assassin's cloned
Kryptonian might under Earth's yellow sun. Mary's skirt was pushed up fully
as her boot toes pressed against the hair on each side of her head. White
bone protruded through one thigh, so he snapped it off and chewed on it,
while blood pumped from the wound. Too late to bother with cauterisation now.
Tugging her ragged panties loose, he tied the bloody piss drenched fabric in
a tight knot around her tongue. Piss trickled down into her throat.

Mary's pussy was lightly haired, and damp with everything but arousal. The
Assassin used most of his strength to sink his entire shaft into the dying
heroine's cunt on the first brutal thrust. Her cervix ripped with no
resistance, and he slammed through the petite's girls womb. He pressed her
bloody tits together as the rape began, crushing the orbs into bloody
handfuls of fat and gland as he pumped her cunt. Mary's armless body writhed
weakly at the double agony. He smeared her destroyed tits into her eyes as he
fucked harder.

Mary Marvel wasn't even aware of what was happening to her as the cock in her
pussy destroyed her cervix, and battered her womb into her stomach. She knew
only the pain, and that she was a heroine. The Assassin's thrusts sped up
into her torn cunt, and then fresh fire filled the core of her being. The
acid cum melted into Mary Marvel's supposedly invulnerable flesh like it was
nothing. Her womb dissolved into her viscera around the still pumping cock,
and the Assassin was met with the sight of his victim's ravaged stomach
splitting apart above his shaft. Mary Marvel's ovaries were indistinguishable
from anything else in the organic puddle.

He pulled out, and splashed the last drops onto her already bloody labia.
Incredibly, his super senses picked up the last erratic beats of Mary
Marvel's heart, the last chaotic brain activity. The Assassin punched into
her chest through her pulped tits, and tugged out the still beating organ. He
stuffed roughly into her dissolving cunt. Noting that her brain wasn't quite
dead, he took a handful of her slimy voided waste, and slammed it through the
remains of Mary Marvel's face.

Mary Marvel's head cracked like an egg, and grey matter mixed with shit as
the assassin pounded the two together. Mary's bloodshot and breast fat
splashed eyes looked out below the jagged edge of her skull, but she would
never see again. He ate some of her, admiring the destruction he had wrought
on her once pretty, strong form. He swallowed bloody lumps of flesh, which
his cum hadn't destroyed.

Only once he was sated on the heroine's corpse did he set about his final
task of vaporizing every remaining molecule of Mary Marvel. By the time he
was finished, there wasn't even the stench of her left remaining. He dressed
again, and headed through the forest to await his next target.

End. (or yet further Adventures of the Ultimate DCU Assassin?)
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