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Description: Lex Luthor forcefully impregnates Squirrel Girl after the
assassin captures her. Can she and her daughters in Squirrel Squad Six save
the day?

Content Codes: first, impreg, bond, rape, inter, anal creampie, impreg, lact,
rape, anal, oral, M+/F, +1FV, dismember

Part 3a - The Ultimate DCU Assassin Vs Marvel's Sensational Squirrel Girl
by JD ([email protected])

Part 1: Let's Make Babies!

As soon as he realised that Squirrel Girl could easily defeat any menace to
the Marvel Universe, the solution proved laughably simple. Thanos zapped her
with a pulse of energy which transferred her - alone, and unaccompanied by
accursed squirrels - to another universe. It also made a BAMF noise, having
been based on Nightcrawler. His hope was that she'd find something she
couldn't beat, but, failing that, having a reminder of a truly embarrassing
defeat out of his way for a while didn't hurt. (He didn't doubt that if she
didn't encounter something she couldn't beat, she'd be back).

"That was that evil, evil man Thanos!" gasped Squirrel Girl, as the world
finished spinning. Then the nausea of inter-dimensional travel hit her, and
she clutched at her suddenly cramping stomach. She threw up onto the roughly
hewn floor of what appeared to be a cave. As she'd previously been in a
downtown street, he'd obviously and evilly teleported her away from her stout
allies in the newly renamed Great Lakes Champions. There was light in the
cave though, behind her.

Squirrel Girl turned around to see the light source, and thought she might
hurl again.

"Gasp! That is evil!"

A hugely muscled naked man was looking curiously at the newly arrived
Squirrel Girl. He held the messily decapitated head of a blonde woman in his
hands. His penis was pushed up through her neck and emerged from her mouth.
As she watched, he moved the woman's head up and down. Squirrel girl saw the
woman's dismembered body; each limb had been torn off of her sexually
mutilated torso. Squirrel Girl had the sudden sure feeling that it had been
done while she was alive. She was sick and disoriented from Trans-dimensional
travel, and stumbled. He began to speak.

"I am code name Kent State. I am a clone of the last son of Krypton. My
mission was to test my capabilities against a super speedster. The heroine
Jesse Quick was selected. I caught her with ease and brought her here. When I
raped her, her hymen kept trying to heal around my cock. When I detached her
limbs, her metahuman metabolism tried to heal her.

Even when my acidic semen was eating her womb from within it tried to heal
her. I watched her suffer for some time, in total agony. I crushed the
remains of her sexual organs into paste beneath my foot. She begged me to
bring her mother. Eventually, I pulled her head off to use as a masturbation
aid. She has not moved since, and cellular decomposition has begun."

Squirrel Girl felt moved to tears. This was even nastier than Monkey Joe's
murder, and equally unnecessary. The spunky 18-year-old heroine decided to
change the grief to anger, and balled her hands into fists. As she did so,
the man stiffened, and ejaculated. His semen shot across the cave, and hissed
on the floor near Squirrel Girl's feet. Where it dribbled onto Jesse Quick's
head it began dissolving flesh. He pulled the head from his cock and crushed
it to a messy pulp between his hands. Jesse's eyes popped free and hung on
strands of optic nerves from his fingers, along with bloody strands of blonde
hair. Brain matter oozed out of his hands and splashed his chest.

"I've told you all of this, because I am going to kill you now. And."


He paused, utterly still. Squirrel Girl wasn't afraid, but she was seriously
angry. She didn't have any squirrels so this was going to be a solo job - and
when she got home Thanos was going to be really, really sorry. She charged
forward and leapt at the man, claws ready.

"I have new instructions."

Unfortunately for Squirrel Girl, her disorientation from the trans-
dimensional trip badly affected her Squirrel-Agility. Squirrel Girl didn't
even see the punch before the world went black. Her body dropped in a limb
pile onto the cave floor.

The plucky heroine awoke naked, bound masked. The mask was skin-tight. It
stretched to cover her ears, and headphones filled them with white noise. It
covered her eyes to blindfold her. Another detachable section also held her
mouth open widely, so drool with dribbling down the sides. The mask did not
cover her freckled cheeks or just beneath her nose. It also did not cover her
hair, but for a thin band around the back of her head.

She was bound face forwards over a metal frame like two hurdles. Her legs
were spread wide, with each claw-toed foot on either side of a vertical bar,
and securely strapped around the ankle. A horizontal bar ran beneath her
belly, and her clawed arms were strapped together beneath her breasts. The
second hurdle was strapped under her neck, similar to stocks. Her big bushy
tail was tied onto a rope attached to a ceiling hook, and she found she
couldn't move it at all. Although she only knew of her naked bondage from
what she could feel, Squirrel girl was beginning to suspect she was trapped
in one of the comic types she hated.

So, she was blind & deaf to the world and trapped. Her head hurt, but the
clone had only hit her hard enough to render her unconscious - he hadn't even
cracked her skull. Her squirrel-agility was useless while so tightly
constrained, so she started calling out to any nearby squirrels to help her.
As she was unable to move her jaw, it probably came out real funny but she
was sure they would understand.

"What a curious noise, and I haven't even touched her yet," commented Lex
Luthor, as he chewed on some of the cashew nuts retrieved from her belt. He
had expected the belt to contain all of the usual costumed fool's toys.
Instead, there was just a wide selection of nuts.

When his databanks had shown him that Squirrel Girl was a totally unknown
heroine, he had had his clone bring her to one of his secret research bases.
There, initial tests had quickly shown she hailed from another Earth in
another universe. Luthor had smiled. It was very satisfying experiencing the
clone's rape and murders of heroines through transmission to his command
bodysuit, but he felt he wanted to try it first hand; the rape at least. He
had other plans, too.

Lex was alone with the bound heroine, and naked. He rubbed the head of his
cock against her freckled cheek, and Squirrel Girl's squirrel speak became
louder and more urgent. He pressed into her mouth, past big teeth that could
crack any nut and bathed his cockhead in the hot wet warmth. It had been a
long day and Lex's cock tasted heavily of sweat. Squirrel Girl gagged from
the taste and cried out a muffled, immobile-jawed,

"Stop it! Rape is wrong! Superheroines should not be assaulted!"

Lex plugged her throat with his tool, and cut off further protest from the
bound heroine. He forced himself into her mouth and throat until his balls
rested against her chin. Squirrel Girl's throat was painfully stretched
around the invading cock, but all she could do was gag on it. She opened and
closed her clawed hands as she tried to pull them loose, but only succeeded
in scratching her own torso - with them bound beneath her breasts. Luthor
pinched her darkening cheek as he held himself in her throat.

It was an amazing feeling. He was used to having power of life and death over
people, but to actually literally hold the girl's life in his hands was mind-
blowing. He recalled strangling his personal trainer, Sasha Green. While her
murder had been satisfying, it wasn't as good as choking a superheroine on
his cock. Of course, Sasha had come back from the dead as a Superheroine
called Myriad, but Darkseid had got her before he could.

After almost a minute Luthor pulled out, with long thick strands of drool
hanging from his shaft to Squirrel Girl's mouth. She coughed hard and fought
for breath. Then he plugged her throat again. Luthor began to fuck the spunky
heroine's throat viciously hard. He gripped her hair as his balls slapped
against her chin. It hurt Squirrel Girl's throat a lot, and she wanted to
cry. Luthor thought it was far too soon as his orgasm started, and he sprayed
thick blasts of cum into Squirrel Girl's throat. He pulled back and blasted
the rest right into her mouth, letting her taste it all. Cum and drool
dribbled down the orally violated superheroine's chin.

Lex loved the familiar frisson of power. He walked around Squirrel Girl and
stood at her teenage bubble butt. She was tying to thrash her tail around,
but it was bound too tightly to the ceiling. Luthor stroked around where it
seamlessly joined just above her ass. With her mouth free again, Squirrel
Girl returned to shouting out in Squirrel talk for help. The cries echoed
along the air conditioning of the facility.

The initial testing had shown that Squirrel Girl was a virgin. Luthor
intended to alter that state of affairs. He rubbed his cock into her furry
bush, letting her feel the sticky crown against her labia. She was warm and
soft and he groaned quietly. She broke off shouting and said,

"Please don't! I'm saving myself for Speedball when he cheers up! We're going
to have bouncing babies!"

Squirrel Girl's voice was raspy from the deep throat rape, and so with her
jaw forced open it was even harder to understand than before. Luthor didn't
reply; with the white noise generators in her ears she had no way to hear it.
He was not totally without conscience, and felt a tugging deep in his evil
heart at the 18-year-old's fervent pleading. There could be other ways to
bring his plan to fruition rather than brutally impregnating this girl.
Certainly, she was a superheroine, but she was from another universe and.

"You'd be a really super man if you let me go!"

Luthor snarled and deflowered her in a single brutal thrust. His nails dug
half crescents in her butt as blood trickled around his cock. The little
bitch was tight. Squirrel Girl yelped as she was violated, as she lost her
virginity to an evil, evil man. The blood smeared on Lex's dick drove him
into a frenzy. The bald villain grunted as he forced his cock as deep into
Squirrel Girl as it would go, and then pulled out hard.

The plucky teenage heroine screamed and screamed as Luthor thrust back into
her mostly dry cunt. Luthor gritted his teeth and balled her hard, slamming
into her over and over as the blood flow intensified. The brutal hard rape
tore squirrel Girl's sensitive inner membranes, and the experience was
utterly pleasure-free for her. Her first time: Bound and raped by a

Luthor worked a finger into Squirrel Girl's asshole, and felt the little ring
of sphincter muscle fighting his digit. He fingered her ass as he raped her
cunt. Squirrel Girl's screams mixed with the hard slap of Luthor's balls
against her. The heat and pressure on his cock was good, but nothing compared
to the mental stimulation of having the bitch bound and helpless before him.
He wanted to see Supergirl the same way before she died.

Squirrel Girl felt the thrusting get faster and faster. She felt sick, blind
and deaf and unable to fight back. Her mouth tasted horrid and she was in
awful pain between her legs. Suddenly a nasty tasting finger was pushed into
her mouth and rubbed on her tongue. Luthor was leaning over the heroine, her
roped-tail forced to the side, feeling her body against his. He grabbed her
breasts and squeezed hard as he came.

Luthor bit Squirrel Girl's back as he pumped his semen into her defenceless
teenage womb. He tasted blood as her spermed her, and then it was done. He
stood back and his cock slipped from her bloody bush. Sweat ran down his face
as he listened to her hoarse crying. Experiencing the rape of superheroines
second-hand through the clone and body suit was one thing, but this was truly
another. Lex hoped his self-control was up to the job so he didn't end up
doing anything to other Superheroines that would jeopardize his long-term

Luthor slipped into a silk dressing robe, and tied the waist cord. He buzzed
for technicians, who brought in a round disk on wheels, the size of a house
trash can lid. The top surface was smooth, and mirrored, while controls and
lights were set into the sides. The technicians wheeled it underneath
Squirrel Girl's torso - between the two hurdle-like frames she was bound
over. One of the human's had metahuman strength, and so detached the bindings
on Squirrel Girl's wrists.

The heroine managed to slip a slim wrist free from his grip, and slashed out
hard. She scored five deep scratches across the technician's thigh. He swore
as blood pumped from the wound, but managed to get her hands up behind her
back. The other technician had strapped a special set of restraints onto the
base of her tail. Thick squirrel fur pressed out the top, and the restraints
automatically tightened even further.

Wrist cuffs were built in, and the metahuman technician secured Squirrel
Girl's arms into the restraints. Her thin arms were twisted very painfully
back from her shoulders, with Squirrel Girl forced to bend over in the
bondage. They too tightened on her wrists. Despite blood from his wound, the
metahuman technician released Squirrel Girl's tail from its binding. and
forced it to bend double. Squirrel Girl fought him all the way with her
prehensile tail muscles, but in the end he forced the end of the tail into
the special restraints. They tightened, and then her tail was secure.

Squirrel Girl struggled against the new restraints and found her tail and
hands even better bound than before. She wondered why they hadn't used the
restraints immediately, but if she'd been in a position to ask the answer
would have been that Luthor had to have them custom made.

"Good job. See a medic about that thigh." Luthor didn't like metahumans, but
sometimes their services were necessary. Just like Squirrel Girl.

"Yes Sir, Mr Luthor!" replied the wounded technician as he was helped out of
the room.

Luthor crouched down next to Squirrel Girl, and activated the machine. It
whirred slightly, but nothing else appeared to happen. Luthor smiled, and
took a moment to feel Squirrel Girl's breasts. They were a good size, firm
teenage breast flesh. He thumbed a nipple and squeezed it, to make the
heroine whimper. She hadn't said anything for a little while, he realised,
since before she'd lashed out at the technician. It had been impressive, as
she hadn't been able to see or hear the man. Her clawed hands were stained
with blood but now securely bound above her butt, to her tail. Luthor sucked
one of the teen's nipples into his mouth, and flicked his tongue against it.
She sounded like she gasped, although even that wasn't clear with her mouth
forced open.

The machine made a clicking noise and started to hum quietly. Luthor stood up
and back. It was B13 technology and would bring the impregnated heroine to
term in nine hours rather than nine months. Her belly would swell, her
breasts would grow heavy with milk. B13 technology would even ensure her body
received all necessary nutrients and hydrations. The predicted `litter' of
mutant babies was five. The Luthor checked his watch; work to do.

He stepped over to a control console and hit two switches; the first
activated the Research Base's PA system, the second temporarily cut out the
white noise in Squirrel Girl's ears, and replaced it with the broadcast.

"Attention. All personnel are to attend Lab Alpha-Zeta in strict hierarchical
order. Excluded are homosexual males, straight females and all personnel who
have failed standard STD testing. I wish for our mutant guest to be
continually and roughly anally penetrated for the next nine hours and for
this to only end when her waters break. Message ends."

The white noise returned to Squirrel Girt's ears. She was whimpering quietly.
She didn't understand what the voice meant about `waters break', because
there was surely no way she could be nine months pregnant in nine hours?
Golly, it just wasn't possible! What kind of dark, twisted universe could
allow plucky young heroines to be raped for hours?

Two minutes later, greasy fingers were working lubricant into her anus.
Luthor's second in command on the Research Base, Dr Jackson, was a huge
cocked black man. He loved busting open tight white teen asses. Normally, he
just hired `research assistants' and used them until they were too loose and
broken, then had them disposed of. Another benefit of working for LexCorp.

"Hey, Bitch, can you feel my cock against your hole? Shoulda left you in your
costume, I sometimes get my little bitches to dress up as Wonder Woman and
that's a ride and a half!"

Squirrel Girl didn't respond, and he recalled white noise was filling her
ears. Time to fill her ass then. Dr Jackson's dick was dark skinned and
veiny, and as he pressed it into Squirrel Girl's tight virgin butt she
couldn't stop herself screaming. Her sphincter was stretched to the very
limit by the violating. It felt like a red hot poker was being pressed into
her. Dr Jackson gripped her tight white buns in his huge, black , hands as he
forced himself deep into the teen's unwilling rectum.

The tight heat of Squirrel Girl's ass was exquisite on his cock. He met some
kind of internal resistance when he was only three quarters into her, and had
to use all of his strength to bust in and totally fill her with dick. His
heavy black ball sack rested against Squirrel Girl's furry crotch as she
screamed hysterically. She'd never known such agony, and it got worse as Dr
Jackson slid his cock out from the sucking embrace of her teen ass, and
slammed it back in mercilessly.

Squirrel Girl's Squirrel-agility was useless to her as she was brutally
anally raped. All the 18 year old could do was scream and cry. There was a
strange feeling in her belly too, but she barely noticed it over the agony of
the nearly foot long cock hammering her ass. Dr Jackson loved seeing Squirrel
Girl's tight anus stretched right around his thick black meat, and he loved
the noise she made as he impaled her.

Sweat poured off him as he shot his load deep into her bowels. He drained his
balls into Squirrel Girl's butt. Luthor had come in her mouth and her cunt,
and now her arse had been filled with a rapist's sperm too. Dr Jackson
groaned as his cock pulsed and shot the last of his seed into the thoroughly
raped superheroine. The superheroes could handle all the alien invasions,
rape was all the cockteasing costumed bitches were good for.

And so it continued for nine long painful hours. The B13 technology
regenerated the damage to Squirrel Girl almost as soon as it was caused,
meaning that even with nearly three hundred rapists (including 50+ woman with
strap on rubber-spiked dildos taking two minutes a shot) her arse was left
very sore and packed solid with semen, but undamaged. The B13 technology even
kept her asshole tight, so every new cock felt like she was being broken open
for the first time again.

Even the lubrication of so many men coming inside her didn't help the
soreness much. Towards the end her bowel was almost inflated with the sheer
volume of sperm packed into it, and her ass sprayed a geyser of cum every
time somebody pulled out. Luthor ordered that anything that dripped out was
scooped up, and then tipped over the Superheroine's head. Her hair was soon
thickly matted with jism, and over and around the facial mask was dripping
wet. They made sure to get a lot onto her tongue as well.

Squirrel Girl screamed herself hoarse after three hours, and lost her voice.
All she could do was take the pain and feel as her stomach and breasts grew.
Bent over the bondage frame as she was, she could feel the weight increase
hanging down. Her teen breasts became heavy with milk. After a few hours, she
could feel kicks inside her. The monitoring equipment on the superheroine
revealed that an egg split meant she was pregnant with a litter of six -
including two identical twins - and soon it became apparent that all were

The least important man in the research base, Janitor third class Jose
MacDonald, (Hispanic mother had been raped and then married by an Irish
father in the old Irish tradition), finally had his turn with the
Superheroine just over nine hours after the anal rape marathon began.
Squirrel Girl looked massively pregnant with six baby girls in her womb. Milk
leaked freely from her breasts and as his boss, Janitor second class Wilson
pulled out from her anus a blast of cum shot six inches.

Jose plugged the hole quickly, and gasped to find the stories of her ass
remaining tight as a virgin's were true. Her buttocks her sticky and skanky,
but as the man who cleaned the toilets Jose wasn't choosy. He took a firm
grip and slammed into Squirrel Girl's incredibly sore rear. He humped her for
a couple of minutes when suddenly water began to splash from her cunt.

"Shit! I made her cum!"

"Dickhead! That's amniotic fluid, alright, we need to get her into the
birthing postion!"

"I didn't come yet!"

"Finish yourself off!" barked the senior operative, as Luthor was summoned
from other business. He had giving instructions that he wished to witness the
birth of his six daughters. Strong hands seized Squirrel Girl's body. Her jaw
restraint was finally detached from the mask, allowing her to close her jaw.
Her mouth had been kept moist by scoop up spunk, of course, but her jaw felt
as sore as her ass. She croaked out a protest, no longer able to speak, as
her cramped limbs were tugged from the bondage.

The heavily pregnant superheroine's contractions had already begun as she was
laid down on her back. A spreader bar was brought in and laid under her head,
and then her legs were forced up and wide and attached at the ankles.
Squirrel Girl's wrists were separated from the cuffs with her tail, and moved
up above her head. They were tightylu cuffed to the spreader bar, which was
then attached to a cable. The cable was fed over another ceiling hook, and

Squirrel Girl couldn't see what was happening, but she felt the terrible
strain on her protesting legs and wrists as they were forced to take her
weight. She was bent almost double, feet higher than her head, and in
excruciating pain. Technicians crouched besides her, waiting to help out the
baby girls as they emerged between her legs. They ignored the heavy flow of
blood stained semen pouring from her ass. There was only a 25% chance of
Squirrel Girl even surviving the procedure.

Luthor approached, and suckled one of her breasts into his mouth. The hot
milk squirted quickly. He swallowed, and smiled.

"Get the breast pumps attached!"

Squirrel Girl's breath was coming in short gasps. Even 13 hours of hard anal
rape hadn't prepared her for the agony of childbirth - God's revenge on
women. Her shoulders dislocated from the extra weight of her stomach, and she
barely even noticed. Despite her eyes being covered it seemed as if she could
see a bright red haze before her. Ungentle hands seized her breasts, and
attached modified cattle milking cups. Her breasts were so full of milk, that
they pumped out heavily into the cups, and down tubing into collection

"I see the first head!"

The birth went smoothly, but agonisingly for Squirrel Girl. The six girls
looked just like human babies, as their mutant genes wouldn't kick in until
they were thirteen. Luthor watched them taken away for medical examination
with paternal pride. With B13 technology accelerated growth and education,
they would be the equivalent of 21 years old in ten days - older than their
mother! - and smarter too, with Luthor's genes.

The room emptied, leaving Luthor with the suspended, cum soaked, utterly
defeated Superheroine Squirrel Girl. Her head hung down above her milked
breasts. He tongue poked out beneath her large front two teeth. Her furry
cunt gaped open after delivering six baby girls, and Luthor thought he could
even get his bald head into it. Picking up an anaesthetic, he injected
Squirrel Girl, and she was finally allowed to rest. As her body dropped into
unconsciousness, her filled bladder released and a heavy stream sprayed down
into the pool of cum on the floor.

Coming in the CONCLUDING Part 2: Superheroine Superteam Spectacular: Squirrel
Squad Six!

Also, Squirrel Girl vs the Evil, Evil DCU Assassin without trans-dimensional

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