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Description (part 2): Lex Luthor forcefully impregnates Squirrel Girl after
the assassin captures her. Can she and her daughters in Squirrel Squad Six
save the day?

Content Codes: FF, MF, rape, nc, snuff, vio, ws/gs, incest, necro, anal,
oral, int, mast, fing, tit, voy, scat, first, cann, (+6FV, +1FV, stab, acid
cum, imp, dis, bled, gun, fire

Part 3b - The Ultimate DCU Assassin vs Marvel's Sensational Squirrel Girl
by JD ([email protected])

Part 2 - Squirrel Squad Six Assemble!

Nearly a month had passed when Squirrel Girl awoke in a warm forest glade.
The leafy branches of a tree shaded the plucky mutant superheroine from the
bright sun that shone down onto the grass. Just for a moment, she couldn't
remember how she came to be in the forest, or anything since leaving the
headquarters of the Great Lakes Champions. She tried to move, and found that
besides her eyelids, and the very tip of her tail, she was paralysed.

Memory slowly filled in as she listened to the chattering songs of the birds.
How Thanos' attack had transported her to a cave, and she'd been too
disoriented to fight back against the murderer there. How she'd been tied up
really tightly and raped. A tear formed at the corner of each of Squirrel
Girl's eyes as she remembered the agony and humiliation of her multiple
violations. She also recalled feeling grossly pregnant and, then giving

Squirrel Girl couldn't lift her head from the side to look at herself, but it
seemed that she was as lithe and lean as she had before this nightmarish
story arc began. She didn't even feel sore in her heiny anymore, and she'd
felt so very sore with all those men holding her bottom and pumping their
things into it. She'd also felt hard rubber pushed in there!

"She's awake! Why's she awake?"

Six strangely familiar faces leaned over Squirrel Girl. The girls all had the
same freckled cheeks, big front teeth and eye colour as Squirrel Girl. Some
of them had the same hair colour, while two apparent identical twins had
ginger hair (the same tone as Lex Luthor's would be, if he didn't shave his
head). Their breasts were bigger; their bubble butts even more pert - Luthor
wanted his offspring to have every advantage - but otherwise they closely
resembled their mom.

"Sedative wasn't strong enough. Out of the artificial coma early. It'll be
all right; the paralysis will wear off in a little while. Don't force
movement, it'll come."

Neither of the speakers had Squirrel Girl's Wisconsin influenced New York
accent, instead speaking with refined Metropolis tones. All six girls were
between 5'4 and 5'6 inches tall, and each had a big bushy squirrel tail to
match her hair colour, as Squirrel Girl saw when they moved around her a
little. She realised that the same despicable trick that had made her give
birth so soon had raised her daughters without her.

They'd had their first walk in the park without her, hoarded their first
nuts, maybe even talked to squirrels without her to guide them. Squirrel Girl
had dreamed of having children with Speedball someday, and yet now she had
daughters who looked slightly older than she did at 18. Their costumes were
modelled on Squirrel Girls, with a different colour for five - (dark) Red,
(dark) Blue, Purple, Black, (dark) Green - and one with a white torso'd
costume. That was the girl who looked closest in appearance to Squirrel Girl
herself. They all had more advanced equipment than Squirrel Girl's belt of
nuts, too, from high tech gizmos to weapons. The squirrel girl in white

"Hi, I'm Squirrel White," she introduced herself, "I'm the field leader of
Squirrel Squad Six and we're rescuing you! I bet you can guess the others'

The squad giggled. Squirrel Girl thought how cute it was. She always looked
on the positive optimistic side, and a superteam named after her sounded
really cool. Almost nobody had a superteam actually named after them.

"We got all this really fast training imprinted on our minds. We were
supposed to be a fake superhero team, and really working for Mr Luthor.
However our natural squirrel goodness overcame our evil, evil father! When we
broke into the computer systems we found out you were being held in the
nearby facility as a prisoner.

We got you, and we also got this nifty dagger that works against Mr Luthor's
cloned assassin in case he comes after us! Anything else, we can deal with as
a team!"

Squirrel White unsheathed the weapon from the lead-lined sheath. It had been
made of an alloy of metal and kryptonite, and was quite deadly to a
Kryptonian, or a cloned Kryptonian. Luthor had had it made as a last resort
against his clone, in case any of the remote gene decomposition triggers

"Okay, we took a wrong turning so we left you here until we'd climbed trees
and found out where to go. We're all super tree climbers, and the squirrels
let us know where the road is. We're going to go to the Justice League of
America and ask them to help us with Mr Luthor and help you go home to your
own Earth!"

That came as a shock. Squirrel Girl realised she must be on a cross-
dimensional adventure like every hero was supposed to go on at some point.
With six daughters even older than her, her continuity was in danger of
becoming more tangled than Jean Grey's. The paralysis meant she couldn't say
a word in reply, or even smile to express her joy that all the bad stuff was
over and she was going home.

Then a red and blue blur hit dropped down from the sky and Squirrel White was
gone. When the blur stopped one hundred feet above the glade, the assassin
held Squirrel White just under the shoulders. He pulled sideways hard on each
arm, and before she could stab him, her arms tore away from her body with a
wet ripping noise. The assassin flung each one wide across the treetops, and
then caught Squirrel White as she started to fall.

Squirrel Girl and the five remaining members of Squirrel Squad Six still on
the ground heard her scream of agony as the pain hit. Squirrel White realised
she was already dead; she just hoped the others would get Squirrel Girl to
safety. The assassin brought his knee up between her legs hard enough to
shatter her pelvis. The agony destroyed her coherent thought, and the crotch
of her costume darkened with piss. The assassin lifted the partially
dismembered girl until he could bring his forehead down into her face.

The sickening impact didn't just break Squirrel White's nose, it shattered
her face. Her eyes burst under the pressure of the blow, and her nose turned
concave. Fragments of skull dug into her frontal lobes, and suddenly she
couldn't even recall her name. Blood was pumping in shorter spurts from her
arm stumps as she hung limply in the assassin's arms. He slammed his knee
again into her crotch, as hard as he could. His super strength meant he tore
through her cutn and ended up with his leg sticking through Squirrel White's

The assassin pulled his knee out from Squirrel White, and laughed as mushed
organs dropped freely from the gaping wound towards the forest below. He
adjusted his grip, and threw her hard down towards a thick tree branch.

She was impaled right between her breasts, and the end of the branch burst
out of her back, dragging her vertebrae with it. As she slid down to the tree
trunk, her intestines were snagged on the branch and pulled out behind her,
while bloody viscera continued to empty through her annihilated crotch.
Squirrel White died flat against the tree, a pathetic mess.

Squirrel Girl's paralysis meant she was forced to watch her daughter's brutal
murder. The brutal assault on Squirrel White had taken only a couple of
minutes, but the remainder of Squirrel Squad Six hadn't stood idle. Their
training imprints meant they could adjust fast. Squirrel Green took off
immediately through the trees after the dagger, as it was the only weapon
that stood a chance of hurting the assassin.

The others took up fighting stances, ready to move as a group. The ginger
haired twins Squirrel Black and Squirrel Purple stood behind Squirrels Blue
and Red. Squirrel Red looked close to tears at the punishment being meted out
to Squirrel White, but the trauma training was far stronger in the others.
Squirrel Girl lay to the side, able to move her hands, and watch them, but
unable to speak yet.

Squirrel Blue rapidly spoke, "We must have missed a tracking device.
Otherwise, there's no way Luthor shouldn't have diverted his resources after
the red herrings. Okay, we need to."

Squirrel Girl's eyes grew wide as the twins drew guns from their belt
holsters, and pointed them at the backs of Red and Blue's knees. They moved
with a fearful symmetry, and Squirrel Girl realised what they were going to
do before they pulled their triggers. Squirrel Squad Six had been betrayed
from within by Luthor's favourites. The only family tie they cared about was
to their father, and to each other. While the other members of Squirrel Squad
Six were virgins, the twins had been secretly fucking each other ever since
they came out of the growth tanks.

The guns were silenced, and made the faintest `thrb,' as the soft-nosed
rounds hit the back of Blue and Red's right knees. The soft-nosed rounds
almost took each girl's right off. Purple and Black retargeted before their
sisters had even fallen, and put another bullet through their other kneecap.
Squirrel Blue and Squirrel Red fell screaming and writhing to the floor.
Blood bumped out around shattered kneecaps, and ragged ended bones poked
through the flesh.

They knew if they stepped in close to finish off their sisters, they'd open
up to deadly revenge assaults. Squirrel Black had her hand in her costume
pants, and Squirrel Purple followed her example. Blood pumped into the grass
as each twin's movement matched the other, and they aimed at the base of Red
and Blue's tails. It was a difficult shot, with them shaking and writhing,
but they nailed it.

Blood sprayed from just above each of the fallen girl's asses as their tails
fell to the side, totally severed. Just the elbows to do now, and even though
Squirrel Red realised they'd be targeting her arms next, she wasn't able to
move fast enough as her sisters shot out the joints. Squirrel Blue just
screamed and screamed as her elbows were blasted apart. The twins sheathed
their guns, and looked up. High above, the assassin had pulled his cock from
his costume pants and begun stroking it. He could see Squirrel Green's
progress towards the dagger with his infrared vision, and wasn't concerned

Squirrel Purple and Squirrel Black stood to either side of their betrayed
sisters and simultaneously delivered hard kicks to each girl's ribs. Their
clawed toes cut deeply into their sister's stomachs through their costumes.
The red and blue torso fabric stained with blood. With their arms and legs
useless, Squirrel Blue and Squirrel Red were helpless to prevent their
sisters from slashing open the crotches of their costumes and forcing them
into a sick parody of a sixty-nine.

Their faces were ground incestuously into each other's blood spattered
crotch, while each movement intensified the agony in their bullet-shattered
joints. Squirrel Red lost control first and pissed into Squirrel Blue's
mouth, seconds later Squirrel Blue did the same to her. The sisters were
forced to degrade each other with vile streams of waste. The Assassin found
the sight highly arousing, and he wasn't alone. The twins lent over their
dying sisters and in the same terrible symmetry, both pushed a hand in the
other's costume pants.

Squirrel Purple kissed her twin passionately as she fingered Squirrel Black's
dripping ginger gash. She kept one hand on the back of Squirrel Blue's head,
forcing it into Squirrel Red's dripping cunt. Squirrel Black returned her
red-headed sister's kiss equally passionately, and squeezed her cunt around
her sister's probing digits. The agony of Squirrel Red and Squirel Blue made
the sadistic pair incredibly wet.

They finger-fucked each other to a screaming climax within minutes, while
high above the assassin shot his acidic semen out into the air towards
Squirrel Green below. The murderous twins didn't even notice him leave after
Squirrel Green as they moaned their perverted pleasure between kisses. The
helpless squirrel Girl watched with horror as they pushed Squirrel Blue and
Squirrel Red - both white faced from loss of blood and pain - onto their
backs, and sat astride the girls.

Digging their claws in, they penetrated the pert flesh of their sister's
breasts. The twins gripped they thighs tightly around their sister's bodies,
and rubbed their crotches against them as they worked. Weak bubbly protests
were ignored as they worked their clawed fingers in deeper and deeper under
the sweaty costumed mounds until each twin could tear loose wet bags of fat
and gland, and patches of blue and red fabric. Squirrel Girl closed her eyes
so she didn't have to watch as the torn breastflesh was stuffed into her
daughter's mouths.

Squirrel Blue and Squirrel Red were far beyond fighting in a world of total
agony. Their training had broken down and they hoped to die quickly. Their
bodies automatic reactions tried to force the bloody gobs of titflesh from
their throats and mouths, but it was too much. The girls choked to death on
their own torn off breasts. It seemed to Squirrel Girl that she had watched
herself murdered three times already, and she was only too aware that
Squirrel Green hadn't come back.

As Squirrel Black and Squirrel Purple twisted into their own sixty nine atop
the mattress of their sister's corpses, Squirrel Girl's only hope was that
Squirrel Green had had the sense to run and hide. Squirrel Girl could by then
move jerkily, but her tongue didn't respond, and she didn't yet have the
ability to push herself up. Squirrel Black lifted her head from Squirrel
Purple's pussy, and smiled evilly.

"When the clone Kent State is done with you, Mom, we're having you. He's
going to hurt you, but he won't come in you. What we did to Red and Blue
wasn't even a warm up," her voice grew breathier as she spoke, mixed with
sobbed cries, "we're going to feed you the womb we grew in Mom, isn't that

Squirrel Black gripped her twin's thighs as she came again. Her juices
splashed wetly across Squirrel Purple's face, and then she dove face down
into her sister's red bush.

Squirrel Green had heard the new screams behind her, and hoped that Squirrel
Squad Six's imprinted team combat training coupled with their inherited
Squirrel Agility would be enough to keep them alive and mostly unharmed until
she returned with the dagger. She leaped through the trees until she found
one of Squirrel White's arms. A fox looked up from chewing on the ragged end,
then dashed away through the trees. The dismembered limb was no longer
clutching the dagger, so surely all Squirrel Green had to do was follow the
path of the throw and retrieve the weapon from the forest floor.

She absentmindedly took some nuts from her pouch (they all kept nuts, even
with all the gizmos) and ground them with her large front teeth. Then she set
off in the other direction through the forest, a systematic search. There was
still no sign of the dagger. After a short while a rustling above her made
her look up, and as she did so drops of the assassin's acid semen splattered
across her face. She grunted, and used the furry forearm of her costume to
rub at it the sticky mess quickly.

She was too slow. Her pupils melted into her eyes and fluid drained down her
cheeks. She grunted, fighting the pain mentally as the tiny drops of acidic
fluid ate into her face around her eyes. Blood trickled down her freckled
cheeks. She could fight in pitch darkness if only she could find the dagger.
She moved forward on her hands and feet, tail high, using her limbs in
sweeping steps to feel out the weapon.

The assassin stripped off his costume before he reached her, and dropped
silently before the searching girl. There was time to have real fun with this
one. Squirrel Green's fingers brushed a hairy shin and she halted, suddenly
very afraid, and looked up without eyes to see. The assassin forced his
fingers into her mouth. She screeched with surprise, then with pain as her
chubby cheeks split into a bloody smile.

He gripped Squirrel Green's tongue tightly, and pulled one half up and the
other down. The muscle split right down the middle in his grip, and Squirrel
Green's mouth filled with blood. As the assassin pulled his bloody fingers
out, he yanked loose Squirrel Green's big front teeth, then forced her jaw to
maximum to complete the tearing of her cheeks. As soon as his grip was off
her, Squirrel Green managed to flip backwards. Blood arced from her destroyed
face, but she landed on her feet. The assassin tossed Squirrel Green's pulled
teeth to one side, and spoke,

"I couldn't find the dagger either. My guess is that it dropped down some
fissure or abandoned mine entrance into lead deposits. I doubt you'd have
been fast enough to use it."

Squirrel Green used the assassin's voice to triangulate his location and
moved backwards, arms raised. She hoped the others would arrive quickly and
help, but she could hear distant squeals of only two voices. Deep inside her
heroic breast she felt despair as those squeals didn't sound like pain, not
really. It sounded dirty. The assassin hadn't moved, but she felt a searing
pain in her crotch. The smell of burning fabric and pubic hair reached her

He'd used his heat vision to start a fire on her costume. He could see
perfectly well through Squirrel Green's costume, and directed an even more
intense beam at her little clit. She'd never had a chance to use the little
nub for pleasure, and as it ignited she never would. Squirrel Green sank to
her knees, putting out the flames with her hands. Even with the fire damped
her crotch still felt like it was burning. She started to piss, and her labia
hissed as the cooler fluid drenched the ragged charred remains of her
costume's crotch.

The assassin stepped forward and pulled the blinded girl's breasts up around
his cock. He lifted her knees from the ground so most of her entire body
weight was hanging on her breasts. Squirrel Green's costume stretched as did
her breasts, and there was a lot less give in the fast bruising mammaries.
Squirrel Green couldn't make tears as the acid had melted into her tear
ducts. As she could do was fight for breath as the assassin pleasured himself
with her pert cleavage.

He thrust hard, forcing her head back each time as his cock head battered
Squirrel Green's chin. Her tail moved behind her as she hoped by some miracle
to locate the dagger after all. It felt like her tits were going to tear
right off of her chest. She had no illusions as to her fate after seeing
Squirrel White murdered. Each breath was agony for her, yet her body wouldn't
let her give in and die.

The assassin moved his shaft faster and faster as the blood from Squirrel
Green's destroyed mouth and tongue provided lubrication for his thick shaft.
He screwed her tits until he felt like he was close to coming, and then
squeezed them in his super-strong hands. They burst instantly and messily
between his fingers, and Squirrel Green dropped down to the hard forest

She wasn't allowed any respite from the brutality, as the assassin flipped
her onto her face and lifted her bubble butt into the air. He contemptuously
broke her tail bones near the base, and it hung painfully to one side.
Squirrel Green had no warning before he forced nine hard thick inches of
kryptonian cock up her arse. He dragged her costume inside her until it tore,
and punched a hole in her rectum with his cock.

Squirrel Green's sphincter also split instantly, shredded by the violating
cock. The assassin was pleased with her scream of pure despair, which she
managed despite her tongue being split and her jaw hanging loose. He fucked
Squirrel Green brutally hard, tearing her bubble butt up with each inward
thrust, and dragging blood and rectal lining out with his cock. He pushed her
down against the ground so the rough stones and sticks on the floor tore into
the remains of her burst breasts and face. The sadistic pleasure was soon too
much for him, and he exploded into her bowels.

Squirrel Green felt the fresh new agony as acid sperm dissolved her
intestines from within. She couldn't lift her face from the pooling blood
beneath it and began to drown in it as her belly dissolved. The assassin
pulled out slowly, and stood. Shit and blood poured from Squirrel Green's
ruined ass between her still mostly cute and whole butt cheeks. She shook and
groaned as the acidic semen burned through her strong stomach muscles. The
assassin could see the forest floor through her back as he stroked out the
last few drops of acidic sperm.

The assassin reached between the melting edges of the wound and gripped a
slippery organ just before the acid started on it. Tugging hard, he pulled
out Squirrel Green's womb whole. She felt it, but could no longer scream
about it. He raised the bloody morsel to his mouth, and bit deep into
Squirrel Green's reproductive system. Uterine lining dribbled down his chin
as he raised one final bare foot and brought it down onto Squirrel Green's
head. The heroine's skull smashed like an egg. Brain, skull fragments and
blood splashed in a wide circle around the assassin's foot. He left the
twitching, dissolving corpse and walked back towards the glade while
finishing off his snack.

He confirmed to himself that he couldn't see dagger anywhere. He only knew of
the weapon because he'd seen it, and heard Squirrel Squad Six discuss it.
What he didn't realised was that Luthor had had the dagger made so he
wouldn't be able to detect it with his super abilities - and that was re-
inforced by coding in his cloned DNA. Luthor knew what the clone was looking
for, of course, for he had enjoyed the sight and feel of the destruction of
his daughters through a body suit telepathically connected to the clone.

Luthor considered the operation to have been a failure so far. The Squirrel
Squad would have been useful to him, if they hadn't betrayed him. Now he had
no need for any of them, not even his beautiful twins. The twins' loyalty now
was worth less than the pleasure of ordering them to fight to the death,
followed by his clone assassin killing the last of the bright eyed and bushy
tailed bitches. Then Squirrel Girl would be brought back to him, and he'd
rape her again, and again, in every damn hole in her body. He might even make
a few new ones.

The assassin emerged back into the glade to see Squirrel Girl hadn't moved.
He assumed she was still mostly paralysed, and didn't realise that she was by
then mostly putting on an act until she regained 100% Squirrel Agility.
Squirrel Black and Squirrel Purple were still eagerly eating and fingering
each other's drenched holes on the cooling corpses of Squirrel Red and
Squirrel Blue. He saw Squirrel Girl unmoving where she'd been left, and would
have raped her ass then and there if Luthor hadn't issued a blocking command.

"Squirrel Black! Squirrel Purple. Stand to attention!"

The voice that came from the assassin's mouth was Luthor's, and the perverted
twins immediately obeyed. They stood straight-backed and ready, with their
costume tops pushed up, and their pants around their ankles. Their breasts
shone with each other's saliva, and their bodies were stained with their
sister's blood. The assassin was still naked, and his cock obviously hardened
again as he admired the sticky thighs and ginger bushes of the twins.

"You have failed me. Squirrel Squad Six's betrayal could have been prevented
if you had contacted me sooner. You will each strip off the remainder of your
clothing, draw your combat knives, and fight to the death. The winner will
redeem herself and return to me as my daughter. Now."

The assassin masturbated as the Squirrel Girls stripped off. It was obvious
to him that they were reluctant to carry out the command, for they had a very
strong bond together. The bond was so strong that they moved again in
symmetry, standing apart from each other nude with a knife in each hand.
Their red furred tails rose up behind them, providing a useful counter
balance, as they warily circled.

There was a clang as they lashed out together. It was like watching a mirror
image as each deflected the other's strike, then thrust the serrated blade
into past her opponents guard. The twins stabbed each other through the belly
button simultaneously. The blades cut into skin, muscle and stomach easily.
The angle of the blades was such that the tips ended up slicing down into
each girl's womb.

They gasped with pain, realising then that they both were going to die. In an
unspoken decision, each brought her other knife up and plunged it through her
twin's breast. They jointly pierced their hearts through the middle. The
twins fell forward, pulling themselves close. Blood dribbled from between
their legs as they kissed and fondled. The assassin listened to their
heartbeats stutter and stop as they fingered each other to one last
incestuous death orgasm.

The assassin pulled Squirrel Black's body into his arms, and tugged the
blades from her stomach and belly. She hung limply, head back, eyes half-
closed. He pushed into her incredibly wet cunt as her voided bowel emptied
into Squirrel Purple's mouth, and splattered across her face. The corpse felt
good on his cock. While causing incredible suffering in his victims was very
arousing to him, and to Luthor, there was something to be said for the soft
wetness and peacefulness of corpses.

He looked down into Squirrel Purple's shit smeared face, and the erotic sight
of the knives embedded into her flesh. He fucked her dead twin fast, and his
cock was more than big enough to negate the slackness of death. Squirrel
Black would have been happy to avoid the agony of acid cum inside her when he
came. He dropped the melting stomach'd corpse onto Squirrel Black's degraded
body, and sighed, truly satisfied.

He turned around to collect Squirrel Girl and return her to the research
base, after which he would come back and clean up the mess. Instead he only
the briefest glimpse of a green veined blade coming towards him, and then
everything went black. The knife cut right through his eyesocket and lodged
in his brain. The telepathic feedback knocked Luthor into a coma in his
bodysuit. Squirrel Girl released her grip on the dagger's hilt as the
assassin fell backwards; he was dead before he hit the ground.

"That Evil, Evil MAN! I had to kill him, Tippy-Toe! I had to! This story arc
was just too dark for Squirrel Girl!" cried Squirrel Girl after meting out
her Squirrely wrath.

Squirrel Girl spoke in squirrel speak to her small companion. While the
assassin had been engrossed in the knife fight, and then in raping Squirrel
Black's corpse, Tippy-Toe had emerged into the glade through the trees. She'd
had the knife hilt clutched in her teeth, and dropped it at Squirrel Girl's
side. Of course, had Tippy-Toe known that taking the knife from the forest
floor would lead to Squirrel Green's rape and murder, she'd probably have
left it.

"So how did you get here?"

Tippy-Toe explained that when Squirrel Girl didn't come back, her teammates
had been forced to start trawling around the entire Marvel Earth looking for
her. Luckily, they reached New York City on the second day of their trawl.
There, Dr Strange was already working on analysing the magical properties he
had detected in Thanos' attack, and had already identified it as an assault
on Squirrel Girl. He enchanted Tippy-Toe to be able to find Squirrel Girl
anywhere in existence, then sent her across the trans-dimensional barrier.

Squirrel Girl listened politely, hands clasped together. She was about to say
that they couldn't go back until they had brought Mr Luthor to justice, when
Tippy-Toe told her in squirrel speak that all they had to do to go home was
for Tippy-Toe to touch Squirrel Girl. The little black squirrel leapt onto
Squirrel Girl's thigh, and they popped out of the DC Universe all together.

End - Really, this time. The ultimate DCU Assassin is as dead as Peter
Parker's Uncle Ben. And don't give me any of that Bucky/Winter Soldier crap.

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