*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Demon/F Non-Consensual sex, She-Males, Mind Control, and Humiliation. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it ***

This story is an Elseworlds tale, in which the Last Son of Krypton was in fact a Daughter.

Superwoman: Lillith - The Sacrifice Of Superwoman Part 1 - Lillith
by High-Heeled Jill ([email protected]) & Spring-Heeled Jack

I first saw this particular girl in the central library of Metropolis on a sunny Saturday afternoon and I knew instantly that she was ideal for my purposes. She was only fifteen years old and as beautiful as any girl I had seen, with hair like shimmering gold and small perfect lips. I had already collected 11 such girls and one more would give me the twelve I needed for the final ceremony. And then I would be ready to make my move against Superwoman.

I walked casually over to her desk and sat down beside the blonde. She glanced up from the book on the Mayan civilization that she had been reading to look quizzically at me. I was a tall and well-dressed woman, with long flowing black hair and a generous bust, and the expression of surprise on the young blonde's face was very appealing.

"Good afternoon." I said softly.

"Good afternoon," she replied warily, and I gave her my most friendly smile.

The girl was slightly nervous and I mentally extended myself to reassure her. She had a faint smile that was at least partially a frown on her face, not realizing that my own half-smile was the result of the anticipation I felt in the presence of her pubescent perfection. She fidgeted in her seat as we looked at one another for almost a minute before she finally asked, "Was there something you wanted?"

"I was just curious as to why such a pretty young girl as you would be spending her Saturday evenings in the library?"

The girl pulled a face. "I was supposed to do a project on ancient civilizations with another girl from school, only she broke her leg and now I have to do the entire thing by myself."

"But couldn't you get another partner?" I extended another telepathic probe to nudge her in the direction I desired.

"Everybody else is already paired up, so I got stuck with doing the whole thing by my teacher!" she moaned.

"Well I don't think that's very fair. Couldn't you get somebody else to help, a friend or someone from your family?"

"Huh! A fat lot of good they'd be. Not that they care anyway."

I reached out and laid my hand on her shoulder sympathetically, incidentally strengthening the telepathic hooks I had established in her brain. What I found in her mind was just what I wanted. She really was perfect, beautiful, resentful and deeply self-centered.

I removed my hand from her shoulder and extended it toward her, smiling warmly as I did so. "I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lillith."

"Hi, I'm Courtney."

* * *

Eight hours later and young Courtney was in the temple beneath my mansion, screaming hoarsely as I rammed my giant demon-cock deeply into her too tight pussy. The tears were streaming down her face as I raped her mercilessly. Her stomach bulged obscenely as my impossibly massive maleness filled her womb. The sweat glistened on her pale skin, as it did on my own giant, jet-black, female form, the contrast stark where her pale hand pressed futilely against my bulging bicep.

She looked up at me with the same expression of horrified agony as she had when I first revealed my true form and I redoubled the effort of my thrusts. It is always my favorite moment, the mingled shock, terror and disbelief as I transform from a beautiful 6ft woman into a 15ft demoness, with skin of the darkest ebony, curling horns and leathery wings. But most important of all is my monstrosity of a penis!

Her pale childish body looked like a toy in comparison to my immensity. I reached down with one clawed hand to maul her barely formed breasts while my other gripped one of my own huge mammaries and tweaked the nipple sharply as the chanting of my neophytes filled the temple.

Courtney grimaced in anguish, shame, and pure pain as my tentacle-like penis raped her for what must have seemed like an eternity to the unfortunate child. The ceremony was reaching it's crescendo as I felt the rise of my imminent orgasm. All around me I sensed the intense focused lust of the eleven girls that had previously experienced the ordeal that Courtney was enduring.

The passion within and around the circle magnified the swirling magical energies a thousandfold and I roared with approval as I absorbed the power into myself.

I extended myself into the blonde's mind and stimulated the subconscious parts of her brain, forcing her body to respond to her dreadful rape. Courtney emitted an earsplitting scream when she climaxed, just the start of an orgasm that continued for the next thirty minutes, her orgasmic state never stopping or diminishing for the whole time. She was in a continuous loop of pleasure and pain as I violated her entirely, leaving her a mindless fuck-machine.

I started slamming my impossibly large cock more rapidly into her tiny pussy, stretching her tight orifice to the limits and beyond until, finally, my own orgasm came upon me and I fired salvo after salvo of thick demon-seed inside her stretched out hole. My she-sperm filled her completely, bulging her belly with the impossible volume, and then spurting back out of her pussy as I kept fucking her until I was completely satisfied.

I looked up from the girl's pain-contorted features and to the vaulted chamber above as I extended my arms as the magical energies that had been unleashed were infused into me, making me greater and more powerful than ever before.

Courtney remained impaled on my giant cock until the internal pressure of the sperm bloating her womb caused her to slide lowly from my softening two-foot cock. She fell into the center of the circle where she curled up into a fetal ball, her body twitching spastically as her orgasmic ordeal continued. At my silent command, the other eleven girls entered the circle to tend to their new Sister as her transformation was about to begin. There pressed their young perfect bodies against Courtney's sweaty form, their hands caressing and exploring her as my magicks began healing her, transforming her.

Eventually, my body feeling alive with the occult energies that ran through my veins, I lowered my head and looked into the empty eye sockets of my father's skull surmounted above the altar. I smiled in recollection of the hatred etched onto my father's face as I forced him to watch me rape my mother in all three holes during the ceremony that had fully transformed me into what I am now. I glanced across to the other end of the altar where my mother's skull rested on its golden spike, the two small horns that projected from her forehead casting long wavering shadows in the torchlight.

* * *

I had been a neglected child, always overlooked by my glamorous mother and father, the 'honorable' Dr. Ravenwood. I hadn't known until I discovered the truth on my eleventh birthday that in addition to being a respected scholar, my father was also a powerful sorcerer and demonologist. But even that had paled in comparison to learning that my beautiful mother was in fact a disguised demoness!

No one can imagine the shock for a young girl to learn that she wasn't even really human, but half-demon. For months I lived in denial of the truth, venting my anger on the other children at the convent school I attended and barely escaping expulsion for my actions. I had always been a vindictive and violent child but during that period I exceeded anything I had done before. It was only the embarrassment of my victims that allowed me to continue with my nastiness, so I always made sure that they were much too ashamed and humiliated to tell anyone what I had done to them.

After I recovered from the revelation of my parents' true origins, I realized that if magic was real, then I could use it get everything that I really wanted. I began sneaking into my father's hidden study, although not hidden well enough, and read through all of his ancient spellbooks and grimoires. I learned the differences between the many forms of sorcery, and I spent my nights memorizing spells and incantations and discovering the limitations and possibilities of sorcery and witchcraft, magic and magick.

I was a plain and dowdy child, all skin and bone and sharp edges, and I really wanted to be beautiful like my mother. Now that I knew that her beauty was an illusion, the first spells I wished to master were the ones that changed the shape. Unfortunately all magick carries a cost. Minor, passive magicks are relatively easy and need no more than the inborn resources that everybody possesses, but the more potent spells I required need a correspondingly greater level of energy. The power to enforce a change in the very fabric of reality has to come from somewhere, and I wasn't so stupid as to drain myself.

There are several ways to obtain the necessary power. All sorcerers can store energy by simple absorption from the ambient life-force around them, a process that can be intensified by certain ceremonies, but that was too slow for me. My eyes had been opened to a realm of possibilities and I had no intention of waiting any longer than I absolutely had to. I could make a compact with a more powerful entity such as a demon who would provide me with all the magick I wanted, but that would leave me beholden unto them for eternity and I had no intention of being a slave, not even a powerful one.

That left the final option, which is to take the power forcibly. All living beings are a repository of magical energy and in times of intense emotional activity, joy, rage, pain, ecstasy, then it is a relatively simple task to harvest. The most common form of this approach human sacrifice, but the most popular is sex-magick, the two often being combined by the more depraved cults. Sex-magick is considered a low-powered magick, so I tried some of the other recommended techniques.

My first attempt to amass enough energy to enact a shape change was dismal failure. I selected one of the girls from school, a pretty little redhead whose misfortune was the result of her insistence on calling me Lily instead of Lillith, and dragged her into the woods. I put her through every humiliating ordeal that I could think of, but her thoughts were just too distracted and fragmented for me to gain much from her, even when I made her copulate with a stray dog. It was obvious that I was going to need someone much more focused on the task in hand until I mastered the energy drain.

There are many ways that a prepubescent girl can provoke that level of focused emotion in others, but sex-magick in particular seemed to be ideal for my purposes, although it was dismissed by most of the books I had read as being unreliable. And so it was that shortly after my twelfth birthday I seduced one of my teachers after school.

He was an arrogant and unpleasant man, a cleric, with a reputation for strictness and moral probity, but I had seen the ways his eyes looked over the other girls in class -- the pretty girls -- so I knew he would not be able to resist a willing child-lover. I was right. After his initial shock at the clumsy way I had made my move had passed he was more than eager to take the lead. He was too stupid to realize that at the same time as I sucked the sperm from his cock I was also sucking the very essence of life from his body.

In fact, the more of his life-force that I drained, the more focused his mind became upon his lust and the more that there was for me to absorb. He was literally drooling mindlessly when he pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties down, his higher faculties consumed entirely by base lechery. It hurt a little when he plunged his slim shaft into my hairless pussy, even though I had taken the precaution of preparing the way the night before with a large candle, and I had lubricated myself earlier in the day. He didn't notice.

But the pain was a minor price to pay for the reward I was reaping. Already I had absorbed more magick from him than I had from all of my other attempts combined. The sorcerers that had written those books of magick had no idea what they were talking about! Dry, dusty old men that couldn't get another human being to cum if their lives depended on it. No wonder they had never achieved any results with sex-magick, you need to be good at the fucking sex as well as the magic! Even though I lay motionless as my victim humped frenetically at my body, his lust for my tiny body was more than enough to compensate. Unlike those old sorcerers, I was desirable! It was not until later in my life, shortly before I killed her and stole her power to add to my own, that I discovered that my mother had been a succubus, which meant that sex was in very nature.

All the while my teacher was satisfying his unwholesome desires, I was siphoning the energy I needed from him. It was strange. As I drew more of his life-force from him I became aware of the simplistic thoughts in his mind, and in some peculiar way his lust transmitted itself to me. I began to hump back as my prepubescent body responded to his arousal and it wasn't long until we were orgasming simultaneously.

Words cannot describe the way it felt, our bodies and minds entwined as we came. His pleasure and ardor were being increased by my prompting and my own was increasing in reaction to his! My body spasmed as my climax washed over me, carrying even more magick with it and almost knocking me out with its intensity.

My upstanding teacher's eyes bulged as his wet seed shot inside my belly and his lips curled back from his teeth with the strength of his climax. His life-force flared brilliantly and I grasped at it. He kept thrusting into me, long after the point when his balls ran dry and he shuddered and jerked as I tore the power I wanted from him, raping his very soul until eventually our combined orgasm ended and he fell backward, his little dick slipping unnoticed from me.

My body tingled with the magick I now contained and I lay back panting, feeling as though my body would burst. I had only just experienced an orgasm, but what I felt now with the power coursing through my veins was like the moment just before the dam is released, only multiplied many times and affecting my whole body.

After a couple of minutes I became used to the feeling of pent-up power within me and I climbed unsteadily to my feet. It seemed as though my body was lighter than air at the same time as being as heavy as lead. I looked down to the floor and was moderately surprised to discover that I wasn't floating above the ground but standing above my teacher's motionless body.

I hadn't noticed him collapse but obviously I had taken a little too much of his life-force and not left enough to keep his body alive. His eyes stared vacantly at the ceiling and drool ran from the corner of his slack lips to the carpet below. I gazed at his corpse with no interest at all. I had the power now!

In the heady state of my newfound magick, I walked naked through the school to the changing rooms with my late teacher's watery sperm dribbling down my slim legs from my pussy. It was fortunate that no one saw me before I reached the large mirror that I needed. I was going to change myself now and I wanted to see it happen.

It was ridiculously easy now that I had the magical resource to enact the change. I simply invoked the spell and visualized the transformation that I wanted to achieve. It took less than a minute in all. My limbs tingled as they lengthened and my tiny breasts felt sore as they swelled into immensity. There was a momentary discomfort as my facial features became disturbingly fluid as they changed, but then I was staring at my mother's reflection. It wasn't identical, my mother didn't have tits as massive as I had given myself, and nor was her figure as firm as mine, but I was very recognizably her.

I rubbed my hands over my new body, making the muscles larger as I did so and enjoying the sense of power that came with the added mass. It was so magnificently firm and unyielding, and I was filled with a sense of the damage that this body could inflict. My exploring hands circled around my huge breasts and down my hard belly to run my fingers through the thatch of black hair that covered my pussy.

On a whim, I decided to change my hair to blonde and watched the reflection as it progressed through shades of brown and honey until it was almost white. I smiled and became a redhead as I experimented with the possibilities. I tried changing races too, becoming black, asian and hispanic before returning to the white body I had first assumed.

I felt incredibly aroused by my new form and my fingers toyed with my pussy, exploring the fully matured folds of sex-meat down there and teasing the tight hole. I was astonished by how large my clitoris had become. Previously it had been a small nub of flesh hidden beneath a tiny hood, but now it was almost as large as my thumb. With a moment's thought I removed the pubic hair to allow myself a better view of my clit. I rubbed the sensitive organ and watched my reflection as it swelled larger and larger.

It quickly filled out, increasing in size until it was larger than the cock I had just taken. A 7-inch protuberance of pink clit-stick that thrilled with intense pleasure at my every touch. I remembered the way that my teacher had grasped his tool when he fed it to me, jerking his fist up and down the length, so I did the same thing to my bloated clitty, gasping with the incredible sensations it provoked. They were so strong that they were almost painful.

I collapsed to my knees as my orgasm overwhelmed me, screaming and shuddering with its power. This was not like my previous climax, this was an explosion of pleasure and stimulation that left me wasted and drained on the cold surface of the locker room floor.

Once I had regained my senses, I returned my clitoris to a more natural size and walked back through the school in my new body until I reached the classroom where I had left my clothes, and where my teacher's corpse lay. In the time I had gone it had also changed, becoming a desiccated husk. It looked like an unwrapped mummy and I knew that I had to do something to get rid of the body, as it would never be mistaken for a natural death in its current dried up state.

Using my magick to remove what little moisture remained in the cadaver I then simply ground it into dust with pressure spell. After I had swept up the powdered remains and disposed of them in the garbage, I created some clothes for myself and left.

I was an intelligent girl though, and I realized that if I simply stayed the beauty I so desperately wanted to be, then even parents as neglectful as mine would have known that something was up, so regretfully I transformed myself back to my previous reality, although not without making a few improvements. Instead, I slowly altered my appearance over a period of time, filling out a little here, softening the sharp edges there until I became my mother's daughter in looks as well as fact. But at night, in the privacy of my room, I would change myself into the most gorgeous women on earth before going and finding a new source of energy to absorb.

By the time I was 14 I was a real knockout. The gawkiness of my youth long gone, with no vestige of the girl I had been in the tall, busty young woman that I had become.

* * *

My quest for power had continued apace, leading me to greater and more heinous actions in the hunt for it, but the result was worth it all. I had no regrets about killing my parents, it was the only way that I could consume their powers utterly within myself, not just feeding off them, but making their very essence, their hearts and souls, a part of myself. There were few now that could be considered my peers in the mortal world, and it was in pursuit of the most powerful of those that I returned to Metropolis. To catch and destroy that strange visitor from another world, Superwoman.

I had spent many hours watching Superwoman in action, always being careful to remain inconspicuous, which for a shape-shifter is no great task. Although I am much greater than the limitations of my heritage, and more powerful than anything less than a Duke of Hell itself, I had no desire to tackle Superwoman directly and on her home ground. Even if I won, that would not benefit me at all. I knew that she was vulnerable to my magic, but I also knew that she had found ways to defeat mystically empowered foes in the past.

I wanted Superwoman's power for myself, and there was one way I knew to be sure to drain it. I would rape it from her body in a Ceremony that would multiply the transfer a thousandfold. I already had my neophytes, so all I needed now was Superwoman herself. I had to get her within my grasp, to a location where my power would be at its greatest and hers would be neutralized before we had a physical confrontation. So I set about finding my bait.

It was well known that Superwoman seemed to have some sort of tie to the Daily Planet Newspaper, but from my own observations it was obvious that those ties were stronger than everybody thought. One reporter in particular was always either on the scene or being rescued by the Big Blue Girl Scout, a woman by the name of Lois Lane.

It had been Lois Lane that had originally dubbed the last daughter of Krypton with the name 'Superwoman'. In those early days Superwoman had worn a very short red skirt, with the effect that most people had called her Supergirl instead. Obviously she had realized that she would not get any respect while people could see her panties every time she flew overhead so she had switched to a blue all-in-one costume which covered her body completely. The skirt was now worn by a wannabe blonde who had taken the Supergirl name along with it, but I had no interest in her as yet.

Now Superwoman was the living embodiment of goodness and nobility, a tall muscular woman in a blue and red costume, an 'S' boldly emblazoned upon her magnificent chest, her short dark hair brushed back with a single loose lock forming the distinctive 's'-curl above her brow and a look of steely determination in her deep blue eyes. She was magnificent! I had to have her! To corrupt her! To destroy her! And Lois Lane would be my key.

I decided that the best way to learn about Superwoman was to get close to Lois Lane and the people at the Planet, so I obtained a false identity to match a new body and took up a position as a junior filing clerk in the records section of the newspaper. I had expected a slow trawl through the minds of all the staff members there to piece together their knowledge and learn what I needed, but it proved to be unnecessary.

My telepathy did not work on Superwoman because the sheer strength of her willpower balked my tentative efforts to penetrate her consciousness and I could only obtain the vaguest impression of her thoughts. A greater push might have broken the barrier, but it would also have alerted her to my interest. Imagine my surprise when after only two days I came across a woman that presented the very same obstacle to my telepathy.

I had been taking some documents to one of the reporters for an investigation that they were pursuing into the disappearance of a number of teenaged girls when Lois Lane and SHE had come walking out of a meeting with the paper's editor, Perry White.

I was amazed that none of these people had recognized her for who she was. The reporters at the Planet met Superwoman on an almost daily basis so how could they fail to recognize that she was amongst them? She wore a pair of glasses and her hair was in a different style, falling in bangs from a parting instead of being brushed back, but otherwise she looked identical. Besides, there aren't that many 6-foot amazons walking around that she could be lost in the crowd.

The disguised heroine was sharing some sort of joke with Lane and White as they emerged and it was obvious that they knew one another well. I was aware that I could gain nothing from attempting to scan Superwoman herself, so I focused my attention on Lois Lane, scooping as much as I could from her in one contact before leaving to consider how this would affect my plans. I must have grabbed a little too hard because Lane staggered and almost fainted. She would have fallen to the floor had not Superwoman caught her.

I didn't stay to see what happened next, instead I turned on my heel and stalked out of the newsroom, the files I had brought still in my arms.

* * *

Back in the records office I tried to sift through all that I had taken from Lois Lane. Most of it was her personal past, but it didn't take long to find want I wanted in the confusion of her thoughts. Although Lois didn't know it, her friend and fellow reporter "Mae Kent" was Superwoman. The World's Greatest Heroine was a small town hick, literally, from a place called Smallville of all things! I now knew that Lois Lane would be the instrument that I used against Superwoman, but as I sifted further through her mind it just got better and better.

Mae Kent had fucked Lois Lane. I couldn't believe that the moral and upstanding Superwoman really was a dyke, but there it was in Lois's memory. Everything was there, the first clumsy overtures, the first shy kiss all the way through to the slow and sensual love-making. And still Lois didn't realize that Kent and Superwoman were the same person.

The irony was that Lois would never have considered having a relationship with another woman if it hadn't been for the arrival of Superwoman. The once hard-bitten reporter had come down with a major crush on the statuesque heroine the like of which she had not experienced since leaving High School. There was a peculiar symmetry in the fact that she had then wound up sleeping with Superwoman's secret identity.

I smiled to myself as I sat back and replayed their first love-making session. Lois so excited and passionate and Mae so careful and loving. As I relived Lois's experience of Superwoman/Mae's tongue lapping at her clit, my own pussy began to moisten considerably, so I hiked up my skirt and slipped my hand into my panties.

I was just enjoying another memory of the two women orally pleasuring one another in the classic sixty-nine position when I became aware of somebody approaching the office. Irritably I scanned the person with the intention of redirecting her away from me, but I changed my mind when I recognized the mind of the black, middle-aged record-keeper Irene Palmer who was supposedly my superior. Nobody is my superior. Nobody.

She had been very condescending toward the young intern that I appeared to be when she had explained the filing system, so I allowed her to enter the office and catch me masturbating. She stood wide-eyed with shock at the sight of me, but I didn't stop frigging myself. She was really quite attractive, slim and well proportioned in spite of her age, with curling black hair where there were just a few silver streaks.

"What are you doing!" she demanded.

"What does it look like you wrinkled old crone?" I said in my best teenager's sneer.

"You supposed to be here to work, not to indulge in your, your . . ." She blushed and shuddered slightly. "Stop that this instant! You sick little girl!"

I laughed, turning my chair to face her and pulling my skirt up over my hips so that she had a better view of my fingers plunging in and out of my hairless pussy. I currently possessed the body of an unremarkable nineteen-year-old with mousy-brown hair and a nicely rounded figure, and I could sense the suppressed desire in Irene's heart. Even so, she would have run from the room had I not used my powers to hold her in place while I thrust my fingers in and out slowly, teasing her by giving little moans and pants.

"What's the matter Miss Palmer? Don't you like pussy?" At my telepathic prompt she licked her lips. "Or do you prefer cock!"

I was so aroused that I no longer wanted to play the game so I simply plunged my telepathic hooks deep into the middle-aged woman's mind and took complete physical control of her. Even under my tight control, Irene's eyes bulged and she gasped in shock as the impossibly huge penis erupted from my crotch.

From the first moment I manifested a real cum-spurting cock of my own as a means of raping a mouthy little bitch that had offended me, it had become a firm favorite of mine. There is something much more satisfying to me to subjugate and humiliate an unwilling woman. Men are just too easy to take, they fall at my feet without the need of even the slightest prompting and there is no fun in it. Not that it isn't enjoyable when a man that thinks he is about to score with a woman as gorgeous as I invariably am is suddenly confronted by a cock four times bigger than his pathetic little wiener, but I definitely prefer to take women like Mrs. Palmer.

"Okay bitch, get down and suck my dick!"

She had no choice but to obey. She dropped to her knees and grasped my awesome phallus in both hands, her slim fingers barely touching as they wrapped around my unnaturally thick shaft. My huge and newly-formed she-cock was already drooling pre-cum copiously, and it dripped from the tip onto her respectable skirt as her open mouth approached the monstrous head.

I sighed as she enveloped my massive throbbing cockhead into her mouth. She struggled to engulf the 16-inch penis I had created and she gasped and choked as her cheeks hollowed out from her sucking. Inch by inch my cock disappeared into her face. The black trails of running mascara from her tears giving evidence to her distress as she no longer had control of her own body.

I continued to review the memories I had stolen from Lois Lane, admiring the magnificent body of Superwoman in its naked perfection while my black puppet continued to suck on my monstrous appendage. I forced her to work on my cock with her tongue and lips, lathering the shaft as she rammed her head up and down the great length. My she-cock stretched her gullet almost to breaking point, but eventually Irene's nose was pressed against my smooth crotch and I had every inch inside her throat.

Her dark head bounced up and down for a good ten minutes, swallowing all 16-inches of my dick until I was ready to orgasm. I reached down and grasped the black woman's curly hair, holding her firmly in place as my monstrous dick suddenly jerked and spasmed.

Great thick jets of spunk shot repeatedly from my cock and straight down into Irene's belly. Each giant cumload was practically audible and I groaned in ecstasy as the sound of my demon-sperm blasting into my puppet's throat continued. I let go of the woman's hair and the incredible power of my ejaculation pushed her head off my cock.

Irene was knocked backward by the blast, so the next load of cum hit her hard in the face and splashed over her covered breasts. The middle-aged woman coughed and gasped for air as the last few shots painted her face and entire body with my cum, turning her into a sticky mess.

Irene fell back to the floor choking and panting for much needed oxygen. Her entire face was plastered with my sperm and it had splattered messily over her blouse and skirt too. I stood up as my penis slowly shrank and disappeared, leaving no trace that it had ever existed once my teenager's pussy was returned. I carefully restored my clothing to its proper state, magicking away the stains of my sperm where it had splashed back upon me and resuming my disguise as a perfectly normal young woman.

Irene still lay panting, looking as though she had been completely fucked over, but I still had more in mind for this bitch. I used my telepathic hooks to force her libido into overdrive and watched as her panting became moans of lust. I didn't need to control her body any more so I released her. Immediately she pulled her sensible skirt up to her waist and rammed her hand down her panties to frig herself, so desperate now for an orgasm that there was no other thought in her head.

I reached over and took a long wooden statue, an African-style carved totem about 10-inches long and 4-inches thick, and handed it to her. "Here, try this."

Without a word, Irene tore the gusset of her panties aside and stabbed the carved statue into her hairy hole, crying out as the irregular object stretched her tight pussy widely and in painful ways.

I invaded my puppet's mind once more and reordered her memory so that she believed that the cum that drenched her body was the result of her giving blowjobs to more than a dozen different strangers. I didn't bother to provide her with an explanation for her actions, since that made her distress and self-loathing that much sweeter. Then I left Mrs. Palmer lying on the floor of the office, painfully fucking herself with the carved statue as she scooped my cum from her face and clothes with her fingers so that she could swallow it down into her spunk-filled belly.

From there I made my way to the Personnel department and informed the manager of my intention to leave, citing the perverse orgies that Irene Palmer had tried to involve me in as the reason and saying that I thought it was sick that they let her get away with that sort of thing on company time.

As I left the Daily Planet's offices I watched through Irene's eyes as the personnel manager stormed in to catch her in the act. I smiled as Irene sobbed and screamed but was unable to stop herself masturbating as more and more people were attracted to the disturbance. All things considered, it had been a good day.

To Be Continued


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