*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Demon/F Non-Consensual sex, She-Males, Mind Control, and Humiliation. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it ***

This story is an Elseworlds tale, in which the Last Son of Krypton was in fact a Daughter.

Superwoman: Lillith - The Sacrifice Of Superwoman Part 2 - Lois Lane
by High-Heeled Jill ([email protected]) & Spring-Heeled Jack

My plan was simple. I would lure Lois Lane to my mansion and use her as the bait to catch Superwoman. I didn't want there to be any way for Superwoman to intercept Lois before she arrived here, so that ruled out a straightforward kidnapping. Even with my magical powers, it might be possible for Superwoman to effect a rescue before I could open a portal, so I decided to have her come of her own free will.

I had maintained a low profile in my real identity, using a variety of other personas to make my way through the city collecting my neophytes but now I came out in the open. Lillith Ravenwood became a socialite darling, attending all the best parties, her wealth and status ensuring that she would be welcome, and making generous donations to number of good causes.

The gossip columns were filled with stories of my charm and wit, the writers utterly dazzled by my magnificence, as I had ensured that they would be. The combination of socialite and philanthropist was too much for the even the respectable reporters to ignore, and interview requests abounded. Naturally, there was only one request that I was going to grant.

* * *

When Lois Lane drove through the main gates and up to the south portico of my mansion, I was already prepared. I extended my psychic talents and inserted myself into her subconscious, moving lightly this time as I learnt my way around her mind. The reporter was totally unaware of my telepathic presence as she rang the doorbell. The door was opened by a young maid, in truth one of the missing girls, a neophyte I had transformed for this role. I made a few slight changes in Lois's mind as the maid was showing her through to the drawing room, but then I withdrew most of the hooks.

I rose from the deep leather armchair where I had sat and rose to my full height. I was pleased to note the strong attraction that Lois felt toward me, an effect of the minor changes I had made. Not that it is surprising that she would be attracted to a woman like the one I appeared to be. I already knew that she was attracted to the amazon type in Superwoman and Mae Kent, whom she believed to be two different women, and that was what she was faced with now.

I towered over her at more than 6ft to her 5ft 8, with a muscular but feminine physique. I had sculpted my face to strongly resemble that of Superwoman, but my breasts were much larger and my raven-black hair hung straight to the small of my back. I was a bit overdressed for the meeting, wearing a black velvet gown more suited to one of the formal occasions that I had become known for while Lois Lane wore a sober business suit with a surprisingly short skirt for a woman with such a reputation for journalistic integrity. Her collar-length dark-red hair was expensively styled and she smiled easily and charmingly.

I smiled back as we shook hands and Ms. Lane introduced herself, nodding politely as she explained the story she intended to write. A profile of Metropolis's newest benefactor.

"That's quite all right Ms. Lane, I'm sure that your readers would wish to know a little something about me. After all, I have been gone for a very long time now."

"Please, call me Lois."

I invited Lois to sit on the sofa as she asked her questions. I could read her every thought and I knew that she hadn't been entirely taken in by my philanthropist act. She was here for the simple reason that she wanted to investigate me.

"May I just say what a pleasure it is to meet you Miss Ravenwood, and how pleased I am that you could fit me into your schedule."

"Not at all, the pleasure is mine. I've been socializing so much since my return that all the faces start to blur, so it nice to be able to take the time to talk to someone in a more, intimate, setting." I smiled slyly and sent another spark of desire into her through my hooks.

"Indeed, you mentioned that you have been gone for a while now, do you mind if ask where you've been? I gather your last appearance in the city was for your parents' funerals." Lois said as she opened her notebook. She almost fumbled it, as she was having a little difficulty focusing on the task in hand as she sat so close to me that she could smell the subtle scent I wore and feel my body-heat.

"Yes, it was a very difficult time for me. Being orphaned at such a young age was very upsetting." I killed my parents myself when I was 18 in order to absorb their powers. "I had only recently returned from my finishing school in Switzerland, and since I didn't have many friends here I went back to Europe after their tragic deaths." Where I fucked and sucked the life out of every powered magician and sorcerer that I could find. "I ended up going into business over there with a school-friend, so I was always too busy to visit my old home." I had seduced and finessed a wealthy heiress and stolen her inheritance and her father's company out from under her. By the time I was finished with her she was a cheap cock-craving whore walking the streets of Paris for the money to feed herself.

"What sort of business is it that you are in, if you don't mind me asking."

"Oh, trading, speculation, the futures markets. That sort of thing." She already knew the official version of my company's activities so I mentally dampened her interest, just to keep the game moving.

There was no real need for me to play with Ms. Lane. Now that she was inside the house it was just a matter of waiting for Superwoman to come to the rescue because Lois would never be able to leave of her own free will, but I was in a mood to indulge myself. We continued to spar verbally for a while as she tried to maneuver me into saying something that contradicted the rather patchy records that they had managed to put together. By their information, I had disappeared for nearly twenty years and had been living like a hermit in Metropolis before my recent charitable and party-going activities. To the nasty and suspicious mind of an investigative journalist, that meant that there was a story somewhere. But since my telepathy meant that I knew each question she intended to raise before she said it, I had no difficulty in maintaining my assumed persona and history.

Then she went back to my school days. She had heard one or two rumors of my wickedness and cruelty during her efforts to dig up some personal history. She broached the subject carefully, using phrases that suggested I had merely been disruptive when she asked about my time in the convent school.

"You know, children can be so cruel." I laid my hand on her knee and gave her another little nudge with my telepathy to increase her arousal. "I've always known that I am not like other women. The drives and passions that motivate me are not the same as so-called normal women," That was certainly true enough, "and I am afraid that they just did not understand. And naturally, the nuns that ran the school were not exactly sympathetic to a young girl struggling to come to terms with her nature."

My hand slid up her stockinged leg and Lois smiled nervously as my strong fingers traced a pattern on her sensitive inner thigh. I sent more stimulation directly into her mind and the reporter licked her lipsticked lips in an instinctive response to the arousal she was experiencing. My hand continued to travel up her thigh until I touched bare flesh. I was less than an inch away from her crotch when she pressed her thighs together and squirmed in her seat.

She was blushing furiously when I leaned in close and spoke in little more than a whisper. "They wanted me to grow up to be a good daughter of the Church. A good wife. A good mother."

I moved even closer so that our cheeks were almost touching and I could hear her almost panting with the desire that I was transmitting to her. "They just didn't understand what a woman like me needs."

Then I nuzzled her exposed neck and she sighed, opening her thighs to my questing hand. Her panties were soaked with her juices. She bucked her hips as my fingers slid across the lacy material and down to press into the groove of her slit. As I rubbed her furry pussy through her panties she pressed herself down onto my hand to increase the stimulation.

Lois turned her head and we kissed deeply and passionately. All lingering doubts were gone from her mind as she was caught up in the whirlwind of sexual need that I had stoked inside her. Lois's hands came up to stroke my massive breasts as I pressed them firmly against her. I broke the kiss and started to move down her neck, nibbling at her pale flesh and licking her collarbones.

Her blouse tore as I pulled it apart, exposing her brassiered breasts. I made my way down to them, licking and nipping her skin until I came to the bra. I slipped my incredibly long tongue between lace and flesh and slipped it over her heaving breast. At the same time I forced my fingers into her panties and drove two of them into her sopping hole.

Lois groaned and gasped as we writhed in a passionate embrace, until finally I broke it. She tried to catch me in her embrace once more but I fended her off and stood up. Ms. Lane's eyes were filled with a burning lust and her chest heaved as I slipped the straps off my gown over my shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

I was not wearing anything beneath the velvet gown and Lois's eyes widened as she stared at my revealed splendor. A raven-haired amazon with hard-packed muscle, flawless skin and massive, perfect breasts. I moved so that I was standing with my hands on my hips and my legs spread wide so that Lois could see my hairlessly smooth and moist pussy.

"Lick it," I said softly.

She needed no further prompting, her desire already beyond any she had experienced in her past. She slipped down from the sofa to kneel before me. With one hand she reached forward to stroke my slit while the other disappeared under her skirt, but the distinctive wet sounds of a woman frigging herself could clearly be heard. Then she leaned forward and opened her mouth, her dark-pink tongue extending to lick the moisture that was running down one muscular thigh.

I enjoyed the sense of her arousal as she lathered her way up my powerful leg until her nose touched my pussy-lips. She sat back on her heels to gaze in lust-filled wonder at my smooth and engorged lips, my big clitty clearly poking out between them. Lois reached up with her fingers and stroked the hairless flesh. Some small part of her mind that was still vaguely rational wondered at how smooth it was because my sex was not simply shaven, the skin was devoid of hair, smooth and bare as I have come to prefer it.

After a moment the reporter separated my fleshy folds to uncover the pinkness within. The sight was too much for her and she lost all self-control, plunging her face into my crotch and thrusting her tongue energetically into me to taste my liquid lust.

Wet licking and sucking sounds filled the air and I moaned as Superwoman's lover thrashed her tongue wildly inside my cunt, sucking and slurping my juices into her mouth and swallowing them passionately. I thrust my hips forward to meet her questing tongue, to allow her to penetrate deeper. I reached down and grasped her firmly in my strong hands, disarranging the stylish cut of her auburn hair, and pulled her face deeper into my slit.

"Oh that's good. You love the taste of my hot pussy, don't you?" I moaned as her tongue pierced deep inside of me.

Lois was also moaning as the hand in her panties brought her closer to climax. I wasn't prepared to allow her to cum just yet so I put a mental block in place, ensuring that no matter what happened she would not be having an orgasm until I willed it.

I began grinding my cunt onto her face more firmly, forcing her to lick the full length of my slit from clit to asshole. After a couple of minutes of that I simply began using her face as a friction pad for my pussy, dragging her back and forth as I gyrated my hips forcefully onto her.

"That's it girl, lick me harder! Fuck me with your tongue!"

Lois's eyes were wide as I raped her face and I could sense the yearning and distress of the nosy reporter even before she began sobbing with frustration. Her whole body cried out for release, precariously balanced on a plateau of sexual desire and stimulation, but she just could not reach her climax. Lois's whimpers of anguish were sweet indeed as I came to my own release.

"Oh yes! Ooohhh, aah, drink it. Drink my cum, slut." I gasped as I came.

I sprayed my copious girl-cum into her open mouth and she drank it eagerly, but she could not contain it all. My unnaturally abundant fluids spurted over her face and her suit, staining her jacket with wet splotches of pussy-juice.

Lois continued to lap at my pussy, cleaning the sticky remnants of my spending from me as I stood over her with my powerful thighs trembling. She started to suckle on my big clit, drawing it into her mouth and teasing it with her teeth and tongue while she groped painfully at her own, desperately trying to achieve an orgasm of her own.

The little slut was good. If I allowed her to, she would bring me off to a second climax in minutes. Instead I pushed her down onto the floor and leered at her.

"You've done that before haven't you slut?" I said.

Lois was still frantically frigging herself and she looked up at me with a pleading look in her beautiful eyes, as though she knew that I was the one that had the power over her pleasure. I reached down and grabbed her by the lapels of her jacket, my strong muscles flexing impressively as I lifted her up and threw her onto the sofa. The lust-crazed reporter eagerly pulled her skirt up as I knelt before her. I grasped her panties in both hands and tore them apart with my great strength, ripping them from her body.

"Ah, what a pretty little pussy you have." I said as I gazed at her exposed femininity.

The pubic hairs of her pussy were neatly trimmed short and shaved into a narrow wedge to create a bikini line that was daring but that still suited her respectability. It looked anything but respectable at present however, as she was dripping wet and the flesh was reddened where she had mauled it in her extremity. I extended one long finger and traced the fingernail along the quivering slit, causing her whole body to tremble in response. It was time to end this charade.

"I'll just bet that Superwoman would love to taste this sweet little pussy, eh bitch?" I said, and I stabbed my rigid fingers roughly into her cunt at the same time as I withdrew some of my hooks from her mind. "I'll just bet that a hot slut like you'd love to have a big bull-dyke like her licking your cunt!"

Lois screamed as my sharp nails scratched her inner membranes. She was disoriented and confused by the abrupt loss of her artificial desire, suddenly realizing that she was having sex with a woman that she did not know. "What are you doing? Get off me!"

I slammed my free hand down firmly onto her belly and started forcing my hand up her tight love canal. Lois bucked her hips in an effort to throw me off. "Quit squirming slut, you know you love it."

The redheaded reporter twisted frantically as she demanded that I release her, but I was far too strong for her. Somehow she managed to bend her torso around enough that she could bring her knee sharply against the side of my head. It was the surprise more than anything else that caused me to lose my grip on her and fall back to the floor. Lois scrambled across the sofa and her hand dived down to her handbag.

I climbed slowly to my feet, a broad grin on my face as I realized that Lois was going to be more fun than I had anticipated. Before I could take a step toward my captive she swung back around with a small gun held in both hands. She aimed it steadily at my head.

She was sprawled across the sofa, one foot touching the floor and the other trailing behind her so that her pussy was still visible to me. I stared at the glistening patch of auburn curls as she spoke. "What's going on here? Who are you?"

I didn't answer. In her confusion Lois hadn't realized that she was still exposed and I continued to gaze at her feminine charms. When Lois finally recognized what I was doing she became flustered. She dropped one hand from the gun to pull her skirt down to cover herself and blushed furiously. Even in her embarrassment, she didn't make the mistake of looking away from me, so I smirked back at her, her face still smeared with my girl-cum. Then she repeated her questions.

"It's really very simple you stupid bitch. I enticed you here as bait. I don't give a fuck about you, but Superwoman does, and that's why you're mine now. There is no escape, there is no help. You're mine to do with as I wish. And when Superwoman flies to the rescue, she'll be mine too."

"That's some boast considering that I'm the one with the gun."

"Five minutes ago I had you lapping at my pussy like a dog. Believe me, if I tell you to drop the gun, you'll drop it."

I could see in her face that she was scared, but I could also see that she did not really understand her situation. Even though it was hopeless for her, she would still try to escape my clutches. She believed that she was a strong and capable woman, but I would prove her wrong. By the time I was finished with her, I would have her begging to obey my slightest whims.

The gun was shaking now as I thrust self-doubt into her consciousness. The lower lip of her fuckable mouth was trembling adorably as I pushed her toward despair.

"You've really only got one choice you little cunt; do as I say and you may get out of this alive. I don't care about you, it's Superwoman that I want. And while we wait for your savior to swoop down out of the sky and rescue you, I am going to fuck you. I'm going to rape you so hard that you'll be screaming in agony."

I spoke in a harsh, cruel tone and tears formed in her eyes as I continued my combined verbal and telepathic assaults. "It'll hurt so much that you will think that you will believe that you are dying. That is what will happen if you behave. But if you don't behave, I will make you suffer torments so terrible that that you'll be praying for me to kill you."

"Drop the gun." I commanded and she stared in shock as the small automatic bounced on the carpet.

Smiling, I reached out and patted Lois's soft cheek, feeling the wetness of her tears on my fingers as I enjoyed the sight of her now terrified face. She couldn't fight, she could resist, she couldn't do anything that I did not permit her to do. Her body belonged to me.

At my silent command, my neophytes entered the room and encircled us. The girl that had been the maid was restored to her own form and each of the teenaged blondes was dressed in a flowing red robe. Lois glanced at each of them in turn, gasping as she recognized them as the twelve girls that Superwoman had been concerned about. Each one had gone missing for a night and then called their parents to tell them that they had run away from home and wouldn't be back. Officially there was no case, but the similarities had prompted the Daily Planet to begin its own investigation. But it was much too late now, because this was one story that Lois Lane would not be writing.

The red-robed teens moved to stand in a circle around Lois and myself. Sex-magick can be very powerful for someone with the right skills, but when performed inside a Mystic Circle that power is multiplied. Creating and sustaining a Mystic Circle requires a significant investment in occult energies, but the rewards could pay for themselves. The Circle in my temple had allowed me to greatly accelerate my development, but my neophytes were something else.

They were also a Circle in themselves. Wherever they were or whatever they did, the union I had formed with them would endure. Further, they did not need any energy from me now that their transformation was complete as they could power themselves. I would no longer have to bring victims to my temple to gain the magnified harvest that it could provide, instead I could bring the Circle to my victim. And when one Circle existed within the other, and a source as powerful as Superwoman to provide the harvest, then the magick generated would be phenomenal! It would make me without peer upon the Earth and the realms beyond!

But that would come later. First, we had Lois Lane to enjoy.

Lois stared at the girls and then back at me and gasped as she realized that I was changing. Before her eyes I grew taller, more muscular, horns grew from my forehead to curl back and around my ears and my eyes transformed from the deep and alluring blue that they had been to a fiery and burning red. I stopped when I was more than 8-feet tall, my muscles rippling with unparalleled might. It was not the full transformation, but with the fear and insecurity that I had already telepathically induced in her, it was enough to horrify Lois.

I used my powers to force her gaze downward to my pussy because I wanted her to see the whole thing. Initially she just gaped in disbelief as my clitoris began to grow, swelling into immensity and changing shape as it did so. While my cock was developing and extending before me two huge testicles formed between my powerful thighs.

I let my demonic penis enlarge until it was more than 18-inches in length. It was not like a human cock, it moved independently like some phallic tentacle, incredibly broad and with thick veins twisted and knotted along the full length of the prehensile shaft. The head was longer and more tapered than a normal glans, an adaptation that allowed me to stretch my victims as rapidly or as gradually as I desired. Both cock and balls were as smooth and hairless as my pussy had been.

Lois stared at my dick as though the swaying tip of my monstrous cock had her hypnotized.

My neophytes began chanting and the room in which we stood seemed to fade away, not disappearing, but paling into the background. Lois span around skittishly, as though she sought an avenue of escape from the fate that awaited her.

I reached forward and grabbed her with one clawed hand. She struck out at me ineffectively as the last vestige of her resistance flared within her. I laughed and ripped her blouse from neckline to waist with one claw, catching and tearing her bra as I did so. The nosy little reporter squealed, feeling ashamed by the exposure of her breasts even when faced with my semi-demonic form.

I laughed heartily as the nipples on her sizeable breasts tightened as they were exposed to the cool air inside the Mystic Circle. Rapidly, I tore her remaining clothes from her so that she was stood in only her stockings and suspender belt. I stared at Lois's near-naked body, drinking in the vision of her loveliness

I still held her by the neck, and with my free hand I traced a single claw down her pale and shivering body from her breasts to the small thatch of neatly trimmed pussy-fur. With the notable height difference between us, I had to bow down as I played with her body, running my claw along the wet slit and eliciting a pained yelp as I scratched her delicate flesh. I dipped my finger into her vagina, parting the walls of the moist channel easily as her body responded to the stimulation. Ms. Lane had no say in how her body reacted because I had placed a telepathic barrier between her consciousness and her subconscious, and her body's arousal was now almost natural, an instinctive response.

My cock was rock-hard and drooling copious quantities of pre-cum by this time, almost 20-inches of demon-cock that needed to be plunged into some unwilling flesh! I ceased toying with Lois's pussy and gripped her lean hips with my enlarged hands. My fingers pressed deeply and painfully into her skin. Her weight was insignificant to my great strength and I lifted her easily into the air. She clamped her thighs tightly together as she realized what was to come.

"NOOOooooooo!!" she screamed, "STOP! NOooooooo!!!"

Lois's fists rained down ineffectually onto my massive arms and breasts, but I simply ignored them. It just made the game that little bit more entertaining. I was so filled with lust for this auburn-haired reporter that my cock possessed less than its usual flexibility. Even so, I slapped it down hard on her belly and then smeared the slimy head down to the V of her crotch.

She kept her legs tightly pressed together and wriggled desperately as my prehensile penis forced its way between her thighs, which were still wet with her juices, and my cockhead rubbed up against her pussy. She jerked her knees up sharply and dislodged my giant dick from the warm embrace of her creamy thighs.

I simply smiled and said, "Spread your legs! Open for me, bitch!"

"NNNOOOO! You can't do this!! It won't FIT!!" Lois cried with despair as her legs parted against her will.

The muscles of her thighs trembled as they separated as Lois tried to counter my order, tried to take control of her own body.

"Its no use fighting, BITCH! You belong to me now!" The tip of my demon-cock pressed into the lips of her exposed treasure.

"NNnnnooOOOOO!! Oh please God, NO!!!" She reached down with both hands and grabbed hold of my thick shaft, trying and hoping against hope that she could stop what was to happen next.

I applied the pressure slowly and Lois screamed as my elongated cockhead stretched her pussy-lips apart. Her hands scrabbled and slid across the uneven surface of my slimy phallus and she sobbed as the incredible dilation of her vagina's entrance continued. I lifted her back up slightly and then pulled her down a bit further, then up and down again, widening her pussy with short, sharp thrusts of my dick.

"NNNOO!! OH GOD!! It's too BIG!!! You're tearing me apart!!!" Lois shrieked as her pussy was stretched to accommodate the whole of my 5-inch thick cockhead.

I pulled out of her and for a moment her pussy gaped obscenely, then I thrust the tip of my huge cock back inside her. I jabbed the elongated head of my cock in and out of her screaming body for several minutes to prepare her for her ultimate violation. I quickly grew bored of preparing her though, and my need demanded release so, without warning, I lunged forward and savagely rammed over half of my monstrous cock up Lois's wet pussy.

I withdrew swiftly and thrust again, hammering my dick all the way to her cervix. The very tip of my pointed cockhead penetrated her womb, piercing her cervix and extracting another ear-splitting scream from Superwoman's friend and lover. I pounded my cock into her again, the whole of my elongated glans punching through the barrier to her womb and the tip of it touched the far wall.

Then she screamed in pain and fear as I widened my stance slightly and gave another brutal thrust, fully impaling her on every inch of my massive demon-cock!

Lois's entire sweat-glistening body was convulsed with agony. She threw her head back and tears streamed from her screwed-shut eyes as I started to power-fuck her brains out. I extended my hooks throughout her mind and flooded her with sensations of pleasure, but I did nothing to lessen her suffering. The conflicting emotions that coursed through her were exquisite. She was reeling in pain and pleasure, and flooded with feelings of shame, disgust, self-loathing and hatred, and I fed off all of them. I raped her mind at the same time as I raped her body.

Lois's screams slowly trailed off into hoarse, rasping gasps as I violently slammed into her with fast, punishing thrusts, sending the full length of my inhuman she-cock deep into her core. I inveigled my own consciousness into hers as I continued to abuse her, experiencing both sides of the rape and enjoying the feeling of her pain as if it were my own. Lois's higher brain functions were almost non-existent as she slipped into a state of shock, so I forcibly dragged her back, making her experience every moment without respite. She could only focus on the pain and pleasure coursing through her, but that was what I wanted.

"Fuck me! Aaahh!! Harder! UNnggh!! Deeper! UUuuaahh!! FUCK MEEEeeeeeaaaarrgghhh!!!" Lois's voice screamed the words, but it was my mind that formed them.

Our minds were linked now, and as I felt her pain and anguish, so she felt my lust and pleasure and that made her suffering even worse. Our cervix was on fire as our thick penis ripped it asunder with every thrust, and our womb felt bruised and battered by the relentless pounding that created such pleasure in our cock.

The pain in the reporter's pussy was still there but after a while it seemed to become more numbed and less intense as the pleasure she was experiencing over our link gained the momentum within her.

Our balls were practically boiling with potent demon-spunk, yearning to be released into our vulnerable womb.

I let go of Lois's left hip and reached around to place my hand on her back. I swung her up on my dick so that my huge breasts were pressing against her collarbones. I hugged her to my body as I increased the tempo of my fucking. Faster and faster, until finally I rammed my huge cock up inside her and keep it there.

We felt our huge member pulse and throb inside us, simultaneously the penetrated and the penetrater, and the half of us that was Lois sobbed as she felt the eruption in our balls.

Sperm shot up my monstrous she-dick and erupted like a water hose into Lois's pussy. The pulsing orgasm was so potent that the blasting jets of cum stung her womb, causing her to scream and writhe in pain even in the midst of her own incredibly powerful orgasm.

Her cunt clamped down tightly on my cock as her climax broke the total sense of duality. The first few spurts of my demon-seed had filled her completely, and the tight seal of her clasping pussy on my giant dick meant that her belly was forced to swell to accommodate it all. By the time her orgasmic spasm had ended and the rest of my spunk could squirt back out from her pussy around my she-cock, Lois looked to be eight or nine months pregnant.

I stood for several minutes with Lois hanging onto my huge frame, her arms reaching up around my neck and her legs wrapped around my relatively narrow waist. I enjoyed the sensation of my cum drooling from her impaled cunt and down my muscular thighs. Lois sobbed as her orgasm passed and the pain of her violation returned in full.

I no longer held Lois in place as I absorbed the energies that had been released during her ordeal, so when her grip on my neck faltered, they was nothing but the tight grip of her pussy to hold her up. She pivoted backward with her arms flailing until she was hanging from my dick, and then she slowly slid off of my monstrous appendage to land sprawling on the floor.

Lois started trying to crawl away from me, toward the circle of chanting blondes, but she didn't seem to be able to get her legs to work properly.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going, bitch?!" I snarled, "We haven't finished playing with you yet!"

She wept as she inched closer to the boundary, but before she could reach it, two of the girls stepped forward and barred her way. Lois looked up at the red-robed figures and cried out. "Help me . . . please, for the love of God . . . somebody help me."

The only response of the girls was to unfasten their robes and let them fall to the floor. Lois took one look at the naked bodies thus revealed and screamed once more. Each of the blonde girls was a perfect specimen of pubescent girlhood, with one exception. From their groins there hung a hairless cock of incredible size, the result and gift of their service to me.

One of the girls who stood before Lois was the last of my neophytes, the young teen called Courtney and she now stepped across Lois's prostrate body and knelt behind her in the space between her legs. Cum was oozing thickly from Lois's battered sex, and there was no resistance at all when the girl thrust her still stiffening cock into the reporter's pussy.

Lois was sobbing and pleading now, and I could sense in her that the realization that her ordeal still had not come to an end had succeeded in breaking her will for real.

Courtney thrust her foot-long cock in and out of Lois's sloppy hole for about a minute, until her dick was fully hard, and then she withdrew it. The blonde teen lined her big cock up with the puckered hole of the reporter's ass, and then lunged forward to impale Lois's vulnerable anus.

Lois's asshole was extremely tight, but with augmented strength and the lubrication of my spunk and Lois's juices on her cock, she had no difficulty in burying it into the redhead to the balls. Courtney pulled back and the slammed her hips forward so that they smacked loudly against Lois's asscheeks and her balls slapped with a squelching sound against the woman's well-fucked cunt.

Lois screamed an agony as her virgin ass was skewered, but her vocal distress was cut short the second neophyte, a younger girl with long tumbling curls once known to her parents as Candace and to her friends as Candy, fed thick she-dick to the humiliated reporter.

The other neophytes entered the circle that they had created as I knelt down behind Courtney. The pretty young blonde had her long hair tied back in a ponytail, and she turned her head as she felt my hands on her perfect little buttocks, spreading them apart and probing her tight sphincter with my claw. Courtney cooed in anticipation and thrust her hips back toward me, urging me to take her.

I rammed forward with a tremendous roar and savagely impaled my neophyte's bowels with the full length of my colossal erection. Her transformed body stretched to take every inch of it, gripping it with exquisite tightness and I gloried in her hot silky interior. I drew back and began my pounding thrusts into Courtney's ass, my giant testicles swinging forward to collide with her big hairless balls as the power of my body pounding into hers drove Courtney's cock deep into Lois.

Then another of my neophytes pressed her cock between my asscheeks. I didn't need to turn around to see which of them it was. Even if I was not linked telepathically with all of them, only one of my slaves would have the temerity to do such a thing without an express command from me and that was the First of my neophytes, Abigail. The girl with long bangs and a boyish figure had been with me for over two years as my "niece", since she was 13-years old, and she had been my personal love-slave before I had embarked on my plan.

I allowed her to push her huge she-cock between my muscular buttocks and into my ass. Her cock was much bigger than those I had given the others, big enough to satisfy my needs, and I enjoyed the feeling of fullness as her 16-inches plowed my rectum.

As we settled into a rhythm, I pounded into Courtney's sweet ass, she hammered into Lois's unwilling asshole and Abby rammed into me as I withdrew from Courtney, the rest of the neophytes joined us. Bodies squirmed over one another, mouths sucking and cocks penetrating anything that would create pleasure and add to the power of the orgy. With a tirelessness that only magick can provide, bodies heaved and gyrated for hours on end, cum-spurted ceaselessly, magical testicles never draining of their load until we were a sticky mass of semen soaked she-males. One giant form surrounded by smaller figures humping and thrusting into one another.

And underneath it all, suffering rape after rape, cock after cock and cumload after cumload, was Lois Lane.

But she was just an hors d'oeuvre, Superwoman would be the main course.

To Be Continued...


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