*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Demon/F Non-Consensual sex, She-Males, Mind Control, Watersports, and Humiliation. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it ***

This story is an Elseworlds tale, in which the Last Son of Krypton was in fact a Daughter.

Superwoman: Lillith - The Sacrifice Of Superwoman Part 3 - Superwoman
by High-Heeled Jill ([email protected]) & Spring-Heeled Jack

It was late in the evening when I sensed the approach of Superwoman. She was in her civilian guise of a mild-mannered yet musclebound reporter by the name of Mae Kent. I still couldn't believe the stupidity of Lois Lane in failing to recognize the two amazonian women as one and the same person. I spread my mental tendrils throughout my mansion and its grounds and tried to get a sense of her thoughts as she drove up the long driveway to the house, but I could only gain the faintest of impressions, the strongest one of them being her resolve. However, I could find no way through the considerable mental shield that she possessed.

She stepped out of the car dressed in a casual trouser-suit, but didn't look quite so resolved as she walked ingenuously from her car toward the door, passing Lois's dark sedan, but I could tell that it was act. An act performed for so long that it was almost instinctive, but still an act. She raised her hand toward the bell, and then hesitated.

Mae's handsome yet feminine face creased at the brows as she frowned. The fingers of her upraised hand curled into the palm and she brought them to her lips as she cocked her head to one side. She extended her hand again to touch the door and I heard her give a puzzled little "hmm,"

I realized that she must have somehow detected the magic that is instilled in the very fabric of this house. My grandfather had designed the family mansion, and as a demonologist like my father after him, he had taken the opportunity to build every magical defense into it that he could. Enchanted metals formed the underlying framework with wards and charms built into the walls and floors, all of them intended to protect the owner from intruders, whether human or supernatural. They hadn't helped my parents when I cut out their hearts though, but then, I wasn't an intruder.

Kent glanced around the surrounding area, and then she peered at the walls of the house. I could tell by the hint of frustration in her thoughts that she had tried to look through them with her X-Ray vision, but the magic in the walls had prevented it.

Again the disguised superheroine scanned her surroundings and a moment later she was gone. There was a 'whoosh' in her wake as she ran at impossible speed from the house, and then a moment later Superwoman swooped in from the skies.

She flew around my mansion, trying to locate her lover Lois Lane through the windows. Somehow her enhanced vision allowed her to recognize that the interior of one of the upper chambers was an illusion and she reached out to grasp the sash. There was a sudden bolt of golden fire and Superwoman was hurled from the window, landing in a field almost a mile away.

In little more than the blinking of an eye, Superwoman flew like a missile and smashed the main doors of my house to splinters. She landed on her feet and staggered slightly as the magical aura of the house delimited her powers. I took the opportunity of her momentary confusion to probe a little deeper into her mind, seeking the involuntary parts of the brain that control the senses. I needed to know exactly how the arcane energies of the house had restricted her powers. I was relieved to see that her x-ray and heat vision and her enhanced hearing had been either neutralized or greatly reduced, her strength lessened and her powers of flight were gone.

Superwoman knew that she had been rendered more vulnerable, and recognizing the set-up for an ambush, she was alert for the attack that she was sure must come. She stood poised with her red cape billowing in the evening breeze through the shattered doorway. Nothing happened.

The blue-garbed superheroine walked carefully through the building, making her way up the stairs and through corridors with surprisingly high ceilings. She headed toward the room with the illusory projection in the window with all of her senses extended to the limit of their reduced capacity. Still there was no attack.

As she reached the upper landing she became aware of a low moaning sound, right at the limit of her powers to detect. She oriented herself by the faint noise and made her way toward a heavy oak door. The sound was so faint that nothing would be heard by anyone without her powers, but she could not hear anything else in the entire house. Cautiously, still on guard against being ambushed, the Maid of Might opened the heavy door.

She gaped in horrified shock at the sight that greeted her eyes. In the center of the candlelit circular room there was an inverted crucifix and tied to that was Lois Lane. She was gagged with a large rubber ball with her hands tied above her head and her legs spread wide so that the ragged hole of her sex gaped widely, drooling huge quantities of spunk. Her body was entirely smeared in sweat and semen and her nipples and clit had been pierced with large, heavy gold rings.

Lois looked up at her savior with defeated and pleading eyes, and the sense of shock and outrage in Superwoman's mind was exquisite. The longer the heroine remained in my house, the more clearly her mind became open to me, but it would require something more before I could hope to overcome her formidable will and control her.

Superwoman quickly released Lois from the bonds, the metal taking more effort that it usually would for the heroine to break, and Lois fell sobbing into her lover's arms. Lois's slimy body made a sound very like 'splat' when she landed on Superwoman's muscular frame, smearing cum on the heroine's world-famous costume.

Superwoman reached up and removed the ball-gag from Lois's mouth. "What happened? Who did this to you?"

Her voice was like something etched in stone, promising unforgiving retribution on the perpetrators. "Lois? Can you understand me? Who did this?"

"She raped me... I tried to stop her, but she was too strong... oh God!" Lois sobbed.

"She?" Superwoman replied, "You said 'she' raped you?"

"She's a demon, a monster!

"Lois, where is she? I'll make her pay for what she's done to you!" She vowed

"She made me... oh God, she made me... me..."

Superwoman felt strangely compelled to ask, "What did she do?"

"She made me CUM! Oh God! She rammed her big demon-dick right up my tight cunt and she made me cum like there was no tomorrow!"

"W, what? What are you saying?" Superwoman tried to push Lois back, but when she couldn't break the embrace she had an expression of dumb-founded shock on her face that was delightful.

"I'm saying that she gave me the serious fucking that you never could, you stupid BITCH!" 'Lois' said and I reached up and touched the back of Superwoman's neck.

I released the spell and Superwoman reeled back. She fell heavily against the far wall as I sneered at her. "What the fuck did I ever see in a useless cunt like you anyway? I mean, you not even human, so fucking you is no different to fucking an animal!" I insulted her through Lois's lips as the heroine collapsed to her knees on the floor.

"I need someone with passion in their hearts and great big dick between their thighs, not some little loser dyke like you!" Lois's hand reached down and inserted itself into her sloppy cunt, spreading her fingers wide so that a thick gobbet of spunk fell from the gaping hole. "I need something that can fill me up!"

Superwoman fell onto her hands and knees as the spell I had cast over her did its work. She was as weak as a newborn babe right now, and physically at my mercy. All that remained was to establish my mental domination. To do that I needed to distract her, not allow her to realize what I was doing. I dipped my fist into my cunt and scooped out a palm-full of spunk. I let it drip from my fingers and then I flicked my wrist so that the thick cum splattered across Superwoman's face.

She flinched instinctively, and said, "You... You're not Lois."

"No shit, Sherlock. Are all superheroes as quick on the uptake?"

"What did you do to me? What have you done with Lois?" The bravado was still there. Superwoman was still confident that she could defeat me, despite her current weakness. Such arrogance needed to be punished.

"Well Mae," Shock coursed through Superwoman as I used her alter-ego's real name, "I may call you Mae, mayn't I? All I've done is cast a little spell that makes you totally defenseless against me and in a little while I will do the same thing to you that I did to Ms. Lane."

The heroine was struggling to rise to her feet so I bent down and pulled Superwoman up to her knees by her short black hair before asking, "Do you want to see what your precious Lois Lane is doing right now?"

I cast the spell to create an image before us of the real Lois Lane as seen through the eyes of one of my neophytes. The first thing Superwoman saw was Lois's cum-smeared face distorted by the presence of a huge she-cock that was bulging through her cheek. Her eyes had a vacant look to them that resembled shell shock. As the image expanded to take in more of the scene, my teen she-males came into focus, sucking and fucking Lois's unresponsive body in the cavernous temple beneath my mansion. They were harnessing the effect of two Circles and feeding me the power I needed to subjugate Superwoman without using any of my own reserves.

I still wore the form of Lois Lane and I couldn't resist reaching down to maul the ringed clitoris as I watched the original's degradation.

"No," Superwoman said weakly, little more than a whisper as she saw her lover being defiled.

I could sense that the shock that had rendered her brain almost defenseless against me. The tendrils of my mind inveigled themselves into her consciousness even as my hand lashed out to grip her by the throat.

"Take a good look Superslut, because that what I'm going to do to you!"

I switched the viewpoint of the reporter's gang-rape around so that Superwoman could see every inch of Lois's utterly violated body. I settled on an image of two giant, hairless cocks as they raped her two holes, pistoning mercilessly into her once tight pussy and ass.

Superwoman watched the scene with a feeling of sick horror and impotence, powerless to save Lois from her ordeal. Superwoman's horrified reaction to the reality of her situation delighted me. In combination with the distraction of her fight for air, it was the last thing I needed to worm my telepathic caress into the deepest recesses of her mind. I tightened my grasp of her throat and she gasped as she struggled to breathe, but the real struggle was one that she was not even aware of, and one that she had already lost.

"You... You'll pay... I'll make you... pay for... for what you've done!" Superwoman gasped.

"You already said that you stupid bitch. How exactly do you think you're going to do that, you pathetic little cunt? You can't do anything unless I allow you to do it!"

I released my hand's grip on her throat and stepped back. "Try it, bitch! Go on, try to take me!" I could see her muscles rippling with the effort, but every flexing of one muscle was instantly countered by another, leaving her locked in stasis.

"Now do you understand, Superslut? You're MINE!" I began to transform as I spoke, and my voice became deeper and more reverberant.

"You will do exactly what I tell you to do!" Superwoman's eyes widened as 'Lois's' body grew larger, my features changing and the skin becoming darker.

"I can make you do whatever I want and I can make you enjoy it!" My massive musculature developed rapidly as horns sprouted from my head and Lois's red hair grew longer and blacker.

"I can visit agonies upon you that will have you screaming at their mere memory for all eternity!" I stopped growing at 15-feet tall, my skin now jet-black and my eyes burning like the fires of hell itself. My feet became hooves and leathery wings erupted from my back.

"I can give you such pleasure as you never dreamed of while I force you to do the most humiliating acts imaginable!" From my groin grew my penis, expanding from my clit to become almost two-and-a-half feet of undulating demon-cock!

"I OWN YOUR ASS!" I roared. Superwoman had her teeth clenched and her eyes blazed with fury, but I could also detect the fear inside her.

"Are you frightened Superbitch? You should be." She made another futile effort to attack me but remained locked in place.

"That's it CUNT, tremble in fear! It's nothing to be ashamed off, lesser mortals piss themselves in terror at the sight of me." I paused momentarily. "In fact if you feel like wetting yourself in dread, do so now and get it out of the way."

Then I spoke more softly at her disgusted face, "Do it. Piss your pants, bitch!" As well as my vocal order I also sent the command telepathically, directly into her brain.

Superwoman gasped in shock as she realized what was happening. She tried to press her thighs together but there was nothing she could do as she lost control of her bladder. A dark blue stain expanded from her crotch as her piss soaked through the fabric of the all-in-one costume.

Nothing in her life compared to the feelings of mortification and shame that she was experiencing as a result of wetting herself before me. She had been hurt and beaten in the past, but this was simply humiliating, and that was something that the great heroine was not equipped to cope with.

"What a pathetic little hero you are." I snarled, "What would the Justice League say if they could see you now!"

I let her 'enjoy' the exquisite shame and humiliation for a moment and then I grasped my awesome penis and directed it straight at her helpless body. Without any warning at all I released a torrent of my piss, targeting it against the 'S' shield that covered her magnificent breasts.

"This is what I think of you Superwoman! I piss on you and all you stand for!" The hose-like quantities of my urine drenched the Maid of Might's muscular body in moments, the stain pouring down to join the one made by her own urine.

"You are nothing Superwoman, do you hear me? NOTHING! Open your mouth bitch!" She was helpless to resist as her mouth opened against her will and I suppressed the flow of urine through my cock. "You're going to drink my piss, Superslut and you're going to swallow it all, d'you understand? I'm going to make you my piss-drinking whore, because that's all you good for! A worthless little piss-slut!"

I stepped forward and dangled my monstrous prehensile penis over her vulnerable oral cavity. One golden droplet fell from the elongated head and fell on her lower-lip, causing her to flinch and grimace in disgust. "When I piss in your mouth you are going to hold it without swallowing until I fill your entire mouth full, and then you can swallow it. You got that, cunt?"

Superwoman had never been so humiliated or degraded in her entire life. None of the terrible enemies she had beaten and threats that she had foiled had ever done anything like this to her. I could sense the disbelief in her mind and I savored it. She was the hero! She always won in the end!

I threw back my head, whipping my hair out of my eyes, and let loose a mighty jet of piss straight into Superwoman's mouth. She choked and gagged on my inhuman piss. The golden stream blasted right down her throat before she could stop it and her gullet burned with the bitter taste of it.

Piss splattered all over the defiled heroine's face and into her eyes. She tried to turn her head but nothing happened. My urine washed down her blushing cheeks and jaw to run down to the back of her neck, soaking the long red cape as I had already doused her front.

I moved a little closer and draped the end of my massive shaft into her open mouth. In moments her mouth was full of hot golden fluid. She tried to spit it out, but her body would not obey and she had no choice but swallow it. The heroine grimaced as she swallowed all the demon-piss in her mouth in one gulp, gagging as it burned her throat on the way down. Almost immediately her mouth was full to overflowing with my piss again and she was forced to swallow yet another disgusting mouthful.

"Oh yeah, that feel's good! Do you like drinking piss? How does it taste? You're such a wholesome and virtuous hero, how does it feel to get what you deserve? How does it feel as a true American hero to be my piss-drinking slave?!"

Superwoman's eyes burned with hatred and repugnance, but still her throat bobbed each time her mouth filled with my piss. For nearly five minutes I stood there, filling her belly with my urine until I finally tired of playing with her. Superwoman's washboard stomach was noticeably swollen when I stepped back to wash the last of my golden shower over her.

I flicked my cock back up and filled her mouth with my urine for one last time, but I didn't let her swallow it. Instead I made her kneel there with my piss held in her mouth as I leant down and whispered harshly into her ear. "So Superslut, how many superheroes do you think wet themselves when faced with a Demon?"

I smirked to myself and my hooves clattered on the floor as I swung around behind her to growl in her other ear. "How many superheroes do you think have knelt on the floor with their belly's full of a demon's piss?"

I saw the glitter in her eye of an unshed tear as she stayed motionless with her mouth open and filled with my urine. I grinned evilly and reached around to rake my claws over her huge breasts. Her nipples popped up in mere moments under her wet costume and her body began to tremble. I could see her muscles quivering beneath the stained blue material as she struggled once again to overcome my mental control.

"You can swallow it now."

She gulped loudly and then coughed and gasped as the last of my piss disappeared down her gullet. I continued to fondle her large firm breasts, weighing each of the heavy orbs in my oversized hands. I used my telepathic link to make Superwoman's body respond to my rough caresses, and I could sense something akin to self-loathing inside the Maid of Might's mind as she started to get aroused.

I sank my claws into her tits and raked them across the firm flesh, tearing the blue fabric of her costume but leaving the 'S' symbol undamaged. Superwoman's breasts were unmarked by my claws, obviously she retained some degree of her invulnerability, but that just meant that I would be able to make her suffer more. I dragged my talons down her hard body, reducing her costume to shreds and revealing her muscular torso.

"Nice body, slut," I murmured as I sent my questing hand down into her wet crotch.

I spread my fingers and hooked my claws into the softer flesh down there. Superwoman gasped as I scraped the sharp ends over her sex, one claw sinking deep into her groove and catching her clitoris as it passed. I ripped both her costume and the skimpy panties she wore beneath it to prevent the outline of her pussy showing through her skin-tight bodysuit. I rubbed my fingers back down over the exposed skin. There was no trace of any hair, not even a hint of any stubble so I probed into her mind and learned that she had never developed any. Simply one of the differences between humans and Kryptonians, obviously.

The Maid of Might had her eyes closed and her breathing became shallower as I continued to rub her pussy. "A sweet bit of meat you've got here. It's a shame to keep it covered up."

Superwoman's cheeks flushed red once more, not with shame this time, but with the arousal and lust that I was pouring into her. I probed her pussy until I encountered her hymen, pleased that my guess had been right. It was logical that no mere human could penetrate her invulnerable body, so she had to be a virgin. No doubt that explained her lesbian tendencies, as while a woman might understand the concept of non-penetrative sex, to men, penetration is all. Of course, I've come to appreciate that point of view, as there are few things more pleasurably than the expression on a victim's face as she, or he, is violated by my giant she-cock.

But violating Superwoman's virginity would come later, meanwhile I moved my finger back up her slit and found her clitty hiding under its protective hood. I stimulated it with one claw until it was a swollen as it could become. It was tiny, like that of an underdeveloped child.

"This is pathetic! How the hell can you enjoy sex with such a useless little nub of clit-meat?" I leaned closer to her, my giant dick pressing into her back as I whispered, "But don't worry, I know just how to fix that!"

I quickly cast a spell and my enslaved heroine whimpered at the overpowering sensations she experienced as a result of it. I devoted a great deal of magical energy to overcome her body's resistance to the change I was enforcing, but slowly and surely Superwoman's clit began to grow. I let it expand until it was large enough to grip between finger and thumb, and then a little more. When I finally ceased the arcane transformation, her clitoris was more than an inch long and almost an inch thick. The modified and enlarged organ was also much more sensitive than a normal woman's clitty, and Superwoman's body was almost convulsing in paroxysms of pleasure as I frigged her slit.

Reaching out with my mind, I forged a link between Superwoman and Lois Lane so that Kara-El was inundated with the endless orgasmic torture that Lois was suffering. I added memories that I had culled from a dozen women and sent them into her as well, all the time maintaining the vigorous manipulation of her pussy and oversized clit.

I swamped her body with images and sensations of orgasmic bliss at the same time as I stimulated her clitoris until she eventually experienced a mind-blowing orgasm that was powerful enough to knock her out cold.

* * *

Lois was kneeling vacant eyed and almost insensible when I strode into the subterranean Temple. Two young neophytes stood to either side of the reporter's slimy body, their cocks still erect and dripping some of their inexhaustible supply of spunk onto the stone floor. I used my telepathic powers to drag her back to full consciousness and she shivered as the shock set in. I suppressed that reaction and the woman that looked up at me was almost the old Lois, but burning with loathing, fear and disgust.

"Did you enjoy you little introduction to our Circle?" I smiled at my weak pun, but Lois hadn't recognized it. She was too fearful of my demonic countenance to have appreciated it anyway.

"Aww, are you upset that your great hero, Superwoman didn't turn up in the nick of time and save you from my girls?" I sneered gleefully at her, "Well I have some good news, and I have some bad news,"

Lois still said nothing, but her eyes narrowed warily.

"It seems that Superwoman has indeed arrived, although not in the nick of time obviously, but I'm afraid she isn't going to be saving your ass or anybody else's! Not even her own!" I stepped and Lois gasped as she saw what had been hidden behind me.

A muscular figure was suspended in mid air by glowing ribbons of golden fire that were wrapped around her wrists and ankles, the light from these just bright enough to allow Lois to discern the 'S' on Superwoman's chest. Two more of my neophytes pushed her forward by her calves and she floated forward into the light.

"... no..." Lois whispered as she saw the mighty hero revealed.

I had ripped Superwoman's blue bodysuit from the bustline down, her arms were still covered and the 'S' shield was mostly intact, but the underside of her magnificent breasts were exposed up to her nipples and her lower body was completely naked save for her red knee-high boots. I had removed the residue of my drying piss from her muscular torso, but her thighs glistened with the love-juices that continued to leak from her swollen sex, and her greatly enlarged clitoris was plainly visible.

"Well? What do you think of your hero now?" As I spoke the golden ribbons twisted like snakes and moved the helpless Maid of Might's body like a puppet on strings, pulling her legs forward and apart so that her hairless pussy-lips opened inches from Lois's face. Superwoman's head lolled back as Lois cringed away from the sight of the heroine's treasure before her.

"I'm sure you will agree that this is a prize worth winning?" I hooked one of my large claws into the moist slit and probed within. "Still a virgin too! Do you want to see me deflower this superpowered bitch? Do you want to see this cunt impaled on my big bitch-tamer?"

Lois closed her eyes as I brandished my gigantic, jet-black monstrosity before her before dragging it across Superwoman's hard belly. I laughed once more as the tears rolled down her cheeks again, making tracks through the crusted cum on her face.

At my telepathic command the two neophytes that stood guard over the reporter bent down and grabbed her cum-coated body. The spunk was at different stages of drying and some parts of her body were still slimy and slippery while on other parts the layers of cum cracked and peeled as she moved. They dragged her across to the altar and forced her to kneel with her back to it, so that she had an uninterrupted view for the Ceremony that was about to take place within the Circle.

The golden ribbons of fire that held Superwoman pulled her up into the air as the neophytes took their places around the edge of the inlaid and inscribed Circle on the temple's floor. Superwoman was still unconscious when I leant down and pressed my midnight-black lips to hers. I raised one giant hand to cradle the back of her head and I kissed her deep, thrusting my tongue into her mouth.

Superwoman awoke and struggled futilely. I had control of her body though, and she could not break the kiss, turn her head, bite my probing tongue, or any of the other things she tried to command of herself. Instead she had to endure the sensation of my huge tongue licking her tonsils and thrusting into her throat.

She gagged as I pushed my tongue deeper into her gullet, penetrating 4-inches, 6-inches, 8-inches into her throat, my demonic tongue growing longer as I desired to push further into her. I fucked her face with my tongue, enjoying the contractions of her throat around the invader, for about ten minutes, using my massive tongue to prepare the way a little for the monstrous stretching it was about to experience.

I broke the kiss and stepped back, one strand of our saliva dripping onto one of my huge black breasts while another hung from her chin. She tried to speak, but I didn't allow her to as the ribbons carried Superwoman back down to the floor. They pulled her arms so that they were crossed behind her back, behind her bright red cape.

Because of the difference in our heights now, my giant cock was level with Superwoman's head and it reared up to strike her in the face. The hard, heavy phallus smeared itself over her features, covering her countenance with a sticky trail of pre-cum. Superwoman looked up at me with eyes that were part pleading and part loathing. It only aroused me even further and made me more eager and more sadistic.

"Suck it, Superslut!" I sneered. "You're just a cock-sucking whore now, so get to work, bitch!"

I spread my powerful, animalistic legs a bit farther apart and tightened my grip on Superwoman's mind. I moaned as the heroine began to obey my command, her mouth opening to extend her tongue. She licked the entire length of my demonic penis, bathing all 30-nches of it in her saliva. I knew that she was terrified by the sheer size of it. Mae Kent had never done anything like this before, she had concluded that she would never be able to have sexual relations with any man and the thought of a penis had come to disgust her.

The big bulbous head of my cock was also very large and I could tell that the dark-haired heroine wondered if it were possible to even get her mouth around a dick of its size, she was sure that it was impossible. But she had no say in the matter, it was through no decision of hers that her mouth opened wide and took the massive head of my cock inside.

Superwoman gagged as my massive penis pressed into the back of her throat and I spurted some pre-cum in response to her distress. I didn't need my telepathic powers to know how much she was disgusted and humiliated by being forced to suck demonic she-cock because it was plainly evident by the expression on her face.

I began to fuck her mouth, not moving my hips, but simply flexed my prehensile penis to make it thrust in and out of her sucking orifice. Superwoman had no control over herself and she sucked and slurped vigorously on my massive tool for almost ten minutes as my neophytes began to chant. I reached down with one giant hand and laid it on the top of her head and held her in place as my cock suddenly lunged forward.

Superwoman gave a strangled, muffled cry as she-dick surged through her open lips and down her vulnerable throat. I jerked her head back by her short dark hair and directed my cock straight downward, expanding her neck as my monumental shaft forced its way down her gullet. Her throat spasmed and convulsed wonderfully around my plundering penis as I fucked the full length of her throat. I knew Superwoman could survive without air for a considerable amount of time so I indulged myself by raping her face mercilessly, not allowing her the opportunity to catch a breath.

Her neck expanded and contracted with each thrust as I withdrew to the very entrance of her throat and then thrust myself into her again. Her entire body was shaking as she sought to free herself, but every effort was aborted before it could begin via the hooks I had inserted into her mind. I raped her mouth for at least twenty minutes, the Maid of Might's throat making wet squishing and sucking sounds as I continued my oral assault, before I could finally hold back no longer.

My orgasm was like an explosion, blasting load after load of spunk into her, ejaculating a river of sperm into her spasming throat. I held her dark-haired head back at an angle so that I could look into her gorgeous face and see her expression as she felt my mass quantities of thick demon seed fill her belly.

"Ooohhh YES!!" I cried loudly. "How d'you like that Superslut! D'you like drinking my demon-cum, hero? You think you're so great, but this is all you're good for, you little bitch! You're nothing special, you're just my cum-drinking SuperWHORE!"

I pulled my massive cock back out of her throat and watched with glee as huge jets of sperm blasted into her face, splattering wetly and covering her features. By the time my climax ended, her face was a unrecognizable mask of slimy cum, the sperm trailing through her hair and dripping down onto her big breasts to deface the 'S' shield.

Superwoman was choking and coughing, globules of spunk being shot from her gasping mouth as my thick sperm slid down over her body. The glowing ribbons of light lifted the heroine up into the air until she hung vertically, her feet six feet above the ground so that her head was just about level with my massive jet-black breasts. I bent down and kissed her passionately once more, sucking my cum from her throat and licking most of it from her face. To Superwoman's dismay, her treacherous body responded to my kiss and her strong tongue wrestled against my much larger one inside her mouth.

I broke the contact of our lips and withdrew my exceedingly long tongue from her mouth slowly. As it trailed out Superwoman sucked on its thickness, nibbling it with her teeth and tickling the underside with her tongue. When the last of it exited her mouth she gaped wide and tried to recapture it, her adorable mouth opening and closing several times.

Once we were separated the golden bonds manipulated her body yet again, turning her around and pivoting her forward by about 45-degrees. They pulled her arms so that they were stretched out in front of her and spread her legs wide apart. I reached down and caught the end of her cape between my huge clawed fingers. The red cape had draped down between the V of her legs and hid her treasures from view, so I flicked it up over her hips.

I gazed at her exposed ass and felt my monstrous cock jerk with lust. Her butt was absolutely perfectly sculpted! Hard and muscular, yet well-rounded and feminine, her ass globes were spectacularly sexy. It was almost a crime that she chose to wear a red cape that concealed such a magnificent sight from the world. I stared at Superwoman's tight, powerful buttocks and felt a wave of arousal course through my body.

"Buns of steel, just the way I like 'em!" I mauled the gorgeous asscheeks with my giant hands and pulled them apart to look upon her tiny holes.

Superwoman had never before felt so completely dominated, degraded, or debased than she did at this very moment, and she was horrified by the awareness of her own wetness running down her legs, as though she were enjoying her humiliation. She knew that I was affecting her mind, but I didn't allow her to make the connection that her lust was not entirely natural. I gradually removed most of the hooks in her mind however. I wanted to break Superwoman's spirit, I wanted to hear her scream, but for my own sadistic pleasure I wanted it to be real.

As some sort of sanity returned to her, Superwoman looked up and locked eyes with Lois Lane. She stared at her lover with an almost pleading expression as spunk still dripped from her face to speckle the stone floor. As they shared they momentary empathy I curled my monstrous penis up until the wet tip touched her hard buttock. It wormed its way between her cheeks and pressed against the tight virgin ring of her anus.

"no..." Superwoman whispered in horror, then my cockhead began to push more firmly against the resistant hole.

"NOO!" The realization of her imminent anal rape filled her mind.

The wet head of my penis pierced the tiny ring slowly, smearing the entrance with my lubricating pre-cum and stretching her painfully. I grabbed her short hair and jerked her head back as my cock withdrew its probing penetration and coiled tightly like a coiled spring.

"Scream for me, BITCH! SCREAM!" I roared as my cock struck her asshole with unstoppable force.

"NNNnggghhhhaa!" she managed to choke back an agonized howl as my giant she-cock punched into her bowels.

Through the eyes of my neophytes I could see the agony etched onto her face as I drove my huge cock deeper into her rectum. The inhuman battering ram of my penis plunged between Superwoman's tight buttocks and stretched her asshole to impossible dimensions. Thicker than an average man's cock is long, my demonic she-dick powered its way inwards.

Her body was free of my telepathic restraints now and her muscles bulged and knotted futilely as she tried to expel the invader from her virgin ass. She grimaced with the pain of being rectally deflowered, and her body flushed with blood and shone with beaded sweat as I began to fuck her in earnest.

The magic of this house and my spells had reduced her other powers to near normal, but she was still nigh invulnerable so her membranes simply stretched, and stretched, and stretched, as more and more of my 30-inch cock disappeared into her. 8-inches, 12-inches, 18-inches, I fucked my monstrous appendage deeper and deeper.

"Uhhhggnn!! Ohh!! Aaawhh!! Uhn!! OHHH!! Nnghh!! Arrgnn!!" She grunted and moaned with every thrust, but still she didn't scream, even when I breached the second sphincter that separates the rectum from the intestines.

The tension inside her bowels was incredible, the walls gripping my huge phallus tightly, conforming to every vein and contour with strained tautness. Her internal flesh felt as though it was near to bursting, but with each thrust I managed to cram a little more meat into her over-stuffed ass. I had almost 2-feet of my demon-cock plundering her bowels, I was so deep I could feel her heart beating through the crown of my cock, and still she was stretching to take more.

I wrapped my one free, giant, clawed hand around her hips and pulled her back onto my shaft even as I jerked my own hips forward in a single, slow, unstoppable thrust! Superwoman's grunts became more high pitched as her intestines straightened within her around my impaling penis, pushing her indestructible internal organs aside as her body traveled down my cock toward my giant balls.

And then she was fully impaled, balls deep on my impossibly large cock. The tears were streaming from the heroine's eyes with the intense agony she was enduring.

I began to slam her up and down the full length of my monstrous cock, my huge spunk-filled testicles slapping noisily against her over-sized clit and hairless pussy-lips. She panted heavily and her muscles bulged uselessly in denial as her sensitive clit sent dreadful thrills of pleasure through her agonized body. No mere human could have survived such a brutal and monstrous violation, but Superwoman's own powers were what made it possible for me to humiliate her so utterly.

All around us my neophytes continued to chant, their cocks were massively erect and all twelve of my girls were masturbating furiously at the vision of my demonic glory defiling Earth's greatest heroine.

I dragged her up and down my cock for about twenty minutes, her innards gripping my huge shaft tightly and swiftly massaging me to orgasm with their spastic embrace. I roared with lust and jerked my hips upward to meet her falling body with a resounding boom of demon-flesh on Kryptonian buttocks as my climax came upon me.

"NNNYYYyyyaaaiiihhhh!!" Superwoman cried out as she felt the first geyser like spurt of my spunk so impossibly deep within her.

My giant she-cock filled Superwoman's body completely and so my spunk was forced back out of her asshole. The thick white fluid squirted powerfully out of the overstretched orifice, splattering over our legs and the floor below, hanging in long ropy strands from her crotch.

My cock continued to pump my balls' sticky load into her muscular body until finally I was satisfied. My 30-inch phallus withdrew from her ass accompanied by wet, sickening squelching sounds and more spurts of tightly packed cum from the stretched out hole. Her legs were drenched in creamy sperm, and stark white streaks ran down my jet-black skin as I stepped back from the near-sobbing heroine.

The ribbons flipped her over so that her back was now toward the floor and I could see the well-defined abdominal muscles flexing with the heaviness of her breathing and the pain through her body. Her virginal pussy was also visible to me, and my slimy cock coiled up to probe between the cum-covered lips. I ran it up and down her well-lubricated slit, making sure to stimulate her enlarged clitoris as I did so.

"No... don't..." she gasped.

"Now you don't mean that, I know that a frustrated dyke virgin like you is just crying out for a big-dicked she-male like me to come along and relieve you of the burden of your maidenhead."

I snaked my cock up her hard torso until the slimy head disappeared between her breasts. The tip of it was just visible as it bulged up through the 'S' shield on the remnants of her costume. Superwoman grimaced in distaste as I tittie-fucked her with my tentacle-like cock while leering down at her.

"Didn't you love sucking my cock?" I said as I insinuated my telepathic hooks back into her mind. "Didn't you adore getting butt-fucked by my big dick? I know you'll love having your virginity raped away! You're just a Superslut! You're my little cum-drinking, butt-slut, and when I rape your cunt you'll LOVE every minute of it!"

I dragged my cock back down her body and asked, "What are you?"

"I'm a Superslut. I'm a cock-sucking butt-slut Superwhore!" she replied hoarsely.

I smiled at my own reply, relayed through her lips. "And what do you want?"

"I want you to rape me. Take me! Fuck me with your demon-dick!" She screamed at my telepathic prompting.

"Fuck me! Rape me! Take my virginity! Rape me hard and make me a real woman!" It would have sounded alluring and slutty if not for the noticeable edge of rage and pain and humiliation that carried through into her tone. "I need it! Fuck me NOW!"

I pushed my cockhead into the entrance of her vagina, pushing aside the tightly clamped lips, until I reached her hymen.

"Fuck me! RAPE ME!" my victim howled as I teased her clenching pussy.

I grinned evilly and, with a savage lunge, I rammed over a third of my monstrous cock into the superheroine's wet pussy, slamming hard into her cervix on the first thrust.

"AAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! OWWHH God!! NnooOOOOHHWWW!!!" This time she really did scream in pain and fear as I ripped through her virginity, tearing her once invulnerable hymen asunder as though it were paper with my magically charged demon-cock.

I bucked my hips slightly and gave another brutal thrust, smashing my way through her cervix and hammering my cockhead into the roof of her womb. Superwoman sobbed, reeling in pure agony as red-hot pain lanced through her unnaturally stretched vagina. My 6-inch wide demon-cock pounded repeatedly against her womb as I began my rhythmic fuck-thrusts, forcing her indestructible and virginal pussy to stretch to take more and more of my gigantic jet-black column.

Her internal muscles were stretched taught over my impaling phallus, and her powerful muscles clenched tight in an instinctive but futile effort to expel me, all she achieved was a rhythmic clasping and sucking in her sex that added to my pleasure.

"AAAIIEE!! UURrrgh!! AAHHhhh! AAOooww!"

There was nothing else in her life but the giant, demonic cock violating her tortured cunt and the agonizing, relentless pain as I drove deeper and deeper into her. Already, I had buried 24-inches of my huge shaft inside her, and still her walls stretched to take more. I pulled her up and hugged her muscular frame to my giant ebony body. Her big tits pressed against my abdomen and my massive breasts engulfed her cum-sticky face as I slammed her body down onto my cock once more.

I raised her slightly and then, with all the strength in my massive arms, I slammed her down onto my cock with all of my strength, fully impaling her on every inch of my massive obsidian shaft.

"NNNNYYYYYYAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEeeeeeeee!!!" Superwoman screamed long and loud as my enormous inhuman penis stretched her virgin pussy wider than she would ever have believed possible.

Her body bounced and jerked like a rag doll as I sadistically hammered her pussy. Her muscular body was covered in a shiny sheen of sweat, and she felt a new sensation building inside her pussy. With every stroke I ensured that my jet-black flesh slammed into her over-sensitive clitty, and Superwoman was beginning to feel unwanted pleasure from her rape. I used my powers to fan the flames of her arousal in her mind, and her panting became more breathless as an orgasm began to build within the defiled superheroine's abused body.

As I raped her we were frequently splashed by huge jets of cum from my neophytes. They worked themselves to orgasm and sprayed their huge cum-load into the Circle. Their huge balls refilled instantly after each orgasm and then they started all over again. I kept up my brutal assault for more than half an hour, jackhammering into her and manipulating the pleasure centers of her brain until my third climax came upon me. I twisted my thoughts inside her head and forced her to orgasm simultaneously.

Superwoman screamed with loathing and lust, desire and disgust, as she came. Her orgasm almost blew her mind, it was so much more powerful than any she had experienced before, and she rode a wave of agonized pleasure as I shot my load within her brutally stretched cunt.

"What did... I tell you, BITCH! You love it!! You love... LOVE having my huge cock filling your belly with demon-cum! And you're cumming like... like the SuperWHORE you ARE!!" I yelled as I came.

Again and again my demonic sperm shot like a fountain into the tight, wet, gripping pussy of Superwoman. The powerful blasts stretching and bloating her womb, filling her so completely that her belly bulged like a pregnant woman. My spunk continued to spurt inside her and the internal pressure squeezed it back down her vagina to squirt out around my she-cock. I didn't stop fucking her, repeatedly driving myself into her as we both came.

The restraining ribbons of golden fire pulled Superwoman back, taking her off my impaling shaft and her widely dilated cum-filled pussy ejected thick gobbets of creamy white semen which splashed on the stone below. I shot several huge cum-loads all over her belly and onto her pussy lips and I rubbed my spurting cockhead all over her belly and pussy lips, smearing them with cum until they were a slimy, sticky mess.

Then the ribbons turned her over again so that I could see both of her reddened, stretched out and sloppy holes. My cock was still solidly erect and yearning to take her again, so I extended it even further, making my cock a giant tentacle that moved and swayed independently like a snake. Then I created another tentacle-cock from my groin. It was as big as the first, and each of them were as thick as a normal woman's thigh.

Both of my monstrous phalluses reared up and back and ready to strike. I paused for one moment to enjoy the sight of her defiled body and then I struck unerringly at my targets.

Superwoman screamed and her agonized wail was long and loud as my cocks slammed their way up her battered orifices. I lost no time in picking up my former frenzied pace, fucking my helpless captive with rapid jackhammer thrusts once again, but this time impaling both of her holes with giant she-cock at the same time.

My victim alternated between screaming, gasping, sobbing and grunting as she was slam-fucked by two impossibly massive cocks. I reamed her ass and her cunt at the same time, each of my cocks feeling the other moving through the thin membrane that separated them. Superwoman was enduring an almost continuous orgasm, helpless to resist the sensations that I was flooding her body and mind with.

But still I wanted to do more to humiliate the great heroine, this Maid of Might, so I formed a third giant, tentacle-like penis. I directed it to her well-filled pussy and the tip of it pressed against the straining hairless lips. As slippery as my cum had made her hole, my third monstrous member was too large to enter her occupied vagina. It was a case of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object, and we were locked for several minutes, my huge penis pressing painfully to gain access to her stuffed sex.

Eventually something had to give, and Superwoman's invulnerable pussy-lips slowly but surely stretched even wider, allowing my huge cockhead to force its way inside her, thrusting alongside my first tentacle-cock. Deeper it squirmed, twisting around my other penis that was already buried deep in her womb. Deeper and deeper, stretching her membranes wider. The pain was excruciating for the Kryptonian heroine, her once virgin pussy being impaled by two massive cocks, each of them more than 6-inches thick, was sheer agony beyond anything that had gone before.

The outlines of my two giant tentacle-cocks were plainly visible to my neophytes as they chanted and masturbated, circling the Circle. Superwoman's belly bulged and moved obscenely as my huge she-cocks writhed within her, sending sensations of the most exquisite pleasure through me.

I started to fuck Superwoman with all three cocks. She hung in mid-air, her legs spread wide and her arms pulled down and to her sides as I skewered her brutally, thrusting with incredible strength into her.

The Ceremony was reaching a crescendo, and my attention and that of my neophytes was focused on the occult energies being released, seeking to absorb them into ourselves. There was already as much power present as I had possessed before, and Superwoman had the endurance and durability to feed me for hours and hours yet, possibly even days or weeks!

Once I had drained her dry, nothing would be able to stop me! Nothing.

When I consumed the entirety of what her power could provide me, I would be able to take over the world if I wished, and nothing would stand in my way. The first thing I would do is take out all of the other heroes, raping and abusing them all as an object lesson to those that would defy me. I would destroy anyone, ally or enemy, friend or foe that refused to kneel before me, the world's leaders would...

Something was wrong. I opened my eyes and saw that one of my neophytes was kneeling with her hand pressed to her side. There were distinctive crimson streaks flowing over her pale fingers. In a fraction of a second I saw this and noted the absence of Lois Lane from her place by the altar, she had entered the circle and now stood before Superwoman's raised and impaled body. Superwoman's hips were just about level with Lois's and the reporter threw her arms up and grasped the muscular heroine around the waist.

"Seize her!" I bellowed.

Neophytes ran forward to obey as Lois grabbed at one of Superwoman's magically bound arm. Lois kicked and lashed out at my blonde girls, shrieking hysterically, but she could not possibly overpower even one of them. The dragged her back, but just as I was about to resume my triple-thrusting I realized that something else was wrong, some aspect of my restraining spell had been breached. I glanced over my violated victim and saw that the golden ribbons around one wrist had been broken, and there were beads of blood where Superwoman's skin had been nicked. I caught sight of the sacrificial knife, reflected light glinting from its blade as it lay on the floor discarded by Lois Lane in the struggle.

"Neophytes! To me!" I called, but almost before the words were out of my mouth I felt my grip on Superwoman's mind slip.

The Maid of Might slammed both of her heels into my groin with all the strength she could muster and launched herself off my impaling phalluses with a sickeningly wet slurping sound. I careered backward from her powerful blow and lost my footing. I scrambled noisily to my hooves and began to rise, but before I could properly stand something struck me in the chest.

I looked down and sticking out from between my great breasts I saw the silver shaft of the spike that had been adorned by my father's skull protruding from my chest. I stared at it with stupefaction before I realized that it had struck perfectly, and something within me withered and died.

When I looked back up I was confronted with a general melee. Superwoman had grasped the golden spike that bore my mother's skull for another throw, but my neophytes had realized that I was endangered and had dived upon her. The girls were far stronger than any normal human but they were no match for Superwoman even with her powers curtailed. The Maid of Might shrugged off her attackers and drew back her arm, aiming the golden spear.

She was not very steady on her feet and when she threw the glittering weapon it went wide. I started to smile, but then the impossible happened. The spear changed course in mid -flight and struck me, again with unerring accuracy and the second heart within my demonic chest was killed.

I looked back toward the altar and saw the skulls of my parents beside it where Superwoman had laid them. It seemed to me almost that they were laughing at me, at my arrogance and my power. When I had sacrificed them to steal their powers I had cut out their hearts and made them a part of myself, and now each of those hearts was inert within my huge chest. In a flash I understood that the spirits of my parents were still present in this temple where I had killed them so many years before, guiding Superwoman's choice of weapon to its mark in revenge for murdering them, stealing their powers and their hearts and consuming each within myself. It was the only explanation for the certainty with which I had been struck, each of the spears striking the heart that had once belonged to the skull that had adorned it.

Without the trinity within me my powers were fluctuating wildly, the magick whipsawing through my demonic body and I was losing control of even that. I stumbled backward and fell to the floor with a deafening crash that reverberated around the cavernous temple.

I had created too much power in this chamber, and there was enough for the insubstantial spirits of my parents to use in a psychic attack against me. I lashed out against them, but their minds were mere shadows, all fury and revenge with nothing for me to attack.

Then I saw Superwoman standing above me. She had a long-bladed sacrificial knife in her hands and she raised it high above her head. I did not have enough self-control to coordinate between both psychic and physical attacks. I had only a split-second to decide, I could destroy either threat, but in doing so I would be vulnerable to the other. I could see no way to win, so I gathered all of the power that I could and I fled, leaving my body behind.

As I blasted a path through the psychic realm for myself, I was aware of the death of my corporeal body, the knife piercing my third heart, my real heart, as Superwoman, enraged beyond all reason by my assault on her, delivered the killing stroke.

I roared with rage and frustration. I was so close to total victory and now I was little more than a vagabond spirit, without a body of my own and no direct way to return to the world. My power blazed like a supernova in that benighted realm and skulking shadowy creatures of the mind swarmed toward me. I obliterated them with a single thought as I raged at my failure. I swore that I would find a way, I would return to the living world, I would regain my power in full and see the heroes of that world suffer as I broke each and every one of them to my will.

And I would make those who vanquished me watch as I did it, and then, when the Earth lay in ruins beneath my heels, then I would take my revenge on Superwoman and that little bitch, Lois Lane.

The End?


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