NC-17 for f/f sex, bdsm, orgy

Take a slightly different universe where Terra wasn't insane and really was
being forced to betray the Titans. Add some slightly different players. Throw
in lots of kinky girl/girl sex.

Teen Titans: The (Reluctant) Judas Contract Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

This is so not fucking fair, Tara Markov thought as she changed into her tiny
bikini for the pool party and watched the other Titan girls with lust.

The fact that half of them were skinny dipping didn't help either. Tara
pouted as she looked at the flawless perfect bodies the slightly older girls
all seemed to have.

Not that Tara wasn't attractive in her own right. She was a bit on the short
side, and her butt was still a bit boyish, but her breasts, though small,
were developing nicely. Within 2 years she would be a rival to the other
Titan girls. If she lived that long. For the tenth time that day she felt
like crying. Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke, was forcing her to betray her
friends. If she failed to do so he would detonate the micro bomb he had
implanted in her head.

Deathstroke did other things to her as well. Slade was after the Titans for
the death of his son. His plan was intricate and complex, but Tara knew he
was almost ready to spring his trap. In addition to Tara, Deathstroke had
brainwashed Jade, the daughter of the original Green Lantern, and the
human/alien protoplasm mix that had called itself Supergirl before the real
one had showed up only a few weeks ago.

In addition Slade had discovered another survivor of Mars, a teenage green
Martian girl named M'gann M'orzz, then used her to brainwash Cassie
Sandsmark, the new Wonder Girl and Helena Wayne, the Huntress*! To complete
his roster Slade had used his own daughter Rose as a guinea pig, giving her
the same abilities he had.

Tara had been kidnapped right in her own room by Slade, who had a micro bomb
and a control chip implanted in her brain. Tara tried to escape, tried to
resist, tried to fight, but Slade had full control of her. Slade was an old
pervert, having 7 pretty teenage girls under his thumb allowed him to indulge
any fantasy. Like all the others Tara was forced to walk around naked and
masturbate on command. Slade whipped and sexually tortured all of them,
including his own daughter. Slade then forced them to whip each other and
have lesbian sex.

All the girls were now man-hating bdsm lesbians. When Slade tired of Tara he
turned her over to Rose who was even more sadistic than he was. What no one
counted on was that Rose and Tara had fallen in love with each other.

I wish Rose was here, Tara thought, and I wish I didn't have to betray the

By a bizarre coincidence all of the current Titans were female. Wally West
had left to join the Justice League after the unfortunate death of Barry
Allen. Cyborg and Beast Boy/Changeling were on a leave of absence with the
Doom Patrol. And Nightwing/Dick Grayson was now Rikki Grayson and was now
permanently 100% female, and lesbian, after being exposed to Pink Kyrptonite,
which can affect normal people.

At the moment the Titans roster was Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Donna
Troy/Wonder Girl, and Terra. Batgirl, Green Lantern Arisia, and the new
Supergirl had been invited to this pool party and Tara was glad they had
showed up. Especially Supergirl. Kara, as Tara had learned her real name,
was the same age as Tara. Tara liked her immediately. She was taller, but
no better built.

"Do you feel as uncomfortable as I do around all these super super models?"
Kara asked, smiling.

"No kidding," Tara smiled back. "Why do they all have to be so perfect?"

"We're not too far behind them," Kara smiled, changing into a dinky bikini.

"So, um..." Tara tried not looking at her, and failed. "you gonna join?"

"Thinking about it," Kara replied. "Cl ... uh, I mean my cousin wants to
keep me on that farm in Kansas. Yuck! I'd much rather be a Titan. And Babs
is great. She's letting me stay with her, but it's so hard to sleep when I
can watch her with Rikki and Kory or with Renee and Kat."

"Wow, I wondered why she was here," Tara said. She had only recently been
given access to the secret I.D.'s. Mystic spells from Zatanna prevented her
from telling Slade.

"Despite the fact she's a few years older Rikki's going to make her, Arisia,
and me, Titan's since you guys are so short handed now," Kara said. "Arisia's
18 and Barbara's well loved and respected, it'll be unanimous."

"And you?" Tara asked.

"Well, I'm not sure of Raven, I'm hoping you'll vote for me. Donna may not
want someone stronger than her, but she was nice to me on Paradise Island,"
Kara said. "I bring a lot of needed power with me, so I think I'll get in."

"I'll vote for you," Tara shyly said.

"Thanks." Kara kissed her cheek.

"Um, Kara," Tara said, blushing. "Um, would you kiss me again? I mean, really
kiss me."

"Really kiss you?" Kara smiled. "Like the other girls kiss?"

"Please?" Tara asked. "I - I like girls, and, and, they all like girls, and
I was hoping..."

"Yes," Kara whispered, "I like girls. Only girls. I like kinky perverted

The 2 sixteen-year-olds kissed deeply. Tongues played with each other as they

"Excuse me," a smiling Rikki interrupted, causing the 2 girls to separate
nervously, "why don't you take your suits off and join the rest of us?"

Sheepishly they complied. Naked, they followed Rikki out to the pool. All
the other girls were already nude, their shaved hairless pussies made Tara's
mouth water. Rikki made a gesture, Barbara and Kory were on each side of
Tara, Rikki and Donna were on opposite sides of Kara. Laying the younger
girls down a smiling Raven and Arisia approached them with exotic oil in her

Slowly and sensually they began rubbing the oil on the girls, from head to
toe. Tara moaned in pleasure as Kory and Babs spread the oil on her. Rikki
and Donna were kissing Kara as they caressed her tits. Raven licked Kara's
left foot, tongue running up and down her sole, then sucking each toe. Kory
started licking Tara's small breasts. Barbara kissed Tara, her fingers
gently rubbing Tara's pussy. Arisia started licking Tara's right foot.

"More," Tara moaned. "Please."

Kory and Babs were both working on Tara's tits now. Arisia switched to Tara's
left foot. Donna offered her big tits to Kara, who eagerly started licking
and sucking them. Rikki was gently stroking and licking Kara's perky tits,
paying special attention to the girls pretty pink nipples. Raven was now
working on Kara's right foot with her lips and tongue.

Kory mounted Tara, arranging herself tit to tit, nipple to nipple, clit to
clit, pussy to pussy. Tara smiled, spreading her legs wide to allow Kory to
fuck her easier. Rikki had one finger in Kara's pussy, slowly working it in
and out.

"Please fuck me, Kory," Tara gasped.

"Mmmmmm, my pleasure," Kory grinned.

Kory began the slow sensual grinding, known as tribadism, cunt fucking, or
pussyfucking on the smaller girl. Tara's arms were around Kory's neck, their
lips met, tongue's toying. Barbara ran her hands down Kory's back, kissing
her neck. Kory's downward thrusts were met by Tara's, clits touched, rubbed,
then again, and again. Both girls panted with desire.

"Ooohhhhh! Fuck me!" Tara moaned. "Please! Fuck me!"

"Fuck her good, Kory," Barbara encouraged. "The little slut loves it!"

Rikki now had 2 fingers in Kara's pussy, Donna repositioned herself, her
pussy above Kara's face. Kara couldn't resist and started licking Donna's
sweet pussy.

"Her toes are delicious, but I want her pussy," Raven smiled.

Raven started licking and sucking Kara's pussy, eagerly lapping up her tasty
girl juice. Arisia and Barbara were hotly kissing, their breasts mashed
together, hands roaming each others tight butts. Rikki spread Raven's ass
cheeks apart and dove into her tight little asshole with her tongue. Tara and
Kory were getting close to orgasm. Kory increased the speed of her thrusts
causing Tara to cry out.

"Fuck me! Ahhhhhh! More!" Tara cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!
Ooooooo! I'm cumming! Aaaaaaaaa!"

"Aaaaaa! Take it, slut! So hot!" Kory moaned as she came. "Oh fuck yea!"

Arisia and Barbara had positioned themselves into a 69 and were hungrily
lapping each others pussys. Rikki continued to rim Raven, pointing her tongue
to stab inside, then licking all around, before attacking her hole again.
Kara vibrated her tongue causing Donna to scream in orgasm.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Donna screamed under the Kryptonian's tongue assault.

Kara couldn't hold out long under Raven's talented tongue.

"Mmmmmmfffffff!" Kara's cries were muffled, her face still under Donna's

Rikki rolled Raven over and mounted her for a hot hard pussyfuck. Lips
together, Rikki started fucking Raven, slowly, then increasing in tempo.
Arisia and Barbara exploded in mutual climax. Tara and Kory crawled over
to them to lap up pussy juice. Rikki and Raven continued their hot girl
fuck, but neither could hold out much longer.

"Aaaaaaa! Cumming!" Raven cried out.

"Oooooooo!" Rikki moaned as she came.

The girls lay there panting for a few minutes. As usual Rikki was the first
one to recover.

"Are we ready to get kinky?" Rikki called out.

A chorus of " Yes!" came from all the girls.

"Are we ready for the whips?" Rikki called out again.

The response was "Hell yes!" from all of them. But then Tara thought again
of Deathstroke and what he was making her do. Tara started crying.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Tara sobbed.

* * *

* In this world Helena Wayne is the niece of Bruce Wayne and became the
Huntress after accidentally discovering the Batcave.

* * *

The End - Chapter 1


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