Disclaimer: While mostly DC, non powered Marvel and Tyval girls also
appear. This is a 'what might have been' in the Watchmen world in issue
#12 between pages 25 and 27 after Dr. Manhattan kills Rorschach and
leaves Earth.

In the world of Watchmen, just after the tragedy in New York, lesbian
heroine's and villainesses clash. Neither side cares who wins.

Some chapters Rated NC-17 for F/F sex, cons. bdsm, orgy, ws., etc. This
chapter rated PG-13; set-up, no sex.

Watchmen: Rise Of The Women Part 1
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

Antarctica, the morning of Nov. 3 1985: Three million people are dead in New
York City at the hands of Adrian Veidt, formerly the hero know as Ozymandias,
but this brutal act has averted nuclear war that would have killed billions.
He had been opposed by his fellow heroes Rorschach, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre,
and the seemingly omnipotent Dr. Manhattan.

But Adrian convinced them that he had done the right thing, not even Dr.
Manhattan could argue with the logic of his actions. Only Rorschach refused
to go along with it. Once alone together Dr. Manhattan was forced to kill
Rorschach in order to insure the peace. Returning inside Manhattan saw his
former lover, Laurie Juspeczyk (Jupiter), a.k.a. Silk Spectre 2 asleep with
Dan Dreiberg, a.k.a. the second Nite Owl.

Laurie had left him because he had almost lost all of his humanity. In turn,
he had left Earth for Mars for a few days to meditate on his next move. It
was true, he had grown unattached from humanity. Earth had no more interest
for him now. In tears Laurie had turned to the sensitive Dreiberg.

Laurie had nothing else, no money, no home, no other friends, nowhere else to
go. Nor did she have any skills except martial arts, acrobatics and kicking
ass. Dan was caring, but had sexual problems performing. Only in costume
could he get it up. Manhattan knew that she was a highly sexually charged

While on Mars Dr. Manhattan had peered into other realties and seen that he
should at least say goodbye to Laurie, his last link to humanity. She had
managed to convince him to return and try to save Earth. That, as it turned
out though was by letting Adrian win.

Now, as he looked at her nude sleeping form a slight smile formed. In another
reality he would have been happy that Laurie would be taken care when he left
Earth for good. But many were the thoughts and emotions of Dr. Manhattan this

In this reality he decided that since he couldn't have her no man would. With
a thought Manhattan wiped all feelings for Dan from Laurie's mind,
disintegrated Dan without a trace while manipulating records leaving Laurie
everything he owned. A few cops had learned Dan's secret identity as Nite
Owl, but they were all dead. Dan's townhouse and 5 million dollars were now

It was easy to change Laurie's sexual orientation, making her into a
masochistic lesbian. Dr. Manhattan had stretched out his mind and found
numerous women who wanted to be heroines and villainesses. All of them shared
similar traits; young, beautiful, athletic, lesbian, and masochistic. As soon
as he left Earth they would all 'come out'.

As a gift to Laurie Dr. Manhattan de-aged her, making her physically 18 and
giving her, and all the women who he knew were going to become adventuress,
the ability to lactate at will. He also made her a new costume.

"Jon," Laurie murmured, using his real name.

"This is your new costume," he said, "You will wear it without underwear. In
fact, you hate clothes."

"But, you can see right through it," Laurie gasped, "It's totally
transparent! People will see everything! And I won't be able to run in
those transparent heels!"

"You will be fighting women who will strip you naked anyway," he said, "And
you will be unable to run away. Not that you will really want to."

"Oh my... what did you do to me?" Laurie gaped as strange feelings and
emotions swept through her.

"I am making sure you will be happy when I am gone," he said.

"But Adrian, what if he decides to go ahead and kill me?" Laurie fearfully

"I will take measures to make sure you are safe," he said, "You will soon
have many friends as well."

"T-thank you," Laurie said, knowing that there was nothing she could do about
whatever Jon had done to her.

Once he made up his mind there was no talking him out of something. Laurie
didn't even have any thoughts about what had happened to Rorschach and Dan
now. All she could think about was other women. Jon turned and left her,
walking right through the walls like a wraith. He then walked and floated to
the room where Adrian was meditating.

"Hello Jon," Adrian said, not turning around, "I was hoping we'd get the
chance to talk."

"I'm impressed," Jon said, "Back to me, I made no sound, no shadow, and no

"I know my actions seem brutal, even barbaric," Adrian said, "Believe me, I
do feel every death I caused. The faces will haunt me every day and night
beyond death perhaps. But to save humanity someone had to commit such a
terrible crime."

"Human affairs are no longer my concern," Jon said, "I am leaving Earth, this
solar system, perhaps even this galaxy for a less complex one."

"I just hope you understand," Adrian said, "Unlike Rorschach."

"I have taken care of Rorschach, and Dreiberg," Jon said, "Neither will ever
trouble you. However I will leave a small bit of my essence to insure that
Laurie will be safe from you. If you even think about harming her you will
scream for 100 years before I let you die. Also, any attempt against her will

"I understand your caution," Adrian said, "I had no plans to harm any of
them, even Rorschach. If he had still been in prison an escape would have
been arraigned."

"I wish her taken care of," Jon said, "I have already arrainged for her to
have Dreiberg's money, a donation of 100 million from you. Pocket change to

"Very well," Adrian agreed, "Anything else?"

"Despite what she always said, she wishes to be a heroine again," Jon said,
"Numerous other women do as well. They are harmless, not even committing
crimes. You can get the Keene act repealed. Also, a small prison, staffed by
an attractive lesbian warden and pretty lesbian guards. You will make a
fortune selling porn video's from it. Super heroines will be celebrity's and
everyone wants to see what celebs look like naked."

"Rumors to the contrary, I'm not gay," Adrian sat straight up, "I never knew
that Laurie had that kind of kinky in her. I find porn dull and repetitive,
but I'd watch those. For that matter I never thought you were into that."

"Oh, I have regained my interest in human life, perhaps I will create some,
all female," Jon smiled, "Goodbye Adrian."

"Jon, wait," Adrian said, "I did the right thing didn't I? It all worked out
in the end?"

"The end?" Jon said, rather than asked, "In every reality the Soviet Union is
on the brink of collapse. Afghanistan was their last gasp. They are getting
their ass kicked. Within the week Pakistan would test fire an atomic bomb
causing the Soviet's to back off their invasion plans. The world would remain
tense for weeks, but slowly return to normal. Afghanistan becomes a bloodbath
to Soviet troops, what Vietnam would have become for us had I not intervened.
Many hardline communists die or are replaced in the next few months. By the
late 80's Eastern Europe breaks away from the Soviet Union which unlike it's
earlier crackdowns can no longer force it's will on them. The Soviet Union
itself falls in the early 90's. This is the outcome, with variations, in
every reality. In most, it is Ronald Reagan. Simple fact, communism doesn't
work, never has, never will, no matter who's in charge. I only exist in this
universe, but even in those I don't the result is the same."

"Was it all for nothing?" Adrian was stunned.

"That you will have to see," Jon said, "For even I cannot see all."

And with that he was gone. Adrian had Laurie taken back to America promising
to return Dreiberg's 'Owlship' to her.

"Paint it pink," Laurie smiled.

Laurie felt strange as she entered the townhouse that now belonged to her.
All 5 bedrooms had been converted to lesbian dungeons. All her clothing was
now ultra sexy, thongs, transparent, dresses that ended at the bottom of her
ass that were also backless and had deep wide v's in front almost to her
mound. She was resigned to being naked or nearly so for the rest of her life.

But first things first! She had to have a cheeseburger! Laurie had not eaten
in over 2 days, between her trip to Mars then Anacrtica, and fnally her
return to New York. She sighed as she found she couldn't wear underwear with
her dresses. Even slight bending would give everyone a look at her ass and
hairless pussy. Laurie's had natural big tits that were barely concealed.
Turning the wrong way would cause them to pop out.

Plus, it was November in New York City and freezing outside. Laurie checked
Dan's computer and sighed in relief. Dan had a half dozen antique cars in the
warehouse he owned where the 'Owlship' usually emerged. It was a chilly walk,
the tunnel was cold and she was only allowed to wear heels or go barefoot.

Choosing the Porsche she made a trip to 'Burger Palace'. Using the drive
through the teen boy giving her order still got an eyeful as both her breasts
popped out because of the belt. And she had to go back twice because she was
so hungry. Finally full she drove back to her new home and slept.

Over the next few days she ate takeout got the front lock fixed, and worked
out. Under the radar, amid the chaos, the Keene act was repealed. A new
women's prison was also being built on the site of the old Arkham Asylum.
Adrian had sent her the information on it and she knew she would be spending
time there.

Thanks to Jon the internet already existed. Laurie was soon talking to many
of her future team-mates and adversaries. Making a list she started her
database. A few actual super-powers had appeared though they were minor like
Black Canary's sonic cry or non combat like Scandal Savage's regeneration.

There was a knock on the door. Her first guest had arrived. Laurie smiled as
Renee Montoya, the Question, GCPD detective walked in.

"Hi," Renee smiled.

The 2 women kissed deeply. The door closed behind them.

end of Chapter 1


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