*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Prostitution, Gang-Rape, Humiliation, Bukkake, and also includes Mind-Control and Watersports. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it. ***

DC Whores Of Paradise Part 1 - Wonder Whore, The Prostitute Princess
by High-Heeled Jill ([email protected]) & Spring-Heeled Jack

Princess Diana of Themyscira, the Amazon's Ambassador to Man's World, better known as the superheroine Wonder Woman, landed in an extensive network of alleyways in the most crime-ridden area of a major American city. Had anyone seen her, they would have undoubtedly assumed that some evil miscreant was about to receive their amply just desserts, but this was not the reason for Wonder Woman's arrival in this urban jungle of iniquity.

While Princess Diana played the role of a Superheroine in Man's World, a beacon for truth and justice and beauty and womanhood everywhere, that noble endeavour was not the reason that the Amazons had sent their Queen's beloved daughter out to become their Ambassador.

Wonder Woman twirled, faster than the eye could see, and then stood proudly in her true Ambassador's Regalia. She was dressed in latex, thigh-high boots, a black micro-skirt with a pattern of white stars, and a gold-trimmed, red bustier that pushed her sizeable breasts high and forward while barely covering her large nipples. Over one shoulder she carried a small red latex handbag on a long golden chain. She wore a thin gold circlet about her brow and silver bracelets on her wrists, and around her waist she wore the Girdle of All Women, a magical golden belt with a large buckle that spelled a Greek word, but any man that looked upon it would understand its true meaning in their own language - 'WHORE'.

Wonder Woman was a superheroine, but Diana Prince was a prostitute, a whore, a hooker, a ho, a streetwalker, a 'fallen woman', a 'good-time girl', a 'lady of the night', a 'soiled dove', a 'working girl', or if one wanted to be politically correct, a 'commercial sex worker'. The career choice of her secret identity was not mere happenstance, it certainly wasn't something Diana had fallen into because of need or because she was a slut. She served a greater purpose than the pleasure of her customers.

Themyscira was an island of women, and only women. There was only one thing that the Amazons needed from Man's World; men. Well, not even the men themselves, because all they really needed was the sperm from their testicles. In her secret identity as Diana Prince, a streetwalking hooker, it was Princess Diana's distasteful duty to be the receptacle that collected that sperm. The Girdle of All Women would magically gather all the sperm that entered her perfect, gorgeous body and transport it to Themyscira, where it would be used to impregnate the childless Amazons. And so each night "Wonder Woman, the Princess of Power", would be transformed into "Wonder Whore, the Prostitute Princess".

Distasteful, yes, but in truth what had been presented to her as an unpleasant duty that required a great sacrifice by the Princess had turned out to be rather enjoyable for the Amazon's Ambassador. The men, all men, were disgusting, no more than rutting beasts in her estimation, but the feelings they evoked from her, the sensations that their hard, throbbing manhoods provoked inside her tight clenching femininity provided the statuesque Amazon ample compensation of for the humiliation of lowering herself to copulate with such degenerate creatures as the worthless Men who paid to use her body.

She made love to women, a conjoining of equals, and it was beautiful and blissful and her orgasms soared like an eagle in the summer sky. She made love to women, but she fucked Men, fucked them like the animals that they were, and it was raw and primitive and her orgasms buffeted her like a sparrow caught in a hurricane, rendering her helpless before the sheer power of the onslaught. Furthermore, the rougher and harder they fucked her, the stronger her orgasms became. Part of her was ashamed to derive pleasure from such crude degradation, but the greater part was happy that she could enjoy her duties so comprehensively.

She remembered proudly the day that she had won the right to be the Amazon's Ambassador, so many years ago. Her mother had not wanted her daughter, who had been little more than a child, to compete, and so Diana had disguised herself and entered the arena in secret. When the Minotaurs were unleashed, it was Diana that had proven herself the most talented in fucking and sucking the monstrous beasts, coaxing nearly twice as much sperm from her conquests as any of her rivals. Queen Hippolyta had been both saddened and proud of her daughter when the girl's subterfuge was revealed. Proud of her daughter's success and prowess in sexual combat, but saddened that her daughter must leave the island and gift her perfect body to the repulsive Men of the outside world, instead of sharing it with the women of Themyscira as an Amazon should.

As Diana remembered those events, crystal clear in her memory as though it had happened yesterday, she suddenly had a perverted, nightmare vision of the events. In this version, Diana was not a youth conquering the minotaurs, but a fully grown woman beaten and raped by the hulking beasts. In this version, her mother had not watched proudly, but was bound and gagged on her throne, with a woman who radiated evil standing beside her and dictating events. In this version, the Amazons in the arena were not cheering and celebrating her success, but were instead jeering lust-crazed parodies of themselves, women twisted by unnatural magic and revelling in Wonder Woman's defeat and humiliation.

Then the moment passed and Diana swayed slightly as her mind whirled in the wake of... she shrugged it off. It didn't matter what it was, because such an abhorrent vision was such an insane perversion of her divine mission that it defied understanding. It was absurd to give it even a passing thought, and she had work to do.

* * *

The reactions when she stepped out amongst the other whores were much the same as usual. None of the girls were happy to see a woman who looked like Diana arrive in their territory, realising instantly that she would be stealing all the best clients. A couple of rough looking women challenged her, but she soon put them in their place, and the others decided not to push the issue, especially after Diana told them she was just passing through and would only be here for one night. A few decided that it wasn't worth the aching feet to try to compete and went home early, but that was a mistake. Word would spread rapidly, almost magically it might seem, and before long there would be a lot more men cruising the red light district than normal, and even though Diana would be working through the night she simply would not have time to service them all, so there would be more customers than even an entire army of whores could satisfy.

Then there were the pimps. Wherever she went, it seemed that every one of them saw her as their streetwalking ticket out of the slums and into the big leagues. If they could get her into their stable of whores they knew that she would earn more for them than all their other prostitutes combined. Their advances were not very subtle, some tried to entice her with promises of great things, some tried to bribe her with money or drugs, while others tried a blunter, more forceful approach, but the end result was always the same.

This one, a tall skinny black man a golden smile, had tried charming her, with promises of wealth and fame - he could get her into the movies he claimed, he would make her a superstar! - so she had followed him into the alleys, kneeled submissively before him and opened his pants. The pimp had started talking excitedly as she stroked his big, pulsating cock, calling her all sorts of crude names that he thought were compliments. Diana had smiled up at him, and then gripped his rampant cock tightly and lifted him up into the air. They generally became very repentant while she dangled them by their dicks, and this one was no different.

She might need sperm, but she would collect plenty this night so she would do without this pimp's. She would not reward this abuser of women with her royal body, and she was not going to submit to any Man's control!

Once these inevitable preliminaries were dealt with, she could get to work. The star-spangled micro-skirt and red bustier were very obvious references to her Wonder Woman costume, but there was little chance of that compromising her secret identity. It was quite common for whores to dress up like superheroines and there were at least three other "Wonder Women" working the street, one of whom was black. There was also a rather plump 'Power Girl' - with even bigger tits than the real Power Girl, a Starfire, three Supergirls, a Batgirl who was about twenty years too old for her role, and about four Black Canaries, although that could have been coincidental, since Black Canary dressed like a hooker in any case.

Diana's prices were higher than any of the other girls on the streets, although still absurdly low compared to what she could have commanded as a high-price call-girl or escort. The money was irrelevant to Diana, who as an Amazon Princess and Ambassador was already wealthy beyond the dreams of these lowly wretches, but a woman as beautiful as Diana didn't belong amongst the streetwalkers. If her prices were too low it might raise suspicions, especially when she insisted on fucking her customers without any sort of prophylactic. As Wonder Woman, she was completely immune to any diseases, but she could hardly explain that to the men she solicited! Her prices were gauged to be just high enough to allay any client's suspicions without lessening her allure. She need not have worried. She was quite literally the most beautiful woman on earth, and even her sluttish make-up could not diminish that fact. She could have halved her price and all the men would have taken the risk, or she could have doubled or tripled her prices without losing a single cumload. Men, vile and immoral creatures that they were, would spend their life's savings, take out loans they could not afford, re-mortgage their homes, and if they ever found out who she really was, they would probably even sell their families into slavery for the opportunity to fuck her perfect pussy!

* * *

Her first client of the evening pulled up less than a minute after she began walking the curb. She leaned down to the passenger side window of the silver BMW and twitched her shoulders, to make her breasts jiggle provocatively as she gave him a good eyeful of her impressive cleavage.

"Hi there stud, you looking for a good time?" Diana asked.

The man was surprised by the crispness of her accent, which was much too refined for a street girl. But then, she was much too beautiful for a street girl, and he idly wondered what she was doing here. She was clearly too healthy for a crack-whore and... it didn't matter; she was here and she was selling her body, and he was no social worker. He didn't really care why she was a whore, just that she was selling and he was buying!

"How much?"

Wonder Whore told him her price, and the man's eyes widened. That was much more than he had intended to spend, but he could afford it, and he had wasted larger sums on fruitless dates, before he had realised that all women were just gold-digging whores. And more importantly this woman was gorgeous, way out of his league in every way. He was a middle-aged black man, big, with powerful shoulders but a bit of a paunch and he was slightly balding. While not actually repulsive he had a brutal-looking countenance. Worse, he was dull, women just were not interested in him unless he was paying them. He'd spent many years and a lot of money before recognising that the only reason women ever dated him at all was for his fat pocketbook. They were no better than whores, and worse, they didn't always spread their legs for him like real hookers, so he had decided to abandon the pretence of romance and just buy what he wanted. Prostitutes were cheaper and more certain than dating, and so he used street whores for his pleasure, and because it reinforced his contempt for all women to pay so little for sex. This one demanded more, but however high her price, he thought as he looked over Diana's perfect body, she was certainly worth it! He was not about to miss the opportunity.

"Get in." He said as he opened the passenger door from inside the car.

They drove into the alleys and he parked in the brightest spot he could find. He wanted to be able to see this bitch properly!

"This'll do. Get out." Diana's brow wrinkled momentarily with surprise, but she complied.

The man also got out, and he was taller than Diana had thought, looming almost four inches over her, and she was 6'5" in her high heels. He called her round to his side of the car, into the middle of the alley. They were parked under an orange sodium light with a bright white security lamp on the opposite side creating contrasting shadows that nicely delineated Diana's flawless figure.

"Ok whore, time to start earning your money!" The man sneered as he unzipped his pants.

The sight of his thick ten-inch cock bouncing red and virile made her mouth water and her pussy moisten in anticipation. Diana licked her lips provocatively and dropped to her knees, reflecting as she did so upon what her fellow superheroes would think if they saw her now, dressed like a whore and about to suck a big ugly black man's fat cock? What would her legions of adoring fans think, all the teenaged girls who looked up to her as a role model, the women who admired and envied her, the men that lusted after her as some unattainable vision of virginal perfection? What would they think if they knew that she was as far from being a virgin as it was possible to be, that she had fucked thousands, ten of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of different men since arriving in Man's World? As always, she found the thought perversely thrilling.

And then there was a sudden sense of wrongness. She didn't know why, but her heart beat faster and a fearful fluttering began in her belly. It was almost like stage fright, as though this was her first time! That was the only way she could describe it, but it was absurd for her to feel that way. She had arrived in Man's World almost ten years ago, and she had been patriotically whoring herself out from the very first night! Why, after the innumerable men she had fucked night after night for almost a decade, was she was suddenly blushing like a virgin as a man's big dick approached her experienced cock-sucking mouth?

Shaking off those strange feelings, Diana wrapped her hands around his manhood, savouring the burning heat in her palms, and getting the measure of his impressive length as she slid them down the ten-and-a-half inch shaft. Once her hands reached the base of his huge cock, she pushed her long fingers into his pants and pull out his sperm-bloated balls. They were very large; ripe plums full of the juice she craved!

Smiling up at her customer, Wonder Whore's pouting lips kissed the tip of his drooling cock, and the black man quivered with excitement. The flavour of it was delicious to her, but somehow it seemed more vivid than in her memories of all the other cocks she had sucked. Then her sinuous tongue lashed around the head, making stimulating circles around the slimy head of the lust-swollen cock. Her customer clenched up as he resisted the orgasm that he felt building, and then grabbed her head in both hands to push her back. Damn, she was good!

"Enough teasing, bitch, start sucking!" he growled.

Diana smiled up at him as she took his cock in one hand and rolled back his foreskin. Sighing with pleasure, the Amazon whore opened her mouth wide and accepted the hard cock. She began to suck on it, gentle, almost loving little milking motions. Although she was sucking and licking, in truth she was still teasing him. She knew that all Men were beasts, and this one was worse than most. Men had no patience for the superior arts of gentle lovemaking, they wanted rough, savage fucking so she knew that what he really wanted was an excuse to use and abuse her, like the slut he believed her to be! The slut that she was.

He grabbed her head with both hands and jerked her up and down his fat cock. Diana gagged as the large purple glans slammed into the back of her throat, and found it surprisingly difficult to suppress the reflex each time he thrust into her face. She knew that she was an expert deep-throater, but it was almost like her body had forgotten how open her gullet for a man's cock!

The customer pulled his cock out of her mouth, allowing Diana a few seconds to gulp down air while he slapped her face with his slimy penis and called her crude and insulting names. Perversely, some part of her was excited by the humiliating treatment, so far from the respect she received as Wonder Woman. When he slid his cock back into her mouth Diana thrust her head forward to take his near foot-long fuckmeat deeper into her throat. She had to fight her own body's strange resistance, but she succeeded in swallowing that huge manhood all the way to the root! The black man grunted appreciatively as his wiry pubic hair brushed against the beautiful whore's nose and cheeks and her spasming gullet massaged his cock. No other woman had ever taken the full length of his mighty maleness!

"Sweet Jesus!" The black buyer exclaimed as his fingers clutched tightly around her head.

He gave another stifled moan and pushed her back and then pulled her head back down onto his rampant cock until Diana's lips kissed the base again. Diana flexed the muscles of her neck and thrashed her tongue around the fat shaft impaling her face, pleasuring her customer with every trick she could remember. Her body felt awkward to her, not the finely tuned fucking machine in her memories, but it was more than good enough to drive the big black man to orgasm.

Diana moaned softly as she felt his penis begin to swell and jerk inside her mouth. Sperm surged into her gullet, and her throat constricted, swallowing it down into her belly. And then again, and again. The repulsive Man slowly pulled his cock out of her throat with wet 'schluck', but his eruption seemed nerverending! Wonder Whore gulped down great torrents of steaming hot sperm, her cheeks filled and hollowed obscenely as the madly jerking penis emptied itself endlessly into the receptive cavern of the Amazon's hot sexy mouth. She kept up her sucking motions, draining him even as his deflating cock slipped from her mouth, sticky strings of the hot sperm dribbling down her chin.

One final spurt from his fat cock splattered across her cheek as the big black man staggered back, his knees weak from the power of his climax. Damn, this bitch was good! He had never cum like that before in his life! He looked down on the impossibly hot whore, and his cock suddenly stiffened insistently, growing even bigger than before, his balls tingling with the need to fuck her! To fill her slutty cunt with his potent baby-juice!

A primitive growl seemed to issue from his throat as he dragged Diana up by her hair and threw her across the hood of his car. Wonder Whore let the big man flip her over onto her back on the hot metal, and spread her legs wide. The black man gazed lustily upon the white Amazon Princess's smooth-shaven prostitute's pussy, and his cock seemed to swell even bigger than before.

As the man positioned himself between her splayed thighs, Diana had a sudden and surprising feeling of apprehension, shuddering as the purpled knob of his prick lightly brushed against her fluttery pussylips. The broad tip pressed aggressively between her vulva and she could feel the inner labia quiver at the touch of his hot maleness. It sent electric sparks shooting through her body, and whatever concern she felt was washed away by the need to have that cock inside her! She thrust her hips up to meet his brutal lunge and gasped ecstatically as his 12-inch cock split her plump pussylips and surged into her royal treasure chamber. The intrusion was enough to make stars dance before her eyes.

"Oh my god, you are so fucking hot!" Growled the man, plunging his cock deeper into Wonder Woman's wet pussy.

Diana yelped, again feeling oddly surprised by a sensation that she knew so well. Her mind's memory of her prostitute's life was clear, but her muscle-memory appeared to be missing. Her body responded favourably to the sensations, but they seemed somehow new, much more intense than Diana remembered. The experienced whore decided that this strange sense of newness was a blessing, allowing her the joy that she may have forgotten after so many years of selling her body on the streets.

The customer's cock pounded all the way up her pussy, the head hammering at her sensitive cervix. The vile Man was astounded by the incredibly tightness of this whore's cunt, which gripped him so snugly yet stretched to take every inch of his impressive size. He was buried balls deep in the hottest, sexiest woman he had ever seen. And she loved it! She wanted him, he could tell. Her unbelievable body writhed and humped up to encourage him to fuck her harder!

"Oh yeah, you like that don't you bitch! Whore! Milk my cock like the slut you are! Make me cum in your cunt, you dirty whore!"

"I'm a dirty whore!" Diana replied "I need to be fucked hard! Make me your bitch! Fuck me! Use me for a cum-dump!"

Anyone who knew Diana as Wonder Woman would be shocked and outraged by her words and actions, but knowing that only made the thrill greater for the Amazon Princess. Her customer didn't know what sort of kick this kinky bitch was on, but he didn't care. He pulled open her top and grabbed her big DD-tits in his meaty hands, using them to hold her in place as he began slam-fucking her with brutal speed. Tit-flesh bulged between his gripping fingers as the Amazon Ambassador's perfect body jolted and shook atop the BMW, the pleasure mounting within her.

Wonder Whore loved the sensations ripping through her powerful body. The hot, pulsing, virile 13-inch cock pumped in and out her, and she knew the man thought that he was taking her, possessing her, but she knew that the real power was hers. She provoked his lust, and then harnessed it, controlled it to serve her ends. He thought he was using her, but she was using him, she would take his sperm into her body so that it could be used to father an Amazon's child, and he would never know a thing about it. The part of her that was dedicated to justice thought that was a little unfair, but he was a Man, and such contemptible creatures did not deserve to know how they had been honoured to serve Themyscira and the Amazons.

She looked up at the man, his brutal face twisted into a rictus of bestial lust. Diana recognised the signs of a man losing the thin veneer of civilisation to reveal the animal that he truly was, and she was not disappointed as his already brutal fucking became rougher and harder, slamming into her with all the strength in his big body. His already huge cock swelled bigger and bigger inside her welcoming whore-hole. Tendons strained in his neck, spittle drooled from his mouth, his eyes bulged glassily and unseeing as his entire being was subsumed under his animalistic fuck-lust!

The black bull of a man released her tits and grabbed her wrists, holding her down on the hood of his car as he fucked her, as though he expected her to resist, to fight off his brutal assault rather than welcome it. At the same time his snorting head descended to bite one of her large stiff nipples between his teeth. His violent thrusts and vicious bites might have hurt a normal woman, but nothing he could do could ever damage Wonder Woman, who simply enjoyed this confirmation of Man's disgusting inferiority.

It was just a shame that such subhuman beasts provoked such a pleasurable reaction from her Amazonian body. Diana moaned loudly as her body humped up against her bulky black customer with desperate yearning, practically begging for the climax she now needed.


Wonder Whore screamed and arched her back, her vagina clenching around the big black cock buried deep inside her, squeezing it like a vice as her customer's thick potent sperm pumped into her welcoming womb. The customer, more beast than man now, juddered and shook as he came longer and harder than he ever had before, pumping so much cum into the Prostitute Princess that it overflowed, squirting back past her labia and splattering onto the tarmac below.

His climax complete, the black man continued his fucking rhythm, his lust too great to be sated by just one climax. Barely conscious of anything except the cunt he was fucking, he was vaguely aware of a tingling in his balls, as his testis started refilling his empty balls with supernatural speed.

The Amazon known to the world as Wonder Woman lay limp across the BMW, shaking sexily with each pounding thrust as she luxuriated in the wake of her orgasm, enjoying the pleasure that suffused her muscular frame.

"I'm a bad whore!" Diana mumbled, though the man was beyond the point where he could understand her words. "I need to be punished! Slap my ass! Bite my tits! Pound my cunt! Tame me with your big black cock!"

Wonder Woman had a dozen orgasms while her first client of the night fucked her mercilessly, cumming inside her another three times before he collapsed, spent, his balls completely drained by the Amazon Ambassador's voracious vagina. Diana pushed the man off her and he fell into a heap at her feet. She took his wallet from his pocket and procured her payment, since he was in no condition to hand over the cash himself. It would probably be another hour before he recovered enough of his humanity to even attempt counting. The well-fucked whore picked up the big black man effortlessly and deposited him in his car. She struggled to get his cock back into his pants, but it stiffened in her hand so she left it standing rampant, now a proud 14 inches.

Sperm squelched between her thighs and cooled on her face as she walked back to the main street, so Diana rubbed her hand over the Girdle of All Women as she muttered a mystic incantation. Her body flushed with warmth as her skin absorbed the sperm, and by the time she rejoined the other streetwalkers the fertile seed had all gone to where it would do the most good - the womb of an Amazon on Themyscira.

* * *

Her next client was an ancient but respectable looking white man who had to be at least seventy. He was a couple of inches shorter than her natural height - almost a full head shorter than her in her heels - and very thin, but he moved easily and seemed quite spry for his age. She took him into the alley and used the first client's BMW as a perch while the old man groped and fondled her magnificent body. He appeared to be more interested in touching her than actually fucking her, and the old man grinned happily as he cupped her left tit in his bony hand, lifting it, feeling its weight and firmness.

Diana sighed as he pinched her engorged nipple between his fingers, twisting and pulling it gently. His bald head looked no bigger than her breast as he bowed down and sucked her teat into his mouth. His hot, toothless mouth felt surprisingly pleasant sucking her sensitive nipple. The old-timer sucked harder, and a jolt of pure erotic pleasure ripped through the Amazon's powerful body, and she reflected that this must be what it felt like for her sister-amazons when they breast-fed the babies her prostitution provided them.

Her breasts grew warm and tingled strangely as the customer sucked and sucked, working her teat with his gums. The pleasure seemed to heat her whole body and then course down to her pussy. Her juices flowed freely as butterflies danced in her abdomen. Wonder Whore gasped aloud as she felt a pressure building inside her heavy breast, almost like the anticipatory pangs before an orgasm, and she was astounded when she felt her mammary erupt, squirting milk into the old man's hungrily sucking mouth.

The customer mumbled something indistinctly into her breast, but it sounded like a pleased exclamation, and then he started suckling harder, drinking the Princess's delicious milk. The surging flow of milk from her breast made Diana shudder with a muted but pleasant orgasm. The client sucked and sucked, switching from tit to tit every minute or two, for about ten minutes, gorging himself on her sweet Amazon's milk. As pleasant as this was, it was not furthering her purpose in whoring herself in Man's World, and it was beginning to look like he would stay there suckling away like a newborn-baby all night if she let him. And, she worried slightly vainly, she did not know what might happen if he drank too much of her milk. She didn't want her spectacular DD breasts to end up limp and pendulous, and that seemed a distinct possibility if her milk kept on gushing so easily! The old man must have guzzled at least a full pint of Wonder Milk by now!

Diana grasped his head and pulled him up. "That was all very nice," she exclaimed, "but now it's time for you to give me some milk!"

The old man looked slightly disappointed, but only for a moment before the gorgeous whore slid her hand over the bulge in his crotch. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, slightly over 7-inches long and a little thin, but gnarled like a tree root.

"I want to fuck your tits!" The old man grunted hoarsely.

That wasn't what Diana wanted, she needed a cock in her cunt again! But it would suffice. She could catch his spunk in her mouth, and that would fulfil her duty as the Amazon's Ambassador, but it would not fulfil her need as a secret slut!

Diana dropped to her knees and gripped her large DD breasts, imagining that they felt a little softer and lighter after her milking, and wrapped them around the old man's hard and veiny cock. Smiling up at the perverted old coot, Diana began squeezing and rolling her big tits around his cock, stimulating him with her firm mammaries, and stimulating herself far more than she expected. The deep valley between her womanly breasts was much more sensitive than she remembered. Milk still oozed from her nipples, and when she squeezed tightly, it spurted in little jets against her client's crotch. Holding her tits together and pressing her body close to his groin, the Amazonian whore started rocking her body back and forth to titty-fuck the old man.

Customer and prostitute both groaned in pleasure. He began humping his hips, just a gentle rocking motion, but it delighted Diana. The tip of his ancient penis appeared briefly from between her spectacular orbs, and the experienced slut took the opportunity to give it a little lick, which made it throb powerfully. The elderly gentleman loved the feel of her big fat titties wrapped around his cock, but the quick licks, which she did every time his cock raised its head, were driving him wild.

It was feeling almost as good for Diana, and she cried out in pleasure and her whole body shuddered as a powerful titgasm overwhelmed her. The wrinkled septuagenarian could scarcely believe it! This whore not only had the most perfect tits he had ever seen, she not only lactated more milk than a pregnant woman, she was now actually cumming from a titty-fuck!

The old man's pleasure also peaked, and he panted frantically as he orgasmed between Diana's big boobs, his throbbing cock blasting his cum from between her perfect tits up to her neck and jaw. The sperm splashed back across her lactating breasts until his momentous eruption finally abated.

Diana fell back and scooped up a handful of his sperm and made a show of lapping it up from her palm and drinking it down, then she rubbed her hands over her huge, cum-caked tits, massaging the old man's baby-juice into her soft skin. It seemed to cover her from chin to teats, and more was trickling down her muscular stomach, dribbling over her open bustiere, so much of it that he could not believe it had all come from him. He remembered once when he and some army buddies had shared a young Korean prostitute, all 15 of them had fucked her senseless and then cum on her face and tiny tits, and he felt sure that he had blown more in this one cumload than all fifteen of them put together had that night!

Normally now, having orgasmed, his cock would be limp and useless for hours before he would be able to get it up again, but his cock was still rock hard and bigger than ever, and he felt more lively and energised than he had in years!

Diana looked up at the wrinkled old goat, and saw from the look in his eyes that he was going to fuck her, and she smiled happily. She stood up and lay back across the hood of her first client's car, spreading her legs to let the old man see her tight hairless pussy. Saliva and Wonder Milk drooled from the old man's toothless mouth as he grabbed her strong shapely thighs and slammed his now 8-inch cock into her cunt.

* * *

Wonder Woman sighed happily as the thick white cock of her third customer pushed far into her throat forcing her to gulp on it. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as the cock moved back and pushed in again. He thrust into her face faster and faster, and Diana fondled his sperm-swollen balls as she massaged his cock with her throat. Finally he started cumming, and Wonder Whore gulped it all down greedily, until he pulled out and sprayed the rest of his load across her gorgeous face.

Diana used her fingers to wipe the sperm from her lashes, then opened her eyes to look up at the ugly, unshaven man that had just used her like the whore she was, and felt a strange thrill of humiliation. This man would never have had any chance with a woman as attractive as Wonder Woman. Even quite plain women would have dismissed him as beneath their notice, and yet his face showed no sign that he appreciated the gift he had received, no gratitude that this beautiful sexy Amazon had deigned to allow him to fuck her for mere money. Instead he looked down on her with contempt and lust. She was just a whore, a collection of holes for him to fuck wrapped up in a pretty package, and that was all he saw. And Diana knew, that was all any Man saw when he looked at any woman, because all Men were degenerate beasts!

The ugly customer pulled Diana up and pushed her hard against the brick wall. Wonder Whore smiled seductively as he eagerly rolled up her tiny star-spangled skirt to expose her perfectly smooth pussy.

"Oh yes, fuck me big boy!" Diana encouraged him, giving no sign that she recognised his contempt for her, nor revealing the contempt in which she held him and all the other Men that used her incredible body for their pleasure.

The ugly man sneered at her and moved between Diana's legs, roughly pushing her thighs apart so that he could drive his nine-inch cock into this gorgeous prostitute's sluttishly wet but surprisingly tight pussy. Diana moaned and raised her arms above her head, elevating her breasts so that they pressed against her customer's chest.

The ugly brute started to thrust his cock into her, but wasn't happy that he could not get the depth of penetration that he wanted. He reached down and grabbed her legs behind each knee and lifted her up, pivoting her pelvis so that he could pound every inch of his throbbing cock into her fuckhole. He grunted as he adjusted his stance to support her weight, which was much greater than he had expected, and then hammered into her.

Wonder Whore panted and groaned as her ugly customer fucked her up against the wall. As an orgasm began building rapidly within her, Diana once again wished that her body was not so... enthusiastic in its response to the stimulation of a disgusting Man's vile and unworthy penis inside her royal vagina. But it was, and she was helpless to stop herself from climaxing on the ugly man's big veiny cock.

"Ahhh! Uhn! Awww!" The ugly man grunted as he pumped his cock vigorously in and out of Diana's clasping pussy.

Diana nipped her bottom lip between her perfect teeth as she wrapped her long and powerful legs around her customer's waist, silently urging him to fuck her harder. His hands slid down her thighs to grasp her meaty buttocks and he pounded into her with all the power he could muster. His cock was now over ten-inches long, and its brutal thrusts were driving the Prostitute Princess wild with passion. She opened her eyes and looked up at the man fucking her, his hideous face contorted with his bestial lust, and a sense of humiliation crashed over her. She was a whore, a streetwalking slut, being fucked in an alleyway by an incredibly repulsive Man!

Wonder Woman's heart froze in her chest as the horror of her situation hit her, but then melted in the heat of another orgasm. And then the moment was forgotten as she revelled in the humiliation of her secret identity's degrading life, rediscovering the perverse pleasure that she found in her true mission in Man's World.

The grunting warthog's lunging strokes became faster and fiercer, and she could feel his shaft pulsating with imminent orgasm.

"Oh yes!" She cried, "Cum for me baby! Cum inside me! Fill me with your hot manly sperm!"

"Uhhh! Mmmmm! FUCK!" The ugly man gritted his teeth and slammed his now 11-inch cock all the way into her cunt, battering her cervix and blasting his cum deep within Wonder Woman's womb.

The man held his cock inside her until his orgasm had run its course, pumping an impossibly large amount of potent sperm into the Amazon's baby chamber. The customer's balls had grown even more than his cock, and there was almost half a pint of his cum sloshing about inside her womb. Diana quivered with contentment from the sensation, and felt envy toward whichever of her sister Amazons would have her ova fertilised by the creamy load. That lucky woman would never have to fuck this ugly, disgusting Man in order to get his sperm into her womb, would never have to feel his huge cock stretching her vagina's walls, never see the contemptuous look in his eyes, or see the drool dribbling from his slack lips. She would just have the joy of bearing his child, one that would be as beautiful as he was ugly, praise be to the blessings of the Goddesses over Themyscira.

* * *

Diana sighed happily as she raised herself up and straddled her next client's fat belly, lowering herself toward his rampant 7-inch cock. He was sprawled across the back seat of his car, a battered old Nissan that was parked just past the first customer's BMW, and his chubby fingers reached up to grope Wonder Whore's heaving breasts. He was a young man, little more than a boy with a scraggly goatee, and he grunted like a pig as her tight pussy slowly engulfed his throbbing manhood.

The first client had finally awoken from his daze, and Diana could see him through the Nissan's rear window. The big black man had gone back to the street and grabbed the first whore he had found, and dragged her back into the alley to slake his lust. It wasn't until after she had sucked his cock that he had discovered that the beautiful Latina was in fact a transvestite. He had only paused for a moment, before throwing her face down across his car and powerfucking her tight ass with bestial savagery. The transvestite seemed quite happy with the brutal pounding of the monstrous black cock in and out of her butt. She was begging him to fuck her harder in her husky Mexican accent, and her fully erect little cock had shot two cumloads across the car's fender already.

The sight of the big butch black man fucking a femme crossdresser was powerfully arousing to the perverted Amazon Princess.

"Mmmmm! You feel so good baby!" Diana moaned into her customer's ear as she raised and lowered her sexy body on the fat boy's cock, riding him like a lover.

"Ohh god, you are so hot!" The college student replied.

Diana smiled and locked eyes with her customer, letting him see that the arousal she felt was genuine. The boy was astonished and delighted. He had low self-esteem and no confidence dealing with girls unless he was paying them. He knew that the hookers he hired were not really attracted to him, didn't really like him or care about him except for the money paid them, but no matter how bored or disinterested the hookers were while he fucked them, for a few minutes he could pretend. And yet now this beautiful woman, so beautiful that he had almost been too scared to approach her, so beautiful that she should be in Hollywood or a supermodel, was looking at him with genuine lust, her hot pussy lubricating freely over his hard cock!

The fat boy grunted happily, squeezing Diana's big tits as she eagerly humped up and down on his lap, taking his cock balls deep into her tight pussy. He could scarcely believe how much better it felt with her than with any other whore he had fucked. He was sure his cock had grown bigger than it had ever been before, he was so turned on!

"You like my tits, baby?" Diana asked, "I can tell that you do!"

"Ohhhh God! I love them! They're perfect!" He sighed.

Diana smiled and leaned forward, pressing up against the young man until his face was buried in her cleavage. This was better than even the best of his wet dreams. Muffled moans emanated from between her massive mammaries as she rocked her hips back and forth, fully impaled on his now nine-inch cock. Her smooth muscular body writhed against his fat frame, while he licked the sinfully sweet sweat from between her big breasts.

The plump youth reached up and hooked his hand behind Wonder Woman's neck. Diana allowed him to pull her head down so that he could kiss her sloppily. A jolt shot through the Amazon's body. She was a whore, fucking herself on his cock, and yet this kiss seemed strangely intimate, more humiliating than sucking his cock or selling her pussy for his pleasure. Regardless, Diana held her hot mouth open as their tongues warred and intertwined.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm!" The fat youth moaned as his saliva slid into Wonder Whore's mouth, increasing his pace as he speared the slutty Amazon's cunt with his thick ten-inches.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck me!" Diana cried, breaking the kiss as her wickedly hot pussy tightened around the boy's shaft. She opened her eyes to gaze at the big black stud butt-fucking his Latina ladyboy, and she climaxed as much from the vision before her as she did from the fat cock in her cunt.

"Uhn! Uh, OH GOD!" screamed her customer, as Diana's passionate pussy made him cum, over and over again, pumping load after load of his fertile seed into her receptive womb.

Even though he had orgasmed more powerfully than he could ever remember, his lust for this gorgeous whore was unquenched, in fact it seemed to be inflamed! A red mist seemed to descend before his eyes and he began jerking his hips up to meet her downward thrusts, while his chubby hands mauled her big breasts so roughly that tiny jets of milk spurted from her teats.

Diana continued to bounce herself up and down on the fat pig's thick cock, riding out her orgasms until the customer came inside her another three times.

By the time she climbed out of the old Nissan the windows had steamed up, and Diana had not seen the black man and his transvestite hooker go inside the customer's BMW. As she passed the silver car she scooped up the transvestite's cum from the still warm fender and licked it from her fingers. Not her preferred method for collecting sperm for her Amazon sisters, but it was nonetheless too valuable a commodity for her to leave it to waste.

* * *

"Ooh! I love big cocks!" Diana breathed in her most sluttish tone as her next client pulled out his impressive 11-inch penis.

"Then get sucking, bitch!" Ordered the smirking customer, and the Prostitute Princess felt a thrill of submissive pleasure at his insulting tone.

The man was a dark-skinned and thuggish-looking Latino, with several gold teeth and many tattoos stencilled across his body. Wonder Woman was not fully conversant with the tribalism of American culture, but she was fairly certain that he was wearing gang colours. But who or what he might be was less important to Diana at the moment than the potent sperm in his testicles.

The heir to the throne of Themyscira sank to her knees in front of the lowborn thug and wrapped her strong hands around his hardening and extremely thick cock. She smoothly stroked her hands up and down his shaft as she licked her lips and approached the bloated, glistening head. The Amazon's sinuous tongue brushed across the glans and then circled the crown of the half-black Latino's huge cock.

"Mmmmmm...." Diana lustfully groaned around the thick man-meat while she smoothly and easily bobbed her head on its impressive length.

Wonder Whore's luscious lips slide perfectly along his shaft as her talented tongue lashed across the underside. Long gooey strands of wet saliva and pre-cum drooled from her chin and his thick cock-stalk. Her red-painted lips were stretched thin around the dark meaty cock, and his masculine musk filled her senses.

"Yeah, you a real hot bitch! You like suckin' my cock, slut? You like my big fuckin' cock in your hot little mouth?" The dark-skinned Latino grunted as Diana took half of his massive eleven-inch cock into her throat.

"Oh yes," Diana replied when she pulled back her head and released his cock for a moment, "I love sucking your big cock!"

"Good, bitch, because I want you to swallow every inch!" The thuggish youth grabbed Diana's head in both hands and drove his cock far down her throat in one merciless thrust!

Startled, Diana's eyes opened wide as she gagged on the sudden intrusion deep into her chest. His penis was buried so far that the Latino thug could feel the Amazon hooker's heartbeat pounding near his bloated cockhead. It took only a fraction of a second for Diana to adjust, and moaning appreciatively she raised her wickedly seductive eyes and locked them with the Latino's intense coal-black gaze. Saliva dribbled from her lips, over her cheeks and down her chin, but there was still about 2-inches of his cock outside her mouth.

The Latino looked momentarily surprised, then his face took on a decidedly animalistic cast as he gagged her with his fat cock, until, grunting, he relented and jerked Diana's head off his cock. Saliva sprayed from her mouth at the abrupt withdrawal, hanging in slimy strands between cock and mouth, and falling onto Wonder Whore's exposed cleavage.

"You gonna take it all, you useless fuckin' whore!" He roared and slapped her across the face with his open palm.

The superheroine inside her rose at this crude physical assault upon her royal person, but he had not hurt her; he could not hurt her, and she quickly quelled the urge to show him that a Princess of Themyscira would not be treated so. Besides, she was about to let the disgusting criminal thug fuck her, and in light of that a slap across the face was hardly an affront to her dignity and status. Sometimes it was hard to remember that she was a prostitute as well as Princess.

The young thug grabbed her hair and jerked her head back around so that he could stab his now foot-long cock into her mouth. Diana obediently tilted her head back to grant him full access to her gullet, and the full length of his lust speared her throat. The Amazon moaned softly as the rough youth began pulling her head back and forth, up and down his 12-inch cock, and she raised both hands to cup his big burgeoning balls. Diana's saliva slurped and drooled down his thick shaft as she worked her talented tongue over the pistoning penis.

No man could resist Wonder Whore's skilful mouth for long, and the Latino thug grunted as his cock erupted in her throat. Diana could actually feel his huge testicles shrinking as she drank down his mighty cumload. The thug staggered back, his cock pulling out of Diana's mouth with a wet 'schlorp', and shot the last of his prodigious load over her face and breasts.

As her customer stood swaying and breathing heavily, recovering his senses from his mind-blowing orgasm, the Amazon whore put on a little show. She licked her lips ostentatiously and then scooped the sperm from her breasts, spread her knees wider, and rubbed her slimy fingers up and down her hot slit.

It took less than a minute for the Latino to recover, and when he did he grabbed the kneeling whore, pulled her up, and slammed her face first against the alley's graffiti-covered walls, the rough bricks stimulating her sexually charged breasts. The half-black thug slapped her sexy buttocks hard and then pulled them apart. Without any further warning, the young stallion violently impaled Wonder Woman's ass with his foot-long cock.

"Ohhhhhh fuck! Mmmmm I love having big dicks in my tight ass!" Diana groaned and bowed her raven-haired head as she started to thrust back against her client's hard cock.

"Fuckin' whore!" The Latino snarled as he reached forward to grab Diana's lustrous tresses, jerking her head back as he rammed his cock into her sinful ass.

Diana moaned happily as she eagerly thrust her firm ass back against his muscular waist, forcing his cock deeper into her bowels. The Latino grunted and jerked Wonder Whore's head back each time he pumped his cock all the way to the hilt inside her butt. The thug cared nothing for Diana's pleasure, slamming into her with brutal disdain. His balls swung forward to slap against her pussylips, but he made no direct effort to stimulate her, he did not caress her clitoris or aim his cock to stroke her G-spot through the dividing membrane between her ass and pussy. It was pure and selfish ass-fucking.

But it was that lack of physical stimulation, combined with her customer's obvious disdain for her, that aroused Diana. He was a pure brute male, exactly the sort of Man that she most loathed, taking what he wanted with no regard for her as a person; she was just a commodity to him, a hole to fuck.

Diana did not care to examine why it was that she got the greatest thrills from the Men that she most despised, why she got more and more aroused the more she was humiliated and degraded. It was simply the truth of her nature, and it did not matter why, because it was her duty to submit to such shameful demands upon her body, and she recognised that it was probably a good thing for her to enjoy it, even if she did not like the fact that she enjoyed it. She was a complicated woman.

"Oh, you're one nasty bitch, whore!" The Latino grunted as her bowels clenched around his 13-inch cock.

Diana blushed at the truth in his words as she pushed her ass back, her buttocks slapping noisily against his firm abdomen. She licked her lips and closed her eyes as her breaths grew shorter and her ass spasmed faster. She implored the buyer to fuck her harder as her orgasm came closer, until her body shuddered with deep, echoing jolts of pleasure as her assgasm rolled through her.

"Oooh yeah, slut! I'm gonna fill your fucking ass! Pump you full o' my sperm! You nasty fuckin' whore!" The young stallion snorted as his hips slammed into Diana's firm sexy buttocks.

"Ohhhh yes! Fill me! I want your fucking cum in my ass!" Diana moaned as she eagerly drove her hot white ass back onto the Latino's huge black cock.

"Uhhh! Mmmmm! FUCK!" The thuggish customer gritted his teeth as his cock throbbed and surged, unloading his cum deep within Diana's bowels.

Consumed with fuck-lust, the low-life scum continued to pound in and out of Wonder Woman's spectacular ass with bestial passion, as his cum-filled balls slowly emptied their incredibly massive load of potent semen. Sperm squirted out of her asshole with every thrust, squelching and dribbling down her muscular thighs to her trembling knees.

Diana licked her soft lips and tilted her head back as she enjoyed her multiple orgasms, the humiliating position, the rough caress of the brick wall on her breasts, the disgusting worthlessness of the contemptible Man fucking her, the taboo sensation of that vile Man's warm cum filling her asshole.

The thug pulled out of her ass and Diana slid down the wall as her knees buckled beneath her. She scarcely noticed, rolling onto her back on the floor as she enjoyed the thrilling aftershocks from her brutal butt-fucking. It started to rain, warm wet droplets splashing across her breasts. But only her breasts. Puzzled, Diana opened her eyes and looked up.

Her client was... was... he was pissing on her! This low-life scumbag, this vile piece of barely-human filth was actually pissing on her! Pissing on Wonder Woman; pissing on an Amazon Princess; pissing on the Heir to the throne of Themyscira; pissing on the Champion of All Women! Her mouth gaped open in shock, and the half-black hoodlum instantly changed his aim to piss into her mouth and over her face.

"You stupid Bitch! The 3rd Street Crew rules this city, and ain't no whore messes with our pimps or works our streets without... eeeeEAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

The Latino thug screamed like a little girl as the piss-drenched Wonder Woman rose up and punched him in the balls! Despite her anger, she pulled her punch almost completely, and the young gang-member only flew 7-feet up into the air before falling flat on his face. Missing a tooth and his nose bloody, he rolled into a ball with both hands cradling his painfully swollen testicles. Diana grabbed his 13-inch cock, which was still semi-erect, and bent it back between his legs, then shoved the slimy cockhead up his own ass!

The thug yelped and tried to pull it out, but Diana manhandled him easily, pulling his arms up and wrapping them around his body, as though he was hugging himself, and then she tied the sleeves of his coat together, creating an improvised straightjacket. She then tied his shoelaces together and tore his jeans from his body. She pushed his cock as deep into his own ass as she could - about 7 inches - and then used some of the scraps of denim to hold it in place. His dark-skinned balls were large and purple plums on either side of his bent-back cock.

Diana's face twisted into an expression of disgust as she licked the piss from her lips, before using the Girdle of All Women to restore her costume and cleanse her body of the gang-thug's urine and sperm. The defeated criminal whimpered as he tried to crawl away from her, wriggling on his belly like a worm, unable to believe what had just happened to him despite the uncomfortable presence of his cock shoved up his own ass. Diana helped herself to his cash, stealing everything he had in compensation for her services and the disgusting golden shower, then she picked him up and carried him over to a dumpster.

"Go fuck yourself!" She hissed as she threw him in the trash.

* * *

Diana smiled as her latest customers pulled down the cups of her corset and fondled her big breasts. There were two of them, vaguely athletic looking men of whose age she was unsure. They might have been in their early-twenties or as old as thirty, but whichever was the case they certainly seemed somewhat immature, like college jocks that had refused to grow up and move on from their frat-boy lifestyles. One was about 6'4" with short blond hair and beginning to develop a beer gut, while the other was about the same height as Diana, 6', with a trimmer figure and darker hair than his friend. She was kneeling on an old mattress in the back of their van, surrounded by lurid pornographic posters. It was, she reflected, much cosier than an alley floor.

"Mmm, why don't you two boys get a bit more comfortable?" Diana suggested archly as she lowered herself onto the mattress and spread her shapely legs wide.

The men grinned as they stripped off, revealing that their bodies were in a bit better shape than she had thought, and Diana licked her lips provocatively as she stared hungrily at their hard, thick cocks. The two men stepped up on either side of her, half-hunched over by the roof of the van. The Amazon Ambassador wrapped her hands around their throbbing manhoods and began stroking them sensually.

The tall one had a meaty 7-and-a-half inches, while the shorter one had an impressive and heavily veined 9-incher. Diana leaned her head down and slid her soft, wet tongue across the head of the tall one's smaller cock, lightly coating the throbbing plum with her wet saliva. She moaned softly as she turned and licked the tip of the shorter man's longer cock. She turned again and sucked the first cock into her open mouth, savouring the flavour of his strong masculine musk.

"Awww yeaaaahhh! Suck it slut!" He groaned as Diana smoothly bobbed her head up and down on his rampant manhood, teasing it with her tongue.

The shorter one moved around her and dropped to his knees between her legs, Diana tried to guide his cock to her entrance, but he leaned over her and grabbed both her big breasts in his hands. She continued stroking his cock as he fondled her breasts, flicking his fingers across her stiff nipples.

"Mmmm... hhmmmmm" Diana moaned softly against the tall one's shaft as she smoothly raised and lowered her head over it, gently twirling her tongue against his cock as she sucked.

The shorter youth licked his lips as he watched Diana sucks his friend's cock. She looked beautiful with her lips wrapped around his cock, but she'd look even better sucking his even bigger cock! He stood up on the bed, Diana's skilful hand stroking his cock as he positioned it near her face, opposite the cock she was sucking. Diana smiled as she lifted her head off of the tall one's cock, her warm, wet saliva dripping down his shaft, and turned to lick the bigger cock's slimy head. With a cock in each hand, the Amazonian whore twirled her tongue around the shorter one's bigger dick and then began to bob her head on it while her right hand stroked the taller stud's saliva covered cock.

Diana switched back and forth between them, licking and sucking each one in turn, her soft lips rubbing against their throbbing cocks while her hot saliva dribbled down their shafts to drip from their heavy balls, gradually taking them deeper into her hot mouth until she was swallowing their growing lengths all the way to the root. Every time she changed targets she left them a little closer to climaxing.

She was teasing and spurring them both to fever-pitch, but at an equal pacing, so when she had them fully primed she stroked the tall one to orgasm across her cheek at the same time as the shorter man's cock erupted in her mouth. The sluttish whore pulled back and used her hands to aim both cocks at her open mouth, catching as much of their prodigious cumloads in her oral cavity as she could, and when it was full to overflowing she swallowed it all down with a noisy gulp. Both men were astonished to see her mouth filled two more times before their ejaculations subsided.

They stumbled back gasping when she released their dicks, feeling both drained and strangely energised at the same time. They had cum more than they ever had before, filling Diana's mouth with nearly a pint of sperm between them, yet their balls still felt heavy with more, and their cocks were still hard with lust. And not just hard, but bigger than either man had ever dreamed of. The taller man's was now almost 9-inches, while the shorter wielded a meaty 10!

Both men looked down on the kneeling whore, and their cocks throbbed with insistent passion. She was just so damned hot! Like, super hot! She should be in Hollywood or a supermodel or a big-time pornstar, she was so unbelievably hot!

"Now then boys," Wonder Woman said sexily, their sperm dripping from her face and lips. "Don't you think it's about time the two of you started fucking me with those big juicy cocks?"

The two grinned lustily and descended upon her. They pushed her down fully onto the mattress and the taller one moved between her shapely thighs. The shorter one grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her toward his big cock, which she eagerly sucked into her mouth once more. The other lifted Diana's legs up onto his shoulders and guided his manhood to her heated femininity, then thrust smoothly into her tight wet pussy.

"HHhhmmmm!" The Prostitute Princess groaned happily around the head of the short one's long cock as the other began fucking her with a quick steady rhythm.

The tall man's hands gripped Diana's trim waist as he pumped deeply into her welcoming hole, his heavy balls crashing against the Amazonian whore's sexy buttocks skin as he pounded her cunt with his keen cock. He could not believe how tight she was, even though she stretched easily to take his swollen member, she gripped him like a clenched fist. He hadn't fucked a pussy this tight since high school, when he had seduced a virgin freshman!

Her tightness was too much for him to endure, and he lasted scarcely two minutes before grunting and filling her womb with his potent seed. He had not even finished shooting his prodigious cumload inside her when his shorter friend pulled him back, the last few spurts spraying up across her wonderful body, and took his place. Diana sighed and thrust her hips up to meet the second man's passionate thrust.

As the short one began hammering away, the first moved up and thrust his sperm and pussy-juice coated cock into Diana's talented mouth. The Amazon Ambassador twirled and twisted her soft, wet tongue around the almost 10-inch shaft as she noisily sucked and licked the delicious juices from his manhood. At the same time she wrapped her powerful legs around his friend's hard-muscled waist and urged him to fuck her harder.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Cursed the taller man as he erupted yet again inside Diana's mouth.

He had been unable to endure her talented oral ministrations for even as long as he managed to fuck her. He had always been a swift cummer, but despite having climaxed three times in less than ten minutes his cock was fully hard and throbbing for more, and his balls felt like they were bloated full with sperm!

"Dude, roll her over! I want to fuck her too!" The taller man begged his friend as he absently fisted his big cock.

Diana unlinked her ankles and the two of them rolled over so that he was now lying on his back on the mattress and Wonder Whore was on top of her customer. Diana placed one hand on his chest and half turned to look at the taller man, licking her lips and slapping her ass with her free hand.

"Oh yeah, baby, I want to ride both of you at the same time! Stick it in me you hot stud!" She breathed as she arched her spine and thrust her hips back to give him easy access to her butt.

The short one moaned as Diana rocked gently back and forth on his thick, 11-inch cock as the taller one crouched down behind her and slapped his big slimy cockhead over her firm buttocks, spanking her with his cock. Diana bit her lower lip and shivered as the cockhead began sliding up and down her crevice, from her tailbone to her pussy, and the she gasped and opened her eyes wide as he started to push into her, but not into her ass! The taller jock forced his bloated 10-inch cock into Diana's already occupied pussy!

She had never had her pussy double-fucked before, and the sensation was incredible as she felt the second cock slide into her alongside the first. This novel experience also reminded her of the strange sense of newness that she had been feeling all evening, like she was some novice whore turning tricks for the first time. Not that any of her customers would have believed she was lacking in experience, because while her body might seem hesitant and unnatural to her, it seemed sluttishly enthusiastic to the men that fucked her.

Diana sighed sexily and thrust back again, trying to take every inch of two big cocks into her cunt. She began to grind in between the two customers, rocking and rotating her hips, and she gasped in pleasure at the feel of their thick hard rods churning her tight honey-pot.

The two young men moaned and groaned as they thrust their swollen cocks in and out of the most beautiful woman on Earth, unknowingly double-fucking the most famous and most respected superheroine in the world, Wonder Woman.

"Uhh... ahh... oh yeah... you... are one hot dirty whore!" The short one moaned as he began fucking her with an asynchronous rhythm, pulling out his foot-long cock when his less endowed friend thrust in, and driving into her when the other withdrew.

Such stimulation was too much for Diana to resist, even had she wanted to. She loved having men's disgusting cocks in her cunt, and having two inside her at the same time was more than twice as nice! She came like a freight-train, whooping and juddering with joy.

The Prostitute Princes climaxed at least five more times over the next few minutes, as the young bucks' big cocks fucked her senseless. Her biggest orgasm came when the shorter man finally shot his creamy load into her womb, and the tights spasms of her pussy triggered the eruption that the taller man had been trying to hold off, and all three of them climaxed together.

* * *

"Suck my cock Wonder Woman! The evil genius Dr. Phallus has tamed you like the slut you are! You're mine now, Wonder-Bitch! Swallow my cum you Amazonian WHORE!"

Diana's eyes opened wide as the words stabbed an icicle of fear into her heart. Her customer slammed his groin into her face and the head of his tiny throbbing cock butted the back of her throat as it twitched and spat its creamy load into her waiting gullet.

She pulled her head back and looked up at her latest client as the last of his sperm sprayed across her face. How did he know who she was? Who was he? The young man was probably no more the 17 or 18 years old, very thin, with dull brown hair and thick glasses. He looked like a nerd, or a geek, or a dork, or whichever one was supposed to refer to social outcasts that spent too much time on their computers to ever have sex with a real woman. Someone less like a supervillain or evil mastermind it was hard to imagine. Also, no supervillain would drive a Ford Pinto.

The boy looked extremely embarrassed, blushing hotly as he realised that in his excitement he had shouted out the fantasy running through his head. He started to stammer out an apology to the hooker, who was looking at him oddly, only for her to laugh, which made his cock wilt with remembered humiliation. Too many girls had laughed at him over the years, which was the reason for his power-fantasy of dominating Wonder Woman, the most beautiful woman on Earth.

Diana was simply relieved to realise that this mousy little boy had not really recognised her as the real Wonder Woman and still saw her as just a whore dressed like his fantasy woman. She saw his cock go limp and was moved by an unusual compassion for a Man. He was a beast, vile slime, a disgusting degenerate, like all of his kind, and yet she still felt, no, not compassion, compassion is a warm, giving emotion, what she felt was pity, which is just another form of contempt. Nonetheless, she was still moved by his humiliation to play along with his fantasy. He had not actually requested it when he had hired her services, but Diana believed that a good whore should always strive to give complete satisfaction.

"Oh yes master! Wonder Whore loves the taste of your sperm. You have tamed me utterly you evil fiend! I am yours to command."

The boy's cock leapt to full erection in record time, so aroused that his pathetic 5-inch wiener looked to have grown almost 2-inches longer! It throbbed as she took it in her hand once more, and almost escaped her loose grip when she kissed the slimy head.

"How may I, Wonder Woman, serve you, my master?" Diana breathed before kissing his small but expanding balls, his little cock lying across her beautiful face.

The nerdish boy was so excited that he shot another load over the lustrous black hair. Diana smiled and sucked on his quivering balls while his cock twitched and jerked across her flawless features.

"Do you want to fuck me now master? Wonder Woman needs your conquering cock in her tight, virgin pussy!" The young man nearly blew his load again at her sexily voiced question.

"Lie down and spread your legs!" The boy commanded uncertainly, unused to giving orders of any kind, and especially not to beautiful women.

Diana pursed her lips into a seductive pout and gazed up at him with smouldering, heavy-lidded eyes. "Yes master. Whatever you say, master. Wonder Woman lives but to serve you, master."

Her customer managed to hold back his orgasm again, but it was hard, oh so hard. He could not remember a time when he had ever been as turned on as he was right now! The gorgeous whore sprawled across the car's seats, her head propped against the door and her legs spread wide, one in the driver's footwell and the other hooked behind the seat's headrest.

The Evil Supervillain Dr. Phallus took up position between the noble and virtuous Wonder Woman's splayed thighs and gazed lustily upon his prize. The most beautiful woman in the world was his to command, to use as he saw fit! He had dreamed of this moment so many times, this moment of ultimate victory, when he, the evil Dr. Phallus, would ravish and deflower the virginal Superheroine, taming her with his mighty - the boy shuddered as he succumbed to his excitement and shot his third load over the waiting prostitute before his cock even touched her waiting pussy.

He blushed again, but despite having ejaculated prematurely twice now in almost as many minutes, his cock was still fully erect and ready to fuck! The boy, unsure how long his erection could last if he kept cumming like this, manoeuvred between Diana's sexy legs and then pushed the full 7-inches of his cock deep into her hot, tight pussy. He groaned in pleasure, and then began thrusting in and out of her like some over-eager puppy.

"Oh yes, you have taken my treasured virginity, you evil fiend! Fuck me! Fuck Wonder Woman!" Diana cried, discovering herself to be both amused and aroused by the words she spoke.

The boy redoubled his efforts, pumping in and out of Diana at a frenetic pace. The Prostitute Princess bit down on her bottom lip and arched her back slightly, enjoying her role, Wonder Woman pretending to be a whore pretending to be Wonder Woman. No, not really pretending, because she really was Wonder Woman and she really was a whore!

"Ohhhh fuck me..." Diana seductively groaned.

The whole scene was ludicrous, she was at least twice the size of this scrawny little boy, maybe even three times. Even without her superstrength she could have tied him in knots, with her biceps that were thicker than his thighs, yet that very disparity was something that turned her on, the humiliation of submitting to a male that was so manifestly her inferior in every possible way.

She raised her hands and pushed them up his shirt, sliding them across his puny abs and up across his thin chest as he plunged his swelling cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy. Diana gently wrapped her powerful legs around the weedy boy's skinny waist as she humped her hips up to meet his thrusts. The old Pinto rocked with their passionate fucking, the suspension squeaking rhythmically.

The boy's lips hung slackly, saliva dribbling onto Wonder Woman's bared breasts, as he was lost in the pleasure that her clenching cunt evoked within him. It was beyond anything he had ever imagined. He had never actually fucked a woman before, even though he had hired prostitutes several times in the past, because his premature ejaculation problem had always left his tiny dick limp and useless before he could actually get it inside them.

"Oh yes, master! Fuck me! Wonder Woman loves your big cock in her tight pussy!"

Big cock? Despite his lust-crazed state he was stricken by a sudden sense of doubt and looked down. His cock was halfway through pulling out of her tight embrace, her inner labia hugging his shaft, and he vaguely realised that it was thicker than normal. He pulled all the way out of her and his eyes went wide in bemusement. He grabbed it with one hand and marvelled at how much manly meat extended beyond his fingers, at how his fingers could no longer encircle its great girth. It was so much bigger and longer than he was familiar with, it had to be twice as long and unimaginably thicker. All the girls that had laughed at his puny penis when one of the jocks had pulled his pants down in front of the entire cheerleading squad, well, they would not be laughing when they saw the incredible size of his cock now! He would show them that he was a real man!

It did not even occur to him to wonder how it had happened, and with fantasies of revenge against cruelly laughing schoolgirls, he slammed his enlarged cock back into Wonder Whore's magical pussy. Diana groaned in response to his energetic thrusts, arching her hot sultry body up against the boy's scrawny body as his hateful cock plunged deeply and quickly into her hot, tight pussy.

"Ohhh... you evil fiend! I am helpless against your manly might!" Diana whined breathlessly as she urged him deeper, locking her ankles behind him and using her powerful legs to grind him against her pussy.

The would-be supervillain clawed at her breasts and kissed her sloppily as he pounded away, imagining that the real Wonder Woman was writhing beneath him, blissfully unaware that she really was. His thrusting grew faster and faster, and Diana felt his enlarged penis swell even bigger inside her, signalling his imminent orgasm.

"Cum inside me master! Cum inside your Wonder Whore! Fill her with your sperm! Impregnate her!"

Impregnate Wonder Woman? That thought was the final spur and the boy's entire body spasmed as his cum-bloated balls unloaded his fertile seed into Wonder Woman's womb, where it would not impregnate her, but thanks to the magic of the Girdle of All Women, it would impregnate an Amazon of Themyscira. He came over and over again, until he felt quite faint and collapsed on top of the wonderful whore and sobbed gently in post-coital gratitude.

* * *

"Yo! Bitch!" A young rough-looking black man shouted from a rather beat-up old van.

Once again, Diana felt a strangely pleasurable thrill of humiliation at the contempt in his voice. She knew for an absolute fact that she was much better than any of the men to whom she sold her body - even if she had not been a superheroine, an Amazon, and a Princess, she was a Woman, and therefore innately superior to any mere Man - so she did not understand why she should find it arousing to be looked down on and sneered at.

These thoughts preoccupied her as she approached the van, giving the attackers a momentary advantage of surprise. A half a dozen black men poured out of the back of the van and tackled her to the ground, something they had only achieved because she had been off balance. She recognised two of them. One of them was the half-black-half-Latino thug that had tried to rob her, and another was the pimp she had humiliated a few hours earlier.

As they grappled with her Diana was frozen with indecision. These men undoubtedly intended to gang-rape her, and an incensed Wonder Woman insisted that she should throw off these impertinent men and make them regret the day that they had ever been born; however, Diana Prince the Amazon's Ambassador saw that here were six new men whose fertile sperm she had not collected, and insisted that it did not really matter how she collected it - Wonder Woman could always punish them after she had received their potent cum inside her sexy body. And finally there was Wonder Whore, who did not care about being a superheroine or her duty to the Amazons, she just wanted to get fucked!

Diana's indecisiveness spelled her doom, as the men wrestled her unresisting arms behind her and handcuffed her. Belatedly Wonder Woman awoke to the true danger she was in, and she started twisting and kicking to fight off the gang-bangers, but it was much, much too late. She had been bound by a Man, and in accordance with the ancient curse of the Amazons, she had lost all her superhuman strength!

She was thrown into the back of the van which then raced off in screeching clouds of tyre smoke. Behind them, the hookers continued plying their trade, unconcerned by the dramatic kidnapping of the interloper in their midst.

* * *

Wonder Woman had been forced to suck off her kidnappers' cocks in the back of the van, and sperm covered much of her face and dripped down onto her half-exposed breasts as she was carried into a large, run-down warehouse, the interior of which had been divided into makeshift rooms by the haphazard construction of walls from wooden panels, pallets, corrugated metal, sheet of cloth, barrels, and whatever else had been available at the time. Diana's captors dragged her through several such rooms until they came to a huge open space on the middle of the warehouse, almost like a hall. There were several dozen black men lounging on tattered furniture, listening to music or playing with their guns or their whores, and their ages seemed to range between about mid-teens to no more than thirty. All of the men in the gang were either black or half-black, as were most of the women, but there were also a few Asian and white girls that Diana could see, and one Arab girl whose face was etched with misery as she bounced up and down on a gang-member's fat membrum.

At the end of the hideout's makeshift hall was a raised dais on which was a huge leather chair, a virtual throne, and the gang's leader stood up as Wonder Whore was dragged before him. The man was huge, bigger than any mortal man that Diana had ever seen, almost seven-feet tall and very nearly as wide. He was half naked, and the Amazon watched his massive muscles moving beneath his ebony skin with a primal appreciation and a frisson of fear. He wasn't a bodybuilder, that word was inadequate to describe the scale of the man. Even without her powers, Diana was a strong and muscular woman, but this thug's arms were thicker than her waist!

Without her super-strength she was in trouble, but Diana was afraid that if this man had powers of his own then that trouble might be too much for her to ever escape. Her fears, in that one regard at least, were groundless, because although the Gang-Leader was immensely strong and tough, he was not a meta-human, just a freakishly over-muscled criminal. Unlike his underlings, the gang's leader didn't wear much jewellery, and his skin was so dark that his many tattoos were almost invisible, but a few of them were clear, including the word "PIMP" tattooed across the front of his neck, and "BITCHFUCKER" in an arch across his thick abdomen.

"Well," The man's deep voice rumbled, "What do we have here? Some stupid slut trying to muscle in on my territory? Stealin work from my whores without payin' respect to me an' mine?"

Diana said nothing. She knew how this was going to go down, and was eager to get it over with as soon as possible. As degrading and humiliation as it was going to be, she wanted their sperm and she was sure she was going to get it.

"Quiet one, huh? Woulda figgered a hot piece of ass like you for bein' the sassy type. Don' matter. Ain't no dirty bitch-whore gonna work my streets without payin' her dues!"

The huge black man walked around her, eyeing her spectacular body and her flawless skin, noting the lack of needle tracks or any other indicators. Before him was strong, healthy, beautiful woman that had apparently chosen to sell her perfect body on the streets as a common prostitute.

"You ain't no ordinary ho," The huge man growled as he twisted her beautiful head from side to side. "Sexy little thing like you ain't gonna be walkin' the streets down here. You some kinky rich bitch playin' some game? You been havin' some fun playin' dress-up? Don't matter, cause from now on you ain't gonna be playin', you gonna be a whore for real. Your ass belongs to me!"

The giant gangbanger slapped her across the face. "An' don' you even think about crossing me or tryin' to run away, you hear, or I will fuck you up! Bitch-Whore! Cum-Slut! Come here an' show this whore what happens to people that cross me!"

Diana had thought he was throwing insults at her, but it seemed that they had been names, as two of the whores in the room walked up beside him, trembling in fear. The first one Diana noticed was a middle-aged white woman with dyed platinum blonde hair, dressed in tattered black lingerie, who had the word "WHORE" tattooed across her forehead. She had huge tits that were obviously implants and she'd clearly had a facelift and botox. She was also about 7-months pregnant.

"Three years ago, Cum-Slut here used to be the District Attorney in this city. She tried to put a crimp in our operations," The gang-leader stroked her tearful cheek, "So I made her my bitch an' gave her a new face and some proper tits and put her to work as a hooker. First honest work the self-important bitch has ever done, ain't that right?"

"Yes master," the pregnant woman replied, a small catch in her voice as she was reminded of all she had been and all she had lost.

The other whore was a tall black woman in white lingerie - no, Diana suddenly realised as her eyes flicked down the woman's body and saw the bulge in her panties, not a woman, a transsexual. The she-male had huge fake tits and her surgically altered face was quite attractive.

"Bitch-Whore used to run with his own crew, but then he tried to muscle in on my territory, so I made him my bitch, an' then I turned him into a her and made her everybody's bitch, selling her pussy-ass on the streets like a real woman. Ain't that right?"

"Yes master," replied the she-male in a submissive contralto voice.

"Boss, you wanna be careful with this one. Bitch is stronger than she looks." Said the skinny pimp, who was still noticeably limping from his earlier altercation with Diana.

The half-Latino nodded vaguely in agreement, but not too enthusiastically. He definitely didn't want anyone to know about the whole 'fucking himself' thing, but nor did he want to admit even as much as that the whore had kicked his ass and 'stolen' his money. He'd stolen five-times as much back during the van trip, and the slut still had enough in her handbag for him to give to the boss as her night's earnings. Bitch was a real money-maker.

"That don' matter, ain't no one stronger than me!" The black giant flexed his massive arms in a display of muscularity and masculinity that made Diana's knees go weak. "You know that boys. An' we know how to tame uppity white bitches!"

The gang-members in the hall all cheered, and a low, iron-framed bed was dragged out into the middle of the open space before the Leader's improvised throne. Diana was thrown down onto the mattress and her legs pulled apart and her ankles shackled to the lower corners of the bedframe. Her handcuffs were removed and Diana cursed that they had not done that before her legs had been bound, because if they had she would have had her strength back. She had seen how evil and degenerate these men really were, and she needed to take them down! She needed to be Wonder Woman, not Wonder Whore! These vile exploiters of women must be punished!

But Diana was helpless to stop them shackling her wrists to the iron bedframe, leaving her spread-eagled and defenceless against her imminent gang-rape. A heavy-breasted black woman stripped Wonder Whore's clothes from her spectacular body, leaving her naked except for her boots and - thank the Goddess - her belt. The Girdle of All Women would transfer the sperm from her rapists to impregnate an Amazon, allowing her to further her true mission, but without it all that sperm might have fertilised Diana's own eggs! Wonder Woman impregnated by an anonymous black gang-banger? That would be unthinkable!

Diana gazed up at the huge black gang-leader as he unzipped his pants, and then gasped as he pulled out his massive cock. Her pussy moistened in anticipation as she stared at the thing. It was at least 13-inches long and incredibly thick, disproportionately so, as it must have been thicker than Wonder Woman's muscular forearm! The helpless Princess bit her lower lip as the giant black man moved between her legs and lined up his monstrous manhood with her dripping slit.

Gripping his huge cock in his hand, the big black rapist rubbed the tip against Diana's wet pussy mound. He grinned evilly as he felt her juices smearing over his cockhead.

"Oh yeah, bitch is a natural whore! Gonna be real easy to tame a hot cock-hungry slut like you!"

The black giant pushed the tip of his massive cock against Diana's tight pussy. The Amazon's orifice resisted for a moment, but without her super-strength she could not prevent it from sliding into her slutty fuckhole, even if she had truly wanted to. Diana's pussylips stretched wide open, wider than any man had ever stretched her, almost as wide as the Minotaurs that had raped away her precious virginity...

Wait, what? Once again Diana's mind was suddenly assailed by images of herself being gang-raped by super-powered Minotaurs. Hallucinations or nightmares, perverted inversions of what she knew with absolute certainty had been her victory, her glory. She had, as a teenager, beaten the Minotaurs into submission and then mounted them to prove her worthiness to become the Amazon's Champion, their Ambassador to Man's World, their Wonder Whore!

Diana's chain of thought was derailed by her rapist's big cock punching against her cervix. The bound Amazon gritted her teeth as the huge black man pulled back slightly and then drove into her again, and again, and again, forcing her cervix to open under his brutal onslaught. Diana winced with discomfort. It did not exactly hurt, as she had only lost her super-strength, not her toughness, but it was not a sensation with which she was familiar.

"Uhn!" Grunted the giant pimp as he drove the last inch of his mighty manhood into Wonder Woman's femininity, his cockhead nestling in the velvety cavern of her womb.

His huge black balls rolled against her buttocks and the mattress below them, already swelling larger with an urgent spermload. The rapist spat in her face and then started withdrawing, slowly, almost gently, letting her feel the aching emptiness that he left in his wake. His ebony shaft was almost dripping with Diana's lubricating juices, and the monster-pimp knew that he would have little trouble taming such a highly sexed bitch to be an obedient whore. She really was a natural.

Almost fully withdrawn, with just the very tip of the bulbous-head of his dick still inside Diana, he kissed her sperm-coated lips forcefully and then eased himself back inside, thrusting a little quicker but still taking his time, letting her capacious cunt enjoy his massive masculine domination.

"Ahhhhhh..." Diana sighed with reluctant enjoyment, as her pussy was once again filled and stretched wide open by the black intruder.

Shackled to the bed and depowered by the Amazon's curse, she could do nothing to stop the criminal thug from plundering her body with his repulsive, pulsating, over-sized, vein-knotted, pleasure-giving penis. The giant rapist started to increase his pace, each time almost completely pulling out of her before pounding back in. He was lunging hard, each thrust driving her sexy body up the mattress, before her tightly gripping cunt pulled her back down as he withdrew. His heavy balls made loud slapping sounds as they smacked against Diana's splayed thighs and bouncing buttocks.

"You mine, bitch! Gonna be our whore! You gonna be sellin' yo' pussy fer me!"

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!" Diana panted as the huge pimp womb-fucked her mercilessly.

The jack-hammering thrusts got faster and faster, and Diana's cries got louder and louder. Wonder Woman hated the fact that she was being raped, and by such a vile, disgusting thug of a man, but Wonder Whore loved his monstrous black cock; loved that she was so totally helpless; loved being a fuck-toy, a sex-slave!

"UuuaaAAHHH! AHH! AAAAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Diana shrieked as she orgasmed more powerfully than any time she could ever remember!

Her face was twisted into a grimace of ecstasy, her shackled hands were tightly gripped into fists, and her knees trembled as her legs tried to wrap themselves around her rapist. Wonder Woman was mortified! She had actually orgasmed while being raped by a criminal thug in front of his gang, dozens of cheering spectators who were revelling in her humiliation and violation!

The strangely fragmented sense of her own identity that had been appearing all evening was undeniable now, vast yawning chasms between thoughts and reactions that were irreconcilable. Wonder Woman was a superheroine in Hell, a strong and proud warrior woman horrified that she had been defeated and defiled, utterly conquered by a disgusting man's monstrous cock. Wonder Whore was a slut in Heaven, a sexy and promiscuous cock-hungry hooker delighted to be vanquished and violated, totally subjugated by a mighty man's colossal cock. And between them was Princess Diana, a woman whose dedication and duty to her sister Amazons tipped the scales in favour of Wonder Whore, because to her the only imperative was to collect as much sperm from as many men as she possibly could, and Wonder Woman's dignity and pride was irrelevant to her when compared to the divine importance of her mission.

The giant black pimp continued to pound into Wonder Woman, ignorant of her true identity and the crisis it was undergoing. As Diana's orgasm subsided, all the pimp knew was that a hot whore had just cum on his bitch-taming cock in record time! None of the whores in his stable could take his cock as completely and as enthusiastically as this slut! Her hot pussy was a thing of wonder! It was all he could do to resist the urge to cum in her right this instant. His cock was pulsing powerfully inside her, throbbing with his need, swelling lustfully. To the over-sized pimp it seemed that his cock had grown even bigger than its already freakish size, long enough that the head pressed deep into the roof of the slut's womb with every full-length thrust!

Still receptive to the continuous pistoning of the massive cock, it wasn't long before Diana's breath once again quickened and a second orgasm began building inside Wonder Whore's sexy and insatiable body. Her vaginal walls squeezed and teased the giant black cock, massaging it, milking it, trying to coax the sperm from his gigantic balls.

The black gang-leader's pace increased and with he was grunting with every thrust. Diana's groans grew louder and she opened her eyes to look at the evil thug that had conquered her body. His brutal face was twisted into ugliness by his bestial lust. This violent criminal had undoubtedly possessed even less of a fa‡ade of humanity than most men, but Diana still found it strangely satisfying and arousing to see his true, subhuman, animalistic nature exposed.


The huge black man roared as he slammed all the way into the bound Amazon and orgasmed. The sensation of his sperm blasting into the roof of her womb triggered Diana's second orgasm and the muscular heroine squealed delightfully as wave after wave of bliss washed through her. The 7-foot giant's cumload seemed to be neverending, and sperm filled her baby-chamber and spurted down her impaled pussy to squirt from her quivering quim.

The giant pimp slowly pulled himself out of Diana, his monstrous appendage now more than 15-inches long, and shot a huge wad of cum all over her smooth pussy mound. He aimed higher and shot another load over the captive heroine's muscular abdomen, and then another over her big, jiggling breasts. By the time his impossible ejaculation finally ended, Diana's torso was splattered with more sperm than a dozen normal men could produce. More cum drooled from her gaping fuckhole to form a small pool between her legs.

"Fuck! Fuck, man! Fuck!" He mumbled as his shoulders sagged.

The thug felt almost completely drained, yet his giant manhood was still solidly erect and demanding more! He climbed off the bed and moved around to the other end, then slapped his rigid manhood against Diana's gorgeous face. His cock was hard and heavy, and it was like being beaten by a club as he continued to slap his penis across her features, dominating her with his cock.

At the same time, one of the other gang-bangers took the leader's place between Wonder Whore's splayed legs. A big black man with a pronounced beer gut, His cock was a very thick 9-inches, pitiful in comparison to the monster that had just raped her, and yet when he thrust into her he discovered that her cum-slick pussy nonetheless gripped his shaft with incredible tightness.

The leader stopped pummelling their prisoner with his penis and pressed the slimy head against her luscious lips. Diana needed no further urging, and while Wonder Woman screamed inside her mind, Wonder Whore opened her mouth and sucked the massive manhood inside. The taste of his cock was delicious to the sex-crazed heroine, the mix of his masculine musk, his potent sperm, and her own copious pussy-juices, made for a heady combination that was the flavour of pure sex, and Diana lapped it up enthusiastically.

The fat gang-banger started thrusting into Diana, whose hips humped up to meet her second rapist, seeking to suck him deeper into her cum-craving cunt. The black thug fucked Diana with short quick thrusts and it wasn't long before he grunted, shuddered and blasted his cum-load into her eager pussy. He pulled out, his cock now over ten-inches long, and shot more sperm over the violated Amazon.

Diana groaned in frustration, because she had not quite reached her own orgasm before her second rapist pulled out.

"My turn now, bitch!" Said the pimp that she had abused when she'd arrived in the city a few hours earlier.

He pulled out his long black cock. It was at least 11 inches long and covered in thick veins, but the colouration was slightly mottled, ugly blue-black bruises from when she had dangled him in her cock-crushing grip. His gold teeth flashed as he smiled evilly. The pimp approached the helpless whore and grabbed her large clitoris between his thumb and forefinger. It was slippery with two men's sperm, but the aggrieved pimp squeezed it as hard as he could, trying to pay her back for what she had done to his cock earlier. He had hoped for a howl of pain, but what he got was a cry of orgasm as Diana climaxed from the clitoral abuse!

The pimp viciously pinched, pulled and twisted the Amazon's lovebud, but the crazy whore just seemed to be getting off on the pain! Angrily, the pimp climbed onto the bed and slapped Diana's big jiggling boobs, striking them as hard as he could in a futile effort to hurt the nigh-invulnerable superheroine. Her heavy breasts slapped together with a noisy smack and a splat as Diana continued to suck noisily on the gang-leader's monster-cock. The resentful oppressor of women desperately wanted to get some measure of revenge for his bruised cock, but no matter what he did she just seemed to enjoy it! In the end though, his lust for her sexy body was greater than his lust for revenge.

Growling with hate, the skinny pimp rammed his 11-inch cock into her cum-sloppy cunt, splitting her plump pussylips wide open. Diana moaned happily around the cock in her mouth as her vagina was brutally impaled. The pimp's bony fingers gripped her shapely hips and pulled her up onto his impaling shaft.

Wonder Whore felt the prick inside her mouth swelling larger, almost choking her as the leader's second orgasm approached. She arched her neck back and raised her head, swallowing his cock deeper down her gullet. Her neck bulged obscenely as the incredibly thick cock stretched her throat. The giant black man grabbed her head and pulled her all the way along his bloated shaft until her face was buried into his crotch, his balls rolling over her forehead and her nose engulfed in his scrotum. He grunted like the animal he was as his penis flooded her tight throat with his semen.

The virile rapist's sperm flooded her stomach, and erupted from her mouth as the giant withdrew. The fat gang-banger swiftly replaced the leader, barely allowing Diana the time to draw a breath before driving his hateful manhood down her throat.

"Slut! Ah! Worthless fuck-bitch! Uhh! Dirty whore! Ahh! Gonna be our slave-cunt! Ohhh!"

The pimp insulted Diana as he fucked her, moaning with pleasure despite the pain of his bruised cock being squeezed by the beautiful whore's convulsing cunt. Saliva drooled from his lips and onto her rippling belly as he rode out another of the violated Amazon's devastating orgasms. Wonder Woman, the chaste lesbian, hated what was happening to her, but she was helpless in her bondage, both the chains holding her limbs and the repulsive submissiveness that she had discovered within her alter-ego. Wonder Whore, the promiscuous cock-hungry slut, loved being abused and degraded and humiliated. Wonder Whore loved being dominated by vile and despicable men, and the more loathsome the men were, the more arousing she seemed to find her situation.

"Uhn! Oh fuck yeaAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Cried the pimp as he pumped his cum into Diana's pussy, unable to resist the unparallel sexual ecstasy to be found between the mighty Amazon's splayed legs.

Once his full load had joined the previous two men's in Wonder Woman's womb, the resentful pimp began fucking her again, only to be pulled off her by the next gang-banger in line, a muscular youth with "MUTHAFUCKA" tattooed across his chest. None of the criminal thugs wanted to wait any longer than they absolutely had to before they got to fuck their new plaything. It was like a compulsion, greater than even than Diana's unearthly beauty could explain. They did not just want to fuck her, they needed to fuck her!

The skinny pimp had almost lashed out at the bigger thug that had pulled him out of that heavenly pussy, but came to enough of his senses to stop himself. He was a vindictive backstabbing rat of a man, and too weak and too cowardly for a direct confrontation with someone that could and would strike back. In the meantime, his long hard cock was urgently demanding to fuck something, even though the rest of him felt exhausted. He could not get another go at their captive's cunt for a while, and her mouth was still busy with the fat man's cock, but he needed to fuck something!

He looked around at the gang's girls and whores, and grinned evilly as he saw a chance to revenge himself on 'Muthafucka'. The big gang-banger's girlfriend, a sassy coffee-coloured teenager who had only really joined the gang to piss off her middle-class parents, was openly finger-fucking herself near the back of the crowd. The skinny pimp grabbed the little slut and threw her onto a battered sofa. The girl squealed with revulsion as the pimp dived onto her - she was not one of their whores! But she could do nothing to stop him pulling her legs apart and driving his large lust-swollen cock into her tight teen pussy.

Twenty feet away, the fat man fucking Wonder Woman's face finally came, spraying his thick sperm into her throat then pulling back to shoot his copious cum-load across her face and tits. After only five men's loads, her phenomenally sexy body was almost completely covered in a thin layer of sperm, but that did not seem to deter the gang-bangers. Diana looked up through cum-bleary lashes and could see dozens of black men, all violent criminals, the lowest of the low, the scum of the Earth, all stroking their big slimy cocks as they waited their turns to rape the most beautiful woman on Earth. Even the she-male slave was masturbating her surprisingly large cock, while many of the gang's girls were shouting encouragement or pleasuring themselves as they watched.

It was all incredibly arousing to Diana, who was responding eagerly to the new cock in her cunt. It was only 8-inches long, but nice and thick and with a sharp upward curve that drove his circumcised head across her sensitive G-spot with every thrust. Her body writhed beneath 'Muthafucka', and she arched up to press her cum-slimy tits against his tattooed chest. The rapist grabbed her by the hair and twisted her head up to kiss her passionately on her lips, unconcerned by the drooling sperm of more than a dozen other men.

It was the half-Hispanic gang-member who broke up the sloppy kiss, grabbing a handful of hair on the other side of her head and then pulling her back down. He straddled her neck and then pulled her head back up so that he could drive his cock into her gasping mouth.

"You like this, whore? You like what fuckin' happens to any fuckin' bitch that crosses us? You our fuckin'slave now! Our fuck-toy! Suck my cock, slave!"

As much as part of her hated the fact, Diana did in fact like it, and every insult just inflamed her passions further. The Latino continued hurling crude insults at the disguised superheroine as he violently fucked her gorgeous face, his heavy, blackly-bruised balls bouncing off her chin with each stroke. The sight of the bukkaked babe's luscious lips around the base of his big black shaft was incredibly exciting, and he held his cock in her throat to admire the display. Diana could feel the head throbbing deep in her chest, resting close to her heart. All the time her wonderful squeezing gullet was stimulating his mighty manhood, and she soon brought him to the brink of orgasm,

While she sucked the Latino off, 'Muthafucka' was still pumping energetically in and out of her yielding sex, his cock now grown to nearly ten-inches in length. Grunting like an animal, his crooked cock drove the Amazon Princess to multiple orgasms. She squealed around the throat-fucking cock and her sexy bound body quivered with pleasure as the thuggish criminal fucked her relentlessly, his huge furry balls slapping against her sexy ass.

Neither of the men could hold back for long under Wonder Woman's sluttish onslaught. Her mouth and pussy worked their stiff dicks, driving them past the point of no return, until they gifted her with their precious sperm. The Latino pulled out of her face and was replaced by the gang's she-male slave, but the black dick-chick showed no signs of submissiveness as she rammed her 10-inch cock into the back of Diana's throat. Between the Amazon's legs, a huge black man with a "Gangsta Pimp" tattoo lined up his fat cock with the sticky morass of sperm and pussy-juice that was Diana's cunt. The gang-banger slowly lowered himself until the tip of his pulsating manhood touched their captive's sodden vagina and gently eased himself into her.

"Orrr, mmrrrmmmggglle" mumbled Diana past the thrusting she-cock.

The man had to be related to the gang's leader, Diana thought, because his cock was very nearly as big! He fucked her slowly, stretching the Amazon wide open and driving her wild as his enormous manhood penetrated her cervix and stirred the mixture of many men's sperm in her womb. The gang-member slowly pulled out again with a loud slurping sound as the Amazon's tight pussy clung tightly to the mammoth cock. With about 9 inches exposed, the thug drove back inside, and then began happily thrusting deep into her, revelling in the novel sensation of a pussy taking every inch of his too large cock.

The she-male pulled her thick cock out of Diana's mouth and draped her balls over the Amazon's luscious lips. They had been small and shrivelled, a side effect of the hormones she had been forced to take to turn her into a woman, but they were growing bigger. They were already as large as they had been when she was a man, swelling with prodigious amounts of sperm for the cum-hungry hooker. Diana sucked the hairless testicles into her mouth and ran her sinuous tongue over the lovejuice-laden plums.

The Amazon Princess orgasmed helplessly as the black criminal's giant cock exploded its load into her already full womb. Her blissful reverie was broken by her legs being unshackled and her hips raised up from the now cum-drenched mattress. They had untied her ankles, and if they untied her wrists she would regain her super-strength and Wonder Woman would be able to wreak her revenge on these despicably depraved despoilers of women!

This possibility saddened her whorish half, but they did not release her arms and the issue did not arise. The man who had just enjoyed her pussy had only ordered her legs released so he could lift her up to get access to her sexy ass. Her flipped her legs up and her knees landed on her big breasts with a spermy splat. While "Gangsta Pimp" lined his gargantuan cock up between her buttocks, the black she-male pulled her balls out of her mouth and groaned as she jacked herself off over Diana's face. The slutty superheroine opened her mouth as wide as possible to try and catch as much of the fertile she-male's man-juice as she could.

Wonder Woman groaned in pleasure as her ass was impaled by the big black man's monster-cock. The thug did not enter her tight hole slowly and work his way in, instead he slammed over a foot of mighty man-meat into her bowels with brutal disregard for her feelings. At the same time the she-male climbed up and awkwardly positioned herself before the ass-raping gang-member, placing one hand on his huge shoulders to balance herself as she guided her huge throbbing chick-dick into Diana's sloppy cunt.

Two new men rubbed their big black cocks against her cum-covered face and pushed their massive poles against her slimy lips, then clubbed her beautiful face with their hard and heavy manhoods. Chained down and gang-raped, being double-fucked and cock-slapped, Diana had never felt so powerless or humiliated than she did right now, and the feeling was wonderful!

"Suck my cock, bitch! Open yo' mouth wide an' Suck my big black dick you worthless fuckin' SLUT!" one of the men yelled.

Diana obeyed eagerly, but as the brute thrust into her the second man also tried. Both men were more than 10-inches long and much thicker than average, yet somehow Diana's luscious lips managed to stretch far enough to take them both into her mouth. Her throat unfortunately was not so accommodating, so the men took turns thrusting down into her neck.

The huge cock in her ass pulsated powerfully and then her bowels were flooded with his hot sperm. Wonder Whore grunted in pleasure, feeling the huge load of thick creamy cum surge up into her intestines, and then sighed as he pulled out. Her ass was not vacant for long, as another gangbanger climbed on top and drove his full length into her sexy butt in one stroke. His thick 9-inches were a disappointment to Diana, after the monster that had just reamed her out,

Moments later the she-male came again, adding her she-spunk to the multi-man mixture in Diana's womb. The big-dicked freak was now over 13-inches long, but that didn't intimidate "Gangsta Pimp" who, still horny, grabbed the transsexual slave and pulled her onto his bloated 16-inch cock. The she-male screamed, but was gagged by the Latino's fat cock slamming into her open mouth.

Two men climbed on top of Diana in the she-male's place, but only one of them could fuck her gaping cunt. There simply wasn't enough room to allow two men to fuck her pussy while another fucked her ass. The loser turned and sat on her belly, and slapped his 8-inch cock between Diana's big, cum-slimy breasts and began titty-fucking her.

The Amazonian Whore lost track of time for a while after that. Man after man came in her mouth, pussy, and ass repeatedly. At one point the pregnant slave was made to lick out some of the spunk that filled Diana's honeypot, and as she climaxed repeatedly the Prostitute Princess remembered just how much she liked a woman's tongue inside her. It had only been a brief respite however, as the gang-rape had swiftly resumed, with more gangbangers arriving to join the fun.

* * *

Diana's ecstatic ordeal did not last as long as it felt to her, the rolling onslaught of orgasms warping her perception. Most of her assailants managed to fuck her no longer than two or three minutes before their pleasure overwhelmed them, and fucking her 3 or 4 at a time meant that all 73 members of the gang managed to have her in every hole over the course of about three hours. And when they were not fucking her, they were fucking the gang's whores and girlfriends, and making absolutely no distinction between them. Anything that looked female was fair game in the fuck-frenzy that descended on the gang's headquarters, to the misfortune of one smooth-skinned young man with a slightly feminine-looking ass. The lust that overcame them all was beyond human capacity to satiate, like a forest fire that burned hotter and hotter, grew stronger and stronger, until there was nothing left to burn.

Wonder Woman's fuck-fever persisted past the point when the last of the black gang-bangers collapsed in exhaustion, and she writhed in the sticky pool of sperm, humping her hips up to meet imaginary cocks. Her mind was slow in recovering from being obliterated by her devastating non-stop orgasms, and as she came down wild fantasies, almost hallucinations, whirled through her consciousness.

Chained and helpless, she dreamed of being gang-raped by her worst enemies, the most evil of supervillains, she imagined being discovered by disgusting hobos and fucked by them all, or found by the police and being gang-banged before they took her to jail, or being found by the press and her humiliation shared with the entire world. The last one, as she imagined the reactions of all her friends and fans, the shock of millions of women as they saw the superheroine they most admired and respected revealed as nothing more than a common whore, was the one that gave her the last orgasm of her ordeal. That final climax, one without the spur of a cock in her cunt, was like a cleansing wave, one that at long last brought her to her senses.

Her mind clear, Diana raised her head and looked around the large room. Bodies were strewn everywhere, all of them liberally splattered with dried and drying sperm, an impossibly vast quantity which covered bodies, floor, furniture, and even the makeshift walls. So much of it in fact that not even a stable of stud stallions could have produced such a volume in so little time. Even as the amazing Amazon whore stirred, she heard somebody else groan. Diana's head turned so fast that her sperm-caked hair whipped around and lashed her face.

"Hello?" Called the bound Amazon.

She heard sounds of movement, but though she craned her neck, she could not locate the source. She tried to get up, but her shackled wrists did not allow her to rise far.

"If there's anybody there, I could use a little help."

More sounds, and she realised they were coming from one of the partitioned rooms. A few moments later the gang's pregnant slave-whore appeared, climbing clumsily over the gang-bangers bodies, falling and sliding several times.

"Hello. We were not properly introduced," The bound and cum-splattered Amazon, speaking calmly so as not to alarm the woman. She did not know how long the evil gangbangers had held the former District Attorney in their depraved clutches or how badly they had broken her. "My name is Diana. Could you possibly release me from my bonds?"

The woman looked around the room, her fearful eyes seeking out the gang's giant leader, who was sprawled unconscious on his throne with a young white whore impaled on his impossibly large cock.

"They will be unconscious for hours yet," Diana said, reading the timid slave's thoughts in her expressions. "And while they are sleeping I can get you and all of their other victims out of here, and I will ensure that none of them ever hurt you or anyone else ever again."

The pregnant woman wasn't sure why, but she believed the cum-caked hooker's preposterous claim without question.

* * *

Wonder Woman looked at her handiwork and smiled. It had taken a while to arrange, but it had been worthwhile. After the pregnant slave had released her she had marvelled at Diana's strength as the Amazon started sorting through the mass of recumbent forms, first separating the men from the women, then dividing the women - with direction from the pregnant woman - into those that were victims of the gang and those that were willing participants in their crimes.

The Amazon Ambassador and the liberated slaves had cleaned the sperm off their caked bodies using a hosepipe, and then Diana had given them the address of an Amazon-run Refuge in the city, where they would be safe from the depredations of men. Just as importantly, the Refuge had access to Themyscira's superior medical skills, and could repair the physical damage that had been done to their bodies, such as removing the ridiculously large and obviously fake breast implants and erasing the humiliating tattoos. She had waved at them as they drove off in the some of the gang's most expensive vehicles, along with all the money that had been stashed in the hideout.

After that, Wonder Woman had set to work on the rapists. As an Amazon, Diana firmly believed that a woman owned her own body, and therefore if a woman wanted to prostitute that body on the streets, then it was entirely her right to do so. As Diana herself had so chosen. But no woman should be forced to do so, and if the men that exploited those women by fucking them were vile scum, the men who actually enslaved them and pimped them out were the most despicable, the most evil, the most irredeemable, of their entire contemptible, repulsive sex.

What was before her now was really a work of art, like the pornographic friezes that decorated many buildings on Themyscira, except that most of these figures were not female and nor were they carved from marble. With the use of chains and rope, she had bound the gangbangers into a long and complicated human chain that extended in a semi-circle around the large central space.

Each man had his cock inserted into the ass or the mouth of one of his criminal cohorts, and in order to ensure that they stayed in she had tied loops of wire from around the bases of their cocks and balls to the man they were fucking, so if they got too vigorous in trying to extract their cocks they would only succeed in castrating themselves. Every single one of the men had all pumped their fertile seed into Diana's womb, so as far as the man-hating lesbian was concerned they no longer had any need for their equipment. The gang's willing whores were also in the living frieze, Their cum-drooling cunts wedged against the mouths of the men that were not sucking cocks, and their fists shoved up that ass of those men that were not being fucked.

She almost wished that she could wait to see the police reaction when they arrived to arrest the vicious gang, but she knew her creation was too good to remain confidential and she would doubtless be able to read all about it in the more scurrilous national newspapers. In the meantime, there were still many hours before dawn, time enough to whore herself out to another dozen or more men...

* * *

The faint golden glow of the sun's light tinged the sky as Wonder Whore humped her hips up to meet the thrusts of yet another sex-crazed customer, she reflected that it had been a very successful night. Not that she was exactly happy about being gang-raped, but it had helped raise her tally to well over 100 men. She was rightfully proud of her promiscuity, even if not entirely reconciled to the reality of her regular degradation, because it would help so many childless Amazons. She just wished it was possible to get those same results without needing to fuck all these disgusting subhuman men!

This man was also a beast, Diana knew, like all of his kind. A mere animal with but one thought in his tiny mind. She felt nothing but contempt for him and all those like him, and she vainly wished that their cocks didn't feel so spectacularly good inside her. She had to prostitute herself for the good of the Amazons, but she still felt that it was wrong for her to derive so much pleasure from what she knew to be a disgusting, degrading duty. She was Wonder Woman, a respected and admired superheroine all around the world, she was a Princess, the heir to the throne of Themyscira, and she was a lesbian, like all amazons, and yet she loved being Diana Prince, streetwalking whore, more than any of her other identities.

She loved the rough, anonymous sex with desperate men who used her as a receptacle for their potent sperm. It didn't matter what they looked like, tall or short, fat or thin, young or old. It didn't matter whether they had big cocks or little cocks, or whether they fucked her pussy or her mouth or her ass, whether it was one man or two men or twenty men, she loved it all!

And once again she had that sudden sense of duality, like there was another Diana, one that didn't love all the sex and degradation. Another Diana that looked upon these memories like they were some phantasmal and impossible nightmare of things that never were and should never be. But that Diana was a mere shadow across Wonder Whore's mind, a ghostly presence that was exorcised by the pleasure of a fat thrusting cock in her slutty cunt.

The hairy man roared like a bear as he blasted his thick sperm into her velvety womb, but Wonder Woman didn't hear him over the roaring of her own soul-searing multiple orgasms, wracking her perfect whore's body.


The evil sorceress Circe shuddered with pleasure as Queen Hippolyta's plunging tongue drove the Conqueror of Themyscira to yet another orgasm. The purple-haired goddess could not even begin to count how many orgasms she'd had while watching the noble and virtuous Wonder Woman selling her body on the streets as a common whore! Her vengeance upon Wonder Woman and the Amazons was perfect, and without anyone realising it, Wonder Woman's fate would help further Circe's greater plans.

Deep inside her mind the Amazon Queen despaired, even as her body savoured the flavour of her new mistress's sweet-girl-cum. She had been forced to watch in Circe's scrying mirror as her daughter had happily prostituted herself to dozens of men. It hadn't been enough to defeat Wonder Woman, to have her gang-raped by over-endowed minotaurs, no, the evil sorceress had not been content with her cruelly emphatic victory, she had completely reshaped Diana's mind and memories and sent her out into the world as a cock-hungry whore!

Behind Hippolyta a dark-haired dwarf grunted as he slammed his surprisingly large cock into the Queen's palpitating pussy. He was encased in golden chains, just as much Circe's slave as Hippolyta or the Amazons squealing in the arena below. To Circe, Dr. Psycho was just a weapon to be used, and indeed tormented, but at this moment, with his 9-inch cock buried balls deep in the Amazon Queen's clenching cunt, he really didn't care.

The evil lesbian sorceress despised men with a supernatural intensity, reviling them for the beasts that she believed them to be. Regarding them as beasts in spirit, she had a long history of turning them into beasts in truth, whether it was Odysseus's crew, or turning Superman into a lion-man, or the minotaurs, centaurs, satyrs, werewolves, and other beastmen that were currently entertaining the Amazons' elite guards in the arena. When she had cast her spell to turn the proud and arrogant Wonder Woman into a sluttish hooker, changing her mind, body, and soul, she had cast a few further enchantments onto the Amazon's Ambassador. Every man that fucked the prostitute Diana Prince would be changed. Beasts they were and beasts were what they would become. Their notably enlarged penises were only a side effect of her meddling, the focal point of her spell and signifying that Circe's power had successfully transferred to Diana's customers. Aside from their cocks, they would change only slightly at first - more aggressive, more assertive, more lustful - as their true bestial natures were drawn toward the surface, but Circe would be able to complete the transformations of all Diana's clients whenever it suited her, providing her with an army of beastmen to conquer the world!

Just as soon as Wonder Whore had fucked enough different men. It would take a long time, but Circe was an immortal, as was Diana, so she had plenty of time. Even so, Wonder Woman would not be alone in her mission for long.

Off to the side, forced to watch her mother's and sister's humiliations, was Donna Troy. Held motionless by Circe's magic, the 16-year-old amazon wept, for her mother being raped before her, for her sister who was being raped without even knowing it, and for herself, because Circe had promised that she would soon be joining Diana in her new life as a streetwalking whore.



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