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Date: 015.04.2018

Rating: NC-17

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Summary: Wonder Woman finds tries to teach young bullies a lesson.

Other Notes: English isn't my first language, but I'm learning it since a really long time, so I really hope that this story is written well enough to be posted.

Wonder Woman: Hard Lesson
by Tytus ([email protected])

Miss Simone Evans had a long time problems with her students. They turned out to be a bunch of delinquents, showing no respect for their teacher. Should not find the way to make them listen to her. Finally, being at her limit, she asked Wonder Woman for help.

A well known heroine agreed easily, happy to teach some stupid men respect for the women. She walked into the class, surprised to see that there are boys only. Most of them looked tall and strong, much older than they should. She reminded what Miss Evans told her.

"Well boys" she said, looking at them. "I'm here to talk with you about some respect for a women, since I heard that some of you have problems with this".

"Hey, it's Wonder Tits!" cried Jerry Milano as he watched famous heroine entering the classroom. His dad was a drug lord and Wonder Woman caused him some troubles. He gathered some info about annoying heroine and Jerry managed to hear something about her too.

"It's Wonder Woman, young man" she said, looking at Jerry. "Looks like you're gonna be the first who needs some lesson here"

"The only one who needs a lesson is you, Wonder Tits. I'm a man and you're a woman. I have dick, you have a pussy. This makes me alpha and it makes you beta. I'm strong, you're weak" he laughed.

"So you think you're stronger than me?" she asked. "That's cute" she said, smiling.

"Now about some arm wrestling then, babe?" he looked into her eyes.

"Bring it on, kiddo" she agreed.

Jerry said something to his pals and walked on. Wonder Woman sat down and took a hold of his arm. She smiled, seeing how sure this boy looks. There was no way such brat could beat her after all. Jerry took her hand with his and they started struggle. In the same time, when everyone focused on their duel, Paco, one of the Jerry's palls, sneaked around and unsnapped Wonder Woman's lasso from her belt. Her wrapped a noose around her leg and brought the other side of the lasso to Jerry.

Wonder Woman pinned Jerry's arm without problem.

"So, what would you say now, boy?" she smiled.

"That you're a dumb slut and you have to obey my commands" said Jerry with a triumphant look as he held the lasso. Suddenly, Wonder Woman found herself unable to disobey this brat. Too late she realized what happened.

Miss Evans looked with shock as Jerry told Wonder Woman to kneel and might heroine did what she was told. She could only look as the delinquent walked towards her and slapped her face.

"You too, Miss Evans, kneel next to your big titted friend!" he said and she found herself powerless. If this boy managed to overpower Wonder Woman, she had no chance to stand against him. With her knees shaking, she fell down.

On the eyes of the entire class, Jerry revealed his cock and slapped Wonder Woman's face with it.

"Kiss your master, slut" he said and Wonder Woman's lips touched the tip of his manhood.

"Is my dick stronger than your pussy?" he asked.

"Yes, it is..." she said. She doesn't wanted to say such words, but he was in power now.

"Very good, now suck my cock!"

Wonder Woman found herself on her knees, with her mouth full of cock. Having no other options, she sucked the cock reluctantly, blushing madly as the boys cheered and laughed, watching mighty heroine sucking cock. Two of them revealed their pricks as well and rubbed them against her face.

Miss Evans was placed next to her and she also had to suck her student's cocks. Both women' heads bobbed back and forward as the young dicks fucked their mouths.

It doesn't take a long since Wonder Woman's efforts were prized with solid load of cum in her mouth. She swallowed the sticky sperm, but just when the one boy took his cock off her mouth, another stuffed his prick there. Humiliated heroine had to continue this degrading duty, servicing more cocks. Fat drops of sperm dripped down her chin, since some of the boys tended to gift her with their cum on her face. Finally, when the every single male student was satisfied, they finished.

"Now, will you ever dare to say that cunts like you are stronger than man?" asked Jerry, looking at the kneeling Wonder Woman, sperm dipping from her features.

"No... master..." she said reluctantly.

"So, our cocks helped you to understand it?"

"Yes, they did" she lowered her head with utter humiliation.

"So stand up, bitches and dance for us"

Sobbing, Wonder Woman rose from her knees and climbed on the desk. Miss Evans joined her, still shocked of what happened. Someone played some music from his phone and soon both beautiful women were swinging their sexy bodies for the boys. They cheered and cat called the sexy heroine and pretty teacher, enjoying their full body moving for them.

"Kiss each other!" someone called. Afraid to anger the young bullies, Miss Evans embraced Wonder Woman and kissed her lips. Their tongues explored each others mouth with a long, sensitive, lesbian kiss. When they finally broke the kiss, there was a string of saliva between their red lips.

Boys laughed and commanded them to strip each other. Both women trembled as they did, undressing each other clothes since they were completely naked, still dancing for the horny bastards who made them submit. Their faces were all red from shame as their full breasts and asses were on the display for the hungry eyes of the boys. They rubbed their sexy bodies against each other.

Music was stopped and Wonder Woman had to sit on the desk with her legs spread wide, while Miss Evans had to lean against the desk, with her ass up high. They could guess what was awaiting them. Yet they could not stop it when the two lines were formed, one to each of the beautiful, powerless woman.

"Ohhh!!!" cried Wonder Women when the first boy positioned himself between her legs and begun to fuck her pussy. Soon Miss Evans' moans joined her, as one of her student started to pound her ass. Their tits wiggled as the young brats fucked beautiful, mature women. Their sperm leaked out of their victim's holes as the students switched places, enjoying Wonder Woman's pussy and Miss Evans' butt.

"I want you to enjoy it, Wonder Pussy" said Jerry as he fucked her cunt. Wonder Woman started to moan wantonly. She couldn't help enjoying the young men fucking her in the rough way. It was so wrong yet she was unable to fight it. Cocks slammed into her most cunt, making her cum numerous times as the sperm sloshed inside her vagina. She embraced her lovers, sharing the kisses as the creamed her pussy over and over again, giving her best climaxes she ever had.

It was the longest and most intensive fuck Wonder Women ever experienced. Totally cock whipped, she lay on the desk, with sperm dripping down on earth. It formed a puddle of seed on the floor. Boys produced some markers and started to write down over her body, writing "Cum depository" above her pussy, "Fuck service" with arrow pointed up on her left tight and "Wonder pussy" on the right. Someone else wrote "milkbags" above her full breasts and draw a bull's eyes around her nipples. "Free blowjobs" was written on her left cheek and "I love cum" on the right. "Wonder Whore" was written on her forehead.

Miss Evans shared her fate, with "Sperm donations please" around her pussy and "Anal fixation" above her ass. "I love sex ed" with hearts around was written around her forehead. "Funbag" was written on each of her breasts and "horny teacher" on her left arm.

Boys made a both women kneel, so all these humiliating writing were perfectly visible. With cocks next to their faces, Miss Evans and Wonder Woman had to smile while the numerous photos were taken. Finally, both were told to make a statement for the phones aimed at their faces.

"I love cocks!" said Wonder Woman. "I will never dare to disobey any man. My place is on my knees in front of my manly masters"

"I love screwing my students!" said Miss Evans. "I'm such a slutty teacher"

Wonder Woman felt humiliated like never before. She lowered her head, sobbing silently, since she knew that her pride was shattered for good. Would she ever be able to return to her heroine career and regain her lost honor? She had no idea. When the boys gave her uniform back, she dressed it silently and left the class, purchased by the laughter and cat calls of the boys she tried to teach something.

The End


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