A Wonder Woman Comics/Wonder Woman TV Show Crossover

Wonder Woman and most other players are owned by DC Comics. Some Marvel Girls also show up. No male heroes or villains exist, but all the women do. Based on an idea by Vampyre-C. Parody/satire. Drusilla and Cassie are supposed to be 16.

Drusilla is returning from 'Man's World' in 1942, but finds herself in New York 20xx. Confused she tries to find her sister Diana. Diana's sister is Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark is Wonder Girl, and even her mother Hippolyta has never heard of her!

Rated NC-17 for F/f sex, bdsm, feet, ws, cons., orgy

Wonder Woman: The Forgotten Sister! Part 1
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

Washington D.C. 1942

Drusilla smiled and waved goodbye to her sister Princess Diana, known to the world as Wonder Woman. Taking her own identity as Wonder Girl she had now twice helped her sister defeat the evil Axis.

Dru had her own 'Invisible Plane' and took off for home. Paradise Island! The home of the amazons! An island only inhabited by beautiful athletic women. They were immortals who spent their days training in athletics and nights in classical studies of art, dance, and poetry. Well, semi-immortal as they could die by violence or accident. But that was so rare none could remember.

Drusilla had been in the air a scant 10 minutes when it started. The engine coughed and sputtered. Amazon's could see the plane and to Drusilla's horror it looked like it was melting! Drusilla kept her head and turned the plane around. The melting continued as she nosed the plane down.

Drusilla hadn't been far offshore and so was confused when she saw the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of New York City rather than the more familiar landmarks of Washington D.C. This was confusing. Dru had seen many pictures of New York, her sister had even taken her there for some shopping and New York looked a bit, different.

But she recognized the Empire State Building and Central Park and some others, though Dodgers stadium was, gone. The plane was rapidly coming apart and Drusilla knew she had to land. The 'Invisible Plane' had VTOL capabilities which was good as she had no time for a landing strip. She spotted a place to land in the park where even at mid day there were no people.

Dru barely got out of the plane before it just vanished. Dru was in her 'Wonder Girl' garb and so did the magic 'spin' that would change her attire. She only had 3 outfits in the spell, her scant amazon toga, her WG uniform, and a 'sailor suit' she had gotten fond of.

'I don't know what's going on, or how come I ended up in New York,' Dru thought, 'But something's not right. What happened to my plane? I'd better try to call my sister.'

Drusilla checked her hidden pocket. Diana had generously given her $42, a lot of money in 1942, and another $2 in change just for emergency phone calls and the like. Things got even stranger after that. The first thing that Dru noticed was that the cars were totally different, mostly smaller, although some of the taxis looked more like what she was familiar with.

There seemed to be even more people and tall buildings than she remembered, but then again she had only been there that one day.

"Look mommy, Sailor Moon," a cute little girl about 6 pointed at her.

"Naw, she's gotta be Sailor Mercury," her older sister, about 8 said.

The styles of clothes were so different from the conservative fashions she'd noticed both here and in Washington. She had stood out the very first time she had arrived in her short toga, here she could wear any of her 3 outfits and not be unusual. Some women were dressed in more reveilving clothes than her toga! Another thing was the lack of military men. A week ago it seemed like every man was in one uniform or another. She didn't see a single one.

In fact, her sailor suit looked like the oddest of her outfits until she saw 3 teenage Asian girls dressed in navy blue sailor suits, but each wore colorful wigs, pink, blue, and green. They looked about the same age as Dru.

"Hey," the first friendly girl said, "You're into cosplay too!"

"Great outfit," the second smiled, "But I don't know it."

"Yes, who is it?" the third asked, "We're dressed as the 'Heroic Vampire Sailor Trio'!"

"Are you coming to the con tonight?" the second asked.

"Yeah, it would be really great to see you there," the first grinned.

"Um, ah," Dru had no idea what they were taking about, "Actually, I need to call my sister, but I don't see a phone booth anywhere."

"Oh, your sister's a pain in the ass too huh?" the third asked.

"Where have you been girl?" the first asked, "No one uses phone booths anymore. I don't even think there are any more."

"Uh, how do you call people?" Dru asked, their strange words, especially the forbidden ass word confused her.

"What? You don't have a cell?" the second girl was surprised, "Everyone has a cell!"

"Where are you from?" the first asked.

"Para, um, Washington D.C.," Drusilla caught herself.

"I was beginning to be afraid you were from Idaho or someplace weird like that," the third girl grinned.

"Here, you can use mine," the first girl handed her the small phone, flipping it open.

Drusilla was amazed at seeing such a small phone, then even more so as she could see the camera images. She didn't quite know how to use it, but after the first couple of try she got the hang of it. She got nothing. Drusilla tried again, then again, then tried 6 other numbers she had. None of her numbers worked.

"I don't understand it," Drusilla said.

"Hey, don't sweat it," the first girl said, "We're all going to the same place anyway, you wanna hang with us awhile?"

"Yeah, that sounds like fun actually," Dru replied.

Dru was thinking it might be smart to try and find out what was going on. She was in unfamiliar territory, far from home, and truly on her own for the first time in her life. Besides, it might be fun to hang out with some girls her own age for a change. While all the women of Paradise Island were great they were all hundreds of years old while she really was only 16.

"Great," the first girl said, extending her hand, "Call me Kasumi, that's my character."

"And I'm being Keiko," the second girl said with a friendly hug.

"Luna, but you'd know that," the third one said, also with a friendly hug.

"I'm Drusilla," Dru smiled, she really liked these friendly girls.

"Aha!," Kasumi said, "I've heard that name somewhere, I don't remember what show, but it's awful familiar."

"Isn't that one of the '7 Sailor Space Rangers'?" Luna asked.

"I think you're right," Keiko clapped her hands thinking they had it figured out.

Drusilla was having a great time. Having never had a chance to really hang out with girlfriends her own age this was a treat. First they looked at jewellery they couldn't afford. Then they found a clothing shop and tried on outfits even though they had no intention of buying. Keiko did buy a lipstick and they ran squealing into the bathroom and took turns putting it on each other.

It got a little strange again when they went into '42 Flavors Ice Cream'. Dru was shocked at the higher prices, but didn't say anything. It was when she went to pay for hers that was odd.

"Wow! Look at that old bill," Luna gasped.

"You can't pay with that," Kasumi said as she also looked at the two $2 dollar bills.

"I can't?" Drusilla was confused.

"Those might be worth money," Kasumi said, "What other bills do you have?"

Drusilla was confused, but laid all of her money on the table. The eyes of the other grew wide. Luna quickly paid Dru's bill.

"Just the silver alone is worth 4 or 5 times face," Keiko said as she looked at the coins.

"And look at the shape it's all in," Kasumi continued, "Most of the bills look freshly printed, no wear on the coins."

"Where did you get these?" Luna asked excited.

"My sister gave them to me this morning," Dru truthfully said.

"There will be some collectors at the con into old coins and money, who knows," Keiko said.

"Um, who all is going to be at this con?" Dru asked.

"Thousands of people," Kasumi said, "Trekkies, Twilighters, Charmers, but the big draw is always the real super heroines who show up."

"This year Wonder Woman is the honorary 'grand marshall'," Luna clapped her hands," Eveyone thinks she's going to finally 'come out' after that 'You Tube' that caught her."

"Wonder Woman!" Dru was excited even though she didn't know about the other things Luna was talking about.

Dru breathed a sigh of relief. If her sister was here then everything would be all right. She had been so lucky running into these girls.

"Artemis is soooo hot," Kasumi giggled, "It's no wonder."

"So you like Princess Diana?," Keiko asked.

"Uh, why would you call her call her Princess Diana," Drusilla asked, worried about her sisters identity.

"What? Everyone knows that," Luna looked at Dru funny, "When she first arrived she told everyone, later on she talked all about it in her book."

"We all have 'unity bracelets' at home," Kasumi said.

"She, she never told me," Dru gasped.

"Huh? Why would Wonder Woman tell you?" Keiko said, "Did you meet her?"

"Um, actually we're kind of like sisters," Drusila said.

"Oh c'mon," Kasumi laughed, "You don't think we're going to believe you know Wonder Woman?"

"I, I'll prove it when we meet her," Dru turned a little red.

The girls just laughed. Drusilla just could not understand what was going on. Everyone knew Wonder Woman was Princess Diana? Why did she dress so frumpy in her military outfit.

"Hey, Drusilla, let's go check out 'Mega Music Store'," Luna smiled, "The new 'Hannah Montana' should be in."

"Great idea Luna," Kasumi gave Dru a wink, "Stick with us kiddo, we'll loosen you up."

Kasumi led Dru away, a puzzled Keiko looked at Luna.

"I really like Dru, but she, seems a bit off," Keiko whispered, "She doesn't seem to be, well, I don't know."

"Know what you mean," Luna whispered back, "I don't think she's stupid, but she looks at stuff and doesn't know what it is."

"Aaagggg! That's horrible," Drusilla said holding her ears at the K-Fed song.

'Well, she's right about that,' Keiko thought as she had to do the same.

The counter guy saw 4 teen girls coming his way and quickly changed tracks. Then again K-Fed was so bad even he agreed.

"Oh, that is sooo much better," Kasumi sighed as Selena came on, "That slime is horrible!"

"That was worse than a banshee's wail," Drusilla agreed, that saying not unusual to girls who'd watched horror movies.

During the half hour they spent there the only thing Dru said that was strange to them was when she asked about Frank Sinatra. The final stop before heading off to the con was at the national chain 'Amazing TV's'. Drusilla pulled up short as she passed by them.

"Wow, all these movie theaters," Dru gasped, "And all in color."

"Um, Dru, it's just a tv," Keiko said, "You can watch anything on tv. Even porn with a DVD. We watch girl/girl all the time."

"Until we get so horny we go at it," Luna smiled.

"Don't you have a tv?" Kasumi asked.

"No, I've never even seen one before," Drusilla admitted, "My sister took me to see 'Wizard of Oz' at the Bijou."

"Drusilla, are you trapped by some cult?" Kasumi grabbed her arms.

"Dru, we're your friends, you can trust us," Keiko said concerned, "Does this sister of yours do anything strange, like, oh those Thorites who worship Thor."

"We don't worship Thor," Drusilla said, the girls sighed in relief, "We worship Zeus. Well, Aphrodite is our patron, along with Athena."

"Oh my," Luna gasped, mouth open.

"My mother, my sister, all of the other women," Drusilla proudly beamed, not realizing the other girl's were shocked.

"The other women?" Kasumi asked.

"Oh yes, there are many of us," Dru smiled.

"All women?," Keiko asked, "Not that there's anything wrong with that. Sounds like paradise."

"Oh, men are not permitted," Drusilla continued, "Col. Trevor and some German's are the only men who, uh."

"Didn't Wonder Woman mention a Steve Trevor in her book?," Luna asked, not noting Dru catching herself.

"Yeah, I read about that, he married that Candy woman," Kasumi said.

"Steve married Etta Candy?" Dru was shocked, "When? I just saw him yesterday and he didn't say anything to me."

"Now you say you know Col. Trevor," Keiko grinned, "What about Power Girl?"

"Don't you dare," Luna gave a laughing warning, "You know I'd love to put my head between those."

"I hear she's with the new Terra now," Keiko said, "The other ones locked up in the 'Dyke House'. I hear none of them ever want to leave. They have to throw X-23 out."

"Know what I'd like to see?" Kasumi said rather than asked, "Power Girl and She Hulk going at it. That would be a sex fight!"

"Isn't Power Girl supposed to compete in 'Pole Dancing With the Super's' next year?" Keiko asked.

"I hope so," Luna clapped her hands, "Thank goodness for TiVo. This year was tough!"

"I know," Kasumi said, "I thought for sure Catwoman had it when she started licking herself, but Elektra's fire act was better."

Drusilla had no idea what they were talking about, glad they had seemingly forgotten her almost blowing it about Paradise Island. But, Steve married to Etta?

The 'New York Mega Con' was being held at a new convention center, one of several in the 'big apple'. It was only a few blocks from the mall. A few years ago it had been XXX movie houses, adult book stores, and sleazy strip clubs. The girls payed for Drusilla, since they were in costume they got in for 1/3 price.

"Ah, 'Heroic Vampire Sailor Trio' and 1 of the '7 Sailor Space Rangers'," the fanboy said handing out nametags, "Your's needs to have been a bit more blue, but you sure got the pigtails right."

"Where is Wonder Woman?" Drusilla asked looking around.

"It's still early, the movie stars start showing up around 6, the heroines around 8," Kasumi replied pinning the name tag on Dru.

"She'll be in 'Wonder Hall'," the fanboy said, "Rumor is her mothers going to come for the big announcemet too."

"Wonder if her sister will too," Keiko said.

'That I can guarantee,' Dru thought, 'But what am I going to tell mom about the plane?'

Inside the con was a wonderland to Drusilla! Comics, anime displays, toys, dolls, video game displays, people dressed in all manner of costumes. The girls steered Dru over to an anime display first. Some other girls in cosplay met them and hugs were passed all around.

They went into another room and watched a new anime film. Drusilla enjoyed it immensly although it confused her a bit with scenes of girls kissing girls and the 2 heroines walked off together. This took them close to 6. They stopped for hot dogs, the girls again wouldn't let Dru pay.

They assured her they had plenty of cash and Keiko's dad was rich. She had something called a credit card. Dad put a limit on her, but that they weren't likely to reach it.

After eating they did a quick brush in the bathroom then lined the red carpet behind the ropes. Dru didn't know the 1940's stars having only seen a few films so anyone pointed out to her wouldn't be a surprise.

"Oh look!" Kasumi said as the first limo showed up, "Megan Fox and Grace Park from 'Giant Robots 4'!"

"Grace as Dom-1-Atrix finally captures her I hear," Luna said.

"The whole nets buzzing about the supposed 'dungeon' scene," Keiko added.

The girls waved, which was returned. Megan and Grace even signed their autograph books. Dru didn't know them, but agreed they were pretty. The video phones and camcorders amazed her. More limo's pulled up. From the music store displays she recognized Miley and Selena.

There were several more, she didn't know any of them, it was still fun. Drusilla didn't say anything strange. Even though Drusilla was naive she could see a pattern. Her new friends liked other girls! Used to lesbianism on Paradise Island this didn't shock her. She hadn't seen it before here.

Every amazon she knew was into kinky lesbianism. Dru could hear the sounds of women having all kinds of sex with women every night. She would squirm and try not to rub herself as her nipples and little clit got so hard and erect. Of course she would fail and have to frig herself senseless at least a dozen times just to go to sleep.

The absolute favorite of all the amazons were BDSM games. Many tmes Dru would watch frenzied lesbian whip orgies. These always sent peverse thrills through her. They excited her so much she couldn't help but masterbate until she was sore. For a 16 year old Dru had really big tits, 36D already. She would take rope and tie them so tight they would turn purple while she played with herself.

One of the more popular and vicious sex games was the 'Bana-Mighdall'. The Bana were the exiles, renegade amazons banished from Themyscira centuries ago. They were said to be vicious barbarians. Because amazons, even the Bana-Mighdall did not kill other amazons they had vowed to someday return and turn all the amazons of Themyscira into their naked sex slaves!

But the amazons of Themyscira would be no easy target. They trained every day in sports and martial combat. And both Diana and Drusilla were further enhanced by the gods to superhuman levels. Still, to the amazons the Bana were considered both enemy and fantasy. In the Bana sex game several women dressed as savages would hunt and find one. The victim was then cruelly sex tortured. Of course it was all consensual and every amazon loved it and wanted to be the victim.

Drusilla couldn't wait until she was allowed to join in. Mother was so over-protective. In fact, her friends were getting her a little horny now.

"Hey, we've still got an hour or so until Wonder Woman shows up and we've got a room at the hotel next door," Kasumi said, "You wanna come up and make out?"

"That sounds like fun," Drusilla nodded smiling.

The 4 girls held hands as they went to their hotel room. Keiko and Luna started kissing as soon as the elevator door closed. Luna had one leg up while Keiko caressed her ass. It looked so hot to Dru as Kasumi started stroking her hair. She yielded as Kasumi pressed her lips against hers.

"Oh my, your tits are real," Kasumi gasped, "They looked so big, but I thought the might be stuffed."

The door dinged at their floor. Hand in hand they ran to the door. Nervously Keiko fumbled with the key. They were all so horny they wanted to strip right there. Once inside they ran to the bedroom. Clothes started flying off.

'I don't care what mom thinks,' Dru thought as her top and skirt came off, 'I can't take it anymore!'

Kasumi pushed her back on the bed and straddled her stomach. Kasumi's sailor top came off followed by her bra. Luna and Keiko were taking Dru's shoes and socks off. Kasumi and Drusilla were kissing deeply, tongues toying with each other. Kasumi rolled off of Drusilla to take her skirt and panties off. Luna was naked by now, Keiko was down to panties as her shoes and socks went off.

"Is it okay?," Luna asked, ready to pull Dru's panties off.

"Oh yes," Dru said, "Help me with my bra."

"Oh, your're shaved too," Kasumi said as she helped her friend take off her bra.

The 3 Asian girls were shaved bare, none of the amazons had any. They were all fully naked by this time. Kasumi was on top of Drusilla again their arms around each other as they deeply kissed. Keiko started licking Dru's right foot, while Luna licked her left foot. They sucked on each of her toes, then licked up and down the soles.

"Oooooo," Dru moaned, "Kiss me, kiss me! Suck my toes!"

"Mmmmm, your toes taste so good," Luna licked her lips.

"Tits, toes, pussy, asshole all taste good," Kasumi said.

"Maybe later we'll have time to break out the whips," Keiko said between licks.

"Our favorite," Kasumi licked her lips.

The girls were all in the bed now, 4-way tongue kissing. Drusilla's big tits quickly became a target. Luna and Kasumi began to roughly knead, milk, and claw Dru's tits. Pulling and piching the nipples, then licks and lightly biting the ripe nipples. Dru was sucking on Keiko's hard brown nipples going from one small tit to the other.

"Oh, I wish I had big tits," Keiko gasped as Drusilla was almost able to get an entire tit in her mouth.

Keiko and Luna were B cups, and Kasumi a C meaning that Drusilla had almost as much as all 3 combined. Kasumi kissed down Dru's flat belly, all the way down to her wet slit. The girls rearrainged themselves on the big bed. It was Dru's first taste of pussy as she drove her tongue into Keiko's steaming folds and she loved it!

Keiko lapped up Luna's tasty pussy, Luna ate Kasumi's sweat slit, Kasumi licked and sucked Drusilla, as Dru continued working on Keiko. Keiko blew on Luna's clit, inserting a finger up her pussy then attacking again with her tongue. Luna moaned in Kasumi's pussy, driving her own tongue in deeper, her hands and nails squeezing and kneading her friends buttocks.

Kasumi licked up and down Dru's moist girlhood, then slapped Dru's pussy, then again. Kasumi tongue fucked Drusilla then. Her own tongue flashing Dru could't get enough of Keiko's pussy. The sound of aroused teenage girls filled the room as they came closer and closer to cumming. Like a crashing wave they cried out as pure joy took them.

Panting they kissed, tasting each other's delicious love juices. Their first orgasm merely a begining. Drusilla cruelly kneaded and clawed Luna's little titties. Luna moaned, loving the pain. Keiko and Kasumi were head to toe licking each others feet and sucking each others toes.

Going side by side, kissing each other hotly Drusilla and Luna started frigging each other. Kasumi and Keiko were in a 69 sucking each others pussys. Dru had 2 fingers into Luna's pussy and started pumping her fingers in and out. Luna returned the favor fucking Drusilla with 2 fingers.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," Drusilla cried out.

"Ah! Fuck me with your fingers," Luna panted.

Kasumi now was rimming Keiko's asshole, pointing her tongue she attacked the puckered ring. Keiko returned the favor as the 2 Asian girls now 69'd each others asshole. The tart tangy flavor of ass turning both girls on even more.

"Your asshole tastes soooo good," Kasumi lustfully said.

"Oh, I love asshole," Keiko smiled.

The 2 girls attacked each others pussy and assholes furiously, lapping from clit to anus. Faster and faster Dru and Luna finger fucked each other. All 4 teenagers felt themselves cumming. Cries of pleasure mingled as like a wave they crashed together.

For several minutes they all lay panting sprawled on the bed. Kasumi pretty feet were by Drusilla's head. She couldn't resist licking up and down her friends soles, taking each toe in her mouth and sucking. Drusila now was learning how great lesbian sex was and wanted to be a naked lesbian forever.

Luna now roughly kneaded, milked, and clawed Keiko's small tits. Keiko wanted more and more as masochistic pleasure swept through her. Kasumi and Drusilla now soulkissed, tongues dueling. All 4 wanted more. But it was time to get ready to see Wonder Woman. Reluctantly they cleaned up, dressed, and headed back to the con. They were holding hands and kissing as they walked.

Drusilla was eager to see her sister again. Diana would know what was going on. Diana always knew what to do.

End of Part 1:


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