Wonder Woman Comics/Wonder Woman TV show crossover

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In a strange world can Drusilla find a place for herself when those she loves have no idea who she is?

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Wonder Woman: The Forgotten Sister! Part 2
by Vicki ([email protected])

With only 15 minutes to go the girls were surprised they got such good seats. Third row center as the 1000 seat hall quickly filled to over capacity. Most were female ranging from girls as young as 6 to women in their 60's. Many of the girls and younger women wore the 'unity bracelets' based on those of the amazons. Several were in Wonder Woman costumes. Dru noticed a few even dressed similar to hers which made her smile.

'Finally we can sort this out,' Dru thought, 'Diana will know what to do and why everything is so strange.'

"Ladies and gentlemen," an announcer said speaking into the mic, "I am very pleased to see so many of you here today. You have no doubt heard rumors that in addition to Princess Diana, known worldwide as Wonder Woman, that there are some very special guests along with her. Rather than answering it is my special pleasure to introduce... Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira!!"

There was thunderous applause as the beautiful amazon queen walked on stage. Striding confidently to the podium she crossed her arms in the amazon greeting. Drusilla's mouth dropped open in surprise.

"Hola!" Hippolyta cried happily.

"Hola!" a chorus of voices called back, arms crossed.

'What in Hades name is going on?' Drusilla thought, barely able to keep herself seated, 'Mom never looked so, so.... beautiful!'

There was no mistaking Hippolyta. She looked the same, but not. The Hippolyta Drusilla knew looked so much, well, older, and shorter, and blonde. But the woman at the podium, while she looked much like the Hippolyta Drusilla knew, also looked radically different.

For one thing this Hippolyta was young, looking no older than Diana. Long curly black hair down almost to her butt, the familiar crown Drusilla knew on her head. Tall, athletic, busty, she actually looked more like Diana and Drusilla. Royal purple and white robes trimmed in gold, open toed gold sandals on her feet. Her arms were bare save for her gleaming amazon bracelets. Despite being covered, the effect was still erotic.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Luna whispered to Drusilla.

"She looks, great," Dru whispered back, eyes not believing that her mother was making her wet, she thought, 'Suffering Sappho! Am I becoming even more of a pervert?'

"I know that many of you have heard the rumor," Hippolyta started to speak, "Many of you have seen the video. I must confess in some ways your technology baffles me, I only learned how to program my TiVo last week. (laughter forced a pause) And don't even get me started on the latest 'windows'. (more laughter)"

It wasn't just the look Drusilla thought. Her mother seemed, so free! Kasumi had snuck her hand on Drusilla's leg. Dru felt it, and liked it. Kasumi snuck a quick touch to Dru's soaked panties.

"She's doing the same thing to me," Kasumi whispered smiling.

'And to a lot of other girls,' Drusilla thought as a quick glance showed many girls trying to sneak touches to their own pussies or to those of girlfriends.

"It is not my place to speak for my daughter," Hippolyta continued, with a happy look on her face, "She makes her own choices, always makes me proud, and this decision fills me with great joy. But I will let her give the entire world the news. I give you Themyscira's greatest champion and my beloved daughter, princess Diana, Wonder Woman!"

Wonder Woman came out to a standing ovation. She at least looked the same, although her costume was much skimpier. Her large breasts seemed to be barely contained, her blue panties right into her slit in a tiny thong, barely more than a string, her beautiful ass looked like she was bottomless. Again Drusilla was shocked as she got even wetter. And the kiss between her sister and mother was anything but familial as their tongues duelled.

"Hola!" Wonder Woman shouted in greeting arms crossed.

A happy chorus of 'Hola' greeted Diana. Diana took the mic, a huge smile on her face, she waved and threw kisses to enthusiastic cheers. Standing in front of the podium she politely bowed to the crowd. This touched off another round of applause.

"Thank you, thank you," Wonder Woman humbly smiled, the noise died down quickly as it seemed like everyone wanted to know if the 'rumor' was true, "I, usually give this big motivational speech about girl power. (laughter) But I think you all want to know, and just so the press can't twist it; (pointing at the tv cameras and reporters) I am going to, admit it! Yes! I am a lesbian! Furthermore I am today announcing my engagement to my lover, Artemis, leader of the Bana-Mighdall and my reserve Wonder Woman!"

Another standing ovation erupted. Everyone stood. All except for the stunned Drusilla. That Diana was a lesbian was no surprise. Although forbidden just like her, Dru knew Diana loved playing 'Bana'. Drusilla would frig herself as she watched her sister get stripped naked, tied, whipped, fucked, and loving it. But to actually marry a Bana-Mighdall?

"No," Drusilla whispered, so soft no one could hear her over the din, her thoughts jumbled, 'Diana, getting married? To a Bana? No! Not to one of those, those savages!'

But then Artemis came out to more cheers. She was dressed just like Diana, long red hair down to her ass in a ponytail. Tall, muscular, busty, she was beautiful by any standard. Diana and Artemis gave each other the amazon greeting then hugged each other, a deep soul kiss.

'Maybe Bana aren't so bad,' Dru thought, she didn't know how, but she was getting even wetter.

Smiling, Diana and Artemis bowed to the cheering crowd. Artemis and Hippolyta hugged, followed by an erotic kiss. It took 5 minutes for the applause to die down and everyone took their seats. Diana, holding hands with the smiling Artemis, Hippolyta standing close on her other side picked up the mic again.

"I would now like to introduce my 'Best Girl', and my 'Maid of Honor'," Diana paused for effect, "Retaking the name Darkstar, my sister Donna Troy and Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark!"

This was wayyyy more than poor Drusilla could take as Donna Troy who looked just like a slightly younger Diana, or slightly older Dru came out with a very pretty blonde girl. Hugs an kisses were passed all around.

"NOOOOOOO!!!" Drusilla screamed as she stood.

Everyone, even the heroines stood in momentary shock as Drusilla quickly made her way to the aisle then right in front of the stage.

"You," Drusilla pointed at Cassie, "You're not Wonder Girl! I am!" Dru pointed at Donna, "I'm Wonder Woman's sister not you!" Dru pointed at Artemis, "And you're a savage!"

"Drusilla!," Kasumi shouted, "What are you doing?"

The amazons had recovered, after quick glances between them started giggling. Dru's ears were burning as many people were laughing at her. Her friends though, were concerned and tried to get to her.

"One at every con," Cassie laughed.

"There were 3 in San Diego 2 weeks ago," Donna smirked.

Even her own mother was shaking her head and grinning. The girls had made it to Dru. Their arms around her potectivey. Drusilla was close to tears.

"Dru, please, lets get out of here," Keiko gasped.

"Mother!" Drusilla cried out, tears flowing freely now, she was close to breaking down, "Please, stop this! It's me! Drusilla! Mommy!"

The girls tried to pull her out, but Drusilla shook them off, and twirled in desperation. Laughter turned to gasps as there was a bright flash of light. Emerging from it was Drusilla in her Wonder Girl garb. It wasn't quite Donna's older red outfit, but close.

"She, she looks like me at 16, almost," Donna gaped in awe.

As if to further prove her point Drusilla looked up at the ceiling, 20' above, and barely trying leaped up and touched it.

"Please," Dru looked at Hippolyta and Diana with pleading eyes, tears streaming down, "Mother, why? Why don't you know me? The lasso! Bind me!"

The hearts of all 5 of them were breaking. How could this poor girl be lying? Well, the lasso could determine the truth. Kasumi, Keiko, and Luna were stunned. Diana loosely put the lasso around her. The auditorium was silent in anticipation.

"What is your name?" Wonder Woman asked.

"I am Princess Drusilla of Themyscira, daughter of Queen Hippolyta sister of Princess Diana," Drusilla truthfully said, "My sister Diana is also known as Wonder Woman, and I recently took the identity of Wonder Girl to help her fight the Nazi's."

"Wait a minute," Wonder Woman said, murmers going through the hall, eveyrone knew she had to be speaking the truth, "What year, in 'mans world' do you think it is?"

"1942," Drusila said without hesition.

"Hera help me," Hippolyta gasped, hand to mouth, "She may be my daughter, from an alternate universe!"

The murmer grew louder as the event grew stranger. Kasumi, Keiko, and Luna were trying to back away now, but Cassie stopped them.

"Wait, don't go," Cassie said, "You're her friends, right?"

"Yes, we love her," Keiko said, Kasumi and Luna nodded in agrement.

"Please stay," Cassie said.

"Yes, please stay," Artemis added.

"Not even Zeus himself can lie with the lasso on him," Wonder Woman said as she made to take it off.

"I'm sorry I lost the invisble plane," Druslla said, tears still falling.

"Well, we'll have to punish you for that," Hippolyta hugged her, "From now on, you are my daughter."

"I would like to apologize to everybody here," Wonder Woman picked up the mic again, "I know a lot of you came here to see me. I will try to make it up to you. But family must come first and I need to be with my forgotten sister."

"Can you fly?" Donna asked Drusilla.

"No," Dru shook her head.

"Hey, you guys want to see the Themyscira embassy?" Cassie asked.

The trio nodded. Wonder Woman talked briefly with the announcer and con manager about getting the names, e-mails, and addresses of the people in the hall for a later special invite. With Aremtis wearing the sandles of Hermes 4 of them could fly, plenty to transport Hippolyta, Drusilla, and the trio to the Themyscira embassy.

The embassy was close, only a few minutes flight. Styled similar to the royal palace on Themyscira it was beautiful. White gorillas from 'Gorilla City' were the guards. They had pledged themselves to Diana after she had saved them from enslavement to the evil Grodd.

"Please, make yourself at home," Wonder Woman smiled at the girls, "And please, call me Diana here."

"Wow, thank you, Diana," Luna said in awe.

"T-those, g-gorillas won't eat us, will they," Keiko shivered.

"Naw, we're vegans," one said, "Humans don't taste good anyway."

"Eeekk!" Keiko jumped in Kasumi's arms both went down in a tangle of arms and legs.

The gorillas and amazons laughed.

"Drusilla, if you don't mind, I'd like to test your powers against Cassie, Donna, and I," Diana requested, "If you're anything like us, and it's pretty obvious you are, you're going to want to be superhero. It would ease my mind if I know how powerful you are."

"So I can fight the Axis?" Dru asked.

"No dear, we're going to have to catch you up on history," Hippolyta held her hand, "That was over long ago. You see, you are not just on a different world, but a differant time. This is 20xx."

"No, that can't be true," Dru wailed.

"Hey, it's okay," Cassie tried to soothe her, "We'll call Rikki Richards of the FF. If anyone can find your world, she can. Even if you have to go back in the same time we are, amazons are almost immortal. Everyone will be okay."

Drusilla was still worried about her mother. Her Hippolyta looked so much older, more frail than the gorgeous warrior woman of this Earth. What if she had died of grief? Or threw herself off a cliff in grief.

"I may not be my best," Drusilla said, "I've had a very long draining day."

"I'm sure you'll do fine dear," Hippolyta kissed her forehead.

"Let's do it then," Dru nodded.

It quickly became evident that while Diana and Donna were slightly stronger and faster, Drusilla and Cassie kept tying. And to everyone's surprise Dru beat all of them in leaping.

"And she's been through an emotional wringer," Artemis told Hippolyta and the girls as they watched from the booth.

"Her lasso has no powers except for being virtually unbreakable," Hippolyta said, "But Donna and Cassie didn't have magic lassos until recently either."

"Her bracelets are definately amazon," Aremis noted as Drusilla was now expertly doing 'bullets and bracelets'.

The Bana-Mighdall, with only a few exceptions like Artemis sucked at 'bullets and bracelets'. Maybe because they used guns when fighting while the Themyscira amazons didn't and so had had to develop the technique as a defense. That had led to the Themycira joke that Bana 'got hit by speeding bullets'.

"Can you girls say for dinner?" Hippolyta asked the girls.

"As, as long as we're not the dinner," Keiko was still scared of the gorillas.

Since it was summer vacation and they were claiming 'culture study' Kasumi and Luna had an easy time with their parents. Keiko even easier. Since they were 'good girls' their parents pretty much let them do as they wished anyway.

Dinner was fabulous, although the girls squealed in terror again as the chef was a minotaur. Hippolyta informed them that thanks to amazon magic they could pig out as much as they liked and never gain an ounce.

"Why do you think they call it 'Paradise Island'?" Diana laughed, "No men, lesbian sex, ice cream and junk food that doesn't make you fat."

"If you like we could convince your parents to let you be amazons," Donna smiled at them, "Just remember it's not just fun and games."

"You'll have to learn to fight, and it can be dangerous," Artemis said, "Amazons can die in war and there have been many deadly battles in the last few years."

"Had we not made peace with our sisters, the Bana-Mighdall, we would have been wiped out," Hippolyta added.

"We're happy our new sister is so powerful," Donna smiled at Dru, "She tested in the upper 1% with us, Supergirl, Power Girl, Thundra, and She Hulk."

"But the villainesses are no danger," Kasumi spoke up, "They want the same thing the heroines do."

"They don't even commit crimes anymore," Luna said.

"Who do we fight then if there are no Axis or truly evil women?" Drusilla asked.

"There are many normal criminals, plus terrorists, the organized criminals, then criminals like Hydra who have advanced weaponry, monsters, robots, more aliens than you can count, rouge gods like Ares, non humans like Grodd or the Lizard," Diana ticked them off,' Oh, there are many dangers in this world."

"We need all the super heroines we can get," Cassie said.

"Now against a villainess, we talk, decide who wants to be captured, pretend to fight, then go somewhere and have sex," Diana smiled, "Some bad girls then want to go to a special lesbian prision."

"They can leave anytime they want, since they don't commit any real crimes, some have to be thown out," Donna added.

The fabulous meal ended. The trio of course wanted to be amazons. Permission from parents was quickly obtained. Hippolyta informed them and Drusilla that clothing was optional at the embassy as she stripped off her gown. Clothes flew everywhere as all 9 females were soon stark naked.

Hippolyta led them to a large luxurious room. A 100" Krytonian-def big screen was at one end of the room. Hippolyta producd a remote and clicked it on. It was showing super heroine's doing lesbian bdsm that they shared among themselves. Diana and Donna had Drusilla sit between them on a large armless couch. Hippolyta sat wih Kasumi on her lap. Casse sat with Keiko and Luna betwen her and Artemis.

"You are now our sister," Diana leaned over and lightly kissed Drusilla as they sat.

"It is a sin for sisters to 'not' have sex with each other or our hot mother," Donna stroked Dru's hair, "Amazon law says that sisters must have sex with each other, and also mother/daughter, cousins, and aunt/niece."

"I-I think I like that law," Drusilla nervously said as her 2 new sisters spread her legs wide.

Hippolyta left with Kasumi hand in hand. Artemis paired up Luna, Cassie with Keiko they also left, leaving Drusilla to the mercy of her sisters. Diana pressed a button and 2 walls slid open revealing many rows of whips and restraints lining each wall.

Drusilla and Donna kissed deeply, tongues playing, Donna roughly kneading Drusilla's titties. Diana twisted her new sisters arms behind her back and cuffed Dru's wrists. Diana and Drusilla then kissed as Donna picked out some whips.

"Such a pretty little sister," Diana coo'ed milking Dru's tits.

"And so naughty," Donna smiled, sitting back down, Dru in the middle, legs again spread very wide between them, Drusilla was finger fucking her own asshole with 2 fingers.

"Bad girl," Diana smiled slapping Dru's pussy.

"Oh yes," Dru moaned, "Slap my pussy!"

Donna played with Dru's tits, Diana started slapping Drusilla's hot wet pussy.

"Yes! Slap my pussy," Dru cried out, "That's a bad pussy, whip it! Aaaahhhh! Slap my pussy! Ooooo! Slap my pussy!"

Drusilla shuddered in orgasm. Donna was slapping her tits now, Diana inserted 1, then 2 fingers into Drusilla's tight virgin pussy. Dru continued to pump 2 fingers into her own ass, Diana worked a third finger into her moist steaming slit. Donna stifled Drusilla's cries kissing her hard, forcing her tongue into her new sisters mouth, playing with Dru's tongue.

"She is sooo tight," Diana licked her lips, "Hard getting 1 finger in. I've got 3, let's see how many she can take."

"Let's see how well she sucks pussy," Donna grinned, feeding her big tits to Drusilla.

Drusilla sucked on Donna's nipples like she was starving, going from one to the other. Dru loved the taste of her sisters tits. Dru licked, sucked, then started biting the hard nipples. With some effort Diana now had 4 fingers in Drusilla's tight cunt.

"Oh yeah," Donna gasped, "Bite my nipples! Oh yes! Harder! Bite them!"

"Oooooooo!" Dru shudderd, cumming again, "Finger fuck me! More! Fuck me! Ooooooaaaa! Make me take your whole hand!"

Donna straddled the younger girls face. Dru licked her lips at the sight of her sisters hairless pussy. Drusilla attacked Donna's pussy with her tongue. Pointing her tongue Dru stabbed it into her sisters hot pussy, tonguefuckng her before licking up and down the moist folds, sucking on the big clit.

Drusilla let out a scream of both pleasure and pain as Diana finally got her whole hand into her pussy and started fucking her! Drusilla loved it! Donna picked up a multi tailed whip.

"AAAAAAA! It hurts!" Drusilla screamed, "Harder! Fist fuck me! Fist me! Aaaahhhh! I'm cumming! Harder! Ooooooo!"

"Eat my pussy bitch," Donna ordered, whipping her sisters tits.

The whip landed on her tits again and again as Dru eagerly sucked her sisters tasty pussy. Her own fingers continued to pump in and out of her ass, Diana's hand was indeed now a fist pumping her, pain becoming pleasure.

"Aaaahhh! Athena save me, she's a good pussy licker," Donna gasped, "Oh yes! Yes! Aaaaaaaa! She's making me cum! Cummmmmmm!"

Drusilla thirstily drank Donna's pussy juice lapping up every drop. Drusilla thrashed as yet another orgasm rocked her causing her to scream in pleasure! Diana withdrew her hand, licking Dru's delicious juices, Donna joined her, loving the taste. This was followed by 3-way tongue kissing.

"I love my new sisters," Drusilla moaned, "Please, more, please."

"She needs more," Donna beamed.

"Whipping, a good whipping," Diana leered, "But first, I need to pee. Open your mouth slut!"

"Yes, yes, yes," Drusilla panted, "Pee in my mouth! Please! I want to drink your hot pee! Pee in my mouth!"

Drusilla opened her mouth as wide as she could, tongue out. Diana now straddled her pretty face spreading her pussy lips. The stream hit Dru's open mouth, she savored the taste drinking it as fast as she could.

"Oh, that looks so hot," Donna roughly kneaded her own tits, digging her nails into her own tit flesh, "Such a nasty girl."

"Yes, drink it sister," Diana ordered, "Drink it! Oh yeah."

Drusilla tried, swallowing as fast as she could, but she couldn't drink it all. Some splashed on her face, some on her tits. The stream of delicious pee slowed, then sputtered to a stop. Donna attacked her older sisters pussy, greedily lapping up the leftover drops of Diana's pee.

Drusilla was not going to be left out. The only hole she could get to from her position was Donna's asshole. Dru loved asshole and attacked with her tongue. Dru licked all around, rimming Donna's hot anus, driving her tongue into the puckered ring. Donna loved being rimmed as she ate Diana's sweet pussy.

Pointing her tongue Drusilla doubled her efforts, penetrating Donna's asshole as far as she could, tongue fucking the tart, but tasty asshole. Licking up and down, then flicking her tongue on Diana's big clit Donna could feel her sister tese as neared orgasm. Diana was biting her lip, a slight trickle of blood ran down.

"Yes! Suck me," Diana cried out, unable to hold back anymore from her sisters talented tongue, "Aaaaaaahhh! Suck me! I'm cumming! Aaaaaiiiiiieeee!"

"Oooooooo," Donna moaned as she experianced a small cum of her own from Drusilla's expert rimming.

Donna and Dru soul kissed, Donna tasting her own delicious ass. Donna then started the droplets of pee from Dru's face all the way down to her tits. Diana prepaired some chains that came from the ceiling. Donna uncuffed Dru and led her over to the chains. Diana sucked on the fingers Dru had been fucking her ass with.

Donna and Diana the strapped soft, fur-lined cuffs on Drusilla's wrists and ankles. Wrists cuffed together, arms stretched high overhead forced Dru to her tiptoes. Taking 2 other chains to her ankles, Dru's legs were spread wide and then raised until her ankles were the same height as her wrists. The 'star' position! Every part of Dru's body was vulnerable to the whip.

"Oh, I love it," Dru moaned.

"So hot," Diana rubbed Dru's pussy, "She's so helpless."

"Think we should let her go?" Donna asked.

"NO!" Dru protested.

"Just teasing," Donna laughed as the 2 sisters picked up mult tailed whips.

"Beg for it little sister," Diana smiled.

"Please," Drusilla pleaded, "Please whip me! I want to be whipped! Please! I want to be whipped!"

Diana and Donna complied, whipping their hot willing teen sister. The whips land on her ass, her pussy, across her titties, right in between her spread legs into her pussy and anus. Drusilla loved the whipping right from the very first lash!

'Whip me!" Dru begged, her whole body quivering in pleasure, "Harder! Whip me! Aaaaaaahhhh! More! More! Oooo please, harder! Whip me! Cumming! Iiiiiiiieeeee!"

Dru nearly passed out she came so hard. Panting in her chains she still wanted more. Fucking and sucking was great, but she needed pain to really get off! Diana and Donna shared a knowing glance, both of them had the same 'whip lust'.

"Let's try the paddles," Diana smiled," Make her nice and pink."

"Great idea," Donna replied, picking up a foot long leather paddle, "Give her a good beating!"

"Yes, yes, beat me," Dru begged, "Punish me! Make me cum!"

The paddles hurt more than the whips, but Dru was clearly getting her cookies as her sisters beat her. The paddles indeed started turning her pale flesh pink spurring the amazons to whip her harder. Drusilla screamed in pleasure as she begged for more and more!

"AAAAAAA!" Dru screamed, "Beat me! Beat me, beat me, beat me! Aaaaiiiieiee! Harder! Oooooooaaaaa! Beat me! More! Aaaaaaaa! I'm cumming! OOOOOOOO!"

Drusilla came hard and did pass out for a few moments. As her senses returned Dru felt herself being released. Unable to stand her sisters supported her, carrying her back to the couch.

"Rest for a few minutes little one," Diana kissed her gently.

"How did you like it?" Donna asked, gently caressing and kissing her body.

"I loved it," Drusilla moaned.

"Rest," Diana kissed her eyes, then her lips.

"My turn," Donna smiled, holding her arms out for the cuffs.

End of Part 2:


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