The Amazon is degraded and humiliated.

Wonder Woman - Jennifer Love Hewitt
Circe - Eliza Dushku
Hippolyta - Elizabeth Hurley

Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman Is Enslaved (MF,anal,BDSM,ncon)
by Dark Cloud ([email protected])

Ares, the God of war, sat silently brooding as he listened to the woman detail her plan again. He did not like having to share time with her let alone listen to her, after all she was a mere female and not worthy of an audience with him. But yet, he pursed his lips and was silent for what the woman offered his was ultimately worth it. He half closed his eyes as she droned on and allowed himself a glimpse into his future and a cruel smile formed at the thought of Queen Hippolyta and her daughter Diana (Wonder Woman) kneeling, naked and collared at his feet, his slaves for the rest of eternity. Yes, that thought pleased him. In fact it did more than please him, it aroused him. The thought of those two strong Amazonians in bondage to him was his greatest wish and if the price of that was listening once more to Circe's self congratulatory rhetoric then so be it.

* * *

"You are such a pig Hercules, such a sexist pig, you know that, don't you?"

Princess Diana looked at her erstwhile rival and foe with disdain.

"Really is that the best you can do, challenge a mortal to a contest just to get inside her pants? Pathetic?"

Hercules smirked at Wonder Woman, admiring her figure and the flare of her nostril, she was damned sexy when she was angry. His answer was unusually measured and thought out for the son of Zeus.

"T'was a fair challenge, the woman took umbrage at my tone and my claims and I challenged her. 'Tis not my fault if she is ill equipped to back up her claims. I do not see what this matter has to do with you fair Princess of the Amazons."

Dina snorted, he was such an oaf.

"You are a god. She is a mortal, A mortal that has accepted your challenge to a contest to which you have added the forfeit that the loser must act as the winners slave for the day. It is an unbalanced contest and you know it. You are abusing your position, she does not stand a chance."

Hercules smiled, knowing the words were correct.

"Be that as it may Amazon, she accepted and I mean to keep her to her word and you can be sure her days slavery shall be well used between and betwixt my thighs!"

Diana curled her lips in disgust at Hercules' base comment. He really was a misogynist and Diana hated that he seemed so obsessed about sex and would abuse his power to take this mortal woman in this fashion. She looked at the woman foolish enough to have answered his challenge. She was a slight blonde, blue eyes ablaze with defiance against the bearded god. But her anger would not do her much use in any contest Hercules agreed to and Diana was sickened at the though of the woman being sexually used and abused by him. It was perhaps fate, she mused that she should have come across this scene at this moment, hopefully in time enough to save the young woman and embarrass the big oaf one more time.

"Defeating a mortal woman shows you as nothing more than a craven coward Hercules. If it is a true test of strength or speed or power then let me take the bet from her. And perhaps when I win it is you that shall be spending your time busy between a pair of strong thighs!"

Hercules made a derogatory noise with his lips at that thought but seemed to consider it a moment.

"It hardly seems a fair trade for my original deal. I'll accept if you agree to be my slave for 30 days Wonder Woman but if you somehow win the mortal only gets me for one day. Those are my terms, do you accept?"

Diana had bested Hercules countless times in the past in all manner of contests, some light hearted some far less so and was supremely confident of her victory.

"I accept Hercules and it is you that shall find yourself at the behest of this mortal woman and perhaps then you shall learn some manners!"

The woman who had caused this ran to Wonder Woman and hugged her side.

"Thank you Princess, thank you, I just know you can show that big oaf what a fool he is. "

And with that the slight blonde stretched up and planted a kiss right on Wonder Woman's lips. It surprised her and took her aback but even worse (though she knew it not) the woman's lipstick was imbued with a rare herb that served to dull the sense of the gods for a short period of time.

All that remained as Hercules glared at both women was to set the challenge and Diana was certainly surprised when he offered his suggestion.

"I propose a three round contest Diana. First round shall be arm wrestling. Second shall be a Greco Roman knuckle lock contest. The third, should it be required shall be a race over 26 miles. Whomever wins two shall be the winner of the contest."

The Princess stared incredulously at him, no wonder, hadn't she beaten him in arm wrestling just over a month ago? And a race, that is one contest that would never be in doubt she was far faster than the huge demi-god. Still not believing her luck she could not wait to answer in the affirmative.

With little further discussion they found a nearby picnic bench and took up position opposite each other and went to lock up their arms. The blonde went with them, her interest apparent in the contest she had ignited. She gave a wicked, hidden smile as she saw beads of unwarranted perspiration appear on Wonder Woman's forehead while her eyes seemed to struggle to keep their focus, the drug was evidently working. Hercules saw it too and smiled large as he confidently proffered his arm and hand for his foe to grab. He was looking forward to this, that bitch had humiliated him plenty of times previously, well this was where she really got it back in spades!

Diana was hot and flustered, she flushed and wondered what was wrong as she lifted her own hand up to be engulfed by Hercules' giant paw. But something was wrong, every time before when she had locked up with him her steel like fingers had gripped into his hand and amply demonstrated her power, this time it was his fingers crushing hers and she even winced from it before he laid off and settled his elbow. But when they took up the strain hope flourished for her as she flexed her muscles she kept at least even with him if not getting slightly the better. But he was just playing with her, trying to mask his great advantage, he didn't want her to suspect anything yet. Slowly, ever so slowly he started to push her arm further and further over before with a grunt of effort he slammed the back of her hand flat against the wooden table before grinning across at her.

"One to me I do believe, and in a few short minutes you'll be on your knees before me Wonder Woman!"

She knew his double meaning. Next they would lock both their hands and try to force the other to their knees, and this was the challenge she had been most worried about! And she couldn't afford to lose it! And she felt like hell!

Her blonde supporter came to her side and kissed her good luck again, Diana never realising that she had just sealed her fate. The knuckle lock challenge was a simple victory for Hercules. Seconds after they had locked fingers he had forced Diana to her knees before him with her imploring him to release his grip lest he break her fingers. He was tempted to as well, but eventually he relented and she knelt there on the verge of tears at her pathetic display. Standing over her, crowing Hercules told her how things would be.

"You have lost 'Wonder Woman'" his words dripping with irony as he called her by her earth bound codename.

"You have lost and by the terms of our challenge you must submit to become my slave for 30 days. Come, daughter of Hippolyta show me your acceptance by stooping your unworthy head and kissing my foot, show the world you are my slave!"

She was a woman of honour and as far as she was concerned she had lost fairly. The humiliation of loss made her think that perhaps she deserved this fate and she reluctantly did as she had been told and puckered her lips and kissed Hercules' leather boot. Then his powerful hand reached down and grabbed her by her long, dark hair and pulled her head up so it was level with his waist. She could not help but look at the erection his dominance over her had given him. He made no comment as he plucked her golden tiara from her head and tossed it aside.

"You can take the rest off slave, everything, your clothes and your bracelets, everything!"

Even though she had suspected as much of him she was still shocked by his command. She realised that her humiliation at losing to him would only be the tip of the iceberg. She was still weak, of mind and body and she did what he demanded, knowing that it was her own damned fault for losing. For his part his grin just got wider and wider as he watch the Amazon strip naked for him, her special bracelets the last things to leave her.

"Good slave. Drop to your knees" he surely enjoyed dominating women.

She did as he asked and he walked behind her. Unseen to her the blonde woman handed him a gold collar which he then slipped over Diana's head and locked in place around her neck. It felt like she had been shot with a bolt of lightening and when she recovered from the shock and looked up she could not believe what she was seeing. The blonde woman that she had come to the aid of, that she had championed was transforming before her very eyes. Morphing in a cloud of dark, billowing smoke and when it blew away there stood Circe!

Diana recoiled at the sight, rubbing her eyes in disbelief. What mischief was at work here? Why was her beautiful arch enemy here and what role did the wicked sorceress have to play in what she was sensing had been a set up.

"Circe!? What evil is this? What are you doing here?"

Circe smirked and flounced towards the kneeling Amazon and playfully stoked her chin.

"Why Princess Diana how well you suit your new position, collared and kneeling before me. I sense you're trying to stand, you'll be puzzled as to why you can't. It's all because of this lovely, shiny collar you now sport. It's what I like to call an 'obedience collar'. It lets me completely control the actions of its wearer while allowing them there own mind and thoughts. I think a demonstration is in order. I want you to crawl over her and grovel and beg at my feet to kiss my ass."

The thought turned Diana's mind. But to her growing horror she found her body responding to Circe's instructions and crawling on hands and knees towards the witch as Hercules watched. With every ounce of concentration she tried to stop her progress but Circe's magic was too strong and inexorably she crawled to her fate. She knelt before Circe and laid her forehead on the ground at her feet and pleaded to kiss her ass.

"Please Mistress Circe, please let me kiss your ass. Please I beseech you!"

Circe smiled as she lifted her gown and presented her gorgeous ass to her and commanded Diana to her knees and Wonder Woman submissively laid a kiss right on Circe's bum cheeks.

"An effective demonstration Wonder Woman, wouldn't you say? Now, Hercules you have an hour then I shall be back for her. Do with her as you will but do not touch her anus, that I am saving for another."

And with that Circe vanished in a tumult of cloud and smoke.

A massively powerful hand gripped Diana's hair and physically lifted her by it, as she felt the roots tear from her scalp as Hercules deep voice spoke.

"With me wonder wench, I've waited a long time for this!"

Princess Diana's mind burned with frustration, her conscious mind was curbed and she felt impotent, powerless whereas before she had the strength of the gods now she felt enfeebled physically. Something that Hercules was determined to take advantage of.

Their contest had taken place in a large field in the country outside the city and he dragged her by her hair, like a conquering caveman towards a barn, once inside he threw Diana's naked form atop a pile of hay and watched as she squirmed onto her front to cover her exposed breasts and pussy. He let her, there were other angles he was more interested in. He ripped his loin cloth off to reveal his hardening member and gave a wicked smile as he approached her from behind.

Wonder Woman squirmed on the straw and hay, wincing as the sharp ends jabbed against her naked flesh. It was unusual, she was not used to feeling any pain at all unless she was attacked by hugely powerful weapons and to be uncomfortable from such trifling things as the ends of straw was of great concern to her. She suddenly felt mortal and it was not an enjoyable sensation. That trifling inconvenience was quickly forgotten though when she felt the thud of Hercules dropping to his knees behind her and then her legs being pulled apart and the touch of his hairy thighs between her own inner thighs.

"I've waited a long time for this Wonder Bitch!" he spat with considerable venom, "All those times you've bested me, made a fool out of me, they were all worth just for this moment!"

And with that he lunged forward and impaled the Amazon Princess on his cock.


Diana groaned as she was speared on his meat pole, it was so large that she felt every single inch of it as it pushed inside her, filling her up as it entered. She bit down on her bottom lips, still determined not to give the big bastard the satisfaction of breaking her, mortal or not. But she was relatively dry and it was sore as he withdrew only to slam in again, his balls smacking noisily against her ass cheeks.

"Uh God!"

She moaned as she increased his pace and grabbed her long black hair and held onto it like reins on an animal as he fucked her.

"Yes I am a God bitch and you'll remember it from now on! You'll learn your place bitch! You are nothing to Hercules!"

The constant rocking backwards and forwards on the straw was irritating Diana more and more and that was only added to as the son of Zeus reached his huge hands under her body, cupped her ample breasts and began to roughly kneed and pinch them as he continued to fuck her.

Diana groaned at his hands work, Hercules eventually settled his fingers on her large nipples and began playing with them, twisting, pinching, pulling them all to higher and sensations from the helpless Amazon Princess. Her teeth were sliding off her lip and she realised she could no longer hide her tenderness.

"Aaargh! You bastard!. Fuck off! Get the fuck off me!"

Hercules just snorted and fucked her all the harder, scraping her across the duty floor of the barn until her face was inches from a rather large, fresh looking (and smelling) pile of steaming horse shit. There were animals in the barn, some were watching the coupling with interest, some unconcerned but all looked up as Hercules grabbed at Diana's hair and slowly forced her face down toward the shit until it was millimetres above it.

"Smell that Wonder Woman, that's what you are to me, a piece of shit. Nothing more than fuck meat to me, your days of challenging me are over, you've found your rightful place."


But the Princess's defiance was empty she knew that unless Circe's evil magic was reversed she was as helpless as a babe in arms and this bastard would only be the first to prove it. She had plenty enemies that would like to get hold of her in this condition.

With a deep laugh Hercules gave his foes head a final push right into the shit, holding it there and rubbing it in while he continued to fuck her. Only when he felt his own juices rise did he relent and her face emerged, brown and dirty, coughing and crying as Hercules pulled out of her, dragged her to her knees then towered over her and fired a huge load of his sperm all over her messed up face. And what a load it was! His monster member spewed the cum out at a ferocious speed, splattering the Amazon's face and continuing to pump his seed all over her features. When it finally subsided Diana was a hell of a mess the white trails that lashed vertically on her face from her hair to her chin mixed with the brown gunk to really obliterate her normally perfect, Goddess like features. She knelt there blinded with cum and tried, desperately not to sob. She was an Amazon and she would never give this beast the satisfaction.

But her face was about to get wet as unseen to the temporarily blinded Wonder Woman, Hercules heaved up a large bucket of water and unceremoniously dumped it over the shocked head and shoulders of the Amazon!

She gave an involuntary little shriek of surprise as the cold water hit her but was soon grateful as she used it to somewhat wipe her face. But as her vision returned she began to wish it hadn't as she was met with the sight of Hecules's dick swollen and hard again. He grinned at her before slapping it contemptuously on her face before ramming it into her mouth. This was no blow job, no oral sex, it was just about the misogynistic God's son face fucking his contemporary to further demonstrate her hopeless situation. He pistoned his dick in and out of Diana's mouth with reckless abandon, his balls slapping had on her chin with every thrust. In seconds his cock was pressing the back of her throat and he held it there, spearing her face on it until she began to choke and gag on it, spittle and saliva escape from her desperate mouth until he allowed her a small breath before ploughing on.

A horse was near them now, definitely watching the action intently as Diana's face was plunged into again and again until finally Hercules came again, this time climaxing in her mouth and she had to swallow the whole vile load. He pulled out and wiped his slippery, messy dick in her messed up hair before squeezing the last remainder onto her forehead. Before he could do any more the horse came even closer and as he glared at it it disappeared behind a cloud of black smoke. Once it dissipated Circe stood there grinning from ear to ear in a sexy purple outfit.

"Times up Herc, others want to play with the Princess!"

As the bearded Hercules made to complain that he had not received his full allocation of time Circe wielded Wonder Woman's lasso of truth and slipped it over Diana's neck in a knot and dragged her from the barn by it. Once in the open she took to the air with a choking, dangling, helpless Amazonian Princess hanging below her as they disappeared from sight.

Diana passed out as she was lifted higher into the sky by her own lasso and drifted into the relative bliss of complete unconsciousness...

* * *

She came round with another sudden explosion of icy cold water all over her face. She shook her head and looked up to find a smirking Circe standing over her with a (now empty) bucket.

"Come on sleepy head, we mustn't keep your new master waiting, must we? Come, crawl behind me."

Diana willed her body not to do it. She concentrated so hard on defying Circe's command, but it was hopeless as the Sorceress strolled forward Diana found herself moving on hands and knees behind her, following her into a large, torch lit chamber. And if things had been terrible for the Princess up to that point her heart sunk even lower when she looked up and saw Ares, God of War, sat smirking at her from a giant golden throne.

He cut quite the imposing figure even to Diana, who as Wonder Woman had battled all manner of monsters. In this form he was nearly seven feet tall, extremely muscular and though his hair was grey his body held the virility of youth. His face, though, held the anger of the furious and his smirk, now displayed, was a thing to fear. Circe walked Diana right up to the base of his massive throne then stood beside him leaving Diana exposed and feeling even more helpless.

Ares was bereft of much of his armour but still cut a fearsome figure, especially now that Diana had been so enfeebled . She looked up and he could see she was a broken woman, a pale shadow of the Amazon warrior that had thwarted him so many times. He got off his throne and stood over her, lifting her face up by yanking on her hair as he kicked off his gold sandals.

"My feet are dirty woman, you will clean them with your tongue!"

The collar compelled Wonder Woman to obey and as her mind cringed she stretched herself forward and down and took Ares' toes into her mouth in one go and began to suck on them. After a few moments he spoke again.

"Be sure, wench, to clean between the toes. I have been much busy today and the sweat and grime needs a thorough clean."

Diana popped his foot from her mouth and began to suck and lick each toe individually as instructed cleaning in every nook and cranny of his heavy foot.

"On your back female, so that you may concentrate on the soles."

She obeyed him instantly after he spoke once his toes were finished. She turned over and lay flat on the stone floor as he placed his foot directly over her face, pressing it down onto her nose and lips. Wonder Woman lay on her back and licked and sucked Ares soles. They were dirty, grimy and sweaty with the detritus of the day and it was no pleasant task for Diana, her mind recoiled with each exertion but she could not regain control of her functions and continued her debasement without pause. And being this physically submissive to Ares was a debasement for the Amazonian Princess, he represented everything she opposed and deplored; war, intolerance, anger and rage.

"Enough! Roll over slave and present your backside to me!"

Inwardly Diana cringed as her body obeyed immediately and she rolled over onto her hands and knees and lowered her head while stretching her ass up towards Ares. From the corner of her eye she could see Circe smirking at Wonder Woman's subservience.

"Open yourself for me, let us gaze upon your hole, let me see how narrow and tight it undoubtedly is. Someone like you would never allow and anal invasion, would they?"

Ares question was rhetorical, all present knew the answer - Wonder Woman would never normally contemplate anal sex. And yet there was something so natural about the way she reached her athletic arms back and grasped the taut flesh of her ass cheeks and parted them to display her puckered, little anus to the God. As she held the position Circe moved towards Ares and undid his leather belt and pulled his tunic off to leave him naked over Diana. His arousal was unmistakable, a huge, godly penis jutting out obscenely at right angles to his body. It was 10" at least and thick as well and Circe rubbed it and giggled as she looked down at poor Princess Diana, kneeling there holding her arsehole open for this monster.

"You'll tear that stuck up prissy Superhero apart my Lord, and not before time!"

"That was the intention dear Circe, that was the intention."

The God of War dropped to his knees and gripped Wonder Woman around the hips and positioned his throbbing purple bell end at the tight entrance to her ass. Diana gave one last enormous mental effort to regain control of her faculties but it was as useless as ever and while her mind was repulsed her body did it's best to accommodate the misogynist bastard that was about to anally fuck her. Feeling him enter her was just the worst for Diana, she could feel her tight hole spreading itself to it's limits as he pushed the end of his cock inside her. Then once it was in her asshole bulged as he forced himself forward, impaling the raven haired Goddess on his dick and slowly started to ass fuck her. As he did so Circe was playing with Diana's golden lasso and she got the idea to loop around her hands before stepping over Diana's back and hooked it under her chin and choking her with it while she was anally violated.

They continued like that for some time, Ares slowly increasing his rate as he ploughed his monster dick in to Diana while Circe tormented her with the lasso that had been Wonder Woman's saviour on so many occasions. Circe leaned forward to hiss with great glee in the Amazon's ear.

"Believe me Princess he can keep that erection for days if he so desires, by the time he's done with you will be wrecked!"

And then all of a sudden the dynamic in the room changed. Striding into the throne room came Hippolyta, Diana's mother, and Queen of the Amazon's. Her face expressed her outrage perfectly but her movement towards the copulating threesome before her was halted by an invisible wall Circe summoned up to stop her. Ares looked up and smiled, keeping his monster dick balls deep within Hippolyta's daughter's asshole. The Queen was just like an older version of her daughter in looks and build but she carried herself regally even when faced with this abhorrent scene.

"Ares! You will desist that assault immediately!"

Ares grinned up at her and continued to push forward as he replied.

"Hippolyta! How kind of you to accept my invitation. But I am afraid as to stopping fucking your lovely daughter I must regrettably reject the notion. I intend to fuck her until I break her. And there is only one person with the power to prevent it happening - you!"

This hardly surprised the Queen of The Amazons. Ares and her had feuded for centuries and their hatred for one another was legendary. She had expected this when her spies informed her of her daughter's perilous plight, she was already resigned to an unsatisfactory deal being offered to her. But nonetheless she humoured the God.

"Oh Ares? And how might that be?"

"Simple Queen Hippolyta. This collar that this slut wears makes her my mindless, willing sex slave. All you have to do to release your beloved daughter from this bondage is to agree to wear it in her stead.. Why should I settle for a mere Princess when I can have the Queen of the Amazons as my slave?"

She had expected nothing less from the bastard and the galling thing was she knew she could do nothing else but comply. How could she leave Diana to the fate that bastard would put her through? No mother could, despite the awful fate that would await her. At least she would know her daughter had been saved and she knew that Diana would find some way to save her.

"I agree. Now release my daughter. You may take me in her stead."

Circe cackled at her foes surrender and butted it before Ares could speak.

"Then take your regal clothes off bitch, take them all off and stand naked before us. You have no possessions now, you are the lowliest slave in the universe! And kneel, kneel before you new master!"

"Very well, but know this, you will pay for this Circe. You will pay dearly."

In her mind Diana was thinking the same and also trying to convey to her mother not to make this sacrifice. It was Diana's own fault she was in this mess her mother should not have to bail her out. But again she was powerless to convey this and had to watch helpless as the Queen disrobed completely, exposing her powerless yet sexy body to them all and then with dignity dropping, submissively to her knees as Ares finally pulled his dick from Diana's arsehole.

"Circe, remove the collar from the Princess and attach it to the Queen."

If either Amazon harboured hopes of an escape at that swap over point they were quickly dashed. Circe's magic removed the collar from Wonder Woman and in the blink of an eye it was around Hippolyta's slender neck, immediately taking her under it's complete control. Diana felt the first stirrings of her powers returning but she was too weak from all she had endured and dropped feebly on her face for the moment. Circe seized the moment and choked her into unconsciousness with the lasso as Ares had eyes only for his newest prize.

"Now Queen, your daughters ass seems to have left quite the mess on my cock. Your first action as my slave will be to clean it up!"

And with that Ares proffered his messy, erect cock to Hippolyta's lips and as hard as she tried to stop herself she could not prevent her mouth opening and her starting to lick and suck him. It was vile and Hippolyta cursed to herself as she could not stop herself. But things were about to get even worse for the Amazons. Circe appeared with a second collar and easily slipped it around the unconscious Diana's neck. She smiled at ares as he enjoyed his messy blow job.

"It was a good ploy, My lord, do you not think, to let these fools believe I had only the one of these devices?"

Hippolyta glared at their subterfuge, her sacrifice had been for nothing, she could have cried as she watched her beloved daughter once again enslaved by that witch Circe.

"Yes Circe, that is two Amazon whores under our control, I want the one called Donna Troy next then Wonder Girl. I want this Harem of Whores in place before the week is out!"

Circe smirked as she agreed with him.

"Yes My Lord. In fact this bitch (pulling Diana up by her hair) has her first Super Client this very evening."

She looked into Diana's blinking, weak eyes.

"You'll know her Wonder Woman (the name a mockery now), Barbara Ann Minerva, the Cheetah. She just can't wait to get her claws into you!"

"Make sure she is not too badly marked, I believe Grodd wants a day with her tomorrow and god knows what he's got planned!"

Diana's mind recoiled at this latest devastating revelation. It appeared she was to be reduced to nothing more than a prostitute for Circe and Ares to pimp out to super villians. She looked over at her mother and saw the fear in her eyes too but not for long as Ares removed his dick from Hippolyta's mouth and pushed her onto her back, spreading her legs.

"I've waited a long time for this Queen, a long, long time...."

* * *


Diana Prince was back in her Wonder Woman uniform that normally gave her so much of her confidence and courage. But not now. And not here. The bright blue tight shorts were there, the red bodice glittering with stars was on her and the starred head dress adorned her raven hair regally but this was no longer Wonder Woman and both women in the bedroom knew it as they stared at each other across the room.

The Cheetah smiled as she spoke and sat down opening her legs as wide as she could once she was seated.

"Get on your knees and crawl over here Wonder Woman. Crawl like the snivelling little bitch you are! Crawl over her and worship me like the Goddess I am! Crawl over her and stick your pathetic, ugly face between my legs and lick me Wonder Woman! Lick to climax!"

Diana dropped obediently to her knees and it was the greatest sight Barbara Ann Minerva had ever seen to watch her arch enemy crawl submissively towards her hot, wet snatch. And it was wet, sopping even onto the material of the seat. She was dripping wet and knew it would only take a few flicks of the Amazon's tongue before she sprayed her with her hot, love juices. Oh this was too good!

For Wonder Woman it was the first day in the rest of her life, her life as Wonder Whore!



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