Yellow Team - Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place)
Yellow Team - Sabrina Bryan (Cheetah Girls)
Red Team - Brenda Song (Suite Life of Zack and Cody)
Red Team - Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (Hannah Montana, Camp Rock)
Blue Team - Alyson Stoner (Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Mike's Super Short
Show, Camp Rock)
Blue Team - Demi Lovato (As the Bell Rings, Camp Rock)

Disney Channel Games: Part 1 - Opening Day And Endurance Event...
by Hamster ([email protected])

The girls of the Disney Channel entered the darkened gymnasium representing
different teams but with the same goals in mind. They all wanted to avoid
looking stupid. So they turned to the Shadowy 'Coach'. The Coach promised
them that if they completed his training program that they'd all be able to
compete in the DC games at a level that would make them legends. Inside the
darkened gym, when the door finally closed after the last of the girls
finally entered, a remote-controlled mechanized lock sealed them in.

"What the hell?" Selena Gomez cried.

"For the duration of your training, in my intense 2-week program, you will
all be locked in the gym." Said a voice over a P.A. system.

"Hey that's not right!" Alyson Stoner protested.

"Shut the fuck up! All of you wanted an edge and I'm gonna give you that
edge. Now quit your whining. Let me introduce you to my two assistant
coaches, Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdale." The coach said over the P.A. All
the girls turned to see the familiar faces of their fellow Disney Channel
actresses enter the gym from a door to an adjacent building. They were both
wearing black and white zebra-striped referee uniforms, except they wore
shorts instead of pants. "Miley and Ashley are going to help get you guys in
the right shape for the games. First things first, the endurance training.
For this phase of your training I am going to need you to strip."

"Is that necessary?" Sabrina Bryan asked in wide-eyed bewilderment.

"Yes it is, now don't argue!" Miley said as she slapped Sabrina across the

"EEEP!!" Sabrina cried.

All the girls new the coach meant business so they began removing their DC
Games uniforms until they all stood in their naked glory. Demi Lovato cast an
appreciative glance or two at Selena's naked body.

"OK Miley string 'em up and Ashley, get the 'training aides'." The coach

Cuffs attached to chains were lowered from the ceiling by a pulley. Miley
went ahead and cuffed each of the slightly nervous girls while Ashley
retrieved a case. While Miley went ahead and made sure that the chains were
forced the girls on their tip-toes, Ashley withdrew 5 vibrators and began
oiling them all up.

"HOLY SHIT!" Brenda Song exclaimed.

"Indeed, for the purposes of your training you will be asked to compete in
events as if you were really in the DC Games. Trust me after I'm done with
you, anything Disney Channel throws at you will be a breeze. The rules for
this first game are simple. You will all have vibrators stuffed in your
pussys. The girl who holds out longest without cumming wins. As added
incentive the first girl to cumm gets spanked by my two associates. All
right ladies insert the 'training aides'." The coach ordered.

None of the competitors were aware that they were being filmed on webcam
and that the competition was being broadcast to thousands of pay-per-view

Sabrina was first.

"No, please!" Sabrina begged pitifully.

She gasped as Miley gave her a mocking slammed the vibrator into her pussy.

Selena made no protest but winced slightly as Ashley violently pushed a vibe
up in her cunt.

Miley approached Brenda next.

"NO WAIT!" Begged Brenda.

"Yes wait." Ashley said to Miley's surprise.

"What?" Miley demanded.

"I want to do her myself." Ashley clarified with a wink.

Ashley grabbed the back of Brenda's head and stared in her eyes.

"Damm how I've been wanting to do this for such a long time." Ashley said.
Brenda stared back at her cast mate in disbelief. Ashley leaned forward and
whispered in Brenda's ear. "I got you a special one. It's much bigger than
the others AND it vibrates at a much higher speed."

Brenda squealed as the vibrator was driven into her pussy. A single tear
rolled down her cheek as the un-lubed monstrosity that Ashley chose.

Alyson Stoner was next, she was resigned to her fate and merely bit her lower
lip as she was penetrated. Demi Lovato licked her lips and smiled.

"Bring it on bitch." Demi said to Ashley challengingly.

Ashley smiled before impaling Demi with the dildo.

Anna Maria Perez de Tagle was Miley's co-star on Hannah Montana. Almost
anyways, Anna had a small role as an annoying bitch who gave Miley a hard
time. Now it was Miley's turn to give Anna a hard time.

"No please..." Anna begged.

"Sorry what was that?" Asked Miley, as she held a hand to her ear, faking
deafness. Ashley shoved the dildo into Anna and met resistance. "Oh shit
she's a virgin!!!!"

Miley laughed as she ripped through the girl's delicate virginity. Anna cried
out miserably. She had been saving herself for the man she would fall in love
with! She couldn't believe it, her virginity was stolen by freaking Hannah

Miley and Ashley quickly flicked on each girl's dildo. Each girl began
moaning and sweating. From coast to coast viewers stared at the naked women
writhing in their bonds. Brenda was having the hardest time. She bit her lip
as she tried to fight off her urge to cum. Ashley stepped up and got nose to
nose with her co-star.

"Come on Brenda just give in, stop fighting it." Ashley taunted.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!" Everyone turned in the direction of Sabrina Bryan
who was in the throws of her orgasm.

"FUCK!" Ashley shouted, clearly disappointed it wasn't Brenda who gave in

Not long after Sabrina's orgasm, Alyson began cumming wildly. Anna Maria
threw her head back and wailed with pleasure her breasts heaved wildly. At
this point Selena Gomez started cumming louder and more wildly than all the
others all together. Demi watched Selena scream and thrash and was so turned
on by the sight that she couldn't help but cum herself. Finally Brenda gave
Ashley a victorious smile before she gave in and began cumming.

exaggerated enthusiasm. Ashley shook her head in annoyed disgust.

"And Brenda Song is our first winner." Announced the coach.

Ashley began swearing. Miley began unfastening everyone's handcuffs. One by
one they all crashed to the ground. All, that is, except poor Sabrina.

"Ok girls put your uniforms back on and follow me." Miley ordered.

The rest of the girls did as instructed. Selena gave her teammate a sad wave
before they all left her alone with a very pissed Ashley. The girls were
escorted to the adjacent building where they immediately entered a hall.
Miley then led them to a shower. Naturally cameras were set up in the shower
as well all for the courtesy of the horny pay-per-view customers as well as
the mysterious 'Coach'. Once they were all showered up they were escorted to
their dorm. It was a large room with six bunks and six lockers.

"There's no blankets." Alyson protested.

"Yeah well this aint the Tipton, honey. You can huddle with your teammate for
warmth if you want. Now get some sleep cuz you'll need it." Miley said before
locking them in the dorm for the night.

Demi got up and hopped on Alyson's cot with her.

"What the hell are you doing?" Alyson demanded.

"Sorry but I don't want to freeze to death tonight, do you?" Demi asked.

"Uh you're right, OK fine." Alyson said.

Brenda climbed in bed with Anna. Selena, whose teammate was not present, was
all alone. Demi looked over in Selena's direction and beckoned her over.

"Hey you can join us here, no reason for you to be cold." Demi said.

Demi felt an electric thrill when Selena snuggled in between her and Alyson.
This may be fun, Demi thought.

Anna who was huddled up with Brenda was lost in thought. She'd always
promised herself she'd save her cherry for the man she'd marry, for her first
true love. But Miley Cyrus was the one who popped her cherry, did that mean
Miley was her one true over?

Back in the gym Ashley had just finished forcing Sabrina to lick all of the
dildos clean.

"Nice to see you're putting her to good use." Miley said approvingly as a
tearful Sabrina licked the sex juices from the last of the vibrators. "Save
the tears baby, you're gonna need them."

"All right punish the loser." The coach ordered over the PA.

"My pleasure." Said Ashley who went to a locker to retrieve some paddles.

"No wait!" Begged Sabrina.

Miley grabbed Sabrina's tits and squeezed them hard.

"OUCH!" Cried Sabrina.

"Shut up will you." Miley said.

"Here ya go, we can take turns." Ashley said as she handed Miley a paddle.

Ashley got behind Sabrina and swung her paddle violently smacking in against
Sabrina's large round cheeks.


"EEEOUCH!!!" Sabrina cried.

"Dang girl you stressed out or something?" Miley asked with a smirk.


"NOOOO PLEASE" Sabrina begged.

"Hell yes I'm stressed out. I wanted to get my hands on Brenda dammit!"
Ashley complained as she gave Sabrina a particularly violent smack.

Miley switched places with Ashley and added a few more whacks to Sabrina's
already red and swollen ass.

"I'll tell you what, go grab your double headed strap-on and I'll pretend to
be Brenda, then you can just do to me whatever you had planned for her."
Suggested Miley.

"Really?!" Asked Ashley.

"Sure should be fun if you're that enthusiastic about it." Miley said.

"What about Sabrina?" Ashley asked.

Miley pushed her so that she swung on her binds.

"Oh she can just hang out." Miley laughed.

Miley stripped out of her uniform as Ashley did the same. Ashley went to
another locker where her double-headed strap-on was hidden. After pushing one
end of her dildo into her pussy she fastened the strap around her waist.
Miley got on her hands and knees so she could prepare to be mounted. Ashley
walked up behind Miley and then reached forward and grabbed a fistful of her
hair. Ashley used her free hand to guide the exposed end of her strap-on to
Miley's juicy pussy. Ashley pushed her dildo into Miley while violently
yanking back on her hair.

"FUCK YES BITCH! BRING IT ON!!!" Miley screamed.

Sabrina watched with a mixture of fascination, horror and desire as Miley was
violently fucked over and over while yelling for more the whole time. Thanks
to the nature of the double headed strap-on, Ashley could feel herself
fucking Miley.


Even Ashley was taken aback by Miley's rampant enthusiasm. But that didn't
stop her from slamming her dildo into girl's wet cunt as hard and fast as she
could. All Sabrina could do was watch as the girls had hot lesbian sex while
she hung there, feeling the burn in her sorely punished ass.

"Yes, Ashley, YES FUCK YES!!!" Miley cried as she came.

Ashley pumped her a few more times to work herself into her on orgasm. Once
she slid her strap-on out of Miley's pussy she cast a glance at Sabrina.

"What about her?" Ashley asked as she jerked a thumb back at the blonde.

"Who cares? She can just 'hang-out' all night, for all I care." Miley

The pair got up and went to their rooms, leaving Sabrina hanging from her

"Wait you can just leave me like this!" Sabrina protested vainly.

Ashley yawned and Miley giggled as they left Sabrina hanging while they went
to go talk to 'the Coach' about tommorrows events.


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