Yellow Team - Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place)
Yellow Team - Sabrina Bryan (Cheetah Girls)
Red Team - Brenda Song (Suite Life of Zack and Cody)
Red Team - Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (Hannah Montana, Camp Rock)
Blue Team - Alyson Stoner (Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Mike's Super Short
Show, Camp Rock)
Blue Team - Demi Lovato (As the Bell Rings, Camp Rock)

Disney Channel Games: Part 2 - More Than Strip Poker...
by Hamster ([email protected])

Miley and Ashley dragged the competitors (including a very tired and sore
Sabrina) out to a circular table that had been prepared for the days
competition. Miley attached a collar to each girl's neck while Miley handed
each girl an item that resembled a plastic egg with small silver bumps all
over it.

"Hello girls today we will be playing poker, strip-poker has been done to
death so I decided to try something new. Please drop your shorts." The coach
said over the PA.

The girls hesitated. Miley immediately slapped Alyson's ass. Alyson yelped in

"NOW!!!" Miley ordered.

All the competitors began stripping their shorts down to their ankles.

"Excellent now stick the eggs in your cunts and then pull your shorts back
up, make it snappy." Ordered the coach.

The girls did as they were told and shoved the eggs inside their pussys. They
had to take a few minutes to get used to having the things inside them.

"Ok girls now have a seat at the poker table." The coach ordered. They all
did as they were told. "Here are the rules. You will play poker. You all have
5 hands to win as many chips as you can. The two teammates whose combined
winnings are the greatest will win the challenge. The winner's eggs will then
vibrate until they cum. The girls with the fewest amount of chip's eggs will
then shock them. Sabrina deals first."

Everyone was feeling pretty panicked as Sabrina began to shuffle the cards
then deal. She dealt everyone their hands and the poker game began. They all
had a pool of thirty chips to play with. Each hand the red team of Anna and
Brenda was able to rake in chips leaving the other girls in the dust. This
was massive disappointment to Ashley Tisdale. By the last hand Demi and
Alyson's pool of chips were completely depleted.

"Oh what a shame. Miley, Ashley go ahead and activate their eggs." The coach

Miley pushed two buttons on her remote and Demi and Alyson both fell to the
ground and screamed as the eggs zapped their pussys. Miley laughed as the
girls writhed and squealed.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" The both cried as Miley shocked them at
random intervals.

Demi vision blurred the shocks were painful as they sizzled in her cunt but
they were also stimulating her and everyone noticed that her screams were
intermittently mixed with moans of pleasure. Miley's own pussy was getting
wet watching them. Once she felt they'd had enough Miley turned off the
remote for the last time and the two girls just flopped down and began to
pant exhaustedly.

Begrudgingly Ashley tore her eyes away from activated the vibrator setting
on Brenda and Anna's. These two girls also collapsed and also squealed in
pleasure as the eggs vibrated inside them. They pawed at their cunts through
their shorts, Brenda staring at Ashley and licking her lips as she did so.

"I'm gonna get you, you dirty slut." Ashley threatened menacingly.

Everyone watched intently as the girls thrashed and moaned and eventually
began to cum. Ashley sighed as she turned off Brenda and Anna's eggs. She
flipped Brenda's switch the other way and Brenda screamed as her pussy got

"Oops." Said Ashley innocently. "Slipped, my bad."

Brenda gave her a vicious look. Miley giggled. After a few minutes of Ashley
and Brenda staring each other down, the girls got up and began removing the
eggs from their pussy. Miley collected them all and set them on the table.

"Demi and Alyson, since you two lost, you have to lick them clean." Miley

Alyson reluctantly took an egg and made a face as she licked it. Demi lifted
an egg, she closed her eyes and ran her tongue all over it then licked her

"Mmm mmm mmm." She said.

Ashley and Miley both stared at her.

Later, in their bunks...

The girls were finished showering and were getting into their bunks after a
long day of physical exercising that followed their competition. The six
competitors began to get into their beds in pairs as they'd done the night
before, except this time, Demi stopped Sabrina and Selena.

"Wait. Mind if I switch partners with you?" Asked Demi.

Sabrina shrugged and went to go join Alyson. Selena gave Demi a smile.

"Is there a reason you wanted to bunk with me?" Selena asked.

Demi cuddled up next her. The two were now in the 'spooning' position, with
Selena's back against Demi's front.

"Yeah, I thought your hot little body would keep me warm." Said Demi.

Demi placed her hand on Selena's thigh and began rubbing it.

"So you like my body?" Asked Selena with faux innocence.

Demi's hand slid it's way up to Selena's hip and rested there. Demi nuzzled
her face against Selena's black mane of hair.

"Damm right I do." Demi replied.

Demi slipped her hand under the waistband of Selena's shorts.

"You gonna prove it?" Selena asked.

Selena gasped as Demi's fingers began rub her pussy. Demi's free hand came
around front of Selena's chest and Demi squeezed and massaged Selena's tit.
Demi kissed and nibbled at Selena's ear as she fingered the girl's cunt in
earnest. Selena grabbed Demi's hair as she cried out in pleasure. With her
free hand Selena pawed at her own tit roughly while keeping her eyes clamped
shut and moaning loud enough to draw the attention of ALL the other
competitors. Demi smiled as she lapped at the cum soaked cunt like a hungry
kitten. Anna nd Brenda were masturbating by this point and the other two
girls were trying to act like they weren't noticing.

"My turn to cum, sexy." Demi said as she lifted.

Demi stood and straddled Selena's face. Demi grabbed Selena's tits hard,
making poor selena squeel into her pussy. She quickly settled down and began
to eat out Demi's pussy while recieving a rough tit massage. While Anna and
Brenda masturbate in the background, Selena sucked down Demi's sweet


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