Drew Carey Show: A Love Of My Own Part 2 (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Kate sat in the living room in the apartment that she shared with her
husband, Drew Carey. At the moment, Drew Carey was sleeping on the couch.
Kate smiled. Drew looked so cute in his sleep. She loved this man more
than anything in this world. They'd been best friends for years until she
realized that the man she had been looking for had been right under her
nose all along. They became lovers a long time ago and eventually got

Recently, Drew Carey made a shocking confession to his wife. He was bisexual.
He had been that way all of his life. Kate didn't know how to take it. She
loved her husband. She wanted to have kids with him. She wanted them to have
a nice life together. How in hell could he be one of those? It was hard to
believe. Beer-drinking Drew Carey with the self-deprecating sense of humor
and the craving for sweets was bisexual. He liked men and women. Kate was
shocked. She never would have guessed. She remembered how Drew looked right
after he told her. He looked scared. At first, she thought it was a joke,
then she was mad. How in hell could he keep something like this a secret from
her? She loved him. She couldn't understand. Did that mean that she wasn't
enough for him? Kate began doing some research on bisexual men. She found out
a lot about them. Many bisexual men were married and had children but kept
their same-sex longings a secret from their wives. Some bisexual men were
cheaters. They cheated on their wives with both men and women. Some were
actually decent guys. They were complex, sure. They were also like all human
beings. Good, bad, and every shade in between. She realized that it must have
taken Drew a lot of courage to tell her. Obviously, he cared about her a lot.

Kate grew more understanding of Drew. She realized how tough life was for him
and others like him. The Gay world distrusted and rejected bisexuals. The
Straight world rejected bisexuals, especially bisexual men. Most heterosexual
men thought bisexual females were okay but felt threatened or disgusted by
bisexual men. As a result of that, most bisexual men kept their true nature
secret. Kate realized how lonely Drew must have been. She loved this man and
decided to make him happy. She knew that bisexual men had complex desires.
Some bisexual men liked women more than men. Others liked men more than
women. Some of them liked shemales. Some liked men, women and shemales. Kate
didn't know which category of bisexual man Drew fit under. She guessed that
he was versatile since he told her that he enjoyed fucking and getting
fucked. Obviously, he liked dick. She knew he liked pussy because he enjoyed
fucking hers. She wanted to find a way to completely satisfy his sexual
desires. She loved her man and there was no way that she was gonna leave him
unsatisfied in the bedroom. She knew that no matter how good a woman she was,
she would only be able to satisfy half of his sexual desires. He liked both
sexes. Maybe, with the help of technology, she could find a way to compensate
for that. Rock his world better than any man or woman could. Kate was a woman
with a kinky mind and she was on a mission. She went to the adult store and
got some things that she hoped would make him feel more comfortable in the
bedroom. When she went home to him that night, he was in for a surprise. He
was shocked and a little hesitant. She convinced him to try it. She promised
him that he wouldn't regret it.

Kate finished fastening the harness around her waist and held the strap-on
dildo in her hand. The dildo was six inches long and as thick as two fingers.
She looked at Drew Carey's butt and grinned maliciously. She reached with her
hands and spread his butt cheeks wide open. She took some of the lotion that
she had and rubbed it between his cheeks. She also rubbed some of the lotion
on the dildo. Once she was ready, she pressed the tip of the plastic cock
against Drew's puckered asshole. She pushed. The dildo entered Drew Carey's
ass. Drew Carey gasped when he felt the dildo enter his ass. Kate placed her
hands on his hips and thrust into him. She shoved the dildo deep into his
ass. Drew screamed. Kate slowed down the pace. She gave it to him nice and
slow. She let him adjust to the girth of the plastic cock up his butthole.
She fucked him good. They changed positions. He lay on his back. She raised
his legs in the air and spread his butt cheeks, thrusting the dildo between
his dark cheeks. Into his butthole. She reached between his legs and stroked
his cock. Drew was tense at first but seemed to relax. He closed his eyes and
let her fuck him. Kate thrust the dildo into his ass. She fucked him until he
came. Once he did, she pulled the dildo out of his ass and fastened her warm
mouth around his cock. She drank his cum, taking all that he had to give. He
screamed in pleasure, clearing enjoying himself. She smiled at him. She was
glad to have brought him some pleasure.

Drew Carey stood and looked at Kate as she sucked his cock. What a woman!
Kate sucked him until he was drained. She stood up and looked at him. "Did
you like it?" She asked.

He nodded. "Hell, yeah!"

She smiled. "Good." She took his hands and placed them on her hips. "I want
you to fuck me like you would fuck a man."

Drew looked at her. "I love you honey but I can't do that, you're a woman and
I like being with you."

Kate looked at him. "I love you, Drew. I am NOT losing you to any man OR
woman out there. If that means I gotta be both your GIRL and your BOY at the
same time, then so be it!"

Drew Carey looked at her. There was a glow in her eyes. She was a woman in
love and she wouldn't take no for an answer. He was such a lucky man. Still,
he wondered if she knew what she was asking for. "Men don't have pussies,
Kate." He said.

Kate smiled. "I know, but they have buttholes. Women have buttholes too. You
can fuck mine. I want you to."

Drew still tried to discourage her. In the end, he gave her what she wanted.
He grabbed her as roughly as he would any of his roughneck male lovers and
threw her on the floor. She was on her hands and knees. He grabbed her
buttocks and pinched her ass. She winced. His rough hands spread her butt
cheeks wide open. She felt his hard cock press against her back door. She
felt the huge cock push against her asshole. She winced when she felt his
cock enter her. He held her by the hips and banged her ass. He slammed his
cock deep into her asshole. She screamed. He thrust his cock even deeper
where the sun didn't shine. Kate felt Drew's cock slam into her butthole.
She felt his huge prick tearing through her anal canal. She gasped as he
withdrew from her, and threw her on her back. He raised her legs up and
slammed his cock right back into her ass. He grunted as he fucked her in
the ass. She had never seen him this primal. He was fucking the shit out of
her. It was almost as if he was paying her back for the butt-fucking she
gave him earlier. He slammed into her. Hard and fast. Deep and hard. He
drilled his cock into her ass. His powerful thrusts caused her to tremble
like a rag doll on the wind. He ripped her asshole and slammed so deep that
she thought his cock was gonna come out of her mouth. He buried his cock
deep inside her ass, and came. He exploded inside her tight ass. She screamed
as she felt hot cum flooding her ass. He roared victoriously and withdrew
from her. He shoved his cock into her mouth. Obediently, she sucked it,
tasting her ass on it. She licked him clean and then looked up at him.

"How was it?" Drew asked.

Kate smiled. "It hurts so good." She said.

He grinned. She looked at him lovingly. Clearly, he had enjoyed himself
tonight. She fucked his ass. He fucked her ass. They were just a couple of
butt-fuckers. He had a real dick. Hers was plastic but who cared? She had
finally given him what he wanted. She had finally satisfied him in bed.

"Is this girl man enough for you, hon?" She asked.

"Yeah," Drew said. "You'd make a nice bottom."

Kate knew what a bottom was. The one who got penetrated. "Thanks." She said.
She looked at his hard cock. She wanted to feel it inside her again. She
wanted it in her mouth, in her pussy and especially in her ass. She'd return
the favor if he wanted her to. Now, she knew how. "Wanna go again?" She

Drew grinned.

"Come on, top-man," Kate said. "My ass is over here!" She got up and ran,
laughing. He chased her. Finally, he caught her. They fell on the bed. As
she felt his big body press against hers and his cock slid between her
legs, Kate smiled. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. She had the
power to COMPLETELY satisfy him sexually. No man or woman would ever be
able to take him away from her. Her man was now hers. Forever.

The End


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