Drew Carey Show: The Buzz Beer Orgy (MM/F,M/F,inc,best)
by Wilcox

It was a typical Saturday morning at Drew Carey's house. He and his buddies,
Oswald and Lewis, had gone down to the Warsaw after work and had gotten
totally shitfaced. Kate was there as well but she'd met a guy and they'd left
together, well before the boys closed the joint.

Drew woke up about 8AM with the sun streaming through the window and with a
pounding hangover. He rolled over to escape the sunlight and the movement
caught his dog Speedy's eyes. Speedy immediatetly lept upon the bed and began
to lick Drew's face. Drew tried to cover up but Speedy was relentless and
Drew finally gave in and staggered down to the kitchen for a wake-up coffee
and a couple of asprin.

Speedy was hungry and thirsty and kept whinning while Drew fired up the
coffee maker. Drew told him, "OK, OK, I'll feed you. Just quit jumping on me
and quiet down for christsake. I feel like I got dragged all the way home."
Drew looked in the cabinets and couldn't find any dog food so he got down on
his hands and knees and searched under the sink in the hopes of finding a
can that had fallen and rolled under there. Luckily he found one, then a
large shape covered with a towel caught his eye.

"What's this," he said out loud as he pulled out a huge crate that had been
pushed way back under the sink. He opened it and to his surprise found it
full of bottles of Buzz Beer. He couldn't remember putting any under there,
but what a great find he thought. They'd finished the end of the last batch
a few days ago and hadn't made any to replace it yet.

What he didn't know was that this was the last of the batch that Lewis had
slipped an experimental sex drug into. He'd taken from the lab where he
worked as a janitor and it had been the cause of an incredible sex orgy that
had consumed them all.

Lewis had hidden what was left the next morning, hoping to use it to gangbang
Kate again. He'd never let the others in on his secret ingredient because of
the potentially strange side effects and the next morning they'd assumed that
it was just one of those things that happen during a full moon.

The stuff had worked way beyond Lewis wildest expectaions. Not only had it
made them all incredibly hot and horny, but it also gave them all
unbelievable stamina. It even made all their dicks grow much bigger than
they'd ever been before. Poor Kate had been subjected to an epic all night
fuckfest, the likes of which she'd never experienced before in her life.

The boys had fucked her brains out way into the early morning hours as she
pulled a train that would have made the Western Pacific Railroad proud.
Her ravaged body was sore all over and her tender asshole ached for days

Drew filled the fridge with as many bottles as would fit after he'd fed
Speedy. He sat there at the table with his head feeling like a drum. Every
sound magnified into a painful pounding against his skull as he sat there
with his head in his hands. He decided that a little hair of the dog that
bit you might help and he pulled a bottle of Buzz out of the fridge.

He sat back down at the table and took a long pull. The enhanced brew slid
down his throat and he instantly felt better. Not knowing that it was the
powerful experimental sex drug that was causing him to feel better, he
chugged down the entire bottle and went back for another as the torturing
pain disappeared from his suddenly envigorated body.

As Drew sat there, the back door flew open and his friend Lewis shot into
the room. "Hey, Lewis," Drew called to him. "How do you feel? Man, did we
ever tie one on last night, or what?"

Lewis open the fridge and pulled a Buzz out. He sat a the table and took the
contents down in one tip before answering. "Yeah, I really needed this Buzz.
WOW, I feel better already."

"Where's Oswald?" Drew asked.

"Oh, he had a couple of things to do. He said he'd meet us here when he's
done," Lewis replied. "We were both feeling like shit this morning so he
drank almost a whole pot of coffee and he's working on a major caffine rush.
MMMM, this is a good batch we brewed up, I'm starting to feel so much better

Just then there was a knock on the back door and Mrs. Harvey, Oswald's mother
walked in. "Hi, boys," she said. "Have you seen Oswald. We were supposed to
have a mother/son day, but he wasn't home when I stopped in. I thought that
he might be here."

Drew sat there staring at her full figured body feeling the effects of the
powerful experimental sex drug flood thrugh his horny conciousnous as Lewis
told her, "He said he had things to do and was going to meet us here when he
was done."

Mrs. Harvey was wearing a low cut, tight fitting summer dress with a short
skirt that showcased her hourglass figure. Drew's eyes were locked onto the
object of his long held fantasy. He'd had the hots for her for as long as he
could remember. She was still a real looker with dark curly hair and a lush
firm body from working out regularily. She had fabulous big full tits and a
firm little ass with long sexy legs that he'd often dreampt of having wrapped
aroung his body while he fucked the shit out of her.

Lewis got up and retrieved another round of brews for them as she sat down at
the table with them to wait for Oswald to arrive. "It's a little early for
beer, isn't boys?" she said with a big smile at the effect her body had on
her son's friend Drew. She knew that he'd lusted for her from when he'd been
a small boy and she got a kick out of teasing him.

"Never to early for a Buzz," Lewis told her. "Hey, Hey Drew, that's pretty
good. Maybe we can use that for our new slogan. What do you think?"

Drew just sat there mesmerized by the huge set of half exposed tits showing
out of the top of Mrs. Harvey's low cut top as she tilted up the bottle and
joined them in their saturday morning liquid breakfast. "MMMM, this is so
good," she said as she drank it down and then asked for another, fully aware
of Drew's eyes stripping her naked. Lewis got up and brought back another
round. She was so focused on Drew that she failed to notice the massive
erection threatening to split Lewis pants as he placed a fresh bottle before
her saying, "Here you go Mrs. Harvey."

She smiled seductively at Drew and said, "Why don't you boys call me ... Kim.
We're all consenting adults now. Mrs. Harvey seems so formal, don't you

The overpowering effects of the experimental sex drug Lewis had laced the
brew with began to hit them all and she glanced down to see that Drew was
stroking his cock under the table. Kim was getting all hot and squishy and
began to feel lightheaded as she pressed herself down into the chair. She
felt an itch like never before spreading from the center of her thighs, an
itch that begged to be scratched. 'Oh, God! I wish I could rub it! But I
can't touch myself there, not with my son's friends sitting next to me,
can I!' she softly moaned to herself.

Panting for breath, she closed her eyes and hoped that it would pass. She
squirmed in her chair as the boys feasted their eyes on her full ripe body
and jiggling tits. Both of them were stroking thier hard-ons under the
table as Kim leaned back and looked Drew in the eyes as she cupped her big
boobs with her hands saying, "My God, is it just me or is it getting really
hot in here boys?"

The overwelming itch was burning a hole in her seat as she slipped over the
edge and the only thought in her head was to satisfy her growing need to
scratch it. She looked at Drew's hand on his massive erection and said, "You
always had the hots for me Drew, admit it. Oh, you poor boy. Let Kim help
you with that."

She dropped to her knees and replaced Drew's hand with her own. "My goodness,
what do we have here?" she said as she felt his massive rock hard shaft throb
under stroking fingers. "It feels so big. Are you glad to see me or are you
hiding a baseball bat in your pants, young man?"

She reached into the fly of his pajamas and pulled out his throbbing
erection, lovingly stroking it as she admired it's long thick 10 inch mass.
"Oh Drew," she moaned, "I never imagined that you were so hung. It feels like
it's going to explode, it's so hard. Don't worry, I know just what to do in
a situation like this." She smiled and pulled her top down so that her huge
melon breasts popped free.

Drew's eyes grew as big as saucers as she moved up and cupped her huge jugs
around his throbing shaft. "OH like?" she asked with a coy smile as she moved
slowly up and down, working his straining erection through her clevage.
"You've been staring at my tits for as long as I can remember. Is this what
you wanted to do Drew? Did you want to tittie fuck me and feel my warm boobs
pressed around your long thick cock? I bet you did. You were always so wicked
with your eyes."

Drew's eyes rolled up and he let out a loud moan of pure joy as she hit a
homerun with her query. He was speechless as his eyes returned to Mrs. Harvey
on her kness between his legs, her incredible tits making a tunnel for his
rock hard dick. Her bedroom eyes piercing straight to his soul. Life couldn't
get any better he thought, only to be proven instantly wrong as she dipped
her head and swirled her tongue around his cockhead as it slid up towards her

She maintain her steady bobbing, his cock sliding through her massive rack,
her tongue flicking over the head and digging into the hole to lap up his
oozing pre-cum for several minutes. Then she stopped and leaned back slighty.
"Oh dear, that seems to have only made it worse," she said with a knowing
smile. "I do believe that you need mouth to mouth... ahhh or maybe that's

She leaned down over it and licked the wide head, her tongue capturing the
drops of pre-cum now oozing out of it's big eye. "MMMMMMMM, you taste so good
Drew, who'd have guessed," she said as she looked up into his eyes as she
began to swirl her tongue around the big head and then up and down his thick
shaft. After a couple of minutes she took Drew's big dick into her mouth and
slowly went down on it.

She took it all the way down her throat to the hilt, seductively shook her
head back and forth and then lifted back up, only to repeat her loving
deepthroat again and again, her eyes never leaving his. Drew's hands moved
down and pushed her top down so that her big boobs popped free in all their
naked glory for his hand's complete pleasure.

Lewis was besides himself as he stared at his best friend's mom's georgeous
full ass wiggling around as she sucked off Drew. He stood and stepped out of
his trowsers, freeing his massive eleven inch monster to bob wildly in the
air. He dropped down behind Kim and threw her short skirt up over her back.
She was wearing a pair of red bikini panties that Lewis pulled to the side
to expose her feminine treasures.

His hands kneeded her firm meaty buns as he marveled at the sight before him.
Kim was bobbing her head lovingly, sucking Drew off as he mawled her big tits
in his powerfully milking hands. Lewis fingered her juicy slit as he watched
and pressed a finger into her tightly puckered little anus as his dick grew
longer and harder than it had ever been in his life.

Oswald's mom's firm meaty ass was the sexiest that he'd ever seen. Her cunt
was glistening with her flowing juices as he kneewalked into her. He took his
huge cock in his hand and rubbed it all over the heavenly globes in front of
him, feeling their warmth. Then, with the other hand, he separated them and
placed his cock on the exposed, dripping slit. He wrapped his hands around
Kim's trim waist, and shoved hard, burying himself deeply.

She moaned as she felt Lewis's massive cock enter her from behind and she was
slammed forward, driving Drew's cock down her throat to the hilt as Lewis
rammed his massive dick into her. The feeling of the huge head parting her
puffy cunt lips and sliding into her was the most incredible feeling she'd
ever had as her tight cuntal sheath stretched around his thick dick like a
glove. Lewis continued to push himself foward and rammed his long thick
horsecock deep into Kim's sweet little pussy. She grunted loudly around
Drew's throat stretching shaft at the lustful invasion.

Lewis began ruthlessly fucking her, every hard thrust pushing her face down
into Drew's pubic hair as her lips slid all the way up and down his thick
shaft, her body tossed back and forth by Lewis's tremendously forceful
fucking. Her arms wrapped around Drew's waist, her weight centered on her
tits in Drew's fondling hands, her body pivoting back and forth on her
tingling globes, helpless against the onslaught of Lewis's immense shaft.

"Easy. EASY!" she tried to cry out around Drew's shaft as, however
impossible, Lewis slammed into her even harder. "OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kim cried
out again, but it didn't sound to either guy that she was protesting anything
as Lewis's heavy cock slammed against her cervex like a battering ram. She
began to thrash about, groaning out, "AAAHHHHHH," again and again as she came
on his long thick dick.

Lewis began to grunt each time his hips shot forward, his hands on Kim's
hips, bringing her back into him with deliberate force, the sweat running
from the his brow, trickling down off his chin to splash on Kim's wiggling
bottom. After a long hard fifteen minutes he felt his balls tighten up,
signaling his impending orgasm. Drew was close too and just as his cock
exploded in Kim's mouth, Lewis got off in her glove tight quim.

Thick streams of cum shot straight down Oswald's mom's throat and then as
she was able to pull back a bit and it filled her mouth. She gulped and
swallowed it all down, burst after burst, as she rode an incredible wave
of orgasmic pleasure. Lewis shot a few more heavy spurts into her and her
tight cock stretched cunt began to slurp as he pumped it full of potent
male seed before finally pulling out with a loud popping sound.

Drew pulled her mouth off of his still rock hard dick and lifted her up to
her feet. He moved her to the table and put her on her back. He lifted and
spread Kim's long sexy legs wide open and hooked them up over his shoulders
so that her sopping wet little gash was spread out, totally exposed and
vulnerable. He moved foward and placed his huge dick against her, sliding
his big cock up and down the full length of her vaginal slit.

God, she looked so good spread out on the table like that, Lewis thought.
Her big full tits jiggling as she began to roll her flairing hips in a
definite 'come on and fuck me, big boy' motion. What a fantastic body she
had and she's so beautiful, Lewis thought as he stood to the side of the
table and watched his buddy Drew preparing to fulfill a lifelong dream and
fuck his boyhood friend Oswald's sexy mom.

Drew pressed against her and his huge cockhead entered her. Kim reached
behind him and held his buttocks. They locked eyes as she pushed him into
her with all her might. With a grunt, his entire penis slowly pressed
forward and disappeared into her juicy vagina. He moved foward and buried
the entire length to the hilt, his heavy balls slapping against her ass
signaling that she'd taken all 10 plus inches. Kim groaned as Drew's huge
penis filled her completely.

Both of the cocks she'd taken this morning reminded her of her husband's
penis but they were so much thicker and longer. Her vaginal muscles
contracted and squeezed Drew's mighty shaft as she felt another rush of
orgasmic release rise from deep inside of her.

Then he started moving. He pulled out until only the wide head was inside
her puffy lips and then pushed in to the hilt. She grunted loudly. He moved
slowly at first, then faster as his excitement got the better of him. He was
almost on top of her, his palms flat on the table. He rocked her rhythmically
and she felt her body convulse. She knew that it was an orgasm and it
overcame her so completely. Her vaginal walls squeezed even harder and he

The sensation was incredible, for both of them. Kim felt the broad tip of
the head of his penis, squarely pressed against the bottom end of her vagina,
right up against her cervix. His thickness was pressing against the sides of
her channel beyond what she could have ever imagined, for its entire length.
She rolled her hips and moved with him as his big cock pistoned in her and
another incredibly intense orgasm washed over her.

She was also using her muscles in her vagina to massage the entire shaft of
his manhood. Her juice was oozing out of her pussy even though his fat cock
had filled up her cunt. His hands crawled up over her hot sweaty body to
her big full 36C tits as he fucked her hard and deep. Her firm breasts were
melting in Drew's skillful hands and her nipples got even harder as he
circled them ever so lightly with his fingers. The only thing that could be
heard in Drew's kitchen now were Oswald's mom's moans and pussy squishing.

With every stroke, he made sure he pulled all the way out, then shoved it
back in as fast and as hard as he could. He felt the tip of his long thick
cock pounding on the entrance of her cervix. He had her spread wide open and
his big prick was stretching her like she'd never been stretched before as
it embedded itself fully again and again.

Kim was operating with her drugged, lust fogged mind when Lewis pushed his
huge dick in her face. She reached up and grabbed his hard shaft and started
stroking the entire length of it from the helmet to his balls. Lewis moved
closer and grabbed Kimís head, and pulled it toward his manhood.

Kim took his cock in her mouth. Her lips engulfed his bulging shaft but she
was only able to get half his cock into her mouth, yet she was licking,
slurping, and drooling all over his massive cock as Drew masterly fucked her
brains out on his kitchen table! Their abdomens were slapping loudly against
each other. They were groaning together as he slid in and out of her smoothly
as he continued humping and rocking faster and faster.

Drew reached down with his hands and started playing with Kim's sexy ass.
With her pussy juice running down the crack of her ass, he circled her tiny
anus with his finger for a while as her breathing became louder. She gasped
and he saw her eyes became wide opened when he pushed his finger up her
virgin asshole.

It went in without a hitch and he was surprised how easy it was when he
jammed a second finger up Oswald's mom's tight colon. Now having both holes
jammed he picked up the pace and he could feel her cunt muscles twitching
with his fingers through the thin wall between her pussy and her rectum. As
she sucked Lewis demanding cock she shoved her hips up to meet Drew. She
twisted and gyrated in circles on his drilling cock as he slammed her like
a rutting bull.

She fucked him back like a maniac. She needed his cock in her oven. She was
on fire. Drew tensed and then groaned. He could feel the end was approaching
fast when his heavy balls began tightening up signaling his need to cum in
Oswald's mom's sweet pussy. He held it back as long as he could while
enjoying hearing Kim scream and plead for satisfaction as she sucked Lewis's
big dick. She turned wild as Lewis came in her mouth with a load so copious,
it made her gag. She recovered and swallowed his thick gooey loads as his
thick log spurted again and again. She renewed her slutty efforts at sucking
and licking his spurting prick as he pulled it out of her mouth and covered
her face and lips with thick white, creamy cum!

The sight of Lewis giving Oswald's mom a facial brought Drew to the edge, he
couldn't hold back any longer and he let himself shoot his load. His penis
unloaded his sperm in cannon shots deep inside her body. His cum shot into
Kim with such force that she gasped and went into orgasm herself. He
continued to fuck her after he came. He was really enjoying the fulfilment
of a lifelong fantasy. His cum now was overflowing Oswald's mom's loudly
squishing pussy and running outside. He finally came to a stop and pulled
out of her cum drenched quim.

Kim rolled off the table and fell into a chair to recover as accepted another
Buzz Beer from Lewis. They all slammed a brew down and then Kim found herself
being pulled into the living room. She was amazed that both of the guy's
cocks were again standing long and proud so soon after giving her the fuck of
her life. Drew got onto his back, pulled her sweaty body over him and told
her to put it in.

Kim grabbed it in one hand and fit it in her hot wet pussy. He grabbed her
lush hips and slid her down the rest of the way as his member again stretched
her pleasure portal to beyond any man she had ever had before today! They
both groaned as she slowly slid down the long thick cock and took it in all
the way to the hilt. She was so relaxed and wet, her pussy had gotten
accustomed to the guy's large, meaty cocks plundering her depths!

Lewis watched fascinated as his buddy's big cock disappeared between Oswald's
mom's legs. She was now slamming her ass down on Drew's cock and balls and
you could hear the slorp-shluck sounds fill the room! Lewis was going crazy
with lust and started stroking his cock. He looked at Kim's georgeous ass and
her pink, winking little rosebud asshole as a wicked idea flashed into his
lust crazed mind.

Drew was in heaven as she rode his huge cock while he caressed and squeezed
her big bouncing love-melons! Kim in a fit of lust, climaxed and screamed
loudly! Her pussy clamped down around Drew's big cock and he gasped! He then
roared and grabbed her asscheeks in each hand and pulled her/lifted her on
and off his thick prong as her juices lathered his cock, balls, and pubic

Kim's glazed eyes widened as Lewis got into position behind her, his massive
cock in hand as he aimed his wide cockhead at her tiny puckered anus. It was
covered with enough love juices to allow his cockhead to cave it inward and
slip inside. She groaned and relaxed her straining sphincter and he was able
to slip in a few more inches as he pushed her lush, big-titted body down onto
Drew to give himself full access to her tight little asshole!

Groaning she relaxed even more and Lewis drove forward up her glove tight
asshole until he was buried to the hilt. Kim was seeing stars as Drew and
Lewis began to show her what a two-man tag team can do! "God you're so
tight!" Lewis said gripping her flairing hips. "And wet!" Drew said filling
his hands with her big jiggling tits. They worked up a rhythm, each man
feeling the other's thick cock through the thin membrane separating them.

This was the scene Kate heard when she came into the kitchen. "Oh my God,"
she said as she peeked into the living room, seeing the three naked sweaty
bodies going at it on the couch like there was no tomorrow. "Oh my God," she
says again softly as she realized what she was seeing. "Drew and Lewis are
fucking Oswald's mom Kim," she told herself unbelievingly.

Kate watched Oswald's mom ride Drew while she took Lewis up the ass and she
couldn't move, becoming frozen in place at the lurid scene unfolding before
her eyes. After several minutes she took a beer from the fridge to satisfy
her dry mouth, not knowing that it was the same beer that caused her gangbang
with the boys a few weeks ago and the cause of the wild sex orgy unfolding in
the living room.

Kate was soon fingering her cunt through her jeans, squeezing her boobs and
tweaking her hard spiky nipples as she watched the guys fuck Kim's brains
out. She began to undress and was soon naked as the overpower effect of the
experimental sex drug washed over her. She found herself compeled to join
them and walked into the living room. They were fucking away on the couch,
oblivious to her presence. Drew on his back with Kim riding his dick as Lewis
pounded his big cock up her ass like a conquering barbarian.

Kate grabbed Lewis by the shoulders. He came out of his sex induced trance
slowly and looked at Kate as he was pulled away from Kim's butt. He exited
Kim's glove tight rectum with a loud plop. "Hey, what about me," she told
him. "I want some too." She laid back on the floor and pulled Lewis over
her, taking his big dick to the hilt in her dreanched snatch. He lifted and
spread Kate's long sexy legs wide open and hooked them up over his shoulders.
Lewis began to fuck Kate in earnest as he leaned foward and laid over her,
pinning her knees back to her shoulders and fucked for all he was worth. She
screamed her head off as Lewis powerfucked her hard and deep, never having
been taken in this position and penetrated so deeply before.

This is how Oswald found them when he came in a half hour later. Like Kate
before him, the voyeur in him compeled him to watch and as he did he gulped
down a couple of brews from the fridge. His mom was facing away from him and
he didn't realize that he was watching his own mother riding his friend's
cock on the couch as though she were in a rodeo. On the floor, Lewis had
Kate covered, her legs up over his shoulders as he nailed her into the

The unknown woman's sexy butt was calling to him as Oswald striped and rushed
up behind her, his cock a rock hard tweleve inch rod of molten steel. The
sweet meaty ass was wiggling and rolling as she rode Drew's big dick. Her
asshole shows the signs of having been recently used as Oswald filled his
hands with the soft white flesh of the womans sexy buns and slid his big dick
into her quivering anus.

She sensed a new presence and buried her face into Drew's neck as Oswald
pushed his cockhead between her georgeous buns and nuzzled it in against her
tiny rosebud. It yielded under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and
rammed his hips forward. His massive cockhead popped into her rear channel
and deep up her asshole as his mother's head jerked up.

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" Oswald gasped, gritting his teeth, his fingers
digging into the softness of her creamy buttocks, his head flung back as he
flexed his buttocks and ground his hips forward. His cock squeezed deeper
and deeper into her tight little asshole. Deeper and deeper it went, and
Oswald groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick penis in her tiny
anus, his hips pressing tightly to her buttocks.

She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch. Oswald gasped,
running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he sodomized his
mother slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His cock ground in and out of her anus,
glistening and gleaming with their juices.

He took control of the two writhing bodies under him and ravished the unknown
woman's incredible little asshole hard and deep for a solid half an hour
before he felt the heat in his balls signaling his impending orgasm. He and
Drew got off at the same time and filled Kim's orgasmically spasming body
with a flood of cum. Oswald pulled out and the sexy woman fell to her side as
Drew slide out from under her and positioned himself to have Kate suck his
cock as Lewis slammed his big dick into her.

Oswald's dick was still rock hard as he rolled the woman onto her back to
fuck her again. He looked down at the smiling face beneath him and was
shocked to discover that he'd just sodomized his mother. "Oh My God," he
yelled. "MOM, what are you doing here."

"Getting fucked, like eveybody else baby. Wow, that big dick of your felt so
good up my ass. Come to Mommy and give me some more sugar baby," Kim said as
she pulled Oswald down between her wide spread legs. She kissed him deeply as
his big cock plunged up her cum drenched cunt and filled it to the brim.

Half an hour later, Kate, Drew and Lewis lay in a passed-out heap on the
floor as Oswald continued to pound his massive cock into his mother's
voracious cunt. She was screaming and begging for it harder and deeper,
driving Oswald into a fuck frensy of mythical proportion. Out in the kitchen
Speedy had lapped up enough of the spilled brew to drive him into a frensy
of his own. His extending dog dick was bobbing with evil intent as he
followed his nose into the living room straight to Kate's sopping wet pussy.

Kate was lying on her side in a fetal position with her legs pulled tight up
to her chest. Speedy moved in and his rough tongue began to slurp up all the
cum oozing from within her cunt. His tongue darted in and out of her swollen
inflamed cunt as he lapped every last drop of cum from her well used sloppy

Kate was responding to every flick of the dog's tongue. She was moaning and
twitching in pace with Speedy's frantic licking as the horny bastard's long
thick dick extended about 10 inches out of his sheath with a small knot
growing at the base. He lifted up and placed his front feet on either side
of Kate, who was lying on her side at the perfect height for the horny dog
as he probed against her hot flesh, searching for a hole to fuck.

Then as fate would have it, the tip of his spear pressed in against her tiny
anus. He hopped forward and with each thrust he drove the tip into the tight
little hole of the unconcious woman. Once his pecker sensed the hot moist
inner canal of her asshole he slammed foward and drove himself deep up her
tight little ass.

Speedy was instantly fucking her up the ass full bore, stroking his pecker
in and out of her at 100 miles per hour. His tongue was hanging out of the
side of his mouth as he was panting and drooling all over Kate's sweat and
cum soaked body. She shifted so that her shoulders and back were flat on
the floor. Her tits were now rocking with the incredible pounding that the
dog was giving her. Her eyes were slightly open and she was moaning and
groaning in rhythm with the dog's brutal thrusts.

Suddenly Kate let out a loud scream and the dog yelped in unison as Speedy,
in his frenzy, pushed his huge knot past the incredibly tight opening of
Kate's little asshole and plunged deep into her anal canal.

Speedy continued to fuck Kate furiously and had pushed her about three feet
across the floor when he finally yelped and started to buck and whimper. She
started cooing and purring as Speedy began shooting his load of hot sticky
dog cum into her hot ass. She went off again and the facial delight and the
sensual sounds that she was making while Speedy was expending his final load
told of her massive orgasm.

Speedy was panting heavily as he stepped over Kate and looked at the hot
sweaty bodies scattered around the room. He and Kate were now locked up
resting ass to ass. It took about ten minutes before Speedy's knot plopped
out of the unconcious Kate's ass and he walked over to the corner. He
circled and laid down, his tongue lapping up the juices coating his dick
before he drifted off into a contented sleep.

It wasn't long after Kate's dog sodomy had ended that Drew and Lewis came
to and rolled the sound sleep Oswald off of his mother and started to fuck
her again. When Oswald finally awoke he found his big dick deep in Kate's
throat. He pushed her off and positioned her on her hands and knees. As he
moved in behind her, she said, "Please don't fuck my ass. It hurts like
hell. I don't know which one of you did it, but it's real sore right now."

"OK," he said as he gripped her flairing hips and drove his huge cock deep
up her cunt and began to fuck her powerfully. The over powering drug
controlled them as they continued to fuck and suck all day long. Stopping
only to quench their thirst with many more bottles of cold Buzz Beer from
the fridge.


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