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DC Universe: Evil Wins!
by Dark Cloud

Princess Diana, Wonder Woman, strains every muscle in her body but it is fruitless and she feels like crying at the frustration. She has never felt such helplessness, she is so used to being in control, being dominant. The only thing that could reduce her to mere mortal status her very own lasso of truth.

Right now that golden lasso is tied in a noose around her neck, choking her, throttling her when she as much as moves her arms which are bound by the other end of the lasso behind her back. Why does she not stand and move away? Because The Joker only moments earlier before exiting this dark room had taken a steel crow bar and destroyed Wonder Woman's knee caps with it. Both of them, smashed viciously as the Clown Prince of crime laughed and laughed at the Amazonian's screams.

"I do so enjoy crippling you fucking super sluts, it's such great fun!"

The pain and frustration are bad but so is the humiliation, Diana is naked, her regal bodice and shorts torn from her body and shredded her large breasts and cherished pussy now exposed cruelly and humiliatingly to those that mere hours ago were not worth her time or effort. The grunts behind her tell her it's time for her worst nightmare to become a reality. Gorilla Grodd squats behind her and lines his huge ape cock up between her strong thighs he has waited a long time to fuck the Princess in her ass and intends to take a long time being as brutal as he can be. The red tip of his cock touches her puckered asshole, she is extremely dry and tight indeed.

"This is going to hurt Wonder Woman, real bad."

As he pushed his dick inside her his force moves her arms and tightens the golden noose around her neck, she can barely breathe and perhaps it would be better if she could not death may yet be preferable to her ultimate fate as a super villian's rape slut.

But Wonder Woman was not the only super powered heroine held captive in bondage in this grim, debasing room. Across from the Amazonian Pricess were the two blonde Krytonians, Supergirl and Powergirl are in respective states of distress. Both are stark naked and held in stocks constructed of kryptonite, a force that constantly drains and robs them of their super powers.

Kara, Supergirl, is in a bad way. Her face has been battered by a deliberate and sustained beating delivered by Lex Luthor. Not for him the sexual gratification his fellow villians have sought.

He had given Power Girl a physical beating too but it was Supergirl, with the hated S symbol on her chest (to begin with at least) that he had saved his hardest punches and kicks for. Not normally a violent man he had found a cathartic release in pounding away on his victims. With Powergirl he had concentrated his punches to her large tits, flattening them and bruising them with punch after punch as she toiled in the unwieldy stocks.

For Kara though it was her pretty, young face he targeted, slapping it then punching it then finally some hefty kicks one of which audibly broker the teenager's nose. He broke off at a buzzer on his wrist and turned to the creepy Dr. Sivana who waited patiently for his turn with the sexy super heroines.

"They are all yours Doctor, make sure they are suitably discomforted."

The evil Doctor rubbed his hands and stepped forward, nasty plans already formulating as he stepped between the two bloodied blondes.

Luthor meantime entered a second room of torture just of the first one, giving Wonder Woman's prone form a good kick in the ribs on his way past. In the centre of the room was a chair with Lois Lane standing nervously on it, her hands tied behind her back and a noose made of strengthened piano wire around her neck. In front of her was a large TV screen and with a press of the button Superman's face filled it, he gasped as he saw his wife.

"Don't even think about it Moron of Steel, the moment you move from the screen I kick the chair away and poor Lois will lose her head before you are back in earth's atmosphere."

"You Bastard! What do you want?"

"That you bumbling, blue Boy Scout is why you are on Apokalips. Granny you may come out now!"

Superman tensed as the New God Granny Goodness and her Female Furies stepped forward and circled him. Granny held in her hands manacles that glowed green with Kryptonite.

"My foot is getting tense Superman, you never know when it might want to kick out, perhaps when you have put your arms behind your back and allowed Granny to attached those cuffs I might be less inclined to want to kick Miss Lane's chair."

Superman's head drooped, he was helpless he knew that. He could defeat all these Furies with ease but all it would achieve would be the death of his beloved. The vile form of Granny stepped forward and gleefully locked the deadly manacles in place, immediately Superman felt his power fade and a wearying tiredness overtake him. The old woman moved in front of Superman and took great pleasure in accepting a case from one of her Furies, she opened it to reveal a monstrous strap on dildo made entirely from Kryptonite. Granny stepped into the harness and played with her cock in front of Superman's face and ordered her furies to remove his clothing and expose his ass.

Luther and Lois watched on the big screen with contrasting expressions. Luthor waited until the old woman had sunk her deadly cock into Superman's anus and heard his pained exclamation before turning to his captive.

"Miss Lane I have other business to attend to but I'll leave the TV on so you can enjoy the entertainment, I believe that after she's finished Granny intends to let each and every one of her Furies have a go, your precious Superman will be nothing but their pathetic sex slave from now on. Now, farewell Lois and be sure not to slip."

* * *

Batman, Nightwing and Robin also stood on chairs wearing nooses though their were wrapped around their balls and not their necks. The threat had been made to Oracle, Black Mask had the wheelchair bound Barbara Gordon and knowing his sadism they had surrendered to Harley Quinn when she and her Goons had arrived at the warehouse in Gotham.

Oracle sat watching the three heroes as Harley finished knotting the nooses around their nuts, the crazy blonde's high pitched voice went right through them all.

"Hey, hey, hey! Mr J. I've got the boys all ready and we're just waiting on your word. Oh I can? Super!"

And with that the deranged sexpot gave a giggle and one by one pulled away each of the chairs. The three caped crusaders dropped down violently only to be pulled up as the slipknots around their nuts bit in. Harley surveyed the torture before her as all three men squirmed and squealed before she picked up a brick and one of her smaller mallets. She stepped up between Batman's legs and placed the brick next to his already straining balls then smiled at him before smashing the hammer against his bulging balls and devastating them. She did it to all three before cutting them down and enjoying their very visible pain.

"Wait 'til Mr. J sees this boys he's gonna love it."

Oracle could hardly bring herself to watch the carnage but looked up suddenly as Black Mask returned and with a wicked grin wheeled her away. The evil Black Mask whistled happily as Barbara Gordon struggled in her wheelchair. Normally she wasn't quite so helpless but with her wrists tied together she couldn't access any of her weapons. Through various large swing doors in the giant warehouse the gang boss pushed the chair until he got to the room he was looking for.

He stopped and turned the chair so Barbara could see the other inhabitants of the room. First she saw Black Canary, Diana Lance, naked and on her knees with chains on her wrists and neck all attached to the walls, her body was covered in ugly, angry welts. Beneath her chained to the floor with her head jammed between Diana's thighs was The Huntress, Helena Bertorelli. She too was stark naked. And on their knees, both naked beside them were Lady Blackhawke and Barbara's father Police Commissioner, Jim Gordon.

Just as her eyes met her fathers Black Mask jerked the wheelchair and callously lifted it up and tipped the crippled Oracle onto her face on the concrete. Her glasses went flying and as her bound hands reached for them the Mask carefully trod on them smashing the glass to pieces.

The violent gang boss reached down and literally ripped her trousers and panties off from behind before getting down on his knees and unleashing his dick then he started to dry fuck the helpless Miss Gordon in the ass. She tried to be brave but within seconds the red head was squealing and crying and begging for him to stop. Her father and partners called out too, imploring Black Mask to halt his assault. After a last violent thrust into Barbara he held himself in her and looked at them.

"You want me to stop? But why? I'm just enjoying myself here! But I'll tell you what Miss Lance if you unclench and let that laxative do it's work properly I'll stop ass fucking this pathetic little bitch!"

Dinah gasped at what she was being asked to do but instinctively knew she had to do it.

"I'm so sorry Helena" she whispered into the ball gag that held her mouth in check.

Black Canary finally unclenched her trained stomach and with one more muffled apology let go of her bowels and released a torrent of shit into Huntress's open mouth and all over her pretty face. It was disgusting and stank and Helena's eyes went wide as she realised that lying down she could not cough much out and that she would either have to eat it or choke to death. As she started to struggle Black Mask laughed and plucked his dick from Barbara's asshole.

"Tell you what Oracle, you clean this up nice and easy and I'll clear your friend's airwaves a little."

Oracle snapped her teeth shut like a bear trap.

"Bastard! Put that thing near me and I'll fucking bite it off!"

"Ooooh! I like a bit of spirit. Fine we'll leave that bitch to fend for herself but you are sucking cock here you blind cunt and if not mine then dear old Daddy will have to do!"

With that the criminal wrenched Oracle up by her hair and dragged her across to where Jim Gordon was held and her brought Barbara's face right up to his dick. Barbara kept her lips shut and closed her eyes.

"Hurry up and do it bitch or I'll cut his dick off and force him to suck it himself."

Barbara knew the criminal was not kidding and she swallowed, opened her eyes and licked her lips before taking her father's cock between them. They shared a resigned look and she began to suck as his cock began to respond. Mask watched them for a while, told them that unless Jim came in five minutes he would still cut it out and crossed to where Huntress struggled beneath Dinah. He looked down at the beautiful brunettes shit stained face and listened to her struggles to eat the shit.

"Need something to drink with that bitch? Here let me help you!"

And with that Black Mask began to piss on Huntress's face and Black Canary's crotch. He cackled as he watched all his captives at their lowest points and his sick mind could only dream of everything he would inflict on all before killing them all.

* * *

Catwoman, Selina Kyle, knew she was in big trouble and despite always escaping big trouble in the past something told her this could well be her onto her ninth life. She was naked and her wrists were attached to two chains that hung from the ceiling of the cylindrical room she was being held captive in. The chains were though and her petite feet barely managed to stretch to the cold, stone floor beneath her. The only object in the room besides her was her whip, laying curled against the wall directly in her line of sight. Then the door behind her creaked open then shut again and seconds later a macabre face appeared at her side.


Selina exclaimed as the straw from his mask scrapped on her bare skin.

The costumed villain rubbed his way past her and looked at then picked up Selina's bull whip, unfurling it and in a flash lashing it expertly.

"I've been practising for this pussycat," his only ominous words as he moved around behind Selina.

"What are you doing Crane? What do you want?"

Again the mask appeared on her shoulder.

"I want your fear Miss Kyle, your absolute and total terror."

"I'm not scared of you! You're just a freak, a wimp that relies on chemicals!"

Crane laughed.

"You may not be scared of me pussycat but what about this?"

And with that he expertly lashed Catwoman's whip right along the length of her perfect back. Selina screamed at the searing pain she experienced and barely heard his next words.

"You're bleeding Miss Kyle, I wonder how many lashes with this would cause you to bleed to death?"

The words slowly sunk in just as the mad doctor unleashed a second lash, harder than the first, on her back again.

Ten lashes later and with her back a mess of red , bleeding welts he finally heard Catwoman beg and plead, terrified now for her life. The words gave him an instant hard on.

"P-Please stop! Please! You'll kill me!"

"That was the intention pussycat" he hissed in her ear before delivering yet another vicious lash with the whip.

"Please stop! I can't take it any more. Please! I'll do anything!"

"Piss yourself then. Piss yourself in fear. That's what I want. To see the famous Catwoman reduced to soil herself in fear at my torture!"

Fortunately for her, Selina kinda needed to piss anyway. But it was humiliating and degrading for her to be doing it like this, on command in front of this sick freak. But she did it. Her whip had broken her spirit. She leaned her head back and concentrated and seconds later she felt the warmth spread over her naked thighs followed by the loud splatter on the concrete floor accompanied by a high pitched giggle from Scarecrow.

As she kept staining her bladder Crane's hand cupped at her crotch and gathered a handful of piss, he raised it up and flung it in Selina's face, rubbing her features with his hand afterwards.

"Good kitty, I really should reward you, let me go and get a friend."

He left the chamber and Selina hung wondering how she would ever get out of this, her back stung from the harsh flogging and she burned with embarrassment at her submission to the villain's whims. And she wondered what else the creep had in store for her. It was not long before she realised the full horror. Crane reappeared dragging behind him a large Rottweiler dog. He led it past Selina and round her, letting it sniff her and lick at the puddle between her feet before he tied it's leash to a metal ring in the wall across from her.

"I've never really been much of a cat lover bitch. Always wanting to scratch me. But dogs? Now there is an animal you can trust. So what you are going to do for me now Catwoman is show me just how much you love dogs and appreciate my admiration for the species."

Selina did Not like where this was going.

"What do you want Crane?"

She received a lash across her back with her whip for that.

"I want you to call me Sir for a start bitch! Yes, you are a bitch aren't you? And Devil here is looking for a bitch to satisfy his needs. So what I want from you is that when I release you that you crawl over to Devil and suck his dog cock."

Selina was aghast and struggled against her chains.

"No fucking way! You are fucking joking! Not a chance!"

Scarecrow grabbed her by her short hair and wrenched her head around and spat at her.

"Oh but you will Catwoman, and this just makes it all the more fun that you don't want to."

With that he stepped in front of her and cracked the whip viciously this time right across her pert, exposed breasts.

It took over an hour to break Selina's resolve. That hour was spent being cruelly and viciously whipped by The Scarecrow on her front. By the time she snapped and screamed her ascent and surrender to his perverted will her chest was no longer recognisable as such it was just a bloody mess. If Crane had released her wrists earlier she would have fought and struggled but when he did it then she collapsed to her knees broken and defeated.

"That's it Catwoman, crawl over there and take a good hard suck! Suck him until he cums in your slutty mouth!"

Selina crawled through instinct, her mind long gone to a place to wonder why she had resisted so long and she approached the brute of a dog and dipped her head beneath it's strong hind legs, found it's long, red cock and accepted it into her mouth.

Her defeat and degradation was complete and Scarecrow was ebullient. Selina represented all the kids at school that had made his life a misery, all the cool kids, and there she was whipped, tortured and broken pissing herself and sucking a beast's dick just because he told her. He gave a laugh and took the hard handle of the whip and rammed it hard into Selina's dry asshole, it shocked her and her mouth closed tight on Devil's dick and that set him off flooding her mouth with his sour, creamy cum. As Catwoman swallowed it down and the rest spill humiliatingly down her chin she knew she would never don her catsuit again, this was her, she was finished!

* * *

Powergirl and Supergirl looked up in unison as Dr Sivana stood over them. They were on their knees now and both had just taken a load of his cum across their (not so pretty now) faces.

"Looks, just like heroism is much overrated in my opinion," hissed the evil old man.

Both blondes flinched as he reached into his long white lab coat and quickly pulled out an object just in front of their faces. They did not recognise it immediately but with a flip of his thumb that brought the electric shaver to life they quickly did.

"Tell me girls, do you like my haircut?

The Doctor then took his own sweet time in shaving both Power Girl and Supergirl completely bald. Right down to a minuscule stubble on both their heads. As their famed golden locks fell from their heads they tried but failed to hold back their tears that things were going so fucking wrong. It wasn't supposed to be like this they were the good guys (well gals anyway) and no matter what they went through they always won in the end. Didn't they?

Sivana produced a cut throat razor, covered their skinheads with shaving cream and proceeded to shave what little remained from their skulls until both had shiny, completely bald pates.

"Now girls I can tell you'll take a while to get used to that hair style but just so you don't get any ideas of re growing it let me help you out."

Sivana took out a tube of cream and squeezed a large blob of white cream onto each of their skulls then started to rub it into their skin vigorously.

"This is an amazing new version I've been working on of an anti follicle cream, it damn well guarantees that not another hair will ever grow on the skin I spread it on. And girls? The best thing about it? It's irreversible! Ha,ha!"

He continued to massage the cream into Supergirl and Power Girl's bald heads even as they cried their fucking eyes out.

The Cheetah walked past the two bald Krytonians and laughed but she had no time to spare staying to mock or torture them, no she had somewhere to be quite urgently.

Wonder Woman knelt in a heap on the floor as Precilla approached her. As per Luthor's instructions Princess Diana was still bound with her lasso but had been stripped of everything else. The raven haired Amazon looked up as the Cheetah's shadow fell across her. Precilla laughed as she saw fear in Wonder Woman's eyes, the first time in all their battles she had seen it there.

"That's right bitch! You'd better be fucking scared! I'm gonna fuck you up!"

Precilla's fingers uncurled and her vicious animal claws were full extended. Diana winced as she looked at them, tried to move her arms but only ended up choking herself on the lasso again.

"Please Precilla, you don't have to......aaaaaaaaarghhhhh!"

The Cheetah had reached down and latched her claws into Diana's large, firm breasts and she first squeezed so that her sharp claws sunk into the flesh and now she was pulling and ripping at then with extreme vigour. It was cruel punishment for the Amazon Princess and reduced Wonder Woman to tears. She could do nothing to lessen the pain, her legs were useless and her arms trapped behind her back, even the slightest movement cruelly choking her. Prescilla Rich just laughed and proceeded to shred her great rival's tits into nothing much more than strips of bloody meat.

"Now for your cunt bitch!" spat her feral opponent and Diana braced herself as The Cheetah balled her fist up and plunged it into her tight cunt. Fuck this was going to hurt....

And then The Cheetah disappeared in a puff of smoke. Dimly Diana looked up and saw that the Cheetah had been displaced only to be replaced by Circe. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Circe approached Diana and almost tenderly stroked her shoulder. With a wave of magic she unknotted the famed golden lasso from around her neck, although it stay tied around her wrists behind her back.

"Oh Princess how long I've waited for this exact moment" she literally purred with glee.

With a wave of her arm she spelt some magic and from the ground rose a thick metal spike. It gleamed to a razor sharp point. With a levitation spell Circe lifted Wonder Woman up into the air and hovered her across until her pussy was positioned at the point of the spike. The spike was the height of Diana's mid thigh.

"Don't worry Princess if you can stay standing you'll be fine."

It was not likely looking at the mess Diana's knees were in. When Circe;s removed the spell Diana managed to stay on her feet for a few agonising second before her legs buckled and her body dropped skewering her horribly on the spike. Circe came behind the dying Wonder Woman, placed her hands on her shoulders and pushed down.

"Fuck you Wonder Bitch!"

* * *

Lois Lane was tiring. And that was definitely not a good thing. Not while she was still standing on that chair with the noose around her neck. Luthor re-entered the room and smirked at her.

"Let's see how that husband of yours is getting on shall we?"

The large screen came to life (it had gone off a while ago after the fiftieth fury had raped Superman's asshole and mouth) and Lois's heart sunk further than she thought possible. Superman was on his knees and now pathetically eating out the grotesque granny Goodness. All fight and fire had gone from him - he was clearly a beaten man. Watching him Lois barely registered Lex undressing himself and stepping up onto the chair behind Lois and then shoving his large dick into the reporter's asshole.

"Granny!" shouted Luthor, "Turn him round, I want that worm to see this!"

The ugly New God shoved Superman away from her and dragged him by his Kryptonite collar to the two way screen so he could see his earth wife being ass raped by his mortal enemy. See him looking on pushed Luthor over the edge and he started hammering into Lois with abandon. Her feet tried to stay on the chair but each thrust made it harder and harder and then in one mighty thrust with Superman's defeated eyes unable to look away her feet slipped and the chair fell away. Luther wrapped his arms around Lois Lane's body and kept his dick in her ass and it was both their weights that pulled down and tightened the noose inexorably around Lois's neck. Lex finally fell off to but by then it was done anyway and Lois's life extinguished. Luthor looked up at the screen and saw the Man of Steel was now finally completely broken, sobbing like a baby.

Evil had won.


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