This is a mix and match of various 'Knight's in Shining Armor' movies with themes taken and even altered from each. Madame Xanadu is thrown in to provide some sister/sister incest, as in DC comics she is the sister of Morgan Le Fay. Looks wise I'm using the far more beautiful Marvel comics version. Also my Morgana is more wicked and perverted than evil and other's are the true evil.

Most chapters rated NC-17 for F/F sex, bdsm, semi-cons. This is set-up/no sex.

When princesses from all over Europe are kidnapped, King Arthur; with his best knights searching for the Holy Grail; is the only man respected enough to prevent a full scale war across all Europe.

Dragonheart 2/Madame Xanadu/Magic Sword/Siege Of The Saxons: The Affairs of Dragons! Prologue
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

It was a collection of the most vile evil men currently living who met in secret. Sir Mordred; the nephew of the great King Arthur, Sir Edmund; Baron of Normandy, King Kan Ye West of the Moor's, the evil Saracen wizard Osama, the assassin 'Lord' Kay Fed, and Viking king Olaf the Butcher! Out of the whole lot only Olaf had the guts to fight a man face to face. The rest were backstabbing cowards who preferred killing women and children.

Even with the best of his knights gone from Camelot on the quest for the 'Holy Grail' they still feared King Arthur too much to attack him directly. To that end they had hatched a plot most dire. The first step was for Mordred to suck up to Arthur for years. Sir Edmund also pretended to a most trusted and loyal ally. The other's slowly gathered their forces, both military and otherwise. They wanted not just Briton, but all of Europe!

To accomplish this they needed to weaken the strongest military powers; Briton, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Prussia, and Transylvania. To this end they intended nothing less than a full scale European war! Step 1 was completed as the wizard Osama and Kay Fed employed an army or witches to turn all the eligible dashing Prince's into frogs. Step 2 was to kidnap the most beautiful Princesses. King Arthur's own daughter, Katherine was the only one still free.

This was an annoyance they hoped soon to change. At any rate it was time to move to step 3. With the other king's accusing each other of the crimes, thanks to phony planted evidence there was still one obstacle. King Arthur. Arthur was loved and respected enough to convince the other's to hold off war long enough to find the real criminal's. King Arthur had to die!

"Is your aunt aware of what we are up to?" Sir Edmund asked Mordred.

"My aunt is still very naive in many ways," Mordred smiled, "So much power, but like my other aunts, her nymph playfulness and lust for her own sex was no match for my cunning."

"Have a care," Osama sternly said, "Unlike Nimue, Morgana is far from stupid, and her power is greater than even mine."

Many later historians would claim Mordred was the bastard son of Morgan Le Fay and her half-brother by marriage Arthur. Other's would claim Morgana to be pure evil. Both were wrong. In truth she was sweet and loved nature although she lived in a castle. But, as with many women of faerie blood, including her younger sister Nimue, she had a taste, desire, and lust for her own sex.

The evil Osama had cast a wide, and powerful spell, sacrificing 10 years of his own life in the process. This spell had turned the intended princesses into latent lesbians needing only Morgana's seduction techniques to trigger the spell. The spell had been intended for 10, but was affecting 11. Princess Lena of France year younger sister Eris had been an unexpected bonus.

All of the princesses, including Katherine, had sent mental messages to Morgana, begging her to kidnap them and make them lesbians. If she knew she was being used Morgana would have killed all of them. For in truth she supported Arthur and his dream. She saw the peace and joy his just rule brought. Might FOR right, right for right, and the others. Arthur was even thinking of things like local elections and a bill of rights.

It was Sir Edmund's plan to convene a 'Council of Kings'. Mordred's sucking up had borne fruit as he had been the one to draw up Arthur's travel plans. Between Sir Edmund and Mordred they had replaced most of Arthur's guards with their men. Barely a dozen of the 50-man escort were men loyal to Arthur. Several ambush points had been planned, but they hoped to finish it early at 'Giant's Skull Inn'.

'Giant's Skull Inn' was owned by a friend of Arthur, a former knight, who had fought by Arthur's side years ago, but had always had a knack for brewing and retired young, marrying a buxom tavern wench (is there any other kind?). It was a place Arthur would feel safe even though the owner was still strong and he had 3 grown sons who were all powerfully built. Due to the possibility of 4 more Arthur 'men', Kay Fed was reinforcing Edmund and Mordred with 12 assassins.

"I had thought to take Katherine as my queen," Mordred said, "She would legitimize me as king. I also had thought to give her to you Edmund. Yes, I've seen the way you look at her, but it's best if we give her to my aunt. She will be the prize that will ensure that Morgana stays out of our way."

"A shame we can't use her 2 headed dragon," King Kan Ye said, "Dragon's are so rare these days."

"Aye, and despite the stories, 98 times out of 100, the dragon wins," Mordred smiled.

"Unless it's Gawain, Lancelot, that fool Perciviel, or Lancelot's bastard," Edmund agreed, "What's his name?"

"Galahad," Olaf answered, "Just a boy, doesn't look like much when you first see him, but he's keen with a blade."

Dragon's were now rare in Europe and the middle east. There had never been many to begin with. What the conspiracy didn't know, was that in Asia, especially in China, there were still many dragons. These dragon's had had a different history from the usually violent confrontations of the west. Indeed, the dragons of the east often walked among unsuspecting humans as they had discovered the latent ability of good dragon's to assume human forms.

* * *

Days later; King Arthur rode from Camelot, with 50 lesser knights, his daughter Katherine, her old nanny, along with Mordred and Sir Edmund. The day grew long when sly Sir Edmund mentioned that they were close to 'Giant's Skull Inn'.

"Yes, an excellent idea Sir Edmund," King Arthur smiled, "It would be nice to see my old wardog again."

"Oh father," Katherine grinned, "Another old friend with ribald tales no doubt."

"Ah, but I will have you to scold me and tell on me to your mother," Arthur laughed.

"I wager he has some interesting variants of Lancelot jokes," Mordred said.

"Scandalous lies," Arthur sternly admonished, "I've heard those rumors since before Katherine was born. That's just like those idiot's who say the Earth is round when any fool can see it's flat."

"Merlin says it's round," Katherine said, wanting to change the subject.

"Merlin is wise in many ways," Mordred said, "But I have to agree with your father on this one."

The matter was mercifully dropped and forgotten. Katherine had heard the rumors of course, but there had never been the slightest proof and so she had them down as gossip as most did. Merlin himself had told Katherine in private that she was Arthur's and never addressed the rumor.

"You idiot," Edmund whispered to Mordred.

They were less than a mile from the inn, in a moderately heavy wooded area. Sir Edmund was riding abreast with Arthur when suddenly, something whizzed by the head of Sir Edmund and embedded itself into a tree with a loud 'thunk'!

"I bid you greeting's from China," the tomboyish yet exotic young beauty called out as she swung acrobatically from the limb of a tree to the ground," What you know as Cathy. I am Princess Shi Lung of the Dragon clan. I greet you."

The last was said with a polite bow. The eyes of the Asian princess and those of Katherine met. Instant sparks flew between them.


End of Prologue



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