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Dragon Princess Shi Ki Lung, an outcast of our own kind, is nonetheless chosen by the Dragon elders for an important mission; prevent an all out European war that could spread across the entire world!

Dragonheart 2/Madame Xanadu/Magic Sword/Siege Of The Saxons: The Affairs of Dragons! Part 1
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

Three months before: The cudgel twirled in her hands as she practiced her technique. In a swift move she spun it in mid-air, recaught the staff, then with a twist a third of the way on each end, the cudgel became the triple sticks. She expertly continued on with her training earning the rare smile of her current sifu. When she finished she kowtowed before him awaiting his judgement.

"Ah child," the old man began, "You make me both happy, but also sad."

"Sifu...," the girl said.

"I am happy that you have learned so much the 10 years you have been my student," the sifu continued, "Yet sad, for I have nothing left to teach you. I fear it is time for you to leave."

"Sifu," she said respectfully, a tear forming in her eye.

"The hour is late," the old master said, trying hard to stay emotionless, "You shall leave here at dawn."

"Yes sifu," she said.

She bathed, washing her long silky blue-black hair. She was stunningly beautiful, petite at 5' 2", 110 pounds, large full breasts for an Asian girl, despite 5 lifetimes of shattering bricks and boards her hands and feet were smooth and delicate looking. Her sexy slanted eyes betrayed her true heritage as they were golden.

For she was in actuality a 'Gold Dragon' in human form. And not just a dragon, but a princess! Her name was Shi Ki Lung, and she was also an exile. Shi Lung had been cast out from the 'Gold Dragon Clan' because she was lesbian and preferred staying in her human form. She had been caught when her human form was 18 years old. She still looked the same 482 years later as by dragon standards she was still 18, and would be for 500 more years before she would be 19 in dragon years.

Her affairs with other women had been scandalous as was her interest in the martial arts. A tomboy, the teaching's being given her on etiquette and ladylike pursuits bored her. Shi wanted to be a warrior! Cutting her hair she snuck into the kung fu schools and surpassed all the boys. She was caught at human year 14 when her body betrayed her and she began to develop. For 4 years she was stifled as she was forced to attend a school for ladies of the court.

When 6 beautiful swordswomen were hired to protect the girls on a 'field trip' they were surprised by Shi wanting to hang around them. While they were at first amused, and used her as a go-fer, Shi surprised them with her agility as she did complex flips when bringing them refreshment's. Shi asked them all kinds of questions about their fighting skills, and was quite willing to participate in their practice.

While the other young ladies read books or picked flowers, Shi was dodging swords. But it was much later when Shi's life really changed. It was very late at the summer palace the ladies were staying at. All the other girls had long since fallen asleep. But Shi was still flushed, excited, and horny as hell. Clad only in a transparent nightgown and barefoot she noiselessly slipped outside.

Shi stared at the quarter moon as she breathed the fresh night air. Shi didn't know how long she was outside when movement on the grounds caught her eye. It was one of the female warrior's ducking into a door. Curious, Shi followed her. Since the woman was making no effort to be secretive, Shi believed there was nothing sinister involved. She was right. What was going on was nasty, kinky, and perverted; and turning Shi on more than her wildest fantasy.

The 6 women were naked and engaging in all manner of lesbian sex from simple pussy fingering to hardcore bdsm! Shi was amazed at how much they were enjoying it, even the girls who were tied up and bring whipped! Shi watched them, her own fingers dancing over her own body. They kissed each other, licked, tits, toes, pussy, and asshole, spanked and whipped each other, rubbed pussy's together, rubbed nipples on clits, shoved fingers, even their entire fist into each other's pussy and asshole.

Shi didn't know how long she watched them, twisting her own nipples, kneading her tits, sticking her fingers into her own ass and pussy. She lost count of her own orgasms. Eyes closed she was finally caught.

"Oh fuck, what are we going to do?" the leader, whose name was Shenshen asked. She wasn't willing to shut Shi up since they had become friends.

"Easy," Shi moaned as she came back to herself," I want to join in. I can't tell on you if I'm one of you."

It was the first time Shi had sex with other women. She was at the human age of 18 with a fully mature mind and body. The swordswomen taught Shi every aspect of lesbian love, bdsm was her favorite. Shi learned their martial arts and weapon skills by day and lesbianism at night. The summer was the happiest in her life up to that point.

Unfortunately, as summer ended, the eunuchs in charge of the ladies education, fled their reports about how Shi had neglected the required studies and was again practicing martial arts. She was followed and discovered. Shi was ordered to report to the family council. She was defiant and refused to give up both martial arts and lesbianism. The sentence was exile.

Since she preferred her human form that was no punishment at all to Shi. She was forbidden to take dragon form unless travelling. And so she spent the next 482 travelling all over Asia learning martial arts and seducing thousands of women. Shi first learned all of the kung fu styles of China, then traveled to Siam to learn Muay Thai, then on to Tibet where she trained in Llama styles. It was then on to Japan where she learned karate, aikido, judo, then ninjustu becoming a kunoichi (female ninja) for awhile.

From Japan, Shi went to Korea adding tae kwon do and hapkido. From there she returned to China. A few new specialized styles had appeared since she had been gone almost 300 years. The famed 'drunken style' and a fast, brutal style that would someday be called jeet kune do among others. Shi learned new weapons, sai, nunchaku, and folding steel fan that she had not noticed before. These 3 especially fit her speed oriented fighting style.

Shi herself designed a new weapon, a staff that would break down into a triple staff with a twist 1/3 of the way on each end. Shi was currently seeking out masters to learn from. She was worried about her current sensei as he was 90 and nearly blind. He assured her that he had another student lined up to do the cooking and chores that she did. Shi had been extremely advanced before she even stated so he was quite sure he would pass on long before his next student was little more than a beginner.

Shi rose just before dawn, her meager possessions already packed the night before. She planned to go to Peking for awhile as Shi had been celibate for 10 years. She was horny as all hell! Shi was hoping the lesbian 'Orchid houses' and underground lesbian clubs were still there where she remembered them. Shi paid a quick farewell visit to her master, giving him a respectful bow. Rising she wordlessly left.

The new student, a boy who looked about 15 was climbing the 1000 steps as she walked down. The boy respectfully bowed to her as senior student. Shi gave the proper response. Shi had just reached the gate when she found herself facing 50 soldier's clad in the armor or her former clan. They were in ranks with weapons in the neutral 'parade position'. An official in 'Gold Dragon Clan' robe stepped forward.

"Princess Shi Ki Lung," the official began, "By order of his highness, the 'Great Dragon King' and the council of elders; you are hereby ordered to submit to accompany us and appear before the council."

"I am long exiled," Shi replied, "Why would the council send for me after all these years?"

"That is not for me, or even you to question," the official said, "When the 'Great Dragon King' commands, you must obey. Our weapons are enhanced with 'dragonbane', not enough to kill, but enough to make you wish you were."

For all of her bravado, the mere thought of having to stand in front of the 'Great Dragon King' almost made her lose control of her bladder. During her exile trial she'd only had to deal with the council. Though they were fearsome in their own right, Shi was royalty and there was only so far they would punish her. The 'Great Dragon King' was terrifying! If he wanted to hurt her, or kill her, or even rape her, he could, and there wouldn't be a damn thing anyone could do to stop him!

He was so ancient that he used to eat 'mammoth's' for snacks. So powerful that it was said the devil himself feared him! More than once had he killed rebellious dragons, even members of his own family. It was said, he was the only good dragon who was a cannibal in those rare cases when he had to kill another dragon.

Shi really was brave, but when she first saw him, the greatest of Great Wryms, she finally did lose control of herself as she kowtowed in the most submissive manner possible and soiling herself. The Dragon King snorted in disgust, but he was used to such a response. The girl cowered under his gaze, any of his teeth were bigger than this 'defiant child'. His tall was bigger than her dragon form if she had been in it. Not to mention the thousands of years of magic he knew.

"So, you are my little 'pain in the ass' 50 times granddaughter?," the Dragon King half asked.

"Ymph," Shi was so frightened she couldn't speak.

"Speak up!!" the Dragon King roared, but was secretly amused he was having his usual effect, even on this little brat.

"Y-yes," Shi managed to squeak almost soiling herself a second time.

"Perhaps I should eat you," the Dragon King was chuckling inside, "How strong is your perversion? Death or sex with a man?"

"Death, eep," Shi instinctively said, then, sure she was going to die, covered her face with her hands and started crying hysterically.

Under normal circumstances Shi wasn't afraid of dying. But this, this was a useless, senseless death. Just because she was different, not harming anyone, did she deserve to be murdered? And probably in a horrible manner. It was so cruel, so unjust. The 'Great Dragon King' heard these thoughts, and saw her tears. Even though it was sham and acting, he wondered if his 'meanie' act had gone too far. She was a poor confused child to him.

"I might, just might spare you," the Dragon King said, "If you are willing to undertake a certain, quest. One in which you may have the company of young ladies."

Shi was still sobbing, but now there was a glimmer of hope. A new dragon entered the room. While not quite as large or as old, he was the closest Shi had ever seen to her 50 times grandfather. He was bulkier than any dragon Shi had ever seen.

"I am Mateo," the elder dragon Mateo said, "I am an elder dragon from the west, what is known as the European continent. Most of my kind is evil, little more than animals, and there are not many of us left. I care not for the fate of most. What I do care about is a war that could consume the entire world, including those few I do care about!"

"A world war," the Dragon King said, "It will consume all of Europe and the Middle East. If it stopped there then maybe 'I' wouldn't care. But the world has never such a conflict as what this may be. It could spill over and destroy all of China, perhaps all of Asia. And THAT I care about."

"But it can be stopped before it starts," Mateo continued, "There is 1 among the human's who the other's will listen to. The greatest among them, perhaps he even has some dragon blood, King Arthur! Yes, word of his deeds have spread even here."

"The plot is complex, the player's unknown," the Dragon King added, "Magic covers their trail. This is what we know, and all that we know. Arthur's half sister Morgana Le Fay is kidnapping the daughter's of the kings of Europe while the sons of kings vanish. Morgana is not evil however, despite rumors and lies to the contrary."

"We believe that she is as much a pawn in this as the girls," Mateo said, "However she is our only lead."

"Which is why you have been brought before us," the Dragon King said, "You share one important trait with Morgana; the preference for your own sex."

"Human agents are too unreliable," Mateo said," Not to mention that it would take too long to find a suitable woman with your qualifications. One; you are a princess and thus Morgana would both wish to add you to her collection and you could both befriend and be a bodyguard to Arthur's daughter who remains free at the moment, but she no doubt has a role in this. Two; in your natural form you have the power of flight. A journey that would take 3 months even on a fast ship you can make in days. Three; since you are a girl lover, you would welcome her touch. Were you not you would be revealed as a spy instantly. More secrets are learned through pillow talk than torture. Four; Unlike the other pampered
princesses, you are an extremely capable fighter in both human and dragon form. Morgana has a dragon, a 2 head, and there may be others."

"Multi-heads are strong, but stupid," the Dragon King shook his massive head, "And the more heads the dumber. There are few creatures save for those like us in this room that can give you pause child. I would wager you could handle Morgana's pet if it comes to that."

"What we wish you to do is to find Arthur, protect him and his daughter, allow Morgana to capture you if you must," Mateo said, "This plot must be stopped, the conspirator's revealed to all."

"There are few of our people that far west," the Dragon King said, "But with your royal seal which is on your ring, a magic scroll which further proves your royal blood, and perhaps we can muster 10 to 20 human guards for you along with a royal pavilion. We will supply you with clothes, jewels, and gold, which you are due anyway. You will no doubt need weapons as well."

"I-I have s-some ideas y-your m-majesty," the still very afraid girl said, "I-I need a smith and-and a jeweler."

"Very well," the Dragon King said, stroking his whiskers with a clawed hand, "I will arrange my own at your disposal. But first; Maid's!! Take this filth into the women's quarter's, and have her bathed! Twice!"

Two matronly female dragons in human form escorted Shi out of the chamber. Shi was too grateful to still be alive to argue with anyone. After she was gone Mateo and the king started roaring with laughter.

"Do you always have that effect of other's?" Mateo asked noting the wet stain on the floor.

"Every time," the King said with toothy grin that could bite an elephant in half. He then became sad and serious, "But those tears, I wasn't expecting that. It was all I could do not to change and comfort her."

"I know what you mean," Mateo said, "Her human form is quite, pleasing, to another human of course. I always think of them as hairless apes."

"She is quite vulnerable and fragile," the Dragon King said, "She want's to be a great hero with her mind, but her heart is still that of a woman. Strange indeed is fate. For if one such as she did not exist we would need one like her."

"It's a good thing we did have her," Mateo said, "You and I, we have seen countess wars, numerous empires rise and fall, but this, the possibility of an entire continent, maybe the entire world in flames at the same time; this is something else. Not even Caesar thought like this."

Shi finally began to calm down after a wonderful bath and a soothing rubdown. She was hoping there would be some younger girls, but the Dragon king's female staff all seemed to be dumpy matrons. She was presented with several beautiful dresses that to her surprise were designed with side slits so that she could fight in them if she had to. There were also some very nice shirt and pants outfits. The shoes were all comfortable and the right size, always a plus.

When she finally settled down to where she didn't jump at every sound she asked for a pen and paper to try out some designs she had long thought of. Shi really liked her staff, but it wouldn't be suitable. A small holster to hold a nunchaku on a belt would do. A metal folding fan would be fashionable and practical. Not to mention lethal in her hands.

Perhaps she should have 3 or 4, painted with pretty designs to match outfits and also hide their martial use. Shi remembered kunoichi weapons, small, deceptive, that hid in plain sight. Earrings that were actually spear darts, throwing stars sewn into clothing to look like decorations, another star on a necklace, and perhaps yet another disguised as a belt buckle. A broach that would actually be a ninja flash bomb rounded out her designs. And of course a dagger was always in fashion.

For later on she added wrist and ankle straps that held slim flat throwing daggers. The items were made quickly and packed into a chest along with her clothes, jewels, and personal items. She was presented with the magic scroll that would, along with her ring, prove her nobility. With that Shi was escorted to a clear field so that she could take her true form.

Shi had been in human form for so long her dragon body didn't feel natural to her. Flapping her wings she tested them. She hadn't done much flying in a long-time and even dragon muscles atrophied. Fortunately she was young and very fit which carried over somewhat. If she had a few days she would have been able to get her wings back in shape, but she didn't have a few days. She would just have to get them back in condition as she traveled. Grasping the large trunk with her right arm claw, she tucked it under her to streamline herself as she took off, and flew west.

Flying mostly at night to avoid human contact, and possible conflict, Shi used the old trick of eating in human form as it took much less food. In modern terms, 1 hamburger compared to an entire cow. Shi first flew north, then caught a lucky break as she got into a jet stream which doubled her speed with half the effort. After 3 days, the fourth of her journey, the jet stream changed and would have pushed her too far south, so Shi had to exit it. She was very tired, but had made excellent time as she was close to Warsaw, Poland.

Shi had time, was well ahead of schedule and so decided to stop in Warsaw so she could sleep in a bed and eat. She landed unseen a few miles outside of the city. The trunk was now a problem. It weighed over 200 pounds. It was still a little before dawn so she had time to scout out a hiding place before it could be discovered. Among her beautiful fancy outfits she had made sure she also had an all black ninja suit. Using leaves and a fallen log Shi hid the trunk as best she could.

Getting into the walled city past sleepy guards was simple, finding a high-end coach provider wasn't, but she still managed to wake one before dawn. With a sob story about how her guards had fled before brigands, but that she had escaped with her money it was a simple matter to get him to dress, grab a footman, and drive to the clearing where they managed to retrieve her trunk. A couple extra coins got her taken to a high-class inn that had bug free clean sheets.

She ate a hearty breakfast, her exotic beauty and dress (as she had changed) drew many stares. She slept well into early evening. The city nightlife was just starting and she wished she had time to sightsee. Shi was actually surprised that the people weren't as dirty and smelly as she had heard. Bathing had made a slight comeback since Arthur had become King of Briton. When he died the Europeans would slip back until the early 20th century.

Shi took a late dinner and again summoned the coach, having them drive her west. Many miles away, it was fully dark now, the coachman was growing nervous, Shi assured him she had people coming and that he could drop her off. While he had some concern for her safety, his own neck won out and he left her and her truck in an open area as she requested.

"If he only knew I'm worth a company of knights," Shi mused smiling as the coachman rode off as if devils were behind him.

Looking around to make sure it was clear she changed, grabbed her trunk and was off again. Two days later she finally spotted the cliffs of Dover where her retinue was supposed to await here. She spotted their signal fire and landed. Shi landed and was greeted by Captain Wang. He had managed to scrape a 20-man guard together from the few Chinese he could find in Briton and northern France.

"I great you Princess Lung," Captain Wang said bowing low.

"Please rise," Shi wearily smiled, "There is no need for formality or ceremony here. We are all far from the land of our birth."

Shi was expected to review the troops who stood in 2 rows on opposite sides. heir equipment was good, but ill fitting on far too many. Perhaps 5 of them would be good in a fight she thought. Too old, or too young. One had to be at least 80, on the other scale 2 could have been no more than 14. Shi smiled at all of them, even complimented a couple for their weapon. As she finished her review she stood before them.

"It is my honor to have you," Shi smiled, "I believe that you men could take Camelot itself! However, I only need half of you and I will consult with Captain Wang. You are all brave men and will be rewarded well for your service."

She retired to a tent that had been set up for her. She hoped she hadn't offended anyone, was sure she had. Captain Wang dismissed the troop then followed.

"I hope I didn't offend them," Shi said, offering the officer a seat, "Half is generous."

"They are proud men your majesty," Captain Wang replied, "Even though we are far from home. Any of them would give their life for you."

"And most of them would if we get into kind of fight Captain," Shi said, "I am not some pampered princess, I'm a warrior. There are actually 5, plus yourself, and maybe that sergeant who's around 60. I can't send anyone home without causing them to lose face, so I must rely on you to make the cut to 10."

"Yes your majesty," Captain Wang bowed, not really relishing what he had to do, but knowing she was right.

"Please, call me Shi," Shi smiled at him, "I was long exiled and I'm not used to being called majesty and princess. I lived as a woman and a warrior and that's how I think of myself."

"Of course your, I mean Shi," Captain Wang said with a bow as he exited the tent.

A soft futon had been laid out for her and she was very tired. Yawning, she laid down and was quickly asleep. As usual her dreams were filled with dancing naked nymphs.

Morning seemed to come all too soon. Breakfast was brought to her by the boy who was to drive her pavilion wagon. He was about 16 and big for his age. She smiled at him, for he was obviously embarrassed at being around any beautiful woman, much less a princess.

"What is your name soldier?" Shi asked.

"Hu Feng your majesty," the boy nervously replied. He had nearly jumped out of his skin that she had spoken to him.

"Ah, Tiger Feng," Shi smiled, "I shall be honored to be your passenger my young tiger."

The boy would have gladly died for her at that moment. Shi hoped he wouldn't have to. Her compliment was to give him confidence. The camp was struck quickly by the pared down troop. Shi met with Captain Wang as they were about to move.

"It is well you arrived early, y- Shi," Captain Wang smiled, "Hard to get used to that. A 'Council of Kings' is being convened. King Arthur will be leaving the safety of Camelot and moving to the sea, just west of here."

"We could wait here for him," Shi said a Captain Wang spread out a map, "But I think we both suspect he won't make it here."

"Aye, that Mordred is vermin," Captain Wang agreed, "I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw the Great Dragon King."

"Eep," Shi shivered just at the memory of seeing him, then composed herself, "Do we know when he's going to leave Camelot? And also, what are the most likely routes he would take?"

"Three days, not quite enough time for us to reach Camelot itself," Captain Wang said, "However, there are only 2 good roads from Camelot to Dover. 'Kings Row' and 'Crown Road'. The most likely is 'King's Row'. Your driver, the Feng boy and another of my men are from that area. We can reach 'Giant's Skull Inn' here. It's an excellent rest stop for a first night, but also the first good place for an ambush."

"So you don't believe he'll take 'Crown Road'?" Shi asked.

"Longer and rougher road, more witnesses, fewer ambush points, and Katherine is reported to be going with him as a diplomatic measure," Captain Wang said, tracing the route with his finger, "The people of Briton will fight for Arthur. That includes the highest nobles down to the lowest peasants. If there is a conspiracy they will want as little resistance as possible."

"Then 'Giant's Skull Inn' it is," Shi ordered climbing into her coach.

Used to living in sometimes-harsh conditions Shi was actually able to sleep and rest during the rough journey where a pampered princess could not have. She was even able to stretch and practice some during the evenings. While Shi was 100% lesbian, she nonetheless took notice of Captain Wang. He was early 30's, well built, a nice mustache, rather handsome in a way. Shi was almost glad when the boy Feng told her he was married with 3 children.

The old sergeant she discovered was an excellent archer. Shi asked if she could shoot with him. Shi cheered and clapped her hands when he beat her. Shi praised him and rewarded him with a ruby. The old sergeant smiled with his bad teeth. This made Shi a little sad. Even ancient dragons had perfect teeth, and like sharks had an endless supply.

They were close to 'Giant's Skull Inn'. Scouting ahead a man named Ho reported back that they were ahead of King Arthur by perhaps an hour. A suspicious group of men were also closing in from the south.

"They are a rough looking lot sir," Ho said, "Well armed, but only about a dozen. Arthur is with 50 knights."

"Unless they are not his," Captain Wang said, suspicion in his mind, "Who else rides with the King?"

"Sir Mordred and Sir Edmund sir," Ho answered.

"The plot thickens," Captain Wang slammed his fist into the table, "My feelings about Mordred are well known and Sir Edmund is a viper! That's one of the missing pieces! I wager those knights are Mordred's men, or most of them anyway!"

"An armed party might be seen as hostile," Shi said, almost glad she was gay and that Captain Wang was married, "Perhaps if they encounter me first, alone. Then, you 'find' your wandered off princess. Do we have any allies?"

"The innkeeper is a former knight, he has 3 stout sons," Captain Wang replied, "They're not soldiers, but they're big and strong. They know young Feng."

"If they can be trusted to keep it quiet, we need to let them know what we suspect," Shi said, "We can then ready ourselves for a 'counter ambush'. Chances are we'll be outnumbered, but hopefully we'll have surprise on our side."

"And they have to beat us," Captain Wang smiled, "All we have to do is get the king and his daughter out of here."

"Right," Shi added, she really did admire him, "And with Mordred, or Edmund, possibly both exposed, we may be able to unravel this scheme now."

Dressed in a scarlet shirt and pants outfit with gold trim, her long hair coiled up, held by a long jeweled pin that in her hands was also a weapon, Shi climbed a tree to establish the 'semi-tomboy' free spirit she wished to convey. Perched on a sturdy branch she watched them approach. So often true are first impressions.

King Arthur was easy to spot. He rode tall and straight. His bearing and look was that of a noble lion! Though older now, his muscles still bulged with strength. Sir Edmund on the other hand was indeed much like a viper. Slimy and smarmy, Shi didn't like the look of him from the beginning. He looked more serpent than she was. And if he looked vile, then Mordred was every bit the vermin Captain Wang said. His face and bearing gave the impression of a sewer rat!

Carefully Shi unhooked the throwing star from her necklace and whizzed it by Sir Edmund's ear. Swinging down from the branch she made her introduction. The eyes of Shi and Katherine met and all thought of Captain Wang fled as the mutual sparks flew.


End of Chapter 1:



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