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Can Shi Lung expose the conspiracy? Can she save Princess Katherine? And what of Morgana and the captive girls? And the woman who will become Madame Xanadu, the nymph Nimue? Would the girls be safer swimming with sharks in a pool of blood?

Dragonheart 2/Madame Xanadu/Magic Sword/Siege Of The Saxons: The Affairs of Dragons! Part 2
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

The figure was a flash of scarlet as she swung from the limb of a tree to land lithely in front of the procession. Sir Edmund had reigned up as something had whizzed by his face. Riding just behind her father was Princess Katherine, daughter of King Arthur. Just 2 months past her 18th birthday, she was a beautiful flower.

Katherine was tall for that age, her 5' 5" made her as tall as some of the shorter knights. She had long very light brown hair, which she wore lose, a gold circlet around it. She had a heart shaped face, pert little nose and full lips. She had definitely inherited her mother's legendary beauty.

She had full round breasts, some cleavage showing as was the style for travel. At mixed sex dances more cleavage was being bared. For balls that were women only breasts were being fully exposed. If Morgana had her way they would be fully nude and would become lesbian bdsm orgies.

Looking at another woman's bare breasts made Katherine feel funny and tingly in a strange good way. She noticed how all of her friends, the princesses, and the ladies all seemed to feel the same. Nipples always growing hard and sensitive. When nipples would touch it would send a thrill through both girls.

Then there were the strange dreams she was having lately. Dreams of being naked and bound while unknown female hands roamed all over her body. Then there was one where she had begged her aunt Morgana to kidnap her. Yes, Morgana was so beautiful, even with her odd purple hair that betrayed her faerie blood. She usually walked around barefoot, her large shapely breasts always threatening to pop out of her deep V dresses, scandalously cut almost to her crotch.

And aunt Nimue was almost as bad. Nimue's dress barely covered her well-rounded little ass. For being so short Nimue had long muscular gymnast legs. In the woods she wore wood deer shaped clogs and ran on her toes, but she was also barefoot when in Camelot. Nimue hated clothes and was usually naked when in the woods. Katherine has never seen her third aunt Vivianne, the 'Lady of the Lake', the vastly most powerful of the sisters.

Her mother, Guinevere always warned Katherine to stay away from her aunts. She wouldn't say why until after Katherine turned 18. It was then that her mother told her about the lesbianism of Nimue and Morgana. Lesbianism that even extended to sisterly incest! Far from repulsing Katherine this only served to further fuel her own curiosity. Mother, of course, was always trying to fix her up with Galahad.

Morgana and Nimue had always been kind to Katherine. They always gave great gifts. Nimue had read her fortune on her recent birthday when Guinevere wasn't around. Nimue told her that she would soon find her true love.

"Your true love will come from far to the east and shall be dressed in red," Nimue told her, "I can say no more, for your mother comes."

Katherine's thoughts returned to the present. The small scarlet figure bowed low in front of her father.

"I bid you greetings from China," the figure said, "What you know as Cathay. I am Princess Shi Lung of the Dragon Clan. I greet you."

The young woman's head raised, Katherine could now see her face. The delicate features and sexy slanted golden eyes. Eyes that met her own of blue. Katherine was speechless as feelings swept through her. The girl was beautiful, yet doll-like. The 2 young women were lost in each other's eyes.

'Could it be?,' Katherine thought, 'A woman? All these strange thoughts and dreams come true?'

With a flourish of female modesty Shi had flipped open the fan she carried. The beautiful butterfly design seemed to flutter, which hid the fact that in Shi's hands it could decapitate a man.

"I'm sorry miss," King Arthur said, as confusion was everywhere at the sudden appearance of this strange girl, "Where...?"

"Ah, there you are your majesty," Captain Wang said, leading his horse, young Feng and her coach just behind. Captain Wang bowed to King Arthur, "Please forgive us for interrupting your journey sir. I fear her highness is a bit spirited. She has run off from us twice before."

"Please, state your name and purpose sir," King Arthur said.

"I am Captain Wang of the royal guard of the Dragon Clan of China," Captain Wang truthfully stated. "I am assigned as head of security for Princess Shi Ki Lung of the Dragon Clan en route to Camelot for a diplomatic vacation to meet King Arthur Pendragon of Briton on the matter of possible trade between China and Briton. The fame of your king has reached even our distant land."

"Then you are more fortunate than you know," King Arthur smiled, "For I am who you seek."

"Your majesty, I must protest," Sir Edmund cried out, not liking at all this strange new complication, "Some strange girl swings from a tree claiming to be royalty, but with only 1 guard and a boy as escort!"

"Behold," Shi cried out holding her ring high, "The royal seal of the Dragon Clan! Should that be not enough proof for you doubter I also carry a magic scroll, written in my language, yet readable by all with my full line. It also glows the holder purple should they be of royal blood."

"As for the rest of milady's escort, they are searching for her elsewhere," Captain Wang said, "Our mistress has, I fear, a bit of an adventurous streak."

"Father," Katherine said, "I believe her, and she is obviously of noble blood. If she wished us harm I believe she could have hit, with whatever that was she threw."

"It does seem that we are all here," King Arthur chuckled, "Perhaps we should all adjourn to the nearby inn. After all, Sir Edmund, what could 2 do against our 50 eh?"

"Perhaps your daughter would like to ride with me," Shi said, offering her hand to Katherine, "I hope that we can become friends."

"May I father?" Katherine asked, the touch of their hands was electric to both.

"I don't see why not," King Arthur agreed, he was usually a good judge of character, with a few notable exceptions, and judged these strange people as being friends.

Mordred was looking, but not finding. He glanced towards Edmund with a puzzled look. A nod back from Edmund was 'keep looking'. What they didn't know was that 2 miles to the south the Chinese troop was taking out Kay Fed's assassins. Six men fell as the counter ambush launched the first volley; 5 dead, 1 badly wounded. It was so fast the remaining killers had no time to flee, or even draw weapons as they went down under the second volley. There were 3 wounded still alive, but not for long. The grisly work done the Chinese soldier's headed towards 'Giant's Skull inn'.

King Arthur's old friend greeted him warmly. The two men embraced laughing. Wardon, formerly Sir Wardon, and known affectionately as 'Wardog' was a big man in his very late 40's. Arms still bulging with strength from carrying large barrels of ale Sir Mordred and Sir Edmund were right to still be worried about him.

"Ah, and this must be little Katherine," Wardog said giving her a firm embrace, "You were still a babe when your father and I rode against the Saxons. Hard to believe that they and we have become one people. Ah, and who is this young lady?"

"Princess Shi Lung of the Dragon Clan of China," Shi smiled with a curtsy, "You would call it Cathay."

"I am doubly honored then," Wardog laughed, "Come, you will no doubt wish to freshen up. It is an old Roman tub more than big enough for 2. My sons took care to make it hot, but not too hot."

The 2 young women were led to the room, Katherine's nanny waited in what would later be the bedchamber. One of Mordred's men had finally found the throwing star, and cut his hand trying to pull it out, so had dug it out with his dagger then brought it to his master. Feng had managed to warn the 3 sons about what was going on while Captain Wang had hooked back up with the old sergeant to position the men.

"I don't like this," Mordred told Edmund when they managed to sneak off together, "That little bitch just showing up like that."

"Calm down Mordred," Sir Edmund said, "It's still just one more man. That boy driving the wagon doesn't look like much and quite frankly I don't believe that story about there being more. We would have seen them by now because they stick out like a sore thumb! She may be a Princess, I'm inclined to believe that, but whatever guards she did have were probably killed long ago."

"One man or not she's still got a pretty good selection of jewelry," Mordred said, "So he may be pretty good with a sword."

"You worry too much," Sir Edmund smiled, "Besides, we can frame the little cunt. Did your man ever find her weapon?"

"Aye," Mordred said, the star was wrapped up in cloth, "Or we can frame the man and keep the woman since my aunt need never know. Her looks are strange, but the wench is quite comely."

"Now you have the idea," Sir Edmund said, "We'll grab her just before we make our move."

"Those assassin's should have been here by now," Mordred said, still nervous.

"That Kay is incompetent," Edmund snorted, "Low born scum. How he ever nailed a piece like Brittany of the Spear I'll never know. And even that gourdhead left him."

Wardog had painted the walls over the Roman artwork that had been in the room. It was probably erotic. Shi could tell that the tub was not used much by Wardon and his family. The tile was still colorful and showed few signs of wear although cracks were slowly creeping in. It took several minutes for the 2 girls to remove their jewelry. Last to go for Shi was the hairpin as she shook out her long silky hair.

"Ah, you hair is longer than mine," Katherine giggled.

"Do you get to bathe with other girls much?" Shi asked smiling.

"Never," Katherine answered.

"In my country large groups of women bathe together all the time," Shi smiled as she started unfastening her shirt.

"That sounds like fun," Katherine smiled back, she was having trouble with the strings on her dress.

"Here, let me help you," Shi smiled at her, "There, that should do it."

Katherine smiled as she stepped out of her dress and began folding it. Shi also neatly folded her own shirt then removed her scarlet undergarment. Katherine gasped when she saw Shi's tits and toned upper body. Her own tits popped free as she was undoing her slip.

"You have very nice titties," Katherine gasped.

"Thank you," Shi smiled seeing and admiring Katherine's slightly bigger tits, "You have very pretty titties too. Do you like titties?"

"I love titties," Katherine admitted, "When it's just us girl's having a dance we all show our titties. They feel so good when our nipples touch each other. I hope my friends are okay."

"Let's finish getting naked," Shi grinned as she slid her pants off and was down to her panties.

"Your legs are nice too," Katherine said as she also got down to panties, "Almost like my aunt Nimue."

"I'm a martial arts expert," Shi smiled kicking her panties off, then, standing on one leg hooked her right foot behind her head, giving Katherine a good look at her hairless pussy, "Like what you see?"

"Your pussy is so pretty," Katherine gasped as she removed her panties, "But where's your pussy hair?"

"Asian girls don't have much," Shi smiled, "Many of us shave. And you should too. It's sexy and it will prevent chafing and heat rash."

"One of my friends, Princess Phaedra of Ireland, told me she doesn't have any because she has sidhe blood," Katherine said, "Those are the faerie folk of her country, just as my aunts Morgana and Nimue have Celtic faerie blood."

"Would you let me shave you?" Shi asked, "You will feel a lot better and sexier."

"Okay," Katherine grinned, it sounded so hot, nasty, and forbidden.

Katherine was a little nervous as Shi lathered up her pussy and came close to her tender pussy with the razor. Shi smiled at her reassured. She didn't need to be worried as Shi was an expert at shaving girls. It only took a few minutes for Shi to make Katherine's pussy bare. As a tease she blew on the British girl's exposed sex causing her to shiver in pleasure.

"There, all done," Shi smiled wickedly.

"Oh, it feels so different," Katherine sighed, "But it's a good feeling."

"Let me wash you," Shi said.

"That sounds so deliciously wicked," Katherine giggled.

"I will even wash your titties, your pussy, and your ass," Shi smiled, "It's okay, we're both girls."

"My mother says it's wrong," Katherine shyly said, "But my aunts Morgana and Nimue say it's okay, even between sisters."

"It's only wrong with a man," Shi moved in, stroking Katherine's hair, "Your aunts are right. Another girl can't make you pregnant with a bastard child. I do girls all the time. And we can do all kinds of things with each other you can't do with an icky man."

"You've actually had, uh, sex, with other girls?" Katherine asked.

"Yes, and it's fantastic," Shi said, "We can have a lot more fun with each other than with stinky boys."

That seemed to convince Katherine as Shi led her into the large tub. Katherine could find no flaw with what her new friend was saying. Why shouldn't girls enjoy each other? After all, girls can't get each other fat with some brat child. Katherine didn't know she would have been safer with Mordred.

If Shi was good at shaving another girl's pussy, she was a master at bathing another girl. Shi had Katherine moaning early starting at her feet. Washing was only a part as Shi licked the soles of Katherine's delicate feet, then took each toe in her mouth and sucked each one. Then she ran her tongue between the toes followed by sucking on several at once.

"That feels so strange," Katherine moaned as her feet were massaged and licked.

Shi continued with her feet knowing she could make the other girl cum if she wanted to. Instead Shi kissed the tops of her feet, then continued licking up her legs. Rubbing, washing, and licking up one leg then the other Shi stopped just before she got to the panting Katherine's pussy. In between Katherine's parted legs Shi was semi mounting her, pressing her tits against Katherine's tits. Shi kissed Katherine's parted lips. Katherine was surprised, but didn't resist as Shi's tongue sought and found Katherine's tongue.

Lips and tongues played with each other as Katharine responded and yielded to the stronger woman. Shi mashed her tits into Katherine's tits, nipples pressing against nipples. Shi then began erotically rubbing, then tit fighting, then nipple pressing, driving Katherine mad with desire. Shi continued, until both young women cried out in orgasm!

"Ahhhhhhh!" Katherine cried out, "Wha-what is happening to me?"

"Oooooo, I just made you cum," Shi moaned, "And I'm just getting started. Would you like more?"

"Cum?" Katherine asked, "Does it always feel so good?"

"Better," Shi promised as she started washing Katherine's tits, now adding kisses, licks and sucking which quickly had Katherine moaning again.

"Ooooooo, more," Katherine moaned, "Oooooo. I knew I loved titties!"

Shi licked and sucked Katherine's pink nipples, going from one to the other. Shi started off slow, lips and tongue's teasing, caressing with light touches with skilled hands. Shi then slowly became rougher, kneading Katherine's tits roughly, twisting and pulling her nipples, adding small bites. Katherine screamed out as she came again.

"Eeeeeeaaaa!" Katherine screamed, "Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh! Aahhhhh!"

Shi smiled, she hadn't even gotten to her pussy yet and the princess was hers.

"Now you see why all women should be lesbians," Shi wickedly said.

"I love you Shi," Katherine gasped, "I am yours, forever."

"I love you too," Shi said kissing her, "Turn around so that I can wash your back."

Katherine recalled what Nimue had said. People didn't come from much further east than Cathay, nor wear scarlet. Shi's skilled hands continued to turn her to putty as her back was washed and massaged. Shi was an expert in shiatsu and other Asian accupressure techniques. Katherine continued to moan as Shi oh so very slowly moved down to her ass.

"That feels soooo good," Katherine moaned, "Where did you learn how to do this?"

"I am a mistress of the sexual arts as well as the martial," Shi gave an enigmatic smile, "Tell me your wildest fantasies."

"Oh, but they are so silly," Katherine giggled as Shi toyed with her ass.

"Tell me," Shi playfully half ordered with light slaps on Katherine's ass.

"It's what you are doing," Katherine confessed, "But much, much harder. I dream about being tied up, spanked, whipped by other women. But that's crazy. It would hurt."

"No it doesn't," Shi said, "I do it all the time. I love being tied and whipped and all kinds of things. It feels good. In fact, once I teach you you'll want it all the time."

"Really?" Katherine was amazed at her new friend. If Shi said it, it must be true.

Shi knew Katherine better than she knew herself. The spanking became harder. Katherine was soon moaning again. What little pain was drowned out by the pleasure.

"Uuuggghhhhh! Ooooooo!" Katherine cried out, cumming yet again.

"You'll love licking asshole too," Shi whispered, licking her ear, kissing the back of her neck.

"But, but that's nasty," Katherine meekly protested.

"No, it's just another part of your body," Shi said, running her hands all over Katherine's ass, her fingers then going up and down between her cheeks, "One that will make you feel good. But that will wait for later. Now, I will wash your pussy."

"I'm not sure I can take much more pleasure," Katherine gasped.

Shi smiled as she turned Katherine over, spreading her legs wide. Her hands rubbed the freshly shaved pussy, fingers running up and down. Katherine gaped when Shi partly inserted a finger encountering the girl's still intact hymen. That wasn't good, although Shi could tell it was thin and wouldn't hurt too much.

"I'm technically a virgin too," Shi reassured her, "I've never been with a man. But I lost mine doing kicks and splits at a very young age. We'll save this for later too. Maybe it will break riding or something, because unfortunately that does hurt."

Shi continued the erotic rubbing, tracing her finger up and down the girls slit. Finally she lowered her face, blowing on the girl's pussy, then finding the girls clit sucked it sending Katherine screaming the most intense orgasm yet into her hands. Shi licked up and down, her tongue sending Katherine crashing again and again until she could take no more and passed out!

Letting her rest Shi went ahead and bathed herself. After all, Katherine still had so much to learn. Shi laid out the extra large towels for the next phase. The British princess moaned as she started coming around. Shi offered Katherine her surprisingly feminine foot. Shi was pleaded that the taboo of licking another woman's foot would not be a problem as Katherine kissed and licked and sucked toes.

"Ummmm," Shi moaned, "Not bad for a first time, but come, I have one more thing to teach you for now. We must be swift for we have been in here for a long time and suspicion could arise. Later, we will be able to be open about our love."

"I fear I shall be turned to pudding if you teach me much more," Katherine laughed.

Shi laughed and laid her down on her back. Shi spread the girls legs then mounted her, lips on lips, tit on tit, nipple on nipple, pussy to pussy, clit to clit. Kissing her passionately Shi began to pussy-fuck the princess. Shi thrust downward, meeting Katherine's upward thrusts. Lip's and nipples dueled. Clits touched. Again and again. Shi fucked her and fucked her! Their mutual cries of pleasure drowned in each other's hungry mouths as they couldn't get enough of each other. Finally, neither young woman could take anymore as they came and came and came together with muffled cries of release!

For many long minutes they just held each other tight, lightly kissing. They were truly in love with each other now. That didn't mean they didn't want to orgy with all of Katherine's friends and her hot aunts. They lay together until they heard the nanny pounding on the door, telling them to hurry up, and that they would wrinkle. Laughing the 2 women kissed and untangled to get dressed..


End of Chapter 2:



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