This is the third chapter, all previous disclaimers still in effect. If you don't like reading about evil bastards getting the snot beat out of them or don't like reading about hot women doing each other don't read.

This chapter rated NC-17 for F/F/F sex, cons. bdsm, mythical creatures, aunt/niece incest

Dragonheart 2/Madame Xanadu/Magic Sword/Siege Of The Saxons: The Affairs of Dragons! Part 3
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected])

It took a lot less time for Shi to do her own hair and dress than it was taking Katherine even with help from her nanny. Part of the reason was that Shi was simply used to taking care of herself. Another was that the sleek elegant Asian dresses with the simple knot button were just easier and quicker to put on than the bulky European dresses with all the straps and lacing.

Shi had piled her hair up in a twist bun held with 2 of the long sapphire jeweled pins in an X. From there she slipped on the simple silk panties and breast holder. She then strapped her dagger to her thigh. Shi then donned a sleeveless, long white Oriental dress (side slits for fighting) with a gold dragon pattern. This was followed by gold colored slippers.

Shi laid out the belt with the nunchaku, but it didn't go with her outfit so she put it aside for the moment. Shi put on the dart earrings, affixed a flash grenade disguised as a jade broach just below her collar, and took up a different fan to match this outfit. This one had a dragon on it instead of butterflies. To finish Shi donned long elbow length white evening gloves. The knuckles and fingertips in the gloves were reinforced for striking. Poor Katherine was still only half dressed as Shi started walking towards the dining area. She spied Captain Wang.

"I may need the chucks if anything starts," Shi softly said to him, "As soon as it's clear would you please get them?"

"Right," Captain Wang said, "The innkeeper and his sons have been alerted. They have hidden some weapons to be close at hand. I've placed the men as best I can. But we're too few. I could only spare 2 for the stable."

"We have to hope that some of the knights are loyal to Arthur," Shi said.

"I must know Princess Shi," Captain Wang said formally, "Taking your true form really must be a last resort. In all seriousness, no bragging, how good is your kung fu?"

"Captain," Shi said, a little angry, but knowing he meant no disrespect, "Even without changing, I could take at least 30 of them by myself. I really am that damn good. Here's your sword back."

"What?" Captain Wang looked down and felt his empty scabbard, he then chuckled, "Forgive me for doubting you Princ - Shi."

Shi smiled handing him his sword back. Captain Wang left with a confident smile. Shi had to suppress a giggle as she watched him go, she had put a sign on his back that read 'pervert' in Chinese. She turned and continued down the hall. She had almost reached the dining area when an arm came out from the last door before that yanking her into a room.

Shi's arms were held from behind by a big knight. Sir Edmund and Sir Mordred along with 4 other traitorous knights were in the room. Most of their weapons; swords, axes, daggers, morning stars, and a mace, were laid on a large table as they were obviously getting ready for their attack. Shi inwardly smiled.

'Boy, do they ever have the wrong Princess,' Shi thought.

Mordred was holding and looking at her throwing star, still partly wrapped in a cloth. Sir Edmund smiled evilly, confidant of his victory. Thinking she was just a normal helpless girl the knights were at ease believing she was no threat. They weren't even bothering to take the fan out of her hand. Shi could kill all of them in less than a minute. Shi decided to play the helpless victim hoping to learn names.

"What is the meaning of this?" She demanded with false outrage, "I am a Princess! My 20 guards will.."

"Your TWO men," Sir Edmund interrupted her, "Your people stick out like a sore thumb. Where are they? I don't think you have any more. Although your claim of royalty, I do believe. If I had any doubts about that, well, not any more."

"An interesting weapon," Mordred said, still examining the star, "Such a small, distinctive, thing to murder a king with."

"What are you talking about?" Shi asked playing dumb, "Release me at once or my father will make you sorry."

"I don't think so," Sir Edmund snickered, "I think I almost have you figured out."

"My father has a million men under arms sir," Shi continued playing the spoiled brat, "If I don't send dispatches back he'll know what you're doing."

"I'm willing to bet you have many brothers and sisters," Sir Edmund chuckled.

"How did you know that?" Shi asked.

"Are you the youngest?" Sir Edmund asked.

"Yes, good guess," Shi said, "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Let's see, by the words of your own Captain you are spirited," Mordred
added, understanding where Edmund was going, "Running off, climbing trees, obviously spoiled."

"You were sent here to get rid of you," Sir Edmund laughed evilly, "A rebellious, willful, spoiled little brat! Not needed for the royal line, probably not even liked by most of your siblings. Given a small guard, probably of scrubs and unwanted dregs and a mission with little real importance. After all, what possible trade could we have with such a distant land."

"Doesn't make much sense when you really think about it does it?" Mordred was also snickering.

"What do you want?" Shi hung her head in feigned surrender.

The knight behind her relaxed his grip, barely holding her, thinking she had given up. Not that any of them thought she was a danger to begin with.

"I believe your men are all dead," Sir Edmund gloated, "Your Captain perhaps is a good fighter as you seem to have retained at least your personal god and jewelry."

"The question before you now is, is your Captain worth you being thrown into a rat infested dungeon, raped, tortured, mutilated, and ultimately burned at the stake for the murder of their beloved King Arthur?" Mordred asked, looking more like a rat than ever.

"A stranger, a foreigner kills the king, Princess Katherine missing, dead, or a captive bride," Shi said, "Cleaver."

"You are not as stupid as I thought," Mordred said, "As nephew of the king I am next in line after Katherine. She goes to Morgana. My poor aunt has no idea how we have tricked her."

"I am surprised," Shi aid, "I would think you would take her yourself to strengthen your claim."

"Morgana is too powerful to cross," Mordred said, "She believes all the princesses want her, and they actually do. Every single one of them being closet dykes was a huge surprise. If Katherine is not among them she will become suspicious. Keeping her for myself would make things easier, but we can work around it."

"We?" Shi asked, loving stupid villains and their tendency to reveal their plans to those they thought helpless.

"Quiet you fool," Sir Edmund ordered.

"Why? She's only a woman," Mordred was really cocky now, "What can she do? The only choice she has is a horrible death or the death of her Captain. I don't think she's stupid enough to die for a commoner. Pampered concubine to one of us is a far better fate."

"I suppose you are right Mordred," Sir Edmund agreed, "She can stomp her feet and scream all she wants."

"Impressive, all this just to be King of Briton?" Shi asked adding flattery.

"Nothing so short sighted," Mordred confidently grinned, "Our alliance is for nothing less than the entire world. Ah, you are confused and probably think us mad. Far from it for we have allies a woman's simple mind could not conceive of."

"It does seem rather, grand," Shi said.

"Getting rid of the princes was only the first step," Mordred gloated, "I then tricked my aunt into eliminating the female heirs. The odd part is that both my aunt and the Princesses are getting exactly what they want. Until I take them out as well."

"You are so smart," Shi continued the false flattery, "You take out the sons and daughters, and I imagine you have a plan for the kings. How do you plan on killing your aunt,"

"I must give Sir Edmund the credit for coming up with the idea of the 'Council of Kings'," Mordred said, the smug Edmund took a mocking bow, "With all the kings in one place the 'Lord of Assassin's' Kay Fed will kill them with poison and dagger. With Arthur dead and his knights scattered I become King of Briton and seize Scotland and Ireland to boot. My aunts 2 headed dragon Jay Zee then kills dear aunt Morgana and the Princesses foolishly thinking I will free him. The Viking King Olaf then takes Prussia and the weak countries between France and Prussia. From the east and south King Kan Ye leading hordes of the Moor's will overrun Transylvania, Italy, southern Spain and France. As Baron of Normandy Sir Edmund control's northern France. He will move south catching the remaining Spanish and French between them. Austria will not dare resist and will quickly surrender."

"That only leaves Russia," Sir Edmund smirked, "But we have a plan to deal with them as well. A secret ally from your country Princess. Cao Cao!"

"It can't be," Shi gasped out loud, but it all fit.

Cao Cao was ambitious and the current dynasty was crumbling. Lui Bei, the powerful Sun family, Nanman was ready to revolt. All out civil war seemed possible. Especially after the recent 'Yellow Turban' revolt.

'So, the plot is revealed,' Shi thought.

"A divided Russia, without their Czar and royal heirs, standing alone with the Vikings to the northwest, the combined armies of Europe under Mordred and myself to the west, the Moors to the south west, the new Cao dynasty all along the south and south east, "Sir Edmund finished the plan," They can not hope to stand and will join us."

"And it all starts with killing King Arthur tonight, planting that forging weapon as cover," Shi said, ready to make her move, Mordred wasn't wearing glove or gauntlet," Do you know how to use that?"

"Why, you threw it," Mordred looked confused unwrapping it, his hand closed around it thinking it was thrown like a ball, promptly slicing his hand all to hell, "Aaaaaarrrgggghhhhhh!!"

Shi was already moving as Mordred screamed, dropping the bloody star. Shi kicked forward, her foot going completely behind her head clocking the knight holding her. Moving like liquid, one of her hair pins flew threw the air right through the eye of a second knight killing him instantly, Her fan opened as she swung slicing open the neck of the knight that she had kicked. Shi flipped forwards kicking a third knight while also slicing open his face with the razor sharp fan.

He went down screaming, alive but, blind forever. Shi took out the fourth knight the same way as the second as she spun the fan nearly decapitating him. Sir Edmund went for a sword on the table. Shi, with the second hairpin in her hand stabbed downward pinning his hand to the table.

"Eeearrrhhhh!" Sir Edmund screamed.

Only one knight was standing, a big one and possibly the best as he managed to block Shi's fan thrust with a small wrist buckler. He threw a wild punch at her, but she caught his arm throwing him over her shoulder in a judo throw. Only 30 seconds had passed. She kicked him 3 times, but that was enough time for Mordred to unpin Sir Edmund's hand with his own good hand. They ran for a back door. Shi turned to pursue. The affair would have ended there, but the last knight, still not quite finished, grabbed her ankle. Shi stomped his chest, shattering his sternum, sending bone into his heart.

"Damn!" Shi cursed as the back door slammed and bolted.

Sir Edmund and Mordred were still free, but all was not yet lost. Shi had several seconds to save the day. Wasting no time she ran out of the room she was in into the dining hall. Arthur was eating, but he stood as Katherine was just entering the room. Shi leaped onto the top of a table.

"Rally to the King!," Shi yelled, "Rally to the King! All those loyal rally! We are betrayed! Rally to Arthur!"

Wardog and his sons drew hidden weapons and surrounded Arthur. Other loyal men went for their weapon as traitors rushed in. Captain Wang ran in, cutting down 2 of Mordred's men as the old sergeant and 2 others loosed lethal arrows from their hiding spots. Wardog and his sons along with 10 knights, and Captain Wang were around Arthur whose own sword was drawn now. But Katherine was alone and exposed.

Shi had paused just long enough to draw her dagger and slice away the bottom half of her dress. She saw her loves peril. One of Mordred's men did too, only for Shi's thrown dagger to end up in the base of his skull. Shi somersault flipped off the table, kicking one man, a spinning backfist to another as she made it to her side. Her fan flashed in a figure 8, slicing one man's hand completely off, backing 2 more off. But the fan had had it.

"Princess, catch," Captain Wang called out throwing her nunchaku.

Shi neatly caught it and spun it, then smashing one man's face in. Young Feng and 2 more of her men had made it to her side. A fourth Chinese soldier unfortunately, died from a cowardly back stab. From the sidelines at a safe distance, Sir Edmund and Mordred watched their ambush falling apart. They were losing, badly. A pair of Arthur's knights went down.

But Arthur was well protected, and that damned Chinese bitch had been telling the truth as her men had sung out of nowhere. The numbers were already getting too close to even for their liking.

"Damn that bitch!" Mordred cursed, "She's ruining everything! Where the fuck did she learn to fight like that?"

"It's not over yet," Sir Edmund snarled, his hand whapped up, pulled a loaded crossbow from a wall.

Sir Edmund took careful aim. They had one chance to salvage this. He fired. the bolt took Arthur in the shoulder. Not a killing blow, but it was enough to change the tide of battle. One of the knights turned his back to the fight to aid his king. That mistake cost him his life.

"Father!" Katherine screamed.

"Captain!" Shi yelled out," Get the King out of here! Get him back to Camelot! And whatever you do, don't let those bastards bleed or leech him! He's going to lose enough blood as it is!"

"Yes, Prince, I mean Shi," Captain Wang smiled, that was still going to take some getting used to as he killed 2 more of Mordred's men,

But 3 more of the loyal knights had fallen. Despite the pain to his wounded hand Sir Edmund had loaded another bolt. He silently cursed as Wardog, the 3 sons, Captain Wang, the few loyal knights, covered by the 3 archers hustled Arthur out the door. He didn't have another shot there.

"Katherine!" King Arthur called out.

"She'll be fine your highness," Captain Wang said, "Princess Shi and my men will get her out. Please trust me, Princess Shi can take the whole lot of them by herself!"

'We'll see about that,' Sir Edmund thought taking careful aim.

But at the last moment, young Hu 'Tiger' Feng saw the flash of the arrow. The boy had not been doing very well, so far lucky he'd taken only 4 shallow cuts. He was totally in love with Princess Shi, his ideal woman. He proved his loyalty, valor, and love that day, shoving her aside and taking the bolt in his own brave heart.

"Nooooo!" Shi cried catching him as he fell, "Tiger Feng! Tiger Feng!"

With a smile on his lips looking in her beautiful eyes he died. Another of the Chinese guards had paused. A fatal mistake as he was ran through. The other Chinese soldier avenged hm, but was bore to the ground and dispatched.

"Aaaahhhhhhh!" with a scream of rage Shi became a demoness!

Three men died in seconds, a half dozen were crying out with broken limbs as the spinning chucks struck. During the fight there had been Chinese soldier absent. No one had noticed him. The 10th and last man chosen by Captain Wang. Shi had not thought much of him, thinking perhaps he wasn't even that brave. As a nervous group of Mordred's men regrouped the last man pounced, dropping from the ceiling on top of them, bearing them all to the ground.

"Run your highness!" he ordered his sword flashing, "Save the Princess!"

This shocked Shi back to reality. True, she could kill all of them, but one of them might get to Katherine. Shi didn't know his name, but his sacrifice, like that of young Feng would forever be in her heart. Shi saluted him, plucking the broach from her neck and throwing it hard to the ground. With a flash she had grabbed Katherine's arm, pulling her back through the women's rooms.

With only a few seconds Shi managed to grab the butterfly fan and a second dagger. With no time to explain she cut Katherine's dress off and pressed a pair of her slippers into the startled girl's arms. Katherine's underdress was still too bulky to run in, but she had no time to deal with it as she ran to bar the door.

"Quickly," Shi ordered, "You can't run in those heels! Your feet are slightly bigger than mine are so they'll be tight and uncomfortable, but you'll be able to run. At least for awhile. I we get a chance maybe I can turn them into sandals so they won't hurt your feet."

"What's going on?" Katherine was about to lose it, "What's happening? All this blood! Death! Father!"

"Katherine," Shi shook her," Stay with me! Sir Edmund and Mordred have betrayed you. Your father's hurt, but Captain Wang and Sir Wardon got him out. He's safe. They'll get him back to Camelot. Now, you have to trust me! I can save both of us, both you have to trust me. I love you Katherine, can you do that for me?"

Katherine nodded assent. There was pounding the door. At the stable 2 men loyal to Arthur had been murdered from behind. The cowardly killers had no time to celebrate as they themselves were felled by the skilled hands of the Chinese guards. Captain Wang and the defender' made it to the stables.

"Katherine, my flower," King Arthur protested, "We have to get to her."

"Princess Shi Lung is worth an army," Captain Wang said, "She'll get Katherine out."

King Arthur was reassured by Wardog's affirmative look.

"My sons and I will stay here and stop any pursuit," Wardog smiled, bloody battleaxe in hand," There's not many of them left. You save the King. Save my friend."

Captain Wang nodded and mounted. The old sergeant also shook his head smiling with his bad teeth. Captain Wang saluted them. Captain Wang, the wounded King, 4 Chinese guards, and 3 loyal knights rode off into the night. Towards Camelot!

"Useless, totally useless," Sir Edmund said an hour later as he pulled his crossbow bolt from Wardog's chest with his good hand.

Wardog, his 3 sons and the old sergeant were dead, but Sir Edmund and Mordred only had 4 men left, and 2 of them were sporting broken bones courtesy of Shi. The was no way they could pursue Arthur or even chase after the 2 girls without reinforcements. After seeing her fight Edmund was more afraid of Shi than Arthur's party. Mordred seemed lost in a daze, holding his own wounded hand.

"Mount up," Sir Edmund ordered, "This isn't over yet!"

"Are you mad!" Mordred screeched, "Take a look around you! It's over! We're finished!"

"Not yet we're not," Sir Edmund snarled, "That slant-eyed cunt's the only one who knows our plan. We find her, take her out, have Osama wipe Katherine's mind and deliver her to Morgana as planned. In the meantime we spread the word that King Arthur was wounded and has been taken captive by these 'yellow devil's! Arthur will be down for days, if he even survives the wound and the barber's bleeding. That will whip up a howling mob at the gates of Camelot. We can use their weird weapons and strange armor as props even."

"The men inside the walls will hear and know the truth," Mordred said.

"Let them, they'll still be pinned and Arthur will not arrive at the 'Council'," Sir Edmund smiled," We continue the plan and take out the kings while we gather enough men, even temporarily redirect the Vikings if we have to storm the walls of Camelot. Maybe add another rumor that Arthur was murdered by the Chinese and that they are using sorcery to bewitch those inside."

"So, all we really have to do is eliminate that hellcat whore," Morded said, regaining some confidence," She doesn't know about the wizard. Osama can track her. And while she's dangerous she's still human."

"Exactly," Sir Edmund said, "We won't underestimate her skill again. She's alone, on foot, almost weaponless, burdened with princess. We can use archer's, and horses, no getting close to her without numbers."

"Sir, we found this," one of the 2 still fit men said, handing Sir Edmund Katherine's underdress as rain began to fall.

"This gets better," Mordred perversely grinned, "They're both almost down to their undergarment's. Soon to be very wet and cold. Not to mention muddy which will slow them and leave a trail for us."

"Good thing we have Osama though," Sir Edmund mused, "We need to inform him and get reinforcements. LOTS of reinforcements. They're going to get a huge head start. Half a day at least. Maybe a bit more."

"Ah, but it is night, they are on foot, and neither knows the countryside," Mordred regained his confidence, "The slant eyed whore may be strong, but Katherine isn't."

Shi had cut away Katherine's underdress as axes fell on the barred door. Katherine was down to her slip, panties and the too tight slippers as Shi shoved her out the window. Her own gloves were ruined from striking metal so Shi doffed them as well, then sheathed the spare dagger on her thigh. The first man's had came through. Shi unhooked one earring dat and threw it. That man fell dead, but another head took its place only to also fall from the second dart.

Shi needed to rearm, as she was down to fan, dagger, and nunchaku, but there was no time. Again she knew she could handle them, but again there was the chance one of them was outside and would get Katherine. Shi dove out the window and after a kip up grasped her hand. Shi had to suppress a giggle a she saw the nanny disappear into the woods, legs flying as if all hell was after her. They would never catch her, even as old and fat as she was.

"Poor nanny," even Katherine shook off her terror for a smile at the sight.

Just as they got to the treeline Shi had to sacrifice the nunchaku as one of villains had somehow caught a horse despite Captain Wang driving the extra's off. Twirling it like a bolo she threw, the horse tripped spilling the man. Shi deftly snapped his neck. The horse was fine, but ran off with the weapon still wrapped around one leg.

"Come on," Shi grasped at her hand.

"No!" Katherine slapped her hand away, fear in her eyes, "Get away from me! You killed him! You killed a lot of them!"

"We don't have time for this," Shi shook her, "They were trying to kill US! They will kill us!"

"But," Katherine started to protest.

"Katherine, I love you," Shi said tears forming, "You must believe me! But we have to run. We have to run now!"

Katherine nodded and gave Shi her hand. They ran.

* * *

It had started to rain. Both girls were soon soaked and cold. They had slowed down when it became obvious they weren't being chased. Katherine was proving to be in a lot better physical condition than Mordred gave her credit for. Long hours of ballet and other dance practices had made her much more fit than he knew. Since Shi had seen Katherine naked she knew the girl was stronger than she looked.

'Bastard knows we're on foot,' Shi thought, 'And a pretty good chance he doesn't have enough men to chase us anyway. Or the balls. No sense in making it easy by killing ourselves.'

They had stopped long enough for Shi to cut off some of the sides and back of the slippers, which made them more comfortable for Katherine. The 2 women continued on despite the rain. The rain didn't stop even as the sky grew lighter

"Um, I hate to be a spoiled little princess," Katherine said stopping, "But we've got a problem."

"What's that?" Shi asked, brushing wet hair out of her face.

"We're lost," Katherine gave a half smile. "I've been inside castles my whole life. Rode in carriages to my friends' castles. I have no idea where we are."

"Eep," Shi eep'd, "And I've been in your country for 3, maybe 4 days now, also mostly in a pavilion. Well, at least we're together."

"I'm sorry I yelled at you darling," Katherine said with a cute pout, "You're sooo powerful."

"Oh! You're bleeding," Shi gasped, kneeling and checking the stain.

The stain's source was quickly found. It was actually good news. Katherine's hymen had busted during the run and the pain had been nil, although she might be sore after the adrenaline wore off.

"OW!" Katherine cried as she finally felt it a bit.

"Sorry, it goes away pretty quick," Shi said, "Especially as thin as yours was."

"I don't even know how to make a fire," Katherine pouted, making Shi laugh, "What's so funny?"

"If we find some shelter and some dry wood, fire will be the one thing we won't ever have to worry about," Shi laughed.

Katherine had no idea how right Shi was. They walked on for another half-hour until they came to a clearing. Katherine smiled. Her aunt Nimue was there dancing nude in the rain. Nimue swayed to music from invisible faerie folk, eyes closed. As a wood nymph her pussy was naturally bare. One whispered 'visitor's mistress' to her. The wood nymph's eyes opened, then grew wide with delight.

"Aunt Nimue," Katherine cried out running to her.

"Katherine," Nimue ran to her as well.

Half-naked princess and nude nymph embraced near the center of the clearing. They hugged for several minutes. Nimue finally noticed a sheepish looking Shi. Nimue of course knew instantly what she was. Nimue gave her a hug.

"I greet you dragoness of the east," Nimue gushed, then saw Shi's expression, "Sorry."

"You are her aunt?" Shi asked.

"By marriage," Nimue smiled.

"Nimue, my father has been betrayed and wounded," Katherine said, "Aunt Morgana has been tricked, and Mordred plans to kill her too. Also, I'm in love."

"One from the east," Nimue smiled.

"Shi Ki Lung, Princess of the Dragon Clan," Shi smiled.

"I met you 50 times grandfather once," Nimue said with a shiver, "I pissed myself."

"He has that effect on pretty much everyone," Shi agreed.

"Aunt Nimue, we need your help," Katherine said, "To save Briton we have to save aunt Morgana.. But we are so lost it isn't funny."

"We'll go see Morgana after you have rested," Nimue said, "And your both probably half froze. I can run around naked in the snow. And, maybe we can have some fun. Some aunt/niece and inter-species fun."

"Kinky," Shi smiled, "Love it."

"Isn't that incest?" Katherine said getting it.

"It's okay between girls," Nimue said, "Morgana and I have been having sex with each since I turned 18 and we love it."

Nimue led them down a secret path only she knew. Her dwelling was part hollowed out tree, part cave. So well camouflaged It would be impossible to find even with a thousand men and bloodhounds. There was a huge bed in one corner, a desk, a table, a couple of bookcases overfilled with magic books, and another with lesbian porn. Candles and lamps lit the large room, also a table, a few chairs, and a rack with dozens of whips of various sizes and styles. Nimue hated clothes and had only 6 short dresses. Nimue used a heat spell to keep it nice and warm.

"Nice collection," Shi complimented her as Nimue blushed.

"Let's get you out of those wet clothes before you get any more chilled," Nimue said.

They were quickly naked and snuggling under a blanket while Nimue made some hot herbal tea. Shi picked up a sketchbook of drawings. They were very good. As good as any she had ever seen. All of lesbian sex acts, much of it involving bdsm.

"Oh dear," Nimue said, "I try so hard, but I'm awful."

"Are you kidding?" Shi was amazed, "These are fantastic! I've never seen anyone this good."

"She's right," Katherine said, eyes wide, "These are great!"

"You really think so?" Nimue was a little embarrassed."

"It's so good it's making me randy," Katherine gasped.

"We'll have to be easy," Shi said, "Her cherry popped when we were running."

"I can fix that," Nimue said, "Minoe!"

"Hey, that feels good," Katherine looked down at her pussy, "Can you make it so I stay hairless like you and Shi?"

"I can do better than that, "Nimue smiled, "Cimoc!"

"Oh, my titties feel so full," Katherine gasped.

"So do mine," Shi also gasped.

"Now you don't ever have to worry about pussy hair, and you now have milky titties," Nimue smiled pinching her own nipples producing some drops of milk.

"That looks delicious," Shi smiled as she squeezed her tits producing milk.

"I have to taste it," Katherine panted.

"I think we all do," Shi said as she leaned over and kissed her love.

Katherine was much bolder this time as she soul kissed her lover. Nimue joined them on the bed stroking Katherine's hair. Katherine continued to be bolder as she turned and deeply kissed her aunt. Three way kissing ensued as they stroked each other's bodies. Shi roughly seized Katherine's tits squeezing and kneading them, pinching, twisting, and pulling her nipples. Katherine loved it, cumming from the hard tit play.

Shi's fingers were covered in Katherine's tasty tit cream. Katherine and Nimue started licking and sucking her fingers. Nimue straddled Katherine's pretty face. Shi was licking and sucking Katherine's pussy while Katherine ate her aunt's nymph cunt.

"Aaa aaaa aaaahhhhhh!" Nimue cried out cumming.

"Mmmffff! Mmmmm!" Katherine moaned cumming again.

"Now I'm going to show you something new," Shi smiled loving the taste of pussy.

"Oh yessss," Katherine purred, "I want to know it all. Everything. Fucking, sucking, even whipping!"

"I'm going to show you how we can suck each other's pussy's at the same time," Shi said.

"We can do that?" Katherine was very excited.

"Sure can," Shi smiled, "Nimue, would you like to whip my ass while Katherine sucks me?"

"I would love to," Nimue grinned choosing a multi tailed flogger.

Shi arranged herself in a 69 position. Katherine was hungry for her lover's pussy and attacked it with gusto with her lips and tongue. Both young beauties eagerly lapped each other's hot wet pussies. Nimue started whipping Shi's ass driving her even crazier. Faster and faster the greedy tongues flashed. Moans became louder as they exploded in each other's mouths. Nimue kissed each of them, going from one to the other. They all embraced in a tight hug.

"Mmmmmm," Katherine moaned, "More."

"I've created a monster," Shi kissed her, "Good!"

"I want to pussy-fuck you," Nimue said to Katherine, "Do you want to?"

"Yes please," Katherine said, "Please fuck me."

"Yummy, whip me while I fuck her," Nimue told Shi.

Nimue arranged herself on top of her niece lips on lips, tits on tits, nipples on nipple, milk lubing and coating their tits, pussy on pussy. Kissing hotly Nimue began pussy-fucking Katherine. As their pussies met and rubbed, Shi started whipping the nymph's small ass.

"Aaahhhhh!" Katherine cried out," Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

"Oh yeah baby," Nimue panted, "Fuck you good. Oh, yeah! Aaaaa!"

They screamed in each other's mouths as they climaxed together. For several minutes the 3 hot women cuddled and lightly kissed. They were just getting started.


End of Chapter 3:



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