Dead Or Alive: Ayane's Prize Part One (BDSM,ncon)
by Operandi ([email protected]

THUD! Hitomi delivered a powerful blow to Ayane, sending the Kunoichi onto
her backside. Ayane narrowly dodged a high kick from Hitomi, but was unable
to retaliate against the flurry of atacks.

Ayane stumbled at the edge of the precipice, as Hitomi delivered a flurry of
kicks, pushing Ayane closer to a fall...but Hitomi became carried away with
her momentum, enabling Ayane to grab Hitomi's leg and fling her off the
ledge, where the German/Japanese student fell hard.

Hitomi got to her feet groggily, as Ayane landed in front of her.

Ayane leapt over the disorientated Hitomi, then, as she flew overhead, she
gripped Hitomi's head with her inner thighs, and pulled the Kung Fu
practicing girl to the ground, knocking her unconscious.

Ayane quickly unzipped Hitomi's jeans, pulled them down, and then inserted
the drug needle into Hitomi's bottom. "That will keep you quiet, little
cutie!" Ayane handcuffed Hitomi's wrists, then attached cuffs to her ankles,
and a gag in the girl's mouth. Slung over Ayane's shoulder, Hitomi was
carried to a nearby van, where upon Ayane drove to a secret location, then
unloaded her prize from the van, and taken into the small shack in the
middle of a Japanese forest.

Ayane delighted in the nubile beauty, enjoying the sight of the pretty girl,
as she untied, then undressed her. Soon, Hitomi was down to her white bra
and panties, simple and tight. Ayane was going to have plenty of fun with the
spoils of her latest victory.

As Ayane trussed up her prize, spreadeagle and exposed, hanging from the
ceiling, legs held apart by spreader bar. Ayane was keen to use her rope
bondage skills on her captive, but decided that that would be later.

She waited for Hitomi to regain consciousness...enjoying the sight of the
girl's prone body...a beautiful, innocent face (with cute braid), lustrous
light brown hair, sweet tits, succulent thighs, and a delicious bottom.
Hitomi was certainly highly fuckable.

"ooooh....uuunh....where am I...WHAT!?"

"Welcome, Hitomi!"

"Let ME GO!"

"No. I won the fight. You, little girl, are my prize. To the victor the


With that, Ayane, picked up a cane, and whacked Hitomi's derriere hard...











Hitomi's head sunk...Ayane smirked and grabbed Hitomi by the chin...

"You are my bitch, Hitomi, I am your Superior, your a good
girl, obey, and your body will know pleasure...disobey, and you will no
pain. I could have killed you back there, after the are alive
by my good grateful, little one!"

"Go to He-OOOWWW!!"

Hitomi, say "I am your slave."

"No wa-AAAYH!"

"I'm waiting..."

"Ayane...I am your...slave"

Hitomi choked back tears, as Ayane demanded Hitomi repeat the phrase again,

"I am your slave...I am your slave...I am your slave...I am your slave...I
am your slave...I am your slave...I am your slave...I am your slave...I am
your slave...I am your slave...I am your slave..."

Ayane made Hitomi repeat the phrase 500 times, and as she did so, Ayane took
the opportunity to grope Hitomi, rudely playing with the student's boobs,
legs, and carressing the captive's sore bottom, bright red from the caning.

Ayane smiled wickedly as she cut Hitomi's bra open with a knife, and licked
the nubile girl's tits as she continued to recite "I am your slave", Ayane's
skill surpassed any man Hitomi had been sucked by, and Hitomi feared that
her body was betraying her...

Hitomi's fears were confirmed when Ayane groped her crotch...Ayane giggled
and said "Excellent"...

"I am your slave...I am your slave...I am your slave...I am your slave...I
am your slave..."

Hitomi felt her will weakening, as Ayane once again injected something into
her bottom...Hitomi lost consciousness again...

Ayane prepared to move Hitomi onto what she affectionately called the "Girl
Opener", a fiendish contraption she had designed herself.

End of Part One


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