Rated NC-17 for F/F sex in numerous combinations, orgy, kink, magic

A new DOA tournament is announced with returning fighters, fighters from
other tournaments, as well as others including China Doll and Sun Shang
Lung of G.O.L.D. But when a hurricane strands them on an island
paradise, and a strange bottle is found, will things turn deadly?

Dead Or Alive/I Dream Of Jeanie/Street Fighter 2:
A Jeanie's Revenge! Prologue
by Tyval ([email protected])

The year is 1965. A manned rocket carrying Captain Tony Nelson blasts off.
When a rocket stage fails to ignite his mission is scrubbed and he is forced
to crash down in the Pacific. On one of many possible Earths he makes to one
of many uninhabitable islands where he finds a bottle containing a beautiful
and mischievous genie who complicates his life.

But there are other realities. In one such Captain Nelson's rocket explodes,
killing him. Thus, a being with tremendous mystical power remains trapped for
many more years. Years in which her heart hardens.

* * *

40+ years later: The same island;

"Surely you don't think they'll fall for this again?," Max, thief and conman

"Why not?" Zack, thai boxer, wanna be rapper, all around nasty guy said,
"Look, the truth is, they love to fight, they love to compete, and no matter
what they say, they really don't want to kill each other! I had Kasumi and
Ayane giving each other nude oil massages!"

Max thought about that. The construction was almost finished. A small 100
room hotel, but with all the amenities of a Hilton, with a powerful
underground generator. A fully stocked gym, swimming pool, hot tubs, massage
room, tennis and beach volleyball, skating trail, and more! No expense had
been spared, $100,000,000!

It was the training grounds that were the most impressive though. Zack knew
how to make challenging courses for elite athletes. Seven courses, all of
them rated super hard would be a perfect incentive for his plans. The
newcomers he planned to invite would guarantee that the scheming duo would
recoup their expenses a dozen fold.

In addition to inviting previous female DOA fighters Zack had also invited 2
female members of another highly regarded tournament, and 2 so called 'super
heroines'. The prepaid PPV revenue alone was almost as much as the millions
they had spent on this scam. When they sold the DVD's and downloads their
profit would triple.

Of course, it was always dangerous fucking with G.O.L.D. That's why the
tournament itself had to be real. The rest of it, the porno, that was the
icing. Zack and Max looked at the screens showing the invited fighters.
Most of them they knew, so they concentrated their attention on the new

From the files of Streetfighter Tournaments;

Chun Li - Hong Kong PD - Special Crimes Division also part time member of

Cammy - British Mi-6, British Secret Service, licensed to kill

Switching screens after reading about their fighting styles they zoomed into
the potentially more dangerous duo. Zack didn't fear them, but the super
freaks of G.O.L.D. were another matter.

China Doll; a.k.a. Mei Wong - charter member of G.O.L.D. ver. 3. Considered
the best female martial artist on Earth. Expert in Lung Ki style kung fu,
which many consider an even faster, more powerful form of Jeet Kune Do.

Sun Shang Lung - a mysterious newcomer claiming to have been a Lung Ki
Princess from a century ago. Duplication of styles is usually not done,
however she seems to have a variant, 'Royal' style which would set her

"All we have to do is send the invitations," Zack smiled.

"There are others we could invite," Max said, "This girl, Sonia Blade for
example. then there are the 2 Black Widows, and Elektra."

"Duplication my friend," Zack said, "Sonia's style is too much like Cammy's.
Sun and Mei are almost too similar just like Kasumi and Ayane. Besides, I
want to keep it small and even numbered."

"Still, leaving out Hitomi, Lisa, and Kokoro, and there are also some hotties
from the Tekken tournament," Max began.

"Yes, the Tekken is another outstanding class, on a par with DOA and Street
Fighter," Zack said, "Like I said, I want to keep it at 10. The Lung Ki
ladies will ensure that that we get good coverage and that the ones I want
will show up."

"Okay, so I get why you want mostly familiar faces," Max said, "They are
known by our clients, and have been around the tournament since the start,
still a few things are not quite adding up. And I didn't get to be one of
the world's greatest thieves by leaving things to chance. Why these
particular women?"

"Because they've all got the hots for each other," Zack smiled, "The Lung Ki
girls are open dykes, Chun Li and Cammy are in the closet, and ours just need
a little push and they'll go all out."

"Good plan," Max said, "How are we going to stay alive if G.O.L.D. comes
after us?"

"For what?" Zack asked, "The fighting's real, the prize money's real. This
is as close to legit as either of us could stand. I've studied G.O.L.D. If
Sun and Mei have a good time, and they will, Dragon won't do shit to us even
if our side projects are exposed."

Max couldn't argue with the logic. Nikki came in with the lists of the hotel
staff. All female, all beautiful, all lesbian.

* * *

Tina, Helena, and Christie were on Tina's yacht. Their swimsuits had been
discarded as soon as they were well out to sea. They giggled as they oiled
each other up. Excitement grew as their fingers touched intimate places.
They moved closer, their lips inches apart. They pulled back, starring at
each other.

"How long are we going to do this?" Helena asked, very aroused.

"Do what?" Christie asked, knowing the answer.

"We want to fuck each other," Tina expressed what all 3 of them were feeling.

"Just fuck," Christie said, "Is that why both of you packed a huge suitcase
filled with whips and restraints?"

"Like you didn't," Helena stuck her tongue out, "Busted!"

"I got better places for that tongue Frenchie," Christie said.

"You know, neither of you has any accent," Tina mused aloud.

"We don't all sound like 'bloody 'ell mate'," Christie laughed.

"I was mostly raised in America, and most of my classmates were American,"
Helena smiled," In Louisiana, a lot, I even cook Cajun. I suck at it though."

"So, what are we gonna do?" Tina asked.

"And it's not just us," Christie said, "I want Kasumi, and Ayane, and Lei

"No shit," Tina said, "Kasumi and Ayane are in a worse position than we are.
They are obviously in love and yet they are suppossed to kill each other."

"I wasn't Ayane biggest fan back when I thought she killed my mother," Helena
said, "Then they tried to frame Christie*."

"I'll never forgive Max for that one," Christie angrily said, "I can't
believe I let him talk me into so much shit for that many years!"

"He's a slick talker," Tina said.

"Yea, but I never thought I, formerly one of the world's best cat burglers,
someone with my strong will, could fall for his lame lines and half-assed
schemes," Christie angrily said.

"Well, your'e in better company now sweetie," Tina gave her a playful smack
on her bare ass.

The conversation was interrupted by a rapidly approaching speed boat. Three
hi-tech throwing knives were thrown into the yachts side. The other boat
veered off as Tina pulled one out and groaned.

"Zack?" Helena asked, taking the second.

"How many times does he think we'll fall for this?" Tina asked.

"Wait a minute," Christie said, "Look who else has been invited! I've
seen Chun Li in action in Hong Kong and I've fought Cammy. Draw, we got

"There big guns, but that China Doll girl, hell that's G.O.L.D.," Tina read
the readout in the mini computer in the center of the dagger.

"Has to be legit," Helena said, "No one in their right mind would fuck with

"This other girls new," Christie read her stats, "Say's she's royalty."

"Even Zack wouldn't be stupid enough to try another 'vacation' excuse to
watch us run around in skimpy bikini's or even naked if those 2 are on the
list," Tina said, "I'm in."

"Guess I am too," Helena grinned.

"We can always kick his ass later," Christie smiled.

End of Prologue

* * *

* In a Tyvalverse; Conman/assassin Max killed Helena's mother, framing first
Ayane and then Christie. They have only killed nasty evil guys.


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