Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball:
The Voyeur, The Volleyball Partners And The English Assassin (FF,Mf-mast,voy)
by Hamster

Zack sat in his room in a depressed funk. He had lured many hot women to his
island but all that any of them ever wanted to do was play volleyball and
hangout with each other. He hadnít been able to fuck a single one of them!!!
Still Zack had a few tricks up his sleeve. Hidden throughout the entire
island were hidden cameras and Zack was able to monitor each of them from
the contol room at the hotel on Zack Island. He focused on a monitor that
was currently observing Christie.

* * *

Christie had found a secluded little pool on the island and the English
assassin decided to take some time to relax there. She laid her towel out on
the sand and sat down on it. With one hand, she applied the sunblock lotion
onto her skin. Starting with her arms, she clenched her eyes shut and softly
made circular movements on them, savoring the relaxation of a self-massage,
she applied more lotion over her firm stomach, while gazing at her glistening
mane of green fur where her torso met with her crotch. She applied then
generously applied to her legs. She was completely unaware that there was a
fake pineapple in a tree nearby that had a camera built in from which Zack
was spying on her.

Christie removed her top and began to massage the lotion on to her tits.
Zack has his man-meat in his fist and was stroking like wild as he watched
her smear the cream on her hot tits. What he saw next caused Zack to come
prematurely. In her bag was a large didlo which she removed and began
stroking it with quick motions like a real penis. She moved the tip of the
dildo to the lips of her swollen pussy. She pushed it deeply into her cunt,
squealing as it parted her folds and filled her aching abdomen up. She moved
with a practiced touch, pausing every time her pussylips met the end of the
ribbed plastic cock. She leaned forward, extending her gorgeous breasts
outward and repeatedly riding up and down the shaft that one hand held
tightly under her soaked crotch.

But after this period of time, she felt that all-too-familiar ache building
up in her stomach. Her pussy tingled, and she dove the dildo in several more
times, launching her into a very wild screaming orgasm. Her inner walls
spasmed furiously around the sex toy. The intense satisfaction surged through
her shapely body for minutes upon minutes, and she was almost afraid that she
would faint from the amazing pleasure that wracked her steadily bouncing
breasts and completely overheated pussy. When her sticky fluids had soaked
the towel, and her climax had come to an extreme point, she collapsed onto
the blanket, the dildo still deep inside her. She then slowly slid it out and
began to suck it like a pacifier.

Zack was once again hard and wacking off like crazy as he watched the entire
scene in a trance. Zack switched cameras to see what else was going on. Tina
and Kasumi were in Tina's room. The tall blonde super model/pro wrestler was
dressed in American Flag bikini and her volleyball partner in a pink bikini.
Zack flicked a button so he could hear what they were saying.

"I don't know Tina, it all seems so weird." Kasumi said.

"Look Kasumi, trust me. We all do it. It helps to relax before a big contest.
Wrestling, Dead or Alive tournaments, even volleyball." Tina said.

"But Tina I'm not gay." Kasumi explain.

"And this won't mean that you are, only that you enjoy a simple form of
meditative pleasure." Tina said.

"Holy shit!!!" Zack thought as he began to beat his dick even faster. "She
is trying to convince Tina to have lesbian sex!"

"OK sure why not, I'll try anything once." Kasumi said.

The two women began to peel off their bikini's until their pussy's and
boobs were exposed. It was needless to say that Zack was paying VERY close
attention at this point.

Kasumi was as naked as Tina was, their bodies pressing gently together. Each
gasped a soft gasp as there warm breasts crushed lightly together, Kasumi
had always been a little jealous of Tina's breasts, of course now they were
a source of pleasure as opposed to a source of jealousy. The women's legs
entwined together, Kasumi's warm right thigh rubbing lightly across the
blonde bush that sat, snuggled between Tina's own muscular thighs one of
which was rubbing gently to Kasumi's own hot, dampening clean shaven sex.

Tina positioned herself to begin eating out Kasumi. With a long deep breath
in, Tina inhaled the intoxicating scent of her volleyball partner's damp
pussy. Tina found this so very arousing it made her own little twat sticky
with anticipation. A long slow lick of a warm wet tongue caressing across
her clit made Kasumi cry softly out in ecstasy, her eyes clenched shut
slightly and her hips rolled a little from the now sweat soaked bed sheets
and towards Tina's awaiting mouth. As Kasumi parted her thighs a little
wider for her lustful friend's eager tongue which had gently pushed itself,
like it had on so many other occasions, inside Kasumi's tight, fleshy and
very wet hole. The long slender pink muscle of Tina's twirled and rolled
about within her friend, pushing deeper, caressing the moaning, writhing
girl's insides. Waves of pleasure coursed through the Japanese girl's body
and she was soon crying out in pleasure.

Just as she came to an orgasm, Zack's penis was spewing his load everywhere.
Unfortunately some of the cum spewed into the computer and made the entire
thing short circuit and fry. As sparks flew everywhere and the monitors began
to flicker, Zack started to swear and throw things. He pulled up his pants
and sighed.
_ _ _

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