Dukes Of Hazzard: Daisy Goes To The Dogs (F-best,MMF,MF,inter,inc)
by alurker8192

Daisy Duke had snuck out of the farm for a few hours. She was tired, she
cooked and cleaned for her cousins, Bo and Luke, and her Uncle Jesse all day
and then worked in a bar all night. She walked till she reached her favorite
swimming hole. Daisy wanted to forget her troubles with a little swim. She
hadn't brought her suit but the water hole was isolated enough that she could
skinny dip even in daylight.

Daisy removed her tight top. Then peeled her shorts down her long legs. She
stretched a bit, it felt so good to get out of those tight clothes. She
walked out into the water. The water only came up to her waist, she cupped
the cool water in her hands and ran it over her body. Once she had relaxed
she climbed out off the water. Realizing she hadn't brought a towel she
decided to lay out and let herself dry off. She found a comfortable spot and
lay down.

Daisy relaxed as she considered her life. She was pushing thirty, had a
nowhere job. She hadn't seen an eligible man in town for weeks. She thought
ahead to her life married to some local and was rather disgusted with the
idea. The only handsome men in town were her cousins. Her thoughts turned to
idle fantasies. Fantasies of some handsome man coming into town sweeping her
off her feet and taking her to his mansion where he would screw her to
orgasm every night.

The more Daisy imagined this scenario the hornier she got her hands started
running over her body, as she drifted off into a fantasy world. Half asleep
Daisy imagined she could feel the mans warm breath on her pussy. Her fingers
played with her pussy, she imagined she felt her dream lovers tongue touch
her pussy. She groaned in pleasure. She awoke with a start realizing the
tongue wasn't in her imagination.

Daisy looked down between her legs to find the tongue of her dream lover was
actually the tongue of old Sam, the families old hound dog. She felt the dogs
tongue wrap around her clit. "Oh, God yes." Daisy screamed in pleasure. She
knew it was wrong but it had been so long since she felt anything this good.
"Good boy." She moaned in pleasure as the dogs tongue brought her to another
orgasm. She felt the dog crawling up her body. Daisy knew she should stop
this but the sight of the dogs big dick coming towards her pussy drove those
thoughts out of her mind.

"Good boy, easy that's it." She encouraged the old hound dog. His doggie cock
slipped inside of her pussy. "Yes boy now push it in, yes." She wrapped her
legs around her doggie lover as she tried to pull him in closer. She could
feel him pushing against her but the old dog couldn't push very hard. "Ohh
baby," the dog used its tongue on her large tits giving her pleasure but she
felt the dog shoot off inside of her pussy leaving her ultimately

"Damn." She saw the look on the dogs face and felt guilty for yelling at him.
"It's not your fault boy good dog." She rubbed him behind the ears but he got
up and moved off of her. Daisy rolled over and she spied another dog in the
clearing this one was young and robust. "Come here boy," She called to the
unfamiliar dog. "It's okay boy just relax." The dog came closer and Daisy ran
her hand over its back. "So soft, yes you're a good boy aren't you." Daisy
petted the dog until he started coming closer pushing against her.

"That's it, just relax." Daisy let her hand slide down the dogs side till
her hand rested on his cock. The dog jumped at her touch but she relaxed it.
She started running her hand along the dogs cock. The cock started to come
out of its sheath. "Yes good dog." With her guiding him, the dog rolled over
in front of her presenting his cock to her. "You know what you want don't you
boy." She bent forward and took the tip of the doggy cock into her mouth. She
continued to stroke the shaft of his cock. She could feel the dog getting
more excited at the contact.

The dog suddenly jumped up and moved away from Daisy, "What's wrong boy?"
The dog circled around her coming up behind her. "Is that what you want boy."
She got on all fours, she felt his tongue run along the outside of her pussy
lips. "Yes that's it you've got the idea boy go for it." The dog suddenly
jumped on her back, the sudden weight caused her to fall forward. She felt
the dog cock pressing into her pussy. "Yes that's it, good boy." Daisy felt
him thrust forward burying his cock into her pussy. "That's it yes like that
it feels so good." She pushed back as she felt the dog start pounding into
her pussy.

She was so engrossed in the fucking she forgot about the dogs knot, to her
dismay she recognized her mistake as she felt the knot pushing at her cunt
lips. "No boy," she called but couldn't budge the hundred pound animal as he
continued to thrust forward. "Ohh Yes." She screamed in orgasm as the knot
slipped inside of her.

"Good boy, don't stop." She felt another orgasm was over her body as the dog
unloaded his sperm into her pussy. "Very good dog." The dog jumped off of her
but the knot tied them together. "Good boy," Daisy got up on her hands again.
she looked up and saw a man not far away in the woods. Daisy tried to get up
but the knot held her in place, the man was taking pictures of her. The knot
slipped out of her and she jumped up. "Hey you stop!" She moved towards him
and he ran away. She grabbed her clothes and dressed as she ran after him.

Daisy knew the woods and made up some ground but she ran out of woods. As
she came into the open she saw him get into an old green car. She had to get
those pictures, she raced back to the farm maybe she could get Bo and Luke
to go after him. She raced for the farm, as she got there Bo, Luke and Uncle
Jesse were sitting around doing nothing as usual. "There was a man," she
gasped out. "Took pictures of me at the pond you have to get them back." She
described the car as she pushed Bo and Luke out the door. "GO!"

The two boys hopped into the General Lee and sped off. Daisy turned to see
Uncle Jesse looking at her angrily. "What did you do girl? What were you
doing at the pond!"

"Nothing Uncle Jesse" She protested.

"Get in my room, I want a look at you." Although Daisy was an adult her
obedience to Uncle Jesse was ingrained she walked into his room. "Lets have
a look at you." Jesse grabbed the back of her thin top and pulled it off.
He immediately saw her back covered with scratches and knew what she had
been doing. "Doing it with the animals again!" Jesse roared.

"No please Uncle Jesse." Daisy protested as Jesse slapped her hard and pushed
her towards the bed. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to punish you like I did when you were a little girl. Assume the
position!" Daisy reluctantly put her hands on the bed frame. Jesse moved up
and quickly tied her hands to the bed rails. "You've been bad girl and I'm
going to punish you." He reached around her and grabbed her shorts pulling
them down her long legs. She was now naked before him, he took in the
incredible sight.

Daisy braced for what she knew was coming. She heard Uncle Jesse open his
closet and pull out something. She looked back and saw he was holding a long
leather belt. "Please Uncle Jesse I'll be good don't do this."

"Shush girl this is for your own good." He brought the belt down hard on
Daisy's perfect ass. Daisy yelped in pain. "This hurts me more then it does
you," Jesse lied, he was enjoying this tremendously. He could feel his cock
stiffen at the abuse he was doling out to his niece. He hit her again and
again, he hit her a dozen times until her cries of pain became just whimpers.
He threw the belt onto the bed.

Daisy looked up through teary eyes and saw the belt hit the bed. "Are you
done Uncle Jesse?" She hoped and prayed he was.

"Now girl you know theres one more thing I've got to do with you." Jessie
started to remove his clothes. "You've had an animal inside you, I've got to
remind you how good a human can be." He moved up behind her and pushed his
cock toward her cunt. "Now remember this is for your own good. Jesseie shoved
his hard cock into Daisy's pussy.

Daisy gasped at the unexpected and unwanted intrusion but knew she better not
object. She stood immobile as Jesseie pushed in and out of her pussy. She
tried to remain calm as he continued to fuck her. She felt his hands on her
ass and tried to prepare for what she knew was coming next.

Jesseie pulled his cock out of Daisy's pussy, and roughly shoved his cock
inside of Daisy's tight ass. He heard her moan in pain, "This is your own
fault girl." He commented as he roughly buried his cock into her ass. He
groaned and shot his load deep inside of her. Ge stayed inside of her for a
minute then pulled out exhausted. He hadn't done this since he was a much
younger man. "Alright you've had your punishment girl you can go." He
untied her hands and pushed her out of the room, then went to lay down.

Daisy stumbled out of the room. She jumped in the shower and cleaned
herself up. She decided to lay down on her bed for a moment but with all
the excitement of the day she slipped into sleep. She woke up after two
hours, she looked in and saw Uncle Jessie was still sound asleep. She
slipped out of the house and realized Bo and Luke hadn't gotten back yet.
She got into her jeep and headed for town looking for them.

Bo and Luke Duke weren't the smartest or the most diligent of men. They had
looked for Daisy's man for about an hour before getting bored and heading
for the bar. They drank for a couple of hours, when they felt they had been
gone long enough they decided to head home. The boys jumped in the General
Lee and headed back to the farm. About halfway back Daisy crosse their path.
She pulled off the road and the boys followed onto a small side road.

"What have you boys been doing?" Daisy jumped out of the jeep as her two
cousins slid out of their car. They started to open their mouths and she
could smell the liquor on her breath. "You've been off drinking again. If
you two aren't the most lazy good for nothings."

"Hold on cousin Daisy we were doing you a favor." Luke shot back he moved
closer to her using his size to intimidate her. Daisy moved back till her
back was against the side of the jeep. "Besides you didn't even tell us
what really happened." Luke hovered over Daisy the sight of her made him
horny. "Why don't you show us what he got pictures of?" Luke pulled at the
strings of her top.

Daisy looked to Bo for help but could see the hunger in his eyes. "You can't
do this I'm your cousin!" Daisy objected, although as Bo and Luke's hands
became more aggressive in exploring her body she found herself getting turned
on. After all her cousins were the most attractive men in the county. "We
shouldn't!" she objected again, although it had less force this time.

Luke managed to get her top down below Daisy's incrediblele tits. "We
should." He started to suck at one of her large nipples. He felt her
struggles start to subside, he moved his hands down to her waist and
unbuckled her shorts. He started kissing his way down Daisy's body. Bo
was quick to take his place sucking on Daisy's tits. Luke pulled her
shorts down her long legs as he tongued her belly button. then slid
his tongue down to her pussy lips.

Bo felt her resistance end as her shorts came down. As his cousin Luke
tongued her slit he heard her gasp. He moved up from sucking a tit to plant
a kiss on her lips. As he slipped his tongue into her mouth she responded
by sucking on his tongue. Luke Duke grabbed Daisy's waist and started to
pull her down as he sat down on the ground.

Daisy felt herself being pulled down, she couldn't stop this, and at the
moment wasn't sure if she wanted to. She looked down and saw herself being
pulled towards Luke's hard cock. She allowed herself to be guided onto it.
She went to her knees her cunt just inches from his cock. She wanted it so
bad, she moaned as his cock rubbed against the outside of her pussy. The
head of his prick slipped inside of her moist cunt. "Oh Yes, Fuck me." She
pushed herself all the way down his cock, then slid up and then down
maximizing her pleasure.

"We sure will fuck you cousin Daisy." Bo pushed his cock towards Daisy's
face, and was surprised and gratified as she willingly opened her mouth and
started sucking on his cock. "WOW howdy, you are good girl. How's her pussy
Luke?" Bo groaned as he shot a load down her throat.

"Mighty fine." Luke Duke jammed his cock deep into her again. He reached up
and sucked on one of her large nipples. "Her tits ain't so bad either. Want
to try them out?"

"Hell yes!" Bo guided Daisy up oLuke'ses prick, she seemed disappointed for
a moment but then Bo lay down and Daisy impaled herself on his slightly
larger prick. "Oh cousin you are so hot." He grabbed her waist and pulled
her unresisting form up and down on his prick.

Luke moved into position to get blowjob from his cousin Daisy. She quickly
wrapped her tongue around his engorged tool. "Oh yes," He moaned as he shot
off inside of her. Daisy started to pull off his cock but Luke grabbed her
hair and held her on his prick. "No you don't darlin. Suck it! I still got
places to stick this thing." Daisy's masterful tongue action soon had him
hard as a rock again. He pulled out of her mouth and moved around behind

Daisy quickly got the idea of what Luke wanted. "No, don't," she cried but
she was so turned on it had little effect. Luke put his hands on her back
and pushed her forward. She tried to resist but it was little use. As she
went forward Bo took to sucking at her breasts causing her more pleasure.
She felt Luke pull apart her ass cheeks. She felt the head of his cock at
her rectum, with one push he shoved it inside of her. "Yes," Daisy screamed
in pleasure. "Fuck me, harder," she moaned through gritted teeth as Luke
shoved his dick deep into her bowels.

"What a nice ass Daisy. Nice and tight won't be for long though." Luke pushed
his dick all the way into her ass then pulled it out then thrust it back in,
causing her to yelp every time he penetrated. While Luke was enjoying her
ass, Bo started pumping and out of her pussy.

Daisy couldn't believe the sensations flowing through her body as she was
double penetrated. "Oh god yes," she cried out in orgasm as they both
penetrated her together she could feel their dicks almost meeting inside of
her. She thrashed around as orgasm after orgasm washed over her, finally
she slumped down exhausted her orgasms. She barely felt it as her cousins
filled her with their cum.

The two Duke boys gathered their clothes and left Daisy laying on the ground
in a heap. "Thank you cousin, its been fun have to do it again sometime."
They high-fived each other as they climbed into the General Lee and drove

Daisy slowly got up, she collected her clothes stood up and stretched, she
found a towel in her jeep and cleaned herself up then slid into her clothes.
She had wasted several hours now in looking for the man with pictures of her.
What she needed was an ID on that license plate and the one place sure to
have it was the police station. She headed into town hoping Enos was on duty,
but knew she could get the information out of Roscoe if necessary.

She got to town just after dark, when she walked into the station she was
disappointed to see Roscoe was on duty. "Roscoe, I need your help!" Daisy
tried to sound the helpless southern belle, the routine usually worked on

"Now what can I do for you Miss Daisy." Roscoe hated the Duke's but Daisy
was something special. He eyed her hungrilyly, wondering what it would be
like to cuff her and fuck her.

"Roscoe I need to find someone. I have his license plate, if you'd just
give me his name." Daisy tried to sound as sexy as possible.

Roscoe thought about it for a moment. He wasn't the brightest of men but he
had used his position to fuck women before here was a chance to get Daisy
Duke. "Well, Miss Daisy you know there are certain rules about these things,
we just can't give that information to anyone."

"But I'm not just anyone Roscoe please, I need your help." She moved closer
to him hoping her beauty would intimidate him. "I'd do anything if you'd just
help me Roscoe."

'Bingo' Roscoe thought, he grabbed his cuffs and grabbed Daisy he quickly
jumped up and had her head down on the desk and her hands cuffed behind her
back before the stunned Duke could do anything about it. "That sounded like
a bribe Miss Daisy." He leaned over her and ran one hand over her tight ass.
"Now if you'd just be friendly for a bit, I could forget all about your
attempt to bribe me and give you that name as well. What do you say you
willing to be friendly, Miss Daisy?"

Daisy pondered it a moment, she could probably get away from Roscoe. He
couldn't make the bribery charge stick, but she'd be no closer to getting
those pictures. She knew the longer she delayed the more chance there'd be
of them getting out. "Alright Roscoe I can be friendly."

"I'm sure you can be." Roscoe relaxed his grip on Daisy's arm and ran his
hand over her perfect ass. "It's going to feel so good." He reached in front
of her and cupped a large tit, then let his hand slid down to the buckle of
her shorts. She tensed as he opened the button. He expecting her to try and
get away, but she didn't move, he pushed her shorts down, gratified that she
wore nothing underneath. With a deft movement he opened his pants and pulled
out his cock, he guided his cock into her moist pussy. "Isn't it good to
be friendly" He jammed his cock into her pussy.

Daisy groaned in pleasure as Roscoe slowly pumped in and out of her, "I can
be verfriendlyly Roscoe." She moved her hips back pushing against him. Roscoe
shot his load into Daisy's tight pussy. Then slumped down in a chair. "Was
friendlyly enough sheriff?" She stood up and turned around still in
handcuffs. The sheriff just mumbled, "I could do more." She motioned for him
to take the cuffs off.

"Not just yet Daisy. I think you should use that mouth of yours, for
something other then sweet talk. Get down there girl." He ordered her.

"Yes Sir sheriff." Daisy had some trouble getting to her knees with her hands
cuffed behind her back but Roscoe grabbed her when it looked like she might
fall. She knelt before Roscoe and ran her tongue over his shrunken cock, it
only took a minute or two of her ministrations before his prick was hard. She
took it into her mouth.

"Roscoe!" Boss Hogg walked into the station and couldn't believeve the sight
he beheld, Roscoe getting blowjob from Daisy Duke. "What are you doing?"

Daisy moved to get up but Roscoe pushed her head back down muffling any
protests from her. "Just completing a bit of business with Miss Duke here

"Now Roscoe you know I get a piece of all business deals around here." He
laughed as he moved up behind Daisy.

"Of course Boss, have a piece of this transaction, its quite an attractive
deal. You don't have a problem with that Daisy." He muffled any protest with
his cock. "Spread them legs girl."

Boss Hogg moved quickly behind the lovely Daisy Duke and jammed his cock into
her pussy. "Best deal I've ever had." He laugheded as he shot his load into

Roscoe groaned as he released a load into her mouth. "Very good Miss Daisy."
He helped her to her feet. "But its going to take a couple of hours to get
the information you want." He pulled her towards the back of the station.
"You can wait in here." Roscoe pushed her into a cell and moved her towards
the back wall. He opened up one cuff then grabbed her other hand and pushed
it over her head, he quickly cuffed her to a chain on the wall. "You can just
wait here till I'm ready."

Daisy was stunned she was now cuffed half naked with her hands over her head.
"What are you doing Roscoe?"

"Just relax Daisy I'll have your information soon enough just relax." He
slapped her hard on the ass. "I'll come back for you later."

Daisy was very uncomfortable standing there unsure of what else could happen
to her today. After an hour Boss Hogg came in and fucked her again, this time
he opened her top to get access to her tits, spending a lot of time suckling
them before fucking her again. It was another hour before Roscoe came back
Daisy was exhausted after being in one position for so long. She was
horrified when Roscoe started taking pictures of her. "Roscoe what are you

"Just a little insurance, from now on we're going to have an arrangement or
these pictures might just get out." He laughed as Daisy fidgeted. "Do we
understand each other?" He put down the camera and started to undress.

"Yes sheriff." Daisy responded knowing she was helpless. Roscoe came up
behind her and shoved his dick into her pussy. He ran his hands up and down
her lithe form spending lots of time pinching her nipples. She felt him
withdraw from her pussy only to reposition his cock at her asshole. "No not
that." She cried out only to have the Sheriff's hard rod shoved deep into
her ass.

"Yes that. What an ass you have." He slapped both heass checksks hard. "Yes
indeed what an ass." He shoved into her hard and fast for several minutes
before shooting his load into her. Roscoe left Daisy and took a quick shower
when he came back he could still see his cum dripping out of Daisy's ass. He
picked up his camera and took some more pictures. Roscoe dressed and slipped
the camera into a pocket. Then got the keys and uncuffeded Daisy. "Alright
your free to go."

Daisy quickly closed her top covering her tits then grabbed her shorts from
Roscoe and slipped them on. "What about the information?"

"It's all right here Miss Daisy." He handed over a file folder. "You should
have no trouble finding the man. We'll have to get together again real soon."

Daisy raced out of the police station. Under a streetlight she read the
file the man was in the city it would take time to get there and she was
exhausted, she headed back to the farm. She managed to slip in without
anyone bothering her. After sleeping for several hours she heard the boys
outside her room.

"Daisy, what about breakfast?" One of her cousins called.

"God can't they do anything." She got up and got dressed heading into the
kitchen. She started making breakfast for the Duke's. Uncle Jessie finished
first and left. Daisy then had an idea. "Boys could you do something for me?"
she asked in her sweetest tone.

"We did something for you yesterday. I sure would like to give it to you
again today," Bo grinned.

"If you do me a favor, we could do it again, and even better this time."

"Sure whatever you want Daisy." Luke chimed in.

"I need you to go into the city and get this man," she wrote out his name
and address, "To give you the pictures he took of me. Please boys."

"Sure thing." The boys quickly jumped in General Lee and headed off. they
came back a few hours later beaten up. They hadn't figured on the reception
the General Lee got them in certain neighborhoods.

After seeing to the boys worst wounds Daisy headed out herself. She got
into town just after dark and headed to the address she had. She was
surprised to find that it was a strip club. She got out of her jeep and
headed inside conscious of how all eyes followed she wished she hadn't
worn such tight clothes. At least she hadn't worn her trademark shorts
but had worn her jeans. Even so she was uncomfortable being the center
of attention. She noticed she was the only white person in the place.
She asked for the man she was looking for and was pointed toward a door.
She knocked nervously.

"Come in." Victor looked up angrily, he was busy working on his clubs books
and didn't want to be disturbed, but when he looked up he didn't mind at all.
The lady was very lovely it took him a moment to put her face together with
the face in the pictures he had gotten from an associate. "May I help you?"
he grinned at her.

"Well this is embarrassing, but I have a problem." She looked the black man
over and wasn't sure he was the one who had taken the pictures of her.
"Someone took some embarrassing photo's of me and I just have to get them

"Ah yes," he pulled open a desk drawer, "these pictures." He pulled them out
and quickly flipped through them. He could recognize her easily and they were
very hot. "Yes I can see why these would be embarrassing, especially this
one." He flipped an especially sexy picture across the desk.

"Oh God. You have to let me have these!" She was stunned she hadn't realized
how clear the pictures were, she was clearly recognizable.

"Well little lady, these pictures are worth quite a lot to certain collectors
or publications, who would pay a pretty penny for these. Several thousand at
least, are you willing to match the price I could get from a collector."

Daisy had very little money and knew it, "No." She was stunned her life was
ruined the pictures would get out and everyone would know her secret. "I
can't afford that, but there must be something I could do." She played with
her top and smiled leaving little doubt what she was bargaining with.

"Lets see what you have to bargain with take off those clothes." Victor
ordered and was gratified as her hands started unbuttoning her top. She soon
had her top off and was pulling off her jeans. He was amazed she looked even
better then in the pictures. "Very nice. You know a pretty girl like you
could make a lot of money working for me."

"What do you mean?" Daisy asked.

"You could work as a stripper for me."

"I couldn't," she responded as the last of her clothes came off.

"Come here baby." She walked over beside him he ran his hands over her toned
body. "I've done some checking up on you, your just poor white trash and
that's all you'll ever be. You'll never make any money, slowly grow old and
marry some other hick white trash." He slid a finger across her clit causing
her to gasp. "Come with me baby and I garantee you big bucks, you could clear
a thousand a week easy."

"Really that much." Daisy had never made that much in a month. "I don't
know." He opened his belt and pulled his hard cock out of his pants. "Its
so big." She had never seen a black one before. She knelt down before him
and started to lick his cock.

"Maybe you could make even more you got talent babe." he let her lick his
cock for a few moment and then decided he wanted more. "Slide up here baby,"
He guided her till she was over his cock. "That's it take it honey." She
slowly lowered herself on his large pole.

"It feels so good, fuck me," she begged as he started sucking on her tits.
He pounded up into her until she felt his warm seed filling her up. She stood
up slowly. "Can I have the pictures back?"

"You can have one of them back, and from now on you're working for me."

"As a stripper?" Daisy asked unsure of what was happening.

"Yeah baby your going to be great, I'll make sure you make a ton of money
and every so often I'll have a special job for you. Each time you do one I'll
give you back a picture. Are we clear." He hit a button on his desk and a
black woman walked into the room. "This is Daisy she's going to be working
with us. Get her a place to stay and have the girls help her come up with a
routine. Are we clear Daisy?"

"Yes sir." With that Daisy started her new life as successful stripper. She
made so much she sent some back to the farm. She even enjoyed her special
jobs usually being the main attraction at a bachelor party and sometimea
doing special animal jobs.


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