Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 2 - Boss Hogg's Log (MF)
by Spyder ([email protected])

It is a warm summer afternoon in Hazzard. In the Boar's Nest, Boss Hogg is
sitting at his desk awaiting the arrival of his number one waitress, Daisy
Duke. She is on the way for her shift serving beer and strutting her tight
ass all over the bar. JD Hogg is a portly man, who runs everything in the
county. He is married to a large lady by the name of Lulu, Sheriff Roscoe.
P. Coltrane's sister. Of course the town folk know that Hogg and his wife
have had a fight and each of the Duke's are at the brunt of his anger. To
rectify the situation, he will talk with Daisy in hopes the question he will
ask meets with her approval.

Upon arriving at the Nest, Daisy is told to go directly into Hogg's office.
A little leery about why she is to report to the Boss, Daisy slowly enters
his plush office.

"Come on in, Daisy," says Hogg and then he asks, "Do you know why you are
asked in here?"

Daisy sits on the desk and answers, "Not really boss. I have no idea why you
summoned me here."

Hogg stands up and says, "You know that Lulu and I have had a fight and I
haven't been home since."

"Yes, everyone knows that Boss," states Daisy and then she asks, "What has
it got to do with me or my family?"

"Well that is simple, my dear Daisy. Lulu and I have been fighting over the
non-existent raise in pay that you haven't received in five years. She said
that if one isn't forthcoming soon that she will never cook or fuck me
again," says a sad looking JD Hogg.

"So I guess this means that you are giving me that raise," states Daisy

"That is correct Daisy and it will be a 50% raise in pay and your take on
the tips will double from 30%," replies Hogg and then he asks, "How does this

She smiles and says, "It is wonderful, Boss." adds Daisy and then she
inquires, "Is this what Lulu suggested?"

Hogg responds to her thusly, "It is more than what she suggested. In order
to justify my going above what she said, I need something from you."

Daisy looks puzzled and asks, "What could that be Boss?"

Hogg then says, "Simple." He pulls off his jacket and continues, "I need some
relief from my need for sex." And the he asks, "Would you consider helping me

Daisy nods her head, walks to where J.D moved to and unzips his white pants.
She will remove them and the red polka dot boxers he is wearing. At this same
time, she removes her halter-top to reveal a very sexy set of breasts of a
40DD size. Daisy kneels in front of her boss, grabs hold of his long, thick
cock. She begins by stroking the massive prick, utilizing her tongue, she
takes one of his balls in her mouth and sucks on it, followed by the other

As she does this Boss Hogg says, "That is so good. It is no wonder since I
witnessed your deflowering by your Uncle Jesse."

A shocked Daisy looks up and asks, "When did you see that?"

"I drove up to see Jesse about some moonshine he has for me and peeked into
the kitchen window when he plucked your cherry."

Daisy continued to suck the cock of her boss, making him cum three times.
She then stands up removes her tight shorts and lies across the desk to have
Hogg eat her. His tongue slurps up her juice as he fingers her ass. Hogg
turns her over, lines up his massive log and fucks the ass of his favorite
employee (even though he fucked Maybelle many times before.). Once she
screams loudly, J.D rears back and plunges his ten and a half-inch cock into
her burning box. In and out he goes for a whole hour until she begs him to
fuck her while looking in her eyes. Hogg pleases the lady and puts his meat
of four-inch thickness into her once fucked pussy. She howls in delight as
her orgasms are many, until her pulls out and explodes on the face of his
young lover. Hogg pats her ass, tells her she is the best partner he has had
and tells her to get to work.


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