Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 5 Daisy And Maybelle (FF)
by Spyder

It is end of the month in Hazzard county, townsfolk are paying there bills,
Boss Hogg is counting mortgage money and the sheriff is stopping another
unsuspecting motorist who doesnˇt know about the laws in Hazzard. As for the
Duke family, Jesse is out plowing the back forty, Bo and Luke are fishing in
Hazzard Lake and Daisy has agreed to pay the bills for her Uncle Jesse. She
drives around town in her jeep, paying the mortgage, the grocery bill and
finally the telephone bill.

Daisy makes her way to the Telephone Company, which is owned like everything
else in town by J.D. Hogg. Hogg is the town mayor and owns the mortgage on
everyone's farms. Anyhow on her walk to the towns office, she encounters
the Postmistress Miz Emma Tisdale. They speak for a few minutes about the
weather and how each will enjoy the day. After a few moments they say their
good-byes, but not before Miz Tisdale tells Miss Duke to say hello to her
Uncle Jesse. She also adds that thinking about Jesse Duke makes her so hot.
Daisy says she will and watches as the horny old woman turns to go to work.

Miz Tisdale walks out of the building and hops on her motorcycle and speeds
off to the post office. Daisy collects her thoughts and enters the telephone
company office. At the desk is Boss Hogg's sultry cousin Maybelle. Maybelle
is wearing next to nothing due to the hot weather of the last few weeks. She
looks up and sees her hottest dream heading in her direction. They exchange
pleasantries and get down to business. Maybelle sees that Daisy is reaching
into her purse for a payment and proceeds to take hold of the date stamp for
money received. Miss Duke tells her that she is four dollars shy and has no
way to get I until next week. Daisy tells her that the amount will be
somewhat short this month and listens as Maybelle says that there might be
a way around it.

Maybelle thinks for a moment, locks the door, ushers Daisy to the back room
where she eats her lunch and tells her to undress. Daisy is about to comply
when Maybelle has a change of heart; instead she decides to slowly undress
the only Duke woman herself. The sexy telephone operator reaches for the
button on Daisyˇs tight shorts, undoes it, slowly unzips the zipper and licks
her lips as she sees the pussy come into view. Next she turns her attention
to the white halter top, sliding her fingers underneath the lower part, then
lifting it over the heaving chest of her soon to be lover and then totally
off her body. Maybelle grabs the large tits and licks the nipples of her new
sex partner.

Soon after creating hardness to the nipples of the sexy lady, Maybelle
asks Daisy to take her clothing off, which the curvaceous Daisy responds by
unbuttoning the back of the short mini skirt that Maybelle is wearing. The
lady Duke is in awe at the hot pussy that Maybelle possesses. Before anything
else is removed, Daisy lowers herself to inspect the blonde patch covering
the cunt of her first lady lover. Sliding a pair of fingers inside Maybelle
lets out a brief murmur of sexual pleasure. Realizing that there is one more
item to remove, Daisy stands up, slips her fingers under each button on
Maybelleˇs shirt until she is out of it, but Daisy is shocked that such a
sexy lady would wear a bra. Quickly the boob holder is removed and the ladies
engage in breast squeezing to the limit. The lonely Duke woman sucks the orbs
of her partner until she senses that she is about to cum. Maybelle does the
same thing to Daisy takes her nipples in her mouth, licks, nibbles and sucks
them until a moan of delight is heard.

Daisy spots a plastic broom handle picks it up and uses it like a dildo.
She rubs the smooth item along the already dripping clit of her lover. The
handle becomes soaked with love juice, making it so sticky to the touch,
which Daisy licks the cum from it. It is a good half an hour before Daisy
lets up from her sexual treatment of Maybelle. Next step is to taste the
pussy of the blonde vixen. Daisy leads Maybelle to the old couch in the
room they now stand naked in, gently she lies her down and puts her face
between the athletic legs of the only woman she has had and maybe the only
Hazzard lady Bo and Luke have had, outside of her. Using her tongue like a
spear, Daisy expertly eats the sticky cunt of her friend, Maybelle moans
with passion as her lover continues to eat pussy and lick inside her
asshole. Fingers become part of the action as Daisy shoves four fingers
into the gaping pussy of the towns other unmarried woman. Daisy thinks to
herself that Maybelle is so wide-open that maybe she has been ass fucked
by many men. She also has a wild thought about her Uncle Jesse; maybe it
is possible that his dick got inside of this extremely hot lady. An
always-prepared Miss Duke finds her bag, looks inside and pulls out one
of her long, thick dildoes. She brings one along on the afternoons she
goes for a swim, using it to relieve tension from a long day. Maybelle
sees the size of what Daisy has brought along and informs her that she
has had a man larger than the item she is about to use. Not one to wait
to be told to open her legs, Maybelle does so in advance and awaits the
entry of the toy she sees, but this time she is in for a surprise as Miss
Duke moves her to the floor. Daisy then lies with her legs open, places
half of the dildo inside Maybelleˇs cunt and the other half inside hers.
The two horny women are fucking each other with the fake cock between them.
Both of them orgasm many times bumping and grinding like two strippers at
a bar.

Once they think that they have drained the cum from one another, Maybelle
grabs the dildo herself and shoves it into Daisyˇs asshole. Another look and
the telephone operator realizes that Daisy is no virgin. She also doesn't
know that her cousin J.D. Hogg has had his time with the lovely and hot Miss
Duke. The red hot and totally hairy pussy of Daisy is taking a pounding from
the intensity of Maybelleˇs back and forth motion with the sex stick. Daisy
moans in delight as more of her sticky cum explodes on the rubber toy,
Maybelle licks the jism off the toy and her hand and jams her tongue up the
ass of her lover. Eating the pussy, while she jams her fingers in the asshole
of Miss Duke seems to bring a smile to each of the ladies faces. More
explosions of love juices leads Maybelle to place her legs inside of Daisy's
as the two bang their hot cunts together for a while. Tiring out after a few
hours, leaves them exhausted, Maybelle dresses and gets back to work. Daisy
goes about heading down to the lake for her swim, before returning to the
farm to cook dinner for Uncle Jesse and the boys. Cooter enters the office,
sees and says hello to Daisy and smells what he believes is sexual desire,
then heads into the office to find Maybelle buttoning her dress. Daisy heads
down the road knowing that a swim is the way to remove the passion of the
afternoon, but also has the idea that Cooter is her next target. Or so she

The End


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