Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 7 - Cooter Takes Daisy (MF,F-mast,inc,cream pie,exhib)
by Spyder

Daisy Duke a sexy country gal and only female member of the Duke clan.
Today being Wednesday, she is on her way to town to take care of some family
business, pay bills, grocery shop and things like that. On her way she
encounters tire trouble, the left rear tire blew and she puts a call out to
Cooter Davenport, the Hazzard County garage man.

On the CB, Daisy says; "Daisy Duke calling Crazy Cooter, you out there man."

On the other end a response is there; "Crazy C here Daisy, What's the

"I had a blow out. Could you bring a new tire for me? I am on the main road
from our farm to town." says Daisy frantically.

Cooter tells Daisy he will be there shortly as Daisy steps from the jeep and
awaits the arrival of Cooter. While she waits, Daisy steps toward a clump of
trees to get out of the sun, lowers her tank top and joyfully squeezes her
mounds of succulent flesh. Being as large as they are, she is able to use her
tongue to make the nipples hard and erect. Sensing an urgency to masturbate
Miss Duke removes her shorts to juice her pussy up. Fingering her clit
rapidly, it isn't long until she screams in ecstasy and soon is joined by
Cooter, who she hadn't noticed drive up the road. He tells her that he will
need to tow the jeep into the garage to fix a couple of things before it can
be driven.

Looking very pleased at what he has not seen before; Cooter kneels beside
the naked Daisy and playfully rubs her thighs. Daisy is now smiling as the
one man she has wanted is stroking her inner thighs, making her cum once
more. Noticing that Cooter has a bulge in his dirty jeans, Daisy unleashes
the staff he hides and grasps the rod with sheer delight. Taking hold of
Cooter's cock, she licks up and down, sucking on his balls until she hears
a mild groan and then Daisy sucks the cock, deep throating every inch of
it, creating more cum in her mouth, which she swallows. By this time Cooter
has broken a branch off the tree they are near and uses it as a whip to
bring Daisy to a fevered heat in her giving of head. Again Cooter cums and
unloads on her face, which she licks the cuz off her chin, lies down on the
ground awaiting CooterĄs entrance into her gaping cunt.

Cooter begs off and retrieves his clothes along with Daisy's and lifts her
to take her to his truck. Seeing that her jeep has been prepared to tow,
Daisy leans into kiss Cooter, but he leads her to his cock and insists that
she suck until they arrive at the garage. While she blows him again, Daisy
jams her fingers into her ass and in turn this leads her to slightly bite
down on Cooter's hard dick. Not ten minutes later, they arrive outside the
garage, Daisy quickly runs into the building and lies spread eagle on the
hood of the General Lee, which is in for a few repairs.

Cooter says; "Since your family doesn't have a lot of money to pay for the
repairs on the vehicles, I am going to insist that you allow me to collect
via sex."

"I certainly hope that is all you need to make our debt even. As you see I
am ready to have you fuck me as long as you like." states Daisy with her
fingers inside her pussy.

Cooter smiles at the reply he received, removes his clothing and moves to
where Daisy lies to accept his planned hard fuck. Daisy guides her lover's
hard cock into her open pussy and tells him to give it to her as hard as
he wants. Cooter plunges his rod into her burning box, while slapping and
squeezing her ass cheeks, red marks are eminent on her derriere and her
pussy has not relaxed as long as men has fucked her. Cooter backs away,
turns Daisy on all fours and unleashes his cock into her ass. Daisy yells
in delight as a new man has found her exciting to fuck. Cooter isn't as
long where cock length is necessary, but he has thickness that makes up for
the lack of size.

While fucking her ass, he has tied her wrists with chains and raises her to
the ceiling. Daisy isn't sure of what the hell to make of this move, but soon
figures out the plan, as he places himself underneath her raised naked body
to eat her from down under. Taking a new position, Cooter plunges three
fingers into Daisy's cum filled ass and pussy. Not sure if he is the only
one to fuck daisy without a condom, he will continue to arouse and sexually
manage the lovely woman's body. Across her back, Cooter slides a cold greasy
chain, and then he pulls out of her ass, slides the chain in her crack and
yanks it from between her cheeks. She giggles at the enjoyment of having a
cold steel chain go between her ass cheeks and then gulps hard as Cooter rams
his cock inside her pussy from behind. This time he rears back plunges it in
even harder and then once he pulls out again he jerks off until he has cum on
her ass and back.

Daisy is unchained; she kneels down on the floor and begins to give Cooter
another blowjob. A smile crosses the mechanic's face, as his dream fuck has
blown him at least four times today. An explosion of epic proportions erupts
all over the beauties face, chin and tits. Daisy lies down atop another car,
spreads her legs and awaits a new entry by Cooter. Not aware of anything
going on, Daisy doesn't know that her cousin Luke is watching her and Cooter.
He has come to town to pick up the General, but looks on from a window as
Daisy begs Cooter to fuck her again. Cooter looking a little tired obliges
her and rams his dick in her hot pink pussy. Luke enters the garage, lowers
his jeans and shorts, then he places his cock near his cousin's mouth, which
she accepts and sucks while being fucked very hard.

Luke cums in Daisy's mouth as Cooter has removed his cock and squeezes his
load all over her pussy hair and legs. No places are switched as Luke takes
the keys off CooterĄs table and drives out of the garage, while Daisy hopes
that Cooter isn't finished. Cooter stands near her head and watches as she
sits up to take his dick in her mouth once more, only difference is he
decides to face fuck his sex partner. He doesn't dare compare her to Maybelle
at the Phone Company, because they both are hot ladies to fuck all day long.
In and out Cooter fucks Daisy's pretty face, watching her gulp down load
after load of his jism.

Cooter has almost had enough, when he lies on his back on the floor, while
Daisy strokes his cock in anticipation of riding him like a bull. Squatting
down over his muscular body, she slips his stiff rod into her pussy, riding
him long and hard until he almost cums inside her. She decides to take a
chain to his balls, as she wraps a long steel chain around his limp dick.
The coldness of the metal makes his cock rise to full length and Daisy
wastes no time by sliding her ass over his shaft, fucking him hard while a
load of cum enters her ass. Later she squats over his face and squeals in
ecstasy as the mechanic eats her filled pussy, with one difference he licks
between her cheeks, lapping the cum that he shot in her not that long ago.

Luke has returned to the scene and wants to have more time with Daisy, but
Cooter is eating away like he never had a woman before. Daisy waves her
cousin over and urges him to fuck her while Cooter eats cum from her ass.
Luke lowers his pants, slides between DaisyĄs legs and enters her slightly
sore pussy. Underneath Cooter groans from the weight of both Duke cousins,
while atop of the situation Luke blasts her cunt with a fresh load of cum.
While this goes on Miss Duke thanks God that she is on the pill and any
chance of getting pregnant is gone - or so she believes. Once all her sexual
needs are fulfilled Daisy dresses, goes to complete the tasks she set out to
do and kisses her loverĄs good-bye.

Unbeknownst to her, Luke had Maybelle hiding in the General Lee, but that's
another story for another time.

The End


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