Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 11 - Daisy, Hughie Hogg And Jeb Duke (MF,F-best,hand)
by Spyder ([email protected])

A cold snap has invaded the town of Hazzard; daytime highs have been below
50 degrees F for about one week and it seems to have the townsfolk wondering
when it will end. One that doesn't seem to worry is Daisy Duke for she can
find ways to keep her hot body heated that is no surprise to the men and
women she has fucked. Recently she had a return engagement in the office of
J.D. Hogg and since she has had one miscarriage she takes no chances by
making certain her lovers use a condom.

This day is sort unusual in the fact that two of the men she has never
allowed in her hot box are arriving at different moments in the day. Her
plan is to attempt to have both before supper in the same spot as she had
Jesse the first time, the barn at Duke's farm. On her way to the farm Enos
Strait stops her the deputy sheriff for speeding which she is doing 10 miles
over the limit anyhow. While writing the ticket Enos suggests one way she
can get out of this ticket this time and that is to give him a hand job,
since there is no time for anything else. Daisy obliges the timid deputy
and expertly strokes his cock until he has cum on her hand. Enos smiles as
Daisy licks the hot goo from her fingers and kisses her cheek before she
heads to her first rendezvous.

On her way home she decides to cool off a little by skinny dipping in Hazzard
car wash, otherwise known as Hazzard pond. While splashing around her first
lover sneaks upon her and dives into the pond. She squeals as Hughie finger
fucks her ass in the water and she reciprocates by stroking his short dick.
She is somewhat shocked that Boss Hogg's nephew is not endowed with a pecker
that can touch the back of her throat as she wants to blow him while they are
on the shore.

After a lengthy swim Daisy and Hughie lie on a blanket upon the shore under
the cool air. Our country lass soon squats next to Hughie and begins to
stroke his cock to get it ready to give him a blowjob. The weasly nephew
smiles at what is about to happen, props his head under his arms and looks
on as the only living Duke woman blows him for a long time. Once she had
made him shoot his load into her mouth, Hughie turns her on her back to eat
pussy. Being the worst lover in Hazzard history, Daisy feigns joy as he
fumbles his way through giving her head. She finally cums on his tongue
after his shoddy attempt at finger fucking her while his tongue plunges
into her sweet cunt.

Daisy is now turned over onto all fours as Hughie decides to ass fuck her
and since this is his favorite position, Daisy knows he won't flub this move.
While he does so, Daisy remembers walking into J.D's office by accident and
witnessed Boss ass fucking Hughie, which turned her stomach to see them
fucking each other. She occasionally blackmails the senior Hogg with telling
Lulu about it in order to get her full tips from her job at the Boars Nest.
Daisy gets into the situation with back thrusts of her own as the nephew
drives his four-inch pecker in her pink love hole as hard as he can. Hughie
pulls back and shoots his second load on her back.

Hughie excuses himself to meet with his uncle, leaving Daisy so horny she
masturbates to alleviate the tension built up from the supposed sex with the
junior Hogg. She prepares to get dressed as Jeb Duke arrives at the pond just
as Hughie makes his exit to town.

Jeb and Daisy share a lengthy kiss as she undresses a man who like other Duke
men has a massive cock and she knows that Jeb will please her totally. Being
extremely hot, Daisy lowers herself to the level where she can masterfully
give a superior blowjob to Jeb. Instead of the normal way they give each
other head, Jeb lies down, motions for Jeb to lie on top of his body and give
head in this position for the first time since they have been old enough to
fuck. One thing the other Dukes don't know is that Jeb and Daisy have had
sexual relations since Daisy turned 15. Jeb licks her hairy pussy while he
slides a few fingers in her ass, at the same time Daisy strokes his cock as
she sucks on his balls. Jeb grins as he knows how good Daisy gives head and
soon he feels her deep throating his nine-inch cock. She gurgles loudly as
his cum fills her mouth; she swallows hard and accepts more sticky goo in
her throat. About this time Jeb has made her cum, he licks the nectar, she
rolls off to lie beside him and await the next move of her strong lover.

Jeb lifts Daisy from the blanket, moves her to his motorcycle, pulls out a
couple of straps and ties her to the Harley. She smiles at him and knows
that she has experienced this before. Jeb stretches her thighs as wide as
possible, pulls out a folded pool cue, unfolds it and uses the thick end to
stroke her pussy while he sucks her tits. Daisy moans as Jeb brings her to
climax over and over again. Soon the pool cue is moving in and out of her
dripping love center, she lifts her head and tells Jeb to take her now. Not
quite through with his plans he lifts her up, slides underneath her body
while on the bike and drives his dick inside her ass. With every thrust that
he gives Daisy gives one back as they continue to climax together on the

Once completed this unusual style of ass fucking, Jeb undoes the straps,
lowers Miss Daisy to the blanket and plunges his still hard cock in her
pussy, after having a condom placed on it. Still smiling, Jeb and Daisy
fuck for the longest of times until many times the two lovers have
climaxed. Jeb pulls out, rolls the condom off and wants to shoot his
load on the ground, but Daisy takes his gun and presses it to her tits
and she gets his goo to land on her boobs and chin.

Daisy then asks her cousin to stay for supper with the family. Jeb accepts
the request as they head to the Duke farm for vittles. Upon arrival they are
greeted by Uncle Jesse, Bo and Luke, who have just finished plowing the back
40. Daisy knows that she has to head to the barn for some greens for the
salad and goes in the direction to gather the extra food needed to make
dinner. While in the barn she sees the horse that Jesse bought recently and
is so hot that she slides her shorts off moves under the prone animal and
wraps her cunt around the horse's cock.

While there she fucks the horse, bringing the animal to whinny as she
attempts to have it cum. Sliding off the horse, Daisy sees the load and moves
to pull her shorts on her tight ass. Gathering the items, she was watched by
Bo, who smiles and asks her to blow him to keep quiet about her fucking the
horse. Daisy is tired from the sex she has performed today and not one to
disturb the peace she gives Bo what he desires. Bo smiles as Daisy expertly
gives him the first head he has had from her in months. Soon he unloads on
her face; she washes some off with her tongue and the rest with water and

The two head to the house as Daisy works on supper; she thinks to herself
that she just may have fucked every Hazzard male that she wants to and even
a few females. She also hopes to have a child soon with or without help from
her cousins. Of course she wants it to be with a non-Duke male and also wants
that one to be Cletus or Enos. The family sets to eat when...

The End


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