Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 13 - The Return Of Jude Emery
by Spyder

Hazzard County a quiet town, where nothing happens unless the local Sheriff
and Boss Hogg want it to. Today is no exception, as Hogg wants the Duke Boys
arrested as per usual on a trumped up charge. Coltrane and Strait are chasing
Bo and Luke around the countryside, missing them at every turn and being made
fools of as usual. Being the friendly country folk they are Bo and Luke see a
stranger and decide to pick him up in mid chase. Rushing his equipment into
the back of the General Lee, they quickly speed off in hopes of decking the
sheriff out of his car. Only one thing stopped them from doing so and that
is Enos Strait, whose driving technique is better, but not by much than

Inside the General, the stranger asked what they are running away from and
the boys tell him it is the local pass time of the sheriff and Boss Hogg to
fake something to arrest the Duke boys. They introduce themselves at this
point as Bo and Luke Duke. The stranger says that he is Jude Emery from
Texas and he is on the trail of another outlaw from Texas way. Luke looks
back and remembers the last time they helped this man out and also recollect
that he is a Texas Ranger. Jude replies that he now remembers them and their
hot cousin Daisy. While speeding the back roads of Hazzard Jude is informed
that daisy has been sexually active many times over since their first
meeting, but wants to finish what they started if he returns. Jude licks
his lips and has a flash of memory as to his last encounter with Daisy. He
recalls sliding his fingers into her hot pussy while kissing her full sweet
lips. He also thinks that he wishes he had fucked her at that time, but had
to return the Snake Harmon gang to Texas for trial. Like the last time they
are again stopped and arrested before Jude is checked out.

In the courthouse, a half hour later, Enos frisks the Duke boys and Jude.
Boss Hogg enters the room and sees the Texas Ranger and tells Roscoe to take
the handcuffs from Jude's wrists for he is a lawman from Dallas Texas way.
Roscoe looks at the badge that Enos again has dug from the pocket of Mr.
Emery and sees the Texas Ranger insignia. Hogg inquires as to the presence
of the lawman in Hazzard for the second time in less than two years. Jude
tells everyone that he is after Leslie Willowby, Texas #2 most wanted female
criminal and she is hold up somewhere in Hazzard. Only one thing preventing
this arrest is Daisy Duke. Daisy has become a friend to Miss Willowby and
occasional lovers, so Jude May have a problem taking her away if Daisy gets
in the way.

Jude is released from any charges as per order of Judge J.D. Hogg and is
allowed to seek out this wanted criminal. Being the town judge, Hogg asks
Jude what she is wanted for back in the state of Texas. Jude responds that
it is a private arrest and is none of his business. Bo and Luke tell Jude
that he better tell Boss Hogg of the charges or he may have to take his
chances on the punishment coming up. Jude smiles and says that he will take
his chances of going into jail to protect the state of this case. Hogg
laughs and asks if he is sure that he wants to take his punishment over
freedom to chase this criminal, to which Jude nods yes. Bo and Luke nod
their heads and whisper hear it comes the punishment, all who disobey
Hogg's law encounters. All right Mr. Emery your punishment is to pleasure
my wife and then you can look for this lady you are after. Emery smiles,
looks over at Bo and Luke and see the look on their faces to know he made
a bad choice. With no way out, Bo and Luke take Jude to the Hogg home.

Meanwhile at the no abandoned Tolliver home, Daisy is meeting with Leslie,
who is quite nervous with the spotting of Texas Ranger Jude Emery. Daisy
promptly kisses the buxom redhead and asks why the case of nerves. Leslie,
who returns the passion with a kiss of her own, gropes Daisy and explains
that a Texas Ranger is in town and is about to take her away. Daisy is
puzzled by this, asks what the arrest is for and slides Leslie's shorts
off her tight ass. Leslie removes Daisy's tank top and replies that Jude
Emery is taking her back for the murder of her husband. Knowing that Leslie
is a gentle lady, Daisy removes her blouse and says murdering your husband.
She then asks if she is being framed for the deed. Leslie smiles and then
answers while fingering Daisy hot pussy, I am guilty of the murder, but
for reasons I can't discuss right now. Daisy smiles, lies Leslie on the
couch that is tattered and proceeds to eat this hot honey's pussy. Leslie
squirms and moans as Daisy expertly makes her orgasm many times over.

Back at the Hogg household, Jude has a rude awakening as he walks into the
living room of MR. and Mrs. Hogg to see a rather large lady stretched out,
fully naked and ready to administer the punishment for disobeying Hogg's
request. Lulu introduces herself to Jude and vice versa. She asks Jude to
please undress and grab hold of the cucumber on the table next to her, as
she was about to masturbate with the green veggie. Jude obeys, as he doesn't
want to hear the wrath of J.D. Hogg anymore this trip. With the cucumber in
hand, Jude peels it back a little and plunges it deep into the flaps of
Lulu's cunt. In and out he drives it until Lulu asks him to stop for a
moment so they can have a bite of it. Jude winces, as he has to taste her
cum on the veggie in his hand. She tells him to take the first bite and then
place it in her mouth afterward. This continues until the green veggie is
fully used and devoured by the two of them.

At the Tolliver home, Leslie becomes more relaxed as she ties Daisy up for
the usual afternoon delight. She retreats to the bedroom, dresses in leather
and brings out a couple of whips, one long and one short one. Daisy smiles
as Leslie rears back and lets loose with the whipping she never knew existed,
drawing blood on the first try, Leslie realizes that she was to hard the
first crack of the whip and licks the droplets off Daisy's ass. Daisy screams
as the torture continues, but is relieved that it is her turn to do the same
as Leslie unties the leather straps. Daisy ties up Leslie and as she does so,
tries to convince her to let Jude take her in so her life isn't always
running from things in her past. Leslie says that she will think about it as
Daisy bites down hard on her nipples, creating a sensation that Leslie has
never felt before. With both ladies having use of the whip, Daisy takes
Leslie outside to get use of what she has brought to the love fest.

Jude in the meantime has eaten the pussy of the huge Lulu Hogg and wants to
get it over with. Lulu has no qualms about letting Mr. Emery off the hook
early as she is getting tired. Jude slowly drives his stiff rod into the
lady's dripping cunt and fucks her for the longest time. She has multiple
orgasms while Jude shoots wad after wad of cum in her shaven pussy. Looking
at her fat breasts Jude licks the nipples and sucks the tits for a while as
he continues to fuck her hard. Knowing that J. D can't give her a child,
Lulu hopes that this will give her the baby she wants to raise. Jude tires
of this situation, pulls his dick from Lulu's pussy, turns her over and
drives it in her ass. Lulu asks Jude to stop, as she only wanted him to do
what is been completed, so he can take his cock from her ass and doggy style
her. Inside her pussy he returns and knows that she is growing tired as well.
Once he has unloaded once more, Lulu tells him that he has completed his
sentence and that he can return to what he set out to do. Jude dresses and
leaves the lady to rest.

Daisy and Leslie are in the barn to get use of the sexual partner that they
are to end off the afternoon with. Leslie is shocked that Daisy has brought
her outside to pleasure a horse. Leslie also knows that her pussy has had
horses, dog and bull cock inside it. Daisy goes first as she strokes the
animal's cock while her lover watches on and masturbates while awaiting her
time. With the horse fully erect, Daisy takes hold of its thick cock and
places it in her pussy, fucking the animal long and as hard as possible.
Before the animal can shoot in her a load of cum, Daisy licks the cock and
watches as Leslie takes her turn with the beast. Moans fill the air and barn,
so much so that they have no idea that J.D. Hogg has turned in Leslie to Jude
as he approaches the barn to arrest Miss Willowby.

He walks casually into the barn sees to two naked women and announces that
Leslie is his prisoner that he will escort back to Texas. Daisy weeps a
little, but knows that this is for the good of Leslie's future wherever she
will wind up. Leslie for her end is willing to give up only if Jude fucks
her new friend. Jude undresses for the second time today; Daisy sees his
cock glisten and wonders why. Jude tells the ladies that he disobeyed Mr.
Hogg's order to explain his return to Hazzard and he was sentenced to sex
with Lulu.

Daisy's eyes roll as she sees for the first time the naked body of a man who
once kissed her while tracking the Snake Harmon gang. To her surprise he
gropes Leslie first and then plants his fingers in her ass and pussy. Daisy
and Leslie take him down and give him the blowjob of his life. With both sexy
women making him feel better about this trip, Jude waits what is next; as
Daisy squats over his face to have him eat her now hot pussy. Only one thing
is different, he remembers finger fucking Daisy's pussy as they kissed, but
there was too much hair there and now a tailored thin wisp of pubic hair. As
her pussy tickles his tongue Daisy moans in sheer ecstasy as he makes her cum
on his face. Leslie for her part has begun to ride her escort to Texas. Her
shaven cunt takes his dick all the way in hitting her g-spot many times as
she orgasms many times over. Soon the women switch places. With Daisy riding
the hard Jude Emery she knows that her time to get pregnant is at hand, but
knows that Jude is using a condom that Leslie found in his jeans pocket. The
ladies do their utmost to have Jude tire, so they can have one last time
together in bed.

The girls get off of Jude and expect that he wish to fuck each of them. They
lie on the ground, legs wide as can be and watch as Jude replaces the condom
he had used already. Like the proverbial gopher going from hole to hole, Jude
fucks both Daisy and Leslie during the same time. The ladies and Jude cum
once again, Leslie and Daisy turn onto all fours to allow Jude to get hem
from behind. Jude replaces the condom again, plunges his dick into one ass
and then the other. Again moans fill the barn and afternoon air as the sex
continues, Jude doesn't let up until he has fucked them from behind as well,
leaving them rather hot and needing a whole lot more.

Finally Jude tells Leslie that it is time to go. The sooner she is back in
Texas, the sooner all can be straightened out. Leslie says that she will go
only if Jude felt something that he did to the ladies earlier. Jude asks what
that might be and she explains that he must be ass fucked before they can
leave. Nodding his head no, Jude says that no male will enter his ass with
their dicks. Daisy knowing what Leslie has meant, tells Jude that it is not
any male cock he will endure, he must allow the horse cock in his ass. Trying
something new and awkward isn't what Jude had encountered before, but wants
to please the ladies. He asks what if he doesn't try this what will happen.
Leslie states that she will take him into town and have Lulu sit on his face
to have him eat her in that position. Jude almost vomits at that one and
turns his ass to the horse. Daisy leads the animal to where Jude is high
enough for the horse to enter. Leslie grabs the hardened horse dick and
guides it onto Emery's ass. Underneath the two push Jude upwards to the horse
and help to have the animal ass fuck the Texas cop. He yells loud as the pain
of the horse cock widens his hole. Soon the ladies let Jude up and he takes
Leslie into protective custody for the long ride to Texas.

Daisy weeps a little and hopes that Leslie makes her way back to Hazzard once
her jail term is completed.

The End


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