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Co-starring: Lila McCann (as Sam Duke) & Lynda Carter (as Catherine Duke)

Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 14 - Merry Christmas Daisy (MFF,MF,FFFF,inc,oral,anal)
by Spyder

Christmas time is a busy time for all, gift buying, decorating and the cooing
of the dinner. It is even more so for Daisy Duke, the sexy cousin of the Duke
clan in Hazzard. It wasn't long ago that they met a new cousin, whose stay
was short but enjoyable and now Daisy is wondering who else is going to show
up at the farm. While she wonders Jesse, the family patriarch is reading a
letter from the once thought dead mother of Daisy, who is returning to
Hazzard after a stay in an institution for badly injured people and she wants
to surprise Daisy on Christmas Day.


At the Boar's Nest, Boss Hogg has hired a yet unseen new waitress, who Daisy
is to train; even though she hasn't seen the person herself she will know who
she is being her cousin Sam. J.D. walks into the bar and announces that there
will be a new waitress to be trained by Daisy sometime today and she will be
a regular employee from now on with the new highway going through the area.

Boss calls Daisy into his office, tells her that the new girl will be
introduced as soon as she arrives and to be ready to train her immediately.
Daisy nods her head and asks Boss if there will be anything more. J.D.
smiles, unzips his white pants and tells Daisy to give him a pre-Christmas
blow job, before the day gets any busier. Even although she is growing tired
of giving the Boss head, Daisy knows it occasionally gets Roscoe, Enos and
Cletus off Bo and Luke's backs. Daisy kneels down, strokes the thick manhood
of her employer and licks it up and down. Boss growls in excitement and is
quickly pleased as Daisy deep throats his dick until he cums in her mouth.
She swallows the load, as a knock is heard, J.D. slides under his desk a
little as Daisy opens the door to see Sam standing at the entrance.

Boss Hogg asks her to step in so he can make the introductions, but Daisy
and Sam say there is no need as they are cousins. Hogg growls at the fact
that two Dukes women are working for him, but is okay with it knowing that
if Daisy gives great head, maybe Sam does as well.

Sam sits on Hogg's lap, feeling his hardened dick poking her pantiless
bottom. She kisses his lips and says, why Mister Hogg is that a yule log
waiting down there or is you happy to be almost inside me. Hogg stutters a
little as Sam slides off his lap and prepares to give head to him once more.
Daisy walks to the spot on Hogg's left side, removes her shorts and squats
beside them as the two give him a blowjob unfelt by this head of the county.

The women take their turn sucking and stroking J.D.'s hard cock and he is
now even happier that his love life has picked up ten fold. In his mind he
knows that his wife Lulu still cannot be out performed in bed, but also
realizes that two hot young women are even better at the office. Giggling
ever so gently at the double blowjob, Boss asks Daisy to allow Sam to ride
him while in the chair. Daisy watches as her cousin slides her pussy over
Hogg's log and slowly rides up and down.

As this continues, Daisy squats in front of the two, begins to eat Sam's
pussy while licking the now wet cock of J.D. Sam mumbles to Hogg if she is
hired, to which Hogg says definitely and he lifts her up to jam his cock in
her ass, while Daisy continues to have pussy and cock at the same time. Sam
gets up and motions for Daisy to kneel on all four, Daisy obliges her sexy
cousin as Sam slides under her to lick her cunt, Hogg meanwhile slides
behind Daisy and plunges his cock in her hot pussy. The threesome continues
for an hour or so, until Hogg finds the urge to tell them it is time to
open for the day.

* * *

Back at the Duke farm, Jesse prepares the house for Christmas, decorating
the windows, the outer area while waiting for Bo and Luke to return with the
tree. A knock is heard as Jesse tells the person to come in it's open. A
raven-haired sexy looking woman enters the kitchen and immediately Jesse has
no idea who she is. Jesse, says the lovely woman, I am your younger cousin
Catherine, Daisy's mother. Jesse looks her up and down, not sure if it is
the long lost relative or not, asks if she remembers the greeting she gave
to him when she would go away for long spells.

Cathy walks to where Jesse is sitting, kneels before him, unzips his overalls
slowly with her teeth, reaches in to grab hold of his waiting dick and pulls
it out. Slowly she strokes his big cock and licks her lips, as she knows it
has been nearly twelve years since she greeted him with a blowjob. While she
gives Jesse head, she wonders what Daisy looks like and if she has had
Jesse's big dick in her at all. Jesse smiles as he is having a flashback of
his own, recalling the many blowjobs Cathy gave both him and J.D. As this
goes on, he tells Cathy that Daisy is a beautiful young woman, who works at
the Boar's Nest run by J.D. Hogg. Cathy nods as she is told that he has given
Daisy many hours of sexual pleasure since becoming a woman and he is certain
that J.D. gets some as well.

Once a load has been swallowed, Jesse helps Cathy off her knees, removes
her clothes and sees a very sexy body standing before him. Sliding off his
clothes, he shakes his dick and rubs her pussy as he lays her on the
chesterfield and eats her unshaven box. She moans as she feels Jesse weave
his magic over her. Feeling that she is ready, Jesse takes the broom handle
and slips it in her pussy, using it as a dildo and then he removes it only to
use the same method on her ass. Cathy moans, watches her cousin as he swaps
the broom for a cucumber, which he peels and slowly inserts it in her cunt,
making her cum on the vegetable. He pulls that out and gets her to take a
bite of it and then follows suit.

Finally, Jesse rams his cock in her ass, pounding her hard as the lady
yells in excitement over the long awaited sexual joy she missed while in the
hospital. His final insertion happens as he plows in her pussy his dripping
cock, she again moans and meets his every thrust with one of her own. Without
any warning the door swings open as Sam and Daisy walk in, being a quiet day,
they were sent home early. Seeing the familiar face being fucked by her Uncle
Jesse, Daisy watches a stream of sticky cum shoot over the body of this lady.
Sam licks the cuz from her body as well as Jesse's still hard cock. Cathy
sits up quietly, looks over her beautiful daughter and says that she is her
long lost mother.

Daisy is overwhelmed wonders if this could be real; Jesse sees her puzzled
look and assures Daisy that this is indeed her mother Catherine. Daisy hugs
her sweaty and well-fucked mom while asking a bunch of questions. Cathy
answers them, Daisy is relieved that her mom has come home and isn't sure
why she feels the urge to eat her pussy. Cathy opens her thighs and watches
as Sam takes the initiative and eats the hot pussy before them. Daisy is
guilty knowing that this is wrong, but joins in as Cathy waves her over to
join in. Being Hazzard and being Dukes that family rule is such that not
even a family member is exempt from having sex with one another.

Daisy, Sam, Jesse and Catherine have a four way, as they wait for the boys
to return, which they do and soon they have a nude decorating party with Bo
and Luke fucking the returning member of the Duke clan. Sam informs the
family that she is staying in Hazzard as well and is re-welcomed home by
the men as each drives her ass and pussy until she has passed out from
exhaustion. Midnight rolls around as the bells of Santa's sleigh are
supposedly heard. Cathy masturbates after being fucked by all three Duke
men at the last stroke chimes.

The End


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