Disclaimer: I donít know who owns the copyrights to these characters, but I
know itís not me. I have no intention of making any money from this story or
of violating any copyright laws. This story is an exercise in the art of
writing fiction and satire. It is an exercise in erotic writing that I am
presenting, hopefully for people to appreciate, and possibly to give me some
constructive criticism. I donít mind if someone copies or posts this story,
as long as it is not for profit, and as long as the rating and disclaimer,
in their entirety, are contained with it. Please enjoy.

Rating: You must be 18 or older to read this. (mf, con, oral).

It had been more than a month since we left Belle Black (Kirsten Storms,
a.k.a. Zenon) and Brady in our first episode. During that time much had
happened: Belle gave her virginity to Shawn, the love of her life. Once Shawn
had gotten an actual taste of her, he was hooked. Now he wanted to fuck her
all the time. It turned out that Belle was hooked too: on the sheer fun of
fucking. She had never realized it would be so much fun. And now that the
virginity thing was over, and she no longer had it hanging over her head, she found that a whole new world had been opened up to her. She had
fucked Shawn several times after that, but he was the only one. So far she
and Brady had been content with just doing each other orally; she loved the
way he could get her off with his mouth, and he loved watching his little
sister suck on his cock.

Days Of Our Lives: Belle Black, The Zequel
by DiGiovanni ([email protected])

Our story begins in mid afternoon on a beautiful summer day in Salem. Belle
had gone to the mall to pick up a few things. By now she had a moderate tan;
her skin was a light golden color. She was wearing a tank top and an old
faded pair of jeans that she had cut off to make shorts. She had cut them a
little shorter than she intended, and the fraying along the bottom edges had
made them even shorter, showing off the curve from her ass to her thigh. She
figured they were okay, though, because they didnít fit very tight. Besides,
she had been in a hurry getting dressed and didnít have time to change into
another pair. She had her smooth blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, and
it bounced along as she walked.

Belle was just coming out of a shop when she looked up and happened to see
Philip. Philip was a longtime close friend of Belleís, whom she had known
since childhood. In fact, when they were small, Belle and Shawn and Philip
had been best friends: the "three musketeers." She felt as close to Philip
as she did to Shawn and Brady. Philip was a good looking guy, a little
bigger than Shawn. He had been the quarterback of the Salem High football
team. His father was filthy rich, and Philip had always been given the best
of everything. But in, spite of being spoiled, he was still a really nice
person, and a close friend of Belleís. Philip was still hooked on Chloe, but
things didnít look very encouraging for him; she was spending more and more
time with Brady.

"Hi, Philip!"

"Oh, Hi Belle. Whatís happening?"

"I was just on my way over to Dot Com to see if anyoneís there. Wanna come?"
Dot Com was an internet/video cafe where many of the kids hung out.

"Sure, Belle. Sounds good."

They arrived at Dot Com, but had no sooner walked through the door when
Belle spotted Brady and Chloe sitting in a booth. She looked at Philip; he
had seen them too. She knew that if they stayed there Philip would just
become depressed. Itís true that Philip and Chloe werenít going together any
more, but Philip was still holding out hope that he would somehow be able to
convince her to come back to him. In the meantime, seeing her there with
Brady would just frustrate him. Belle didnít want that; it was too nice a
day to let something like that ruin it. She suddenly grabbed Philipís hand.
"Philip, letís go for a walk." She whisked him outside.

"What is it, Belle?"

"Letís go for a walk in the park. The change in atmosphere will do you good."

"Okay. Whatever you say."

They continued holding hands as they walked toward the park. As they reached
the park Belle let go of his hand and put her arm around his waist. Philip
put his arm around Belleís shoulder.

"Youíre right, Belle. This is a lot better than sitting back there,
especially being out here with someone like you." He gave her shoulder a
little squeeze.

Belle gave Philipís waist a little squeeze as she looked up at him and
smiled, "Youíre pretty hot, too, Philip." They lazily walked along, talking
and enjoying the summer afternoon, the smells of the trees and flowers, and
each otherís company.

Walking through the park, they eventually came to a somewhat secluded
clearing. Philip sat down, leaned back on his hands, and took in a deep
breath of fresh air. "Philip, donít tell me youíre tired already." Belle
teased. She stood beside him and casually turned around, taking in the
beauty of the park around them.

Philip didnít know whether Belle was doing it deliberately or not, but she
was putting on quite a show for him. Her ass was only about three feet from
his face. With so much of it visible to him, he was almost tempted to lean
over and sink his teeth into it. As she turned and shifted her weight from
one leg to the other, he could catch glimpses of her white panties inside
her very short cutoffs. "No, just enjoying the view." He looked up at her
and smiled.

Belle suddenly remembered just how short her shorts were. "Philip!" she
playfully chided as she sat down beside him. After displaying the appropriate
amount of surprise and embarrassment that she had put on such a show for him,
curiosity finally got the best of her. She smiled "Well, how was the view?"

"Beautiful, Belle. Youíve got about the hottest bod in Salem, not to mention
the nicest ass."

"Thanks, Philip. Yours isnít bad either."

"You know, if it hadnít been for fate, Iíd have been chasing after you
instead of Chloe last year."

"Oh? Why didnít you?"

"Well, it seemed that Shawn had you pretty well locked up. And I didnít want
to cause problems."

"Thatís sweet, Philip." She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the lips. They
had never actually kissed before. They sat there looking at each other a few
moments, then tried it again. This time they held it for several seconds.
Belleís lips were sweet and soft and smooth. And Philip couldnít believe how
good she smelled. He had often fantasized about kissing her, and more. He
breathed in deeply "You sure smell good, Belle. You taste good, too."

"Why, thank you, Philip." She gently moved her tongue briefly across Philipís
lips and, with a smile, said "You taste pretty good yourself." Belle had
often wondered what it would be like to kiss Philip. She leaned forward and
licked his lips again, this time more deliberately. He responded by licking
her back. They continued until their tongues were eventually licking each
other and their lips were back together again.

It was a new experience for both of them, never having kissed each other
before. It was a casual, relaxed kiss. They both relished and savored the
taste and feeling of the otherís tongue caressing and fondling their own.
They tasted each otherís saliva for the first time, exchanging it freely
back and forth. When they finished, Philip looked at her for a second, then
smiled and said "Wow, Belle. That was quite a kiss. I didnít realize you
were such a good kisser."

Belle smiled back at him, "Thankís, Philip. You were pretty good, yourself.
Would you like some more?" She put her hand on his thigh and leaned forward
with her mouth slightly open. Philipís tongue met her lips before his lips
did. As he pushed it deep into her mouth she sucked it in and covered it
with her saliva. This time the kiss was more intense. She squeezed his leg
as she pushed her tongue into his mouth and let him know she was thoroughly
enjoying this exchange.

As they kissed, Philip began caressing Belleís thigh. It was smooth and firm,
and was begging to be touched. It wasnít long before his hand was all the way
up to her crotch. There was plenty of room in Belleís shorts for his hand to
reach inside the crotch and find her panties. He did, and began lightly
caressing her pussy through them.

"Slow down, Philip. I didnít realize you were so horny." She took his hand
from her crotch and placed it on her breast. He took a handful of her breast
and gently squeezed it. It had just the right firmness and just the right
size. As they kissed again, exchanging tongues and saliva, Philip could feel
Belleís nipple grow harder as he gently pushed her breast around her chest.
Then he went to the other one, and fondled it until that nipple stood up as
well. A few moments later he reached down to her waist and slipped his hand
under her tank top. Then he slid it up to her bare breasts. He couldnít
believe how smooth they felt, with their nipples standing straight out. He
couldnít believe he was actually fondling Belle Blackís breasts.

As Belle squeezed Philipís leg, she glanced down and saw what appeared to be
an erection forming in his pants. She looked directly at it, then looked back
at Philip, smiled and asked, "Is that from me?"

Philip smiled back, "Are you kidding me, Belle? Do you really think I could
sit here feeling you up and not get a hard on?"

Belle was flattered; she had often wondered if she turned him on in the same
way he turned her on. Maybe this would be a good opportunity to explore it a
little further. She smiled and kissed him again as she worked her hand around
his thigh, gradually getting closer and closer to his erection. Finally she
put her hand directly on it. She explored it with her fingers, gently
fondling it and occasionally squeezing it. "Itís so big" she noted. And the
more she fondled it, the bigger it got.

Philip was thoroughly enjoying it. Belle Black was actually sitting there
making out with him and feeling him up through his pants. This walk in the
park had turned out to be the best idea yet. Then things got even better.
"Can I see it?" she asked with a smile.

"You mean right here in broad daylight?"

"Philip, thereís no one around. I just thought you might like to show it to
me." She gave him an innocent smile.

Philip smiled back at her, "Of course, Belle. Help yourself." He unbuttoned
his pants, and Belle pulled the zipper down. She got up and knelt between his
legs and began tugging on the waistbands of both his pants and shorts. Philip
lifted his hips to assist her. With his legs spread apart, she could only
bring them down a little past his crotch. But that was fine. His cock, no
longer restricted by his pants, was now free to rise. And it did, about
halfway, anyway.

Belle looked at it admiringly; she had never seen Philipís cock before, and
here it was, big as day. She gently caressed the hair all around it, then
reached down, cupped his balls in her hand, and began to fondle them. She
looked up at him and smiled, "They feel awfully full, Philip. Is that a good

Philip smiled back, "Yeah, they probably are, Belle. But if you keep playing
with them, Iíll guarantee they wonít be full for long."

Belle slowly let go of them, smiling, "Oops."

She ran her fingers up his cock, paused and circled them around the head,
then ran them down the other side. The more she touched it, the bigger and
harder it got. She lowered herself down onto her stomach, propping herself
up on her elbows, and looking at it face to face. She ran her fingers lightly
over his balls and through his hair and finally up and down his cock again.
By now it was pretty much standing straight up. She wrapped her fingers
around it and began to slowly pump it. As she did, she looked up at Philip
and, with her most innocent look, asked, "Is it okay if I kiss it?"

Philip couldnít believe what he was hearing. "Of course, Belle. You can do
anything you want with it."

Belle leaned foreward and gave it a lingering kiss, then several small
kisses. She looked back up at him, "Is it okay if I french kiss it?" Philip
smiled and nodded his head. Belle gave the head an open mouth kiss and gently
caressed it with her tongue, all the while slowly pumping it. After getting
it thoroughly wet, she again looked up at Philip, smiled, and asked, "Can I
put it in my mouth?"

Philip tilted his head to the side, smiled, and didnít even bother to answer.
Belle took the head of his cock into her mouth and, still gently pumping it,
sucked it and licked it all over.

Philip couldnít believe it: he was sitting here and Belle Black was actually
sucking his cock. "Belle, do you know what youíre doing?"

Belle looked up at him with a matter-of-fact look on her face "You mean
giving you a blow job?" Then she smiled "Yes Philip, Iíve been wanting to try
this on you for a long time." With that, she lowered her head back down and,
still looking at him, continued sucking. After all the times she had done
Brady, and the few times she had done Shawn, Bell had become quite proficient
at sucking cock. She seemed to know exactly what to do. She continued slowly
pumping and licking and sucking, occasionally looking up at him with a little
smile, as much as she could with her mouth full of his cock.

Philip still couldnít believe what was happening. "You mean youíre really
going to let me cum in your mouth?"

Belle took his cock from her mouth for a second and smiled, "Would you like

"Of course I would, Belle. Iíd love to, but..."

Belle interrupted him "Youíre asking way too many questions, Philip." Then
she added with a smile "Just relax and enjoy it." She looked back down at
his cock and took it back into her mouth.

It wasnít going to take very long. He had never been sucked off before, by
anybody. The fact that it was Belle Black doing it made it fantastic. The
fact that it was Shawnís girlfriend who was doing it gave it that twist of
forbiddenness that quickly pushed him over the edge. In no time he was
gushing his cum into Belleís mouth, stream after stream. She cradled his
balls with her free hand and lifted them up against his cock, as if to help
his system pump it all out. Belle quickly began swallowing, as she had
learned to do with Brady. She pumped it and sucked it and milked it until
no more would come out.

When it was finished she slowly withdrew it from her mouth, carefully wiping
it with her lips to make sure she got it all. Then she looked up at him and,
with a big smile on her face, asked, "How was that, Philip?"

"That was fantastic, Belle. Where did you ever..."

Belle cut him off, "Donít even ask. You looked like you needed your horns
trimmed, and I thought you might enjoy something like this. Was I right?"

"You sure were, Belle. You can do that any time you want."

Belle smiled up at him, "Thanks, Philip. Maybe Iíll take you up on that."

Even as they talked, Philipís mind was busy putting two and two together:
she seemed to know exactly how to get him off, and she didnít seem to have
any problem swallowing it. He smiled, "Youíve done this before, havenít you,
Belle?" Then, with a grin, "You little devil, you."

Belle blushed as she smiled, "Well..." she couldnít think of a good answer.

"Shawn. That lucky guy!"

Visions of herself sucking Bradyís cock flashed through Belleís mind; she
had done him many more times than she had done Shawn. She had done Brady in
every room of his apartment; in fact she once did him in the hallway outside
his front door. But she couldnít very well tell Philip about all that. Still
blushing, and still at a loss for words, Belle finally said, "Pull up your
pants, Philip. Itís time to go."

They both got up. Philip pulled his pants back up and fastened them. Then
Belle took his hand, "Címon, letís go back to Dot Com. Iím sure theyíll be
gone by now. Besides, I need something to wash this stuff down."

Philip put his arm around her shoulder, pulled her close to him, smiled and
said, "Belle, youíre really something." She knew exactly what he meant, and
it made her feel good. She smiled at him, put her arm around his waist, and
together they walked back to Dot Com.

When they arrived there they quickly surveyed the place. Sure enough, Chloe
and Brady were gone. They found a booth and sat down. For the next hour or
so they sat there talking and enjoying each otherís company. And Belle got
the last of Philipís semen rinsed out of her mouth. They had known each other
since they had been small children, and they were very good friends, but what
had just happened between them seemed to give them a new closeness; it added
a whole new dimension to their relationship.

When they finally decided it was time to leave, Philip offered, "Címon Belle.
Iíll take you home; Iíve got my dadís convertible."

Belle thought for a moment. "Okay, Philip." Then she added "Maybe we could
go for a little drive first."

"Sure, Belle. Whatever you want." He took her hand and they headed out to
the car.

As they drove around, Belle casually suggested, "Letís go out to the old
airport road. I havenít been there in a long time." Philip knew the old
airport road was a well known make out area. He didnít know if Belle had
more in mind or not. After all, she had just given him his first blow job.
What more could he possibly expect? But he was certainly willing to find
out. Anything that involved Belle Black had to be good.

As they reached the outskirts of Salem, Belle slid over next to Philip and
cuddled against him, putting her hand on his leg. Philip welcomed her,
putting his arm around her and giving her a little squeeze.

As they drove along the old airport road, Belleís hand slowly worked its way
closer and closer to Philipís crotch. Philip lowered his right hand, sliding
it inside Belleís tank top, and cupping her breast. Her teenage nipple was
already standing up again. He brushed his fingers back and forth across it,
like a windshield wiper. Each time a finger would brush across it, it would
spring back up, waiting for the next. Belle didnít hesitate any longer in
sliding her hand all the way to his crotch. She could feel another erection
forming. She manipulated it gently with her fingers, encouraging it to
continue growing.

Philip was in hog heaven! He had already received a Belle Black blowjob,
something he would never have thought possible just a few hours before, and
now there was going to be more. Could life be any better? He slid a little
bit foreward on the seat and spread his knees to give Belle more access. She
could feel his cock becoming harder and harder as she squeezed and fondled

Suddenly Belle said, "Slow down, Philip!" Philip immediately released her
breast and waited to see what the problem was.

Belle laughed, "Not that... The car; I want to turn off up here."

Philip breathed a quick sigh of relief and began slowing the car. She
instructed him to turn off onto what looked like a small trail. They followed
it for about a quarter of a mile, and it came to an end. Philip stopped the
car and waited for further instructions.

Belle smiled and announced, "This is it," as she slid over to the passenger
side of the seat and asked him to push the seat all the way back. Philip did
as she asked, and waited to see what she had in mind.

Belle looked at him with a serious expression on her face, and began,
"Philip, you still love Chloe; and I love Shawn..."

Philip nodded in agreement.

She continued, "So whatever we might do together is just friends doing things
for friends; itís not about falling in love with each other."

"Sure, Belle. I agree."

"And it doesnít go any farther than the two of us."

"I agree, Belle; not a word to anybody."

With that, a big smile formed on Belleís face, "Good. Then come over here."

Philip didnít waste any time in sliding over next to Belle. They immediately
found themselves sharing a wet sloppy kiss, her hand in his crotch, and his
hands inside her tank top.

Belle turned and raised herself up so she was kneeling upright on the seat,
facing Philip and straddling his legs. She pulled her tank top up over her
head and took it off, displaying her perfect teenage breasts directly in
front of his face. Even though he had been fondling them freely, he had never
seen them before. They were round and firm and beautifully formed, with their
pink nipples standing straight out towards him.

This was a whole new Belle Black! Philip had never seen this side of her
before. He had never even known it existed. All he had ever known about her
was that she was the smart, cute, sexy girl who was totally straight arrow.
He would never have imagined her actually letting down the barriers and
getting it on with someone, except maybe Shawn.

Philip paused for a moment, just looking at them and appreciating their
beauty and how inviting they looked. He looked up at Belle, who was smiling
down at him, then took one of them into his mouth. He sucked it partway in,
and began licking and caressing the nipple with his tongue. Belle worked her
chest around, pressing her breast against Philipís face. Then she pulled her
breast out of his mouth and offered him the other. Philip eagerly took it
into his mouth and gave it the same treatment.

As he worked her breasts with his mouth, he wrapped his hands around the
backs of her thighs and slid them up to her ass. He could easily fit his
hands inside her shorts and squeeze and caress her full, firm ass. He lowered
one hand and brought his fingers around between her thighs, and slid them up
to her waiting pussy. He felt wetness in her panties as he gently caressed it
with his fingers. She responded by rotating her hips, encouraging him to
finger her more and more.

Soon Belle couldnít stand it any longer. She reached down and undid her
shorts and began pushing them down, along with her panties. She lifted one
knee at a time as Philip eagerly helped her take them off. Once they were
off, she took Philipís hand and placed it directly against her pussy. She
held it there for a few moments, until he began massaging it. Then she
continued rotating her hips, rubbing her pussy against his fingers.

Philip looked down at her pussy pressing against his fingers. He had never
seen it before. It was even cuter than he had imagined. The hair was a light
golden brown, almost blonde. It was nicely trimmed and compact: like the
perfect pussy. And it was rubbing eagerly against his fingers. Belle Black
was rubbing her perfect pussy against Philipís fingers. How could he ask for
anything better than that?

Philip quickly learned that the little bump on the front must be her
clitoris, and concentrating on that seemed to bring about the best responses
from Belle. So he did. At the same time he put his other hand to work
caressing all over her ass and thighs. That seemed to enhance the effects of
rubbing and massaging her clit. Soon Belle began jerking her pelvis every
which way: sideways, up and down; she couldnít seem to make up her mind. Her
pussy was becoming soaking wet, and Philip would occasionally slide his
fingers betweed the lips, then rub the liquid around her whole pussy.

Suddenly Belle stood up on the seat and thrust her pussy into Philipís face,
pushing his head back over the backrest. Philip wasnít sure just what to do;
he had never eaten pussy before. Belle didnít wait for him to figure it out;
she wrapped her hands around the back of his head and pulled his mouth
against her pussy. Philip began licking wildly. He felt her clit, and felt
that she was working it against his mouth, so he obliged, and rubbed it as
much as he could with his mouth, all the while caressing her smooth teenage
ass and thighs.

Belleís bucking and jerking became even more frantic. Suddenly she held
Philipís face tight against her and her body tensed up and almost froze,
except for an occasional twitch. Her mind went dizzy as she climaxed against
his mouth, and she pressed hard against him, savoring the feeling for as
long as she could make it last.

As the feeling faded, and she came back to reality, she lowered herself down
so she was again sitting on his lap, still straddling his legs. She smiled at
him "Thank you,Philip. That was really nice." She kissed him lightly on the
mouth, then on the cheek, then on the neck. As she kissed him she began
unbuttoning his shirt, then pushed it back over his shoulders and kissed him
several times on the chest. Then she helped him take his shirt the rest of
the way off.

She rolled back off him and sat beside him again. She ran her hand up his
thigh to his crotch. She squeezed it a couple of times, then began undoing
his pants. Philip lifted his hips and helped her push his pants and shorts
all the way down. He quickly took off his shoes, and removed his pants and
shorts completely.

Belle looked down at his cock. It was about half erect. She took it in her
hand and began gently pumping it. She looked up at Philip and smiled, then
leaned down and took it into her mouth. As she pumped it and sucked it, she
covered it with as much saliva as she could work up. Soon her hand was
sliding smoothly up and down the shaft, which was now standing straight up.
She turned and again climbed back up, kneeling upright, straddling Philipís

She guided his cock toward her pussy, and lowered herself just enough to take
the head of it in. Then she confessed "This is something Iíve really wanted
to do with you, Philip. Iíve even fantasized about it a number of times."

"Iíve fantasized about it too, Belle. Youíd never guess how many times."
After all they had done that day already, Philip didnít see any reason to
mince words: "Belle, Iíve dreamed about fucking you for as long as I can

Belle looked a little surprised, and with a big smile, asked, "Really?"

"Belle, every guy in school wants to fuck you."

Belle smiled with a little look of embarrassment, then she cautioned, "I
havenít done this very much, so itís going to be tight. Are you ready?"

Philip had never fucked a girl before, at all. He had had a chance with
Cynthia, but he had turned her down; he had just gone out with her to make
Chloe jealous. But this wasnít Cynthia; this was Belle Black. And nobody in
his right mind would turn down Belle Black. How could they? Philip smiled,
"Ready when you are, Belle."

Belle began rotating her pelvis, gradually lowering herself onto Philipís
cock. Philip caressed her thighs and hips as he guided her down. "Youíre
doing fine, Belle."

Belle winced a little from the extremely tight fit, then smiled at him.
"Thanks, Philip."

She gradually lowered herself down and was finally able to work his cock all
the way into her. She sat there and relaxed for a minute. Philip took a
handful of each of her breasts and pulled her to him. As they kissed, he
wrapped his hands around her ass and began working his pelvis against her.
Belle responded, and began rotating her hips and pushing her pussy against
him. Then she began slowly raising herself up and down on his cock. She
gradually increased her speed, moving up and down faster and faster. Philip
began pushing his pelvis up on her downstroke, and soon they were fucking
each other as hard as they could.

Her breasts were bouncing wildly; so was her ponytail. And every stroke
produced a jiggle in her firm young ass. She had not been fucked very many
times, but this was definitely one of the best. As she continued to rapidly
pump his hard slippery cock with her perfect pussy, and he ran his hands all
over her perfect teenage body, she felt a surge welling up inside her; it
wasnít going to take long. She slammed herself down on Philipís cock, and
held him tight, pushing herself against him as hard as she could. Philip
held her ass tightly and rammed his cock into her as far as he could. He
pumped his cum deep into her body. Belle could feel it as she felt wave
after wave of euphoria come over her. They held each other as close as they
could, as they totally released themselves to each other.

When it was over they didnít move for several minutes. They just sat there,
holding each other, relishing the feeling of what they had just experienced
together. When Belle had pretty much recovered her senses, she pushed herself
back a little so she could look Philip in the face. With a big smile on her
face she exclaimed, "Was that hot, or what!"

Philip was almost at a loss for words. "Belle, that was perfect!"

She leaned foreward and kissed him. They sat there kissing and caressing each
other for several minutes, her cute little pussy giving his cock a lingering
final embrace to remember it by until they might meet again. Then she slowly
raised herself up, allowing his cock to slowly slide out from this fantastic

As they were getting dressed, Belle looked at him as if a light bulb had just
lit up in her head. "Philip. This was your first time, wasnít it?"

Philip looked at her and smiled. "Yes, Belle. You got me there."

A big smile came across Belleís face. "Good! Iím glad I could be your first."

"So am I, Belle. Itís something Iíll never forget."

"Me neither." She leaned foreward and gave him a kiss.

As they drove back to town they both thought about all the years they had
known each other, and wondered how long todayís experience had been lurking
around the corner, just waiting for something to trigger it.

"Belle, was today a one-time-only thing?"

Belle looked at Philip and smiled, "Not if I have anything to say about it."
She reached over and gave his cock a squeeze.



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