Dawn Of The Dead: Undead Express (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Where it started and why, no one knew. No one knew. It just started and it
became a nightmare. A plague hit the planet Earth. A plague of strange
proportions. A virus that lived in the blood and could be passed on from
carrier to carrier through bites. The Virus turned ordinary human beings
into bloodthirsty, flesh-eating monsters. Zombies. Strange creatures
without speech or sentience. Nightmarish things.


The old woman stood atop the fortress she called home. Once, it was a
military prison. Like in that old movie "The Last Castle." She was in the
fortress with a lot of people. A couple hundred men, women and children.
The Fortress was perhaps the last bastion of humanity since the nightmare
began. The zombies were out there, desperately trying to enter the Fortress
and slaughter their human prey. The old woman scanned outside the Fortress's
high walls, beyond the electrified fence surrounded by barbed wire. She saw
thousands upon thousands of Zombies. She saw them all. Creatures of hell that
were once human. In this day and age, every man, woman and child knew about
the Zombies. If they bit you, you became one of them. They felt no pain or
fear or mercy. They were speechless, mindless things. Monsters changed by a
nightmarish virus. Things to be feared. Anna looked around her and saw the
few remaining humans. Each and every single one of them had to go through
the Bio-Filter, a machine capable of detecting those infected with the

The Bio-Filter unleashed a chemical that was lethal to the zombies yet
harmless to humans. The chemical ate dead flesh. It could not devour human
tissue. Anna looked at her husband of twenty five years, Kenneth. Kenneth
was a big and tall black man in his early fifties. Anna smiled at him. She
remembered how they met. This was the man who had been her rock for decades.
The man who helped her organize the Resistance which practically saved the
remnants of the human race.

Anna held his hand, and told him that if tonight was their final night on
Earth, she had no regrets.


Once, Anna was a normal person. A young woman in her mid-twenties,
blond-haired and blue-eyed. She was a hard-working nurse in Harrington,
Wisconsin. She was married to a man named David. They had been planning to
start a family. She was just an ordinary person. She paid taxes. She lived.
She loved. She made mistakes. She was completely ordinary. A regular gal.
She even went to the movies with her hubby or friends every now and then.
She had never expected her life to take the turn it had.

One day, she went to work. That day, a lot of patients were coming into the
Hospital. They were dying...from bites. She went home after a hard day of
work and was glad that she was about to see her husband David. As she walked
out of her car, she saw Lexi, the ten-year old girl next door. "Hi," she
said. Now, for her hubby. She saw him and he looked at her, smiling.

"Hey, there, Anna." he said.

Anna smiled and went into his arms. Tonight was their night to spend time
together. Anna was a firm believer in the theory that any couple that
stopped having sex was doomed to separation. She kissed David on the lips
and practically dragged him to the shower. There, she undressed and so did
he. He put his strong arms around her and kissed her. He caressed her neck,
back and buttocks and her slim hands grabbed ahold of his cock. David
gasped. "Whoa, there. Anna. I ain't getting away."

Anna smiled. "That's the idea."

She knelt in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. As the warm water
fell over their fit, naked bodies. David closed his eyes as she sucked his
cock. He caressed her blond hair and stroked her neck. Opening his eyes, he
saw her beautiful face as she sucked him off. He warned her that he was about
to cum and did, shooting his cum all over her face.

"Oh." said Anna, and she began lapping up his cum. She drank it all then
licked her lips.

David pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Anna looked at him naughtily
and turned around, and David smiled for he knew what that meant. He entered
her pussy from behind. Holding onto her by the hips, he began to thrust deep
inside her. Anna moaned softly as he fucked her. The warm and tight pussy
proved to be too much for him and he soon came, cumming deep inside her.
Anna gasped when hot cum filled her pussy. She kissed him and they both
laughed before walking out of the shower, eager to continue this session in
the bedroom.

A little while later, spent, they rested on the bed. Suddenly, Anna heard a
knock at the door. She saw what looked like Lexi, the ten-year old girl next

"Hi, Lexi." said David.

"What is she doing here?" Anna wondered.

David got up and walked toward the kid. Anna watched him go. She could sense
that something very wrong was happening here. There was something weird about
Lexi and how the kid looked, standing in the darkness. Anna was about to tell
David to be careful when suddenly, Lexi charged David and savagely bit his
jugular. David fell on the bed, bleeding. Anna shoved Lexi out of the room
and slammed the door. She looked at David and saw that he was dying.

"David?" she said. She checked for a pulse and saw that he was dead.

Anna heard hard bangs against her bedroom door and knew that Lexi would be
coming back. There was something wrong with that kid. She just murdered

David suddenly got up. Anna recoiled. There was something wrong with David.
Something cold and inhuman reflected in his usually kind and honest eyes.
Just then, Lexi burst through the door, slamming it down with the strength
of a bull.

Anna backed down into the bathroom where she fell and slammed the door shut.
She saw that the bathroom window was open and slipped outside. She went to
her car. David was roaring like a beast and coming after her like some kind
of animal. She got in the car, started it and drove off. A mailman came,
begging for a ride. Anna drove away. As she drove through the streets, she
could see that there was something very wrong going on. People were chasing
people. Some people were behaving like animals...more than usual. 'What the
fuck?' Anna thought. She drove out of the suburbs, destination nowhere.

Anna drove through Harrington, Wisconsin. The nightmare was all over the
place. Finally, she drove close to Belmont, a little town roughly ten miles
away from Harrington. She saw a lot of people on the highway and they were
acting less like human beings and more like zombies. 'Zombies,' she thought.
'What the hell was happening?' She was deep in her thoughts and missed the
ditch that sent her car flying out of the road and into the trees. She passed

When she came to, she was lying on the ground. A big and tall black man in a
policeman's uniform was looking at her. He was also holding a big gun. "Say
something." he said.

"Please?" said Anna.

The man relaxed. He helped her up. "Hi, I'm Kenneth." he said.

"My name is Anna." she said.

He stared at her.

Just as she was about to say something, a couple of people appeared. They
were brandishing guns. Kenneth aimed a gun at the newcomers. "Who the hell
are you?" he said.

Anna looked at them. There was a tall young black man named Andre and his
girlfriend, a brunette who introduced herself as Luda. There was also an old
man named Tucker.

"We came from Harrington." said Tucker.

"It's full of zombies." said Andre.

"Monsters." said Luda.

Kenneth looked at them. "Is everyone from Harrington turned into a zombie?"
he asked.

"Yeah." said Tucker. "Even my wife."

Anna looked at him and felt a brief sympathy for him. She too had lost her

"Where can we go?" asked Andre.

"Why not go to the Mall?" said Luda.

They all looked at the Belmont Mall that sat a short distance away.

"Brilliant idea." said Andre.

And to the Mall they went. The first thing they did was lock all the doors.
All of them. They completely sealed off the Mall from the rest of the outside

Then, they went exploring. A zombie attacked Kenneth and Kenneth wrestled
with him for a moment before blowing his brains out. The Newcomers explored
the rest of the Mall and discovered that they were not alone. They met a
bunch of security guards.

These security guards were CJ, Terry and Bart. Three young men who were
scared to death of what was happening in the outside world and hid in the
Mall. They had lots of ammo.

"We don't feel like sharing," said CJ, the leader. He was a tall guy with a
beard and a baseball cap on backwards. His best pal Bart was a dumb-ass with
a shaven head.

"Yeah, beat it." Bart said.

Anna attempted to reason with them while Kenneth wanted to kick their asses.
Andre alerted them that there were some more humans trying to get in and Anna
argued for the next hour about letting them in while the people frantically
waited inside a bus which the zombies assaulted but couldn't penetrate.
Finally, they let the Newcomers in.

In came a wholesome-looking guy named Michael, a former model named Nicole,
a dashing young playboy named Steve, and a young gal named Molly. Terry, the
youngest of the security guards began eyeing Molly the minute she walked in.
She smiled at him. He smiled back.

Anna tried to organize their survival in the Mall but many of them refused to
cooperate. "Who made you the boss?" asked CJ.

Andre, the young black guy looked at his girlfriend Luda and held her. She
was clearly pregnant. He looked at the rest of them and shook his head before
looking at the young Russian woman lovingly. "Ain't nothing gonna happen to
you." he said.

Luda smiled at him. "Of course not, Andre. You'll be there to protect me,

Steve looked at Luda and smiled. Shyly, the young Russian girl looked away.

Kenneth spoke. "People, we need to organize this. 'Cause if we don't, sooner
or later they are gonna get in here."

Michael, one of the newcomers looked at Kenneth. "We need to see what they
are doing now."

Anna looked at Michael, and said that he had a point. They went to the roof
of the Mall. Outside, it was bright and sunlit. But there was a horror right

They saw that the Mall was surrounded by hundreds, possibly thousands of

"Oh my God." said Nicole. She seemed genuinely frightened and Steve stepped
forward to play knight in shining armor. He held her protectively.

"Don't worry, lady." he said.

Nicole smiled at him. "The name is Nicole."

Steve grinned. "I'm Steve Hunter." he said.

The two smiled at each other. Anna rolled her eyes and saw that Michael was
just as annoyed with it as she was.

"What do we do now?" said Kenneth.

Anna looked at him. "We keep them outside." she said. "As long as we can."

They went back into the Mall.

Over the next few days, a lot happened. Luda had been bitten by a zombie and
transformed. Her newborn baby was one of them as well. They had to kill her,
and Andre as well. Michael and Anna got closer. So did Molly and Terry. Steve
and Nicole had a wild romp when no one was around. The zombies kept trying to
enter the Mall. They got Bart. Steve came up with an idea. He had a yacht
hidden in the bay and they could use it to get away to some zombie-infested

Kenneth spent a lot of time on the roof and 'met' an isolated gun-store owner
named Andy whose shop was under attack by zombies. Through long-distance
communication, Andy taught Kenneth how to play chess. They became friends.
As they tried to get away and sent a dog to give Andy some food, zombies
followed the dog and turned Andy into one of their own. Andy the zombie was
shot by his own friend Kenneth.

They escaped from the Mall into two trucks. One of them didn't make it. The
zombies killed Steve and he came back as one of them so Anna had to shoot
him. The zombies also got Nicole, the blonde supermodel and an old man named
Tucker. Anna, Kenneth, Terry, Molly and Michael made it to Steve's yacht.
Michael could not come because he had been bitten by a zombie and was doomed
to become one of them. CJ sacrificed himself so that the others might live.

Anna, Kenneth, Terry and Molly escaped through the yacht. There were no
zombies in the open sea. The monsters were afraid of the water. They searched
for some presumably un-zombie infested island.

Anna and the Survivors made it to Manhattan Island where a few people were
making a last stand against the zombies. Kenneth found an old airplane and
together with Terry, they put fuel in it and piloted it, taking a few dozen
un-zombie infected human beings to a safe place.

They went all over North America and saw zombies everywhere. The monsters
always tried to devour them. Time went by. The numbers of humans were
dwindling and the numbers of the zombies were increasing. Anna and Kenneth
made friends with people that they eventually had to kill for they became
zombies. It was Anna who found the Fortress and organized the survival of
the few remaining members of the human species.

Twenty Five Years Later...

Anna and Kenneth got together and became the founders and leaders of the
Resistance. With surviving human scientists, they built more Fortresses
across America. Places where human beings could live and multiply, safe
from the zombies. They had done the best they could. They were best friends,
allies and a couple.

Anna had one son with Kenneth, a handsome mulatto man named Martin. Martin
became a leader among the Resistance. Martin was sent on a mission of
extermination. It has been discovered that the zombies had a lifespan of
less than ten years. They required a lot of human flesh and blood to keep
going. Without it, they became skeletons. More lifeless than they started
out as when they became the walking dead. Anna looked at Kenneth as they
stood on the roof of the Fortress, looking at the mass of zombies that
filled the horizon as far as the eyes could see.

"Think we'll make it?" Anna asked with a smile.

Ken grinned. "Just another night full of zombies," he said.

"What else is new?" Anna took his hand in hers.

After twenty five years together, he could still make her laugh.

"I love you, Ken." She said.

"Back at you." Ken said.

They looked back at the hundreds of human beings inside the Fortress and the
countless zombies dying to get inside to devour them. Ken and Anna would not
let them inside or let humanity die out without a fight.

"Prepare the guns," Anna said.

The young men and women of the Fortress were armed to the teeth and ready to
fight for their lives. For the right to live and to be human.

Just then, a military helicopter flew in and began firing at the mass of
zombies. Kenneth and Anna knew who this was and what this meant. It was their
longtime friend Terry. His wife Molly and their children, Lauren and Paul
were inside the Fortress. Terry was one of the aerial exterminators. They
cheered on as the helicopter fired at the mass of zombies and shredded them.

"Go, Terry!" Ken cheered.

Suddenly, the helicopter began to move about in a strange manner and fell
from the sky as if swiped by a huge, invisible hand. The People of the
Fortress looked on in horror as the Helicopter fell amid the mass of zombies
and exploded into a million pieces. Flames quickly rose up. A silence fell
over the Fortress.

"It's gonna be a long night." Anna said. She had known Terry for decades but
was too used to seeing people die in horrible ways to be moved.

"Isn't it always?" said Kenneth as he squeezed her hand.

They watched the burning zombies for a minute. Sooner or later, they were
going to breach the Fortress, no matter how impregnable it seemed. Then, God
help any human being trapped inside for they were zombie food.

The End


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