Dragon Quest 5: Bridal Waltz (MFF)

The town of Salabona was rather lacking in accommodations, but Erdrick didn't
mind much. He was only staying in the inn for one last night. After the sun
rose, he well expected to have made up his mind on which of the two women who
had fallen in love with him he would marry. The heroic son of Papas, however,
had no clue that the two shapely vixens were about to take matters into their
own hands...

He had fallen asleep quickly, his mind meandering back and forth between
visions of life with Ludman's stunningly beautiful daughter or his childhood
best friend. Both had qualities he admired, which was what made the decision
so painfully laborious.

Bianca was strong-willed and self sustaining. Of the two, she would be the
one who would jump at the chance for a quest in some far off land. She also
had ankle-length golden blonde hair that had turned quite a few heads during
their adventures, and Erdrick had no doubt she would be a sexual tigress
between the sheets.

Flora, on the other hand, was a more traditional wife. She was the type of
woman befitting one of royal descent. Like his mother, she was soft-spoken
and delicate, but had an equally impressive physical allure. Her thin, blue
hair came to rest halfway down her back, opposite a truly impressive pair
of breasts. While she probably wouldn't be up to enjoying any kinky stuff
in bed, he had no doubt that her body ravishingly beautiful enough to no
doubt even tempt her father on occasion.

* * *

Erdrick was snoozing heavily when the most unexpected and wonderful thing
occurred. Although he had been attempting to steer his dreams away from
anything overly erotic and allow his unconscious to focus on the important
matter, the young man suddenly found himself unable to block an image of
Bianca smiling sweetly, before wrapping her lips around his in the most
passionate of kisses.

His entire body shuddered awake, and the hero became instantly aware that
reality had encroached upon his slumber. Standing above him was a beautiful
female with a rich golden mane, grinning broadly at what she had just done.

"Ludman told us you might have a hard time..." she said breathlessly,
clearly aroused by the smooch. "So he explained how these types of dilemmas
ere solved in the old days."

"Yeah..." Flora continued, stepping out from behind her rival. "I couldn't
believe he'd ask this of me, but there doesn't seem to be any other way..."
And then, without any hesitation, she bent over Erdrick's prone body and
tentatively pressed her dainty mouth against his. Although it was not as
wet as the previous smooch, he was even more excited by the way her heaving
bosom brushed up against his chest.

Erdrick was beyond jubilation at this point. Gone was any pondering of his
difficult choice, to be replaced by one all-consuming thought - that these
two girls were ready to do *anything* to assure their position as his Queen.

"Well, then..." Bianca interrupted, moving back into view to reveal how she
had pulled her arms into her green jerkin, and was slowly allowing it to fall
to the ground. "I guess I'll go first..." Then, with a flourish, she allowed
the heavy garment to completely slide away and display her naked chest.

Flora stared at the plum-sized orbs for only a moment, then broke into a
smile. There would be her chance afterwards, and she knew her own assets
would give the blonde a run for her money. "Of course!" the proper lady
quipped jovially. "I'm sure you will provide an ample prelude to our

Bianca sneered good-naturedly at her competition, then went back to the task
at hand. Without a trace of effort, she stepped out of her dark boots and
flipped the heavy buckle on her belt open. Her short pants slipped noticeably
from the loss of support, allowing Erdrick to generously spy at the line of
cottony green panty that appeared below her waist.

"You've wanted this for awhile, haven't you?" Bianca rasped hoarsely, licking
her lips at the thought. "Let me give you a real good look then..."

The hero bolted upright, anxious to see what his first lover had in store,
and was more than pleased at the sight that greeted him. Bianca spun around
on one foot and bent over, sliding down her trunks and undies in one smooth,
agonizingly interminable motion. Each sway of her svelte behind made
Erdrick's heart quicken, but none the more than when her creamy butt gave
way to a glorious flower, framed by a bountiful crop of yellow hair.

After tightening her abdomen a few times and listening to Erdrick's sharp
intake of breath with each quiver of her privates, Bianca stood up and turned
around, nude before him for the second time in their lives. "You haven't seen
this much of me since we were kids..." she informed him coyly, swinging a leg
over him and the bed and nestling her well-trimmed furrow on his stomach.
"Not since that one time we played doctor in Santa Rosa. But, you never

Snaking a practiced hand down her exposed front, Bianca used her fore and
middle fingers to expertly splay her dewy nether lips apart, showing him the
pink that no man before had ever seen. "So..." she continued, her bubbling
happiness shining forth. "Are you ready to see what a life with me would mean
every night?"

Erdrick looked to his right, where Flora had taken up an observation stance
at the stool of his innroom's tiny desk. One side of her extravagant white
dress was clustered in a hand, and the other had obviously made its way to
the cleft between her legs, doing things that Ludman had certainly *not*
taught her. When she noticed her self-pleasure was being watched, the prim
woman looked up with a face that suggested her secretive diddlings were none
of their business.

"Please enjoy yourself, my future husband!" she said sarcastically, flashing
a naughty look at Bianca, who was grinding her womanhood atop the prostrate
adventurer. "Let her expend herself in lust, and then I will show you the
proper way to make love!"

Thus assured, Erdrick turned his head skyward, enjoying every inch of his
nubile partner's bouncing body. "Do I taste as sweet as you imagined?" she
asked, pulling a dripping finger from her slit and feeling it to her mate's
gaping mouth. Erdrick sucked on it greedily, approving of the musky flavor
with half-closed eyes. So content he was in partaking of this forbidden
delight, that by the time he cast open his eyelids again, Bianca had removed
his blue turban with a flick of the wrist. His shiny black hair was braided
into a neat ponytail, much as his father's had been all those years ago.

But if she had noticed, Bianca paid little attention. She was too busy
unhinging the brooch of his cloak, sliding it out from under him and rubbing
it across her flesh before sending the garb to the opposite side of the room.
With a giggle of amusement, she slid backwards along his body and began
unwrapping his toga, the knot of white cloth coming apart easily under her
skilled hands.

"Yes..." she rasped, watching the lengthy pole she desired spring into view
when Erdrick's drawers were at long last removed. "It's just as big as I'd
hoped." Flora let out a cry of astonishment upon seeing the large member,
which served only to make the aroused hero blush. No doubt the poor lass was
imagining how difficult it would be to stuff such a tool in her tender,
virgin passage.

From her new perch between his knees, Bianca was in the perfect position for
some foreplay before the main event, and took an opportunity to partake in
exactly that. "Nice and stiff..." she commented in a proud manner, running a
warm hand up and down the shaft while Erdrick groaned in appreciation.
"And..." she continued, pausing for a few moments to lean over and take it
into her mouth, going down on him just long enough to demonstrate her natural
skill. "It seems to like my attention."

As Erdrick grunted and tried to contain himself, Bianca continued to take his
cock into her mouth, sucking in a curiously inexperienced, but nonetheless
refined fashion. After a time, she ran a finger up the slick shaft and sighed
approvingly, apparently satisfied that it was ready to enter her holy place.

Seeing her scoot forwards, Erdrick was suddenly acutely aware that he was at
long last about to fuck the girl he'd been dreaming about all his life. In an
attempt to make the moment more magical, he reached forward and grabbed her
hips as she rose, guiding her vagina towards his waiting cock.

Bianca let out a slight "aah!" of exertion as the crown seemed to politely
ask her generous bush to move aside, then forced her fluttering labia apart.
She leaned forward and placed her hands on his sweaty chest for support, her
supple breasts hanging down delectably in front of her lover.

"Have to... go easy..." she panted, lowering herself even further and letting
the head completely enter her passage. "I'm still a..."

Her face suddenly contorted in what was evidentially pain, and then fierce
determination. Bianca rammed Erdrick's cock as deep as possible in her
feminine channel, grunting the entire time as the phallus drew forth
previously unknown sensations.

"Well, *was* a virgin..." the natural blonde explained with a hint of grin.
"You didn't think I'd let anyone else take my cherry, do you?" She was
breathing heavily now, her loins throbbing with excitement as they tried to
process these new feelings. Erdrick simply returned the gesture, comforting
her with his hands. In no time at all, she was moaning again with pleasure
as he felt up her chest and teased her exquisite pubes.

"Yes... so hot!" she cried out, at last steeling herself for another thrust.
With great fervor, she rose up and let his length slide wonderfully back out
through her hidden canal, her rosy face turning even redder when she allowed
it to penetrate her deepest recesses once again.

"I've waited for this for so long!" Bianca moaned lustfully, gripping her
man's flesh and repeating the same motion. "Oh, Erdrick, we should have done
this a long time ago!"

Again and again, the lithesome nymph bucked up and down on his hard shaft,
reveling in the emotional haze of her first sexual experience. Time was drawn
out immeasurably as the two couples, their conjoined organs flashing together
as fast as either could muster. Both were oblivious to the pretty onlooker
awaiting her own turn, hands busy keeping her honey pot warm.

Soon, Bianca's screams of happiness were becoming high-pitched enough to
indicate she was reaching the pinnacle. She noticed the same look in her
companion's eyes, but also one of worry. "No way..." she countered, a
devilish smirk spreading across her lips. "I want you to give it to me!
Shoot it right inside my belly!"

Even had Erdrick wanted to protest, his penis was long since out of control.
Bianca tightened her hole a few times to ensure he wouldn't be able to pull
out in time, and then he was blasting his load right into her womb. The
voracious female atop him also let out a cry of release, immediately
orgasming all over his lap. She was absolutely radiant astride him, using
all possible force to ensure they were each experiencing an unparalleled
moment of erotic bliss.

But, even the majestic explosion had to end at some point, and after a few
moments of intense heaving and gasping, Bianca fell onto her lover, petite
breasts smashed into Erdrick's body.

"That was... incredible..." she sighed affectionately, nuzzling his neck
briefly before slipping her tongue into her hero's mouth. "If you pick me,
I'll let you inside me anytime you want. But, before you decide... it
wouldn't be fair if you didn't give Flora a chance to show what she's got
too, would it?"

* * *

Still intertwined, the pair looked over to the seated girl, who was still
busy madly frigging her clitoris. Bianca returned to her knees and
dismounted, her cream-filled pussy noisily protesting. Then, she grabbed
her man's hands and pulled him up to a standing position at the foot of
the bed.

"I think you'll like it this way better..." she explained, escorting Flora
to the bed and laying her down where Erdrick was just a moment before.
"First, though, we need to get you naked..."

At that moment, the black-haired adventurer interrupted, eager to perform
the task himself. Flora had finally stopped masturbating when she came to
rest on the mattress, and was still mewing softly about the lack of
stimulation. "Please, hurry..." she pleaded gently.

Erdrick wasted no time in helping the vestal maiden come to an explosive
climax. Spreading her thin limbs apart, he gracefully parted her from a
frilly pair of white lace panties, a far cry from Bianca's merely
functional undergarments.

The blue fuzz that greeted him was truly impressive. Unlike his previous
mate, Flora's pubic region had been almost entirely shaved. Only a thin
triangle stood sentinel over her womanhood, and the faint odor of lotion
made Erdrick suspect that the deed had been done not too long ago, and
was quite plainly meant for him.

"Do you like it?" Flora asked with trepidation, barely able to look at the
face peering between her thighs. "My handmaidens felt it was necessary to
prepare... down there. I felt so warm and funny when they touched me... I
could barely wait for when we were going to do it together!"

Heart bursting with appreciation, Erdrick bent down without a moment's notice
and stabbed his tongue well into her juicy cunt. Flora screamed loudly at the
surprise, hands moving to massage her voluptuous orbs in tune with her
partner's oral ministrations.

As if possessed by the knowledge of an expert, the orphaned adventurer
attempted to delight her in a myriad of ways. His fleshy tool lapped gently
across her bare lips, up and down the pink channel, and even swirled around
the crimson nub at the top of her pussy.

His reward, of course, was that Flora entered a sheet-grabbing, chest-surging
orgasm before Erdrick had even penetrated her. Staying true to his task, the
lucky hero kept at it, swallowing whatever come his tongue happened to
collect. She tasted much like Bianca did, for youth was still with both of
them, but with an erotic zing that reminded him much of the scent at the
seaside nunnery.

Relegated to a spent, gasping mass on the bed, Flora was now so enfeebled
that it would be futile to fight off the rupturing of her chastity, even had
she wanted to. Erdrick pulled her close to the edge of the bed and let his
penis rest comfortably on the water-colored arrow that pointed the way to his
prize. Pausing only a moment with her legs in his hands, he looked over to
Bianca, who had taken up Flora's position at the desk.

"Do her..." she encouraged naughtily, shamelessly rubbing his semen into her
slit at the sight. "Show her what's it's like to be loved by a man..."

Wasting no time, the aroused hero playfully glided his rod across Flora's
vee, eliciting sharp cries as the underside teased her sensitive clitoris.
At last unable to stave it off any longer, he pulled her thighs even closer
to his midsection, wincing as her absolute tightness enveloped his prick.

Bianca, while youthful enough down below to satisfy any man, was nowhere near
as cramped and narrow inside as Flora was. Erdrick felt as if he was sticking
it to the little Marina, who's pre-pubescent cunny he'd often glimpsed during
communal bathing at the slave camp. Even before he'd reached her maidenhead,
the blue-haired female was gritting her teeth and letting loose cries of

"Oh!" was the only sound made when he at last pierced her innermost chamber,
Erdrick's thick instrument easily plowing past Flora's former purity. She was
silent for only a moment longer before the throbbing in her vaginal walls
became too much. "God in Heaven!" the deflowered female screamed. "It's so

Steadfastly fucking the pillaged girl was not easy for the hero, since she
was having such a hard time even with the extensive amount of lubrication her
solo gratification had produced. To help ease his lover's anguish, Erdrick
reached up as he continued to thrust, lowering the front of her low-cut dress
until the magnificent mounds he'd been looking forward to spilled out. The
lily-colored dress was now bunched up around Flora's waist, leaving all of
her private parts exposed.

"That's nice..." she moaned at last when soothing hands began to massage her
chest, rubbing the nipples until they were erect and responsive. "Please...
keep doing that! I know it'll start to feel good all over soon..."

Just as predicted, Erdrick began to feel her tight passage began to loosen
under the onslaught of his prick, just enough to allow him to really slam
home. With the added stimulation of her breasts, Flora started to let out
thin sighs of enjoyment as he repeatedly entered her vagina, the hilt of
his cock slamming into her tender button with each stroke.

"Mmm..." the pretty girl groaned, peering down for the first time to watch
her inaugural sexual experience. The sight of such a large cylinder poking
inside an orifice which had so far balked at the insertion of a mere finger
was mind-blowing, and Flora realized she was getting hornier just watching

"Keep going..." she encouraged, a wonderful smile appearing on her visage.
"It feels much better now, even better than when I play with myself!"
Erdrick responded to the compliment mirthfully, bending over and taking
each of her large aureoles into his mouth in turn, relishing the excited
gasps his partner made at the sudden pleasance.

"I'm almost there..." she whispered delightedly, now helping him stimulate
her bountiful chest with her own proficient hands. "Do like you did to
Bianca... grant me the honor of your seed!"

Without even the willpower to refuse her request, Erdrick erupted for the
second time that night into a willing young lady, raising her legs high to
make sure that his sperm would coat her unsullied cervix. His grunts and
wheezing paled in comparison to Flora's vocal explosion, which rivaled a
banshee's cry in sheer intensity.

The two continued grinding their genitals together well into the afterglow
of their union, only ceasing movement when the spent adventurer leaned over
to give his mate a *real* kiss. This time, Flora did not shy away from using
her tongue, and swapped saliva as naturally as Bianca had earlier.

* * *

"Now that you've enjoyed both of us..." Bianca interrupted, idly manipulating
her womanhood. "Have you decided who you'd like to bang for the rest of your

Erdrick looked longingly at his first beloved, especially the uncovered
areas he'd only seen in full that day. Then, after looking down at the winded
Flora, he returned to her gaze with a hapless expression of uncertainty.

"Fine..." she lamented dramatically, voice showing not a bit of
disappointment. "I guess you'll have to keep screwing us until it's
settled..." Flora let out a gasp of alarm at the thought of such
sensual overload, but made no motion until Bianca came and physically
pushed her to the head of the bed.

"Guess you'll want to try my ass now..." she said innocently, bending over
the mattress and exposing her cheeks to Erdrick. "Feel free to hump away
while I clean up the mess here. And take your time... I think we're all in
for a long night.

After that, the only sounds reverberating off the wooden walls Flora's
shrieks of protests as Bianca showed the blue-haired maiden what it was
like to be loved by a *woman*.

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