Dragon Quest 5: Dark World (Mg,g-best,necro?)

"Erdrick..." a low voice whispered. "Erdrick, wake up..."

The little boy rubbed open his eyes, sitting up on the edge of the mattress.
Just as the image of his orange-haired playmate came into view, Bianca turned
and started walking towards the door.

"Well, come on." she insisted, motioning for him to follow. "We have to get
moving so we can save that poor kitten!"

Still groggy, Erdrick hopped down off the bed and began to follow, heart
racing until he was sure they had not woken Papas. Yesterday's events came
quickly back as the pair made their way outside, including the pact they had
made to get rid of the ghosts infesting Lenoire castle. He was still a little
apprehensive about going into the wide world himself, but Bianca seemed more
than capable of taking care of the both of them.

The children darted passed the sleeping town guard, emerging in the plains
surrounding Alcalpa. Both anxious to get out of sight of any adults before
beginning the adventure, it never even crossed their minds to look out for
monsters patrolling the night.

A full moon shed a decent amount of illumination onto the earth, but not
enough to make up for the kids' inexperience. They had not even reached the
forest when a soft rustling in the grass announced the presence of a nearby
beast. Bianca paused, holding her hand out in front of Erdrick.

"It's okay." she explained reassuringly, stepping towards the ominous sound.
"Mom told me how to get monsters to leave you alone..."

* * *

As her friend watch in befuddlement, the eight-year-old closed in about
halfway between him and the mysterious enemy. As quick as a flash, she drew
open her green cloak and made a curious motion. Erdrick could at first see
only her back, but eventually understood when he saw her brown breeches drop
to the floor.

The noise instantly came alive, popping out of the undergrowth to reveal
itself as a horned rabbit. Twisting it's tender nose in the air, it seemed
to catch a pleasant smell and approached cautiously, it's deadly tusk
curiously upraised in an uncharacteristically nonviolent stance. Papas'
son could not for the life of him fathom why the monster had not attacked

Suddenly, though, the hare pounced. It was much larger than a bunny, about
the size of a small cat, and easily knocked Bianca to the ground. Erdrick
rushed over to assist his companion, but she hurriedly fanned him away with
her hands.

"No!" she cried urgently, not seeming to mind as the rabbit settled into her
crotch and began shaking back and forth. "Leave it alone!" Curiosity got the
best of him, anyway. Moving rapidly to her side, he was unable to believe his

Seeing her naked below the waist wasn't much of a shock -- Bianca had been
eager to pull down her pants and show off the difference between boys and
girls back in his bedroom in Santa Rosa. They had already explored every bit
of each other's anatomy, and she had even gone one step further. Before
venturing too far from town, the naughty girl squat down to pee, totally
unabashed as he watched.

However, the beast now had a furry protrusion extending from it's back end,
and was furiously rubbing it all over the young slit Erdrick had recently

"He'll be done soon..." Bianca explained, taking his hand and holding it
dearly as she let the monster have its way with her. It turned out the little
preteen was right after only a short while, when the spasming hare suddenly
stiffened up. She sucked in her breath as claws dug into her sides, but let
out a relieved sigh almost as quickly.

The rabbit jerked to life again, then began hopping away in staggered bounds,
looking very frazzled and exhausted. Bianca simply smiled and looked down at
her crotch. Her hairless cunny had been coated with a viscous, milky
substance which was slowly dripping down to the grassy floor.

"I don't know what Mom was talking about..." she said with a touch of
accomplishment, sitting up and pulling her drawers back on before patting
the gooey mess. "That didn't hurt at all!"

* * *

As they continued on, Erdrick began to battle the confusing influx into his
psyche, trying to cope with understanding something that he unconsciously
knew was much too adult for him to handle. He also started to wonder if his
pal could really fight off all the fiends that way, especially ones much
bigger. Bianca, though, trudged northward under the gloomy eaves buoyed by
the knowledge that she had driven the monster away all by herself.

When a high-pitched growl at last barred their path, she was brimming with
confidence. "Go ahead!" the youthful redhead bellowed, revealing her girlhood
to a menacing-looking weasel. "Do what you want and then leave... us...

The stumpy mammal started to act as his predecessor at first, this time
smelling both her feminine scent and the mark of another competitor. His
bestial nature, though, was much more aggressive, as Bianca was about to
find out.

Circling around, the creature stood up on his hind legs and pushed his mate
to the ground, eliciting a surprised "ooomph!" Before the kid could react,
he took the hem of her cloak in his teeth and raised it onto her back,
leaving Bianca in the perfect position for rear-entry.

Even with a rock-hard member at least the size of a preteen boy, the weasel
was oblivious to his good fortune even as he took the child's virginity. She
yelped soundly as the rod perforated her maidenhead, then sank right into
her deepest reaches. Without even halting to savor her warm tightness, the
monster pulled halfway out and began pumping her behind.

Erdrick could see everything from his vantage point --- the subtle swelling
of her labia each time the furry protrusion slid inside, her frantic attempts
to stay upright as the rodent pounded her fragile pussy, and each sway of her
fiery tresses as they bobbed to and fro. He could also hear the distinct
sounds the small dick slapping his friend's tender folds, and her gasping
moans at the realization of just what her mother *had* been doing all this
time to keep her safe on all those cross-town journeys.

With an erotic "oh!", Bianca let her chest sink to the ground, gripping the
dirt with her tiny fingers as a hot feeling spread throughout her loins. Now
having unfettered access to her womb, her partner spurted forth sticky
helpings of his seed, forcing them to splash against her developing uterus
as he continued to thrust. Only when absolutely assured that he had done his
best to impregnate the human did the creature finally depart, leaving her
ass still upraised and beckoning to any others.

* * *

"Wow..." the flabbergasted minor announced, gingerly reaching back and
rubbing her violated hole. "If that's how babies are made, I sure don't
want to have one anytime soon!" Letting loose a forced giggle, she
redressed before Erdrick could see the trickle of blood leaking out of
her vagina, her pants too messy with sperm to absorb this new influx by
mere patting.

Trying unsuccessfully to muffle the wet sound of her thighs rubbing together,
Bianca took her comrade's hand and began fording through the deep brush,
trying to avoid any more encounters until she could at least walk straight
again. The tactic worked well, and pretty soon the two were again making
their way across a sandy riverbank, the impressive castle looming ever

"Not again..." the dejected youngster lamented, stopping again at the sight
of a large, green worm slithering along the shore. Erdrick tried to speak up,
hinting that maybe they could outrun such a particularly slow adversary, but
Bianca hushed him in short notice. Not wishing to sully her clothes, the
oversexed preteen stripped completely before the insect reached them, looking
completely innocent except for the white cream trailing down her legs.

"Here I am..." she cooed seductively, laying on her side and raising a leg up
in the air to display her sex. The monster took the hint instantly and stood
up as straight, baring a particularly long and ominous manhood. Bianca's eyes
grew, peering down between her legs and the immense shaft about to split her

With no choice but to spread her gentle vee as wide as possible, Duncan's
daughter could only breathe heavily in anticipation as the worm cuddled up
behind her. His thick organ lapped at her butt, threatening to accidentally
invade her unused rear passage, but finally settled in the greasy cleft
leading to the reproductive tract.

Bianca let out a long, low groan as she was fucked again, new lover
stretching her vaginal walls almost painfully. After only a few strokes, he
rolled over so they were both facing the sky, his immature partner shutting
her eyes and articulating through gritted teeth.

Erdrick could see everything that was happening, as his girlfriend's pierced
flower was pointed directly at him. He felt so sorry seeing her struggle to
accept such a huge mass in her dainty passage, but knew his combat abilities
were too lacking to try and intervene. Luckily, the hulking segementoid was
nearing the end.

Alcapa's weasel population was very quick, and had grown quite adept at
spotting young maidens that had strayed too far from the town's borders, the
local smithy's twin daughters having just recently been "initiated." Caught
playing near the mountains by an especially horny pack, both were bent over
nearby rocks to bust their precious cherries. The girls were forced to spend
the rest of the day repeatedly accepting dicks inside their tiny cunnies,
taut asses, and supple mouths -- all at the tender age of seven.

Green worms, however, were much to slow to partake in that kind of limitless
debauchery. Thus, Bianca's other half was entirely unused to such perverse
pleasures. Erdrick watched in amazement as the brute's penis surged forth,
lodging deeply in her nether orifice. The poor preteen whimpered slightly as
her abdomen bulged outward obscenely, a combination of taking such an
impressive girth and the new flood of cream deluging her cramped tunnel.

A satisfied rumble announced the monster was finished, and he slowly
disengaged with a deafening slurping sound. Bianca was left trembling,
closing her legs immediately and rubbing them together to try and restore
the constriction of her womanly passage to something befitting one of her

* * *

After a short while, she rose and donned her garments once again, for the
first time feeling embarrassed that a six-year-old had just witnessed her
being ravished. Putting on another false smile, she beckoned for Erdrick to
come closer, and the two set off again.

Lenoire was reached with surprisingly little resistance. Bianca grudgingly
decided to heed her friend's advice lest she end up pumped full of so much
cum that everyone in town would discover the details of her first "outing."
They managed to evade the rest of the fiends with a little difficulty. Once
at the castle, she exhibited even more caution, deciding to climb up the
tower instead of barging straight through the front gate. Her reward was
more of the same fate, however.

It started upon entering the foreboding spire atop the battlements, and a
gate crashing down behind them. With nowhere else to go, the children
continued on only to find a horde of skeletons lying creepily in their beds.
Erdrick's instincts took hold at once, and he bolted past them. The resulting
commotion woke the undead servants, who swiftly realized their chance to snag
some action as well. Without even considering the young boy, they closed on
his redheaded pal, who simply sighed in exhaustion.

She managed to strip before the creatures got close, saving her clothes
from being torn to pieces. For walking bones, they were surprisingly
well-equipped, each brandishing a long, bony penis that grew ever larger
as the little girl's form came into view.

The skeletons seemed to appreciate the consideration, and one promptly threw
her onto an old, tattered bed still in the room. Legs thrown open by the
force of landing, Bianca could only gulp before the cold cylinder forced its
way up her crack. It was dreadfully frigid, the uncomfortability
counterbalanced by the numbness it offered her ravaged hole.

"Oh no..." she thought, watching another come up beside the bed with his tool
in hand. It was pointed directly at her mouth, and she had a good idea what
he wanted her to do with it. Obediently, she opened wide and took the
freezing shaft past her lips, sucking dutifully in the hopes that it would
all end the sooner.

Whoever was banging her must have been really turned on by the sight of such
a young female performing oral sex, and climaxed almost instantly. As he was
composed of naught but bones, there was no discharge, only a slight vibrating
sensation that signified Bianca's snatch had just provided its ultimate

Waiting patiently, the other skeletons watched as their compatriot received
the tomboy's full attention. She performed adequately, making up in
exuberance what she lacked in experience, and pretty soon her second undead
lover was quaking as he orgasmed. Feeling a tad emboldened by the quick pace,
Bianca sat up and nearly challenge the remaining four to do with her as they

One took her straight up on the offer, pulling the lightweight kid into his
arms and impaling her firmly on his stiffness while still upright. As she
bounced up and down willingly, nipples brushing against his cold ribcage and
automatically becoming erect, another snuck up from behind and planted his
rod deep within her unsuspecting bowels.

She emitted a loud "aaaaahh!" upon sensing her last vestal orifice invaded,
but took the astonishment surprisingly well, actually helping the two
monsters alternate her between their lifeless pricks. Eyes fluttering from
the mind-boggling explosion of sensation, Bianca fell into a sort of trance
as they pillaged her body from both ends.

Before long, she was on the floor, her vagina and anus still tingling from
the cocks that had just left. The next fiend took her without another word,
pulling her legs up to his shoulders and simply shoving his tool into her
box while she dangled upside-down. Forced to perform a handstand just to
remain in position, the woeful female went through the usual chorus of
grunts and moans until he was satisfied.

Nearing the end of her gang-rape, Bianca held herself aloft until the final
creature went for his turn, pulling her to the wall so he could rail her nice
and hard. Anxious to end this, she complied and spread herself wide. The
gracious skeleton rattled and creaked as they had intercourse, only falling
still when her genitals sucked the last dregs of energy away.

Confident that she had outlasted them all, the agile child leaped away and
grabbed her apparel from the floor, streaking barefoot to the stairs where
Erdrick had escaped earlier. What she encountered stopped her heart cold.

Apparently her riotous shagging had attracted the inhabitants of the entire
castle. There were demon candles, night wisps, skull serpents, and a boss
ghost leading them all. Bianca began to dizzy at the thought of having to
satisfy all those monsters before even contemplating escape. By the time
they were finished, she'd probably look like the smithy's blonde daughters --
who had returned with their girlhoods fucked raw, and were still walking
around bowlegged.

The last thing she saw as they closed in was Gema's hand over her head,
whispering some strange incantation. Within seconds, she had fainted dead

* * *

"Yuck!" Bianca muttered as she was pulled from the soft dirt. "That was
disgusting! What took you so long, Erdrick?"

Her boyfriend merely gave a bashful grin, ashamed at having fled when his
partner was in trouble, but also somewhat elated that he had finally proven
himself useful.

"Oh, nevermind." she continued on, standing up and brushing the soil off her
still-nude features. "That just really made my skin crawl. Come on, let's get
out of here..."

Bianca started to walk away, but turned right back around upon noticing
what Erdrick was carrying. "You went back and got my clothes! How brave!"
Snatching the earth-colored bundle from her friend's hands, she leaned over
and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

She had just started to put her garb back on for what was hopefully the last
time when she noticed the blush spreading across his face. Charmed, the
sultry preteen stopped midway.

"You got excited watching all those things do me, didn't you?" she asked
coyly, knowing the answer by looking at the tiny erection sprouting from
Erdrick's blue cloak. Without even waiting for a response, she began to
peel off the layers once more. "Well, alright then. You *did* save me back
there, so I might as well let you have a go too..."
_ _ _

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